Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 3 - Avenging Angel - full transcript

Frank Desmond is released from prison and proceeds to revenge himself on his jailer, Kelly Garrett, by injecting her with heroine. This leads the men he stole the drugs from to think Desmond and Kelly are partners in crime.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned... [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



Welcome home, Desmond.

Do we move him on now?


Not until we are
certain he can lead us

to our 2 million in heroin.

Lost a little weight, Frank.


I feel, uh, not good.

It was bad, huh?

It was bad.

I-I felt so helpless out here,

waiting month to month,

nothing I could do for you.

They caught me
one day... A guard.

Taking a fix.

So they put me on
solitary for a week.

Eddie, I-I-I felt apart.

They put me in the infirmary.

They put me in a straightjacket.

There was no methadone,

there was nothing to
help me come down,

there was nothing
that... I was gonna die.

I did die.

I-I walk around, but I'm dead.

Come on, get in.

You're gonna be all
right now, you hear?

Let's go.

You're gonna be okay.

Now, here's what we'll
do. We'll get the kilos.

We'll pick 'em
up, we'll sell 'em,

we go to Mexico,
you lay in the sun.

Sure. We go to Mexico
and lay in the sun.

After we even up,
after we settle the score.

That picture.

Did you get it?



Frank, why bother? Forget her.

The important thing is
for you to get well, huh?

I only saw her a
moment during the trial.

She was wearing
some kind of uniform.

It's important,
Eddie. The same girl?

EDDIE: Yeah.


Yeah, she's not in
the force anymore.

She's working as a private
investigator for an agency,

the Townsend Agency.

Everything's set up?

Just like you asked, I
studied all her moves.

And I got you set up with a job.

But, Frank, I'm begging
you. Please, forget her.

Let's go get the
stash right now, fast,

get outta here before
Thurgood and Sims figure it out

and try to stop us.




I've waited four
years for Kelly Garrett.

Four bad years Now she's mine.

She is mine.


KELLY: Hi, Guido.

Hi. I see you're going
home a little early today.

Oh, yeah. I'm tired.

I worked a little
late last night.

Well, too much work and no
play, eventually you will pay.

Oh, Guido, you're a poet.


Oh, afternoon, Miss Garrett.

Hi, Eddie. You see that, boss?

Been here only a week, already
she calls me by my first name.

Now, that is class.

By the way, the stew
is very good today.

Oh, no, thank you. Just coffee.


Your stomach is a little upset?

This one's for her.

GUIDO: Let me fix
you a nice tomato juice,

with Tabasco sauce and
a couple of raw eggs, huh?

Guido, if you love me,
don't mention raw eggs.

Just want to make
it better for you.

Oh, I know, I know. You
worry, you fix, you help.

You pick up stray
cats and people.

Like another new dishwasher.

My regular man didn't
show up this morning.

Eddie found him.

Oh. Hi. Welcome to the fold.

Hang in. You got
a good thing going.

He's a tower of Jell-O.

GUIDO: It's not true. A
compassionate man such as myself

is a tower of strength.


It's her, isn't it?
The Garrett girl.

Yes, I believe it is.

The three of them
in one place together.

Rather a large
coincidence, isn't it?



Too large a coincidence.





She'll be totally under by now.

This thing, you sure it'll work?

It should, Frank.

I had it made three months ago

when she was on vacation.


They have a key
to Garrett's house.

Which means her
being at the restaurant

where Desmond works
was not a coincidence.

So we move on Desmond now?


First, you move on Miss Garrett.









Oh, hi, Kris.

Oh, yeah, I know. I overslept.

Kelly, you sound
a little ragged.

Yeah, I-I was just
about to call Bosley

and ask for the day off.

Mm. Bad timing.

He made an appointment
for you for about 11:00.

Oh, well, that's okay.

Ah, perhaps I'll feel sharper

if I, uh, get out and
move around a little.

You sure you feel up to it?

Yeah. I-I think I have
a cold coming on,

so why don't you open
some orange juice,

and I'll be there
in half an hour?

You got it. Bye-bye.

Alrighty. Bye.





Kelly, there you are.

Hi, I'm sorry I'm late.

It's all right. Here, have
a big shot of vitamin C.

It'll make you feel better.

Ah, thank you.

You do look a bit peaked.

Only because I am.

Peaked, but here
for duty nonetheless.

Kelly, uh, this is Mr. Sims.
He's anxious to talk with you.

Hello. Miss Garrett, isn't it?



KELLY: Mr. Sims is it?

SIMS: Yes, Harold Sims.

Oh, how can I help you?

I'm an attorney Miss Garrett.

One of my clients is a man
named Joseph Thurgood.

Thurgood. That name
sounds vaguely familiar.

Yes, it should, uh,
Mr. Thurgood was involved

in a narcotics trial
four years ago.

You operated as the
undercover officer on the case.

Do you recall any of
the details on the case?

A-as I recall, uh,

Mr. Thurgood owned
an import company

and, uh, a drug ring
was using his company

to bring heroin
into the country.

Of course, Mr. Thurgood
wasn't aware

that his company was
being used illegally.

Oh, right. That was all
cleared up during the trial.

One of his employees
was responsible.

I can't remember the name.

SIMS: Desmond.

Frank Desmond?
He went to prison.

Oh, yeah, right. Desmond.

SIMS: At any rate... [SIGHS]

Mr. Thurgood's contemplating

the expansion of
his import business.

we're encountering

a lot of licensing
trouble with other nations

because of the
company's involvement

in that narcotics trial.

Well, how can I help?

Well, you were
the arresting officer.

You were one of the
prosecution's chief witnesses.

We thought, perhaps,
a letter from you

on Mr. Thurgood's behalf
would expedite this matter.

Actually, to make
it simpler for you,

I've indicated just the
points I'd like covered.

I hate to impose
on you like this,

especially when
you're not feeling well.

I'll be all right.

I'll look this over tonight.

Well, good. I'll
contact you tomorrow.

Meantime, you take
good care of that cold.

Thank you. Sure.

Nice meeting you.
Nice meeting you.

Ladies. Goodbye.



Honey, I'm real
worried about you.

Me too.

No, I-I just need some rest.

Okay, then why don't
you just take the day off,

go home and on your way

stop by Guido's dinner
and pick up your wallet.

My wallet?

Yeah, someone called here

and said you left
it there last night.

So why don't you just
stop by and pick it up

and then go home, go to bed.


BOSLEY: And I'll ring
you in the morning.




Hey, don't you want this? What?

Oh, yeah.

Feel better, huh?


are you telling me

the Garrett girl was high?

I'm telling you she
didn't have a cold.

I've seen enough
users to know that.

Did she buy that story

about expanding
Thurgood Imports?

I think so, but I don't think

we'll get any
information out of her.

Why not? Well,
look at it like this.

If she is a user,
then I think it confirms

what we suspected
these past four years.

There was somebody on this
end that stole those two kilos.

Are you saying it was her?

Her and Desmond.

She was the arresting officer.

She had the details,
she had the access,

then shortly after the
trial, she leaves the force.

And now, the minute
Desmond gets out of prison,

we see the two of 'em together.




You still don't
feel so good, eh?

Right. And you, uh,

came back for your wallet.

Ahem. Right again.

And I thought you
came back for my coffee.

Oh, no, thank you. Not today.

But it's one of my better brews.

I knew you were coming. I
made it especially for you.

You won't cry if I pass?

I might.



I found your wallet when I
was cleaning up last night.

It was out in the parking lot.

You must have dropped it
when you were going to your car.

I put it down here
somewhere for safekeeping.

I swear I put my
wallet in my purse

when I left here yesterday.

I must be going crazy. Ah.

You should have taken my offer.

Tomato juice, Tabasco
sauce and two raw eggs.



Not one of my better brews?

Just not one of my better days.

Oh, thanks for
finding my wallet.

Oh, no, no, no.
It's on the house.

Oh, you're a dear.
Thank you, Guido.

See you later.


KELLY: Hello?
This is Kelly Garrett.

Is the doctor in?

I'm sorry. He's not.

Oh. Uh, could I see
him tomorrow morning?

Could you tell me what's wrong?

I don't know. The flu maybe.

Well, doctor can see you at 10.

Okay, 10:00 tomorrow
morning. Thank you.






I don't like it. Taking
Garrett in broad daylight?

Well, you heard
what Terrence said.

Desmond was with
her again last night.

She is involved.

And we've got to find out now,

before she disappears

with $2 million
worth of our heroin.



[CLICKS] Kelly? Bos.

Oh, hi, Bos.

Oh, you still sound
a little ragged.

Oh, yeah, I...

I think I need to see a doctor.

Didn't you make an appointment
to see the doctor this morning?

Oh. That's right. I... I did.

It was for 10:00.

Oh, I-I forgot.

Oh, how did you know about that?

BOSLEY: He called here.


Wait just a minute.


Kelly, are you there?

Well, Miss Garrett.

Nice to see you.
How are you today?


I'm all right.

What are you doing here?

I'd like to talk to you.

KELLY: About what?

SIMS: A matter we discussed.
Somebody's with her.

I thought I heard the doorbell.

KELLY: Why did you come
here? SIMS: It's urgent.

We'd like you to come
with us. Who's voice is that?

Oh, I can't. I-I've got an
appointment and I'm late.

I'm afraid we'll
have to insist, then.





What the devil
is going on there?

I don't know. I think we better
go over there and find out.



Ah! Who are you?
What are you doing?

Please, Miss Garrett, let's not
waste time with word games.

You stole two kilos of
heroin that belong to us.

That's a street
value of $2 million.

We want it returned.


I don't know anything
about any heroin.

You're obviously a user.

And that denial makes
you appear quite stupid.

I-I don't know what
you're talking about.

I've never used...

Look, I'm sick and I
need to see a doctor.

She must have fixed.

We won't get any answers
until we bring her down.

Let get her to the warehouse.






Oh, no. Bosley. She's not here.

Okay, she's
obviously been taken.

Where do we start looking?

I don't know. You got any ideas?

We're not working on any case.

I mean, there's nothing
pending, nothing...

Wait a minute. What's that?

Those voices on the
phone. What about them?

Well, one of them
sounded really familiar.

I mean, very distinctive.

You mean he had an
accent that you recognized?

No, more like a speech pattern.

Hey, like that guy that
came to see Kelly yesterday.

The lawyer. Harold Sims.

Right, he had
that speech quality.

Let's go talk to Harold Sims.

Talk to him very cautiously,
so as you don't tip him.

Meanwhile, I'll do some fast
research on Sims and his client.

What's his name?
Joseph Thurgood.

Yeah, Thurgood
Imports. Bosley, listen.

Also, research that narcotics
trial that Sims mentioned.

It might link them
to Kelly somehow.

Right, you got it.

[SIGHS] Let's get out of here.





Now, Miss Garrett,

if you are cogent
enough, we'll talk.

Uh, you're Joseph Thurgood.

From the Desmond trial.

You remember. Good.

Now, tell me, how
did you get away

with $2 million dollars worth
of heroin that belongs to me?

I... I told you

I don't know anything
about any heroin.

I'm getting very tired
of this, Miss Garrett.

Five kilos of heroin were
shipped to me from Turkey.

Somebody tipped off
the Los Angeles Police,

and you grabbed the shipment.

But when the case came to trial,

only three kilos had
been impounded.



There were only
three kilos of heroin.


Miss Garrett, ah,

we almost accepted that
premise these past four years.

We thought perhaps
our Turkish connections

had kept those two kilos,

then tipped off the
Los Angeles Police

to cover their tracks.

We don't believe
that any longer.

Just what do you believe?

That you grabbed the five
kilos, put two in your pocket.

And now it looks
like Frank Desmond

helped set it up with you.


Mr. Thurgood, the past two days,

some very strange things
have happened to me.

Somehow I...

I have been shot up with heroin.

And until you told me,
I didn't even know it.

Shot up with heroin and
you didn't even know it.

We're not fools, Miss Garrett.

Don't treat us that way.

I'm telling you I didn't know.

We saw you at that diner,
Guido's, where Desmond works.


The diner.

Frank Desmond
works at the diner?

Are you trying to tell us
you haven't seen him there?

Or his friend, Eddie Feducci?

That they weren't in your
house the past two nights?




Getting nowhere with her.
We should pick up Desmond.


And this time I
want some answers.



Miss Garrett.

I'm going to give you the
appropriate amount of time

for you to reconsider
your position.

My friend Terrence
can be very unkind.




Mr. Thurgood? There are two ladies here

from the Townsend
Agency to see Mr. Sims.

He isn't in, so they
asked to see you.

They insist it's urgent.

All right, send them in.

Mr. Thurgood.

How do you do? I'm Kris Munroe.

And I'm Tiffany Welles.

Hi, won't you sit
down? Thank you.

You said you're from
the Townsend Agency?

Townsend Detective Agency.

Your lawyer, Mr. Sims,
stopped by our office yesterday.

Oh, yes. The thing
about the Garrett girl.

Right. What seems
to be your problem?

The problem is that Miss Garrett
seems to have disappeared.


Well, actually, she
was taken forcibly.

We were hoping
that you could help us.

Well, how could I help?

Well, we thought perhaps
there was some connection

between Miss
Garrett's disappearance

and the conversation
she had with Mr. Sims.

Well, i-in what way?

Well, maybe there's
no connection.

We were hoping that
you could help us with that.

I really wish I
could, but I can't.

I'll mention it to Mr. Sims
when he gets back.

We would appreciate
that very much.

You say someone took
her from her house forcibly?

Uh, yes, that's what we said.


Well, it's a strange, violent
world we live in, isn't it?

I certainly hope
you find your friend.

If there's anything I can do...

Well, thank you very
much, Mr. Thurgood.

You've been very
kind and you will call us.

Of course. Thank you.

Goodbye. Goodbye and good luck.

Oh, you can go out this way.

Thank you, again.


Did you catch it? Yeah,
we did not mention

Kelly was taken from
her house. Right, he did.

I'm figuring
Mr. Thurgood for a liar.

I think we better
stick around here

and check the situation out.

Okay, why don't we go to
the car first and call Bos?

Good idea.



Ah. Yes.


Frank Desmond.

You've changed.

You did a job on me.

I did a job on you?

You p-put me in prison.

You remember?

Oh, I see.

So that's what
this is all about.

Yes, ma'am, that's
what this is about.

KELLY: How you do it?

The diner?


The coffee I drank.

The next morning I knew
somebody had been in the house,

because the coffee
table was moved.

You put me through hell, lady.

[SHOUTS] Hell!

Now it's your turn.

I don't know what the two
of you are talking about.

I-it's all quite amusing,
I can assure you.

But I'm tired of games.

I want answers.

And with you two, I know sure
where to get those answers.


I wanna give you
both one last option.

You tell me about
those two missing kilos,

and you won't have to
go through any of this.

I-I don't know. I never knew.

If she doesn't, you do, Frank.

You're first, Frank.

Dinner. Oh. Oh, no.

Please, don't. Don't
send me up again.

So high, you'll fall forever
unless you talk to me now.

Please, no. Keep him
away from me. Please!

No. Don't send me up again.

And one of you better start
telling me what I wanna hear.

You're running out of time.

DESMOND: Not again!
Please, keep him away!

No! No!



Sims, how is it going?

Well, it's another hour or
two till we fix them again.

Then later tonight sometime.

By tomorrow morning,
they'll be screaming for more,

and I'm sure they'll be in a
mood to cooperate by then.

I'm not sure we
have that much time.

What do you mean?

I had a visit a
little while ago.

Miss Garrett's associates
at the Townsend Agency.

What did they want?

Help finding Miss Garrett.

Well, how did they come to you?

They guessed her
disappearance may have been tied

to your visit yesterday.

Well, that's just
too close a guess.

I don't like that at all.

THURGOOD: No, neither do I.

Leave Terrence there
to keep an eye on them.

You come and pick me up.

I think we'll have to
accelerate our timetable.

All right. I'll be there
in a few minutes.

Terrence, give me the keys.

I'll take the limo and
go pick up Thurgood.

You just stay
here till I get back.

All right, fine.

Talk to me.


Frank, talk to me.


Tell me about what
happened four years ago.


Tell me.

Oh, four... Four years... Why?

Why should I tell you anything?


Because when this is
over, maybe I can help you.

If you level with me.

Lady, when this is over,

they're gonna figure out
you got nothing to tell 'em.

You're gonna be...
Be a dead person.



Okay. Then what
will it hurt to tell me?

Go ahead. Explain
how smart you were.

I was smart. Smart.


Thurgood and Sims used
the company to bring stuff in.

I was the L.A. contact.

Uh, why did you protect
Thurgood and Sims during the trial?

Oh, I...

Well, dragging 'em in,

dragging 'em down
wouldn't help me any.

I had a $300-a-day habit,

and they could me
fixed when I was inside.

They had the connection.

Did they? They did.

I did it in there. No, no.

Anyway, I got caught,

and there's nothing
anyone can do.

Nothing. Where are
the two kilos, Frank?


The two kilos.

You... You don't really
think that I would tell you that.

No, no.

You better tell them.

They're gonna send
you halfway to heaven.

No, no.

Then they're gonna let you drop.

And you're gonna tell them
anything they wanna hear.

No. I will tough
it out again. I will.

Oh, Frank. You won't have
to if you'll just listen to me.

I'm listening. What? What?

What? Listen to... Shh. Shh.

See that air duct?
It leads to the roof.

And if we stack these crates,

we can get to it.

All the way up there?




Where's the ground?

I can't find the floor.


I'm flying.

Oh, Frank, come
on. I can't do it alone.

Oh, I can't. I can't. I...

Oh, God. You can't.

You can't because
you never could.

You've been a
loser all your life.

You were born a loser.

And if I haven't blown
it for you four years ago,

you would've messed
it up on your own...

Shh. No.

No! I don't give a
damn about you.

Because you pulled me
down with you this time,

and I want out of here.

So get on your feet and help me.

I can't. Oh, help me!

Or I swear when they
come through that door,

I'm gonna tell 'em so many lies

th-that they're gonna
cut you to pieces.

No. No, don't do that.

Don't do that. [SOBS]

Frank, I mean it.

I'm sick and I'm tired.

And I'm scared.


So, what's it gonna be?




Are you gonna help me?



Well, we'll see
when we get there.

The sooner the better,
from what you tell me.

Shall we? We shall.




Bos? Tiff.

BOSLEY: Where are you?

Sims picked up
Thurgood in a black limo.

We're following
them east on 53rd.

How'd you do at Guido's diner?


Eddie Feducci was
out running errands

and Frank Desmond was gone.

Gone? Where'd he go?

I don't know. Guido saw
him drive off with two men

in a black limousine.

Wonder if it's the same
one we're following.

Probably. You say
you're going east on 53rd.

Right. Well, Charlie had

a computer read-out on
Thurgood's importing company.

The company has a storage
warehouse on 53rd and Alameda.

Think that's where we're going?

Could be.

I'll head there myself,

and I'll call you
when I'm close.


Something wrong?

That car behind us.

I thought I saw it pulling
out of the parking lot

when I picked you up.

Darn it. I think they made us.

I'll tell you what.

I'll approach the warehouse
from Alameda Street.

Call Bos. See if he can
pick them up, will you?

They turned off.

False alarm.

Sorry. I guess
I'm getting jumpy.



They got hinky on us.
We shifted to 52nd Street.

Can you pick them up on 53rd?

I'll try.

Keep the line open.




Tiff, I'm behind them on 53rd.

We're about six blocks
from the warehouse.

Keep the line open.

Good. We'll approach the
warehouse from Alameda.


BOSLEY: They've turned off 53rd.

It looks like they're
heading towards you.

Sims, there's that car again.
They have been following us.

The two came to my
office. It must be them.

If it is, the cops
will be close behind.

I don't like it. It's no good.

Call Terrence. Tell him
to get rid of those two.

Are you crazy? If we kill them,
we'll never see that 2 million.

So we never see it again.

It's better than spending
20 years in prison,

if that Garrett girl
gets to the police.

Call him.

Bos, the limo didn't
go to the warehouse.

Just went south on
Alameda. We're following.

Okay. I'm gonna check
out that warehouse.

Stay on the line.


Yeah. What? THURGOOD:
Take care of them.

Both of them and get them
away from there and dump them.








Hold it!



Kelly? Are you okay?



Kelly and Desmond
were in the warehouse.

They're okay.

I suggest that you detain
Mr. Sims and Mr. Thurgood.

Shall do.

Kelly's safe. Let's take 'em.



What the hell do you
think you're doing?

We got a few things
to discuss, Mr. Sims.

Put your arms up. Come on.

What's the matter
here? Just forget it.

We've got Miss Garrett.

And you've got big trouble.

Call the police.

Keep an eye on this one.



I don't know how to say this

but I appreciate what
you said for me in there.

I mean, if you hadn't, I
wouldn't be walking away now.

Your telling them where
you'd hidden the two kilos

didn't hurt your case.

Well, goodbye.

Good luck to all of you.

Same to you. Good luck to you.



A-all my life, nobody
cared about me much.

I mean, if they did,
I-I-I didn't know about it.

But when you
helped me in there...

When you helped me
through that hole in the roof,

when you helped me,
everything changed somehow.

I-I mean, can...?
Can you believe that?

If you can.

I am obliged to you.

Thank you.

Let's go, Eddie. Where?

You wanna go to Mexico.

Mexico? We're broke.
How we gonna get there?

We'll get there.

What are we doing
when we get there?

We'll be okay, Eddie.

We'll be okay.




You all right?

Yes. I'm okay.

I'll never forget what
I've been through.


The real addicts...

what they must go through.

God, I feel sorry for them.




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