Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 8 - The Prince and the Angel - full transcript

Jill is wooed by a European crown prince while shopping for Charlie's birthday party and immediately gets in the way of an assassin's line of fire. The Angels help out, even though Bosley objects since they are not being paid.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




Do you think this is
enough for a suit and tie?

it is unwise to carry around

that much currency,
Your Highness.

This is a great deal?

I believe in this.

I also believe George
should ride in the front with me

and you should ride in
back seat, Your Highness.

I don't like the back seat.

And I told you not to call me
Your Highness while we are here.

Call me Eric.

That is hardly proper.

The devil with proper.

And don't crowd me,

guard me from a distance.

Would you let me breathe?


What is that?

It's a skateboard.

What does it look like?

A skateboard.

Pretty far out, eh?


Do you think Charlie
will look good in purple?

Since we've never seen
him, how would we know?

Actually, I think
I hate this color.

Actually, so do I.

Hello. Hello.

Uh, do you see
something you like?

I just started looking.

Perhaps if you told
me about the style

of your husband's dress,

I could suggest...
It's not for him.

No? I mean, I don't
have a husband.


Then this is for a... A friend?

A birthday present.

Close friend?

Um, yes, actually.


Well, perhaps if you told
me about his taste in clothes,

I could suggest... I can't.

Difficult to explain?

Well, I've never seen him.

Eh. You've never seen him?

It's difficult to explain.

How much is this tie?

Oh, that's very reasonable.

How much is reasonable?

Mm... Make me an offer.

Do you always do
business this way?

Is there any other way?

Doesn't the owner object?

Uh, the owner?

Doesn't he object to you
bartering with customers?

No, you see, I am the owner?


See how it works out?

A-ha. Tell you what.

I'd give you a
dollar for this tie.

Sold. You're kidding!

I mean, I'm kidding. I mean,

you can't let me have
this tie for a dollar.

On one condition. Which is?

You'll be my guest for lunch.

That's a very clumsy approach.

Is the only one I can think of.


The fact is so clumsy I
think I'll take you upon it.

I'll have this giftwrapped
and delivered.

Delivered? I-I insist.

You're very strange.

But willing.

I'll just tell my friend.



Buy this, have it giftwrapped
and wait for me at the hotel.

But Your Highness...
Wait for me at the hotel.

I think I'm
beginning to like it.

Would you mind if I
broke our date for lunch?

Depends. On what?

Who's replacing me?


Mm. You're forgiven.

Do you mind if I
have him for dinner?

I'll let you know after lunch.

I'll call you if I
need a ride home.

I bet you don't.

I don't like that.

Actually, it grows on you.

Ready? Ready.

There is a charming cafe.

Do you agree?

[CHUCKLING] I agree.

Why don't you make the decision?

I've been out of
the country so long.

Ah, there's a place close.

I... I'm sure you'll like it.


By the way, I'm Eric.

Jill Munroe.

I'm very pleased to
meet you, Miss Munroe.

Thank you.



Uh, this is one of
my favorite places.

Would you like
to try? I'd love to.


Thank you.

Thank you.

How did you do this?


I went into your
store to buy a tie.

And now, all of a
sudden, we're sitting here

staring to each other
over the top menus.

Well, I confess.

I'm very attracted to you.

And I'd like to...

To what?

To know you better.

I sort of figured
that was the plan.

You are American, yes?

Yes, aren't we all?
What I meant was

even though you've been
living out of the country, well,

you are familiar with the
American way of living?

Aren't you?

Oh, of course. Of course.

Why don't I believe
that "of course"?

You think I'm... lying?

No, lying is a strong
word. It's just that...

In my line of work, I
have to be observant,

and I get the impression

you're not what
you appear to be.

Well, you are very clever.

You've discovered my secret.

Which is?

I'm really a... A prince.

A prince?

Yes, I'm traveling incognito

because a group
of political assassins

tried to kill me in my homeland,

where my father reigns
as a benevolent king.

Mm. That's good!


That's very good.

You believe me? Every word.

Good. Now, why don't
we order something?


And that was really good.


You just got me to spend
two hours over lunch.

I never spend two
hours over lunch.

It could take even
longer on the water.

On the water?

ERIC: I'm a very good sailor.

Tomorrow I could rent a boat?

We're going on
with this, are we?

I think we should, don't you?

It's not a bad idea, actually.

I could pick you
up tomorrow at 11?

Sounds fine.

In the meantime,
could you get me a cab?

I have to get home.

I'll drive you. Oh,
no. No, I can't...

No, I insist. Okay.
Where's you car?


I'll tell you, why don't
you go back inside

and have an aperitif,
and then come back out.

I'll have my car here
in about 10 minutes.

All right? Okay.


Wow! Where did you get this?

Ah, I just took the liberty.





Well, how do you like it?

It's a very nice buggy.

B... Buggy?

Buggy, a set of wheels.

Ah, yes. Maybe
you'd like to drive.

No, I think you
need the practice.

You have a very
good sense of humor.

I like that.

Tell me something.

When did you
decide to buy this car?

When you said you needed a ride.

And you just went
inside and bought it?

I am impulsive... sometimes.

[CHUCKLING] You must
also have very good credit.

ERIC: No, I gave them currency.


You paid cash?

Yes. See?

God, do you always
carry a wad like this round?

A wad?

A wad. Um, a bundle,
a bankroll, you know?

As I said, I am impulsive.

If I see something I
want, I buy it at once.

That takes cash, no? I guess so.

JILL: I think we've
got a problem.

What do you mean?

I thought I saw a man in
a blue Ford watching you,

straight in front
of the restaurant.

And now he's behind us. See?


Watch out!



How long have you
been driving? For years.

It doesn't show.
This is a new car.

I'm just not used to it yet.

Tell me, you... You
think he is following us?

I know he's following us.

The question is,
do you know why?

Maybe he saw my quad?

You're very strange.

Look, if you don't
want him to follow us,

there's no problem,

I'll just leave him behind.



I don't think you're
qualified for this.

Don't worry, I'm in control.

There's a driveway to the
right around the curb. Take it.

Well, I did good, yes?

A little rough around
the edges, but not bad.

Well, I'm pleased
you're pleased.

I'm not pleased.



I don't think you're
leveling with me.

Not... leveling?

See? That's exactly
what I'm talking about.

If you are who you say you are,

you know what that
expression means.

What does it mean?

To tell the truth.

All right. Then I
will level with you.

All right.



Tomorrow. I promise.

I will tell you everything.

Everything? Everything.

You know, the more
I get to know you...


The more I like you.

Well, I'd like to get
to know you better,

but at a much slower pace.

You have my word.

Do you mean that you
were actually picked up

in a man's haberdashery?

Picked up sounds so déclassé.


Was I picked up?

I'd say you were confiscated.

On a scale from one to 10,

how would you
rate this confiscate?

An 11. Wow!


Maybe the guy who's
chasing you is a detective.

A detective?

Working for a suspicious wife.

I never thought about that.

Well, maybe you should have.

Do me a favor and run this
through the computer, would you?

It was a dark blue Ford.

I think it was
this year's model.

The first three numbers
of the license plate

were 395, something,
something, something.

BOSLEY: Will do.
JILL: Thank you.

Jill, you come back
here to play a little

and help us coax Charlie

into coming to his
own birthday party.

Now your little romance
is taking up all your time

and all your
energy. It's not fair.

When it comes time to blow
out the candles, I'll be here.

Promise? Promise.

You really bought that?

I... I decided I liked it.

I hate it.

Amen to that.

Here, here. [CHUCKLES]

It's pretty.

It's awful.


It's so beautiful here.

I'm happy you came. Oh, me too.

Thank you.


To beginnings?

And explanations.

Well, you were right.

I don't own that shop
where we met yesterday.

You mean, I'm not
gonna get my tie?

Oh, no.

You still get the tie. Oh, good.

I have my two
bodyguards buy it for you.


A crew of bodyguards?

You see, I manufacture clothing.

Really? Yes.

In Paris. High fashion.

It's very expensive
and very original.

Several of my competitors have
attempted to buy my company,

and when I refused,
they became violent.

Violent as in
trying to kill you?

That is the impression
I get from their actions.

Because you won't
sell your company,

which is called?

Designer International.

I had no idea the rag
business was that competitive.

The rag business?

Rags. Clothes.


Oh, yes, it can be
very competitive.

Now that you know
the truth about me,

we'll put those
unhappy thoughts aside

and concentrate on you.

Me? You haven't told me

what you do for a living,

or where you do it. I
was a policewoman.

Then a private detective
and now I race cars.


That's very good. You
are very imaginative.

You don't believe
me? Oh, I believe you.

Of course I believe you.

detective, race car driver.

Get that out!

Stay back!

Will you tell me why
you're carrying a gun?

I told you I was a detective.

You did not tell me.

I did. Not so I'd believe it.

Well, believe it.

And then we better
figure out who he is,

'cause you may have just used up

all the luck you're entitled to.


CHARLIE: I'm afraid your
friend Eric is still lying to you, Jill.

What do you mean, Charlie?

Well, I checked at
that company of his.

"Dessine" International?


As near as I can
tell, it doesn't exist.

I wonder why I'm not surprised.

KRIS: This is all beginning
to sound very unreal.

Except those bullets
coming. That was very real.

Well, if he's not
a clothing tycoon,

why are the bullets
coming at him?

I don't think we're gonna
find any answer to that

until we find out
who he really is.

Look, I hate to sound mercenary,

but since this isn't a case
that we were hired to solve,

and since we're not being
compensated in any way,

why don't we just
forget the whole mess?

Jill, is that what you wanna do?


I didn't think so.

I think you should.

Why do you want to get
involved with a guy that's a... liar?

Because he does
it so beautifully,

which makes me
wanna figure out why.

I think he needs me.

What does he think?

He thinks I'm gonna meet
him at a picnic this afternoon.

CHARLIE: And are you?

Yes, I am.

Maybe by then we'll have
some information on who he is,

and why he has
these bodyguards who,

by the way, aren't very good.

Okay, where do we start?

Why don't you try the marina?

I think I did some damage
to that boat I was shooting at.

Maybe you could find
out who was driving it.

Okay. Okay.

I think I'll try to lift
your friend's fingerprints

off the champagne
glass, and see if Charlie

can run it through NCIC.

I'll do that, Kris.

Well, keep in touch, Angels.

All this for no
client, and no fee.


The fellow who
rented this boat...

Well, he said his name
was George Brown.

Usually they use Smith or Jones.

Did he show you
any identification?

No, they just, uh, give me
cash for the deposit on the boat.

Did he pay for the damage?

Sure, paid cash for that.

No. No argument,
just gave me the cash

and drove off in a hurry.

In a blue Ford?
No, I don't believe it.

You mean he didn't
come in a blue Ford?

I didn't see him drive off,

just seen him drive away.

Well, did you see the
car he drove away in?

Brown model car.

Oh, brown model car.


I don't pay much attention.

You can't hardly fish
from a car, you know.


Tell me, what did
this fellow look like?

Young fellow, just a kid.

A kid?

50 or so, I'd say.

Well, thank you.

Next time I am by,
I'll buy you a drink.

You are old enough to
have started drinking?

Well, the truth of the matter is

I'm old enough,
so I better not start.

Yeah. Okay, thank you. Bye-bye.


City girls.

A-ha! Perfecto!



Hi. You like?

The question is
will Charlie like it?

You have any
information on my friend?

Ah, yes we do, and you
are never gonna believe it.

I'll believe it.

BOSLEY: No, you won't.

Try me. Okay.

Your friend Eric
is, brace yourself,

a crown prince.

Run that by me again.

He's a prince.

Formerly of Austrian vintage,

now one of those newly
formed border republics.

How'd you get that information?

Well, the fingerprints
that Charlie

took off the champagne glass,

he struck out with the NCIC.

So he ran it through
Interpol's files,

and voilà, a crown prince.

That somebody wants dead.

And you're in
their line of fire.


So when we get finished
here, I'm gonna come out

and keep an eye on your picnic.

I'll stay out of sight.

Okay. Stay outta earshot,

because you might not like
what I have to say to the prince.



I was afraid you weren't coming.

Why would you think that?

Well, you are a bit late.

Ah... I was detained.

Oh, how nice.

Wait till you try this.



So, what shall we drink to?

Anything that pleases
you, Your Highness.

Then let's drink to...


I said, "Your Highness."

How did you find out?

I'm a detective, remember?

Though, it would have
been a lot easier for us

if you hadn't lied to me.

I did not lie to you.

You did! No.

When we met, I told
you I was a crown prince.

But not so I would believe you.

Well, believe it.

I do, now that it's too late.

Too late?

What do you mean too late?

I just can't see myself
becoming involved with...

A prince.

Are you saying
you're not involved?

I'm just saying that...

I don't know what I'm saying.

What are you doing here anyway?

There is a great deal
of unrest in my country.

There have been two
attempts on my life.

So my father sent me
incognito, as you say,

until he could find out
who was trying to kill me.

Obviously, they
followed you here.

So it would seem.

And where does all leave us?

I don't know.

I need time to think.

To time.

And not wasting it.


You could get yourselves killed,

walking up behind me like that.

If you are so deadly,

how is that you can't
seem to hit your target, hm?

You didn't tell me the girl
on the boat was armed.

We did not know she was armed.

It seems she is a
private detective.


Why has he hired a detective?

He has not hired her.

It is an affair of the
heart, as they say.

Sorry I took your car,

but I felt I best
leave the marina

as quickly as possible.

BODYGUARD: It is no matter.

He was too busy
driving the young woman

in his new sports car.

He did not even notice
Paul and I had to take a taxi

back to the hotel.

This is getting
dangerously complicated.

The people who hired me have
paid you very well to assist me.

You have not been very helpful.

We have given you two
opportunities to make your move.

The failure is yours, not ours.

PAUL: When they
have finished their picnic,

they will ride their horses.

The trail leads
in that direction.

I suggest you make
your move then.

I agree.

Also, on the chance that
the young woman's interest

in the prince has become
more than personal,

I suggest you
dispose of her also.

She could point an
accusing finger at this.

She is your problem.


But then if we were in trouble,
we would be your problem, eh?


Very well.

For the mutual good of us all,

I will dispose of her also.



You must be the
bodyguards for the prince.

How do you know that?

She's my sister.

And what are you doing here?

Well, someone's
shooting at your prince,

and she's in the line
of fire. I'm concerned.

Oh, you don't need to be.

We're watching them
both very closely.

What happened to
the brown Sedan?

What do you mean?

My sister said the prince
drives a brown Sedan.

We changed cars as
a security precaution.

Who's that?

Relax, they're my associates.

What are these
people doing here?

I don't know.

But we better keep
them occupied.

We're nearly to the end of it.

Yeah, Bos, we just got here.


Did you get anything
on the blue Ford?

Yeah, I did. Hang on a second.


How did you do at the marina?

Well, we're not sure.

What do you mean?

Well, the man
who rented the boat

was around 50, gray
hair, wore dark glasses.

He brought the
boat back in a hurry,

paid for the bullet
hole damages,

then he drove
off. In a blue Ford?

No, which has us a bit puzzled.

TIFFANY: Hang on, Bos.


Bos did some checking,

and a blue Ford rented
under what turned out

to be a phony name
was found abandoned

in Beverly Hills
yesterday afternoon.

Well, that makes sense.

After he blew it chasing
Jill and Prince Charming,

he dumped the car.

Which explains why he drove
a brown car to the marina.

TIFFANY: Wait a minute.

The old guy at the marina

said he saw him drive
the brown car away.

Now, we're just assuming
that he drove it there.

Where are you getting at?

TIFFANY: I'm not sure.

But my daddy always
told me that in police work,

you don't assume anything.

When I asked the bodyguards
about their brown car,

they said they had switched
cars as a precautionary measure.

Somewhere in here there's
a very disturbing coincidence.

Maybe the gray-haired gentleman

did take another
car to the marina.

Like a cab, maybe.


I don't know where we're
going, but let's try it on.


You gotta do some
more checking for us.

Find out if a cab
dropped anybody off

at Grayson's Marina Boat
Rental on Washington Boulevard

yesterday about noon.

Yeah, I'll hang on.

You know, it's very strange.

In the middle of this large
city you have a wilderness.

Well, it's not a wilderness.

I could grow very
fond of this country.

You better not
grow too fond of it.

Why not?

'Cause sooner or later
you'll have to go home.

Yes, I suppose
that probably is true.

You and I?

We'll we see each other again?

I drive in Europe. Drive?

Race cars.

Race cars? You're
a race driver too?

I told you that.

Yes, but...

[IN UNISON] Not so I believe it.

You know, besides the fact that
someone was trying to kill me,

there were other reasons
why I was glad to come here.

Such as?

I've been protected all my life.

Everything was given to me.

Arranged for me,
where I went, what I said.

Even the clothes I wore.

I wanted to see what
it would be like to be...


To make my own decisions.

That's really why I
didn't tell you who I was.

And you like it,
being self-sufficient?

Very much.

I looked at you in that store,

and I said to
myself, "I want her."

And I went after you.

Yes, you did, didn't you?



Okay, Bos. Thanks.

Bos checked out the cab company
in service at the marina area.

Any luck? TIFFANY:
It's hard to tell.

There's no record of a
man being dropped off

at the old fellow's boat yard.

But two men were picked up there

about a half an hour
after the shooting incident.

Two men? TIFFANY: Mm-hm.

And here's the interesting part.
The cab took them into town,

and dropped them off
at the Wilshire Arms.

Wilshire Arms? Wait a minute.

Didn't Jill say the prince

was staying at
the Wilshire Arms?

She did, and he is.

You know that
disturbing coincidence

you were talking about?

Doesn't it seem like more
than a coincidence now?

Well, it does if the two the
cab dropped off at the hotel

were the prince's bodyguards.

And the brown car
the gray-haired fellow

drove off in was their sedan.

That they switched
for the Lincoln.

I'm gonna go warn
Jill. I'll go with you.

I'll take care of those two.


Talk to you later, Bos.


Where are they going?

She's determined
to get in the way.

But you're not.

Let's throw those guns out here.

Come on, move.

Down on the ground spread-eagle.








Don't touch it!



KRIS: You okay?

We're okay.

We'll I guess this
isn't a terrific time

for introductions.

This is Kelly Garrett
and I'm Kris, Jill's sister.

Hello, Kris. I'm very
pleased to meet you.

I am crown prince Eric Railman.


Hello. Eleven. Definitely an 11.




Come around.

Oh, very nice!


Oh, I love the banner.

If this doesn't get Charlie
to come to his party,

nothing will.


Oh, yes, Charlie.

Your name was just on our lips.

Yeah, everyone's
here. Just a minute.

Let me put you on the speaker.

CHARLIE: Hello, Angels.

ANGELS: Hi, Charlie.

Charlie. Yes, Kris?

You haven't forgotten.

My birthday party? Hardly.

Then why aren't
you here, Charlie?

I will discuss that in a moment.

Business first.

I understand the prince

has returned to his own country.

Yes, the men who were trying
to kill him have been arrested.

His father wanted
him to come home.

We just saw him
off at the airport.

Oh, you sound
rather subdued, Jill.

Well, I like him a lot.

In fact, enough so that I'm
gonna see him next month

when I race at Le Mans.

Well, then the relationship
is still very much alive.

Very much alive, yes.

But let's talk about you
and your party, Charlie.

Oh, yes. Well, I loved it.

And I specially like
the purple sweater.

BOSLEY: Presents?

I just realized they're gone.

They are gone.

Charlie, how did
you get the presents?

Why, I, uh...

I picked them up when
I had my piece of cake.


Charlie, you cheated.

Cheated? It was
my cake, wasn't it?

But you're not supposed to...

Have my cake and eat it too?

Yes! I mean, no.

It's not fair. I came back
just because of your birthday.

And you promised we'd
give you a party. Didn't he?


Charlie, I heard you're sad.

Well, it was a
fine party, Angels,

and I loved the
presents. And I love you.

Better luck next year.

Charlie... Thanks.
Happy birthday.

Happy birthday. Happy birthday.