Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript


I don't want to cry because
of Hyun-min anymore.

I want to

take a break from you.

Will you

accept me?


You don't have to answer me now.

It's late.

Good night.


I wanted to give this back to you.


I bet you won't be able to sleep tonight.

I mean, you really liked Hye-ji.

Does this mean

you two are dating now?

Good night.

I want to

take a break from you.

Will you

accept me?

This is really old.

Who are you?

You just took a photo of me, didn't you?


Then let me see.

Are you sure
you didn't take a photo of me?

Do you work here?

What are you doing here?

I didn't do anything.

What about you?

Why were you crying by yourself?

If you're going to keep crying,

do it here.

I'll leave.

So, you mean the son of a cousin

of the mother of your friend

finally got a confession

from the girl he had a crush on?

Is the girl pretty?



Then it looks like another couple is born.

When am I finally going to get
a chance with my Seo-woo...

But the guy...

He didn't answer her yet.

Is an answer really necessary?
You said she's pretty.

Hey, being pretty
isn't everything, you know.

Yes, it is.

But, still.

Doesn't the man have to be clear

and say "Let's date."

for a couple to be official, doesn't he?

You're so old-fashioned.

You start from flirting with each other,
then having special feelings.

After that one thing leads to another,
and you become couples.

But of course,

if he had a crush on her for a long time,

it could be a different story.

Really, how?

For example,

he could've started to like another girl.

Another girl?

There's no way.

I mean, he's always by himself.

The only girl around him
besides Hye-ji is me...


No way.

There's no way.

No, it can't be...

No. Impossible.

"How do I

find out

if a guy has

feelings for me?"


Are you pretty?

What do you mean?

Of course I'm pretty.

Don't have any expectations.
He doesn't like you.

Don't waste your time asking here,
go ask the guy yourself.

Do you think I would've asked you
if I knew how he felt?

What is this?

If he's never mad at you no matter what,

it definitely means that he likes you.

All guys are like that.

They never get angry
at a girl that they like.

No matter what I do?


Goodness, I'm sorry.

It slipped out of my hand.



What do you want?

Oh no!


I'm so sorry.

I slipped.

Are you okay?


What is all of this?

Eun Ha-won.

Eun Ha-won!

What's wrong with you?

I know it was you!

What did I do?

Why are you being so mean
to someone who's sick?

Do you have a death wish?

Why are you treating someone
who is hurt like this?

You’re faking it, aren’t you?


If you're bored,

please just go to sleep.

All right?




You don't care if I'm hurt, anyway.


You never once worried about me
or bought me something to eat.

Are you a child?

Stop being such a pain.

Have feelings for me? As if.

Let's meet up today.


Why is there so much mail?

I want to

take a break from you.

Will you

accept me?

Park Hye-ji.

Talk with me for a bit.

I have nothing to say to you.

Is this because of me this time, too?

Are you just using Kang Ji-woon
to get to me?


That’s the best you can think of?

Then why else would you
be acting this way?

It’s because I just realized

that the one who was always by my side

wasn't you, but Ji-woon.

What brings you all the way here?

What about you?

We have plans.

Are you guys done talking?


but we'll head in first. Okay?

Let's go.

Hurry and eat.

I have to go to work.

Are you even making any progress

with the Haneul Group chairman's wife?

You little snot.

Do you know how much
I'm suffering right now, because of that?

Why are you getting
so riled up about this?

I add ten extra minutes to her massages
every time for free,

just to get on her good side.

Look at how thick
your mother's arm has gotten.

Ungrateful girl. You didn't realize
how thick my arm got, did you?

There, there, Mom.

What the...

Of course I know how you feel.

Just wait until I marry into Haneul Group.

These arms right here,

I'll line them up

with a hundred Botox shots.

A hundred? How is my arm
supposed to handle that?

Go and sit back down already. Eat.

It's not thick now, either.

But you know,

-I did hear something strange.

It's about the new wife
of Chairman Kang of Haneul Group.

There are rumors
that this isn't her first marriage.

No way. Really?

Does it mean the chairman of Haneul Group

was tricked when he married her?

Who knows?

I guess I'll find out the truth
once I ask her about it.

Do you really think
that could be true, though?

What if they're just spreading false
rumors because they're jealous?


She must have enemies all around.

She's the fifth most important
person at Haneul Group now, at her age.

It'd be weird
if there were no rumors, right?

Isn't this our chance, then?

It's a great chance for you
to get on her good side.

What are you talking about?

You, my mother,

can become that lady's only ally
and tell her about the rumors!

So, in other words,

I could become the right-hand woman

of the lady of Haneul Group.

A while after that,

you can become the in-law

of the lady of Haneul Group.

Oh my. My daughter is so clever.


Please eat!

About what happened the other day...

Is there anything you want to say?

There is.

What you said that day,

did you really mean it?

Is this because of me this time, too?

Are you just using Kang Ji-woon
to get to me?


I really did mean it.

We have plans.

Are you guys done talking?


but we'll head in first. Okay?

All right, Eun Ha-won.

Why are you going around in circles,
like this? It's not like you.

Let's just ask him directly.

Just ask him "Who's the girl you like?"

and be done with it.


I can do this.

Kang Hyun-min.

Are you in elementary school? Are you?

You'd better tell Kang Ji-woon about this
and apologize to him.

Why should I?

Because I saw what you did.

What's the big deal about
breaking something like this, huh?


You know how crazy
Kang Ji-woon is about cars.

This is basically murder to him.


-What should I break next, then?

This is because of Hye-ji, isn't it?

That day,

I saw Hye-ji asking Ji-woon out, too.

But still, you shouldn't be
blaming that on Ji-woon.

Their being in a relationship
has nothing to do with me.

Is that how you really feel?

You're not for real, are you?

Come on.
Stop with the "real" thing already.

Really, how many times are you
really going to ask me really? Really.

You're really getting on my nerves.

Hold on.

What were you doing here, then?


I came for...

Kang Ji-woon is
with Park Hye-ji right now.

He's with Hye-ji?

Ms. Celebrity.

What are you doing today?

I only have one thing scheduled today.

Want to hang out with me after?

I'll pass today.

Did something happen?

You know...

Guys would

probably prefer girls who are pretty
and feminine like Hye-ji, right?

Why are you bringing up Hye-ji,
all of a sudden?

It's nothing.

I was wondering

if anyone would ever like a girl like me.

There's nothing wrong with you.

If anything, I think
you're prettier than her.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Maybe it's because
you've been working for a long time,

but you sure know how to flatter someone.

I'll get going, then.

What you said that day,

did you really mean it?


I really did mean it.

You never once worried about me,
or bought me something to eat.

Seriously? Bread?

-This is good.
-Who doesn't have chopsticks?

Here, have some more pickled radish.


The people of Haneul Group

probably have tons of money, right?

Of course they do.

This plot of land belongs
to Haneul Group, too.

Yes, exactly.

I'm sure they have dozens
of other properties just like this.

That's great.

Please move forward a bit.

All right, here's our last question.

The main track of your album
is called "Confession."

Did you write this with
someone specific in mind?



There definitely isn't
anything like that. Not at all.

You never let your guard down, do you?

Let's take a few more photos
and finish up for today.

-Thank you.

Oh, right.

We prepared a gift to congratulate you

on the release of your new album.

Oh, thank you.

Remember your feature article last month

where you did calligraphy?

Why, yes.

Place a hot mug on top of this.

When you do, words will appear.

Oh, really?

You have to take one per day
even if I'm not here, okay?

All right, all right.

If you keep neglecting
your health like this,

I'll get angry.

Looks like you're quite upset
because of me.

Go figure.

Come, now. My lady.

Good, you came.

Did you call for me, sir?

It's nothing big.

My wife has a gathering tomorrow.

Can you take care of her?

Excuse me?

You must be quite busy.
I'm sorry to add to your workload.

I haven't found a suitable person
to help my wife yet.

So you take care of

our Madam Ji until then, Yoon-sung.

Is that okay with you, Secretary Lee?

Yes. I understand.




What are you doing?

Ouch, that's hot!

Are you okay?

Yes. I'm fine.

I'm totally fine.

Hey, seriously. Are you okay?

Yes, I'm really fine.

I really am.

What's with him?

Why is he acting like that?

That's right.

Good grief.

She got me.

Why did she come in, out of nowhere?




Your new song comes out tomorrow, right?

I totally forgot. Sorry.


I really didn't mean to. See? Look.


Okay, I got it. Here, take this.

It was for you anyway.



Well, since you're giving me this,

could you also give a live preview, too?

I don't want it to get leaked 30 minutes
before it's supposed to drop.

Come on.
We're like family, we live together.

A short preview perhaps? Please?



Kang Seo-woo! We love you!

Kang Seo-woo! Kang Seo-woo!

Kang Seo-woo!

I told you, I'm not doing it.

You're really not going to?

Come on.

When you start talking

I look at you without even realizing it

And when you sing shyly

I can't help but to hum along

I'll confess how I feel now

My feelings, which I can't hide anymore

That I like you

That I love you

That you are

My everything

Will you accept my feelings?

-When I--
-Hold on.


I don’t think I can do this.

What do you mean?

I'll listen to it at midnight.
It's only fair, right?

I feel sorry toward your fans

since only I get to listen to
such a great song before its release.

Is it that good?


Thanks, Kang Seo-woo.

I'll enjoy this.

How could he sing that kind of song
while looking me in the eye?

That's why his fan club
has over a million people.

Did you have fun on your date?

You've always had to settle for
pathetically following Hye-ji around.

But it paid off.

What's wrong?

Do you feel like you've lost out
now that she's asked me out?

What did you say?

What did you want to see Hye-ji for,
earlier this afternoon?

Tell me.

I'll give you an answer for her.

Does she know that
you're this much of an asshole?

Who knows?

I don't know about anything else,

but it's clear that
you lost to me this time.

Your response has made
one more thing clear to me.

And what's that?


regret it, don’t you?

Then why don’t you cling onto her

before you regret it even more?

What are you doing?

Did you go somewhere?

What's this?

Is this for me?

Who else do you think it is?

Oh, you shouldn't have.

I bought you something now, all right?

I don't want you claiming otherwise later.

Yes, sir.

Wow, this looks delicious.



Why are you drinking so much?

Do you think you could like
another guy instead of me?

How could I ever like someone,
other than you, honey?

No way.

So, why, then?

Why are you doing this to me now?

No. You're the only one for me, honey.

You acted as if you'd never leave me.

So why are you leaving me
for someone else now?

I'm not going anywhere.

I'll stay by your side, just like this.

Don't leave me.


You'd better not take back
what you just said.

I'm going to remember every word.

Please remember to call me
when you get to the hospital.

All right.

And please let me know how your leg is.

Yes, I will.

And if, by any chance,
something happens, please--

Mr. Lee.

You've said the same thing
five times already.

Have I, now?

It's not like I've
never been to the hospital.

Please, go about your business.
Go on, now.

But still, I must see you off
at the very least--

If you really feel so worried,
should I take someone instead of you?

So, are you telling me

to escort you?

No, I mean...

Yoon-sung can't come
with me because he's busy,

and Seo-woo has a photoshoot.

And I haven't heard from Hyun-min

since last night,

which means you're the only one left.

I don't want to.


Do I have to go by myself, then?

Why can’t you?

Do you want me

to take the bus and the subway
by myself, with this leg?

I'll have to transfer four times.

I really can’t do that with this leg.


Is any of that my business?

I knew it was impossible.


Let’s go.

I'll wait for you outside, ma’am.


Please come in with me.

Excuse me?


Did you wait for a long time?
I'm terribly sorry.

It's quite all right.
I just got here myself.

Let us introduce ourselves.

This is Ms. Kim Hye-na, the Section Chief
of Strategic Planning at Ohsung Chemicals.

What is this--

And this is
the General Secretary of Haneul Group,

Mr. Lee Yoon-sung.

Pleased to meet you.

To be honest, I wasn't really looking
forward to this blind date.

but now that I've seen you in person,
I'm glad that I decided to come.

I'm sorry.

Secretary Lee.

What are you doing?

That's what I should be saying.

I worked hard for this.
How dare you walk out like that?

So why are you acting this way?

My last wish for you is
to marry a woman from a rich family

and have a fulfilling life.

As your mother.

Is that why you're using the chairman?

What's wrong with using him?

I did it all for you.

For whose sake
do you think I came this far?

Don't you dare use me as an excuse.


I'll pretend that
none of this ever happened

in line with the promise
that we made before.

There's someone

that I want to introduce to you today.

Introduce to me?

Come on in.

Say hello.

This is Secretary Lee.
He's like a son to me.

My son grew up well.

Has it been 12 years since we last met?

I knew we'd meet each other again,

but I didn't know it would be today.

Were you really surprised?

I believe that you've mistaken me
for someone else, ma'am.

My mother...

passed away 12 years ago.

All right, then.

If you've erased me from your memory,

feel free to keep living that way.

I obviously didn't tell him about you.

Since I told him
that I've never been married.

Looks like I'm not the only one
who'd erased someone from their memory

for such a long time.

I'd like you to do me a favor.

Please pretend you don't know me.

And why must I do that for you?

I want

to live as a woman
for the remainder of my life.

If you just listen to my request,
I can do that.




Aren't you going to open the door for me?

Seriously. Do you not have arms?

No, I don't.

Do you want me to go back into the house?


I just said that for the fun of it.

Here I go.

This door is...

Give me those.

Get in.

Put your seatbelt on.

Yes, sir.

Looks like our Ha-won

grew a lot.

You'll be able to take off your cast
and walk around slowly without problems.


I'm all better already?


Judging from these scans,
it's healed up quite nicely.

You've made a very speedy recovery.


Doctor, my leg still feels
a bit uncomfortable, though.

Don't worry.

It won't keep you from doing
everyday things.

I see.

So you're saying
that her leg won't keep her from

going somewhere, am I correct?

Of course not.

She can even run now.

I see.

Thank you, Doctor.

Thank you.


Hey, wait.

What are you so grumpy about?

What are you talking about?

You were being all sarcastic.

Well, I don't know.

It does seem unfair
that I was dragged here

just because I mistook
a perfectly healthy girl for a patient.

I was still a patient
up until a few minutes ago.

I mean, I just got my cast taken off.


Go home on your own, then.


You said that you're fine now, right?

There's no reason for me
to escort you anymore, then.

Did you hate it that much?


Was it so difficult to come here with me?

Hey, I'm just kidding.

Whatever. You're a jerk.


And she just got her cast off. Really?

Where are you going?

Oh, no.

My bag. I left it in the car.

I'm so screwed.

She even left her bag behind.

Where in the world did she go?

I can't believe she got upset
over a dumb joke like that.

Eun Ha-won.

Eun Ha-won.

Get in.

As if.

You're not going to get in?

I thought you wanted me
to take the bus or subway

and find my way home myself.
Why are you even here?

Do you even have money?

I don't have any.
That's why I was walking home.

Are you out of your mind?

You're going to walk home from here?

What's wrong with that? It'll be nice.
The weather is nice, too.

And the air is nice, too.

I'm going to go for a nice stroll

on my two perfectly healthy feet.

This feels awesome!

Let me take you.

Let's go for a drive.

Get in.


if you insist.

Please put on your seat belt, ma'am.
We'll soon hit the road.

Yes, sir.

I love this!

I love this so much.


Why is he so determined today?

What's with him?

Aren't you picking up?


Turn it off.

Want me to take it for you?

Turn it off, I said.

The person you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.

You'll be forwarded
to the voicemail service.

No way!

This is amazing!

This is awesome.

This is so nice!

I was drinking that.

I drank all of mine already.

What's with your expression?


Why? What's wrong with my expression?

Do you have something to say?


Do you, by any chance,

have someone that you like...


Yes, hello?


Wait for me.
I'll head over there right now.

Let's go.

Where are you going?

You're going to Hye-ji, right?


Let me out.


I can get home by myself.
I'll just take the bus.

It's fine.

-I'll just drop you off--
-Hye-ji is waiting for you, though.


What's wrong with me?


Some people from the court
came to my house.

My house will be sold in an auction.

My dad was taken
by prosecutors to be questioned.

What do I do now?

It'll be okay.

Let's get going first.



I swear I was going to
pick up the third time.


Did you hear, Hyun-min?

Yeongshin Construction went bankrupt.

Doesn't Park Hye-ji's family
run that business?



The person you are trying to reach
is currently unavailable.

You'll be forwarded
to the voicemail service.

Where are you going? It's late.


What are you doing?


will be living with us for the time being.

Subtitle translation by Alex Seong