Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 5 - Fallen Angel - full transcript

The Angels are hired to catch Damien 'Ice Cat' Roth, a millionaire playboy/jewel thief, who also happens to be in love with former Angel Jill Munroe.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned... [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.






What do you mean there seems
to be a mix-up in the reservations?



All right, I'll be right down.


Which one do you like best?

I don't believe this.

Someone told the
desk we're leaving.

They've already rented
out our suite for the night.

I'll have to go down
there and straighten it out.

Yes, dear. Oh, darling,

would you mind being somewhat
ready by the time I get back?

Yes, dear.

Thank you.





Arthur, there aren't
any towels in here.

Arthur, are you there?


Which dress do you like best?

Help me decide.

What are you doing?

You haven't done
that in a long time.

Now, let me dry off.

I'll be right out.






BOSLEY: This is the man.

His name is Damien Roth.

Travels in all
the right circles,

international jet
set and the like,

and, interestingly enough,
he is the well-heeled heir

to several fortunes.

I've heard of him.

He was a polo champion
a couple of years back.

I've seen him in
the society pages.

He sails, he races... That's it.

Racing. I have seen him race.

SPEAKER]: You're all correct.

Mr. Roth is a man with
James Bondian tastes,

means and charm.

Also known to be an
extraordinary jewel thief.

He actually socializes

with the very people
he steals from.

He always works in the daytime
with lots of people around,

and he has never been caught.

In fact, no one in the jet set

would even dream
of accusing him.

Some people vulgarly
refer to him as the Ice Cat.


BOSLEY: Ah, most definitely.

Although in the
past couple of years,

he has branched out to
emeralds and rubies as well.

Oh, nice hard assets.


Our client, Michael Leone,

will be arriving here
in a couple of days

with his cousin, Carla
Leone, the opera star.

Oh, I know her, I
saw her in Milan.

She's terrific. Very Italian.


Yes. Carla will be
singing La Traviata here.

And sporting an expensive gift

from a very devoted fan,

the Blue Heron diamond,
which she intends to wear

during performance
for publicity's sake.

Blue Heron. I'm very impressed.

Mmm, and the perfect
target for our Mr. Roth.


It is. It's just too tempting
for him to pass up.

And Carla doesn't seem worried,

but Michael is.

He wants her and
the stone protected.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Roth
showed up here in town

just last week.

He carries a British passport,
but he happens to own

half a dozen houses or
condos around the world.

As a matter of fact, one
of them is in the marina.


We know who the suspect is.

And we know what he's after.

So, what's the catch?

Roth is the catch, Angels.

He's extremely self-contained,
practically impregnable,

and I have heard that he's
impervious to feminine wiles.

Mmm. Ahem.

That sounds like a challenge.

Well, it's certainly
not a piece of cake.

Well, you know the
old expression, Charlie:

"Something for everyone."





Heh! Was it something I said?

Oh, sorry. You caught me
wrestling with a leaky faucet.

Are you the manager?

No, the owner. Oh.

And you've come
about the rental, right?


Fine. Just give me a second.

It's round the corner.


I'll take it.

Excuse me for asking this,

but, uh, didn't you use
to live in San Francisco?


Well, I could swear I saw you
at the Bay Yacht Club there.

You sail, don't you?

A little. When would
you like to move in?

Hmm... Tomorrow, I think.

I can give you a
check right now.

Fine. I'll need first
and last plus deposit.


I'm really actually a
sailing buff, you know.

Haven't been
sailing in a long time.

You still keeping it up?

I have some friends
who own a boat

that live a couple
of doors down.

I can introduce
you, if you like.

Oh, well, I was hoping that
we could go sailing together.

As I recall, your boat
up north was fabulous.

Yes, she's a beauty.

she's still up north.



Ah. Here he comes.

Okay. Wish me luck.

Oh. Mr. Roth.

Could you break
stride long enough

to give me a couple
of minutes of your time?

Ah, thank you.

I'm Allison Beckwith,
I'm a freelance writer.

I'm doing research for a book
on heirs to famous fortunes.

You are the Damien Roth,

the Merchant Banking
Roth of London?

Women shouldn't wear
tennis shoes to jog in.

They don't give
you enough support.

I'd give anything
to interview you.

For jogging on the beach?

It only took me three
months and two countries

to get close enough to ask.

I'm very flattered, but
I don't give interviews.

Well, my blanket's
right over there,

and I have a tape recorder
and a slew of questions.

I'm sorry, but the answer's no.

But your life is fascinating.

I mean, you're a...
A world traveler,

a hobbyist, a sportsman.

And sometimes an
artist, but also, you see,

I'm a recluse.


Is he good?

I think so.

You don't own
this place, do you?

No, he does.

Well, I, uh, have a new
car here that I really like,

and I'm thinking of
putting in a turbocharger.

Why don't you talk to Klaus once
he's finished with my tune-up?

Well, which do
you think is better?

A turbocharger will
give you more thrust.

Is it worth it?

Depends on how
fast you want to go.


The trouble is, I don't
know how my car'll drive

once it's installed.

Um, you don't suppose I could
drive your car a couple blocks

just to get the feel of
all that power, do you?

I don't drive
anybody else's car,

and nobody else drives mine.

Well, I've just kind of gotten
interested in sports cars,

and I wanna learn
all I can about them.

Then I have a suggestion:

Be quiet, watch Klaus,

and you'll learn
something. Excuse me.



Charlie was right. This
isn't gonna be easy.

TIFFANY: I just talked to Kris.

She's getting set up at
her apartment, at least.

After he left you, he spent
two hours in a health food store

talking about the
merits of potassium.

Sounds exciting.

I think we're gonna have to
rely on wit instead of wiles.

Uh, gotta go, he's
turning off the road.





Stop, I can't keep
up with you yet.

ROTH: You move like a cat.

Now you've got to
learn to move like a tiger.

WOMAN: I'll never
be a match for you.

Oof! But I'll be close.




This man is impossible.

He has absolutely no vices.

He doesn't drink,
he doesn't gamble,

and he sure doesn't
carouse with women. Nothing.

And every time he
leaves the house,

he goes jogging, or to the
health food store for groceries,

or he goes to wok
out at the gym,

and he sees nobody.


TIFFANY: Hi there.

What's wrong? You,
uh, seem a little shook up.

I am.

What's the matter, Kel?

I saw Jill today.

Where? She's
supposed to be in Spain.

Is she okay?

I saw her with Damien Roth.

I followed him to a
martial arts studio,

and Jill was there
waiting for him.

From what I saw,
they were, uh...

Well, you know. Heh!

I don't believe it.

When's the last time
you heard from Jill?

A month ago.

She wrote me from Belgium,

and, uh, it was just
after the Grand Prix,

and there were
headlines all over Europe.

She went to the
Grand Prix, of course.

And so she sent me this
little clipping and a note,

and she did say that
she had met someone,

very special.

But it couldn't be Damien Roth.

Are you positive it was Jill?

I couldn't believe it, either.

I called Charlie, he
did some checking.

Damien Roth does drive in
races, apparently he's a bigger fan.

He was in Belgium also.

He and Jill were seen together
at least a half a dozen times

after the race. Well,
now, wait a minute.

Maybe she doesn't
know who he is.

We didn't until Charlie told us.

It just doesn't make
any sense, I mean,

she wouldn't do that, you know?

She... She would
have called or written.

I mean, she just
wouldn't have come home

without letting me know.

Well, it sounds to me
like she's in trouble.

Or hiding something.


I mean...

Kris. Kris!



You're a brilliant student.

Thank you, Master Roth.

You know, I've suddenly realized

I don't like you out of
my sight for a second.

Let's give it more time.

I'm impatient.

You're the very first
woman I've let into my life.

For years.

I find that hard to believe.

Everywhere you go, you're
constantly surrounded by women.

Those are girls, not women.

Well, when I was younger,
and a lot more idealistic,

I... I thought I'd fallen in
love a couple of times, but...


The most important
things to them were always

the least important to me.

You expect a lot from a woman.

Yes. I do.

And you're very rare, Jill.

You're not only beautiful,
you are intelligent

and daring.

You demand the
best from yourself.

I really believe I
can share with you.

I want you to always be with me.

In everything,
whatever the challenge.


Do you still want me to pick
up Michael at the airport?


Why don't you
come along with me?

I think he likes you,
kind of looks up to you

like a big brother.

No, I think he was rather more
interested in you than in me.

No, you go along,
fan the flames a little.

I don't like pretending I'm
available to another man.

That's another reason
why I care so deeply for you.

But you will do it.

For me.

I'll do it for us.






Oh, late?

Oh, I didn't even
expect to see you here.

What a wonderful surprise.

Jill Munroe, I'd like you to
meet my cousin, Carla Leone.

Hello. How are you?

Nice to see you.

Oh. Forgive me for staring.

It's so beautiful.

I know. Thank you.

Well, I brought along
a little toy to show you.

Oh. Carla, do you mind?



I know I was gonna
take you home, but...


But go on. What
I really want now

is a hot bath and a long nap.

Oh, don't forget,
the party starts at 5.

Oh. Okay?

Ciao. Ciao.

You don't mind if we
take the scenic route?

Are you kidding?




There's hardly any,
uh, traffic on the street.

Let's see what it can do.

You're crazy.


Okay. You asked for it. Hold on.

Jill, what are you doing?



Oh, you're magnificent.



You're sensational.



So you know, once I
was singing La Traviata,

and I was all tied up...
Excuse me, Miss Carla.

Excuse me, I hate to interrupt,

but there's someone
I'd like you to meet.

Well, yeah, of
course. Excuse us.

Carla, dear,

I want you to meet a
sort of friend of mine

who may be as famous as you are.

This is Damien Roth.

It's a very great honor.


Oh, you'd better watch out.

I've heard he
lives a secret life

as the infamous Ice Cat.

Ha-ha-ha! Michael
so adores gossip.

What do you really do, Mr. Roth?

The usual. I... I
travel a good deal,

sail when I can, collect art.

I have a penchant
for racing cars,

and of course, I love the opera.

We're looking forward
to hearing you sing.

Thank you, that's nice.

Well, I love Carla, but please,

let's not have any
talk about music.

Well, then let's
get back to cars.

Show us your famous collection.

I thought you'd never ask.

Will you come along?

No, cars just bore
me. Thank you.



What sort of wood
is that on the dash?

That's burl pecan.

Can't get that
anywhere these days.

I'd rather have one of these

than Carla's Blue Heron any day.

Aren't you the least bit worried

about Carla wearing
it out in the open?

I am, but she isn't.

Well, if I were a thief,

she'd certainly be a
most attractive target.

If I were you, I'd hire a
couple of bodyguards.

Or get a good safe.

Well, she claims to have
a fail-safe way of guarding.


Well, she won't
tell me how it works.


I think they're
all a little nuts.

Ah, but the world needs them

to remind us all of
our forgotten ideals.

Well, I've got my cars.

And I've got all the
money I could ever use.

Who needs ideals?

Who indeed?

Pardon me, Miss
Munroe? Oh. Thank you.

Uh, would you two excuse me?

Of course.

Well, Michael, my friend...

Kris, you look great.

I've been meaning to call you...

What's the matter?

What are you doing here?

I could ask you
the same question.

Michael Leone is a client.


How did you get mixed
up with Damien Roth?

I told you in my last
letter I met someone.

Do you know Damien? Yeah.

I know all about him.

What are you talking about?

He's a bigtime jewel thief.

He's out there casing Carla
Leone's diamond right now.

That's what Charlie thinks.


Look, I've been
seeing him for months.

Charlie's wrong.

Have you ever known
Charlie to be wrong?

I've never known
Charlie. Have you?

Jill, you're not that dumb.

Kris, I love you.

You're my sister.

Please back off. Back off?

When he had you out there
setting up his mark for him?

I'm not that dumb either.

I've been following you.

Been following me?

How can you do that?
Do you think I wanted to?

Well, stop it. I can't.

Damien's not what you think.

He's poison, Jill.

He's gonna ruin your life.

Well, it's my life.

I can't live it your way.

I have my own needs. I
happen to think he's exciting.

I think he's brilliant.

And you two are going to
be just terrific behind bars.

You wanna talk about poison?
I'll tell you what poison is.

It's someone sneaking
around behind your back

when they're not wanted
and they're not invited.




Don't worry.

Your sister will
come around in time.

How did you know who she was?

Darling, I've known all about
you from the very beginning.

All about me?


I didn't want to tell
you because, uh,

I was afraid you'd think
I was spying on you.

The thought did cross my mind.

At first.

What about now?

You defended me to your sister.

I felt like she betrayed me.

She tried to force me to
pick between you and her.

I mean that wasn't right.

I said some
terrible things to her.

I feel awful.

And I thought I was the
only one left in the world

who understood loyalty.

You're part of me now.

In everything, even the
Blue Heron if you like.

You know I don't
care about diamonds.

But I'll go along
to be with you.

Not the least bit
interested in the challenge?

Well, maybe.

The pirate and
his beautiful lady.

You know,

I always thought I was a
man born out of my time,

or maybe once I... I really
did live that way. In another life.

Free on the open sea,
bound by no monarch.

I never quite got over it.

You've given yourself away.

You're no pirate.
You're a romantic.


But you know I'd
never steal anything

from a working man or woman.

Wait a minute.

You're not gonna tell me
you did it all for the poor.

Well, some of it.


Of course I'm with you.


There's his car. Listen,
Jill doesn't know me.

Why don't I go to the rehearsal

and see what they're
up to, huh? Good idea.

Oh, listen, uh,
while you're there,

see if you can
pick up a schedule

of the performances
and the rehearsals.

Why not?

I can't have that guard
looking down my dress

every time I step
out into the wings

or I have to make
a costume change.

If you don't take precautions
and the diamond is stolen,

I seriously doubt if the
insurance company will pay off.

If, if, if. I told you. No one is
going to get near my necklace

but me, and do you know,
the only time I don't wear it

is during the dress
rehearsal or performing.

Carla, you're impossible.

Ha-ha! And you are sweet.


My cousin, the prima donna.

I hope those are for me.

I hope we're not
interrupting. No.

I'm sorry, we didn't
mean to bother you,

but, you know, I'm just
a kid around the theater.

These are heavenly. Thank you.

Oh, why don't you, uh, let
us put them in water for you?

Do you have any vases
in your dressing room?

Oh, several of them, yes.


My hairdresser
will take care of this.

How do you move in this
dress? It looks so heavy.

Oh, it is. Are you two coming
to the opening tomorrow night?

We wouldn't miss
it for the world.

Oh, excuse me.

How do you like it?

Oh, you are a genius.

That other one looked
like rats slept in it.

Now we really are intruding,

and I don't want to make
an enemy of the star.

I'd wish you luck,

but those blessed by
the gods don't need it.

We are having opening night
party after the performance.

I'll be terribly hurt if
you two don't attend.

Of course we'll be there.

I'll be very pleased.

Ciao. Ciao.

Bye-bye. Ciao.

I'm going to set up
all your major changes

in there, love, all right? Okay.

We'll have to find out where
they're holding that party.

It's at the house.
How do you know?

Michael told me.

You're wonderful.


Will it be at the party, then?

Don't be anxious. This is
an art. A military problem.

Everything has to
be weighed, sorted

and balanced just perfectly.

That's why I've
never been caught.


Ah, it's not as
easy as it looks.

No, but you're strong enough.
I was worried about that.

I should know by now you can
do anything you put your mind to.


You know, I can
tell I'm gonna be stiff.

Why don't I take a
Jacuzzi and a hot shower

and I'll come see you
later? No, not tonight.

We both need our sleep tonight.

You haven't told me
anything, Damian.

Don't you trust me?
Of course I trust you.

I just haven't
decided anything yet.

Tell you what, call me later.

You know I will. Okay.



Stop following me around.

It's not doing any
of us any good.

What do you want us to do,

just turn our backs
and walk away?

What are you talking about?

I just wanna live my
own life my own way.

Jill, don't you think this
has gone far enough?

What's going on? You've
gotta tell me the truth.

There's this guy, Damien
Roth, I think you've heard of him.

I love him.

We used to be so close.

We used to respect
each other's privacy too.

Jill, what's happening to you?

I'll tell you what's
happening to me.

I'm feeling pressured by
people I thought were my friends.

I don't like it.

Do you really know Damien Roth?

Oh, give me a break.

How do you every know if
you really know someone?

I thought I knew you and Kris.

Okay, let's say you don't give a
damn about what happens to you.

Great, let's say that.
Well, what about Kris?

Do you know what
this is doing to her?

I'm not responsible
for Kris anymore.

Why don't you just get
the hell out of my life?

I'd be happy to.
Whoever you are.




I have to talk to you.

No, I'm not okay.

I don't know if I can
go through with this.





You all right?


Look, if you have any
doubts at all, I need to know.

No, I... I sorted it out
last night. I'm okay.


Then we go.



CHARLIE: Angels, I just
had a call from our client.

Michael Leone. He's anxious
to hear a progress report.

It looks like we failed so far.

Well, right now I'm more
concerned about you, Angels.

And Jill.

I'm afraid we've
lost her, Charlie.

I'd say for good.

I just hope we can come
out of this depression soon.


Kris, are you all right?

Oh, I'm holding together.

I, uh, just left Mr. Roth
with an empty condominium.

Now, Kris, if you want to, why
don't you take a few days off?

On me.

You've been through quite
an ordeal the past few days.

No, thanks, Charlie.

I'd rather stay
close to my family.

So, what's up? What's next?

Jill is in on the job.
BOSLEY: I'm a little puzzled.

Carla and Wilson don't seem
to spend much time at the house.

What about the theater?

Well, we've thought about that.

But Roth's MO is that
he works during the day.

And they had the dress
rehearsal last night.

And they haven't
scheduled any matinées.

You're right. But I checked
with a friend of mine

who belongs to the
founders of the opera.

It seems things
went badly last night.

So they're holding an extra
dress rehearsal this afternoon.

Just for the cast.

Then we better get over
there and stay close to Carla.

For now, that
seems our best bet.

But, uh, Kris. No
one expects you to go.

I came in to work, Charlie.

But if, uh, Jill is with Roth...

Then I wanna be there.




Oh, boy.

I never knew an opera could
be such a long, drawn-out affair.

Bosley, maybe Charlie
was wrong about Damien.

I mean, maybe he's not even
interested in the Blue Heron.

Well, as long as the
diamond's onstage,

I don't think we have
anything to worry about.


In exactly three minutes,
Carla has to be changed

at the end of the first act,

wearing a different wig
and without the jewel.

We have five minutes
to get in and out.

That only allows us
five and a half minutes.

Then she'll rush back
to the dressing room

to change for the next scene,

in which she wears the diamond.

How'd you find out all that?

I saw the performance
in Milan and timed it.

Come on.


Okay, act two,
change, everybody.

Now, come on, let's see if
we can get this right this time.


You all right?

It's too tight up here.

Don't worry,
I'll fix it for you.

Come on. Can you do something?

That's right. Because
I just can't sing.

Do I look like a country girl?

My dear, I can
almost smell the barn.

Oh, make a path for
me. I'll be out in a minute.

Okay. Very quickly.

Lock the door.






Damien, don't even try it.


It's not worth it.

Carla's not wearing
the diamond. She's not?

She never told us she'd take
it off during her performance.

Maybe her dresser has it.

I'll go find Kelly. Okay.


We only have 15 seconds.

Leave it.


Unlock the door.


Hello. What are you
doing in my room?

Oh, no.

But... I don't understand.

Nobody but me has ever been
able to get near Mephistopheles.

Bosley, the roof.

BOSLEY: Excuse me.

That's terrible.

Well done. Now we
really have to move fast.



Why didn't you put all
those brains to a better use?

Oh, no.

Not you, Jill.

I trusted you.

I love you, Jill.

You love a romantic image.

A pirate and his lady.

A heroine you created
in your own mind.

Somehow, I almost
conformed with that image.


Because someone had to stop you.

This isn't a game.



How are you going to stop me?

Hold it.

Oh, well.

Back to the snake.

You were wrong, Jill.

You didn't just
conform to an image.

You really are a pirate's lady.



KRIS: Ah, thank you.

CHARLIE: You see, Angels, Jill
had been working on Roth for months.

The race in Belgium was
where it all came together.

I'm sorry, but I promised
Jill I wouldn't tell you.

Well, I don't want you all

to worry about
striking out with Damien

because... I did too,
the first six times.


I do have to say
he's very strict.

Oh, but deceiving my
own sister, all of you,

is the hardest thing
Charlie ever asked me to do.

You know, I wish you could
have given us just the smallest hint

of what was going on.

Well, we wanted to, but...

The better I got to know him,

the more I knew
he'd see through us.

I believe you.

So our conflict had
to be a real conflict.

Oh, very real.

I almost couldn't
go through with it.

That's right. Jill
called me last night,

ready to pull out.

But where did Michael, Carla

and the Blue Heron
diamond come in?

That was my double indemnity.

You see, I knew
Michael's father well,

so it wasn't hard to
get him to cooperate.

And knowing Damien's MO...

That's right, Tiffany.
The situation was perfect.

I knew Damien Roth
could never resist.

Well, the important thing is
we're all back together again.


Kelly didn't have to tell me
what I was putting you through.

I knew, but she did a
really heavy job of it.

Ha-ha! I'm sorry.

I'm the one who's sorry

for all the pain I caused
you, for the doubts you all had.

I really wouldn't
hurt any of you.


For anything. Especially you.

Well, to be very honest,

I thought for a while
there I'd lost you.

So you know what?
Let's not do this again.

Okay? Let's not.