Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

I really want to be a proper dad to you.

You have a dad right here
and we shouldn't be living apart.

I never should have
raised someone else's child.

Your mom had you with another man!

That's not true, is it, Mom?

It can't be.

Please, tell me it isn't true.

It can't be true.

Eun Ha-won.

-How did you...
-I was worried about you.

I was worried

you might be crying by yourself

or in pain.


If you're here because
I called you before,

it's nothing.

I was just here to visit Mom for a bit...

You don't have to say anything.

Just cry as much as you want.

I'll stay here with you.

Eun Ha-won's dad came by?

I only let him in because
he said that he was her dad.

But Ha-won called him "Sir."

So Ha-won ran out after meeting that man?

Yes. I have no idea what's going on.

Suddenly I have two dads.

Isn't that funny?

One year ago,

Yoon-sung came to find me,
out of the blue.

He told me I am the grandson
of Haneul Group's chairman,

and that my name is actually Kang Ji-woon.

But I’ve never even seen
this so-called dad of mine.

And I pretty much never heard
about my dad from my mom.

You must have been so shocked.

I think that...

how I felt back then must be similar
to how you feel now.

That's why I think I understand

just how shocked and confused
you are by all this,

even if I may not understand everything.

Were you able to...

come to terms with what you were told?


I've lived as Han Ji-woon my entire life.

Then suddenly someone said otherwise.
How could I possibly believe it?


It's only natural not to be able to accept
something like that.

To be honest, I was a bit curious.

From the moment the dad
whom I lived with for 20 years

told me that I wasn't his real daughter,

I only thought he said that

because he was really angry.

But then again,

if I really did have
a different biological dad,

I thought about what kind of man
he would be

and wanted to meet him at least once.

I think that's what I thought back then.

But then, he appeared
right in front of me.

I had no idea what to do.

To be honest,
I still can't believe it, but...

You don't have to try so hard.

You're not ready yet.

So forcing yourself to accept the truth

will just make things much harder.

Just wait until you're mentally
prepared to accept the truth.


To tell you the truth, I was really
scared to be by myself back then.

I was thinking how nice it’d be
if there was someone with me.

And then you appeared at that very moment.

You must've been so happy to see me, then.


I thought at that moment,

"Kang Ji-woon can be helpful sometimes,
after all."

Now you seem more like your usual self.

You rushed to me, though.

If you didn't feel that way about me,

why did you come?

I'm sorry.

Sleep well tonight.

Okay. Thanks.

I don't need Kang Hyun-min anymore.

How can he like a girl like Eun Ha-won?

I don't like guys who have
terrible taste in girls, either.

Yeah. You've made a great decision.

You're the one who rejected Kang Hyun-min.

-Of course I did.

Then should we just give up
on Haneul Group now?

We can't do that.

I'm going to switch over to Kang Seo-woo.

You said you were going to seduce
Kang Seo-woo, so what are you doing?

Just watch.

I'm going to make him mine,
no matter what.


What brings you here?

Why did you leave without saying anything?

I had a breakfast meeting this morning.

You should've told me sooner.

I made a surprise breakfast for you.

Oh, whatever.

I'm sorry.

Are you still not feeling well?

I feel as if you haven't been
as talkative as before.

And you seem a bit listless too.

There's nothing bothering you, is there?

You know, I actually deceived you.

Excuse me?

I had no breakfast meeting.

To tell you the truth, Chairman Lee
wanted to go to a sauna together,

which is why I headed out early.

You don't like going to saunas.


That's because you go there too often.

Going there once a week or so is fine.

I've been honest with you,
so be honest with me too

if there's anything that
you're hiding from me.

I'll forgive you
as long as you tell me now.

What would I be hiding from you, Chairman?


Are you Ms. Park Ok-seon's guardian?


I'm just calling to let you
know that there have been

two payments for her
crematorium space this month.

What? There's nobody else
who would pay for that.

Who made the other payment?

Just a moment. I'll check for you.

Well, the name is Kang Yeong-jin.

Kang Yeong-jin?

I see. All right.

Why would he pay
for her crematorium fees, too?

Come out.

Here. This is my special garlic spaghetti.

Eat up.

I heard you didn't even eat breakfast.

Hey. Stop looking at me with
so much concern in your eyes.

You've always been the one
to try and fix our family's problems.

But yet, I feel like we haven't
done anything to help you.

I was okay yesterday
because Ji-woon came to find me.

Kang Ji-woon did?

Yeah. He's always telling me to go away.

But deep inside,
he seems to have a warm heart.

And on top of that, top star
Kang Seo-woo made breakfast for me.

Looks like it's worthwhile to be
working at Haneul House, after all.

You're not a bad cook.

Eat up.

What are you doing here?

Oh my gosh. I was just standing here.
I wasn't doing anything.

Have you been eating?

Of course.

Well, of course. You're not
the type to let yourself starve.

Kang Seo-woo seemed
to be worrying about you.

So I told him you're very mentally strong.

Of course.

Are you not going?

Hey, don't wear that tracksuit.
They're super tacky.

What's with him?

I wear those all the time.

Did you, by any chance,

say something to Ha-won?

I told her that I wanted
to go out with you.


And also that you probably
feel the same way that I do.

About yesterday...

I'm sorry for leaving you like that.

It's okay. I heard something
happened to Ha-won yesterday.

You know, you can be
surprisingly soft-hearted.

You may seem rather unfriendly
on the outside,

but you can't ignore people in need

and have to help them feel better.

That’s not why I went to Ha-won.

Then why did you go?

Ha-won is someone special to me.

If you went to Ha-won
because you have feelings for her,

why did you come to me back then?

Did you pity me?

-No, that's not--
-Why were you nice to me, then?

You should've just left me
to deal with it on my own.

Why are you making me feel
more pathetic than I already do?

You were the first one

who opened up to me when I came here
so I wanted to be nice to you.

I'm sorry if my actions upset you
in any way.

Stop saying that you're sorry.

You were the one who was always by my side

every time Hyun-min hurt me.

And I always felt bad about that.

But what should I do now
that you’re the one saying sorry?

I genuinely wanted

to rely on you this time.


You've just got used to

having me by your side
instead of Kang Hyun-min.

But do you really think

I’ll be able to replace him?

When did you come back to Korea?
I missed you.

I didn't miss you at all.

Why are you acting like this?

Do you know how many years
it's been since we last saw each other?

You're just joking, right?

You really don't get it, do you?

Do you want me to repeat myself?

I never missed you. Not even once.

I'm sure she was a bit confused yesterday.


You have to do at least this much
to win her trust.

It's about time she called.

Are you, by any chance, Ha-won's...

Oh, yes. I'm her dad.

My name is Kang Ji-woon.

Goodness, I'm honored to meet
one of the famous grandsons

of Haneul Group's chairman.

Should I be addressing you as "sir"?

There's no need for that.

Well, at any rate,
I'm absolutely honored to meet you.

You really don't need to be.

Please, take a seat.

All right.

I'm just Ha-won's friend.

What kind of a friend?

Are you two engaged, by any chance?

I think of Ha-won as a part of my family.

Oh, you and Ha-won...

I mean, thank you so much

for taking such good care of my daughter.

You’re doing all the things
that I haven’t been able to do for her.

I heard everything from Ha-won.

It's been ten years since you two met.

Yes. I was deep in debt

and wasn’t in a financially secure place.

I was going to come and take her

when I could afford to feed
and clothe her well.

But my financial situation
never got any better.

And I felt that I'd never be able
to see Ha-won at this rate.

I've been a terrible dad,

never being able to afford
to buy her clothes

or even a warm meal.


Please allow me to give this to you.

Gosh, no. Please take it back.

No, it's all right. Please meet Ha-won
and buy her some clothes and food.

Gosh, I know this is shameless of me,
but I'll take it for Ha-won's sake.

Thank you.


if you ever need my help,
feel free to call me any time.

All right.



I just got a call from Secretary Lee.

-If the chairman hears of this--
-Don't worry.

Do you have what I asked for?


Here is a copy of his will.

I'll read it and contact you.

Please take care of everything.

Why are you here?

Whom did you meet with today?

I had a gathering.

Didn't you meet with Attorney Kim?

Were you following me?

What were you planning to do with this?

It's none of your business.

The chairman will find out about this.

All you need to do
is keep your mouth shut.

Until when?

Until I get my hands on what I want.

Is it all just for money?

Is that why you're even pretending
to not know your own son

after ten or more years of estrangement?

This is all for your sake.

You've dedicated your entire life
to Haneul Group.

Are you still going
to be looking after those brats

after the chairman is gone?

I'm doing this to get you

a better position in life.

Stop being a hypocrite.

It doesn't matter what you say.

I’m going to finish what I started.

And when will that be?

You abandoned me once,
so you shouldn’t have come looking for me.

No. If you really wanted
to come back into my life,

it shouldn’t have been like this
at the very least.

It's me.

Please arrange a meeting with the board
of directors for me as soon as possible.

There's no time to waste.

Did you get home safely last night?

From Dad.



Guys shouldn't bully girls.
My mom said that's a bad thing to do.

And who are you, brat?

Apologize to her, right now.

Stay out of this, kid.

I'm not a kid.

My dad's right over there.
When my dad gets here, you're dead.

I have a dad too.

Where is he?

He's far away right now.

But he said that he'd be back in ten days.



Your dad's here.



All right, let's go up.


I'm working together with my dad now.

So don't mess with me.

Damn it.



Yes, Ha-won.

Have you had dinner?

No. I'm still working right now.


Let's have dinner together.

What's the matter?
Does the food not taste good?

Well, that's not it.

I heard that you paid the fee
for Mom's crematorium.

Of course. I should pay for that.

About what you said yesterday...

Is it really all true?

Something happened between your mom
and I that you don't know about.

We went to the same university
and ran the taekwondo center together,

but we found out about our feelings
for each other way too late.

Love can be a terrible thing sometimes.

So why did you wait this long
to come and find me?

My apartment burned down
and I lost the center.

I had so much debts and was going
through a really hard time.

I figured I'd come for you
when I'm in a better place financially,

and it ended up taking this long.

You were so small,
and yet you got so big already.

Time sure flies by.

It feels like only yesterday when I used
to play with you and carry you around.

You don't remember that?

You'd yell, "Combine!"
when I put you on my shoulders,

and you loved it.

I'll be back in a bit.

-Where are you going?

I have a friend nearby

and she has something for me.
Just a minute.


Where is she running off to
all of a sudden?

I didn't even get to the part
about the money yet.

I'm looking for clothes
for a man in his forties.

Are you looking for clothes for your dad?

Well, not exactly.

Oh, that was quick.

Yes. My friend was nearby.

Hurry up and eat. Your food will get cold.

Are you still struggling financially?


You said that you couldn't come and get me
due to your difficult financial situation.

I'm still in a similar situation.

I'm working at a construction site

and earning a living day by day.

But you know, it makes me sad that
I don't have a home to share with you.

If you could give me a little
money for that...

I don't have that much money, either.

If it's difficult for you, what about
asking Chairman Kang's grandson?

Gosh, what was his name again?
Kang Ji-woon, was it?

Can't you ask him?

How do you know Ji-woon?

I went to Haneul House,
and happened to run into him.

You know, I think that
he finds you very special.

-Kang Ji-woon does?

And it may be because he's so rich,
but he's so generous.

He even gave me money
to buy you something delicious.

Did you accept money from Ji-woon?

Gosh. He told me not to tell you. My bad.

How much did you get from him?

-Well, that's...

I'll ask Ji-woon myself.

I'll get going now.


Hey, you didn't finish your food.

You've just got used to

having me by your side
instead of Kang Hyun-min.

But do you really think

I’ll be able to replace him?

Park Hye-ji?

It's been a while.

Are you actually drinking alone today?
The perpetually lofty Park Hye-ji?

Then you can drink with me, Jun-su.

You never spared a guy a glance
unless it was Kang Hyun-min.

What's gotten into you?

Is that how I was?

You totally were.

Do you want to go out with me, if things
between you and Hyun-min are over?

It won’t be easy for you.

That sounds like a challenge.

Did you drink a lot?

Gosh, you've become really pretty.


Hey, Hyun-min.

Big news.

Park Hye-ji is here, drinking.

By herself?

No. With Jun-su.

And? So what?

Hey, it looks like the two of them
are hitting it off.

Are you really okay with...

Damn it.

Do you have some time?

Do you want to go on that drive
that we couldn't go on last time?


It would be weird to give this to her now

in this situation.


I'm Ha-won's dad.

Hey, where are you going?

Why do you care?

Are you going to pick up Hye-ji
by any chance?

Where is she?

Never mind. Forget it.

Let's stop playing these games already.

Just do whatever you want to do.

If you're that concerned about her,
take care of her yourself.

Did you go and see your dad?

What's wrong?

Do you pity me?


I heard that you gave him money.

-That's not it--
-You know what?

You told me about what happened
to you a year ago, right?

You said that we were
in similar situations.

So I thought that we suffered
the same kind of pain,

but I guess I was wrong about that.

What do you mean by that?

It's not like I suddenly
hit the jackpot like you.

I can't complain
about this situation, either.

It's hard enough for me to get
through each and every day.

And I hate myself for thinking,

"How will I live my life
if that man really is my dad?"

Because that's the first thing
that came to mind.

So why do you have to go and make me
feel even worse about myself?

Eun Ha-won.

It's not what you think.

I don't know what you mean.

Don't get involved
in my personal matters again.

-I'm Ha-won's dad.

Yes. What is it?

You told me to contact you
anytime I needed help, so...

Yes, please go ahead.

I lived apart from Ha-won
for over ten years,

and was just reunited with her.

So it'd be a bit strange
to continue living apart from her.


I'd like to get a fully-leased
apartment somewhere in Seoul.

Does Ha-won know

that you're asking me
these kinds of things?

Oh, of course.

She said that she felt bad about asking
herself, so she wanted me to instead.

Well, all right.

I'll go and see you
at your workplace in the near future.


What do I do?

Did you really love a man like him?

-Yes, I agree.
-I know.

Oh, what's this?

-This one is on me, so drink up.
-Gosh, thanks.

-Looks like you got some money.

You even bought us food last time, too.

Did you get some money from somewhere?

I’ve gotten myself a real nice sponsor,
you see.

-Look at him.

What are you saying?

-This is delicious.
-Let's get back to work now.

Let's go.



But you know, it makes me sad that
I don't have a home to share with you.

If you could give me a little
money for that...

Mr. Kang Seo-woo, who made a comeback
with the new track called "Confession,"

is talking to us right now about love.

A lot of fans are wondering
if the lyrics are about your first love.

Oh, really?

What was your first love like?

Well, my first love?

I’m kind of going through it right now.

Right now?


I've only begun to experience love
quite recently.

Just what kind of woman is she then?

She tends to react with her fists
rather than her words.

She makes a skincare sample
last for three days.

And she nearly always wears tracksuits.

But when she occasionally wears a skirt,
she looks really pretty.

And even when a guy like me
confesses his feelings for her,

she just ignores him
in pursuit of the person she loves.

That's the type of woman she is.

I don't know who that may be,
but I'm so jealous of her.

Kang Seo-woo?

No, that's not it.

Is this fate?

That was good. It seemed totally natural.

It's Kang Seo-woo.

Hong Ja-mong?

My name is Hong Ja-yeong, okay?

Get it right, already.

You're Eun Ha-won's friend, not mine.

Anyway, Hong Ja-mong.

Why are you here?

I'm a fan of Seo-woo's, okay?

Jeez. So even people like you think
you can be a fan.

What the hell did you say?
"People like you"?



Hey, School Uniform.

She's Eun Ha-won's elder sister.

She's Yu-na, the bad-tempered sister.

Shut your damn mouth.

Be nice to Eun Ha-won.

What is this?

Looks like you've got on his bad side.

This is why you should've been
nicer to Ha-won sooner.


Eun Ha-won. That good-for-nothing.

Just do whatever you want to do.

If you're that concerned about her,

take care of her yourself.


Were you able to get
all the money for the lease?



That's the money you paid
for my mom’s crematorium.

I'm returning it to you.

What's wrong, Ha-won?

I have no reason to accept
this money from you.

What do you mean, you have no reason?

-I'm your dad--
-You know what?

I can't acknowledge you as my dad.

Who cares if you acknowledge it or not?
We're related by blood.

Do you think

that I'm lying, or something?

The truth behind whether or not
you're her dad is inside this envelope.

Ha-won. Don't you trust me?


You can just check the results.

Should I do it,
or would you rather do it yourself?


It's okay. I don't need to see this.

I trust my mom.

There's no way my mom
would've loved a man like this.


If it's money you need,

you came to the wrong person.

I have no money.

I'm only living at Haneul House
because I work there part-time.

So there won’t be any reason
for us to meet again.

There was nothing else I could do, either.

If it hadn't been for that
fire at that apartment

my life wouldn't have
been so completely ruined like this.

Your life was completely ruined?

You know, there are people who lost
their lives that day, like my mom.

How do you think my life
has been after that day?

But despite everything,

I never once thought
that my life was completely ruined.

The person who ruined your life is you.

-Let's go.

On that drive we missed last time.

Hey, Jun-su.

I'm coming now.

The cafe at the intersection
in Sinsa-dong? Okay.

Hey, it looks like the two of them
are hitting it off.

You really came.

You wanted to go on a date with me.

Things are really over between
you and Hyun-min, right?

It's not like the two of us
were ever seeing each other.

We were just friends.

"Just friends"?

Let's go.

-What's with you?
-What are you doing?


I don't want to.

How did things go with the girl
you were seeing up until yesterday?

Look at you trying to cheat on her.

Leave, before I bring that girl here.

Why are you here?

Why are you doing this to me?

Why are you even seeing a guy like him?

That has nothing to do with you.

Hey. If you're going to date someone,
date someone actually worth dating.

You're so ridiculous.

If you're going to be nice to me,
don't be so capricious.

And if you're not, then leave me alone.

I want to stop being concerned
about you too, okay?

But I'm only doing this

because you're trying to see weird guys
after getting rejected by Kang Ji-woon.

That is none of your business.

Let me out.

Can't you hear me?

Stop the car!

What are you doing?

I can't drive now.

You can't drive under influence.
You know the law, right?

Goodness, Reporter Choi.

What's the occasion?

What did you say?

Seo-woo isn't dating anyone.

That's definitely not true.
It's definitely not true.

Yes, sure. I'll call you and visit you.


What, did someone say
that they were dating me?

Who is it this time?

They didn't say who, exactly.

We managed to get through
your last scandal

thanks to those weird
school uniform photos,

but if you get caught this time,
it'll really be the end.

You're not dating anyone, are you?

Where would I have the time
to date anyone?

Come to think of it, it was a bit weird

that you mentioned
your first love on the radio.

Was that real?

I told you so many times already.
I was just making things up.

You really don't have a first love, right?

You were just saying that
because you wanted to look good, right?


Yes. I made things up, okay? So what?

Should I turn on the blinker now?

You have to go a bit farther
before doing that.

Should I switch lanes now?

We're in the left-turn lane right now.

We need to make a right turn.

I see. A right turn?
Tell me if there's a car next to us.

-Now, make a turn now.

You missed your chance again.

How long are you going
to keep on going straight?

What am I supposed to do, then?

I told you, this is my first time
driving since getting my license.


Keep going straight, then.

We'll get there one day, I guess,
since the earth is round.

Stop that.

Look in front of you.

Just keep going straight.

We'll end up meeting
All the children of this world

Before we get back

Are you still mad?

Sorry for interfering

when you would've figured it out
on your own.

About the other day...

I was too harsh to you.

I'm sorry.

I was going through a hard time.

And I didn't know
whether or not to believe that guy.

I was really agonizing over it.

But, when you showed up
with that envelope,

I knew my answer.

I didn't need to confirm
whatever was in that envelope.

I trust my mom.

Hey, isn't this drive
kind of boring, though?

Is this all I get
after making a mess twice?


Gosh, this is so nice!

Are you still bored?


This is the first time that anyone
has brought me to a place like this.

Gosh, I love this!

This feels so great!

You know, it's the first time for me, too.

I mean,

finding someone who seems
quite similar to me.


think that we are quite similar.

I do too.


you have a really peculiar personality.

You don't try to get close to people
and just get mad.

You wouldn't open up to me
and kept telling me to go away.

Why were you always saying that to me?

Did really I say that?


You're like an ironclad wall.


What's this?

A gift from Mr. Ironclad Wall.

Hey, what is this?

Can't you see?

They're my feelings for you.

Eun Ha-won.

I bought candies on White Day

to give to you.

What's this, then?


They melted, so...

It's not Hye-ji.

It's you...

who has my heart.


For coming to me.

Just stay there.

I'll be the one to go to you now.

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