Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Are you that desperate?

Hey, Kang Ji-woon.

Don't you dare mistreat my girl.

"My girl"?

Stop it, both of you!


I know that you people
can easily throw around money,

but plenty of people in the world can't.


-Who are you?
-What are you doing?

I have no interest in what
you have to say, so get lost.

In other words,
stay away from Kang Hyun-min,

or things will get really nasty.

Your name is Kang Ji-woon, right?

Stop ranting about things
you know nothing about.

This is my last warning to you.

If you ever touch me again,

I'll take it as a death wish.


Are you upset?

Do I look like a pushover?

No, that's not it.

The magic has worn off.


You have to go inside now, okay?

We're already here?

Why are you spacing out so much?

Do you like Kang Hyun-min that much?

Even though he has no interest in you?

I'm going to make sure that he does.

Don't you worry.

Kang Hyun-min.

Just what are you trying to do?

Well, I just took a shower.

Do you know what you did
at the wedding today?

What's wrong with giving my grandfather
a wedding gift?

In return, he's also
prepared a present for you.

Who's that?

Your real fiancée.

K Group's Chairman's granddaughter.

What the hell? Are you forcing me
into an arranged marriage?

You'll be meeting with her tomorrow.

It's the first meeting,
so make sure you're good to her.

Come on! Why are you doing this to me?

Did you really think you'd be fine
after the mess you made at the wedding?

Jeez, whatever.

You'd better go if you want to keep
your place as Chairman's heir.

Damn it.


I've gotten married five times,

but yesterday was
the best wedding I've had.

I got to see quite an amusing spectacle.


I know that you people
can easily throw around money

but plenty of people in the world can't.

That girl is no ordinary girl.

Look into that young lady
who came to the wedding.

Yes, sir.

Oh, good morning!

Hey, I have to eat breakfast!

How are you ever going to get anywhere
in life when you move so slowly?

I'm sorry. I woke up a bit late today.
I'll make some food soon.

Damn it, I'm going to starve
because of you!

How annoying.

What do you want?

Can I ask you for a favor?

No, don't bother.


Can't you hear me out, just this once?

What is it?

Could you lend me some money to pay my
tuition for the first semester of college?

I'll be sure to work really hard at my
part-time jobs and pay you back.

Tuition? What are you talking about?

Are you talking about my Yu-na's tuition?


Did you pray that Yu-na

wouldn't get into any colleges,
so you could go?

No, that's not what I meant.

You were being all high and mighty before,
saying you had tons of money.

But now, what are you saying?

You want me to give you
my Yu-na's tuition?

Are you crazy?
Are you out of your damn mind?

Why are you being so loud?

Let me sleep, damn it! Let me sleep!



Just leave.

I'll be off, then.

She's become the "Nation's Jackpot Girl."

She's the fiancée of Kang Hyun-min,

first in line to inherit
Haneul Group's wealth.

But, who really is this girl?




It's the biggest news story
from yesterday.

Kang Hyun-min, the heir
of Haneul Group's chairman,

brought his fiancée to the wedding of
his grandfather, Chairman Kang!

-So we have prepared something.
-That's right.

Here you are.

The photo of the Nation's Jackpot Girl...

Doesn't that girl kind of
look like Eun Ha-won?

Eun Ha-won?

As if! No way!

-No, they do look kind of similar.

I'm really sensitive right now, okay?
Stop bothering me!

- The wedding dress she's wearing...

-The wedding dress?

Yes, honey?
Of course we're all doing well!

Ha-won and Yu-na are out right now.
They left together.

The two of them
are practically inseparable!

- That's right.

You're coming tomorrow?

Only top celebrities in Hollywood
can wear this.

The government needs to do its job.

Geez, this is really pissing me off.



Today is payday.


Could you pay me in advance
for next month?

I promise I'll work really hard!

What a joke! This is so annoying.

You have to work to get the item!
He wants it without even working for it.

Does that make any sense to you?

Gosh, I'd kill him if this was real life.

How could he be so ridiculous?
Does he think I'm some kind of god?

What kind of ridiculous
request is that? Gosh.

She's working part-time
at a convenience store,

a cafe, a restaurant, a movie theater,

as a dog-walker, and at an amusement park.

She currently has more
than ten part-time jobs.

Is she her family's sole breadwinner?

Not exactly,

but she has to fend for herself.

Her biological mother passed away
when she was young

and her father got remarried.

She's currently living with her stepmother

and her daughter,
who's the same age as her.

Her father is a truck driver,
but he often works in the countryside,

so he only comes home every few months.

Her family isn't exactly well-off,

so it seems they only have money to send
one of their daughters to college.

Therefore, it seems that Ms. Eun is
doing her best to earn her own tuition.

No wonder she seems so mature for her age.

It may be much better for someone like her

to look after my grandchildren,
rather than those who'd just spoil them.



Right. I can just go to college next year.

I'm sure I'll earn four million won
in no time, if I work hard for a year.

No. I'll have to earn more than that.

That way, Mom can rest in peace.


Why isn't Dad responding?



This isn't mine!

No way!

Did I take the wrong phone at the hotel?

There's someone who'd like
to meet you, Ms. Eun Ha-won.



You have something on your clothes.


What a nice bow.

It sure is nice to be greeted
with a bow twice.


You have a great sense of humor.

That's a compliment, right?

I'm sorry about what happened that day.

I was really worried
that I ruined your wedding.

There's no need to worry about that.

But why did you want to see me?

I'm sorry, but I did a bit
of a background check on you.

It's the first time I've met
someone of your age

with similar tastes in books as me.

My mother told me that adhering
to Sun Tzu's teachings

would get me through life
without hardship.

How amusing.

Would you be willing to lend me
some of that wisdom, then?

Excuse me?

Let me explain everything to you first.

Haneul House's architectural design
is based on nature.

In terms of modern architecture, it's one
of the top 100 in the entire world.

It's incredibly secure,
and no outsiders can enter.

That's amazing. So who lives there?

Chairman Kang's grandsons live there.

The chairman's eldest grandson,
Kang Hyun-min, is a person

who seeks to share the incredible amount
of love he's received with many people--

In other words, he's a total player.

The chairman's second eldest grandson,
Kang Ji-woon,

is a person who challenges boundaries,
and cannot be tamed by anyone--

In other words, a total thug.

The chairman's youngest grandson,
Kang Seo-woo,

has the qualities
of a singer-songwriting star,

-and is unrivaled in--
-In other words, a good-for-nothing.

These three, who are cousins,

began residing in Haneul House last year.

And because of these punks,
I'd like to make a proposition to you.

Make my grandsons
become decent human beings.

What do you mean by that?

Do you want me to give them
etiquette lessons, or something?

It could end up being
something like that, yes.


I thought that rich boys weren't
given etiquette lessons on purpose

in case they grew up to be too good
and donate all their money.

I thought they were raised
to have bad personalities

who only focus on money.


Then, will you stay at the house

and reform my grandsons
who have no manners for me?

I've come up with a program
to reform them.

All you have to do is carry out
the missions I give you

for three months.

How could I possibly do that?

You can definitely do it.

If you'll do that for me,
I'll pay your college tuition

and even send you to study abroad.

I'll give you anything you ask.


What I'm saying is that I can
change your life, Ms. Eun.

You really had me for a second,

but I definitely don't have the right
to take on this type of job.

I'm sorry.

The Art of War , Chapter 1,
Section 5! "Loot a Burning House."

In other words, make sure you take
ample advantage of every opportunity.

Don't you think this is the opportunity?

Chapter 3, Section 14. "Borrowing
a Corpse to Resurrect the Soul."

One should avoid opportunities
that look hopeless.

And honestly,
this does seem kind of hopeless.

Chapter 3, Section 18. "Defeat
the Enemy by Capturing Their Chief."

You don't know the outcome
of a battle until it's over.

You'll have to see for yourself
if this is a hopeless venture

or the opportunity of a lifetime,
won't you?

Chapter 6, Section 36.
"If All Fails, Retreat."

I think that's the best teaching
that suits my current situation.

Do you really need to go
to such lengths for her?

For me, changing a person's life
takes almost no effort whatsoever.

You're even prettier in person.

I don't really like such blatant flattery.

I really like this style of clothing.

You must really like women.

Everyone's talking about the rumor

that you brought someone
to the chairman's wedding.

It's not a rumor.

I guess you didn't do your research
on me before coming.

Of course I did.

But I didn't realize you'd show
your infamous personality

at a meeting like this.

Or is this a cleverly-crafted
maneuver of yours?

Why would I bother to strategize
when I'm just meeting a woman?

Why don't we just have a fun time today?
Just the two of us.

I was told that I would be meeting
with a business partner today.

I guess you're not that person.

Let's negotiate
the terms of our agreement first.

You're here?


I've heard the rumors,
but you're really something else.

It looks like our negotiation is over.
I won't be seeing you again, I hope.


Kang Hyun-min!

-What are you doing?
-What are you talking about?

Don't use people for your own purposes.

And that's why I apologized.

Just what am I to you?

Someone I used to be friends
with when I was young?

Is that all I am to you?

What else, then?

Are you going to bring up the past again?

I know that you changed
after that day, but--

Of course...

someone would change after ten years.

That's true.

I've changed too, after all.

But you know, this is the most repulsive
self you showed me since you changed.

I still believe that some part of you
from ten years ago

is buried in there, somewhere.


Sir, you left this behind yesterday.

I don't think this is...

No wait, it is.

Thank you.


Only for a moment, please.

I think I left with someone else's phone,
and I left something else behind.

Not just anyone can check
into one of our suites.

I went up yesterday,
so why can't I go up today?

You came here with another
guest yesterday, right?

I guess you don't have anyone
to pay for your room today.


We may have made an exception
since you were with a guest yesterday,

but I cannot let you go
up to the suite today.

-Please leave.
-Wait, sir. Just this once!

It really will only take a second!
Please? Please!

Hey, Sweatpants!

What are you doing here? Let's go.

Is there anyone who accidentally
got their phones swapped?

What about a school uniform?

Or a white bouquet of flowers?

I didn't see anything like that.

You didn't throw them out because it was
a bit old and shabby, did you?

Well, I'm not really sure.

Thank you.

I'll definitely repay this debt.

Ask Kang Hyun-min to buy you a new one.

Isn't that why you're seeing him?

So he can buy you everything
and anything you want?

Are you done?

The strategy that girls like you use
is to act all proud,

and then take all the freebies, isn't it?

I let you go that day
because you're a girl.

But seriously, don't ever
show yourself to me again.


And what about guys like you?

You act like you're so hot, and just go
around disregarding girls like nothing.

But you're a real jerk, you know.

Why, that little!

You're the Nation's Jackpot Girl?

Why won't the owner of this phone pick up?


Goodness, are you serious? That's awesome!

Are you living at the
Haneul House now, then?

No. I decided not to go.

Are you crazy? Do you know
what kind of place that is?

That's where the grandsons
of Haneul Group's chairman live!

They belong to the top one percent
of the population.

They're like a royal family!

You had a chance to live
somewhere like that,

but you rejected it to make
coffee at a place like this?

To me, this sound is the same sound as
money stacking up in my bank account!

I have to work hard at my part-time jobs!

Are you out of your mind?

This is a chance for you
to reset your sad life,

so why wouldn't you go there?

That's why I didn't go.
I may not be from a distinguished family,

but I have some pride, you know.

I'll protect my own life.

-We love you!
-You're the best!

Today's concert was awesome, Kang Seo-woo!

-Can I have my phone, please?

What the hell?

-This isn't mine!

-Let me borrow your phone.

We have to go to Ilsan.


The phone is turned off.

-Damn it, they won't pick up!
-They're not picking up?

Damn it, I have so many
lyrics and songs saved on the phone.

Oh, no! Your phone died!

I didn't bring my charger today!
Aren't they calling from your phone?

This phone is dead, too.

Damn it, at this rate,
what if I never find my phone?

Thank you for tuning into the
beauty show, Love is Now .

I'm the host of the show, Kkongyang Yu-na!


I even got myself on a TV show!

I guess it won't be long now
until I become a celebrity!

All right, I'll start my beauty show now!

All right, everyone.

You all know that salmon is

one of the 14 superfoods
in the world, right?

Let's see.

Now, we have a salmon product
that you put on your skin!

Look at that!

It'll make your skin smooth,

and get rid of all your wrinkles!
You should try it!

I'm home.

Okay, now I'll teach you
how you can make a mask at home...

You're the Nation's Jackpot Girl, right?

Who are you?

Wait, this isn't the girl you want.

What are you doing?

Why are you filming her?

She's Kang Hyun-min's fiancée!

So, how does it feel, now that
you're the Nation's Jackpot Girl?

Well, it's not like that.


-Get out! Right now!
-Wait, but...

I thought you came to film Yu-na!
What's all this, all of a sudden?

You're the Nation's Jackpot Girl?

How the hell could you be
Kang Hyun-min's fiancée?

How did you even end up at the wedding?

Something happened.

What happened, exactly?

I can't tell you,
but I didn't go because I wanted to.

I'm being honest, Yu-na!

Stop acting so high and mighty,
Eun Ha-won.

Didn't you seduce some rich boy
because you want to

escape your shitty life?

So why the hell do you keep going on
about how you couldn't help it?

There's nothing between us, really!

And I don't want to use someone
in order to change my life.

I'm not going to mooch off
someone else's life.

Get out. Get out!

Get the hell out!


I thought you said that you weren't
going to mooch off other people!

And yet, you keep leeching off our family.

But we are family.

I've never once considered you family.

Please, get the hell out of my life!

Dad said he's coming back tomorrow.

Are you really going to kick her out?

Jeez, whatever!

Darn it. I don't have
anything else to wear.

I bet this will leave a stain.

Gosh, what am I supposed to do with this?

I still believe that some part of you

from ten years ago

is buried in there, somewhere.

You've already been checked out.


-Give me another room, please.
-Yes, sir.

This card is no longer valid.

Mr. Kang Ji-woon.

The chairman wants you
to return to Haneul House.

I'm not going.

Then, you won't be able to take
advantage of any of the perks

that come with being affiliated
with Haneul Group, either.

I can get by without that kind of stuff.

It seems that Ji-woon's wounds
run quite deep.

And it seems like he can't
get accustomed to Haneul House.

I may be bold for saying this,

but I believe that it will be difficult
to get Ji-woon back to Haneul House.

That's why we have to get him
back there as soon as possible.

I've already thought of a way
to make him change his mind.

Right this way.

-You're done here, right?

There isn't a single customer in
theater three. Let's go see a movie!

A movie and popcorn? Sounds awesome!

-I'll be right there.

Damn it, I have to go.

I have to leave now. Have fun.

How come?

Why should I run away, though?

I didn't do anything wrong.

Hey, you startled me!

Do you have any money?

Are you really a rich guy? If you are,
how could you not even have 10,000 won?

Stop prying.

So do you have money or not?
Just answer the question.

I do. Or I would if you had actually paid
at the convenience store.

Cool! I have 5,000 won!

What an enormous amount
of money you've got there.

Whatever, Sweatpants.

Forget it.


Well, it seems you don't mean
what you said.

Was this all because you were hungry?

Just wait a bit.
I'll get changed and come right out.

I can take care of everything
with just this!

My debt to you for helping me out
at the hotel is repaid now, okay?

We're now even, okay?

My help to you was only worth 1,500 won?

What about the cost of the cheese?
With that, it's 2,500 won!

I'm the one who taught you that it
tastes better with cheese in it!

I already knew about that, okay?
I just forgot for a second!

What, so you're going to disregard
that extra 1,000 won I paid?

Hey, give me back the cheese.
Hurry up and give it back!

-Give it back! Don't you dare eat it!
-Gosh, calm down.

Hey, I'm sorry. I won't bother you
while you're eating anymore. Eat up.

You said you were hungry, right?
Hurry and eat up!

So he ran off without paying again?

I lost my phone
and got kicked out of my house.

What's with today? Seriously.

Can I charge this just for a bit?

If our employer finds out,
we'll be in huge trouble.

You know how he is.

Can you lend me your phone, then?

I'm sure you realize that it'll be
of no use to cut me off financially.

I can do much worse

if it'll get you to come back home.

Still, I will never go back to that house.

-Come back.
-I said no.

All I want is for things to go
back to the way they were.

You do realize what that means, right?

Everything you think is yours
can disappear in an instant.

That's the kind of power I wield.

And it'll soon be yours, too.

I don't need that kind of power.

Stop clinging onto me.

I'm going to live as Han Ji-woon now.

Let's go.

Will it be all right
to leave him be like that?

It'll be fine.

He'll choose to come back soon.

-Who is this?
-I'm the owner of that phone.

Why didn't you pick up my calls?

I was waiting for your call
for a really long time, too!

At any rate, I couldn't read any
of my messages because of you today!

-Oh, you keep getting texts.

That might be from someone at home.

Can you unlock my phone?

-I'll tell you the pattern numbers.

It's five, seven, two, nine, four,
three, eight, six, one.

Wait, so how do I unlock your phone?

Just move your finger along where
those numbers would be on the keypad.

Why is it so complicated?
Are you a celebrity, or something?

Come on, try again slowly.

I said, five, seven, two, nine, four,
three, eight, six, one.

Oh, it worked! I did it!

Really? Who texted me?

Just a moment.
It's from someone called “Yu-na..."

What did she say?

Hurry up and tell me!


Oh, she says that you'll be eating
dinner together tomorrow.

And that your dad's coming home tomorrow.

Really? She really said
that Dad's coming home?

She asked me to have dinner with them?

Well, yes.

-That's right.
-Goodness, thank you!

But where are you right now?

Excuse me.

I came here to get my phone back.

What, is he a celebrity or something?

Kang Hyun-min's fiancée?


Where did my texts go?
I thought you said that I got texts.

Oh, that?

I accidentally deleted them.


Anyway, they were telling you
to have dinner with them tomorrow.

Did they really tell me to come home?

And she really said that my dad's coming?

Yes, I told you.

Thanks for finding my phone for me.

I'll be off then.


Gosh, why do I feel so uneasy about this?

I heard that you're coming home tomorrow.

Why didn't you contact me at all?

See you tomorrow.

Does she really work here? How many
hours have we been waiting for already?

It's the Nation's Jackpot Girl!

-Ms. Eun Ha-won!
-Is it really you?

-Ms. Eun Ha-won!
-Is it really you?

-Are you really engaged?
-Are you Ms. Eun Ha-won?

Is it true you're engaged to
Mr. Kang Hyun-min of Haneul Group?

How did you two meet?

I don't have any kind of relationship
with that man.

I'm sorry. Please leave. I'm sorry.

-Please, just one comment.
-How did you two meet?

-I'm sorry.
-How did you two meet?

Let's go.

-How did you two meet?
-Since when have you been dating?

-Please, just one comment!
-How did you meet?

-Where are you going?
-Ms. Eun Ha-won?

-Hey, please answer our questions!
-Where are you going?

Hey, I'm totally awesome, right?

You got the nickname, "Nation's
Jackpot Girl" after you met me.

And you even got yourself a man
who'd save you under such circumstances.

Do you not realize the gravity
of the situation here?

What situation?
You mean how I just saved you?

Just look how serious things have
become because of your stupid lie!

Go and tell the reporters
that we're not in a relationship.

Is that what you want?


All right.
Just give me five minutes, then.

I'll make your name disappear
completely from the Internet.

Are you some kind of a genius
hacker or a magician or something?

How could you possibly do that?

Why don't you trust me?

Hey, is this Jun-myeong?
It's me, Kang Hyun-min.

Isn't this a bit beneath you guys,
as the number one portal site in Korea?

The news about my fiancée
is plastered everywhere.

This is clearly defamation and libel

and it could really harm
one's freedom and dignity.

For the sake of social justice,
you shouldn't be doing this.

Do you want me to spell it out
in a way you'll understand?

I'll pull all our ads off your site.

Delete everything that's related to
"Kang Hyun-min's fiancée."

You totally fell for me just now, right?
You did, right?

You wouldn't be human
if you didn't fall for me after that!

Gosh, even I'm stunned
by how cool I just was.

-How could this happen?
-Of course it couldn't, for most people.

Honestly, even I think I was really
amazing this time around.

What is this?

Are these goosebumps?

Look! Do you see my goosebumps?

I heard you could control portal sites
if you had enough money.

I can't believe that's actually true.

I trusted my online sources so much.
I can't believe this. Seriously?

Seriously, I can't believe this.

How could you be thinking about
something like that at a time like this?


I just thought of one thing
that money can't buy.


Your smile.

Why do you care whether I smile or not?

Anyway, thanks for getting
the photos deleted.


What? My father took my mother's urn?

-Hey, what are you doing?
-I'm here!


Did something happen?

Get out of here.

-Clean this up, you guys.
-Yes, sir.


What's going on?

Don't ask any questions,

and just leave.

I'll come back next time.


This is the money the boss saved up.

I'm really sorry,
but please don't come back.


We promised your grandfather
that we'd never see you again,

and that we'd act as if we never knew you.

He gave us enough money for us
to make that kind of promise!

That Haneul Group sure is powerful.

I guess changing someone's life

is child's play for them.

That's good, then.


You sold me out.

Of course you should've
gotten that much money.

It's fine.

I'm sorry.

Is this...

the power my grandfather
was talking about?

The power to buy people?

He would...

erase everything that you hold dear

in order to get what he wants.

He truly is an amazing person.

There's no such person
as Han Ji-woon in this world.

There's only Kang Ji-woon now.

I told you, I'm Han Ji-woon.

You'll no longer be able to live

as you please, either.

Hey, the granddaughter of K Group's
chairman is going around

and trying to make sure you can't do
business with other people anymore.


You sure are carefree.

Arranged marriages are pretty much
the norm for people like us.

It won't be much help to you
if you can't get a suitable wife.

What if you end up jeopardizing
your position as the heir by doing this?

-I mean, it could happen.

Kang Seo-woo lives at Haneul House now,

and Kang Ji-woon, who's also related
to you, came out of nowhere too.

You're competing against a lot of people.

One month's worth, please.


Then she's not really Hyun-min's fiancée?

I think she only acted
like she was for money.

What an impudent child.

I told her to go

and live at Haneul House
with my grandsons.

What is it about that girl
that you like so much?

Sometimes I wonder
whether I'm controlling my money

or money is controlling me.

And yet, she didn't lose her resolve
at the sight of money.

I think she's more than worthy
to deal with the boys.


So how did it go?

I've solved the issue regarding Ji-woon.

And what about the girl?

I've assigned someone to watch over her.

But I don't think she'll change her mind.

I don't think she has any intention
of accepting your deal.

Just as I expected.
But I definitely can't lose her.

Gosh, our Ha-won is here!

Ha-won, come and have dinner.

Where's Mom?

Your mom's right here, sweetie.

I heard...

that you took

my mom's urn.

Your mother's right here,
so who the hell are you looking for?

I'm okay, honey.

How could you do this?

I heard that you never paid
the crematorium fees!

We owed them five million won,
so I paid four million won.

If you'd just paid the rest,
I could've let Mom rest in peace.

Why should I have to use
so much money on a dead person?

She was your wife.

It's not like those ashes are a big deal.

In the olden days, we'd just scatter
them in a river or the ocean!

Stop making a big deal over nothing.

Mom lost her final resting place
and she was just cast aside like this,

so how can I just stand
still and do nothing?

How dare you do this

in front of your stepmother,
who raised you with so much care!

Holding onto your dead mother like that.

Honey, I told you, I'm fine.

I'll also try to get some money for that.

I have some money I saved to send
Yu-na and Ha-won to college.

You told me that you could
only send one of us to college.

Ha-won. I know you're angry,
but you shouldn't lie like that.

Also, where are my belongings
that were on the balcony?

You just shoved all my stuff wherever
last time, too, because Dad was coming.

I had to look for a really long time
because my mom's photos disappeared!

What are you talking about?

Your belongings are
in your room, of course!

The room that you share with Yu-na.

No, my room is that balcony.

Are you trying to make me look
like the villain on purpose?

No! I'm just stating the facts!

Stop it!

How dare you speak
that way to your mother!

You don't even appreciate her kindness
for having raised you!

And now you're trying to make
her seem like a liar?

You don't believe me at all, do you?

I never should have
raised someone else's child.


What are you talking about?

Your mom had you with another man!

So I'm not really your daughter?

I wanted to believe
that you were my real daughter.

Wait! Honey, what do you mean by that?

What, you're not related to Dad at all?

So I guess we weren't
really family after all.

Where are you going?

Your dad only said that
because he was upset.

That's right.

Everything will be fine once you're gone.

-All right, let's go!
-Let's go!

Be careful!

All right, almost there! Yes, we're here!

-Let's go inside.

-Let's go!
-Let's go!

Our little princess.

Are you mad
because you couldn't get a black belt?

Eun Ha-won, what did I say?

The Art of War , Chapter 1, Section 4.

"Wait at leisure while the enemy labors."

Wait until the proper time comes.

That's right!

You can do better
from now on, right, Ha-won?

Of course!

Why, you!


-Ms. Eun Ha-won.

Have you thought about my offer?


My offer still stands.

What's your decision?

Is your answer the same as last time?

Haneul House is open to you.


-Let me see.
-Wait, let me see one more time. Where?


-I'm off.
-What? Where are you going?



All right, all we have left now
is one radio appearance.

Let's get some rest after
we're done today, U-seok.

All right, shall we go?



-Turn the car around!

-It's my grandfather!
-U-seok, turn the car around!

Yes, sir.



Is it really okay if I live here?

Let's go inside.

There's one condition
while you're living here.

Dating is strictly forbidden
in Haneul House.

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