Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 5, Episode 6 - Hula Angels - full transcript

Steve Moss is kidnapped in his own nightclub. His wife can't come up with the ransom in time and hires the Angels. Each day Mrs. Moss keeps the kidnappers waiting, another dancing girl from the club disappears. Kris and Julie both audition to join the hula dancers while Kelly and Bos try to figure out why a successful club owner like Moss is lacking cash.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three
beautiful girls.


Two of them graduated
from the police academy.


The other graduated from
a top school for models.

And they each reaped the rewards

of their exciting careers.


But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




That new girl in the
back, Donna Smith.

She's out.

But she just started.


Then neither one of us
have wasted much time.




What I wouldn't give
for a lawn mower.


MAN: They were
great, weren't they?


They'll be back
a little bit later,

but right now I'd
like to welcome you

to Steve's Tropic Nights.

Are you all enjoying, uh,
your visit here on the islands?




DONNA: Oh, no, Stacy, please.

I'll get it.

Honey, it's just not gonna work.


I tried.

[WHIMPERS]: I really did.

I know you did, but, ah,

he's just not gonna
change his mind.

He's just not.


get your girls out
there, will you?

STACY: I'm sorry, Donna.



I wanna talk to you.

MAN 1: Kanes and wahines

it's oldies but goodies time
at Steve's Tropic Nights.

MAN 2: Whoo. You
want beautiful memories?

How about these
birds of paradise?



You can't dance,
Donna. Not a step.

I don't know how
you ever got this far.

But everybody back in
Seattle said that I could.

Because they lied to you.
They didn't wanna hurt you.

Now, you listen to me, kid.
I've been around a long time.

I know what I'm talking about.

Go home. Get married.

Get pregnant.

Find another job.




Who's there?

Who's there?

What is this? What's going on?



STEPHEN: It can't happen.


STEPHEN: What's this
all about? What's going on?

What's the matter
with you people?

Can't any of you talk?

Oh, you're gonna
be sorry you did this.

STEPHEN: I don't believe it.

Let me out of here!

What are you doing to me?

Let me down!

Damn it! Let me down!

Put this thing down!

Damn it! Put this down!



say this, Mrs. Moss, but in today's world,

$7 million is not an unusually
high ransom demand.

If I had it, I'd pay it.

I'd pay anything.

JULIE: Well, there's no way
you can raise the money?

No. I'm afraid that Steve

has made quite a few enemies

in the financial
community over the years.

Please, will you help
me find Stephen?

Mrs. Moss, the police are
much better prepared to...

No police.

No, the note said if the
police are brought in,

they'll kill Stephen.

That's why we came to you.

Okay, Mrs. Moss,
we'll do what we can.

Oh, thank you.

Why don't you take her
home and we'll be in touch.


Bye. Bye.

Bye. Bye-bye.

I can't believe we
were in the nightclub

the night he was kidnapped.

This isn't gonna be easy.

CHARLIE: I'm afraid it's
even worse than you think.

I don't like the sound of that.

CHARLIE: Bosley,
tell them the rest of it.

Well, according
to the ransom note

the kidnappers are
giving her one day,

today to get the money together.

After that, they are
planning a little surprise

each day that the
money isn't paid.

Well, we better get started.

Today's almost over.


STACY: One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.


Lily, you're supposed to
be dancing like a wild animal,

that's why we have to keep
you in the cage, remember?

Stacy, it's just a rehearsal.

Margot, get with it.

Look, I had a rough
night last night, okay?

If you can't be wild,
at least look awake.


Oh, better.

But not much.

Come on, girls, take a
break. We'll come back later.


Uh, Stacy Parrish?

Sorry, no tryouts today.
Come back next week.

Oh, I'm not here to tryout.

Better yet, come back next year.

I'm not a dancer.
I'm a detective.

I'm working for Mrs. Moss.

Can I talk to you a moment?

So, Marion hired
a detective, huh?

You don't approve?

Doesn't matter to me either way.

Why do I get the feeling that
you're not exactly distraught

over your boss' disappearance?

You mean his
kidnapping, don't you?

Oh, you know.

Tough to keep a secret
around a place like this.

Then you probably know
who might wanna harm him.

He fired a girl last night.

She'd have plenty of
reason to harm him.

What was her name? Donna Smith.

But lots of people had reason.

Matter of fact, if
I'd thought about it,

I may have even harmed him.

Well, if you dislike him so
much, why are you here?

Well, he may be a creep,
but he pays really well

and this place is a gold mine.

That's strange.

His wife can't pay the ransom.

Can't or won't?

Come on, girls, let's
go. Back to rehearsal.

Come on, get on it.


JULIE: You're the third
entertainer I talked to tonight,

so far he's got
a perfect record.

Everyone I've talked to
has something bad to say.

Well, that depends on
what you think is bad.

Seems to me that he was
just doing what he had to do.

Which was?

Well, take the dancers
in his show, for instance.

They're like the girls in
my show. They're green.

We have to teach
them everything.

And I hate to say it,

but half those girls
can't even cut it.

And if they can't cut it,
Moss tells them so, right?

Yeah, but, uh, a lot of
them ended up thanking him

for telling them the truth.

Yeah, heh, but there
must be a lot of girls

who are pretty upset about it.

Maybe even upset enough
to pull a stunt like this.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe
some of them were, yeah.

Do any of them have names?

BOBBY: Sure, all
of them got names.

But, you know, I don't
wanna give out names

unless I'm really sure,
unless I can be, uh, persuaded.

Let's try something else.

Heh. Moss' club,

was it making any money?

Well, the tourist
business, it's up and down.

But he sure wasn't starving.

Did you know Moss' wife couldn't
come up with the ransom money?

Oh, come on. Hey, I'm
the comic in this club.

You've gotta be kidding.

Do I look like I'm laughing?


( > And the beat goes on )

I think this is gonna
be a waste of time.

Steve really runs the
business from his head.

He has an incredible memory.

Always a chance he
scribbled something down

that will give us a lead.

Yeah, you're right.
You're right, I'm sorry.

I'll do anything you want.


And now it's go-go time.

Steve's Tropic Nights
is pleased to present

our very own birds of paradise.




Oh, that's Lily's cage.

She must be kidnapped too.

What does it say?

"Thank you for Lily.

Pay what we want or there'll
be another surprise tomorrow."


BOSLEY: Do you realize what
will happen to your husband

if it doesn't work?

All right.

All right, Marion, if
that's what you want.

Well, she insists on pretending
to go through with the drop.

And she expects us
to catch the kidnappers

when they collect the money.

I don't like the sound
of it. It's too risky.

Well, I don't either,
but she's the client.

You know, all the
bankers I talked to

said that Marion could
come up with the money,

but she doesn't want to.

That's the same
thing I got at the club.

Well, I don't believe it.

She's just not
that kind of person.

Hmm, ever hear of Dr. Jekyll?

And Mrs. Hyde. I know. I know.

But there's something about her.

But, Julie, if the nightclub is
profitable, where's the money?


Refusing to pay the
ransom would be a great way

to get rid of a husband you
don't want and keep the money.

If he has any money.

Bos, could you... 7?

Oh, well, consider that done.

Which reminds me, Kelly,

here's this picture of Donna
Smith that you wanted.

Oh, good.

She's the dancer
that Moss fired.

She doesn't look very dangerous.

According to the history
books, neither did Billy the Kid.

Maybe we should try to pick
up something about their lives.

I mean, maybe Marion
was having an affair.

And maybe Steve was.

You know, that choreographer
of his, Stacy Parrish?

She's one bitter lady.

Maybe they were having a
thing and Moss dumped her.

She's going to be very
hard to get close to.

For a detective.

But maybe not
for a fellow dancer.

Right. They have
to replace Lily.

But what if you're
the wrong type?

That's why you're going with me.

Between the two of us,

one of us is gonna
be the right type.

Good idea. How's your hula?

Well, to tell you the
truth a little shaky.



Heh, right.


Loosen up, honey.

The hands may
be telling the story

but that's not what the
people are watching.

That's good. That's really good.

Okay, thank you. Next.

Julie Rogers? Mm-hm.

You ready to do this thing?

Yeah. Great.



That's very good,
honey. Thank you.



I think, um, I think it's...
That's the one, yeah.

She's okay. Yeah.
Yeah, definitely.

Well, Kris Munroe,
looks like you're it.

Hey, great. All right.

STACY: Thank you,
girls. That was terrific.

Julie, can I talk to
you for a minute?



You know, you really were good.

Yeah, but not good enough.

Do you do any of those
60's go-go dances?

Sure. You do that stuff too?

What do you think
that thing is for?

Oh, wow, that's wild.

If you'd be interested, I'll
keep your phone number,

if we have an
opening, I'll call.

Terrific. Okay, thanks.
Talk to you soon.


What did she say?

It looks like I came in second.

She's gonna give me a call

the next time
there's an opening.

Which could be tomorrow
if we don't find Moss.

Yeah, I'll tell Kelly
and Bos you're in.

Your friend's almost
as good as you are.

Friend? Yeah, Julie.

Oh, she's not my friend.
I just met her here today.

Yeah, sure. There'll be a
dress rehearsal today at 3:30.

See you then.

Excuse me.

Are you one of the dancers?

Yeah. You're Donna
Smith, aren't you?

The girl who got fired.

I was wondering about Mr. Moss.

You know him?

DONNA: Do I know him?

If it hadn't been for him,

I'd probably be dead right now.

Could we go somewhere and talk?



Now, what's going on?

It's feeding time at the zoo

and we don't want our
prize specimen sick.

I feel like I'm in a zoo.

RADIO]: Get used to it.

You may be here a long time.

Your lovely wife
won't pay your ransom.


Your wife won't pay ransom.

How much are you asking for?

One million dollars.

You're out of your head.

She'll never be able to
raise that kind of money.

she can't, you'll be dead.

Well, then, maybe
you better kill me now.

It will save everybody
a lot of trouble.

/It's no trouble, believe me.

In fact, this is
getting to be fun.

Yeah, well, I'm
glad you think so.


DONNA: I've been just
miserable since I found out.

But he fired you. Heh.

Which was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

Wait a minute, I
don't follow this.

I heard you were hysterical
the night you got fired.

I was. That night I
could have killed him.

Or myself.

Later that night he came
back to my dressing room.

I almost wouldn't let
him in. I was still upset.

Then we talked a long time.

And he straightened you out?

No. He helped me
straighten myself out.

He made me realize that
it's better to know the truth

even if the truth isn't
always what you wanna hear.

You know, he even gave
me money to get started again.

And you know something else?

He's done the same thing

for a lot of other
girls just like me.

How do you know?

I started asking around.

Lots of people know
out on the streets.

He just didn't wanna
make a big thing out of it.

But ask around. You'll see.



Good. Okay. Take a
break and we'll do it again.


Well, I'll tell you what,
this is harder than it looks.

Heh, what did you
expect your first day?

Oh, perfection.

Right. Good luck.

I'm Kris, by the way.

Amy. Nice to meet you.

I understand you've had
some excitement around here.

Oh, you heard about that, huh?

Listen, you were here the
night that Moss was kidnapped.

What really happened?

I wish I knew.

WOMAN: Okay,
girls, let's do it again.


You're doing okay.

Heh, thanks. I'm trying.

Uh, where's Stacy?

Oh, she had an appointment.

Why? Don't you like the
way I run a rehearsal?

Nothing like that. I
was just wondering.



Okay, girls, let's go. Come on.



So I did what she said

and I asked around,
and she was right.

Moss helped a
lot of girls like her.

Well, why didn't
Marion say something?

You know, I doubt if she knew.

Donna said that
Moss told all the girls

never to tell anyone
that he helped them.


Good question.

Well, at least we know
where some of his money went.


Townsend Associates.


It's Marion Moss.

I understand.

The ransom drop is to
be made at a pool side bar

at one of the big hotels
on Waikiki Beach at 4:00.

We'd better hurry. Okay.


Where are they?
It's almost 4:00.

JULIE: Here they come.

KELLY: Get ready.

I don't like this at all.

Suppose some tourist
tries to pick her up?

I mean, there's gotta
be some kind of code

so she knows who
the kidnapper is.

He'll say he's a
friend of Steve's,

then he'll order
them both a drink.

Relax. Everything's covered.



Marion Moss?

Oh, uh...

Yes, I am, uh, Marion Moss.

Bartender, two pina coladas.

I'm a friend of Steve's. I
think you were expecting me.


Get up real easy.

What is this?

Just do what the lady says.

Nobody tells me what to do.

Hey, why don't you keep
your hands off that lady.


Okay, okay. What
is it? Who are you?

Did he know the code?

But he said he was
a friend of Steve's.

Hey, I don't know any Steve.

Then why did you say
you were a friend of his?

Some lady at the end of the pool

gave me a hundred bucks.

What lady?

I don't know, she
was wearing a big hat

and dark glasses
and a red muumuu.

She said it was a
joke. Some joke.

Let's split up. Okay.

It was a setup. You
know what to do.



KRIS: Margot, come on.

Come on, we're ready to run it.



You should have let me
know what you are doing.

Well, we have to respect
the wishes of our client.

And we are telling you now.

Promise. We won't do it again.

All right.

The man who approached
Mrs. Moss checks out.

His name is Mark
Gleason. He's a carpenter.

He's on a housing
project at the university.

You mean, you buy his story
about a woman paying him

to say those things to Marion?

No reason not to.
He has no record.

He had a hundred-dollar
bill in his pocket.

May I use your phone?


Well, what did Charlie say?

Unfortunately, not much.

According to Charlie's sources,

Moss does not have
a Swiss bank account

or any other hidden assets.

Well, maybe I should
have a talk with Marion.

How is Marion?

Well, she was very upset.

Her doctor had to
give her a sedative.

She's sleeping right now.

That's one thing
I am glad about,

that Marion is no
longer a suspect.

Neither is Donna Smith.

Well, then, who does
that leave us with?

Well, ah, the man
at the bar said

a woman gave him
a hundred-dollar bill.

Well, Stacy Parrish was
most definitely not at rehearsal

like she was supposed to be.

Well, that doesn't exactly
make her a kidnapper.

But it does make
her a possibility.

Well, I hope so, because right
now she's the only one we have.

Right. Yeah.


Thanks a lot.

days and still pretty feisty.

Shows a lot of spirit, you know?

Maybe foo much spirit.

Now, wait a minute. I
didn't mean anything by that.

It's just that music. I can't
take it 24 hours a day.

If your dear wife
would cooperate,

you wouldn't have
to take it at all.

I'm telling you, my wife can't
come up with a million bucks.

And I'm telling you she can.

How? I really don't
know how she can.

She'll find a way

more girls will disappear.

What do you mean by that?

Your wife has been
resisting our demands

for the past two days.

Consequently, two of your
dancers have disappeared.


names are Margot and Lily.

Lily and Margot?

Well, what have
you done with them?


They won't be hurt.





What's the matter?

That new girl Kris is terrific,

but Terry's just not cutting it.

Oh, no. I'm not
getting in that cage.

Did I ask you to?

You were thinking about it.

Don't worry. I'll
think of something.

As a matter of fact, that girl
that we auditioned last week,

remember when we hired
Kris, she was pretty good.

Ah, Julie something.

Wait a minute.

I've seen that girl.

At the hotel.

I knew I had seen her before.


That girl Julie. She was
at the drop with Marion.

She's the one
that came after me.


Yeah, she and our little bird

in the cage over there

work for the same
detective that Marion hired.

What are we gonna do?

Just leave it up to
Stacy, okay? Go on.

BOBBY: I thought I answered
all your questions already.

JULIE: Well, I
got a couple more.

I talked to Donna
Smith, and you were right.

A lot of girls do think Moss
were telling them to go home.

That's not a
question. Well, this is.

Why did Moss do it?


Well, before Steve
came to the islands,

before he was married to Marion,

he had another
wife and a daughter.

Steve's daughter ran away from
home when she was 14, Julie.

He went looking for
her and he found her

in a morgue.

He blames himself for
that and he's been trying

to make up for it ever since.

It sounds corny when you say it,

but not so corny
when you live it.

You know what you're
talking about, don't you?

You could say I've been there.

But why didn't you
tell me this before?

Steve didn't want
anybody to know.

How about a drink? No, thanks.

Does Marion know?

Probably not as much as I do.

Why did he tell you?

Well, we both have
something in common.

We both have young
girls in our show.

That's where all his money
went, to help those girls?

And he even helped some of
those girls buy their first house.

Does Stacy Parrish
know anything about this?

No. No way.

Why not?

There was something
between them, wasn't there?

Well, Stacy thought there
was. She tried real hard.

But not succeeding.

Steve really loves Marion.



Yeah, hold on, just a second.


PHONE]: It's Kelly

Hi. Wait till you find
out what I got on Moss.

Wait till you hear this.

Stacy Parrish called that number

you gave her at the
audition. You've got a job.

She wants you there
at noon to rehearse.

Terrific. I'm on my way
back to the office now.

I think I found out what
happened to all of Moss' money.


So as it turns out, Steve
Moss is a good guy.

If Stacy Parrish is
one of the kidnappers,

and she didn't know
there wasn't any money,

that would explain a lot.

Well, there's one way
we could find out for sure.

What do you mean?

Maybe you can catch a kidnapper
the same way you catch a fish.

With bait.



She'll be fine.

She'll also be where we
can keep an eye on her.

That's great, Julie.
Terrific. Thanks.

I wonder where she's going?

I think I'll go and find out.

What are you doing in here?

I said, what are
you doing in here?

I was looking for my hair brush.

That's not your
table. It's Amy's.

Oh, right. Amy
borrowed my brush.

I don't see a brush in there.

Uh, you're right, heh.

Actually, it's not
Amy's table It's mine.

Oh, I didn't know.

What were you
really looking for?

Okay. I'm a private detective.

I've been looking
for Steve Moss.

We think maybe one of the girls
is involved with the kidnappers.

I don't know what to say.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

Yeah, there is. You
could go back to rehearsal

and make it last
a good long time.

Give me a chance
to look around here.

Okay, yeah, sure.

All right, take a break,
then we'll all try it.

JULIE: Ugh. Amy?


Yeah, but we can handle it.

Oh, Kris, what a long number.

Here you go. Ugh, thanks.

How did it go?
She took the bait.

Great. I'm gonna
call Kell and Bos.

Between the three of us,

we ought to be able to
keep you and Stacy covered.



♪ The beat goes on ♪

♪ The beat goeson ♪

( » Drums keep... )


You know, so just go with it.

Anyway, and...

Aah! Oh, Julie, I'm sorry.

What's going on?
I spilled my soda.

I wasn't paying attention.

Come on, go change
your clothes. I'm sorry.

Go change, hurry up. Okay, okay.

Come on, let's
get moving, girls.

Let's go. Come on.



BOSLEY: The note said
that all four hostages,

including Julie, would be killed

if the ransom was
not paid immediately.

Poor Julie.

It's all my fault. I thought
I had it all figured out.

CHARLIE: Now, don't blame
yourself, Kris. Your plan was a good one

Yeah, Stacy's was better.

What are we gonna
do? We have to find Julie.

Well, one thing we know for
sure is that Stacy was involved.

She's been very smart so far.

She's not gonna
make it easy on us.

But Stacy is the key.

We've gotta get her
to lead us to Julie.

Charlie, think of
something. Please.

thought of something.

I'm going to pay the ransom.


Why? Why would Stacy do it?

You rejected her, didn't you?

She figured she'd get
even and rich all at once.

Rich, heh? That's almost funny.

She didn't know a
thing about it, did she?

About what? About
the girls you helped.

Who told you that?

Some of your friends.

Some people who
really care about you.

Look, I don't want anybody
to know I helped those girls.

I did it because... I did
it for my own reasons.

I know why you did it.

And I want you to know

that I think you're a
really special man.

Please, don't.

Okay, heh. Okay, I understand.

Did you know two of the
dancers at your club disappeared?

Yeah, I know. Lily and Margot.

Do you know where
they're being held?

How would I know that?
What can I know from up here?

We've gotta figure
out where they're held

before we can
think about escaping.

MAN [ON RADIO]: Escape? But how?

Look where we are.
What can we do from here?

JULIE: Whatever it takes.

Oh, no, you won't. You'll
stay right where you are

[IN DEEP VOICE] or you'll
find yourselves real dead.

But how... 7? The
cage, it must be bugged.

STACY: Oh, that's brilliant.


Stacy, is that really you?

JULIE: Of course it's
her. Go on. Tell him.

It's of no concern to
either of you who I am.

Just be glad you're still alive.

Even though they won't
be alive much longer.


What would you rather do?

Spend the next 20
years in prison, huh?

I knew you'd see it my way.


You're certain
that's the right bag?

Light green, canvas
bag with black handle.

Just like it said in the note.

Take it easy, Mrs. Moss.

You're well-covered.

Thank you.


Are you all right? I think so.

Oh, good.

I'm sorry.


Hurry, Bos.


Don't worry,
we'll bring it back.

Well, I'm sorry it's
not a Rolls-Royce,

but it's the best we could do.

If it runs, it will be fine.


Don't lose them.




Ooh! Sorry.

They're still back
there. Not for long.

We did it.

Not quite all of it. Come on.

Where'd they go?

Stacy, are you out of your mind?

This is crazy.


BOSLEY: Skid marks.

Why don't we surprise them?

You always did love to
make a grand entrance.

Hold on.

Hey! Aah!

Hold it!

Stay there.


All right.

Julie, you okay?

I'll Know as soon as
my heart starts beating.

KRIS: Mr. Moss?

We're alive.


CHARLIE: Angels,
Lieutenant Torres is sure

that he'll have no problem
getting a conviction.

When they were
interrogated separately

Amy, Margot and Lily all
named Stacy as the mastermind.

Well, you'll have
to admit, Charlie,

it was a very clever plan.

Yes, and I'm sure Marion
would have paid the ransom

if she'd had the money.

Charlie, I was really
touched when I heard

that you personally put
up my ransom money.

I'm really glad you got it back.

money means nothing.

The important thing is that
we have you back, Julie.

Well, bye, Angels.

That's right. We were
all very worried about you.

KRIS: Ah, especially me.

Since it was my dumb plan

that got you kidnapped
in the first place.

Hey, don't worry about
it. It turned out all right.

And besides, how often does
a girl get rescued like that?

I couldn't believe it

when I saw that truck
come flying through the door.

It was pretty exciting

from our point of
view too. Really.

The amazing thing
about this case to me

was why Steve
Moss was so secretive

about all the nice things
he was doing for those girls.

Well, I got a chance to
know Steve pretty well

during that time
we spent together,

and I think he figured that
maybe he could make up

for not being there
for his daughter

by being there
for other people's.

Hmm. Well, then, he
was a good guy after all.

Right. And I really liked
working at his place.

It was fun.

Yeah, I liked it.

Especially having to keep
my eye on those exotic,

Polynesian hula dancers.


Where'd you learn to hula?
That really looks tough.

No, it's easy.

You just have to have
the right equipment.

Oh, well, I guess
that lets me out.

Heh, not necessarily. Julie?

Coming up.


Hey. Oh, you shouldn't have.

I'll tie it. All right.

Oh, I think it's just my size.

And your color too.

Good for you. Yeah.

Oh, you shouldn't
have. There it goes.

Girls, how thoughtful. Hey.

Wait a second. I
gotta tie this up.

Okay, just don't
get it to tight.


There you go. There you go.

Oh, yes.

More hips, more hips.

More hips, more hips
is what you're saying.