Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

What are you doing?


will be living with us,
for the time being.

Come in.

Sorry for barging in like this
all of a sudden.

No, it's fine. It's not like this house
is mine anyway.

If Ji-woon is okay with this,
then it's all okay.

But still. Won't you feel
uncomfortable because of me?

No. This room was a bit too
big for me to use by myself anyway.

Look at the size of this room.
It's obviously for a family.


But you know, I was so glad that
Ji-woon rushed over to me right away.

I felt really terrible back there
all by myself.

But the person who always comes
running to me at times like these

has always been Ji-woon.

I'm going to get some water.

Oh, okay.

Do you have something to say to me?

Are you okay?

With what?

I mean...

-I was about to pick up your call, when--
-You know what?

You were a step
behind Ji-woon today, again.

But the person who always comes
running to me at times like these

has always been Ji-woon.

Hye-ji left this behind.

Just leave it there. I'll give it to her.


did you get home?

A while ago.

Did you take the bus back?

Was there any traffic?

Well, I was just curious to see
if you got back home okay.

I got home okay, obviously.
That's why I'm standing here.

That's true.
You did get home in one piece.


take good care of Hye-ji for me.

Is Hye-ji the only person you care about?

How strange. It's so strange.

What are you talking about?

What's so strange?

Why is it so quiet today?

Did everyone already leave?

There's a reason for that.

Excuse me?

Good morning.

What? Why are you here?

It just happened.

Did something happen last night?

You look a lot different at home
by the way.



Let me know if you need more of anything.

Thank you.

-Mr. Kang Hyun-min.

Do you know who this belongs to?

Judging from the color,
they seem to be yours.

Did I do something wrong?

I did, didn't I?

Morning service.

Oh, thanks.

And this is a bonus,
since I need to pay you rent somehow.

Did you sleep well?

Thanks for bringing me here.


Let's go eat breakfast.

It really is quite ridiculous.

How is it that this house
has changed so much

just because some girl is here?

It was like that
when I first came here, too.

I came into a house with three guys
and they kept their distance from me.

No, it wasn't like this back then.

The boys never changed the way
they acted because of you.


But you know, I never knew

Mr. Kang Ji-woon could be
so kind to a girl.



But then again, Ms. Park is quite pretty.


She's as pretty as a doll.

Yet one was caught with his morning face.

And the other with his underwear
in front of her.

I'm sure they all felt humiliated.

Am I not even a woman to them?

How is she that different from me?

I guess we are pretty different.

Guys are all the same.

All they care about
are a girl's face and body.


"Your own inherent charm will attract
the one fated to be with you."

Yes, I'm pretty charming already.

Yes, I'm fine.

Gosh, it looks like
I'm going to a bathhouse.

What is it?

You look a bit different today.

Do I look weird?

Well, I don't know.

Let's ask the others.

Hey. Kang Hyun-min.

Kang Ji-woon.

Why are you being like this
all of a sudden?

Hey, she's acting a bit weird.


Why are you being like this
all of a sudden?

I got home okay, obviously.
That's why I'm standing here.

Is she still mad at me?

What am I supposed to do?

Stop that already. Let's just eat.

Beautiful dishes like this
must be photographed.

What's the point?

Whenever you want,

I'll order you two...

No, ten dishes of this
anytime you want it,

-so hurry up and eat.

I'm doing this because I want
to cherish the memory of eating

such pretty pancakes with you,
and look back on them later.

Is that right, honey?

-So I can taste it later. Okay?
-All right.

Right. I bought a gift for you.

You didn't need to do that.

Close your eyes first.

-I have to do that too?
-Come on.

All right. I can't see anything now.




How do you like it?

The design and the material
are so luxurious.

It's perfect for you.

What's the matter?

You don't like it?

He's young enough that
he could wear something more flashy.

I see.

I like it.


Well, I do like it.

Right? Isn't it just gorgeous?

I want to come back here sometime.

What's the matter?
Is there something on my face?

No, it's because you're so pretty.

Let me see him for just ten minutes,
please. No, five minutes.

I just want to get a look
at my dad's face.

I'm sorry, but the prosecutors
are investigating him right now

so you can't see him.

Then, can you bring him this, at least?

You can do this much, can't you? Please.

I told you, no.

Please come back later or something.


Uncle? It's me, Hye-ji.

Have you been well?

You heard about Dad, right?

If you could help us just a bit...

I'm sorry to call when you're busy.

I'll let you go.

Yes, it's me.

Hey, you'd better repay me
for this, all right?

I got my car and cards taken away from me.

You know that I'm in the middle
of a cold war with my dad, right?

And yet I tossed my pride aside
and begged him.

Just tell me what happened.

I looked into it, and apparently,

the judge in charge of Hye-ji's dad's case
is my dad's superior.

So he said that he'd put in
a good word for her dad.

He's not sick, right?


I usually don't do things like this,

but you're a special case.

You know that, right?


But embezzlement charges?
How freaking humiliating.

How is Hye-ji ever going
to show her face anywhere again?

Hey, what's with you?

Your corrupted prosecutor dad
set up a law firm a while ago, didn't he?

It's only been a couple of months
since you could show your face again.

Hey. Kang Hyun-min.

If it's humiliating,
don't even bring it up again.

You don't need to worry anymore.


Your dad wanted to give this to you.

What happened?

There's nothing in this world
that I can't do.

Don't you know that already?

No need to thank me.

But if you really need to
know why I did this,

I didn't pick up your call last time,
so I felt really bad about that, and--

You don't need to go
to great lengths for me.


It's uncomfortable
to receive help from you.


But anyway, thanks for this.

What's this?

Hye-ji's things are there,
so go and get them.

What did you say?

You're the one who brought Hye-ji here.

Don't tell her that I was the one
who got that for her, though.

Kang Hyun-min.

What's with him? Did they fight again?


I'm fine.

All I can tell you right now
is this one thing.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about me,
and carry on with your head held high.

Your life won't change
in the slightest because of me.

Wait just a little bit.

I'll be back soon.

Let's go out.


You can get ready in 30 minutes, right?

Where are we?

How did you manage to do this?

Actually, the truth is...

Thanks, Ji-woon.


It'd be too much to take everything

so just take a few things you'll need.

Kang Ji-woon.

There's no time for crying now, okay?

You have to hurry up and complete
the stuff you were working on.


-Let's eat before we go home.

As long as it's not too expensive,
I'll pay.

You wanted to eat this of all things?

Yes. Looks good, right?

Here. Eat up. It's amazing.

-I guess you've had this a lot.

With who?

Eun Ha-won.

She loves this.

Looks like you two got really close.


I can see just how much
you look out for Ha-won.

What are you talking about?

Is being nice to me the same thing
for you as being nice to Ha-won?

I don't know.

I haven't really done
a lot of nice things for her.


Want some coffee?

I'll go and buy some.


-How much is this?
-It's 3,500 won, sir.

-I'll take this.
-Yes, sir.


That took a while.

Did it?

What about the others?

Mr. Kang Seo-woo headed out for work,

and Mr. Kang Ji-woon and Ms. Park
left this morning.

They left together?

You didn't know?

I thought that you knew.

No wonder I didn't see them.

Gosh, what a shame.

I mean, you've been alone every day
since Ms. Park came around.

Oh, that's not true, Ms. Beolgyo.

What do you mean that's not true?

Mr. Kang Ji-woon shouldn't treat you
like that.

How could his personality do
a 180-degree change, just like that?

Is Ms. Park the only person
he cares about here or something?

Hyun-min might be in his room.
I'll go and get him.

All right.

My goodness. Having a lot of women
in the house definitely causes trouble.

Kang Hyun-min, let's eat together.

-Hey, eat with me.
-I can't see.

Come on. I heard you haven't
eaten at all. So eat with me.

I'm not in the mood. Eat by yourself.


Why did you turn that off?

I really don't want to eat alone.


Lead the way.

I almost beat it.
How could you turn it off?

No, you were about to lose.
Come on, let's go.

Jeez, you're so rude.

You know, the amount you eat has tripled.

No. It's increased more than that.

Did you starve the last couple of days?

It's because my heart feels empty.
Not my stomach, but my heart.

Why? Do you miss being
my fake fiancée or something?

You're going to make me sick.
Don't talk to me.

Why did you call me over, then?

I told you.
I didn't want to eat by myself.

You want me to sit and eat with you,
but you don't want me to talk to you?

Whatever. Just have
Kang Ji-woon sit here, instead.

He went out with Hye-ji.

Oh, really?

I wonder where they went off to.

Looks like you're suddenly bothered
after hearing me say that.

What are you talking about?
I'm not acting any sort of way.

If you're interested or curious,
just say so.

You're going to get indigestion
if you keep all your thoughts to yourself.

Then are you annoyed that
they keep leaving you out?

Hey, what are you talking about?
I'm not being left out.

You're eating by yourself right now.
That's called being left out.

I'm not being left out.

"I'm not being left out."

I'm not being left out, you brat.

"I'm not being left out, you brat."

Whatever. Just eat.

Gosh. Just go play your stupid game.
You're so immature.


Jeez, how annoying.

Ji-woon helped me find the stuff
that was at my studio.

Should I go and put this in storage?


Kang Hyun-min.

I did as you said.


But why did you do it behind her?

I won't do it for you anymore.

I'll keep asking you to do this stuff.

For Hye-ji.

Take good care of her.

I have no reason to do that.

I don't have the right.

I'm good at hurting her,
but I don't know how to comfort her.

So you want to do nice things for her
but act like I did them, instead?

It's no different from
what you've always been doing.

She won't feel pressured if she thinks
you're the one doing it.

I'm not doing this for you.

I'm only doing this as her friend.

Because I care for her.


don't make her cry from now on.

I hope you two have
a super-amazing relationship.

You're out.


Who are you talking to?


Why are you here?

What, am I not allowed to come here?

Go and take care of Hye-ji.

It sounds like you're hurt
that all my attention is on her.


No. That's not true.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry

for leaving you behind that day.

It's fine. That's all behind us.
Why are you bringing it up now?


When are you free?

What are you talking about?

To go on a drive.


We stopped in the middle of the last one.
You don't want to?

No, I do.

Wait. I mean...

And I have something to tell you, too.

To me?

Anyway, I'll be going now.

I couldn't give this to her, in the end.

What would he have to tell me?

What are you thinking about so deeply?

Nothing, really.

It's definitely something.

No, it's nothing like that.

Is this because of Hye-ji?

Why? Does it make you feel uncomfortable
to share a room with Hye-ji?

Oh, it's not like that.

Be nice to her while she's here.

She's kind of pitiful, right?

Something like that happened
to her dad all of a sudden

and they lost their house, too.

Be nice to her. Be your usual self.

Where are you going?

I was going to do some laundry.

-Give that here.
-It's okay.

The laundry room is
in a separate building.

I'll wash it for you.

You don't need to do that for me.

I feel like I haven't done anything
for you since you came to live here.

Just trust me.

I'm sorry, Hye-ji.

I was trying to get it to dry quickly
and put it in the dryer but...

It's okay. It can't be helped.

Here. Do you want to wear these, at least?

I'll be sure to pay you back
for the clothes later.

No, it's okay.
They were all old clothes, anyway.

But still.

Or I'll just go shopping for clothes
with Ji-woon later, or something.

With Ji-woon?

I told...

Ji-woon that I like him.

Did you know?

When I was having a hard time
because of Hyun-min,

and when I didn't know what to do
with the situation with my dad,

the person who was always
by my side through it all was Ji-woon.

That's why

I want to start a relationship with him.

I'm going to throw these out.

So what did Ji-woon say?

Did he give you an answer?


Ji-woon probably feels

the same way that I do. Don't you think?

I want to give them a significant gift.

He's young enough that
he could wear something more flashy.

I like it.


Did you call for me, sir?

I need you to keep an eye on my wife.

Excuse me?

Report to me where she goes
and who she meets,

down to every last detail.

May I ask why?

Yes, sir. I understand.

I heard that you and your husband
are living in newlywed bliss.

I mean, both of you
have been married previously.

And yet you two are so happy. How nice.

What do you mean,
it's not my first marriage?

Was that not true?

It's just that I heard that
this isn't your first marriage, so...

And who said that?

Well, that is...

To tell you the truth,

the wives of the chairmen
of Joonmyung Group and Jaeil Group

both came by not too long ago,
and I overheard them say that.

Those people were talking about me?

Well, it's probably because
you're prettier and richer than them.

They probably made up false rumors
because they're jealous.

But don't worry, ma'am.

I'll be sure to relay everything I hear
to you from now on

as a special service.

What's wrong with you?

What's the matter?

I've thought you talked too much
from the very beginning.

Is it that fun to you
to gossip about others?

I'm not the one who said those things.

-I'm just telling you what I heard--
-That's enough.

I'm going to talk to the manager and
get you fired, so just be aware of that.

Oh, my. No. No, ma'am.

Oh, gosh.

Have you been doing well, Madam Kim?


We should go golfing together sometime.

But have you been talking
about me behind my back?

If I hear some strange
rumors about me again,

you'd better be prepared
for the consequences.

Hey, what are you doing?

This is how you dry it fast.

It's fine. I'll do it. I will...

What's this?

Is this for me?

Who else do you think it is?

That's why

I want to start a relationship with him.

What brings you here?

I couldn't sleep.

Are you worried about something?


I have to go buy some things tomorrow.
Can you come with me?


Good morning.

They didn't tell you?

About what?

The manager said that
you shouldn't come to work from now on.

Me? But why?

Don't play dumb. It's because
of what you did yesterday.

Is it that fun to you
to gossip about others?

-I'm just telling you what I heard--
-That's enough.

I'm going to talk to the manager and
get you fired, so just be aware of that.

No, that's not true.

That was all just a misunderstanding.

What's the matter, Mom?

I did something crazy because of you,
and now...

What's the matter? Why are you crying?

I was just trying
to marry my daughter off,

and ended up getting fired.

What? You got fired?

How am I going to get
a new job at this age?

What about your plan to become
Haneul Group's madam's right-hand woman?

Shut up! That's not the issue right now.

What the hell? No!

Do you need anything, ma'am?


I just thought that I saw someone.

Report to me where she goes
and who she meets,

down to every last detail.

Wow, Eun Ha-won's going off to eat again?

She's not just feeling empty.
Her stomach has turned into a pit.

She really is something.

Hey, you should finish
drying your hair before you eat.

It's been so long since
I've had an orange.

Sorry. I thought you were Eun Ha-won.

I want to start a relationship with him.

Are you going somewhere?

I'm going somewhere with Ji-woon.

Oh, I left my wallet inside.

Do you want to pay for everything today?

I'm just kidding. I'll be back soon.


Did he give you an answer?


Ji-woon probably feels

the same way that I do. Don't you think?

Are the two of them going on a date?

What is it?

Didn't you have something to say to me?


Why did you come in, then?

Sorry for not noticing sooner.

What are you saying?

I must have been out of my mind
to have made such an assumption.

Just cut to the chase.

I heard everything from Hye-ji.

So don't do things
that will cause any confusion again.



I'm such an idiot.
This is too embarrassing.


What is it, Ms. Beolgyo?

Your dad is here.

My dad?


My dad is here?

When did he get here?

Where is he now?


Oh, Ha-won.

Who are you?

It's me. You don't remember me?

It's me, Yeong-jin.
I ran the taekwondo center with your mom.

Oh, Ha-won.

You didn't need to bring out tea for me.


You sure live in a nice place, Ha-won.

I'm only staying here for a bit.

I heard that the rich
Kang cousins live here.

You sure have moved up
in the world, haven't you?

What did you want to see me about?

What? Hey, let's slow
things down a little.

I haven't even been here that long.

Aren't you curious about what kind of life
I've been living up until now?

I guess Ms. Beolgyo
mistook you for my dad.

And here I thought that
my dad had actually come.

About that...

Has your mom ever spoken to you
about your dad?

Excuse me?

About your real dad, I mean.

I heard everything from Hye-ji.

So don't do things
that will cause any confusion again.


Why did you stop all of a sudden?

Did you, by any chance,

say something to Ha-won?


What did you say to her?

I told her that I wanted
to go out with you.


And also that you probably
feel the same way that I do.

Is that not true?

You rushed to me, though.

If you didn't feel that way about me,

why did you come?

I'm sorry.

What do you mean by that?

I think you'll have to go
by yourself today.

I'll see you later at home.

Gosh, Ha-won.
You didn't get burned, did you?

Are you okay?

You're my real dad?

Well, yes.

I completely understand
how shocked you must be.

But you and Mom were just friends.

Yes, we were.

That's why I always felt bad
toward your dad who raised you.

I really want to be a proper dad to you.

You have a dad right here
and we shouldn't be living apart.

If you can just help me a little,
we can live together.



Please leave.

-I asked you to leave.

I'll leave instead, then.

Wait. Ha-won.


I'll just come back again, then.

Where's Ha-won?

You didn't see him on the way in?

A man claiming to be Ha-won's dad came by.

But she didn't seem too happy about it.

He claimed that he was her dad,
but she called him "sir."

That was a bit strange.

You have a dad right here
and we shouldn't be living apart.

If you can just help me a little,

we can live together. Okay?



Please pick up the phone.

Where in the world are you, Ha-won?

You have your dad, though.

He wouldn't do it for me.

Since I'm not his biological daughter.

Isn't it funny?

But you know what?

I want to believe that he's my real dad.

The line you have reached
is currently busy.

Who is she on the phone with?




Your battery is low.



Where are you right now, Eun Ha-won?




Hello, Eun Ha-won?

Eun Ha-won!


Subtitle translation by Soo-ha Lim