Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 2 - Angels Go Truckin' - full transcript

Kris and Tiffany go to Trucking school to investigate an all-female trucking line whose cargo has been stolen under their very noses. Kelly goes undercover as a waitress.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



WOMAN: Breaker on 21.

This is Little Venus passing
mile marker number 9

and doin' fine.

WOMAN: Hey, you gals be careful
coming down Long Hill, ya hear?

Yeah, there's holes in that
old road that have been there

long enough to be national
monuments. You copy?

Affirmative. We've got
our eyes on the road.

You're on the home stretch
so, uh, just keep 'em in there.

Right, Maggie,
we'll see you soon.

This is Little Venus,
homeward bound and down.

How you doing, Bobby?

Great. How's our gals doing?

Ha-ha. Take a look.

Only 15 minutes behind schedule.

We hauling them
paper diapers again?

Ha-ha-ha. Bobby
Lee, you are looking at

a million dollars worth
of pharmaceuticals.

It's the best
contract I ever had.

Pharmaceuticals? How'd
we come on an order like that?

Oh, the president of
the Fairbridge Company

just happens to be a woman.

BOBBY: A woman? Lucky for us.

There's no luck to
it. The price was right.

So was the service.

Yes, ma'am.

Hi. MAGGIE: How you doin'?

Any trouble?

Nope, not a speck.

MAGGIE: I'm proud of you both.

That's funny, it
fit in Harristown.

Oh, it's probably
just jammed a bit.

Bobby Lee, honey, get
something to cut that.

Hey, Rick, you got those
bolt cutters up there?

You can afford a new padlock

after a run like
that, can't you?

Oh, I'm telling you, it was
smooth from beginning to end.

The easiest run.
That's great, Bobby Lee.



Sandbags? What...?

TIFFANY: Well, that's
impossible, Charlie.

CHARLIE [ON COM]: Impossible
or not, Angels, it happened.

Well, how could anyone
hijack a cargo that large

without the drivers noticing it?

Well, they loaded up
in Harristown at 6 a.m.

Stopped once to help another
trucker who had engine trouble.

The only other time was
at a truck stop for lunch.

That has to be where
it was unloaded.

CHARLIE: No way, it would
take a full crew 45 minutes

to unload and reload
a trailer that size.

The girls were away from
their rig only 20 minutes.

Yes, besides, they parked
the truck right beside the diner,

along with a dozen others.

It's a very busy stop.

I mean, there are truckers

going in and out
of there all the time.

Surely somebody
would've noticed.

Well, the drivers must
have been in on it.

Maggie Brill says no.

She trusts them.

And I trust Maggie's judgment.

Who is this Maggie Brill?

I knew her husband for
years. He was a legend.

A real trucker's trucker.

And after he died Maggie got
the idea to start her own line

using only female drivers.

Good for Maggie.

She tried to open one in
one of the southern states,

but she had licensing trouble.

And naturally Charlie had
connections in that state.

Yes, fortunately I was
able to help her get started.

Now, anyway, your
job is get down there

and find out exactly how
that cargo disappeared,

who was behind the
disappearance, and why.

anything we can do to help the lady out.


Well, I don't know
about you two,

but I can't wait to get my hands

on some of that
southern barbeque.

Kelly, you'll get your chance,

I'm sending you
down immediately.

Well, wait a minute, Charlie,

if Kelly's going
down immediately,

what are Tiffany and
I going to be doing?

Going to school.

BOTH: School?

What kind of school?

Truck driving school.


I had to ask.



They really do have 18 wheels.

Yep, but the one we have
to worry about is number 19.

Which one is that?

The steering wheel.


Uh, do you think he can see us?

TIFFANY: He said to wait here.

Yeah, like two bowling
pins in the last frame.



One week from today I'm
going to stand right where you are

and gamble that you'll stop
a foot away, just like I did.

Heh. I tell you what, this
is really a tough school.

If you flunk you get
arrested for manslaughter.

Whew. You are a very brave man.



Yoo-hoo? Hello?



How long have you
been standing there?

Just a moment or two.

I hate to think
I've been working

on those dirty tires
when I could've been

standing up here watching
you the whole time.

I'm here to see Maggie Brill.

Maggie Brill?
Oh-oh, Maggie Brill.

She's in the office across
the way. Uh, up the stairs.

Okay. Thank you.

You're welcome.


Five, six, nine...
Or is it two, six...?

[KNOCKS] Yeah?

Ms. Brill? Yeah.

Hi, I'm Kelly Garrett.
Charlie Townsend sent me.

Oh, yeah.

Well, Charlie always had an eye.

What did he send
you down here for?

Make his hotel reservations?

No, no, I'm not a secretary,
I'm one of his operatives.

There are three
of us, all female.

Oh, is that a fact?

Well, good for Charlie.

I knew he was rich and handsome,

Never thought he had that
much sense though. Coffee?

Oh, I'd love some.
Thank you. Good.

The first thing I did was talk
to your insurance company.

I have a transcript here

with a statement
your drivers made.

Oh, yeah, I read that.
Same thing the girls told me.

Ordinary run, nothing more.
You want cream and sugar?

Yes. Uh, there are a
few questions I have,

perhaps you can
clarify them for me.

Yeah, go ahead.

On the first part of the trip

they ran into a disabled
rig on the side of the road.

They pulled over to offer help.

Now, that stop put
them behind schedule

for the rest of the trip.

Yeah, well, that's the
first rule of the road,

you don't ever
pass another trucker,

you know, when
he might be in a jam.

Even when you're carrying
such a valuable cargo?

Listen, he might have
had a heart attack.

How you gonna explain to
his wife and his kids about...

About, uh, your
valuable cargo? No.

Hm. Good point.

Next one. While they were
having lunch at a truck stop

a fight broke out.


And that strikes
you as unusual, huh?

Well, sweetie, a
well-fed trucker is as likely

to start a fight as other folks

pick their teeth
with a toothpick.

That didn't stop my gals anyway.

That fight was over by the
time they finished eating.

They left right on schedule.

You make it all seem so routine.

It was.

Except for the fact that
a million dollar cargo

was somehow lost between
Harristown and here.

It's very bewildering.

Hm. You're bewildered

and I'm just bankrupt.

Well, I wouldn't
worry about that.

Charlie very rarely allows
his clients to go bankrupt.

It makes collecting
his fee so iffy.


Hello? KELLY:
Charlie, it's Kelly.

I met with Maggie
Brill like you said.

Now I'm headed
for that truck stop

to see if I can get a
job at the restaurant

where the Venus
drivers stopped for lunch.

Good work, Kelly.

Keep on truckin'.

TRUCKER: First I'll
show you how to uncouple.

Simple twist of the wrist,

pull it out of the way
where it'll be safe.


How'd that get around there?



Well, how'd I do?

Good enough.

Woo! All right!


these papers are legit.

You can drive
anywhere in the country.

But I got no orders for
anywhere in this state.

Or anywhere else
for that matter.

Well, that's not quite true.

Charlie talked to the president
of Fairbridge Company,

and asked her to give
you another chance.

You're kidding?

Nope. Charlie arranged
a satisfactory bond

and she agreed to ship an
identical cargo down here

via your company.

Well, what's Charlie up to?

are very easy to sell.

Charlie figures whoever
took the first cargo

will probably try it again if
the bait is exactly the same.

Could be, I suppose.

But couldn't you do the same
thing with a dummy cargo?

No. No chance.

If they're as organized
as we think they are,

they could have people anywhere.

The drug company, loading
platforms. Who knows?

And if we want
them to play for real,

we have to play for real.

Makes sense.

All right. Let's go
have a drink, huh?

Uh, isn't it a little
early for a drink?

Oh, no. Real nice place
next door. Come on.


Bobby Lee?


This here is Kris
and this is Tiffany.

Hello. These are
our new drivers.

Glad to meet you.

Oh, yeah, you just make
sure they have a safe ride.

You having any more trouble
with those rear air brakes?

Nope, put a new
set of airlines in

just before we
made that last run.

MAGGIE: Oh, okay, good.

The... The gals are
gonna make another run

over to Fairbridge
Drugs over in Harristown.

Well, all I can say, Maggie, is,

I got her as ready
as she'll ever be.

That's good.

Now you gals go in
the next door. Okay?

I'll be right over, all right?

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Bye-bye. Bye-bye. See you later.

Yeah. Bobby Lee, just shift back
down into neutral now, come on.

Give me this. I'll take a look
at that compressor myself.

MAN: Aces high,
so there's five bucks.


I got it.


Heh. The same route?

Why are they doing that?

That's dumber than marrying
the same woman twice.

Why should we pass
up another easy payday?

I say we take it.

Ha-ha-ha. The devil
hisself could drive that rig

and still not figure out
how we stole his tail.


OWNER: All our girls
are nice-looking, mind,

but, uh, they got a
little beef on them.

The fact is, the
prettier you are

the more you got to defend
yourself with this bunch.

Oh, well, I have never had
any trouble in that department.

And I'm a good waitress.

Got my uniform here.

Maybe so, but
I'm afraid this place

is just a little too rough.

Well, well, well, lookie here.

Where you been hiding
this little lady, Walt, huh?

My name's Bingo, honey,

and you just remember
that I saw you first, okay?

I'll remember.

If you'll remember not to
put your hands on me again.

I don't like it.

I like her, she's got
a lot of spunk, Walt.

Leave her alone, Bingo.

I'm just getting
acquainted here.

Then why don't we
just shake hands?

I got this brand new pickup
right out there in the lot.

Then use it to pick
up something else.


Now let go of my hand.

I said, let go of my hand.



Hey, hey! Hey, hey.


Care for another dance now?

Just some breakfast
would be all right.

Out, Bingo.


Well, you got any
customers bigger than that?

No, he's about the worst we got.

Can you start tomorrow?

I'll be here.

Eight to 5.






Okay, gentlemen, load 'em up.

Nice drivin', sailor.

Listen, what is this?

This is stop. You did this.

No, I didn't You
want some coffee?

Yeah. You make better coffee
than you stopped the truck?


Don't tell me what you're
reading, I can guess.

It's Wheels. Nope.

Oh. Then it's The Long
Haul... No, Convoy.

Ha-ha-ha. CB jargon.

Just brushing up,
but I think I'm ready.

Look out.

Come on, I've been
looking forward to this.

Okay, breaker on
21. Breaker on 21.

This is Angel Eyes.

Angel Eyes?

We're westbound on 4,
passing mile marker, uh...


What's the smoky report
out there? Come on back.

I don't believe this.

Angel Eyes, this is Bulldog.

I just cleared 4 and didn't
see a bear in the woods.

You turn off on 6 though
there's a county mountie

with a brownie on
the right shoulder.

Come back.

Thanks, Bulldog.
Ten-ten till we do it again.

to translate that?

Well, I asked him if there
were any police traps

on the road and he said no.

But there was a
sheriff's car set up

with a radar unit on Highway 6.

What'd happen if you
asked in simple English

and he answered
in simple English?

We wouldn't have any fun.

for that Angel Eyes.

This is the Candyman.

You got a voice
like sweet taffy.

What you doing pushing
an 18-legged pogo stick?

Come on.

Angel Eyes, Candyman.

Well, I'm just rolling
in this bucket of bolts

until I get out to the shaky
side with Twinkle Ann

for my screen test. What's
your alibi? Come on back.

MOTHER TRUCKER: Breaker on 21.
Angel Eyes, this here's Mother Trucker.

Now don't you be
wasting your time

jabbering with that Candyman.

He's got to jockey that
rig to support nine kids.


the air, you old biddy.

MOTHER TRUCKER: Watch it, boy.
Didn't your mama teach you no respect?

It's a party line. It's
one big party line.

[CHUCKLING]: It's great.


Bingo, really,

I just served you a full
meal and two desserts

not 10 minutes ago.

Well, I know, I know.

I got to build up
my strength though.

I got this job I got
to do in a little while.

Why cram? I mean,
won't they allow you

to stop and eat along the way?

Ain't that kind of job.

I have never seen anybody
eat as much as you do.

Thank you.

I'm sure glad I
didn't try to flip you.


I thought you
learned all that lingo?

Just checking up
on a phrase or two.

Do you have any idea what
that Curlylocks said to me?

I can imagine.

I pegged him right away for
an obscene caller on wheels.

We're going a little fast.

Yeah, I was just
going to gear down.

I think this would be a
good time to try the brakes.

There's something
wrong with the brakes.


It's no use, these brakes
are completely gone.

KRIS: Stay with it.

Tiff, the protector valve.

Okay, hold on.


You did it, girl.
That was fabulous.


Why don't you get on that CB
and get some help out here?

And make it fast. You got it.

Airline from the compressor
to the trailer brakes.

How nice.

Yeah, they say when they get old

the pressure sometimes
blows a hole in 'em.

Old? Maggie's
mechanic said he installed

a whole new brake system
in that thing a few weeks ago.

Yeah, well, this mechanic says
they're at least five years old.

I told him to put in new hoses.

Well, well, Bobby Lee
was so glad to see us

he lied about fixing the brakes.

Yeah, question is, what
else did he foul up in this rig?

And we're not even
halfway there yet.

If there's one thing I hate
it's walking home from a date.


A long ways till quitting
time, young lady.

Oh, I'm not a clock-watcher,

it's just that some
friends of mine are late.

Mm-hm. Listen,
don't expect a trucker

until you see him
walking in the door.


What's, uh, sneaky snake?

Uh, hidden patrol car.

Mm, good.

What's a... pair of nickels?

Pair of nickels? Two fives.
Fifty-five, the speed limit.

That's good... You really did
learn all this stuff, didn't ya?

You bet. I was also the
first one in grade school

to learn pig Latin.


Onderful-way. Ha-ha.

Tiff, look.

TIFFANY: What do you think?

Well, on the first
run Maggie's girl

stopped about
here to offer help.

Might be a pattern.

Could be.

MAN: I asked God
to send a tow truck,

but I mean to tell you, I
like his way a lot better.

Thank you. What's wrong?

Ah, my motor blew.

Want to use our radio?

Well, that old truck can wait,

but I got two boxes of fresh
put-up peaches that can't.

A bakery in the next
town's been expecting them

and if they sit out in
this heat for much longer

them jars will bust for sure.

If you could just give me
a lift. It ain't but 20 miles.

I guess so.

That's mighty charitable
of you lovely ladies.

I'll just got them peaches

and put them in
back with your load.

No! Oh, no.

Uh, we have
orders not to unlock.

Is it just those
two little boxes?


Well, they can ride
back here in the sleeper.

Good idea. I'll go get 'em.

Suppose he's all
part of the hijacking?

I guess we're about to find out.


Neighborly. That's one thing
you got to say about truckers.

Male or female, they're
down right neighborly.

How long you been
a trucker, Mr., uh...?

Willis. Sam.

Sam Willis. Howdy.

Nice to meet you. Hi.

I'm not what you
really call a trucker,

I just haul little
loads here and there.

Grow these peaches yourself?

Sort of.

How do you sort of grow peaches?

Well, you, uh...

First thing you
do is, uh... Uh-oh.

What's wrong?

Sheriff's car is
right behind us.

I'm going under the speed limit.

Yeah, I know, but that's
the sheriff himself and, uh,

if he sees three
of us in this cab

he's gonna pull
us over for sure.

Why, is there a law
against three in a cab?

Well, it just ain't normal.

Especially if he found my truck
back there and did a make on it.

Your truck? In other words,
the sheriff doesn't look kindly

upon people that
sort of grow peaches?

Afraid not.

I don't get it.

Well, just don't light a
match by those boxes, darling.

White lightning?


Best in three counties.

Oh, great.

Well, Sam, I'll tell you what.

Best defense is the truth.

We'll just tell him
what happened.


SAM: Yeah, and I'll back you up.

Don't worry, you'll be cleared.

In a few days.


Yeah, well, in this state,

anytime they find bootlegged
liquor on a moving vehicle,

that vehicle and its cargo

is impounded until
they can hold a hearing.

I sure am sorry about this.


Don't be sorry, be tiny.

Get back in the cab.

All right.

Well, you better go that way,

I think it'd be easier.

Hurry up.




Aiding and abetting,
Charlie's gonna love this.

Well, it's either
help a bootlegger

or lose a hijacker.

Hey, Sam?

Yes, ma'am?

Can you use a CB?

Can a coon dog hunt?

Start frequency, honey.


Hi, Smokey. Hi, Bear.

Don't tell me, let me guess.

You're, uh, you're Angel Eyes.

Now how'd you ever know that?

Oh, I've been hearing
that voice of yours

just purring at all the
drivers on Highway 4

most of the morning.

Well, you ain't gonna write
me up for talking, are you?

No. No, I wanna talk some more.

Ten miles back, this blue
pickup alongside the road.

You remember seeing that?

Yeah, I saw it.

You was probably
the first rig passed.

Was there anybody
standing by that truck?

Aw, no. If I'd a-seen somebody,

I'd a-stopped.

SAM [OVER CB]: Breaker on 19.

Any you gear jammers out
there up for a little hell-raising?

You heard me, good buddies,

young fellow paid me for
a fast lift with two cases

of some mighty fine shine.

Now, I ain't fool
enough to carry this TNT,

so the drinks are on me.

First come, first serve.

I'm on the old Baker
road, right by the cutoff.

Just get here
before Smokey does.


And out.

Ain't that nice? Sounds like
they're gonna have a party.

Yeah. You drive careful,
young lady. Come on.

Always do, sheriff, always do.


Can I come out now, girls?

Come out, and get out.

It's not such a long
walk to the next town.

It is when you're
carrying two heavy boxes.

You won't be carrying
two heavy boxes.


But the sheriff's
still looking for me.

Well, let's see,

if the sheriff went thataway,

then you can go thataway.

Yeah, I think I get the picture.

I knew you would.

And, uh, Sammy?

Do me a favor.


Don't ask us out for a drink.


Bye, Sammy.

See ya.

Goodbye, Sammy.

He really is kind of cute.

Let's go.


You gonna lock it?

Well, the other girls didn't.

Let's go.



Well, it's about time.

Boy, the service sure
is fast around here.

You're an hour late,
what happened?

Brake trouble. Maggie's
mechanic tells fibs.


Well, take a look at
these. I'll give her a call.

She wanted me to let her
know when you two got in.

She's even been more
worried about you than I have.

Yes, Kelly, hi,
they're both there.

Good. Good.

Well, they'll have a
good meal and a little rest,

and they'll be in
top shape. Yeah.

Thanks a lot for
calling, Kelly. Bye.



[SIGHS] Yeah?

Yeah, they're inside the cafe.

Now, make it fast.

Could be these two ain't
slow eaters like my other gals.

Block off both roads
leading to the truck stop.




All right, Al, your
turn to be the victim.

Lie down, start howling.



Sitting there blowing your horn
ain't gonna get anything done.

If you're in that much of
a hurry, give me a hand.

Soon as that highway's clear,

they're gonna be
pouring in here.

Good? Mm.

This is great, it's terrific.

I'm having the same
thing she's having.

No, you're not.

No, I mean, after I
finish my chicken,

I'd like to have
one of those steaks.

KELLY: Oh, Kris.


All right, we got 45 seconds,

now, let's move it.

You. Outside.

You got it.








All right, Sonny, break it up.



Here you go.

Hm. Oh.

Listen, I kind of
lost my appetite

after your floor show out there.

KELLY: Hi, Bingo.

How you pretty ladies
doing today, huh?

Sit down, I'll fix
you a banana split.


Thank you, hon.

You sure do have the animals
trained well around here.


Just that one, he's
afraid I'll break his arm.


Time to go. Let's go.

Okay, y'all go on and I'll
take care of your check.

All right.


Be sure and leave yourself
a big tip now, honey.





Here you go.

Oh, you're too
good for me, babe.

I certainly am.

Bingo, you ought to
be ashamed of yourself.

Brawling in a
public place like this.

There wasn't
nobody hurt out there.

I mean, Freddy and I, we've
been buddies for a long time.

He's just doing a job like me.


Yeah, I told you I
had this job to do.

Freddy had one too. That was it.

You mean, somebody paid
you two to fight each other?


We've done it before.

Like when?

Couple weeks ago.

Well, who paid you?

I don't know, there's this...

There's this guy, gives
some money to Red,

and Red divides it up
among everybody else.

Hey, babe?

A menu, huh?

I'm hungry enough
to eat napkins.

Been sittin' on that
highway near half an hour.


No, a couple of
heaps smashed up.

Blocked the highway.

At least you didn't have
to clear 'em out of the way.

Somebody spilled a
whole load of oil drums

all over the road coming north.

My back is still aching.


Who else does Red
divide this money with?

Oh, there's, uh, a
whole lot of guys.

I mean, like, Al and
Tim, like, they, uh...

They crash up old cars and, uh,

Abner, he spills his load.

In other words, they keep
anyone from coming into

or leaving the parking lot?


Then, see, Fred and I, we...

We fight right there in
front of the door and, uh,

ain't nobody gonna go past us.

Did you ever ask anybody
why they wanted you to do this?


Not as long as they pay me.

Do you have a CB
in your new truck?

Mm. Real beauty.


How'd you like to
be on my payroll?

Where would I enlist for that?

Just come on.


Shotgun. What?

I can't remember if
shotgun means your partner

or a radarscope.

In these parts, I believe it's
often associated with marriage.

Coffee? Yeah, thanks.

You just talk into this?

Uh, yeah, press it...

Who do you wanna talk to?

The girls in the Venus rig.

Oh, uh, you talking
about Angel Eyes.

Everybody knows her frequency.

hello there, breaker on 21,

you got Bingo boy here.

Yeah, I got somebody here
who wants to talk to Angel Eyes.

Come on back.

Sorry, Bingo boy,

Angel has to keep her eyes
on the road at the moment,

but, uh, do call again soon.

Oh, Tiff, this is Kelly.

We're only a few
minutes behind you.

I want you to pull over
and check your load.

Break the lock if you have to.


Well, sure, Kel, but why?

KELLY: Because I think
you're hauling sandbags.

Well, it was just like
you said, sandbags.

Enough to make it
ride like a real load.

How do they do this?

We were only away from
the truck for 20 minutes.

Well, they could've switched it.

Not just the cargo,
but the whole trailer.

That's pretty elaborate.
Somebody would've seen them.

Not if the whole parking
lot was sealed off.

You said Bobby Lee lied
about installing new brakes?

He sure did.

The man who fixed our hose
said this gear was 5 years old.

Bingo, would you take a look?

You bet.

Well, looks like you got
some real nice stuff here.

Brand spanking new
as far as I can see.

Bobby told the
truth. He fixed this rig.

Then it was switched to the
one you drove this morning

and switched
back this afternoon.

And somebody's got themselves
another million dollar load.

And that truck stop
is at a crossroads.

How are we ever gonna find them?

Well, maybe we aren't.

But I bet some good
buddies of mine could.

Bingo, would you
mind watching the rig?

Promise to take real good
care of your pickup truck.

Well, I don't know,
that... Thanks, buddy.


Listen, y'all...

You drive real careful, okay?

Let's go!


And I know it
sounds awful silly,

but it seems I lost the
trailer off my little old rig.

Now, you wouldn't think a
girl could lose a thing like that,

now do you?

But darned if I can't
find it anywhere.

Come on back.

WOMAN: Angel Eyes,

you gotta pardon
me for laughing,

but I heard a lot of tales
up and down these bricks,

and none of them near
as wild as that. Come back.

MAN: Breaker from
the old jawbreaker.

That little lady's
tale ain't so wild,

I passed the Venus
rig not five minutes ago.

It didn't seem right to me
not to see a gal driving.

They was heading south near
King's Bridge. Come back now.

King's Bridge. Thanks a lot.


MAN 2: Negatory,
Angel Eyes, negatory.

Lazy Dog,

I'm at Mile Marker
133 heading north.

I'm also on top
of King's Bridge,

and no Venus rig's come by me.

Must've turned off on State 21.

Good luck, Angel Eyes.
See you on the flip-flop.

All right, Lazy
Dog, thanks a lot.

Okay, King's Bridge
is right up ahead...


It leads into an awful
lot of back country roads.

We're not gonna get help from
your CB buddies back there.

Breaker, breaker, good
buddies, this is Angel Eyes,

who's gonna be
doing a lot of crying

unless one of you helps
me find my little old trailer.

Come on, I'm going up
and down the channels

tell him I said to tell if one
of you happens to see my rig,

just give a holler.

This is Angel Eyes,

clearing 21 and stepping down.

Breaker on 21. Angel Eyes?

This here is Mother Trucker,

I think I just found that
little old trinket you lost.

Passed by me just
a few minutes ago.

Come back.

I love you, Mother.





I heard a noise outside.

I didn't hear nothing.


Did you hear that?



Come on!


Hold it!

Hold it. A doctor.

I need a doctor!

TIFFANY: You need a
Band-Aid is more like it.

Which we will gladly provide

as soon as you tell us who
rigged this southern shell game.




Hi. Hi.

Ah, well, where you two been?

Oh, well, first we
lost our brakes.

Then we got mixed-up with
the most charming bootlegger.

After that... Where'd
she come from?


It's a long story.

Oh, well, I'll tell you what,

why don't you give him the key

and then we can talk while
he's unloading the trailer, okay?

It's unlocked.

It's unlocked? Oh.

Well, that's a fast
way to lose a cargo.

Well, as a matter of fact,
in this particular case,

we picked up a couple of pounds.

Uh, Bobby Lee,

go ahead, honey.
Will you open that up?

Okay, boys, end of the line.

Sorry, Maggie.



Not nearly as sorry as I am.

The sheriff is right
behind us, Maggie.

Would you like to
wait in the office?


Why not?

I spent my whole life
waiting in some freight office,

waiting for some load
of solid gold to come...

rumbling in.

It's just too bad you thought
stealing your own cargo

would bring you
that gold, Maggie.

You know, you really blew it.

You could've proved
once and for all

that women can do
anything men can do.

I blew it?

MAGGIE: No, I...

I've been proving
that my whole life.

And I just done it again.

You know, because if Charlie
had sent a man down here,

like I figured,

he'd be out on that
highway right now.

Just a-mumbling to hisself.

You know? Huh?

You got it.


KELLY: That about
wraps it up, Charlie.

Oh, except for one thing.

We can't understand why
Maggie was stealing her own cargo,

and still called you to
investigate the crime.

Very good question.

Break 10, over to you,
Chuckling Charlie. Come back.

CHARLIE: Now, don't
tailgate me, Bubbling Bosley.

The truth is, Angels,

when Maggie started the line,

I loaned her the money.

But she preferred
simply to manage the line

with an option to buy.

She had to call me.

Not to ask for help,
but to report the hijack,

since I own the Venus
Trucking Company.

Well, shut my mouth. [CHUCKLES]

That's not a bad
idea, Angel Eyes.


I heard this morning

that traffic is very
slow on Highway 4

because all the truckers
are busily hunting

for your frequency.

I believe it. I believe it.


And Tiffany?

A young man left a large
box for you at the Venus office.

I didn't know you were
so fond of peaches.

Oh, and Kelly?

Would you please write
to someone named Bingo

at the cafe? It seems
he's off his feed.


Well, 10-4, Angels.

When I decide to take
over the Teamsters Union,

I'll simply turn you three
loose on the highways again.

You got it. Oh, boy.



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