Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 11 - Angel Hunt - full transcript

The Angels are lured to Diablo Island by an old enemy of Charlie's who plans to hunt them down and kill them to avenge himself on their boss.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned ( buzzing )

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



Look, there she is.

That looks like so much
fun. Are we gonna do that?

Yeah. She'll ride that wave
all the way into the beach.

Well, maybe not all
the way into the beach.

Oh, dear. Oh, she's
okay. Come on.


Hi. Hey.

[KRIS GROANS] Are you all right?

Oh, I think so.

Ha. I'll tell you what.

That ocean looks a whole
lot better than it tastes.

I've learned one important
thing about surfing so far.

What's that?

When you fall in, do not scream.

You're absolutely
right. [ALL LAUGH]


Hey, that sounds like the phone.

Hold this.

Well... Do I look like a surfer?

Yeah. Do I really?

Yeah. Now carry
it like a surfer.





Charlie? You sound like
you're calling from the moon.

Need you... You,
Kelly and Tiffany...

Well, they're here.
You know that.

Where are you?

Island off Mexico. Take
a plane to Mazatlán.

See Wilson. Hotel. He'll...

What? I didn't get all that.


Bosley, he's on his way.

Okay, we can be
there by morning.


Uh, can't you tell me what...?



Kris, what's wrong?

Charlie's in trouble.

We're going to
Mexico, right now.






CHARLIE: Hello, Bosley.
Good evening, Angels.

Uh, Charlie, the
Angels aren't here.

Didn't you tell them
to be here tonight?

I tried to tell them, but
I couldn't reach them.

Not any of them.

That's strange.

They didn't leave a number
where they could be reached?

No, this is the first time

anything like this
has ever happened.

Yes, that's what worries me.

Now, I talked to Kris
yesterday. She said that

they were planning on
spending the day at the beach

because she was gonna
teach Tiffany how to surf.

Bosley, I don't like this.

Look, Charlie, I will find them.

Count on me.

Come to my house the
minute you hear anything.


Look, uh, Charlie, uh,

what do you think
could be so important

as to make them go off
like this and not even tell us?

Nothing good,
Bosley. Nothing good.




You're Mr. Wilson?

That's me.

Is the boat ready?
Just like you said.

How long do you think
it'll take us to get there?

Oh, 30 minutes. Maybe an hour.

We'll take the 30 minutes.

The man you took
out there last night,

what did he look like?

Nothing special. Kind of soft.

City type, but nice enough.


The day before, you
took Mr. Townsend

and a woman out there.

Now, who lives on that island
that they'd be going to see?

Heh. Beats me.

Was this woman attractive?

Almost as pretty as you three.


How do we know that
this is really Charlie?

Why else would Bosley be here?

Still... KELLY: Tiffany's right.

Mr. Wilson, did Charles Townsend
show you any identification?

Uh, yeah, he showed
me his passport, and uh,

he gave me this.



Looks like we
go for a boat ride.

Mr. Wilson, uh, just
give us a minute.

We'll change and
be right with you.


it is, Diablo Island.

exactly Maui, is it?

Gives you the creeps
just looking at it.

Hey, could you
go a little faster?

WILSON: Relax, sweetheart.
We're as good as on the beach.


Welcome to Diablo
Island, ladies.

When you dropped
the other party off,

did you see which way they went?

Sure. That trail
right over there,

goes up to the top of the bluff.

What's on top of the bluff?

Never been up there.

Must be pretty wild, I guess.


Overgrown. Heavy brush.

Almost jungle.

You mind waiting while we
take just a little look around?

Depends on how long.

I have a charter first
thing in the morning.

I gotta get the boat ready.

I am a working man, you know.

Well, how much of
your time will $100 buy?

You'd be surprised.


Want me to get your bags?

No, just leave them.
I said we'd be back.


Thank you.


Think we should
wait for the elevator?


Well, let's go.


Oh, no.


Kris, Kelly, look!




Give us our bags! Hey!

Wait for us!

Wait! Wait for us!

Sorry, sweetheart.

delivered as ordered.

Wait for us!

You okay?

Boy, $100 sure doesn't
buy what it used to.

Heh. He said you'd be surprised.

I feel so stupid. I left
my gun in my suitcase.

Don't feel badly, so did I.

Mine's in my purse.

Oh, great.

Which is now in the boat.

Not so great.


I could have sworn that was
Charlie's voice on the phone.

Well, no one's
blaming you, Kris.

Maybe it was Charlie.

It wasn't.

I should have known it wasn't.

Oh, Kris, stop it. This
isn't helping anything.

I'm sorry, you're right.

Well, what are we gonna do now?

For starters, I think
we should get up there

and take a look around.
What do you think?

You two go on.

I'll find some wood
and start a fire.

We must be in
the shipping lanes.

Somebody's gonna find us.

Okay, but we're going
to meet right back here.

Don't be gone too long.

It's going to be dark
in a couple of hours.

Don't you worry.
We'll be real careful.



You okay?

I'm okay.

I'll see you later.


Well, where there are
trails, there must be people.

Well, if they use this trail,

they must be a lost tribe
of mountain climbers.



Well, I wasn't expecting
Beverly Hills mind you,

but this is nowhere.

Yeah, real Robinson Crusoe time.

So where's our man Friday?

No such luck,
honey, it's Saturday.


Let's go for a walk.


I think I liked it better when
I thought we were alone.

Tiff, what was that?

Do we want to know?

I don't think so.

Maybe we scared it away, huh?

I hope so.


Why don't we go see if
Kelly is all right, all right?

Good idea.





BOSLEY: There were signs of
hurried packing at all of their places.

Uh, just overnight bags,

so, uh, they didn't plan
to be gone very long.

And Kris' car was the
only one that was missing.

So I have run a check
on all of the bus stations,

the cab companies,
the car-rental agencies,

the airports, and there's
not a sign of them.

Sounds as if they left
of their own free will.

Well, there was no sign of
any kind of physical coercion.



CASE: Charles Townsend?


How many Angels can you hide

on the head of a pin?

CHARLIE: Who is this?

CASE: Has it really
been that long?

I know it seems
like a lifetime to me,

but then, 11 years in
prison pass so slowly.

Look, I'm getting tired of this.

Three people stood
between me and a fortune.

We went on a
family safari together.

There was a tragic
hunting accident.

The money was mine.

Now do you remember?

Malcolm Case.

How nice.

You took what was mine,

now I've taken
something of yours.

What exactly do you want?

I want your head
on my trophy wall.

And in order to assure
that you come to me,

I've taken three of the people
that you care most about.

Bosley, the Angels.

I want you, Townsend.

I'll call you tomorrow,

then you'll have one
day to surrender yourself.

Then I'm going to start
sending your Angels to heaven,

one a day, until
they're all gone.


Do you mind if I go first?

Kris. What?

Ah. Come here.

Look at that.



Oh, she's beautiful.

He's beautiful.

Those are the ladies.


Doesn't seem fair, does it?

No, it sure doesn't.


Come on. Let's go find Kelly.

If she heard that guy,
she's probably just as scared

as we were. Right.





What do you think?

It's pretty fresh.

It's still warm.

Now we know we're not alone.

Yeah, somehow I don't
find that very comforting.


Neither do I.

Come on. Let's go.


KRIS: Kelly?

KELLY: Am I glad to see
you two. Did you hear that...?

Relax. It was a peacock.

A peacock? But
it sounded like...

It sounded like
somebody yelling for help.

That's what I thought
it was. Are you sure?

Yeah, we saw him.

And his harem.

Heh. Am I glad to see you two.

You said that already.

But it's true.



KRIS: Found it right
up there on the bluff.

Ah. So...

peacocks aren't the
only animal on this island.

Come to think of it,

what are the peacocks
doing here in the first place?

They're not indigenous
to this latitude.

They aren't even
indigenous to this hemisphere.

Somebody had to bring them here.

Question is: Who?

Think this could be the "who?"

And why?

I mean, this doesn't
make any sense.

What are we doin' here?


Listen, if you've got a joke,

this is the time to tell it.

No, I just got this
great picture in my mind

of me walking through
the quad back in college.

Yours truly in the
ivy-covered halls of academia.

I wanted adventure, excitement.

I got it.

Here we are on
a tropical island.

Balmy breezes whisper
through the night.


And colorful, exotic
animals abound, everywhere.

Was that a peacock?

I'd like to hope so.

I don't know if I
should say this.

I haven't known
you two very long,

but I'd like you both to know

that you're both as important
to me as my own family.

And I'm awful glad you're here.

'Cause if you weren't,

I don't think I could
handle this by myself.

I'm scared.




Whoever brought us here

probably has more in
store for us than peacocks.

I think we should get some
rest, so we're ready for them.

I'll take the first watch.

First, I think we'd better
get some more firewood.

There's a big piece of
wood down the beach.

Help me dig it out, okay?

Sure. KRIS: Okay.


KELLY: Kris. KRIS: Yeah?

Oh, I think it's been
here a long time.

KELLY: All right,
one... ALL: two, three.

KELLY: Almost up. TIFFANY: Pull.


It's a little bit damp. Do
you think it's gonna burn?

Well, we could try it.

Oh, no.

What's wrong?



I think we'd better
get back to the fire.


Yeah, let's go.




See, just some,
uh, falling rocks.

Yeah, but what made 'em fall?


I hope.

Let's go.




Case escaped from
prison over six months ago.

Probably took him that
long to set up this caper.

Did he get out alone?

Unfortunately not.

He took two other
lifers with him.

A, uh, Burdette and Wilson.


See, he was a hunting guide
for Case on that last safari.

Then Case would be
most at home in Africa.

No, he wouldn't
have had enough time

to get the Angels there.

Anything else?

As a matter of fact, there is.

Uh, the Case-family empire

has holdings all over the world.

I doubt if the surviving
members of the family

would be too eager to help,

given his past record
of killing them off.

Yeah, you got a point there.

What about this
other man, Wilson?

Well, Wilson may have
worked for Case at one time, uh,

as a skipper on
one of his boats.

That shouldn't be
too hard to verify.



CASE: Good morning.

I hope you had a
good night's sleep.

All right, Case, I want proof

that the Angels are
with you and unharmed.

I thought you knew
me better than that.

I certainly don't
have them here.

That wouldn't be sporting.

It would spoil the hunt.

Where do you want me to come?

It's not that easy, Townsend.

Haven't you recognized
the game yet?

You have to find me.

If you don't by
the end of the day,

I'll hunt down and kill
the first one tomorrow.

The next day a second,
and then the third.

Case, if you want
me to come to you,

you'll have to tell
me where you are.

You don't believe
I'm serious, do you?

All right, I'll prove it to you.

The first one dies today.

Case, wait.

Bosley, the man's insane.

I don't know if
we can save them.

Charlie, he won't
just shoot them.

He told us.

He has to hunt them down first.

But they're more
resourceful than he thinks.


Which way did they go?

Inland, where else?

Even when they know
what's waiting for them, huh?

So they do the unexpected.

That's what makes the
hunt really exhilarating.

Either that, or they saw
Burdette watching 'em.

Nobody saw me.

Well, it doesn't matter.

In fact, it'll make the hunting
a little more interesting.

Burdette and I will
track them on foot.

You take the jeep, circle,
herd them toward us.

Well, so we'll see if prison
has blunted our tracking skills.

I have a feeling it'll be
just like the old days.

Oh, better, my
friend. Much better.


KELLY: How far do
you think we've come?

three or four miles.

KELLY: With all this vegetation,

there's gotta be
water somewhere.

TIFFANY: Which is exactly
where we're gonna find the big cats.

You had to remind me?


Does anybody notice
that we've been going uphill

for the last few minutes?

Good. Maybe we can
get to some high ground.

We'll get a look at this place.

Hey, Kris, Tiff, look.



Since you found it,

you deserve the first drink.


KELLY: Whoo.


All right.



I didn't know water
could taste so good.

I didn't know anything
could taste so good ever.





Now, that definitely
was not a peacock.

Come on. Let's go.


They're headin'
straight towards the river.

Good. Heh. Excellent.

I couldn't tell where
the sound came from.

Maybe we should go
back the way we came.

Wilson, where are you?

I'm by the waterfall.

Good. Then they're trapped.

Drive them toward us.

Which way?

Sounds like there's
only one way. That way.

Let's spread out.






Tiffany! Kris, don't.

What are you doing?
We've got to help her.

We can't help her
by getting caught.


Go. Oh.





Come on, Kris.


KELLY: Come on.

We're never gonna
be able to outrun him.


Over there. Come on. Go.




CASE: Where are they?

I don't know.

The trail came to a
fork, and I lost them.

You did what?

It's not my fault.

No, it's mine for
bringing you along.

I think I got one of them.

Which one?

Tiffany Welles.

You're sure?

You showed us their
pictures, didn't you?

She went in the water.

The river's probably
taken her out to sea by now.

Right. Meet me and
Burdette at the shack.

I can't wait to give
Townsend the news.

I'm on my way.

Who's Case?

Has to be Malcolm Case.

It's before our time.

Bosley told me about him once.

He killed his father,
brother, and a cousin

on a safari in Africa.

Charlie proved that he did it?

Yeah, his testimony sent
Case and Burdette to prison.

Well, now we know. [SIGHS]

Tiffany died because somebody
she never even heard of

was trying to get
back at Charlie.

Oh, Kris.

Look, I know I'm just angry.

But she didn't
even have a chance.


Look, maybe she isn't dead.

If we follow the river,
maybe we'll find her.

And that shack they
were talkin' about.


The waterfall ran that way,

so the river must be back
over there somewhere.

Come on.


WILSON: All of a
sudden, she was just there.

It was me or her.

I would've preferred to
take care of her myself.

But it's getting late. We are
on schedule. One is dead.

Just like I promised Townsend.


How do we fight them?

With whatever we've got.

What's that?

Well, we could set
traps and snares,

see if we couldn't beat
them at their own game.

We can trap them, then,
when they're not looking...




Hi. I think I've got something.

Charlie, just
take a look at this.

The receipt on top.

Kris chartered a plane
day before yesterday?

Yeah, for Mazatlán.

Case has a house a
few miles down the coast.

So, what do you think?

I think you're on to something.

And that's not the only holding
the Case family has in Mexico.

They also own an island.

Diablo Island.

Diablo Island? Who lives there?

No one.

But, um... But what?

Well, several years ago,

Case's father set up the island

as a jungle animal preserve.

What kind of jungle animals?

Cats. Big cats.

Call our charter service.
Get the same pilot.

I wanna be at Mazatlán
as soon as possible.



Guess who, Townsend.

I'm waiting.

Not much longer, Case. Good.

Then tomorrow I'll have

some real sport
to look forward to.

Townsend and two of his Angels.



Well, of course. I told you
that one would die today.

And I always keep my promises.

Which one?

That's for you to find
out when you get here.

Charlie, he's lying.

They're okay.

All of them.

But... what if
they're not, Bosley?

I'll call the charter service.



Nice kitty.

Nice kitty.

Nice... kitty.


Now, you stay in your space,

and I'll stay in mine.


I don't believe this.

A tiger that understands est?


I wish we could
have found her body.


Then at least
we'd know for sure.

As long as we don't
know, there's still hope.

You think these will hold, Kris?

I think so. They should.

Where'd you learn
how to do this?

Old movies.








That should do it.

Okay, they're gonna
be coming soon.

Let's go see if we
can find the shack.


Wilson, you in position yet?

All ready.

Oh, we're moving too
slowly. Better to be cautious.

Why, they don't have guns?
Not worried about them.

I'm thinking about
the cat. I'll lead.


Look out!


It worked. Sh-sh.
He'll hear you.


You're supposed to be dead.

I'm sorry to disappoint
you. It's okay.

First time, it
happened too fast.

This time,

I'm gonna get a
chance to really enjoy it.



WILSON: Mr. Case,
can you hear me?

Yeah, did you spot them?

I did better than
that. I got one of them.

And we're right
here at the shack.

Good, I'll be right there.


BOSLEY: Yes, they
were at the hotel.

But they left
almost immediately.

Yes, with a man who
sounds like Wilson.

CHARLIE: Did you find out
anything about Diablo Island?

No, I'm afraid not.

And no one seems to know

if there are any
cats still out there.

Hm. Is there any place the
Angels could take refuge?

Well, the only
structure on the island

is a shack that the animal
handlers and the vets

used to use for storage.

Oh, and, uh, I understand

that there used to be a
shortwave setup there too.

Then the shack
is where we start.

Right. I'll be at the
pier in 10 minutes.


I thought you said she was dead.

I thought she was.

Then there are two of
them out there somewhere.

So there's three of
us, and we got guns...

Two of us. They got Burdette.

How? They set a trap.

He walked right into it.
There was nothing I could do.

What... What worries
me is the possibility

the two of them could
link up with Townsend.

Or find our boat.

Yeah, check it out, keep...
Keep watch for Townsend,

let me know when you spot him.


Mr. Case. Yeah?

Do me a favor. What?

Save this one for me.

She'll be here.

Case must be inside.

KELLY: Look at that antenna.

There must be a radio in there.

First things first.

Right. Divide and conquer.

Who said that?

Tiffany would know.

Come on, let's get him.


Want some?

I'll live without it.

Not for long.




John Bosley.


In case you can't speak Spanish,

at this moment your
employer and his flunky

are on their way
to Diablo Island.

Charlie and Bosley?

All right.

So hopeful.

So hopeless.

Don't you understand,
getting Townsend here

is what this is all about.

You mean you used us as bait?

And it worked.

See how the tiger
freely rushes to his death.


How close is he?

Should be on the
beach in 10 minutes.

Good, let me know when
he starts through the surf.


You are really
something, you know that?

Yes. Ha-ha! I know.



Looking for me?

Wilson, where are you?

Wilson, where are you?

Wilson, what's going on?








That was beautiful. Thanks.

Let's give credit
where credit's due.

Tarzan movies? Right.

Can you get it? Oof!


Uh-oh. I think I hear
the evil white hunter.

Now what would Tarzan do?

He'd run. Come on. Okay.




I think we better split up.

Not yet.


KELLY: Kris.

Oh. Over here.








Take him over... Am
I glad to see you two.

You okay? Yeah.

I will be as soon
as you untie me.

Here, I'll do it.
You call Charlie.

Okay. Okay.


Does it hurt? No.

Hey. What?

If I make this call, we are
blowing our best chance

to see what Charlie looks like.

Well, I don't
think it'd be right

to let him keep
on worrying, Kris.

It really wouldn't
be right. Darn it.

Okay. We've waited this long,

I guess we can
wait until he's ready.

KRIS: Hello? This is
Diablo Island calling.

Bos, Charlie?

Can you hear me?

CHARLIE: Kris, is that you?

Hi, yeah, it's me.

And Kelly and Tiffany.

And Tiffany?

Yes. Everybody's fine.

We got everything under control.

I think. Thank God.

Stay where you are, Angels.

Bosley will be back
for you in a few minutes.

Okay, Charlie. We'll see
you when we get home.



Hey, wait a second!



Come on, what did he look like?

You won't believe this.

You won't believe it.

Come on.

I don't know.

BOTH: You don't know?

All I could see was his back.

What color was his hair?

I don't know. He had on a hat.


CHARLIE: So long, Angels!


Oh, no.