Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 4, Episode 13 - Of Ghosts and Angels - full transcript

Tiffany is having psychic premonitions about history repeating itself during a costume party at the mansion of a recently married friend of hers.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy.

One in Los Angeles.

One in San Francisco.

The other in Boston.

And they were each
assigned [BUZZING]

very hazardous duties.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




WOMAN: Please,

just get out and leave me alone.

Leave me alone.


Get out or I'll call the police.





Two thirty?


KRIS: You forgot one.

Wouldn't it be easier
to do this once a month

instead of once a year?

Actually, locking myself in for
two days of numerical torture

is a wonderful purge.


Well, we'll think good
thoughts for you, Bos,

while we're boating.

And picnicking.

And don't forget
the costume party.

Well, go on, rub it in.

Are you sure you two
won't fly up with me tonight?

Oh, I think the least we can do

is help Bosley get
set for his ordeal.

Besides, you and Erica
should have an evening

for a reunion.
Just the two of you.

We're flying up tomorrow,

and you're coming to
the airport, aren't you?

I could sure use
the time to relax,

I've been having the same
nightmare for a week now.

Oh, come on,
you're just excited.

Seeing Erica after three years.

She does look
excited, doesn't she?

She certainly does.


Okay, you two,

really, you are
gonna love Erica.

She is the nicest,

most unpretentious
person I ever met.


Even if she is heiress
to several million.

Well, I can't wait to meet her.

Well, she's gonna have
her head in the clouds.

Her honeymoon is just over
and she is a terrible romantic.

Oh, from the picture
I saw of her husband,

I must say I can't blame her.

His name is Cliff Burke,

he's a very successful
clothing manufacturer.

I'm really happy for Erica.

On the phone she said

he's everything
she's been looking for.

She used to be real
shy around guys,

and afraid of getting involved.

I guess she never knew whether
they wanted her for her money,

or really loved her.

Well, I hate to do this.

But I have packing to do.

I think we have everything
under control. Go.

Have a wonderful time.








So glad you're here.

Look at you, you're
absolutely beautiful.

And you look great.

Thanks. But I'm a mess.

There isn't enough
makeup in the world

to hide the bags under my eyes.

I haven't had a
good night's sleep

since I moved into this place.

Come on. Wait a minute,

what's wrong?
It's not you and...

Cliff? No. I adore my husband.

But not his taste in houses.

It's all right during the day

when I can stay
outside and garden,

but at nighttime...

Come on, let's go inside.

Creepy, huh?

Wait'll you see the
rest of the house.

Cliff, darling.

This is Tiffany.


Hello, Tiffany. Welcome.

Thank you. What do you think?

I think you should keep him.


Do you know what? What?

You look even
better in real life

than you do in the
3000 photographs

my wife has of you two.

Not 3000.

Twenty-nine hundred.
Twenty-nine hundred.

Darling, don't you think perhaps

you should be getting
dressed for dinner,

rather than grubbing around
in the garden anymore?

Okay, I'll bring these into
Mrs. Craig and be right up.


Come, I'll show
you to your room.

Why, thank you.

I'll build a nice fire,

this old house gets
very drafty at night.


Two thirty?

I found that clock
in a castle in Austria.

Paid a fortune to have
it shipped over here.

You know what? What?

It has never worked since.



Thank you, sir.

Mrs. Craig?

That isn't the china
I told you to use.

I always serve
Mr. Burke with this china.

It's been in his
family for years.


Well, well, it looks
like we're in for a storm.

Mrs. Craig, you'd better
get down to the cottage

before it begins to pour.

I'll try to find some candles.

Hey, I never remember
your being afraid of storms.

Have you noticed
anything strange or unusual

in the house since you got here?

I've got to know, Tiff.

Well, I...

I did feel something very
strange in my room tonight.

Like somebody watching you?


Thank God.

I feel like I'm going crazy.

I feel it too, all the time.

Wait a minute, what
exactly do you mean by that?

Well, I hear footsteps.

And then voices,

like people arguing
at the top of the stairs.

And things move.

I feel drafts and
I smell perfume.

Have you spoken
to Cliff about it?

I've tried, but he just explains
everything away logically.

He thinks you're
imagining things, huh?

Erica, it's okay.

I feel it too.

It's as if there's something
evil here that wants me gone.

Once I even thought
I heard it telling...


Hi. We didn't hear you come in.

Has Erica been telling
you her ghost stories?

No. I'd like to
hear some, though.

It'd be fun on a stormy night.

Only if you're 12
and at summer camp.

I'm sorry, darling.

Look, uh, why don't we play
some billiards by candlelight

and get our minds off the storm?

And ghosts.













E-Excuse me, has... Have
you seen Erica and Cliff?


WOMAN: Please. Just
get out and leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Look out!






What are you doing
down here at this hour?

I saw a face in that window,
I think you have a prowler.

Sebastian, what are
you doing out there?

Just trying to get the
shutters fastened, Mr. Burke.

Sorry to disturb you.

It's quite all right.

You see?

You have nothing to
be afraid about there.



Tiffany, this is beautiful.

It's a fabulous house.

Tiffany, I still don't
understand why you didn't

just tell Cliff about the party?

You'll understand
when you meet him.

I mean, he's just gonna
say that I was sleepwalking

and that I was dreaming.

Maybe it was a dream.

It was so real.

I don't know... I don't
know what to think.

One thing I know, I'm
glad you two are here.

So are we.

You three going to
spend all day down there?


Coffee and Danishes
are getting cold.

Thank you.

Do you remember Anne Flaherty?

She used to call us
the Terrors of Tracy Hall.

That was our dorm.

I used to stay up all night.

I painted and wrote poetry.

Tiffany organized seances.

Seances? You're kidding?

She used to be very
big into the occult.

Didn't you tell them
about the summer

you worked for Hans Kempler,
the famous ghost hunter?

Well, this is a whole new side
of you we've never seen, Tiff.

That professor of
parapsychology from Vermont,

he tested you and said you
were very definitely a sensitive.

Ahem. Does that
mean you're a psychic?

No, it means I get hurt easily.

Now will you two
please cut it out?


Are you sure you didn't
hear or see anything unusual

when you came
downstairs last night?

Yes. I saw your caretaker
fixing the shutters.

TIFFANY: Why don't
we go for a walk?

Great idea. As a matter of fact,

I was hoping for the grand tour.

Anything to get out of
the house for a little while.

Mrs. Burke, I still don't
have a final canapé

and wine list for tonight.

ERICA: All right, Mrs. Craig.

You guys go ahead, I'll
catch up with you later.

This is quite a place.

They maintain it beautifully.

Yes, a Victorian home with
palm trees and an orange grove.

I don't think we're
gonna find Lon Chaney

playing the pipe
organ in the basement.



But I do think that something
awful happened here.

The impressions that
I'm getting are too strong.

Well, maybe Charlie
could find out something

about the people
who lived here before.

Sure. And then we'd
know once and for all

if there really was
a dark-haired lady.


I guess this sounds
pretty bizarre, doesn't it?

Tiff, it... It is a
little unusual.

What do you really
think is going on here?

Well, first of all,

I think you both should
know that I believe that there's

some things that we can't
explain and don't understand.

But I think you
have to be careful

not to let your
imagination run wild.

Yes, especially not
in a setting like this.

But Erica really believes
that there is something

in that house that
doesn't want her there.

Something evil.

Something or someone?

Has anything happened to Erica?

No. Not yet.

But I've known
Erica for a long time,

she's never been
afraid of anything.

Well, you haven't
seen her in three years.


Ooh, it's cold in here.

The window must have
blown open half a dozen times.

You feel anything else
strange when it did?

Just Kris. Just Kelly.


Ooh. Where's Erica?

Oh, she said she
was going into the attic

to look over some
costumes for tonight.

We're really looking
forward to the party.


There it is again.

That presence.

You don't feel that?

Well, maybe it's the
storm rolling in again, Tiff.

No. There's something
else at work here.

Look, I know you
want to help Erica,

but don't you think you're
getting too caught up in this?

We'll call Charlie.

See if Charlie can't find out
who owned the house before.

Maybe we could get a line
on the dark-haired woman.




I-I don't get it. This
doesn't make any sense,

I know I locked that window.

It may not do any
good to lock it, Kris.

I think there's some
kind of force building up

that's affecting
everyone in this house.

It may be using all of us
to make some tragic event

from the past
happen all over again.

The dark-haired woman?

She could be a guest at
the party tonight. I don't know.





They're chasing me.

I told you somebody's
trying to kill me!


Could somebody help us?




I know I set the brakes when
I parked Mrs. Burke's car.

I keep going over it in
my head and I'm sure.

Even if you hadn't set
it, that doesn't explain

the engine
starting up by itself.

I suppose there could be

some sort of logical
explanation for it.

You two have been with Mr. Burke
for a long time, haven't you?


Then you know if he
was married before.

Yeah, he was married before.

That was, uh,
nearly 20 years ago.

He and the first wife
bought this house

when they were newlyweds.

Her name was Madeline.


We don't talk much
about it anymore.

It was terrible for Mr. Burke.

You never saw two
people more in love.

Even with her being
sick like she was.

What was wrong with her?


She was in a wheelchair
nearly all her life.

She was in a wheelchair?

Yet she was always
cheerful and lively.

I can't tell anymore.

Well, there was
a party that night.

Just like the party tonight.

The fact is...

this is the first time there's
been a party in the house

since that night.

Yeah. [♪♪♪]

What happened at the party?

Well, there was an escape
at the prison that night.

The house was broke into,

Mrs. Burke was found dead
at the bottom of the stairs.

The murdering thief
stole her engagement ring

right off her finger.

And they never even caught him.

What did the first
Mrs. Burke look like?

Oh, she was a real beauty.

She was always
thinking of others.

She had hair like black silk.


You've seen her
too, haven't you?



That must be the caterers.

I'll go show 'em where to park.


Madeline never left the house.

I smell her perfume
sometimes upstairs.

She was always peaceful

until the new missis
came into the house.

Believe me, she'll never stand
for another wife in this house.

It was Madeline
started that car after her.

I wish the new Mrs.
Burke would leave.

Before something
terrible happens to her.


The doctor just left.

Well, how is she?

She's fine.

But not for tonight.

What do you mean?

She has to stay in bed.

She'll miss the party.

Can I go up and see her?

Sure. I know she
wants to see you.



Come in.


look silly, don't I?

No, you... You don't look silly.



Ah, it's so feminine.

Isn't it beautiful?


I hate to say this but you
look like you just saw a ghost.

I feel like I have.

Erica's in a wheelchair.


Something's gonna
happen tonight, I know it.

Well, while you were
busy with the Craig's,

we ran down to their
cottage and called Charlie.

And the only occupant of
this house for nearly 50 years

before Cliff bought it

was a widow who
lived to a ripe old age.

It doesn't matter.

I already found the
dark-haired woman.

Her name was Madeline Burke.

She was Cliff's ex-wife.




What are you doing?

I don't care what
the doctor says,

I'm going to the party.

Are you sure?

Darling, I know
you're in trouble.

I've known for some time now.

Every time George Harper
comes around I get the chills.

As a matter of fact,

he's waiting for
me downstairs now.

If you help me on
with my costume,

I'll be beside you all the way.


sometimes I wish you
didn't love me so much.


What do you mean?

I want you to take a pain pill.

I just had a shot
a little while ago.

I know.

But since you're
going to the party,

you'll be moving around.

At this rate, I'll be flying.

Erica, after we
get through tonight,

I'm gonna sell this house

and I'm gonna buy
you whatever you want.


Oh, Cliff, I love you.


This can wait.

But George Harper can't.


I better get downstairs.

I'll send Mrs. Craig
up to help you.

I'm glad you were delayed.

I found some
fascinating reading here.

Why didn't you tell me you
wanted to see my books, George?

I could've sat down with you.

Ah, stop playing games, Cliff.

There's nothing in these pages

to suggest you can pay
me what you owe me.

Not now, not ever.

The money isn't coming
from that account.

I have a personal fund,

a sort of inheritance.

Now, why don't you let
me get you a drink, George.

I don't feel the
check in my hand.

You said tonight.

I said I would know by tonight.

And I do.

But I'm dealing with
an Eastern bank.

It will take at least
a couple of weeks

to clear up all the red tape.

Either you write me
a check right now...

You know perfectly well

I have an excellent
line for this year.

My tennis wear alone
will gross a fortune.

The check.


All right, George.

I'll do better than that...

I'll sign a note.

Turning over my
entire business to you,

if you're not fully
repaid in 30 days.



Okay, now hold
your breath. I am.

One more. Am I in?

There. Comfy?

I smell perfume.


Yeah, I do too.

Rose. It's not mine.

It's not mine either.



What's going on?


What's going on?

Madeline, go away.

We don't want you here.

Madeline, stop it!


She gone?

I don't know.


The window.

Get the window. I saw
some candles in the closet.








She's gone.




There must be some
way to open this up.


Right out of an old
Frankenstein movie.


We better split up.


I'll go find Tiffany,
you go stay with Erica.

Okay, take this candle.

Be careful.



Come on, Madeline, lead the way.






So how are you doing?


Where are Kris and Tiffany?

Oh, they're trying to cure
some zipper problems

on Tiffany's costume.

Kelly, you look beautiful.

Thank you.

I wonder if you
wouldn't mind terribly

doing me a very big favor.

Do you see that chap over there
dressed in the devil's costume?

George Harper.

One of my most
important suppliers.

And I know he would
love to dance with you.

Do you mind?

Well, I'm not much
of a dancer, Cliff.

Oh, go ahead, I don't want you
to stand around on my account.

All right, just one dance.

Excuse us, darling.



Madeline, I don't understand
what you want me to do.



Mrs. Burke was found dead
at the bottom of the stairs.

The murdering thief
stole her engagement ring

right off her finger.



It's a nice party.

Yes, it is.






What are you doing here?

Finding out that
Madeline's ghost

has been trying to warn
Erica, not get rid of her.


She led me to that trunk.

It is filled with
Madeline's old things.

Her engagement ring is there

with the diamond missing.

The one that was supposedly
taken by the escaped convict.

That's right.

I think Erica married
some kind of a bluebeard.

You see. it's all
coming together.

My dreams, dark-haired lady,

the costume party.

So whatever's gonna happen,
is gonna happen tonight,

if we don't stop it.

Come on, let's find
a way out of here.

Let's go.

Erica, darling,

it's time for you
to go up to bed.

All right.

Darling, would you
sit here a few minutes,

while I turn your bed down?

All right.

Kris, where have you been?

Where's Tiffany?


Oh, I'm sorry, I thought
you were someone else.

Have you seen Cliff?

Oh, no, not for a while.

Okay, thank you.

This must be under the kitchen.

Hey, a dumbwaiter.

Look at this.

Okay, come on.


You all right? Yeah.

Okay, I hope this works.






ERICA: It's Clifford.






CHARLIE: Angels,
it seems the only way

Clifford Burke knew
how to get money,

was to marry wealthy women
and make sure they died young.

They died young?

I'm afraid Madeline
wasn't Burke's first wife.

There was another
young heiress back east,

10 years earlier.

And he thought he
could get away with it?

He must have thought
that skeleton costume

would put him in the clear.

Didn't he realize his past
would catch up with him?

He was desperate, Kelly.

I doubt if he did much thinking
about the consequences.

Who was George Harper?

Well, let's just say Harper
worked for some people who, ah,

who don't take no for an answer.

Oh, Erica, I'm so sorry.


at least I didn't end up
like the first Mrs. Burke

or the second.

Thanks to you three.

don't forget Madeline.

If she hadn't held
that kitchen door shut,

I might never have
gotten to you in time.

Oh, come, come, now.

You don't really believe

that you had
supernatural help, do you?


KRIS: Oh, Tiffany,

there's probably a
perfectly logical explanation

to everything that happened.

I mean, the kitchen door
probably just got stuck.

A-and don't forget
about instinct, luck.

And good detective work.


Just in case though,
thanks, Madeline.

Yeah, thank you, Madeline.


Not me.

[GASPS] Ah-ha.

Hey! Hey! All right.

All right. Thank you,
wherever you are.