Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 7 - Angels on the Street - full transcript

When a young music teacher gets beaten up by a local pimp, Kelly and Tiff join his stable as undercover streetwalkers to investigate.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



WOMAN: ♪ If I could see ♪

♪ The sum of I and me ♪

♪ The total of the we ♪

♪ What would the total be? ♪

♪ If I could see ♪

♪ In its entirety ♪

♪ The absolute of me ♪

♪ Would I be what I see? ♪

♪ It puzzles so ♪

♪ Where I and me will go ♪

♪ The puzzle seems to grow ♪

♪ I'm asking what ♪

♪ I must somehow know ♪

♪ If I could see ♪

♪ The sum of I and me ♪

♪ The total of the we ♪

♪ What would the total be? ♪

♪ If I could see ♪

♪ If I could see ♪

Good intonation.

Nice moving counterpoint
under the melody.

I don't understand the words.

The harmonic structure
is basically sound.


Oh, Daddy.

We have run this
school on this street

for two years, and
somehow we're surviving.

But I think in your heart
you're still first chair

back at the philharmonic.

[CHUCKLES] Well, maybe,

but at least I've developed
some street tastes.

So why don't you go down

and get us a couple of
hamburgers for lunch?


See ya. [CHUCKLES]



How's it going, Freddie?


Brother, you must just
love trouble now, don't you?




And your daughter has no idea

who it was that attacked her.

No. No, she doesn't.

But what did he want?

Did he rob her?

Did he attack her sexually?

Oh, no.

Well, then what happened?

He just told her a lot of
things she didn't understand

and then he beat her up.

Well, what sort of things?

She couldn't remember,
she was so terrified.

I took her to the hospital
and they treated her,

and then she didn't want
to talk about it anymore.

Mr. Harkins, if you
expect us to help you,

she'll have to talk to us.

But she's so frightened.

You see, this is the second time

this has happened.

The second time she was beaten?


And by the same man.

Well, then she should
be able to give us

a pretty good
description of him.

Hm. If she were
willing to talk about it.

Which she isn't.

She wouldn't even
let me go to the police.

I didn't tell her I
was coming here.

CHARLIE: Angels, since
you'll be shooting in the blind

on this one and Judy may
not confide in you either,

I suggest you establish
some sort of cover going in.

I agree, Charlie.

Perhaps we can enroll as
music students in your school.

Oh, y-you're musicians?

Well, I can dance and, uh,

Kris is a singer.

I play the violin...

when it's not in
the repair shop.


Uh, well, we'll
think of something.

Keep good thoughts, Mr. Harkins.

We'll get the man
who hurt your daughter

and find out why.

Please do.

She's all I have.

[♪♪♪] She's everything I have.


♪ If I could see ♪

♪ The sum of I and me ♪

Okay, stretch.

Straighten your leg,

straighten your leg. It is.

No, it isn't. It is.

The other one. Oh.

The other one.


♪ The absolute of me ♪

Arm up.

♪ Would I be What I see? ♪

♪ It puzzles so ♪

♪ Where I and me will go ♪


♪ The puzzle seems to grow ♪

Oh, I'm sorry.

Is this yours?

Yeah. It's very nice work.

Thank you.

♪ If I could see ♪

I especially like it lyrically.

Makes me wonder
where it's coming from.

I don't know where
it's coming from.

♪ What would the total be? ♪



Uh, I'm sorry. I'm Kris Munroe.

Oh. That's Kelly and Tiffany.

Hi, we're new students.
A little green, but willing.

Hi, I'm Judy Harkins.

Um, my dad didn't tell
me we had new students.


You didn't get those doing
what I'm doing, I hope.

What? The bruises.


Uh, no.

Oh, phew. That's a relief.

Maybe a beef with
a jealous boyfriend?

No way. She's too
pretty to punch out.

I don't know. I'll bet you five.

You're on.

Okay, fess up. What happened?

Um, I don't want
to talk about it.1

Excuse me.

Bet you five we blew that one.

No bet. I just hope
we didn't hurt her.

Me too.

Well, listen, we're not
gonna get anywhere

playing mind games with her.

Why don't you go and see
if you can calm her down?

Tiffany and I will change
and check out the street.

Maybe somebody saw something.

Okay. I'll see you
later. See you later.

Come on.


Judy's father said
she was on her way

to a place called
Georgia's Hamburgers.

It should be across the
street and around the corner.

Okay, let's go.

Hi. Hi.


Well, new talent in
the neighborhood.

That's great. What'll it be?

Coffee and maybe some help.

Coffee, I got. Help is iffy.

You know a girl
named Judy Harkins?

Oh, sure. She and
her old man run

that music school
down the street.

Right. Uh, we heard
she got beat up

a couple of days ago. Right?


TIFFANY: That was right
around here, wasn't it?



You didn't see anything?

Why are you two asking
me all these questions?

We know her. We're
worried about her.

WOMAN: Don't be.

I beg your pardon?

I said, don't be worried.

Why not?

Because she's not worth it.

I didn't get your name.


TIFFANY: Rose what?

Just Rose.

No last name? [SCOFFS]

Rules of the road.

Hey, you two planning on
working this street or what?

Oh, I don't believe so.

You could do real well.

Think so?

Yeah. I wouldn't try
it without checking it

with Freddie first though.


Well, it's his street.

Oh, I see.

Tell me, how come you
don't like Judy Harkins?

She's a snob.

She walks down the street
like she's Miss Superior.

Gives me a pain.

I don't suppose you have
any idea who beat her up.

I know I couldn't care less.

Listen, remember what I said
about checkin' in with Freddie.

Nice talkin' to you.


What a slice of heaven.


Where have you been?

Oh, I was, um, doin'
my thing, you know.

You got some bread for me?

Um, well, I haven't scored yet.

Come on, Rose. You've been
out here a couple of hours.

You're comin' up empty on me?

ROSE: Yeah, but I just
got my first call, you know?

Rose, get in the car. We've
gotta have another talk.

No, I really can't. I
gotta go, Freddie.

Baby, how many times
have I gotta lean on you

until you get it straight?

Freddie, please.

I don't think she
wants to go with you.


Baby, just butt out of it.

You touch her
again, I'll get a cop.

Baby, you ought
to get out of here

before I take you and
teach you some manners.

Why don't we have
a little talk first?

You have this nasty habit
of pushing ladies around.

As a matter of fact, there
was another lady two days ago.

Maybe you know
something about that?

Hey, look, lady, it's all right.

Um, I'm okay. I
got no complaints.

Why don't you just
stay out of it, okay?

Want me to put her in the car?

Put down the gun.

I'm not gonna say it again.

Now get back in the car.

Since the lady here's
not gonna press charges,

I guess you get a
free pass this time.

So why don't you
just crawl away?

I don't know who you
are but you've had it.

I'll deal with you later.


Are you crazy?

Pullin' a gun on Freddie?

Thought we were
doing you a favor.

Well, don't do me
any favors, okay?

Whatever's fair.

What's fair is Freddie
meant what he told you.

You better get off this street.

You're as good as dead.


Thanks, Bos.

What are you doin'
down here, anyway?

Slight complication, our
client's check bounced.

Does that mean
we're off the case?

Do you wanna be?

Do you?

Not after meeting Freddie.

Me neither.

Then I guess this
one is on the house.


I have here the computer
readout on Freddie.

Full name: Fred Jefferson.

Police record
includes petty theft,

assault and battery
and extortion.

Nice fella.

The question is:

Is he the one who
attacked Judy Harkins?

Well, I'd ask her but I
don't think she'd answer me.

Were you able to,
uh, find out anything

after our little faux
pas at the piano?

No, she split.

Okay, so what do we have?

A woman-beater
we can't prosecute,

a victim we can't talk to,

a hooker named Rose
who doesn't like her,

that thinks Tiff and I
would do great on the street.

CHARLIE: That may be the
best way to proceed, Kelly.

You're not
suggesting that we, uh,

go into business, as they say.

No. It's exactly
what I'm suggesting.

He's not serious.

No, Charlie's right.

Every element in this case...

Freddie, Rose, the beatings.

They all seem to connect
to the street prostitution

right around Harkins' school.

I agree.

But it is a rather tricky and
somewhat dangerous cover.

I'm well aware of that Bosley.

You and Kris will have
to hang in very close

in case Kelly or Tiffany
get caught in a corner.

Hey. Tiffany and Kelly?
Wait a minute, Charlie.

Who decided that we're gonna
be the ones to hit the pavement?

Well, I can't join
Freddie's stable.

He and I have already met.

Besides, Rose thinks

that you two have
all the moves down.

I knew she'd say that.

I knew it.



Hi. Hi.

I've been looking for you.

Well, I just got this idea,
I've been working on it.

You like it?

Mm-hm. Yeah?

I'm still wondering
where all this comes from.

Why? Why do you care?

Oh, no special reason.

I just thought maybe we could
get to know each other better.

Yeah, well, I'm not
too social these days.

Um, I'm under a
lot of pressure here.

Pressure? Well,
this place is like, um,

my father's little fantasy.

And like all fantasies,
it's not very practical.

You mean, you're going broke?

No. We'll survive.

Somehow, we'll survive.


Excuse me, I have work to do.

Okay, you guys, take a break.


[GASPS] Wow.

Ooh, can I spot talent
or can I spot talent?

What you can spot is trouble.

Two coffees.

You guys don't listen
very good, do you?

How you doin', Rose?
What are you up to?

I'm up to reminding you again

that this is Freddie's turf.

So let's go meet Freddie.

You want me to introduce you?

That's the general idea.

You mind?

No, I don't mind. I just wonder,

how come you didn't
tell me you were pros

when we talked before?

Does Macy's tell Gimbels?


Listen, we're
taking your advice.

So put up or shut up.

Or perhaps you won't help us
because we're friends of Judy's.

Why bring up her name?

She really gets you
uptight, doesn't she?

Look, I told you before,

I don't like her
superior attitude.

Now, if you want to meet
Freddie, change the subject.

Consider it changed.


Follow me.


You two wanna work my street,

you're gonna have
to learn the rules

like the other girls.

Rule one. You tell
Freddie everything.

Where you been,
who you worked for,

if you ever been
busted, if you're a user.

Well, start talking.

We've got rules too.

The first one is we
don't spill our guts

for the first dummy
who snaps his fingers.

Rule two.

Never talk back to Freddie.

Shall we start again?

Listen, we've
always worked alone.

No ties, no busts.

No booze, no needles.

I wasn't talkin' to you.

Well, I was talking to you.


You both got some mouth.

We're very good at what we do.

Oh, yeah?


Let's see how good you are.


This is my room.

Are you willing to
spend a thousand?

A thousand?

That's our price.

Not for me.

For everybody.

I'll tell you what.

You two pay off
like you say you can

and I won't slap your
brains out for mouthing off.

If you don't, you and
me are gonna tangle.

So you better not be lyin'.

You and you, fix them up a room.

The rest of you, get your
tails down on the street.

I'm Sunny and this is Naomi.

Tiffany, Kelly.

You two got any idea
how close you came

to getting some bad bruises?

You people are really
afraid of him, aren't you?

Best you get afraid
of him too and fast.

I don't think so.

Running scared, that's
no way to live your life.

I'm telling you...
No, I'm telling you.

Freddie's a coward.

All the Freddie's,
they're all cowards.

You see, he knows that.

He uses that mouth of his

because he's afraid you'll
figure that out for yourselves.

Think about that.



♪ If I could see ♪

♪ The sum of I and me ♪

♪ The total of the we ♪

♪ What would the total be? ♪

♪ If I could see ♪

♪ In its entirety ♪

♪ The absolute of me ♪

♪ Would I be what I see? ♪

♪ It puzzles so ♪

♪ Where I and me will go ♪

♪ The puzzle seems to grow ♪

♪ I'm asking what ♪

♪ I must somehow know ♪

♪ If I could see ♪

♪ The sum of I and me ♪

♪ The total of the we ♪

♪ What would the total be? ♪

That wacko broad is playing
that dress up game again. Hey!





Hello, Daddy.

You disappeared.

I, um... I went downtown.

MR. HARKINS: We were supposed
to go over the monthly statements.


We'll pay them.

Where did you get that?

JUDY: Uh, I went to
the bank, I wrote a check.

A check? I thought we were
close to being overdrawn?

Daddy, you're
wonderful with the violin,

but you're a disaster
with a checkbook.

Well, that's true.


Here. Do with
this what you want.

Hi. Hello.

I missed you at rehearsal.

I had business.

Judy, are you okay?

Yes. I'm fine.

You sure?

Yes, I'm fine!

Will you please get off my back?






♪ If I could see ♪

♪ The sum of I and me ♪

♪ The total the we ♪

♪ What would the total be? ♪

♪ If I could see ♪

♪ In its entirety ♪

♪ The absolute of me ♪

♪ Would I be what I see? ♪

Boy, you two really
class-up the neighborhood.

Thanks. Thank you.

It's nice to be appreciated.

Where are you from,
anyway? KELLY: East.

GEORGIA: East what?

Just east.

New York? Right.

What part? North part.

The Bronx?


South side? West side.

You're not from New York.

KELLY: Right again. GEORGIA:
Closed-mouthed types?

The rules of the road.

Hi. Hm.


Hi, Bos, how are ya? Good.

Excuse me? Could we get
some coffee over here, please?




So how are we progressing?

Well, Judy Harkins
is still very uptight

and very untalkative.

But I did pick up
on something odd.

Which was?

Judy disappeared again.

When she came back
she had a fistful of cash.

She gave it to her
father for expenses.

Did she go to the bank?

Well, that's where
she said she went.

Something I checked, hers
and her father's bank account,

there's been little
or no activity lately.

Except for the rubber
check that her father gave us

as our retainer's fee.


No, thanks. No.

All right, so the question is,

where did Judy get
the fistful of fast cash?

On the street. There are
any of number of ways.

Gambling, floating crap
games, dope, numbers.

Meaning that Judy's
reigning some sort of a racket?

Could be. She hides it from
her father with the cash flow.

The truth is the
school isn't making it.

The red-haired hooker,
Rose, she hates Judy.

Let's you and I see if she
can give us a handle on it.

Okay. Let's go
back to Freddie's.

Maybe some of the
other girls can tell us

what goes on between
Rose and Judy.

In the meantime, I'll
mention Rose's name to Judy

and see the reaction I get.

I think we ought to meet
back here in an hour.

BOTH: Okay. Okay.

Back here in an hour.

Oh. Bos, that's not enough.

For four cups of coffee?

We need 1000. A thousand?

Right. We have to
convince Freddie

we can earn our
keep on the street.

Well, wouldn't three
or 400 convince him?

We said our price was 1000.

You mean, 1000 each?

Bos, we work as a team.

A team? That is pretty kinky.

That's why it's 1000.

How will I explain
this to Charlie?

Very cautiously. Heh.




Take care of the
tip, will ya, Bos?



Freddie, Georgia.

Yeah, what do you want, Georgia?

Well, you wanted me to keep
an eye out for your two new girls.


So they don't talk very much.

Also, you wanted me
to check on this guy

with the blond and the
brown station wagon.

Why, you've seen him?

Yeah. They just left here

and they were
with your two girls.

Are you sure?

Listen, I couldn't hear,

but the guy laid a lot
of heavy bread on 'em.

And it wasn't for services.
They never got off their chairs.

Freddie, it has the smell
of undercover cop to me.

Yeah, it does, doesn't it?

Uh, the blond and the guy
in the brown station wagon

just drove off.

And your two girls
are cruising south.

I'll take care of it.

Georgia, I owe you one.


Why is it trouble always
comes down in bunches?

First I get a close-freak
wacko in my stable,

then you bring me a couple
of undercover lady cops.

That's how it looks.

What you got to say
about that? Nothing.

FREDDIE: You brought them to me.

They asked me to. I didn't
know they were cops, I swear.

They're not your friends?

No. No way.

Then you don't
mind if I kill them?

Freddie, you ain't gonna
burn a couple of cops?

No, no, I ain't gonna do it.

What I need is
somebody to do it for me.

You remember Sweet Larry?

I remember he nearly
killed me one night.

Yeah, Larry gets that
way when he's on acid.

So we'll let him throw a party,

and you'll put a little
something in everybody's drink.

And if Larry doesn't
kill those two cops

their brains will be so fried

they won't remember anything
they heard or seen here.

I don't want to go to
Larry's place, Freddie.

That's all right. You and Rose
can leave once it gets rough.

I don't want to
go either, Freddie.

Oh, I know you don't, Rose,

but you're on
borrowed time with me.

Because the way
you've been acting

you're about four jumps
short of the laughing academy.

Now I'm your only friend.

You want to get
back on my good side,

you'll do this. Right?

Right, Freddie.

That's my girl.
All right, let's go.


There's Freddie.

Can't wait to see his face

when we show him the thousand.

I don't know where
Judy went, Miss Munroe.

Do you have any idea why
she keeps disappearing?

No. She's been this way
since she was a little girl.

Always sneaking off
when you least expect it,

usually when it was time
to practice her piano lessons

or deal with something
she didn't want to deal with.

She created her
own fantasy world.

Nothing wrong
with that, I guess.

Lots of kids are
that way. Right?

I beg your pardon.

I was saying, lots
of young people

have their own fantasy
worlds they escape to.

Yeah, I suppose they do.

Well, I'll be in my office
if you'd like a cup of tea.

Thank you.


I've been looking for you.

Well, you found us.

Get in the car, we're
going to a party.

If we're going to a party,
how come no one's smiling?

I am smiling.

Get in the car.








Love your dress, Larry.

You got a true form, Freddie,

good taste and manners.

Step aside, let me see what
you brought me this time.

Ooh. What a pleasant surprise.

I'm Larry.

I'm Kelly. Tiffany.

Love what I see,
love what I hear.

Step into my garden
of delights, baby.

I bet you say
that to all the girls.

I say that to everybody.

How democratic.

You let the party get rolling,
you put this in their drinks,

and then get out of here.

I'll see you back at my
place in a few hours.

You got some place to go?

What? You got some place to go?

Oh, no, I guess not.

Then let's get this over with.


Yes, Charlie.

Yeah, no, I already have.

Yeah, will do.

Well, Kelly and Tiff
haven't shown here yet?


Well, I cruised the streets
and there's no sign of them.

Charlie hasn't heard
from them either.

They were supposed to
be here 40 minutes ago.

It's not like 'em to be late.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't
panic over 40 minutes,

but, it's like Charlie said,
we should say close to them

so in case they get
themselves in a corner.

Bosley, look in that cab.

Isn't that Rose?


Well, if she was
in Freddie's car

when Kelly and Tiffany got in,

how come she's coming
back now alone in a cab?

I don't know.

But I think we better find out.

Good idea.




Yeah? Freddie, Georgia.

Listen, the blond and the
guy in the brown station wagon,

they were just here again.

Doing what? I don't
know, I couldn't hear.

But then Rose
came by in a taxicab

and they started following her.

Rose? You mean, Rose and Sunny?

No, I mean Rose alone.

Which way were they headed?

Towards your place.

Stupid broad. She's probably
leading them right here.

Look, Georgia, thanks a
lot. That's two I owe you.


I think I'll call Charlie,
maybe he's heard from them.


Hi, how are you doing?

Fine. I just got
myself another drink.

Oh, uh, let me do it for you.

Oh, no, I've got it.

Oh, okay.

Where did Rose go?

Uh, I don't know, she
must be in the bathroom.

No, I saw her leave.


Yeah, about 20 minutes
ago. She left? Are you sure?

Yeah, I saw her walk out
while you were in the kitchen.

But we're supposed
to leave together.

Sunny, what's going on?

What do you mean?

You look about ready
to jump out of your skin.

Oh, I'm just a little uptight.

Nothing in particular. I,
uh... I just don't like this party,

I told Freddie that I
didn't want to come.

But you do everything
Freddie tells you to do?


I do everything
Freddie tells me to do.

Sunny, if you want to tell
Freddie to get off your back,

that's your choice.

You're gonna get in a lot
of trouble talking like that.

I-I want to be
your friend, Sunny.

And anytime you wanna
take a long walk out of this,

just let me know.

I'll help you, okay?

I promise you.

KRIS: Okay, Charlie. Right.

Well, Charlie hasn't
heard from them either.

The lady takes an
inordinate amount of time

in the powder room.


What the devil?

Is that Judy?

I think it is.

Bosley, her handbag.

It's like the one
Rose was carrying.

Why are you staring at me?



No wonder you kept disappearing.

What's that supposed to mean?

You don't understand?

What are you talking about?

Why, I understand you're
starting to get on my nerves.

What do you want, anyway?

We're looking for a
couple of friends of ours.

Hey, maybe you've seen them.

Kelly? Tiffany?

No. I don't know them.

Rose does.

Rose? Who's Rose?

You don't know?

I never heard of her.

She's heard of you.

But how could that be?

How could she know about
me and I don't know her?

But you do know.

You wrote about the two of
you in your song, remember?

That's why you have
her wig in your purse,

and her clothes.

And all her guilts.


You're gonna be
all right, you know?

Somebody that knows a whole
lot more about this then I do

will straighten it out for you.

But right now we need your help.

My two friends,
Kelly and Tiffany,

they went off with Rose
and a man named Freddie.

We need to know where they went.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

Come on, show us.


Now where are they going?

I don't know, but
like Georgia said,

they all got the smell of cop.

And if she talks,
we've got big trouble.

Follow her.


Here, uh, let me do that.

Yeah, babe, yeah.


Want a fresh one?

No, thank you, I'm fine.

Ah, come on,

you can't party on
empty, huh, right?



Did you mean what you said
about walking out of here?

Yes, I did. Then let's go.

We gotta get out of here. Here.

Uh-oh, Freddie's back with us.


KRIS: Judy!


Hold it!

Judy, stop!



Freddie, you can't
shoot and you can't drive.

So you better pack it in
before you hurt yourself.



It's all right. It's all over.

Why don't you let
me take you home?

I can't. I can't go back.

My father thinks
I'm... It'll be okay.

There are people
that can help you.

It'll be better than
where you've been.


♪ If I could see ♪

♪ The sum of I and me ♪

♪ The total of the we ♪

♪ What would the total be? ♪

♪ If I could see ♪

If I could see ♪