Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 5, Episode 7 - Moonshinin' Angels - full transcript

The Angels are asked to find out why the old feud between two rival moonshiners in Gifford county is heating up again. Kris joins the Catlin's as their new still master. Kelly becomes the Bartlett's new driver. Julie gets a job as a waitress at Etta's Diner. Bosley, posing as a rich Texan, offers both parties a deal to buy their liquor.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three
beautiful girls.

Two of them graduated
from the police academy.

The other graduated from
a top school for models.

And they each reaped the rewards

of their exciting careers.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.


[ ]



Bobby Dan?

Yeah, Ma. Just a second.

Don't you yeah me, young man.

Now, last time, you took
off without your lunch.

There's fried chicken
in there and coffee.

And you know how your pa feels

about stopping during a run.

I know it, Mom, I know it.

I'm gonna be all
right now, okay?

You be careful. I will.

You be careful. [ will, I will.

All right.

You better listen to her, boy.

It don't pay to take chances.

Not with the
Catlins on the move.

BOBBY: The Catlins?

The bad blood
between them and us,

it should've been
over 30 years ago.

You heard Bluford
Catlin's threat

against me just Friday last.

Now, this load is
worth over $3000.

You'd do well to
watch your backside.

Bluford Catlin
is just bellowing.

His drivers run a couple
of their cars into a ditch.

Is that any reason to put the
blame on us for their mistakes?

Not to dismiss
the Catlins, Bobby.

They ruined this eye
for a lot less cause.

BOBBY: But all that
happened before I was born.

The Catlins are really
no different than us.

They're just trying
to make a living.

They're selling their
moonshine same as we do.

I'll see you all come sun up.

You be careful now, you hear?


[ ]

He's on his way. Be ready.

I'll call Turk.

Right, Mr. Lacy.

[ ]

TURK: I'm getting the tractor
into position now, Mr. Lacy.

Like clockwork.

Come on, let's get out of these.

Any trouble? Only for him.

You know, Mr. Lacy,
a single match,

and that tanker will go
up like a Roman candle.

Uh-uh. We want him to live

so the Catlins get
the blame for this.

Once we get the
Bartletts and Catlins

at each other's throats,

there will be plenty of
fireworks, don't worry.

KELLY: Charlie,
you've gotta be kidding.


CHARLIE:! wish I were, Angels.

But the Bartletts
and the Cat/ins

aren't just any bootleggers.

The families have
been in the business

for over a hundred years.

Not to mention also being
at each other's throats

Hmm. Talk about
your cottage industry.

Why doesn't Governor Whitman
move in and shut them down?

The Gifford County
wars, right, Charlie?


The last time the feud

between the Catlins and
the Bartletts exploded,

it made headlines
all across the country.

Well, how come I
never read about it?

You weren't even born yet.

The governor's task
force has information

that some outsiders
are trying to fan the feud

for their own gain.

And you think we
have a better chance

of discovering what's going
on than the governor's people?

Yes, Julie.

We can handle it a
lot better undercover.

It would be catastrophic
if anybody from outside

Blew this feud open again.

Well, I guess we
better sharpen up

our little old accents.

And bone up on your
basic sour mash chemistry.

[CHUCKLES] Oh, no.

Oh, I'm gonna love this.

I thought you would.

Good luck, Angels.

Thank you, Charlie.

And may the sun always
shine on your chitlins.


[ ]


Hello there, Mickey.



Bobby. Bobby Dan.

Melinda, you shouldn't
have come here.

I had to come see you.

Daddy wouldn't let
me go to the hospital.

Well, that's just as well.

Pa is convinced that you
Catlins run me into the ditch.

Daddy give me his
word he didn't do it.

And he didn't send
nobody to do it either.

Well, I tried to explain to Pa

that whoever it was that
run me in that rabbit trap,

they knew what they was doing.

And they knew
what I was carrying.

But it's going to
take a lot more

than Bluford Catlin's word
to convince folks around here.

I'm not going to
let them split us up.

Not my family and not yours.

Whatever it takes, I'll do it,

but the feud ain't
going to start up again.

Don't get all fired up.

It'll pass when they cool down.

Just give it a
little time, honey.

Bobby Dan Bartlett,

I don't intend to
wait for you forever.


Well, I reckon I thought
I'd never live long enough

to see a Catlin
kissing on a Bartlett.

Come on.

Melinda Catlin.

Just come by to tell
you it weren't no Catlin

done this to Bobby.

I think you best be going, gal.

The less seen or heard
of Catlins around here,

the better.

Pa, you don't need to
be so hard on Melinda.

The Catlins fired on
another of our runners.

Hawk, the boy has got
enough to worry about.

Best he know.

Best he know.

It's gonna get hot.

And Bartletts has
gotta stick with Bartletts.

[ ]

SAM: You're heading
the wrong way, miss.

This here is Catlin land.

Oh, good. I thought
I'd never find it.

Now put that gun down, Sam.

You don't shoot
something that pretty.

Till you try to trap it first.

Something I can
do for you, miss?

Howdy, I'm looking
for Bluford Catlin.

Something wrong, honey?

Oh, no, I just thought

that you might be,
uh, somebody else.

Bluford is my pa.
He's out by the shed.

Well, you mind if I wait?

That's him coming now.

Well, that's her
right there, Mr. Catlin.

All right, Josh,

you get back to that durned
fence and keep it closed.

KRIS: Mr. Catlin.

Yeah? I'm Kris Monroe.

I understand you're looking
for a new still master and...

Well, I'd like the job.

There ain't no such job.

I wonder who might
have said there was.

Well, I've got big
ears not a big mouth.

I just thought it best to
come right to the point.

Excuse me for saying,

but you sure don't
look like the sort

that can run a still.

That is if you was to find
one in these here parts.

Well, for whatever it's worth,

I got me a college degree
in organic chemistry.

A good job is hard
to find these days.

Why don't you give her
a chance at it, Daddy?

That's all I want.

I can up your production

and up the quality
in the bargain.

Tend to your chores, girl.

You, come on.

[ ]

Now, supposing you know
everything you say you do,

you know them things
blowing now and again.

Well, not if you monitor
the temperature properly

and vent the pressure.

Hand-formed copper. Phew.

That's hard to find nowadays.

Ain't as hard to
find as somebody

that knows how to use it.

Well, the mash is in the cooker.

Let's see if you know
what you're doing.

All right.

Well, first thing I gotta do is
dog these things down here.

Can you hand me
that wrench there?

Cinch it up real good.

You know, girl,

there's federal agents.

Sometimes jail,

sometimes a little shooting.

It's an awful lot
of risk for a woman

if you was to get the job.

Well, now, there's
ways to pay for risk.

Say 10 percent?

Say 8 percent and
board and lodging.

You got yourself a still master.

Where are you hiding
the rest of the mash?

If you're so all fired
good at what you do,

you ought to be able
to find it on your own.

[ ]

MAN: Etta, if you
don't hurry up,

my stomach is gonna
think my throat has been cut.

WOMAN: Where's my coffee, Etta?

ETTA: Uh...

Ah! Oh, honey, you gotta
teach him better than that.

I'll be right back.

WOMAN: Got those doughnuts?

MAN: Hey, fries cooking?

JULIE: Finished?

Well, you're just
like the cavalry.

Saved the day
in the nick of time.

Name's Etta.

Hi, I'm Julie. You put
the sign in the window?

Oh, I sure did.

Seems like years ago.
Position is still open.

Have you ever done
any waitressing?

Sure have. All the way
from Seattle to Chicago.

Took a bus from there
until I ran out of money.

Well, let's see if you lost
your touch along the way.

Okay. Uh, cheeseburger, Mm-hm.

Cheese omelet, two
eggs over easy, and a BLT.

And four cups of coffee
to that table over there.

I'll get those on the way back.


Two eggs?


When you get a minute, there's
a fresh uniform in the back.

It should fit you.
When I get a minute?

Oh, you'll get one.

The rush will be over in
about four or five hours.


[ ]

Yeah, well, everything
looks fine under there.

Reckon them air
shocks did the trick.

I just don't want
this thing to drag tail

if the running gets hot.

Little lady, we ain't
receiving no visitors today.

The name's Kelly. And
I ain't come here to visit.

I need work, Mr. Bartlett.

Well, then, in that case,

just turn around and go
back however you came,

because I ain't hiring.

Not much on looks,

but I wager she'll
walk a chicken.

Ain't no factory model.

It ain't no state smokey either.

I wanna drive for
you, Mr. Bartlett.

I know you need a driver.

Well, what are you waiting for?


[ ]



I used to drive for my daddy

before he retired
from the business.

I guess you could just say I
never got it out of my blood.

You know it's no
picnic out here, girl.

Well, this business ain't a
picnic anywhere, Mr. Bartlett.

One thing more, Kelly.

If you do drive for me,

you're gonna have to be
a darn sight more careful.

I don't wanna lose a new driver

and I can't afford
to lose another load.

[ ]


Thought you were gonna
come see us, George.

You should have
told us about the girl.

[ ]

Well, that ought to do it.

A nice slow steady cook

and we'll up the
proof 10 percent.

You sure are good
with those things.

How'd you learn
how to do all that?

At school.

Besides it's not very difficult.

I could teach you.

No. Pa wouldn't like that.

He even sees me
showing interest in the still

and he gets mad.

Why? What's the problem?

He wants me to go to college.

Oh, well, it would
be great for you.

What's wrong with that?

Well, nothing but...

Promise you won't tell?

Bobby Dan Bartlett.

We were both going to State,

then going to get married
and leave this place.

Now everything is ruined.

Oh, why? I thought
the doctor said

that Bobby Dan was
gonna be all right.

Oh, he is.

But this was before.

Now... Well, you know,
we're almost feuding again.

Melinda, why don't you and I

take a drive on
over to the Bartletts?

Maybe together, we
could talk some sense...

To a Bartlett?

The answer is no.

I hired you to make
whiskey, not conversation.

I was just trying to help.

Seems more like meddling.

See? It never changes.

[SIGHS] It'll change.

You can count on it.

LACY: Don't be shy, George.

I just wanna know
why you didn't tell us

about Bartlett's new driver.

What you done to Bobby Dan...

Well, she's just a girl.

LACY: And a rattler
is just a snake.

My first delivery
of liquor is coming

in three days, George.

And if the Catlins
and the Bartletts

are still making deliveries,
I've got problems.

That means you've
got big problems.

We made a deal, George.

Now... You said you
could get my brother Leon

out of the penitentiary.

I'm working on that. A
thing like that takes time.

But I paid you good
money too, George.

I'll get the money back to you.

LACY: I don't want
the money back!

I paid you for information!

Well, uh, you hear
the Catlins took on

a new still master.

LACY: We know about that,
George. We'll handle that.

Bartlett's driver, George,
where's she running?

I said where is she running?

Rainer County.


This morning.

Lake Road.

You heard him. Lake Road.

This time, Burt, show them.

Take her out.

[ ]

You sure you wanna do this?

There's still
time to call it off.

No. I'm as ready
as I'll ever be.

Well, if you're gonna
really do this now,

let me give you some pointers.

Sure am. Shoot.


First off, Hawkshaw
is old-fashioned.

He likes his whiskey in
bottles instead of a tank.

So if smokey starts
breathing down your neck,

there ain't no way
to dump that load.

Oh, he already told me.

If it's better than bonded,
it's gotta be in bottles.


You beginning to
sound like Hawkshaw.

Well, better I drive like you.

Well, don't worry.

Because if anything starts
gaining blacktop on you

from behind,

you just reach in there,
flip that little red lever.

KELLY: What does it do?

It kicks on the
nitrous oxide injector,

and, baby, you better
hang on to your hens

because she really scoots.

It's all hidden underneath
the hood right there,

so that nobody can see it.

But it darn near
doubles the horsepower.

Ah, well, you sure
make a girl feel

like she's in good hands.

All right, you better keep the
rubber side down now, you hear,

because it's long way from
Gifford to Rainer County.

Okay. I'll be back
before supper.

[LAUGHS] All right.


[ ]


Oh, honey, you
don't have to do that.

It's been a long day.

I wouldn't mind my aching feet

if I knew where there was
some nightlife around here.

Gifford County ain't what
you'd call a wild nightspot,

but I find my share of action.


All I've seen around
here are truck drivers.

Well, there's been a few
city boys coming around lately

that I got my eye on.

You know, honey, a
girl can get a free ride

out of Gifford County if
she plays her cards right.

But first, she's gotta find
somebody to deal the deck.




Yeah. Who?

Oh, sure, just a second.

It's for you, Julie.

Sorry, it's a girl.

Hi. Kelly?

None other. I just stopped
for a second. I'm on a run.

Did you hear anything from Bos?

He's due in in an hour.

I'm gonna pick him
up after this delivery.

Heard anything from Kris?

No, not yet. How
are your folks doing?

Well, the Bartletts seem
pretty legit for bootleggers.

You got anything?

Yeah. Dishpan hands.

[ ]


[ ]

FLO: Hawkshaw.

Flo. What are you
doing out here?

You didn't come in. I
brought you something to eat.

I'm afraid it's cold.
Oh, it's all right, Flo.

But I think you ought to be
getting on back to the house.


It's no secret you're
loading up for killing.

It ain't none of my choosing.

Never been anyone's
choosing, has it?

It sure ain't been my choosing.

You make the shells,
you fire your guns,

and the womenfolk just
gotta wait till you come back.

Or someone carries you back.

Now, Flo, you don't
have to worry about that.

Well, I wouldn't have to
worry at all if you just sold out.

If we went some place.

Florida or California. I
got kinfolks in California.

Flo, you can't
ask me to do that.

I can't run.

I gotta face down the Catlins.

Oh, Hawkshaw.

KELLY: Sorry, I got
to the bus station late,

but I had a little problem.

BOSLEY: Problem?

I've got a problem.
Riding with you in this car.

Hey, Kelly, stop. Kelly,
what are you doing?

What's the matter, Bos?

You never minded
my driving before.

Yeah? Well, I gotta talk to you,

and I can't even hear
myself think in that machine.

Oh, then Charlie got something.

Yeah. More than
we even hoped for.

Turned out there have
been 12 major loads

of bonded whiskey hijacked
back East in the last two months.

And the word is that it's all
headed for Gifford County.

Well, that fits.

The two guys that tried
to run me off the road

weren't from around here.

The gun, the clothes.
Definitely city boys.

City boys with guns trying to
run you off the road? What?

Well, I had a little unexpected
reception on my route.

Tried to run the old
squeeze play on me.

Somebody definitely did
not want me to make that run.

The Catlins?

Don't think so.

I don't understand.

If it's hijackers,

they can sell their
stuff anywhere.

They don't have to push in
on the Catlins and Bartletts.

Yeah, well, Charlie
thinks it's more than that.

If the mob gets
this whiskey market,

they've got every important
politician in this area

in their back pocket.

Sounds like an easy way
to get their foot in the door

of the governor's mansion.

Charlie's thoughts,
exactly. Sooner or later.

If they can get the
Catlins and the Bartletts

to blow each other
away, it could be sooner.


What are you talking about?
How could she get away from you?

She's good. She
knows what she's doing.

I thought you were supposed
to know what you were doing.

Believe me, we nearly
got killed out there.

We gotta do it another way.

Okay. If you can't
cut off the deliveries,

then we'll have
to figure out a way

where there's
nothing to deliver.

How's it going?

That's my honey.

You remember, the one
I was telling you about?


He looks a little warm.

Oh, he's always like that.
Dynamite, fuse and all.

Hold the fort, I'm
gonna fix my face.

How are you doing
today, gentlemen?

I won't know until you tell me.

You're new around here.

Yep. My name is Julie.

I'll be right back
with your menus.

LACY: Hey, wait a minute.

What's your special today?

[CHUCKLES] Chicken fried steak

with sweet potatoes
and creamed corn.

Well, give us three of those.

Nice to meet a man who
knows what he wants.

Even better to meet a lady
who knows what she wants.

Well, I'll be.

That Max Lacy has been
coming in here for three weeks,

talking about New York and all,

and he hasn't given
me a second look.

You land him in three minutes.

I'm sorry. I really didn't...

Oh, ain't nothing
to be sorry about.

I like the strong
looking one anyway.

Long as I get
introduced. You got it.


Hello. I'm calling
for Mr. Bartlett.

You got him.

Mr. Bartlett how do you do?

My name is Bosley.

Uh, I've come up from
Texas to talk to you about, uh...

[CHUCKLES] Well, your product.

You see it's a legend
around San Anton.

Seems like a
long trip for a drink.

How did you get my number?

Oh, you don't
understand, Mr. Bartlett.

You see, I have tasted
your sipping whiskey,

and I figure that I can handle
anything that you can produce.

Listen, Mr. Bosley, or
whatever your name is,

I know that what
I do IS NO secret,

but it ain't exactly
a retail store either.

Well, now, Mr. Bartlett,

you see you and I are
in the same business.

It's just that I cannot
produce my own supply.

You see, I'm
simply a distributor.

I was thinking, though,

that if I could get you and
Mr. Catlin to supply me...

I don't care what Catlin does,

and I usually don't pay
any mind to strangers,

but you speak your piece.

Well, here's the way I see it.

[ ]

Well, if it ain't Richard
Petty come to pay us a call.

How'd she run for you?

Ha. Well, like a scalded dog.

what happened here?

Did you run into trouble?

Oh, no. I just got
tangled up with a tree.

HAWKSHAW: Hey, George.

George, go in the back and
get the rest of them bottles.

And stoke up the still.

We're running her to
full capacity for a while.

Well, I'll get right on it,

but we're gonna
need more bottles

if you're aiming to
empty that reserve tank.

I'm aiming to empty it all.

You do what you gotta do.

Sounds like a lot of running.


No more running after this.

A dealer is coming.

We're going for the
money and then get out.

If the Catlins let us.

Well, that ought to hold
that turkey for a while.

You sure make
things seem easy, Kris.

Well, running a
still is pretty easy

once you understand
the principle.

Now, working for Bluford,
that's different matter.

You know, you know
more about making liquor

than most men I know.

You know how to
handle one of these?

A scattergun? Well, sure.

But why the gun?

We got a big delivery to make.

I reckon the Bartletts
have heard about it.

Now, I don't intend to
have nothing took from me.

Not this batch.

Now, it's going to some
big dude from Texas.

He's paying good money.

Dude is named Bosley

Well, then I guess

we'll be going full
capacity for a while.

Till this batch is in. I'm
paying double till then.

After that I'm closing down.

There just ain't
nothing in it no more.

[ ]

Feeling better, boy?

Yeah, I will.

Soon as I get rid of this
and back on the road again.

Ain't gonna be no road.

We're getting out
of the business.

You can't make a gain
in whiskey no more.

What with the price of
transportation and sugar.

A good gallon of better than
bonded costs $30 to make.

Can you afford to get out?

Can't afford not to.

I'm working a deal with a man.

He's gonna buy out
everything we got.

One shot.

You know, I always planned
to leave the business to you.

I just guess we'll
have to let that go.

No more people
are gonna be hurt.

You don't have to worry
about the Bartletts no more.

Why, George?

Hawkshaw is cooking full out.

Somebody is doing
your work for you.

He's buying all we could make,
and he's paying top dollar too.

Bartletts are going
out of business.

Who's buying them out?

I want the name.

Find out who's in town.

If he's trying to move
in on our market,

he's gonna find
it tough sledding.

Look, you don't have
to hurt people no more.

And you,

I want you to make sure
they don't deliver gallon one.

That wasn't our agreement.
It's just information.

We have a very large
investment here, George.

You don't move
until I tell you to.

And I need your help tonight.

We're going to have some
fun at the Bartletts' house,

and the Catlins are
going to catch hell.



[ ]

No, wait!


What is it?

Oh, Hawk!

Lord of mercy.

The Catlins are gonna
have the devil to pay for this.

Hawk, it's gone.

I want you to stay here
and take care of the place.

I should be back real soon.

I'm coming, Pa. I can't
let you do this alone.

I'm gonna see one
man: Bluford Catlin.

Don't need no help.

Flo, you can't let him do this.

You think I'd let him go
over to the Catlin place

if I could stop him?

It's just something
he's gotta do.

Hawkshaw, you can't do this.

You gonna stop me?

I know this is gonna
sound strange to you,

but that's exactly why I'm here.

I work for the Charles
Townsend Detective Agency.

We were hired to help prevent
another Gifford County war.

It's not Catlin you want.

If you just give us time,
we'll prove that to you.

That's too bad. I liked you.

But you've been here
all you're gonna be.

You don't be here
when I get back.


You believe me, don't you?

It's all just a bunch
of talk to me right now.

Come into town with me

and I'll prove
what I say is true.

Otherwise, your Pa
is gonna be making

the biggest mistake of his life.

Look, they busted you up

and they put George
in the hospital last night.

What do you think
is gonna happen

when Hawkshaw kills Catlin
or the other way around?

Bobby, you can't stand alone.

She's right, Bobby Dan.

You get a move on, honey.
There's not much time.

Go on.

[ ]

BOSLEY: Who is it?


Yes. What can I do for y-?

Are you Mr. Bosley from Texas?

Ooh. Who wants to know?

That's him. Let's go.

Hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait...

What is this?

Somebody wants to talk to you.

And I suggest you cooperate

or you'll be pushing
up yellow roses, Tex.

Let's go.


You know, Julie, you could
have a high time back in New York.

But, Max, it's been so
long since I was there,

I wouldn't know anybody anymore.

Well, listen, you know me.

I could introduce you to
anybody that's worth knowing.


You have to go? Yeah.

Give me a call, will you?

Or better yet, why
don't you drop by?

You have my card.

Keep the change. Okay.

[ ]

He's some kind of guy, huh?

Yeah. Some kind.

Look, I got a problem.
Hold the fort till I get back?

If the creek don't rise. Thanks.


Come on, we've gotta get
to the motel and find Bosley.

He's not at the motel.

I just saw him in
the back of a car

with some very bad boys.

And he didn't look
real comfortable.

I think I might just know
where they're going.

Okay, let's go.

You've done a
real nice job here.

JOSH: It's Hawkshaw.

Bartlett's coming.

Hawkshaw Bartlett.

Josh, now calm down,
calm down. What's wrong?

Well, I just saw his
truck up on the ridge.

If I know Hawkshaw,

he ain't gonna come
blazing up the main road.

He's gonna come
up the creek alone.

You get on back, cover the road.

Yes, sir.

Wait a minute. Now, what
you planning on doing?

I'm gonna do the
only thing to do

to end this thing
once and for all.


So you see, Mr. Lacy,

I know more about you
than you do about me.

That could prove unfortunate.

I know that you are
playing the Catlins

against the Bartletts,

so as that you could
gain control of this market.

I just thought it'd be
easier to buy them out.

I'll tell you what you
bought, Mr. Bosley.

Bartletts' still got
a little hot last night

and blew.

There's not a drop left.


Well, that's just a minor
problem now, isn't it?

I can buy my whisky anywhere.

What we're talking about, Lacy,

is political control
of the state.

Just think of it this way.

You got a little competition.

This is a free market.

Not hardly, Mr. Bosley.

Nothing's free.

Mr. Lacy, the
chick from the diner.

She's at the door.

Tell her to come back later.

Now, just a darn minute.

Nobody's errand boy
tells me what to do.

Hold on, Julie.

And don't you
point that gun at me.

And don't pick it up.

Much obliged.

Hold it.


Let's go y'all.
We've got to shuck.

Because Pa is over
at Catlins by now.

You heard him,
Bos. Let's shuck it.

Sorry, Max.

HAWKSHAW: Bluford Catlin.

Got a few things to say to you,

so come on out of there
if you're man enough.

You pretty near killed my boy,

you fired on my runners,
and blowed up my still.

That's a lot of talk for a
man with a gun in his hand.

Daddy, don't do it.

Now, you didn't hurt
Bobby. Now, explain it to him.


I don't explain
nothing to no Bartlett.

Somebody better start doing
some explaining around here.

Like why two grown men
can't talk out their problems

instead of shooting
each other down.

That's one barrel.

Now, I know you know
how to use that thing,

but you got one shot left.

You're gonna have to pick
sides if you aim to use it.

Well, blast away at
one each other, then.

That's what you wanna do anyway.

You don't wanna hear the truth.


Hold it, hold it!


If you wanna use that,
this is the man you want.

Oh, boy, am I glad to see you.

BOSLEY: Mr. Bartlett.

Mr. Catlin.

I want you to meet Max
Lacy, from New York.

Seems he wanted to get
you both out of the business.

He's the one who
blew up your still,

wrecked your boy's car,

and caused all this
trouble between you two.

I know my rights. You
can't turn me over to them.

I'll give you what you want.

You take me to the
law. My pleasure.


Bobby Dan.


KRIS: Hi. Hi.


Bobby Dan.


You reckon all the feuds in
Gifford County end this way?


SPEAKERS: Well, Angels,

I congratulate you
on a job well done.

Happy to oblige, Charlie.

But next time, couldn't
you send us some place

a little more exotic
than Gifford County?

Yeah. Like the Bahamas.

I'll do my best.

I think Max Lacy and
his boys are going to wish

they could go back
to Gifford County

after their vacation
in the state prison.

I just feel sorry
about the Bartletts.

The Bartletts? Well,
what about the Catlins?

Now, now, now, Angels,

I don't think that you have
anything to feud about.

But the Bartletts did
make the best whisky

in nine counties.

Second best.

Oh, no.

That is against the
law, isn't it, Charles?

Yes, Bosley, but the governor
was very understanding.

.With his help, they got a
grant to keep on distilling.

A government grant
for making whisky?

No, not quite.

But the next time
you fill up your tank,

it might be with Bartlett
and Catlin gasohol.