Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 12 - Cruising Angels - full transcript

While Bosley is romancing the interior decorator of Charlie's brand new yacht, criminals plan on using the "Wayward Angel" to transport a load of gold bouillon out of the country. As the ...

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned... [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



She is beautiful, isn't she?

Oh, really magnificent,
just magnificent.

Wait'll you see the interior,
now, that is my handiwork.

Oh, I can't wait.

Well, worth waiting for?

Oh, yes. Ms. Justice, you
have done yourself proud.

Please, would you call me Pat?

Okay, Pat it is. It's
got beautiful lines.

You know that all
the fixes are custom

as per your
associate's instructions.

It's altogether more
than I even anticipated.

By the way, please call me John.

Come on, John. I wanna
show you the dining salon.

You'll find that she
handles like a sabot,

once you get used to her.

The registry is under
Townsend Associates,

I gather you're a partner?

Uh, Townsend Associates,
uh, yes, that's the company.

And now, I understand that
you have secured someone

to handle her
transfer to the islands.

Yeah, he's very experienced,
he comes highly recommended.

His name is Captain Webner.

But, ah, I don't...
I don't understand

why you wanna move
the Angel to the island.

Well, Charlie, uh...
That's my associate.

Uh, we have interests worldwide.

As a matter of fact, uh,
he's in Paris right now.

Oh, it's too bad he couldn't
be here for her maiden voyage.

Uh, yeah, that's too bad.

Uh, look, uh, why don't
we take her out for a run,

just ourselves?

Uh, with you there at the helm,

she couldn't be
in lovelier hands.

Aye-aye, captain.


KRIS: Tiff, do you have
the surveillance report

on the Langston file?

No, I don't have it,

Bosley said he was
gonna bring it up today.

Where'd he go anyway?

Well, he didn't say. He
was very secretive actually.

He said he had some
business to handle for Charlie.


I'll get it.

Speak of the devil.


BOSLEY: Oh, hi, Kelly,

are Kris and Tiffany
there with you?

Bosley, this is Tiffany.

sorry, Tiff. Are Kris and Kelly with you?

Right here, Bos.

Kelly is working on
the Langston report,

unlike some other
people we could mention.

Yeah, well, that can wait.

I want you to meet me at
the Sunshine Marina, Slip 97.

And pick up Kelly.


Permission to come aboard, sir?

What? Uh, that's customary,

I mean, you are
the captain, John.

Oh, you're right,
th... That's right.

Oh, yes, permission
granted. Uh, back there.

Welcome aboard. Hi.

I'm Pat Justice.

I-I'm Kris. Kelly.

I'm Tiffany, hi.

Wow, I never guessed that John
had such attractive employees.

John? Uh, yeah.

Uh, Pat did all the interior
work on the Wayward Angel.

Uh, what do you think?
Uh, isn't she something?

Oh, she's spectacular.

And quite a surprise.

Yeah, I though
you'd like to see her

before she leaves
for the islands.

The islands? I was
disappointed too.

When John told me
that he and his associate

decided to, well, not keep
the Angel in these waters.

Eh, his associate,
uh? You mean Charlie?

Uh, yeah, well,
that's all tomorrow.

And right now and for the
next 24 hours she's all ours.

Eh, if you know what I mean.

Oh, I think we know
exactly what you mean, John.

Uh, Pat and I are planning
on having dinner onshore.

Would you like to join us?

No. No, I don't think so.

No, I think we'll
just get acquainted

with the layout of the boat.


Well, maybe next time.

Have a good time. Bye-bye.

Oh, well, listen, uh, we should
be back here by midnight.

Ah, I thought it'll
be nice if I took Pat

on a little moonlight
cruise of the harbor.

Uh, but enjoy yourselves.
Uh, there's food on the fridge

and of course the
champagne is all iced.

Do me a favor, though,
will you? Save some.

Aye-aye, captain.



What do you think you
were doing, Captain Webner?

Ken, it was foggy, I got a
little close to the breakwater.

Hell, I was lucky
I wasn't drowned.

Look, I brought you all
the way from South America

for one reason: your boat.

Atamien, please, a
couple of more days

at the most, she'll
be back on the water.

We don't have a
couple of more days.

The Midnight Star is anchored
in the marina right now.

General Ranez could be setting
up his deal at this very moment.

Okay, okay. I'll
get us another boat.


You don't gonna have to.

I already got us another boat.

The Wayward Angel.

She's registered to Charles
Townsend and Associates.

Scheduled to be
ferried through the Canal

to the Caribbean
in a couple of days.


Thank you.

To a beautiful night.

Well, here's to a beautiful
night for a beautiful lady

with the candlelight
shinning in her eyes.



You're a hopeless romantic.

No, hopeful.

Hopeful that some of
the things I've said today,

or rather, some of the
things I didn't explain...

John, shhh.

There're a couple of
things you should know.

All I know is that you're
a gallant, attractive man,

who showed me one of the
richest evenings of my life.

That's all I need to know.





All right. We're all set.







He cut me. He cut me.

Shut up. Keep on moving.

We'll take care of it later.

John, it was a beautiful,
beautiful evening.

Oh, and the best is yet to come.

We shall have a spot of
champagne, look at the stars

and take a little spin
around the harbor.


I don't need a spin
around the harbor,

my head is spinning
enough already.

Why don't we go to my place?

I mean, I have a
magnificent view

of the harbor and the stars.

Whatever you prefer.

Wait a minute!


Where is it? What
happened to the Angel?


Uh, maybe the girls took it out.

No, no, no, no, they wouldn't
have done that. No, it's gone.

It's... It's been stolen.



It's disappeared. I
have lost Charlie's boat.

Bosley, are you sure
you went to the right slip?

Of course I am
sure. I am a detective.

I'm trained to find
things, not lose them.

You know, I cannot believe
it, I lost a 100-foot yacht.

Bosley, calm down.
Everything will be fine.

We're gonna help
you find the boat,

just explain what happened.

We just came back from
dinner, the slip was empty.

It is not there. What am
I going to tell Charlie?



It's for you, it's
the harbor patrol.



Yes, the Wayward Angel.


Thank you very much.

Did they find it?

Is it okay? It's
not wrecked, is it?

No, it's in perfect condition.


Well? Bosley, where is it?

In Slip 97.

Right where I... lost it.


KELLY: Bos, you
better take a look at this.

PAT: Well, it's
just a paint scratch,

I mean, we can touch
that up in the yard

and never even take
her out of the water.

It appears whoever took
the Angel out on a joyride

was an amateur.

TIFFANY: Uh-uh. Careless, maybe.

Or in a hurry, but
they weren't amateurs.

Take a look at these lines.

PAT: That's very professional.

You know, that's not all.

There's something I
want you to see onboard.

Ah, Kris, how's it going? Hi,
Bos, just give me a second.

Now, this is what I
wanted to show you.

I didn't even notice
it myself at first.

Now, here, just take
a look at that log.

Well, that's very clever, John.
I should have thought of it.

You see, we check the
number of hours on the engine

at the time of delivery

against the numbers on
the reading this morning.

It proves that whoever
took this boat last night

ran exactly 45
minutes on the engine.

Maybe you can help us.

Forty-five minutes of cruising.

You know the area,
the harbor, right?

Yeah. I see what you
mean. Certainly, I hope.

KRIS: Hey, Bos.

Check this out.

If I read this right, and I
haven't mixed anything up wrong,

I'd say the stain on
this deck is blood.


I'll run it down. Do you
want me to drive you?

Oh, no, thanks, Pat. The
Angels will need your help.

I'll be back in a couple hours.

Okay. Aye-aye, captain.


RANEZ: Don't give me excuses. I
want to know what happened here.

General, we tried.

But they came aboard so
fast, so quickly. And so many.

I go ashore for a few hours.

And you let a handful
of men board my boat

and steal $7 million.

And you... General Ranez.

Recognize this?

Oh, I don't have
time for riddles.

This is the same gas we
used against those rioters

in the capital.

Whoever hit us last night

must've known what
we have on board.

This canister may explain how.

You mean, someone
followed us from Port-au-Fait?

Or came ahead of us.

In any case,

they'll have as difficult a time
moving the stuff as we have.

That'll give us
time to find them.

You forget, we must
deliver within 48 hours

or the deal's off.

You have to move quickly.

Gomez here said one
of them was injured.

That's a start.


That's over 45
minutes cruising time.

Sorry, but there is no way

to tell exactly where in the
harbor they might have been.

Well, they couldn't have
gotten out past the breakwater

and back in that time.

Well, I wish I could
have been more help.

There is one thing I can do,

I can have that portion
of the teak sanded,

and the hull touched up.



What if I told you

I know exactly who knocked
over the Midnight Star last night?

A doctor can tell you that?

If it's an old ship hand.

A seaman gets injured,

first place he heads
for is the harbor doctor.

A Captain Webner came
in with a shoulder injury

at 2:00 this morning.


Sliced in on a hoist, he said.

Captain Webner?

I don't understand,
I... Should I know him?

It was Webner's ship

that mercenary Atamien
used to run guns into the capital

those last weeks.

Now, my bet is,

we find Captain Webner's ship,

we find Atamien too.

DR. POST: Well, this is
definitely human blood.

I suspected that.

You know, it must
be interesting.

Uh, being a... detective.

What kind of case are
you working on now?

Well, we're not really sure.

We, uh, suspect
that it's smuggling.

Uh, dope or illegal aliens.


Well, you are in luck.

Your smuggler is a Type
B, seven percent group.

Seven percent?

Oh, that's great.

Look, uh, doctor, could you
call your emergency room

and see if they treated
somebody with that type?

We're not designated

for emergencies down
at the harbor area.

They're handled mostly by, uh
Seaport Hospital and Harborview.

Seaport Hospital, Harborview.

Of course, there's
the harbor doctor.

Uh, but he handles
the, uh, seamen mostly.

Well, thanks, doc, though.

You've been a great help.

HOLDER: There she is.

Captain Webner's boat.

Just like the
harbor master said.

Good work, Holder, good work.

This boat's been out of
the water for several days.

That means they had to steal
another for last night's work.


They could have rented one.

For piracy?

Not hardly.

Come on. Might have
left something onboard.


I'll, uh... I'll have the
repairs made in the morning.

Don't forget to tell John.

You can probably
tell him yourself.

Besides, I think he has
some champagne on ice.


See ya.

ATAMIEN: What do you mean, letting
them take that boat out of the slip.

You know what's onboard.

Well, it's not my fault,
I couldn't stop them.

I mean, the captain
should've remembered

to wipe his blood
stains off the deck.

Yeah, well, I
wasn't in any shape.

Okay, okay.

What do they know?

Nothing specific.

Only that there's 45 minutes
running time unaccounted for.

All right.

We take the boat
out, as planned.

Ken. Do you think there's
gonna be more trouble?

Not if Captain Webner
here does his job.

Listen, I could handle
that tub blindfolded

with one hand tied behind me.

The way you
handled it last night?

I mean, it might be safer
to get somebody else.


why don't you go see if you
left anything on your boat?

Well, uh,

I'm still an equal
partner in this.

Oh, shut up.

Do as I say.


Ken, he worries me.

I mean, Bosley
knows that I hired him.

Now, if anything goes wrong,
they come straight for me.

You told me you
could handle Bosley.

What's the worry?

I just don't like it.

Oh, you like it.

When you meet me in the islands,

and we don't need
Webner anymore,

you'll like it.

It's just gonna be you and me.

And $7 million.


Nothing onboard to
lead us to Webner.

Let's get back to the boat.

Wait a minute.

What a piece of luck.

It's Webner.

Let's grab him.

HOLDER: Captain Webner.

If you have a moment.


Dr. Bosley, we don't run a
blood test on every patient we see.

I know that.

But one of my patients had an
accident and you treated him.

He may have needed blood.

It would've been Type B.

Now, are you gonna
check your emergency files

from last evening, or do I
have to call your superior?

The doctor isn't here,
but I'll get it for you, sir.

Thank you.

Here you are.


Here it is, Captain
James Webner.

Type blood B.



You better turn, you're
not gonna make it.

I'm turning.

I'm turning.

Kelly, you're going too fast.


Don't worry.


Kelly. Kelly? Kelly!

Look, I've got it, I've got it.

Oh, no.






Whatcha doing?
Just hanging around.

Ha-ha-ha! You comfy?

Hanging around is
good, it's just great.

Let me handle this, okay?

Go forward!

I've got it, I've got it,

don't worry, I can handle it.

Okay, go forward. Ahh!

Go back, go back.

You okay?

Sure. I needed the exercise.

You see, I told
you I could do it.

It's a good thing we
weren't transporting eggs.

We were carrying glass, though.

You didn't hear that?

Hear what?

Sounded like you ran
over a crystal chandelier.

We don't have a chandelier.



Oh, boy.

Well, it shows you some
wines don't travel well.

It was just a little tap.

A little tap. Oh.

I'm glad we're
not an oil tanker.

Come on. It was nothing.

I mean, a little bump.

We'll just replace some of
the wines that were broken

and Charlie will never
know the difference.

I don't think you
could afford it.

BOSLEY: All right,
Kelly, Kris, Tiff.

We're down here, Bos.

Listen, have I...
got news for you.

Girls, you've gotta
lay off the wine.


The guy who took the
boat out is Captain Webner.

He's the one that I hired

to ferry her down
to the Caribbean.

Well, anyway, it's
quite logical, you see.

He came by, no one was aboard.

So he just took her
out for a trial spin.

Could be that we
have no trouble at all.

Wrong. We have trouble.


Gold. Gold.


Well, I knew that Charlie paid

a lot of money for the boat,

but that's awfully
expensive ballast.


Oh, hello, Bosley.

Good to hear from you.

Tell me, how does the
Wayward Angel look?


She's everything you
said she would be, Charlie.

We took the liberty the
day before yesterday.

Mm-hm. That's the good news.

Oh? And the bad?

Well, Charlie, uh...
Somebody took it.

Somebody took...
Bosley, you lost my boat?

KELLY: Don't worry
about it, Charlie,

because they returned it.

As a matter of fact, it's
greatly increased in value.

Okay, okay. No more
games. Out with it.

What's going on?

Gold, Charlie. Uh.

They used the Wayward
Angel for smuggling gold bullion.

How much?

Oh, uh.

Well, you know how the
price of gold fluctuates, Charlie.

Uh. The best
estimate I could make

would be something
over, uh, $5 million.

Wha...? And they
left it onboard?

Mm-hm, it's still there.

Tiffany's guarding it.

We figured if it
didn't belong to you,

that, uh, we could
declare it salvage

and we could
split it between us.

That sounds more like
piracy than salvage, Kris.

Do you have any leads?

Well, Charlie, I know that
the, uh, man that I hired

is the captain. Well,
he was involved.

Bosley didn't hire
Captain Webner, Charlie.

Your interior decorator did.

Pat Justice? How
does she figure in this?

I for one... don't
believe she does.

Sounds more like
emotion than logic, Bos.

I just said what I believe.

CHARLIE: Well, in any
case, keep an eye on her.

Bosley could be right,

but that amount of
gold can't be moved

without leaving some trace.

Let me check that on my end.

I'll check the sailor
hangout in the marina.

In the meantime, what
do we do with the Angel?

Make sure the gold and the boat

stay right where they are
until we get this sorted out.

Let it appear that the
Angel will sail on schedule.

Then if you can't locate
your Captain Webner,

you can be sure his friends
will make a move by then.

That's comforting.

MAN: Hello, cousin.

Who said we were cousins?

Heard you were asking after
your uncle, Captain Webner.

Could be that he's my uncle too.

Could be.

Which side of the
family are you on?

The warm side.

I'd say the quick side.

Too quick.

You can't blame
a cousin for trying.

I can if he's lying.


I shipped up with the
captain just four days ago.

He's still here.

I knew that.

But you didn't know that...

he busted up his boat
on the breakwater.

I looked at the breakwater.

But I didn't find him.

What's it worth to you?

The question is,
what's it worth to you?

He had business with a
guy named Ken Atamien.

He... merchandizes.


Is that anything like smuggling?

Girls from our
part of the family

don't say words like that.

Well, heh.

Do they say, uh, powder my
nose? Order up, I'll be right back.



Hello, Bos?

Oh yeah, uh, you got anything?

Yes. Atamien, Ken Atamien.

He's a known smuggler
and mercenary.

Chances are if you find him,
you'll locate Captain Webner.

All right, I'll, uh...
I'll check it out, uh.

But look, be sure
that you drop by here

and pick up Kris on
the way back to the boat.

Well, it'll be a little while.

You have a problem?

No, I just have to
detach a kissing cousin.


I'll tell you later, okay? Bye.


What's going on over there?

We should be battening
down, ready to pull out.

There's nothing to worry about,
it's just a bon voyage party.

If we lose the tide, it'll
cost us another three hours.

We don't wanna get caught
wallowing around offshore.

Especially without Webner.

Without Webner?

Yeah, that's right.

I can't find him.

If he doesn't show up
here within the hour,

we go without him.

Ken, we can't do that.

What am I supposed
to tell Bosley?

I have promised him a
man with captain's papers.

You said yourself you've got
Bosley in the palm of your hand.

Well, you just
squeeze it, that's all.

Maybe we should wait.

I mean, you know, maybe
Webner's sleeping it off.

Maybe he'll call.

I'll be here if he does.

You've got an hour.

I don't like it.

A thousand things
could go wrong.


Don't start going soft on me.

We're dealing with a fortune.

I've put too much into this
to let anyone ruin it now.

Not him, not you.





Hi. Hi.

Boy, am I glad you're here.

You know what, I'm really
not crazy about champagne.

Oh? Good.

You're gonna have to be
getting back to the office anyway.

Charlie will be calling shortly.

What did you find
out about Atamien?

Only that he has a record.

But he fits.

After Vietnam he hired
out as a mercenary.

First in Africa,
then South America.

Could be Atamien's
the real key to all this.

I hope you can find the lock.

Well, we'll try.

You gonna be okay
here without us?

Sure, I'll be okay.

I mean, look around,
what's to worry?

We'll get in touch as soon
as we hear from Charlie.


Ah, thanks. You're welcome.

Bye-bye. Bye.

Hi. Hi.

So, John, I see you're
fresh out of hostesses.

Yes, the girls have to
go back to the office.

Well, will you accept
one humble volunteer?

Oh, gladly.



Take it easy.

Now slowly...
get into that chair.

I've got somebody here

who wants to talk to you.

General Ranez.

Sorry I wasn't
there the other night

to welcome you
aboard the Midnight Star.

Captain Webner
sends his regards.

You have... Webner?

Sad, but, now I'm afraid the
fish have Captain Webner.

Where's the girl?

Look, uh, just let me, uh...

General, uh... I can help
you get the gold back.

He asked you where's the
girl. Well, she's on the boat.

But, general, you... You
don't have to worry about her.


Oh, I'm not worried.

As a matter of fact, you
have done me a great favor.

And it's only fitting...

I should repay you.



It's funny how the
guests seem to disappear

when the hors d'oeuvres run low.

Yeah, isn't it?

Listen, I, uh, could
ring up the deli

and have them deliver some more.

Do you really think
that's necessary?

I mean, if you
run down that flag,

we could spend some time
alone before the Angel sails.

When, uh, is Captain
Webner coming aboard?

Ha. Pretty soon, I'm sure.

But I am not sure
that he'll appreciate

finding this kind of a mess
when he does come aboard.

Oh, really?

Uh, you know him that well?

Oh, pretty well.

I mean, I wouldn't hire anyone

that I hadn't checked
out thoroughly.

Don't worry about it.

I'll have this whole place
shipshape before he gets here.

You don't have to rush.

The Angel won't
be going out today.

Oh? Why not?

For one thing, if you had
checked out Captain Webner,

you would have known that he
ran his boat under the breakwater

four nights ago.

Oh. Well... I
can't believe that.

Well, we'll just have to get
somebody else, won't we?

And who would that be?

Mr. Atamien?

By any chance?


Oh, Pat.

I am sorry.

I thought you
were the real thing.

John. I don't know
what you're talking about.

Then you... probably don't
know anything about the gold

that's aboard this ship either?


You knew about me
all the time, didn't you?


No, I didn't know about
you until this very moment.

You had me fooled all along.

John... I'm sorry.

I mean... Believe me.

I didn't wanna hurt you.

Well, if that's the truth,

then you know how
I'm feeling right now.

I'm sorry, Pat.


But I'm afraid
this party is over.


Put down the phone, please.

Who are you?

He said, put down the phone.


KRIS: The party
should be over by now.


One wrong word...



We just spoke to Charlie.

It appears the gold was
taken from Port-au-Fait

by a General Ranez.

Charlie wants you
off the boat now.

We're to call the Customs
and the Coast Guard.

I can't give you any more
details now, but please...

Young lady.

I give you all the details.

There will be no Coast
Guard and no Customs.

Who is this?

General Ranez. And I assure you,

should there be any
sign of the authorities,

any attempt to interfere,

your friend will
pay with his life.



Kelly here. I'm
in place. Slip 97.

If they're going anywhere,
they haven't moved yet.

Hey, there, Kel. Be
with you in a minute.


That's the last of it.

Gomez ready?

Yes, he's making
the arrangements.

Should be here in a few minutes.

You don't really expect to take
that out of the harbor, do you?

Take it out? Hardly.

We have other plans.

You're not gonna
let us go, are you?

That depends on
Mr. Bosley's friends.

So far they have cooperated.

Hi. Hi.

We just left Pat's
office. Pat wasn't there.

But Atamien was. He's dead.

Ranez must have
Pat as well as Bos.

I've only see one on deck.


Now, what do you
suppose they're doing?

Ten to one it's the gold.

Yup. Come on.


All right, get inside.

Follow us. We
don't have far to go.

If anyone gives you
any trouble, shoot them.

Sí, general.


Good day, gentlemen.

Right on time, as we promised.

You have the money, I presume.

Right here.

Very nice.

Very nice, indeed.

Would you open the
door and let my men in?

Right away.

What do you think
they're waiting for?

Must be the payoff.

And Bosley too, if we
don't do something.


Hang on!


Gimme your hand, let's go!


KELLY: Let's go.


TIFFANY: Hold it.

Over here.

Let's go.

Drop it.

I wouldn't if I
were you, general.


KRIS: We thought we'd
invite some company, Bos.

What's going on here,
who called the police?

Officer, it's quite a story,

but I think they're
the ones to tell it.

There's these two and
there's one in the van.

And there's one
in the car, officer.

And another one down
at the end of the steps.

Bos, you all right?

Yeah, yeah. Good as gold.


The State Department has
already made arrangements

for the return of the
gold to Port-au-Fait.

But they're gonna have to
hold up the general's extradition

until he and Holder stand
trial for Atamien's murder.

CHARLIE: Sounds like you
did a bang-up job, Bosley.

Yeah, bang-up is right.

Aw. Pat Justice thought so.

With her testimony, the state
shouldn't have any trouble

getting convictions.

And possibly probation for Pat.

How about the
Treasury Department,

have they checked
out that money?

BOSLEY: Yes, Charlie,
it looks like it's laundered.

Probably skimmed.

There could be a
substantial fee for discovery.


I'll tell you what.

Why don't the four of you use
part of it to treat yourselves?

Maybe a nice ocean cruise.

And then, um, I won't feel
so guilty taking out the Angel.

Oh, well that sounds
awfully nice, Charlie,

but, uh, there's a problem.

Uh, yes, uh, Charlie, the, um...

yacht has been impounded.

The authorities
need it as evidence.


Well, now, Charlie,
it's only temporary.

You'll get it back
in three months.

Three months?

You mean I can't use
my boat for three months?



Uh, Charlie, I'm sorry to say,
I think your ship has sailed.



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