Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 9 - Angels on Skates - full transcript

A young girl is kidnapped while performing as a skater on Venice Beach. The Angels investigate Freddie Fortune's rink, where Kris joins the skating chorus line.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned... [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



KELLY: Come on. Come on.



Stop worrying, we're
still learning too.

And we have a great teacher.

Good, I'm gonna need one.

KRIS: You'll never
be a true Californian

till you skate Venice.

TIFFANY: When did I say I
wanted to be a true Californian?

Oh, come on. It's fun.
Let's get you some skates.

Hi. Hi.

We need a pair
of sneaker skates.

For me.

Well, you came
to the right place.

Let's see, size,
uh... MAN: Seven.

Seven and a half.

Right. Seven and a half.

Now, listen, uh, no
offense, gorgeous one,

but with a set of
ankles like you've got

I suggest you skip
the sneaker skates.


You need the full protection

of the Riedell boot,
Chicago plate combo, okay?

You're the expert.

Perceptive. I like that.

Gert, give her the best.

Right, boss.

Pardon me.

You know, if you girls can
skate anywhere near your looks

you could win a fortune.

Oh, the contest? Uh-huh.

At Flipper's. That's my rink.

Allow me to introduce myself:

Frederick Victor
Fortune, call me Freddie.


Hi, Freddie. Hi.

Well, we're really
not that good.

No, we're just beginners.
Ah, it doesn't matter.

I'll teach ya everything
you need to know.

You girls would make
perfect Fortune girls.

Fortune girls?

The chorus line for my
big production numbers.

Fabulous costumes,
exciting choreography.

Great exposure, all the
media's gonna be there.

Girls, you are looking
at the next Ziegfeld.

The great Freddie
Fortune's gonna make

roller disco a household word.

Not that I don't
believe you, Freddie,

but, uh, we sort of have a gig.


What a waste.

But if you change your minds,
you know where to find me.

Free passes.


Compliments of Fortune's.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Gert, you take good
care of these ladies.

Right, boss.

Think it over.

Not ever girl gets a
chance to be a Fortune girl.

Right. Here you go.

One pair of Chicago
boot, Riedell plate combo,

size seven and a half.

Lots of luck.

Thanks, I'll need it.

Thank you.


Ah... Whoa...

Hey, you know what?
This isn't so bad.

Come on, you guys.
What ya waitin' for?




Here, check this out.

Oh, they're very good.

That's Ken and Rita.
He's our skating teacher.

Puts you in good hands.

Yup. They're gonna win

the $30,000 Freddie
Fortune contest easy.


Come on.

Hey, Rita.

Come back and take
a bow for the press.

That was fabulous. Fabulous.

Rita! Hey.


There she is.



What's going on, Kenny?

Where's Rita going?

I don't know.

You mean you don't
know those men?

No. No, I don't.

I think we should
call the police.

The police?

If Rita's in trouble there
may not be much time.

There's a phone
booth right over there.

Let's go.

I have the police report, Angels,

it's not encouraging.

As far as they can
determine, nothing happened.

Two men forced her into
a van, I saw it happen.

The point is, Kris, they're
not sure what you saw.

They've come up with a dead
end on Rita Morgan's background.

No Social Security
number, voter registration,

no parents, no previous
address, nothing.

So Rita Morgan probably
isn't her real name.

And we can't be sure she
didn't want to get in the van.

So there might not
have been any crime.

Uh-huh. That's the
police viewpoint.

I don't care what
the police say.

Rita was kidnapped.

And I'd really
like to help Kenny.

I know he can't afford our fee,

but if we don't
help him who will?

Kris is right. What if
it was a kidnapping?

I'm willing to put in some time.

I'll go along with that.

What do you say, Charlie?

Well, majority rules, Angels.

Now, I think the
first step is to find out

what we're getting into.

We have to find out
who Rita Morgan really is.

Right. Her ransom demand

from Kenny doesn't
make any sense.

He doesn't have any money.

You don't suppose someone
would go this far to keep Rita

and Kenny from winning
that dance contest, do you?

What dance contest?

There's a rink in the area

that's holding a
roller disco contest.

Kenny and Rita
are the favorites.

You think somebody
would go that far

to knock them out
of the competition?

Well, first prize is $30,000.

That's a nice little bundle.

Yes, but hardly enough to
risk a kidnapping conviction.

There's a lot of homework
to do on this case, Angels.

Now, Kris, I want you
to stay close to Kenny.

The rest of you, blend into
the scene down at the beach.

Let's see what we can find out
about our couple's background.

Well, good luck
and good skating.


Hey. I bet you're Gert Thomas.

Yeah. Who wants to know?

I'm Auren Rembrandt.

I'm with the West
Coast Roller Derby.

I've been writing to you
about a tryout for months.

Well, here I am.

Look, roller derby's my
dream, I've been practicing.

I mean, I got my moves down,
my speed work is coming along.

Feel this. Feel that.

I mean, I got the
size to be a jammer.

Oh, yes. Oh, yes, I
can see your potential.

Does this mean I get a tryout?

Uh-huh. What are my chances

of getting on the team?

Oh, well, I can't
promise you anything,

but, uh, how would
you like to be called

Gert the Enforcer?

Gert the Enforcer?


I'm ready. I'm ready,
when do I start?

I'll be in touch.

Oh, Gert, listen, I
was wondering...

You know, we wanna
jazz up the roller derby

with some of these
new disco skaters.

Yeah. I, uh, heard of a couple,

names of Kenny
Daniels and Rita Morgan.

I heard they were
the best around here.

Yeah, you're too late,
Auren, Rita disappeared.

It's a shame. They
really were the best too.

They were a shoe in
for Freddie's big contest.


Yeah, Freddie. He owns
this place. He owns the rink.

It's his contest.

Listen, Gert, uh,

you don't think somebody
would've done something to Rita,

you know, to keep her and
Kenny out of the contest, do ya?

Well, uh, this is a
long shot, Auren,

but before Kenny came along,

Rita had another partner.

His name is Reggie Martin.

Oh, yeah? Where
would I find him.

Well, he hangs
out at the pavilion.

Thanks, Gert. I
will be in touch.

Uh, A-Auren, wait, I have...

I have to show you something.

Are you ready?




That wasn't even half speed.

I'm glad you told me.

I'm ready, Auren. I
mean, I'm really ready.

I can see that, Gert.

[COUGHS] I can really see that.



Hang on, baby.
I'll be right back.

You're distracting my partner.

I thought we were
distracting you.

Your Grace.

You're right. You were.

Heh. I'm Yvonne
Henning, Terra White,

Roller Disco Magazine.

We are doing a fabulous

feature issue on
the Venice scene.

Well, I am Reggie
Martin, and I am your man.

Ow. What do you wanna know?

You're in the
space... of His Grace.

Darling. Well, we've heard

that you're one
of the big favorites

for the contest at Fortune's.

Ha-ha! You heard wrong.

You see, I am light-years
ahead of my competition.


What about Kenny
Daniels and Rita Morgan?

Oh, they are no more.

You see, Rita left Kenny
waiting in the wings.

Rumor has it that
you lost Rita to Kenny.

No, it was her loss, not mine.


See, Kenny was just
hustling her for the contest.

He didn't really care about her.

And you did?

Yeah, I did.

She had class,
mystery, you know?

I never really knew
where she came from

or who she really was.

I liked it that way.

She's a perfect
match for His Grace.

Any chance of you two
getting back together

for the big contest?

I have a new partner.

But I'll tell you this:

If Rita and Kenny do show
up at the rink Saturday night,

they'll need a miracle... Ow.

To beat us, baby.


I hope they get the chance.


Here it is, number six.

Tiffany, look at this.


Saint Laurent, Louis
Vuitton luggage.

Now, where do you suppose
Rita got the money for this stuff?

She must be a
runaway. But from what?

Let's look at this, come on.

TIFFANY: Wait a minute.

KELLY: You recognize him?

He looks very familiar.

We'd better get these to
Charlie right away. Come on.



FREDDIE: Now it's
time to give up the floor

to those who can
show us a little bit more.

This next funky
number is for advanced

and intermediate skaters
only, so all of you beginners

and those of you
who refuse to improve,

please clear the floor.

And don't forget,
tickets are still available

for Fortune's fantastic
disco dance contest.

Skate on.

But why hasn't there
been a call, some contact?

Look, I know it's tough.

But you have to give us a chance

to put all the pieces together.

It's real early in
the game, Kenny.

We're doin' everything we can.

I know.

You shouldn't be here, Kenny.

One of the other guys
can cover the floor.

I know, I wanna work.

Kenny tells me
you're a detective.

I, uh, sure wouldn't
have taken you for one.

A lot of people don't.

Any word on Rita?

[SIGHS] Not yet.

Well, Rita's a good kid.

I'll do anything I
can to help her.

Remember, anything.

Thanks, Freddie.


How's our guest?

See for yourself, boss.


Come on.

No, no, no. Girls,
give me a break.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Shake those shoulders,
drop that head back,

it's simple.

Yeah, if you're
not wearing skates.

Listen, sweetheart, you
were hired to do a job.

Nobody leaves
here till we get it right.

From the top.

I guess we could
all use a break.

Take five, girls.

Hey, hey, hey.

Changed your mind
about the show, huh?

My talent, your looks,
couple of years work.

You could be the
queen of roller disco.

I can see us now.

Madison Square Garden,
you're making your descent

into the big musical
number, on a star.

Everybody's watching
you, and me of course.

a minute, time out.

I didn't change my mind.

Still a private eye,
huh? Afraid so.

I wanted to ask you
some questions about Rita.

You better make it
snappy, sweetheart,

we got five minutes. Okay.

We haven't found any information
out about her background.

Like where she's from,

do you know anything
about her family?

Well, uh, Rita never
talked much about herself.

Hm. Did she ever work for you?

We, uh... We had an arrangement.

She gave lessons
here, I took a small cut.

She had a place to work out of.

Uh, it was all under the table,
no paperwork, no records.


And, uh, that's time, darlin'.

Gotta get back to work.


That's show biz.



Up we get, here we go.


Feeding time, honey.

Why are you doing this?

I don't have any money.

Maybe you don't,

but we both know
who does, don't we?

Be nice!

You'll live longer.

CHARLIE: We've hit pay
dirt with the photo, Angels.

The man in the
picture with Rita,

was her father, Henry Lathrop.

Of the Lathrop
real estate empire?

That's right, Tiffany.

Rita Morgan is really
Rita Lathrop, an heiress.

Didn't Lathrop die recently?

Mm-hm. Six months ago.

Well, that coincides
with about the time

that Rita dropped in
on the Venice scene.

Yes. I've contacted
Lathrop's widow, Julia.

She's been looking for
Rita and wants our help.

Well, no wonder she didn't
want to have her picture taken.

Sure. She was afraid
someone would recognize

her picture in the newspaper

and tell Mrs. Lathrop
where to find her.

And if whoever grabbed
Rita knows who she really is...

Then we have a real
kidnapping on our hands.

And the Lathrop estate

is capable of paying
a huge ransom.

We have to move on
that assumption, Kelly.

Julia Lathrop has denied

any contact from
the kidnappers so far,

but we have to be prepared.

Bosley, I want you
to get our equipment

up to the Lathrop estate

in case that ransom
phone call comes in.

Tiffany and Kelly
will go with you.

BOSLEY: Right, Charlie.

What about me, Charlie?

You stay with Kenny.

See if he knows
anything he isn't telling us.

If he was aware of
Rita's true identity

he could've been in on this.

Hm. Right.



FREDDIE: Now we're gonna mix it
up with something a little bit slower.

So, kids, relax, get
a snack, get a drink,

or get in there
with the old folks.

Kenny, we have to talk.

What's up?

We found out who Rita really is.

She's the daughter
of a millionaire.

Her name's Rita Lathrop.

I can't believe it.

She borrowed 20
bucks off me last week.

No, you're wrong. You must be.

We're not wrong.

I didn't know. I really didn't.

It doesn't matter whether
you knew who she was or not.

If there's been a kidnapping...

And it's looking more
all the time like there has.

You're gonna be a prime suspect.

So if you know anything,

or you're holding anything back,

you better level with us.

Rita's life will depend on it.


We did have a few
happy times together,

the three of us.

It wasn't easy.

At first Rita resented me.

I never tried to
replace her real mother,

but finally I began to believe
I was getting through to her.

And Henry died suddenly.

Rita took it very hard.

Next thing I knew she was gone.

Have you heard from her since?

Not a word.

I tried to find her,

oh, this has been such
a nightmare for me.

Henry's dying,
Rita's running away,

trying to make sense
of the businesses.

It's... It's almost been
more than I can handle.

I got it. Ah, good.

This'll complete the setup.

We should be ready in a minute.

Mrs. Lathrop, the
minute the call comes in,

Charlie wants us
to notify the FBI.

Oh, no, no. No FBI and
no police. Absolutely not.

I will give these people
whatever it is that they want.

Rita's safety is all
that matters to me.

If you're gonna
continue working for me,

that is the way
it's going to be.


Ungh! What'd you
tell the detective?

Nothing. Nothing.

I don't think we need to be
that rough on our young friend.

Not yet.

They know who Rita is.

And that's causing all these
unfriendly feelings between us?

Ha! It don't mean a thing.

They're not gonna stop us.

Rita's the only family
Julia Lathrop's got left.

She'll pay to get her back.

Please let her go, Freddie.

Out of the question.

Don't get cold
feet on me, Kenny.

Hey, you're the one who
started all this, remember?

You didn't hesitate
to tip me off

who Rita really was when
she wanted out of the contest.

She wanted out because you
were making a media circus out of it.

She was scared.

She knew her picture'd be on TV,

her stepmother'd
know where she is.

I'm sorry I told you anything.

Aw, come on, Kenny.

You were tired of starving.

Rita's all right.

She doesn't know where she is,

she's never seen
the boys before,

she'll never see them again.

You'll go through with this
whether you like it or not,

so don't make a problem
for yourself or for her, okay?


That's a boy.

Don't let him out of your sight.


Please. Please leave me alone.

You should get
used to me, honey.

We're going to be
together for a long time.

I hope you're in
good voice tonight.

We have to do
a little recording.






Okay, you can answer now.

Remember, talk
as long as you can.



Yes, this is Julia
Lathrop. Who's this?

Never mind. Just listen.

Mom? Please, help me.

I wanna come home.

Rita, is that you?

Correct, Mrs. Lathrop.

We have your daughter.

Where is she? Is she there?

She's in a safe place, and
she's yours for $1 million.

I don't have that
kind of cash available.

No, but you can get it.

And you will if you ever
want to see Rita alive.

I want proof that she's alive.

I thought you might.
Don't worry, you'll have it.


You did very well, Julia.

Thank you.

May I use the phone?

Oh, yes, of course.

There's a certain banker
who's about to be very busy.


CHARLIE: We traced the call to
a phone booth near the roller rink.

Do you think someone at the
rink is involved in the kidnapping?

We've got to consider
it a possibility. Kris?

I'm here, Charlie.

I want you to get over
to Fortune's right away.

You're going to break
in to show business.


FREDDIE: All right, let's
smile. Let's see those smiles.

Let's see it.
Hubba-hubba. Let's go.

We're in the big time now.
Cha-cha-cha. Let's go, now.

All right, lights,
camera, action.

This is where it's at.

Right? Ha-ha. Hello.


Uh, more questions?

Nope. Came to take you up.

On what?

Your talent, my looks, Madison
Square Garden, remember?


You serious?

Try me.

Well, it's a little late for
that descent on the star,

but, uh, maybe I can fit
you into the chorus line.

Chorus line?

Eh. Take it or
leave it, sweetheart.

I'll take it.

Great. Check into Wardrobe.

See what you look
like in costume.

You won't be disappointed.

I promise. Uh-huh.


I'm back.


What are you gonna do?

Relax, honey.
This won't hurt a bit.



I'll have to talk to Kris.

She's not here, but I may be
able to get in touch with her.

Tell her to meet me
on the pier in an hour.

Kenny, wait. Is there
anything I can do?

No, just tell her.

All right.



Special messenger just
left this here at the front gate.

Thank you.


What is it?

JULIA: It's Rita's earring.

It's an original. I had them
made for her 18th birthday.

RITA: Mom? I'm okay.

But I don't think I can
stand much more of this.

Please, give them
whatever they want.

I trust everything's in order.

Get a yellow knapsack,
put the money in it,

then go to the Venice
Beach Recreation Center.

There's a phone booth there.

I'll call you at
5:30 this afternoon.

KELLY: Where are
you? Rehearsing.

I just got your message.

Well, Kenny just called.
He sounds desperate.

Where is he?

He's at the pier. But
you've only got 10 minutes.

Okay, okay. I'll be there.



Hello, Kenny boy.

Going my way?




One million dollars.

It's a good thing you got
the license plate off that van.

Who's it registered to?

Fortune's roller rink.

KELLY: I guess that does it.

Why don't we call the police
and have them pick up Freddie?

Why don't we take a chance
then on never seeing Rita alive?


Now, ladies and gentlemen,

to kick things off,

Freddie's fantastic,
phenomenal and fabulous

Fortune Girls.





Hello? Julia?

No. But I have the money.


Walk about 75 yards.

See the drinking fountain?


Put the knapsack in the
trash barrel right beside it,

and head south
down the boardwalk.

Don't look back. I've
got people watching you.


You blow this,

and I'll take my
time with your girl.

Understand? Yeah.


Bos, look who's here.


You better cover
him. I'll watch Tiff.




Just what we need.

The ransom in
the lost and found.






Hey, what does that
cop think he's doing?

Bos, I don't think he's a
cop. Well, we better find out.

Hey. Hold it!

I'll get Kenny,
you go after him.

Thanks a lot.



Gert! He's not a cop! Stop him!

Show me your stuff!


Wow, nice rep.

Eh, I had a good angle.

Looks like he won't be
going anyplace for a long time.

Gert, watch him
for us, will you?

Tiff, let's you and
I get to the rink.



from our very own Venice Beach,

Reggie Martin and Susan Moss.

They're hot, so
let's hear it for them,







I made a terrible
mistake, and I know it.

Please let me do
something right for a change.

All right.

Come on.



What a waste.




Hold it.


It's all my fault,
Rita. I'm sorry.

Your fault?

KRIS: Why don't
you explain later?

Might have time for one
last dance if you hurry.

Come on.



That's time, and that's great.


Who are you? It's over, Freddie.

All except for the last dance.

The last dance?

Open the mike. I'll
tell you what to say.


Now, ladies and gentlemen,

the couple you've
been waiting for:

Kenny and Rita.






I'm going home. I
want to thank you all.

We owe you a very great deal.

We're just happy
that Rita's all right.

What do you think
will happen to Kenny?

Don't worry. I think
the courts will go easy.

We'll see that he
has the best attorneys.

Bye-bye. Good luck. Bye-bye.



Hee-hee! Bosley,
what are you doing?

Well, I never liked that
recruiting bit, you know?

Gert here's gonna
give me a few pointers

so I can enjoy the action.

That's right. Put
some glide in his stride.

Show 'em your stuff. Go on.

Now? Yeah.








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