Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 6 - Caged Angel - full transcript

When some security respond to an alarm, they walk in on a robbery and shoot one of the robbers. The one who's shot is a woman who's suppose to be in prison. Her father hires Charlie to find out what happened. He claims she shouldn't have been in prison, it seems her ex promised he would send money for their child but didn't send anything and she wrote checks that were no good. He thinks someone in the prison forced her to join the robbery, it seems the guy she was dating worked at the place that was robbed. So one of the girls has to undercover in the prison as an inmate and Kris offers to be the one. And upon arriving, the big cheese sets her sights on her.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




Sounds like Mason
finished his route early.

Maybe we'll get out at
a decent hour tonight.

On the floor. Quick.


Let's go.

Stop or I'll shoot.


Mr. Nalon, how is
it that your daughter

could have been involved
in the Kenyon robbery

when she was a
prisoner at Calejo?

Well, the record
indicates that Amy was on

a pre-released furlough
at the time of the robbery.

Amy had nine weeks and
three days left to serve.

She was so excited
about seeing her little boy

on her first weekend out.

She had a child? Yeah, Freddie.

He's 3 years old.
He lives with me.

Where's the boy's father?

He, uh... He took off.

He... He left them.

Quite a while ago.

That's... That's why
Amy went to prison.

He kept saying he'd send her
the child support he owed her.

Poor kid, she just
kept writing checks.

The only thing
she had in the bank

was, uh, his promises.


Wish I'd known.

What did the police report show?

according to the guard

who was at the scene,

she was definitely
one of the gang.

They were all dressed alike
and all wearing ski masks.

No, no, no. Amy did
not go in that building

of her own choosing.

And I want her son to know that.

Now the Kenyon robbery

required specific
inside information.

Did Amy have any connection
with Kenyon security?

No, no, she was
checker at a supermarket.

Well, she certainly doesn't
look like the strong-arm type.

No, she doesn't.

But then what was
she doing there?

I-I'm sure the other
members of the gang

forced her to go with them.

BOSLEY: Mr. Nalon,
you know, uh, sometimes

things happen to
people in prison.

No, not Amy. No, she should
not have been put in prison,

it should have been
that no-good husband.

Charlie, I think the
answer lies behind

the gates of Calejo Prison.

I'm afraid I have to
agree with you, Kris.

So one of us goes inside?

It could very dangerous.

Don't forget, the
prison administration

could be involved.

That eliminates
any prior contact

with Calejo Prison officials.

If someone were to go
inside, she'd be on her own.

But, Charlie, couldn't
you set up a cover

that would be so tempting

that whoever was involved in
Amy's death couldn't resist it?

Yes, but he can't arrange
what happens inside.

Calejo may be minimum
security, but it's still a prison.

That's right, Angels, this
case will be far from routine.

Whoever goes in may
have a very hard time of it.

Okay, I'll do it.

Why don't we draw straws?

That won't be necessary.


Hey, foxy lady.

Things are looking up.

Welcome to Calejo Country Club.


You're the fifth transfer
we've had this month

due to overcrowded
facilities at County.

Actually, I volunteered.

I was hoping to get into
your work furlough program.

Well, we'll see.

Your record for the past six
months has been very good.

Thank you.

Kristine, you're
a lucky young girl.

There are many worse
institutions in this state

to spend your last months in.

Believe me, I know
that, Miss Ingram.

I just want to do my
time and get straight.

Well, come along, we'll
get you into orientation

and get you settled.


Mrs. Burton? Lily?

Yes, Mrs. Ingram?

This is Kristine Martin.

Miss Burton is your
correction counselor.

She'll see to your orientation
and to your work assignment.

Welcome to Calejo, Kristine.

Kris, please.

LILY: Kris it is then.

And you can call
me Lily, please.

Remember that the
next three months here

can be either a
moment or an eternity.

It's really up to you.

Yes, ma'am.

LILY: Did Warden Ingram give you

the "welcome to
the campus" speech?

It sounded a little more like
the dean of women's lecture

on the dangers of promiscuity.

Good, you've got
a sense of humor.

Sometimes you need it here.

Excuse me.

I see what you mean
about a sense of humor.

LILY: Sorry, not with Lonnie.

She sent a couple of
women to the infirmary

for laughing at her.

One of the unwritten rules?

Among others.

I'll try and fill you in,

but you'll probably
pick up pretty quickly.

Now, about your work assignment.

Oh, I hoping I'd get in your
pre-release furlough program.

Kristine, you gotta
be here for a while.

I have to get to
know you a little

before I can make a
recommendation. Oh.

What kind of work did
you hold on the outside?

Well, I worked in a
diamond brokerage office.

Ah, well, we can't exactly
place you there, can we?

And I worked in a
massage parlor. Oh, yeah?

It was a real massage
parlor. I'm a terrific masseuse.

Okay, okay. We
have physiotherapist

that comes in once a week,

maybe I can get you
assigned to the infirmary.

New chicken coming to the roost.

A young lady, Matron Wallace.

We're all ladies here
at Calejo, remember?

Okay, empty your pockets.

Drop your gear on the counter.

Leave your things with Agnes,

she'll catalogue them for
you and give you a receipt.

Big Aggie to my friends.

Head of ladies wear,
notions and fumigation.

Kris Martin. Fumigation?

A lot of stuff here.

You know, you're not
checking into the Biltmore.

Come on. This way.


Skin search in here, come on.

Oh, not again. Come on.
I just came from County.

Sorry, it's part
of the processing.

Come on.

Start shucking,
down to the pink.

Just pretend I'm your mama.


Nice girl.


I'd like to see
her stay that way.


Okay, open up your towel.


Come on. Wash it off.

And hurry it up.

You don't give away any good
times around here, do you?

Look, I'm here for three months

and it'd be easier if I knew
who was running the action.

You strip the bed when
you get up tomorrow,

and make sure
you leave this room

looking the same as it is now.

Lights out in 10 minutes.
Wait, just a couple of names.

I go into population tomorrow.

Look, sissy, you
don't talk, you listen.

Now, you're number's 52070.

The rest of the answers you
need you'll get soon enough.





Who is it?

Just settle back the way
you were, sweet thing.

Don't move, you won't get hurt.

Hey, what are you doing?

Whatever I want. Just
take it easy, chicken.

I'm calling the guard.

You'll call no one, you hear me?

I asked, did you hear me?

Take whatever you want.

That's better.

You see, I told you
we could be friends.


AGGIE: Go ahead, cry, girl.

That's why they put you in here.

So you get all your
crying done the first night.


You could be
doing a lot of crying

if you don't get right.

What do you want me to do?

A lot more than this.

It costs you here.

Tomorrow, when
you hit population,

you're gonna find
out just how much.

You understand?



You just might
make it here, chicken.





Chicky, this floor's
supposed to be finished.

Five minutes.

And watch where you're
walking, it's still wet.

Well, maybe she just
likes washing floors.

Hey, what are y...
What are you doing?

Whatever I want to.

I'm the monitor for this dorm.

Here, now get rid of it.

You made the
mess, you clean it up.

I guess we're just gonna
have to teach her a lesson.

Hey, take it easy, sweetheart.


I told you this one was mine.

You wanna argue?

We were just... Find
something to do. Now!

Come on.



Oh, don't thank me.

You nearly burnt it, chicken.

What was I supposed to do?
Look what they did to the floor.

No, you look, and remember.

I told you you gotta
pay your way in here.

You pay me, I protect you.

You've already taken everything.

My makeup, my money.


That's not everything.

Think about it.

If it's not me, it'll be them.

However and whenever they say.

You decide.

In the meantime, if I were you,

I'd get that floor cleaned up.


CHARLIE: Well, we can
scratch Amy's ex-husband.

Not only did he never
have any connection

with Kenyon Security,
but he's been in Reno

the past four
months. In traction.

It would have been simpler
if he had been involved.

I'll simplify it for you.

The Kenyon connection
was definitely Amy.

She probably knew that
place like the back of her hand.


After her divorce Amy
worked for a supermarket.

Well, it was serviced
by Kenyon Security.

And she was dating
one of its drivers.

He knew all anybody
needed to know to pull that job.

KELLY: Which
brings us back to Kris.

She's been inside
Calejo for three days

with no message at all.

Charlie, we thought you'd
arranged a contact for us.

I did, Kelly.

Maybe she hasn't
anything to report yet.

Or maybe things are tougher
inside Calejo than we thought.

Okay, move it. You keep working
on those stretching exercises

and I'll check that shoulder
out in about two weeks.

All right, next.

Miss Hutton, I think
there's been some mistake,

I'm not a patient.
I was sent here...

Up on the table.

You wanna learn massage,

you start from the business end.

Here. Here you go.


Hm. You're a stiff
as a board, girl.

Loosen it up.

I'll loosen it up if
you lighten it up.

Lighten it up? Charlie
says I have magic fingers.


Why didn't you tell me
you were my contact

before you cracked
my spine in half?

I'm telling you now, aren't I?

Listen, Charlie said to tell you

Amy Thomas did know
Kenyon Security well enough

to lay out that robbery.
You learn anything yet?

Not much. Except that the
warden doesn't know anything

that's going on
outside her office door.

There's an inmate here
named Agnes Kemp.

Nothing goes on that
she doesn't know about.

Mm. Sure, everybody
knows Big Aggie.

But she's gotta have help.

She just can't walk
out the front door.

Maybe it's somebody in
the administration or a guard.

Or the warden.

Whoever it is, Charlie says

there's enough information
planted in your file.

Whoever's looking for an
easy heist, like the Kenyon job,

will move on you
sooner or later.

Sooner or later. Great.

One of the things Charlie
says if it gets tough,

you can pull out.

Not yet.

I can handle it.




If crazy Lonnie keeps
that up she'll be able

to rip the gates open
with her bare hands.

Could take you head
off if she hears you.

What's the word on the chicken?

Oh, yeah.

Well, she's assigned
to physical therapy.

She got three months to do,

and her furlough application
looks like it'll be approved.

She's unmarried.

No children.

And she's got two years of
college. Can you believe that?

She worth money?

No, not directly, but she
was assistant manager

of the Van Dorian
Diamond Company on Sixth.

Does that ring a bell?

Hey, that's less than a
half hour's drive from here.


Wow, I like it already.

Yeah. Ha-ha-ha.

I don't know, with no kids

she may be tougher to
push than Amy Thomas.

She'll push.





What's going on?

What do you think you're doing?

Now, why would you do
a thing like that, chicken?

One thing we don't do
here is steal from each other.

Hey, Lonnie. Huh?

New chicky here lifted your
makeup kit from your bag.


Yeah, Lonnie, she
stole your makeup bag.

Wait a minute, I
didn't steal anything.

COLEY: You better
make her pay, Lonnie.

She'll be stealing from
all of us before you know.

That's wrong, Lonnie.

Please, I didn't take anything.

You ruined it.

No, they did.








I can't swim!

I can't...

I can't swim.

I can't swim.



Lift her out.

Rogers, break
that up immediately.

Yes, ma'am.

Move back! All right, come
on, break it up. Ten yards.

Move back, I said. Come on.

Bust this up. Party's over.

Looks like you bought
some real trouble, baby doll.

All right, isolation
for both of them.


You don't know how I regret
seeing you start this way, Kris.

Lonnie, that will mean a loss

of work furlough privileges.

Please, Ms. Burton.

It was my fault.

You're willing to
accept responsibility?

You know what that'll mean?

I said it was my fault.

Let her go.

All right, if that's
the way you want it.

That's the way it is.






You were pretty cute
out there today, chicken.

I didn't take Lonnie's makeup.

You lied. You had no right.

Still don't know the
ground rules, do you?





I got all the right.

I can see to it that you spend

all your time standing
right where you are now.

Or I could put the word out

that you ain't got no
one to protect you.


I wouldn't do that.

I'm not poor, dumb old Lonnie.

She thinks you're
something else,

that grandstand play you pulled.

Look, just leave me alone.

I just wanna do my time.
I don't want any trouble.

What do you mean? You
got trouble already, girl.

You could get your
face changed for you.

Or you could never leave Calejo.

Why are you doing this to me?

Maybe it's just
the way you look.


Just tell me what
you want me to do!


Your records say that you worked

for the Van Dorian
Diamond Company.

I don't see what that...

So you must know
their operation.

Alarms, floor plan,

and the combination to the safe.

How do you know all this?

I want a complete diagram.

The alarms, everything.

You understand?

Oh, what good is it
gonna do us in here?

Leave that to me.







Hey, you, Martin.

Lonnie, about the other day...

Look, I'm glad they let you out.

I'll try to find some way

of paying you back
for the makeup.

Hush, little girl.

You paid for it plenty
down there in that hole.

I, uh... I wanna thank you.

I haven't said that to
anybody for a long time.

Thanks for getting
me out of isolation.

I just didn't see any reason
for both of us to be there.

Just say "you're welcome."

I say "thank you," you
say "you're welcome."

You're welcome.


You know, that's, uh...

That's the problem in here.

Nobody, uh, knows
how to talk to anybody.

Huh. I didn't know it
was happening to me.

Doesn't start here.

If I could've talked,
really talked to my family,

I wouldn't be in here.

Do you know what I mean?

I think I do.

They didn't talk either.

It's just like in here.

Everybody's afraid.

Afraid they won't be
strong enough to, uh...


make it.

I'm strong.

Well, I made it.

How long you in for?

One more big one.

Listen to this, I stopped
my brother-in-law

from taking a tire
iron to my sister, heh.

They're back together
now. I'm in here.

You're a short-timer, huh?

Three months.


You get out, don't be afraid.

You see trouble coming,
you talk to somebody.


Don't let fear put
you back in here.

Thank you.


You're welcome.

Meantime, you got any problems,

you come to Lonnie.



You're late.

Figured isolation would've
taught you better than that.

I meant to talk to Miss Hutton.

She won't be here until Monday.

Well, can I use a phone?

No phone privileges for
a week following isolation.

I just need to ask her
a couple of questions.

Well, then, honey,

why don't you just get
your social secretary

to give her a ring, and you
just invite her over for tea.


Hey, chicky, you're
pretty good at this.


I swear Hutton's
out to break a rib

every time she goes after me.

Maybe I just don't
have the hang of it yet.

Oh, no.

You're doing fine.

Hey, over here. Over here.


Yeah, ha-ha.

Oh, that shoulder's
been bothering me.

You ought to try
scrubbing a few floors.

Might work the soreness out.

Hey, uh-uh.

Now, you can just forget
about those floors, all right?

That's passed.

Just as long as you
come up with a way

for us to get into
that diamond office.


You still don't understand.

No, I don't. I wish
somebody'd tell me.

Well, we will. When
the time comes.

Why don't you roll over?

I'll give you, uh, a facial.

It opens the pores.

Hey. Hutton never did this.

Keep your eyes closed.

You don't wanna let
the oil get in your eyes.


Hey, this feels funny.

Hey, you sure it's okay?

Well, it takes time to soak in.

Be sure not to open
your eyes. It'll burn.

are you doing in there?

You only got 10 minutes
to get this place clean.

I gotta lock up.

Yes, ma'am. I'm almost finished.

Hey. What are you doing?

Hurry and get dressed.

You heard her. I
have to clean up.

Hey, what's the rush?

Heh, I got enough
grease left on me

to lubricate a diesel.

Well, that's no problem.

Just, uh, blow your horn
and slide back to your cell.

they made contact.

It's a go.

I don't know the time.

You finished?

Yes, ma'am.

Okay, then let's move it.


What's the matter, Bos?

You look like you just
lost your best friend.

We may have.

Oh, not Kris.

Bosley, what's wrong?

Van Dorian Diamond Company.

The material Kris studied
before she went in to Calejo.

It's no good.

Well, that can't be.

It came directly from the owner.

Well, I just talked
with the manager.

They had a fire in the building

and they had to
re-wire the whole floor.

Security systems too?

BOSLEY: That's right.

And the way it's wired now,

Kris will be tripping alarms
all the way from the Valley

to the Parker Center.

She'll be dead before
she even reaches the safe.

Is that the schematic of
the new security system?


Well, we have to get it to her.

Problem is they monitor
all visitors at Calejo.

If we try to pass it to her,

it could blow the
show completely.

And maybe get her killed.

I say we pull her out now.

Not just yet, Angels.

There could possibly be a way.


Oh, Kris.

Yes, Miss Ingram?

Kris, I'd like you to
meet Sister Teresa

and Sister Maria.

KELLY: How do you do, Kris?

Hello, Kris.

We understand you'll
be leaving here soon.

INGRAM: Listen to them.

The sisters have
been very helpful

in our rehabilitation program.

Particularly with those
assigned to the furlough program.

The first day one finds
herself in the real world

can be especially traumatic.

What they say
is very true, Kris.

Well, I haven't been out
of circulation that long.

KELLY: Believe me, things
have changed on the outside,

we merely want to help
equip you to handle it.

Now, if you'll
read this, study it.

TIFFANY: After this environment,

many find scriptural
passages rather dry material.

It is said that the
tears of true inspiration

come from reading
between the lines.

Even the turn of a page.

I'm sure you'll find
this very comforting.

I'll read it very carefully.

Kris, we all make mistakes.

We desperately hope to
keep you from making another.

Thank you, sisters.

Those sound like
words to live by.

God be with you, my child.



Get dressed.
It's go for tonight.

But I thought... Don't
think, just move it.



How did you arrange for the car?

Didn't expect us
to walk, did you?

Here, put these on in the car.



AGGIE: You sure this is
the only external alarm?

I think so.

All right, let's go.

You better be right.



What's the matter?

I don't know. It's
been a long time.

Maybe they changed
the combinations.

Combination nothing.
You said you could open it.

You open it now.

You don't open it,
we leave you here.

I was making my final rounds

and I found this in a
hamper in the showers.

Somebody obviously
doesn't understand

what the sisters
are trying to do.

I'll, uh... I'll look into it.

Good. Good night.

Good night. Thanks.



Must be over $100,000
here, just in cash.

Do you have any idea what
these diamonds are worth?

Just shut up and count it later.

How'd you like that, chicky?






Van Dorian Diamonds
was hit tonight.


Wait, it couldn't...
Couldn't be.

Kris hasn't gotten her
first furlough date yet.

All the more reason to
get her out of there now.

But it's nearly
2:00. How do I...?

You call Tiffany.

I'll have Bosley meet
you at the prison.

Do whatever you have to do.

We can't wait, not now.

All right, Charlie.
I'm on my way.


Hurry up, give me those bags.

You don't mind, I'll
take my share now.

Uh-uh. Yours goes
right along with ours.

Tomorrow this goes
out the gate to a fence.

Then out to a Mexican bank
collecting interest every day,

until we all get out of here.

Then we split it up five ways.

Five ways? Who
gets the other share?

We took all the risks.

LILY: She's right.

It's only a four-way cut.

She set you up, Aggie.

These diagrams come
directly from the files

of the diamond company.

W-Wait a minute, I can explain.

Sure you can.


Get rid of her, Aggie.

My pleasure.


Take that side. She's
headed for the barracks.

Keep it quiet.
She belongs to me.

Help me! Please,
somebody help me!

It's Big Aggie and
Coley and Singer.

Lonnie, you gotta hide me!

Not gonna get any
help in here. Come on!


They're headed
toward the power plant.

Keep after 'em.

I'll cut 'em off.

Aah! In here.


It's no good. It's
locked from the outside.

Come on!


I'm sorry I got you into this.

Lonnie. Crazy Lonnie?

This ain't your trouble.
You come on out.

All we want is the chicken.



Over here, Singer.

I still don't understand
what made you think

that you could circumvent
prison administration.

Mrs. Ingram. I'm
glad you're here.

I sent for Kris Martin
as soon as you called.

What's the matter?

She's not here. I checked.

It seems she got hold
of one of those, um,

furlough authorizations.

Is that so? Very convenient.

But then, of course,
you won't mind

if we speak to Big Aggie.

Uh, Agnes Kemp I believe
Miss Hutton said the name was.

Well, Lily?




Are you all right?

I'm okay.

KELLY: Kris!

Over here.

Thank goodness you're all right.

Hello, sisters.

Welcome to Calejo Country Club.



Angels, you did a fine job.

Especially Kris.

Thanks to sisters
Teresa and Maria.

I mean it, you guys. Thank you.

You're welcome, my child.

You'll be pleased to
hear that the total reward

from Kenyon Security
and the other firms

who've been hit by the gang

was considerably more
than enough to pay our fee.

Doesn't seem right, Charlie.

Making a windfall
profit on a case like this.

My sentiments exactly, Tiffany.

That's why I used
the excess funds

to set up a small trust
fund for Amy's son.

Oh, Charlie.
That's a terrific idea.

Trust fund may be small now,

but by the time he's
ready for college,

it should be big enough
to see him through

medical school, law school.

What's wrong, Kris?

Oh, nothing. Oh, I
think that's wonderful.

But, uh... But
you're worried about

what's going to
happen to Lonnie.


Isn't there some way
we can put pressure

on the prison commission?

Get them to do
something for her?

Kris, you can't expect Charlie

to be influential
in every situation.

I'm afraid this is one time

where all the
influence in the world

wouldn't have done any good.

Fact is, her actions said
all that was necessary.



Ah, oh!

They let me out early.

Oh, I didn't have a
chance to thank you.

You don't have to.

Thanks to you, I'm free.

Thanks to you, I'm alive.

BOTH: You're welcome.





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