Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript


You're becoming

more and more intriguing.

-What are you doing here?
-The sun is already high in the sky.

So you wanted to see me
first thing in the morning?

As if.

Come have breakfast.

Look at you, trying to hide
behind that sorry excuse of yours.

I don't eat at home.

That's why I'm trying
to get that to change now.

What are you talking about?

People need food in them
to keep them going, right?

So you're playing housewife? I like it.

All right.

Lie down.

Come to the dining room.

No. And hurry it up.

You're becoming

more and more intriguing.

You watch yourself now.
You'll get in trouble.


Gosh, Eun Ha-won.

You keep fueling my competitive side.

Do you really have to see Kang Hyun-min?

You're not in the best
condition right now.

Don't go.


will you answer my question?


Let's just go for today.

They're not in their rooms.

It's harder to track them down
than it is to eat with them.

All right, then.
Try having a meal with all of them.

That's your very first mission.

Thinking about food is making me hungry.

Gosh, I have to hurry
and call everyone to eat together.

I'll get you all.

Just you wait.

Where on earth is Kang Ji-woon?


What the hell are you looking at?


Let's eat.

Get lost.

Come on,
let's just have one meal together.

I'll be waiting, so come out.

I'm not wearing a swimsuit right now.

You still want me to come out?

-I'm swimming alone at home,

so why bother putting on a swimsuit?

But if you want, I'll really come out.

No! Don't come out!


Put it down.

You know it's hard to recover your data
if your phone falls in water, right?

-You little--
-Hold it.

If you want it back, come and eat!

Has she lost her mind?

Kang Seo-woo!

Kang Seo-woo!

Hey! Kang Seo-woo!

Over here!

Come out.

You woke up early.

-I didn't sleep.

Artists usually don't get
much sleep, you see.

But even artists need to eat, right?

Come on, let's go eat.


Goodness, Miss!

Please go back and get some more rest.

I want to help you!
Wouldn't it be nice to work together?

Come on, please?

Make the eggs.

Wow. Did you make all this yourself?

No touching.

You’re really rough around the edges.

I made this since there's no such thing
as "free" in my dictionary.

Don't go overboard.

Let's go on a date after breakfast.

I have to do the dishes.

Why would you have to do that?

I'm different from a certain someone.
That's why I clean up after myself.

It's fine. You don't need
to do stuff like that.

-What's this about?
-Can't you tell?

I'm fondling her to show affection.

-Why are you here?
-That's what I want to ask.

Why did you call me here, when he's here?

To eat together.

You're family, after all.

Who are you calling family?

Nobody here is my family.

Come sit down.

Give me back my phone.

-I'll give it to you after we eat.
-Are you crazy?

Yes, I'm really not up
for eating with this guy.

I heard that the three of you
have never even eaten together.

What kind of family is that?

That's none of your business.

Where's my phone?

I told you, I'll give it to you
after you sit down and eat.

Is it really that hard
to eat with your family?

Family is nice, sure.

But the only thing we have
in common is our address.

They might as well be strangers.

I'd take your side if I could,

but I'm drawing the line here.

I'm leaving.

Kang Hyun-min. Where are you going?

It's not fun eating with you
if it's not just the two of us.

Don't try too hard.
The three of us aren't that close.

-But still...
-Oh, yes.

Also, it's around this time of day
that I get all my inspiration.

So, Ms. Celebrity! Let's respect
each other's daily schedules.

Thank you for this, anyway.

Hand it over.

So you're saying

you proud jerks value a phone
more than family.

Stop acting as if you know us.

I know that a family should be able
to manage to eat a meal together.


Hey, what are you doing?

Don't mess around with me.

Why is everything so hard?

That's what you call a good hazing.

They're resisting
much more than we anticipated.

They're definitely cousins, all right.

Surely they have something in common.

I think it'll be hard, at this rate.

She can't give up already.
It's far too soon.

But even so, I feel that one week
isn't enough time.

I agree. You're being too hard on her.


I'm not going to "heart donors."
I have a big, healthy heart, thank you.

Oh, that.

Again with your silly puns!

All right, fine.
I'll try to have a bigger heart, too.

It's only natural that
family members eat together.

I'm curious to see how Eun Ha-won
will accomplish this mission.

You sly girl!

You said you didn't want
to freeload off of someone else's life.

And you were putting up such a fuss

about not going to Haneul House, too.

I envy you.

I'm there to work. I'm not there to play.


So you get to see the Kang cousins' faces

every day while you work.

How did you land yourself
such a sweet job?

Quiet! I told you,
it's not like that at all.


I'm still so jealous of you.

So, what kind of work do you do, exactly?

If it was up to you,

how do you think
you could get Kang Seo-woo to eat?

Wow, you get to eat
with my honey, Seo-woo, too?

That's not what's important right now.

I have to get the three of them
to sit down and eat together.

That's my mission.

Wow, mission?

More like, Mission Impossible .


You really didn't know?

The Kang cousins
have a terrible relationship.


I've only heard this through rumors

but apparently, it's a miracle
that they haven't killed each other!

I think it's been like this
since they moved in together last year.

Since then, there's never been
a quiet day at Haneul House.

It seems like they're coming up
with pointless ways to waste energy

since they don't have to worry
about money.

That mission definitely won't be easy.

Did I underestimate this mission too much?

There's only one method that'll work.

Eun Ha-won's ultimate strength,
sheer willpower!

Come on.

Despite everything, you definitely have
more spirit than anyone else I know.

Face those stuck-up rich boys head-on,

and see if it's you or them that wins.

You can do it!

Get the Kang cousins
to eat a meal together.

Plan One. Catch them off-guard.


-What are you doing?

All right, I win!

So, what are you doing?

You lost, so let's eat together.

You still haven't given up on that yet?

I'm not going to eat with those guys.

Then do you want me to beat you,
or eat with them?


Okay, let's play one more time!


Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

-All right, I win!
-What's this about?

What are you doing all of a sudden?

Last one up the stairs
grants the other person a wish.

Okay, sure.

-Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors!

-Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors!


I win!

So, what's your wish?

I want the three of you guys
to eat together.

I told you, I don't want to.

Come on, it's just one meal.
Are you really that against it?

Yes. I just don't want to.

Isn't it impolite to force me
to do something I don't want to do?

I'm not forcing you.

You lost, fair and square.

Well, that's true.

Cham, cham, cham!

Cham, cham, cham!

Get lost.

Gosh, even this doesn't work on him.

This plan seems unsuccessful.

Then, we'll have to go to Plan B.

Plan B?

How did you find out what
the Kang cousins' favorite foods were?

I did some research.

Mr. Kang Ji-woon
doesn't eat normal pork belly.

He likes skin-on pork belly.

When cooking lamb,
make sure it doesn't taste gamey.

It would be best to purchase it
at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Your order of lamb chops is ready. Enjoy.

Thank you.

Something smells delicious.

People's sense of scent is so sensitive

that their instincts are bound to win out
at the smell of their favorite foods.

Plan Two.
Use their favorite foods as bait!

Do you want some?


No, I can't.

I have a shoot tomorrow.

You monsters!

Why don't you two come and eat?

Don't just eat. Say something to them!

Let's eat together.

This is your favorite dish

from Chef Terry Kang's
Three-Michelin Star restaurant!

Why are you so obsessed with this?

This is my first mission!

It won't work.

You stop too, Yoon-sung.

Stop it! Stop eating, damn it!

Does it taste good?

Yes. It's totally delicious!

Here. Try it.

Get lost.

I'm so lost right now.

This was an impossible
mission from the start.

The idea of family
has traumatized all three of them.

Things that may seem easy to others
are hard for them.

Goodness! Miss!

Stop calling me that!

Just call me Ha-won.

Ha-won, okay? Please?

You are a guest at Haneul House,

and we're employees at Haneul House.

Who cares? People are more
important than some house!

So please, just speak
comfortably to me. Please?

This girl...


Then, I'll take care of this, all right?

Goodness, those stubborn punks.
None of them had anything?

No. My plan was a total failure.

I guess they'd rather die
than eat together!

They may be wealthy,
but if you look at them for a while

you can see that they're poor little boys.

Mr. Kang Hyun-min has been
eating alone since he was young

so he finds it awkward to eat with others.

Why did he eat alone?

His father died,
and his mother was out all day.

It seemed like he was having a hard time,

so the chairman sent him away

to study abroad when he was ten years old.

I'm sure he ate and slept alone
all the time over there too.

Just the thought of that
makes my heart ache.

What about the rest of them?

Mr. Kang Seo-woo makes a living
by using his looks

so he values...

What's it called, again?

You know...

-Oh, maintaining his image?
-Yes, maintaining his image.

Because of that,
he doesn't like to eat that much.

I'm sure he needs to eat a lot
to be strong enough to sing, though.

Don't you think so?

I feel so bad for him sometimes.

Then what about Kang Ji-woon?

It's honestly so hard

to even catch a glimpse of him at home.

And on the rare occasions
that he does come home,

he locks himself in his room
and doesn't show himself.

I think it may be because he can't
get used to living at this house.

Why not?

It hasn't even been a year since he found
out that he's related to the Chairman.

That's not exactly an easy idea
to come to terms with.

Do you think he would ever want

to eat with me, if I offered him?

He probably wouldn't.
If I were him, I wouldn't either.

Never mind.

They may be wealthy,
but if you look at them for a while

you can see that they're poor little boys.

What's this?

Make sure you eat breakfast.

Good luck on your album cover shoot.'

Does Eun Ha-won think
I'm a little kid or something?

What's with the milk?

You usually don't even drink water
during photo shoots.

I know.

But I'm kind of craving milk today.

Kang Ji-woon!

What are you doing?

Nothing, this fell--

Don't touch anything.

-I have something to tell you.
-Get lost.

Why do you always say that?
Where would I "get lost" to?

Get lost!

Are you that upset
because I moved in here?

That's your choice.

Messing around when you have no idea

what this place is, is also your choice.


leave me out of it.

Are you threatening me right now?

But you know, I have a mind of steel,

so that kind of threat won't work on me.

And I'm the type to do my best
at the things I've been assigned to do

so I can't promise you
that I'll leave you alone, either.

If you want to play house,
go and do it somewhere else.

You know...

Have you ever once considered

this place to be your home?

Have you ever once considered

accepting the people living here
as your family?

All you care about are your own emotions,

and you don't care
about hurting other people, right?

You won't get a family just by staying
in this dark place by yourself.

Thanks for finding my bouquet
and giving it back to me.

What are you doing?



This is what you do for fun?

You thought I only cared
about women, right?

I really did.

Look at you, looking down on people again.

There's no escaping
Kang Hyun-min's charisma okay?

I haven't even gotten lost in it yet.

I used to play with these often
when I was a kid.

It won't be easy.


Will you grant me a wish
if I complete this?

How about it?

Fine. But you have to finish it
within two minutes. Deal?


All right. Ready?


-Time's up.

Hey, that wasn't enough time.


Ready, set, go!

What? You're already done?

Well, I guess I can't grant you a wish.


Yeah. I'll come out now.

How nice.

All you care about are your own emotions,

and you don't care about
hurting other people, right?

Did you come all the way here
because of money?

Are you that desperate?

The strategy that girls like you use
is to act all proud,

and then take all the freebies, isn't it?

What's important to you
is money, isn't it?

Or are you going to try
to seduce me or something?

You know...

Have you ever once considered
this place your home?

Have you ever once considered

accepting the people living here
as your family?




I'll be right over.

You're not still playing
with the Rubik's Cube, are you?

Did you get yourself another girl?

-I always have women around me.
-What did you say?

Do you want to break up with me right now?

Or next week?

Come on. Eat up.

Haven't you watched eating shows lately?

But you don't like girls that eat a lot.

How is it that you're so predictable?

I'm the type to put on weight
if I even drink water.

Do you know how to throw a punch?

Of course.

Do you know how to punch or not?

Hit me.

How could I hit you?
I have really weak wrists.

How boring.

You're no fun to play with.
Let's break up now.


Hey, Kang Hyun-min!

This makes no sense.

How the hell could Eun Ha-won
ever end up at Haneul House?

Did you really confirm this
with Eun Ha-won's friend?

I told you, I saw the photos that
Eun Ha-won sent her from there.

I heard that place is huge, though.

I'm sure there's plenty of employees.

She probably went there as a dishwasher.

And she took some photos
while she was wandering around.

They said that she went there because
she was invited by Chairman Kang.

He probably invited her because
she looked like a good worker.

I mean, that girl is a miracle worker
when it comes to doing dishes.

Just look at our plates.
They're sparkling!


Gosh, you surprised me.


Do you really think the General Secretary
of Haneul Group would come to personally

take the belongings of some girl
who'd be working there?

You have a point.

I can't stand this anymore.

I have to go and check
with my own two eyes.

What is it?

What are you up to? Let's hang out.

Forget it. I'm busy.

Are you working on Grandpa's mission?

If you're not going to help me,
leave me alone.

I'll help you.

Wait, really?

I know those guys better than you do.

Do you have a plan?

Of course I do.

So Eun Ha-won really lives here?

What the hell?

Not only does she live here, but she's
also hitting it off with Kang Hyun-min?

Why are we here?

We'll be doing things my way from now on.

So don't say another word, and follow me.

Do rich guys enjoy pretending
like they're in Pretty Woman ?

Don't you want to accomplish your mission?

Fine, I'll wear it.

I'm just trying to close the door for you.

Plan Three. Make their hearts race!


All right.



-You look pretty.

But, is this really going
to help me with my mission?

Of course!

This, this, and that.

So you'd like these three items?

Everything, except those three.

Excuse me?

I want every item in your store
except for those three.

Hey, what are you doing?
Are you showing off your wealth again?

No. They're gifts.

I don't need these kinds of things.

That's up to me. Wear them.


Very typical of you, Eun Ha-won.

All right, let's go and eat.

This isn't the time to be eating.

I'll tell you how to convince those guys.

-Of course!

-You're serious, right?

If you're lying, you're dead.

You know the clothes that
country girl just bought, right?

Show that to me.

Didn't you hear me?

Over five million won?

What the hell?

Sorry. I called you over
and just fell asleep.

It's okay.

Let's go.

-To eat.

I have something to tell you, though.

I thought you said that
you'd give me an answer for Hyun-min.

Let's eat first.


I'm hungry.

What do you want to eat?

Well, let's leave first.

Get ready.

Hey, you planned this, didn't you?

Gosh, you caught me.
I thought you said you'd pay.

I guess I'll have to get
the cheapest thing on the menu.

You can order the most
expensive thing here.

I'll buy it for you.

Really? I'm really going
to order whatever I want.

Sure. Eat up, and grow tall.

Hey, I'm not a kid.

Why do you always try to act like
you're an older brother to me?

But still, I'm glad that you're my friend
and not my older brother.

I get to quarrel with you like this, too.


You look pretty.

Let's leave.


Let's just eat with them.

That's okay, right?

Let's do that, then.

You look like a different person,
dressed like that.

Really? It makes me feel a bit awkward.

Did Hyun-min buy that for you?

Not just anyone can buy that.

It looks like he made a nice pick.


She's jealous because
I got you the latest design.

What's it like to live at Haneul House?

Well, you know...

Of course, it's great.

She's living there
as my fiancée, after all.

Let's ask them to cook
the clams a bit more.

But you don't like them thoroughly cooked.

You can't eat clams
if they aren't thoroughly cooked, right?

You've been like that
since you were a kid.

Was it when you were in elementary school?

You accidentally ate raw clams

and got a stomachache
that landed you in a hospital.

It's fine. I just won't eat them.

You should be more careful!
Is your hand okay?

Yes. Oh, no!

You said these clothes
were expensive, right?

The clothes aren't what's important.

You know me, I'm fine.


I'll get indigestion because of you,
eating in such expensive clothes!

I can buy you
more clothes like these anytime.

No thanks. I'm going to return them.

What am I going to do?

Just a moment.

What do I do?

Hey, what are you doing?

Are you happy that Hyun-min
bought you expensive clothes

and a fancy meal at a place like this?

Why are you coming at me like this again?

I can do that much for you, too.

What are you suggesting?

If this was your only objective
for coming to Haneul House,

it's a bit pathetic.

You're definitely underestimating me.

I don't have such shallow
objectives, you know.

I appreciate your honesty.

I did underestimate you, didn't I?

My job pays me quite well,

it motivates me to have
very high ambitions and big goals.

I heard that you guys have never
even had a meal together.

My goal is to turn you guys

into a real family.

If you say the word "family"
one more time...

I'll make you regret it.

Come on.

No matter how much you hate them,
you are cousins, and family--

Eun Ha-won.

Know your place.

Gosh, this is hell.

A part-time job from hell!

I've lived as Han Ji-woon all my life!

How am I supposed to become
Kang Ji-woon overnight?

Are you going to continue living
as Han Ji-woon, who just fixed up cars?

Sever your ties with those people too.

You're different from them now.

So you're telling me
to throw away everything I have.

Those friends and I,
we've been together in joy and in sorrow.

They're like family to me.
They were there when things got rough.

How could you ask me to abandon my family?


Those people are neither
your family nor friends anymore!

They're people
you ought to learn to handle.

You put it like it's so easy to do.

I cannot acknowledge you as family
if you continue to live as Han Ji-woon.

Remember this, my child.

You're the rightful successor
of Haneul Group.

Even if that old man brings that kid
in here, calling him family and such,

you mustn't fall for that,
and protect your place!

I don't have any family.

I'm sure that kid will get it soon, too.

He seems to have rushed over
to greet his wealthy grandfather,

but he won't even last a day here.

So it looks like

I’ll be the one to ask you, after all.

Are you the one

who brought Eun Ha-won to Haneul House?

Tell me the truth.

Of course, I did.

Who else would invite
my own girlfriend to my house?

I guess she's different
from the other girls.

Can't you tell?

She is.

It seems like
I got in the way of your date.

-What did you say to Hye-ji?
-I didn't say anything to her.

But she ran out before
she even finished eating?

What the hell did you say to her?

Whatever you believe.

You’re best at hurting Hye-ji.

And you’re the best
at taking care of her when I do.

It's been like that
since you first came to Haneul House.

Sounds to me like you really hate that.

Why would I care?

Because you still think of
Hye-ji as your girl.

No. I never have.

-Do you sincerely mean that?

I don't care for such nonsense.

So you have not even
an ounce of sincerity in you, right?

You start obsessing over things
when you become sincere about it.

Why would I do that to myself?

It takes the fun out of life.

What? Did everyone leave?

Come to your senses!
What the hell are you doing?

What am I supposed to do, then?

Let me tell you something as a friend.

If this goes on,
you're only going to hurt yourself.

You didn't say anything to him
when you had the chance.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

I don't want much.

What is it that you want?

I just want that girl gone.

Gone from Hyun-min's side.

What are you sneaking looks at me for?

Just take a good look.

My beauty won't fade from your stare.

Why did Hye-ji leave all of a sudden?

It’s always hard to predict
where Kang Ji-woon will run off to.

But it's a bit weird that Hye-ji left too.

Mind your own business.

Why are you so mean to Hye-ji?

What are you talking about?

You like her, don't you?


I feel like you took me to the wedding
because of her, not the Chairman.

Stop overthinking things.

Why keep bothering your crush
like you’re little kid?

Are you jealous?

Unbelievable. Never mind.


Hey, weren't we heading home?

Where is this place?

-Your house.

You have no chance at succeeding anyway.

You'll get kicked out
after you fail the mission.

Even if you succeed because
of some stroke of luck this time,

you're bound to get kicked out eventually.

Who are you to decide my fate?

Because I'm going to date you.

That gives me the right to, doesn't it?

I usually grant a girl a wish
when I break up with her.

But I'll give you that wish right now.

Let's go and take a look.

There's truly no other guys
as great as me, right?

I bought you clothes, food,

and even a house
in case you get kicked out.

I have no intention of dating you.

If you pull another stunt like this one,

I'll make sure that you'll have
to crawl home! Got it?


What is it that you want?

Gosh, I won't even be able to
turn the blinkers on.

Gosh! These jerks!

I mean, what the hell is wrong with them?

One does whatever he pleases,
the other resorts to violence.

How is it that they never think
before they act?

This won't do.

I'll have to battle them head-on!


Let's eat together.
Come to the courtyard in an hour.

This is the last time I'll ask you.






All of them left?

So you said you'd do everything yourself?

Yes. But can you give me
a basic idea of how to do it?



Ms. Celebrity!
What are you doing over there?

And what's with all this garbage?

It's not garbage.

This is all my stuff.

It's Ms. Celebrity’s!

She didn't throw out a thing.



What? It's her birthday today?

What are you doing?

Well, I'm looking for something.

I thought it'd be here somewhere.

-What is it?
-Party supplies.

What do you need those for?

Apparently, it's Eun Ha-won's birthday.
I wanted to throw her a party.

-You didn't know either, right?
-No, I had no idea.

She got kicked out of her house,
and has nobody to celebrate with her.

It must be upsetting to be alone.

I don't think she heard
from her family, either.

Look, I found it!

Eun Ha-won asked us to meet her
in the courtyard in an hour.

So let's hurry, Yoon-sung!

Because you still think of
Hye-ji as your girl.

No. I never have.

-Do you sincerely mean that?

I don't care for such nonsense.

I just want that girl gone.

Gone from Hyun-min's side.

You're not having delusions
that you'll inherit all this, are you?

It's not like I couldn't.

You're taking the joke a bit too far.

Is it because you don't know your place?

Hey. Don't get the wrong idea.

You're a nobody, understood?

-What are you doing?
-I want to drink it.

-What the hell are you doing?
-I want to drink it.


Are you sure you don't know
how to be sincere?

-Move over.
-Come to the courtyard.

I'll show you something amusing.

Forget it if you don't want to.

Let's eat together.

Come to the courtyard in an hour.

This is the last time I'll ask you.

She got kicked out of her house,
and has nobody to celebrate with her.

It must be upsetting to be alone.

All right,
I think it's pretty much done now!

Did you tell Hyun-min and Ji-woon, too?


Yoon-sung, cover this up!

Kang Hyun-min!
I told you to keep your hands off...

What the hell are you doing?

Why are you with Hyun-min, of all people?

What are you doing?

I'm going to try and steal your fiancée.

Stop it!

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