Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 12 - Angels in the Stretch - full transcript

Gambler Les Ferrar is murdered while investigating peculiar activity in regards to a horse race on which he had money. The Angels research the case and find that someone manipulated the winning horse.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.


[Horse Whinnies, Nickers]

Thad? You better
geld that stallion.

Yeah, he's acting kind
of "studdish," isn't he?


- Valerie.
- Mr. Gillis.

I thought you were
still at Wellesley.

Oh, I am. Just visiting Dad
during the semester break.

Les, how did an old
racetrack bum like you...

ever father anything so elegant?

Well, like you always
said, Mr. Gillis, class tells.

[Gillis] Oh, I can't deny that.


Must be something in the air.

Now Perdition's acting up.

Thad, are you still
training Perdition?

[Thad] Yeah. He's been up
at Golden Gate. Do any good?

Nah. He still came in last.

I gotta check on some
feed. I'll see you later.

Yeah. Dad, if I get up...

at this ungodly hour,
I deserve to be fed.

I'm sorry, honey.

Here. Get the car. We'll
grab some breakfast.

Great. Nice seeing
you, Mr. Gillis.

You too, honey.

See you later.

[Horse Whinnies]

Trying for another
heart attack, eh, Gates?

Morning. [With Irish Accent]
Top of the morning, sir.

[Horse Whinnies]

Is there something
the matter, Mr. Ferrar?

There just might be.

I think I'll have a
word with Thad.

Put him in with the stallion.
We'll make it look like an accident.

Come on, bucko. Give me a hand.

Thad? [Horse Whinnies]

[Whinnying, Snorting]

Oh, God. Oh, God!


[Charlie On Speakerphone] We're all deeply
sorry about your father, Miss Ferrar.

Can you tell us why you think
his death wasn't an accident?

My dad knew horses.

He wouldn't have put
himself in jeopardy...

by getting too
close to that stallion.

Stallions are sometimes
very unpredictable.

I know that, and Dad knew that.

He wouldn't have
gone in the stall.

What did your
father do at the track?

He bet the horses.

Excuse me. Your father
made his living betting horses?

Yeah. He always has.

He used to say he stole
his system from Dr. Dolittle.

What's that? He
talked with the horses.

He really loved them...

and understood them.

Do you remember anything
unusual happening that morning?

I mean, something
out of the ordinary?


Except besides the stallion,
one of the colts was acting up.

Um, Perdition, I
think, was his name.

Dad happened to notice it.

He seemed very puzzled by it.

Oh, really, there's no
use going on with this.

I know my father was murdered,

but it seems that
nobody believes me.

Why should I expect you to? [Charlie]
I'm sorry if we gave you that impression.

From what you've told us, I think your
father's death does deserve investigation.

I suggest you go back
to school as you planned.

But first, you and Sabrina might go through your
father's things. See if you can find any leads.

- Okay?
- Okay.

[Sabrina] What do you
suppose is in this one?

Oh, that's Dad's private file.

He made elaborate notes on
every mark and characteristic...

of every horse on the
circuit. He did, didn't he?

The official stud book
should be so thorough.

You can take it
if you like. Okay.

All right. I probably better.

Oh, and this... this is
stuff that was on Dad.

The police brought it.

Let's see what's in here.

Who's the letter from? Me.

What is "White SPT, LL, CHK"?

Oh, I think that means
"white spot, lower left cheek."

I sent this over a month ago.

Oh, Charlie's right.

I have to go back to school.

Dad would have wanted it. Yeah.

And I have to look for a horse
with a white spot on his left cheek.


Pretty, huh? Mm-hmm.

Sabrina Duncan?

Oh, yeah, that's me. I
hear you're looking for me.

Uh, you must be
Mr. Roper. Right.

This is Kelly
Garrett. Hello. Hello.

Heard you need a good
exerciser. Well, you heard wrong.

Oh, no. I got it from a very reliable
source... guy up at the coffee shop.

I got all the exercise
boys I need right now.

Hey, you know, if you
discriminate against me...

because I'm a woman,
it's against the law.

Why do you want to
be an exercise boy?

I don't want to be an exercise
boy. I want to be a jockey.

[Chuckles] Wait a minute.

I'll start out as
an exercise boy,

and I'll win your
confidence, hmm?

Okay. Okay, let's see
what you can do. Come on.

Oh, Ryan.

[Mutters] Thank you.

All right.

Remember, don't press.
Let the horse pace himself.


[Horse Whinnies]

She seems to have
the feel of the horse.

He admitted reluctantly.

Thad, your new boy makes
that horse look very good.

That new boy is a female.

Oh? Rides well for a girl.

Rides well, period... He
said, happily surprised.

Oh, uh, Miss... Oh.
Garrett. Mr. Gillis.

How do you do?
Excuse me. Work calls.

Do you rate everything
to gender, Mr. Gillis?

No, I don't.

It's an involuntary
verbal tic...

Activated by a desire to
make a good impression.

I've never seen you around
here before. Are you an owner?

Oh, no. I'm here visiting
my friend Valerie Ferrar.

Unfortunately, there
was a death in the family.

Her father was
killed by a horse.

Yeah, I know... the
incident with a stallion.

Oh, you were here? Yes.

Mr. Gillis, I'm a
magazine writer,

and I intended to do a
piece on Valerie's father...

You know, horses and horse
people. Perhaps I could help.

Well, I was hoping you'd offer.

Did you know Valerie's father?

Well, uh, slightly.

He was one of those,
uh, dreary characters...

who was always hanging
around racetracks.

More interested in making a quick
profit than improving the breed.

Oh. Do you have any idea why Mr. Ferrar
went in the stall? I'm afraid not.

I have to speak to the
racing secretary for a moment.

Uh, perhaps we could
continue this over breakfast.

Oh, well, if you have time.

I do. And even if I
didn't, I'd make time.


Let me give you a
hand. Thank you.

Me name's Ryan... Kevin Ryan.

Sabrina Duncan.
Sabrina? Has a ring to it.

Tell me, Sabrina, why would
a fine lady such as yourself...

be wanting to
exercise racehorses?

Well, I'm working up to becoming
a jockey. How about you?

Oh, I'll be owning me
own stable someday.

At least, that's why I come
to this land of opportunity.

Do I detect a
note of discontent?

[Laughs] In Ireland I
was a man respected.

Here, horses are
a rich man's sport.

Without money or connections,
a real horseman has no chance.

But I'll be owning
me own stable yet,

and I'll make you a lady jockey.

What say you to
that, Sabrina Duncan?

[With Irish Accent] Well, the luck
of the Irish be with you, Kevin Ryan.

Hmm. Tell me something.

Which one's the
horse that killed a guy?

Oh, the owners took him home.

Was he really a killer?

Aye, they can all be killers.

Big, powerful beasts, they are.
You have to know how to handle 'em.

Did he have a white
spot in his left cheek?

- Uh, he had no cheek marks.
- Did you know the man
who was killed?

Well, sort of. He was
a friend of Mr. Roper's.

A real regular at the rail.

Name of... Les Ferrar.

Nice fella.

I heard he was. It was awful.

Take care of that for
me? With pleasure.

Thank you very much.
Nice to talk to you.


I don't like the sound of that.

White marking on
the lower left cheek?

But she was talking
about the stallion.

It was the right marking.

It was the wrong horse.

I still don't like it.

'Twas a strange
coincidence, perhaps,

but we'd best find the truth.

Either she's here to learn
or to poke into our business.

Maybe I'd better find out
if the pretty lady jockey...

is really serious
about her riding, eh?


Hey, hup. Thank you.

All right. Now remember,
Sabrina, you're being clocked,

so get all you can
out of him. Yes, sir.

Ready, Miss Duncan?
I think so, Mr. Ryan.

Hey, there's Sabrina.

There they go.

Bosley, he's crowding her.


What's the matter with you?

You've got a lot to learn,
love, but you'll make it.

Yeah, well, you do that again,
and you won't. [Chuckles]

[Gillis] Well, I... I thought you'd enjoy
watching the workouts from up here.

Well, it's great, but from the looks
of it, this place isn't even open yet.

The chef came in especially to
make brunch for us... as a favor.

You're kidding. Oh, I never
kid about a chivalrous gesture.

Well, my compliments
to the chef,

and the gentleman the chef
does favors for. Thank you.

Must be fabulous to
be born into a dynasty.

What's the expression?
"To the manor born"?

[Chuckles] Why are you laughing?

No, no. My father was a
thick-handed stable boy.

A lucky break got him started,
and he parlayed it into a fortune.

I'm to the money
born, not the manor.

You must be very
proud of your father...

A self-made man and all.

Well, he made the fortune, but
he didn't make much of himself,

and all we ever had in
common was the money.

You know,

I remember how his
fingernails were always dirty.

And to the day he died, he...

He never understood
why it bothered me.

Never understood that.

You... You know,
Kelly, there's a...

A feeling about racing that men
like my father never understand.

Oh, I know they work
off it, and they live at it,

but without ever sensing...

its grace and elegance.

You know what I mean?

But they know horses
and probably love them.

Oh, they manufacture
horses... and merchandise them.

What is it?

I was just looking at
that lady exercise boy.

Is she in trouble?

On Perdition? Not likely.

A little fractious prancing is
about as lively as he ever gets.

Come on. Breakfast.

Thank you. There you go.

Thank you.

Well, he wants to run.
I think he's a winner.

No. No, he's got
all the motions,

but unfortunately he just
does not have the heart.

Gosh, I find that
hard to believe.

Then I'll believe
it for both of us.

Where you been?

You were supposed to be
here to work Perdition. So?

So? The girl worked him.

Gates, you mustn't
get in such a dither.

Remember your weak ticker.

It's my future you're
fooling around with.

From now on, you be
here. You work that horse.

You understand?

Come on, bucko.

[No Audible Dialogue]

Hiya. You and Perdition
looked great out there.

Gosh, I love him, but I seem
to be the only one who does.

What do you mean? Well,
Roper says he hasn't got any heart.

It's like we're talking
about two different horses.

Wait a minute.

What did I just say? Huh?

Well, uh, isn't there such a thing
as switching horses in races?

Well, yeah, but I mean,
not very likely today.

The racing commission watches
those things very carefully.

Hang on a minute. Valerie said
the morning her father was killed...

he noticed something
odd about Perdition...

Something about the
way he was behaving.

Then he wrote down that thing
about the white spot on the left cheek.

- Did Perdition
have that marking?
- No!

But maybe he should have.

Oh, I see your point.

Okay. I'll have Charlie do a
computer readout on Perdition.

All the paperwork... his
breeding, his age, et cetera.

While you're at it, why don't you see if Gates
and Ryan figure into Perdition's background?

Yeah, well, that might take
some time. Then let's speed it up.

Why don't you try to buy Perdition?
That could prove interesting.

Ready for the coffee I
promised you? Yes, I am.

Mr. Gates, these people need some
information I'm not able to give them.

Maybe you could help 'em. Very
nice to meet you. Yeah, same here.

Nice meeting you.
Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Howdy, Mr. Gates.
My name is Bosley.

This is Miss Munroe.
We're buyers in from Arizona.

- What can I do for you?
- Well, that, uh... The colt.

The one that the girl was
working out... Perdition.

Perdition? He's a dog.

Oh? Well, he didn't
work out like a dog.

Well, he's a morning glory.

Works out fast, and
then he runs slow.

His record's terrible.

- Good. Then maybe
we can get him cheap.
- "Get him"?

I think my client would
go about $10,000.

You mean, buy him? Or claim him.

As a matter of fact, my people
would, I'm sure, go 12,000.

Wait a minute, folks. This is
dog meat you're talking about.

Then I would think the owners
would be pleased to get a firm offer.

- Well, I don't know.
- Can I talk to them?

Well, you'll have to talk to
the trainer. That's Thad Roper.

Um, the owners are out
of town for a few days.

I think they are. Yeah, I'm
sure... I'm sure they're out of town.

Well, listen. I got work to do.

Yeah, thanks a lot.

You know, around here it's
very hard to buy a bad horse.

I noticed.

You're staring at me. Hmm.

I'm wondering. Well,
what are you wondering?

If you'd be after me job.

Why? Because I
worked Perdition today?

You know I've been
working him. Uh-huh.

Now, I don't mind if it's
a lady jockey you'd be,

but don't be using me
as a stepping-stone.

Oh, no, no, no. I
wouldn't do that.

Why is Perdition so underrated?

Hmm. So the darlin' kicked up his heels
and run like the wind for you, did he?

He ran like a champ.

Well, Sabrina, me love,

now, all horses have their
up days and their down days.

Oh, he's a
will-o-the-wisp. [Laughs]

If you clocked him today and bet
him tomorrow, you'd lose your shirt.

Yeah, but if you clocked him
yesterday and you bet him today...


Thank you. Well, now,

that's what makes
a horse race, isn't it?

Are you through, love? Mm-hmm.

Thank you very much.


Gates? What do you
think you're doing?

What does it look
like I'm doing?

Now, look, bucko.

We agreed. You can't drink.
Because when you drink you get drunk.

When you get drunk your mouth works
too much, and your ticker works too little.

That's a little bit too
dicey for me taste.

That girl rode that
colt. She knows!

I don't think so!

That's stupid.

Look at you, you poltroon, you.
You're shakin' in your boots over nothin'.

Those buyers from Arizona... They saw
her ride him. Now they want to buy him.

If you want to
be killing yourself,

you wait till after
the horse race.

[Bottle Shatters]

Okay. Okay, Bos.

Get again. "5-7-9-7."

Got it? Yeah. Well, that
should tell us something.

Listen, couldn't these tattoos be
forged like the wrestlers used to do?

I guess they could, but I think the important
thing is that white mark on the left cheek,

which is definitely not there.

Well, we'll check
this number. Okay.

- [Kris] See you later.
- Let me know, huh?

Oh, ho, hello.

Okay, nosy lady jockey.

Couldn't leave it
alone, could y...


If Gates hadn't had that heart
attack, I think I'd be dead now.

[Charlie on Speakerphone] Did he
say anything when he came at you?

He said something about
"lady jockey can't leave it alone,"

so I figure maybe he could
have been talking about Perdition.

Indeed he could. Your hunch
was right. Perdition is a twin.

A twin, Charlie? Are you sure?

Mm-hmm. The other foal
was sold to a rancher in Mexico.

Well, where does that lead us?

Wait a minute. When I had lunch
with Ryan, I noticed his wallet.

- It could have been Mexican.
- Like maybe he just
bought it in Mexico?

Yeah, but you don't have to be
in Mexico to buy a Mexican wallet.

Unless you're there
to pick up a horse.

- Uh-huh. A twin horse.
- Perdition's twin.

Who does not have a white spot on his
left cheek, and who runs like a champ.

You know, it is possible.
Even the racing commission...

would have a hard time telling the
difference if the horses were twins.

[Charlie] I agree, Bosley. But before we
tell the track stewards, we'll need proof.

So let's find out when and
how the switch was made.

It better be soon, because Perdition
is due to race day after tomorrow.

Hi, Mr. Roper.

Hello. Don't you have a workout?

Oh, no, sir. I'm finished.

- Mr. Roper, you mind
if I ask you a question?
- No.

I was wondering, uh, what is it
makes you so sure Perdition's a dud?

I'm his trainer.

Whose idea was it to send
him up north? The owner's?

Well, Ryan suggested
it, and I agreed.

Figured he'd run better
in easier company.

- He didn't.
- Ah. Did you drive him up?

No, I had Gates take him up. I guess
I figured it would be a wasted trip...

Broken-down horse and
a drunk with a bad heart.

Why do you ask?

No reason. Just curious.

Thanks. Got work to do.

See you later.

[Car Phone Buzzes]

- Yeah?
- Kris, it's me.

Gates drove Perdition to
Golden Gate on the inland route.

Now, I found a receipt
in Roper's books...

from Fred's Cabins
in Foreman's Cove,

so Gates must have stayed
there one night on his way back.

Well, finding Fred's Cabins in
Foreman's Cove shouldn't be too difficult.

But finding Perdition...
I don't know.

That might not be easy. I mean,
maybe they just destroyed the horse.

No, no, no. I don't think
so. Look, it's a good game.

You run Perdition. He loses,
so the odds go against him.

Then you run the ringer, and
you really pull it in. Sweet plan.

- I'll say. Good luck.
- Okay. Bye-bye.

[Handset Settles In Cradle] Well,
let's try and find Fred's Cabins.

[Kris] How far is it
to Foreman's Cove?

[Bosley] About 60 miles. Okay.
Gates stayed there one night...

when he brought Perdition
back from San Francisco.

Maybe he left Perdition
somewhere near Foreman's Cove.

Make sense? Yeah.
It makes sense.

You don't say that
with much enthusiasm.

It makes sense. It's
still a long shot. Yeah.

[Bosley] Hi there.

Two rooms or one?

Well, actually, we
need some information.

TV's extra. No water beds.

We're looking for a
horse. I got no horses.

- Well, actually,
we're looking for a man.
- Make up your mind.

You looking for
a man or a horse?

Okay. We're looking
for a man with a horse.

Stopped by here, oh, a couple
of nights ago. Six days ago.

Who's telling it? You or her?

This man was maybe looking
for a place to pasture this horse.

- No maybes about it.
- Say again?

- He was looking for a place
to pasture his horse.
- Oh. Did he find one?

Why does he keep interrupting?

Button up, Bosley.
Did he find one? Nope.

No. I found him
one. Gini's Place.

Gini's Place? Three miles up
the road. She boards horses.

Fred, you're a prince.

Nice talking to you.

It was a slice of heaven.

[Door Opens]

[Door Closes]

Kevin, I need to
tell you something,

but I don't want you to
tell anybody else, all right?

You have me word.

I think Gates tried
to kill me. What?

I said, I think Gates
tried to kill me.

He had been drinking, but I
think he knew what he was doing.

He said something about
"I wouldn't leave it alone."

Did you tell this to the police?

What for? They can't
arrest him. The man is dead.

Besides, I couldn't think of any
reason that he wanted to hurt me.

Could you? [Sighs]

It was probably just
the whiskey talking.

I don't think so. I think it was
something about Perdition.

Now, you know Gates never
wanted me to exercise him.

- You must have noticed that.
- Can't say that I did, love.

Now, old Gates was a sour sort.

Not to speak ill of the dead,

but he had something
eating at him...

which would make
him strange at times.

Yeah, and it was
something about Perdition.

You keep coming back to
the subject of that horse, love,

and it's beginnin'
to make me wonder.

About what?

About you, love.


Hi. Hi.

How about some coffee?
Mmm! Good choice.

I just made some fresh... Ah.

Yesterday. Oh. You must be Gini.

- Every lovin' inch of me.
- Uh-huh. Well, Gini, we were
talking to Fred down the road.

Hmm. That's hard to do. What?

- Talk to Fred.
- Oh, you, uh, noticed.

- Hmm.
- Listen, Gini. We're looking for a racehorse.

- Fred don't keep no racehorses.
- Oh, no. I know.

An employee of ours was supposed
to pasture this racehorse for us.

Yes, but
unfortunately, he died...

before he could tell
us where he left it.

Uh, yes, and Fred
had sent him here.

Oh, I know. He
was about that tall,

a ruddy complexion
and not bad looking.

Of course, not as
good looking as you are.

Uh, yeah, that's the guy.

You say he passed on?

Yes, a heart attack.

Oh, what a pity. Thought he was
gonna come back at the end of the month.

- To pick up the racehorse?
- Mm-hmm. I would have liked
to have seen him again.

- Oh, that is sad.
- Well, win some, lose some.

- Is the colt here now?
- Oh, yeah. Right out there. Go help yourself.

Ah. Thanks.

There you go.


[Bosley] Perdition...
the real article.

[Bosley] What time is it?

[Kris] Uh, 3:15.

And what time does
the fifth race go off?

I told you, 4:00.

What are we gonna do with
Perdition now that we've got him?

We'll talk that over with
Charlie when we get to the office.

I told you never to contact me,
except by telephone to my ranch.

Now, this had
better be important.

It could be.

I thought it better not to be keeping
it to myself, but to let you know.

- You'll be the judge.
- Get to it, boy. What the hell is it?

The name's Ryan.

Mr. Kevin Ryan.

All right, Mr. Ryan. But that
doesn't remove the odor of a stable.

Now you just tell me
why you got me here.

That exercise girl... Sabrina?

She's been asking
questions about Perdition,

like she's knowing
more than she should.

She also told me
Gates tried to kill her.

Kill her? When?

He was tryin' when he died.

He saw her with Perdition
and he went after her.

Do you know how
much he told her?

I don't know.

But I know she's been
asking about the horse...

and what I might know about him.

No curious girl is gonna
throw a wrench in things now,

not after I've gone this far.

And I think you should know,

the young lady you're
seeing, that Kelly Garrett?

She was with
Sabrina the first day.

What the hell are
you talking about?

The exercise girl and Miss
Garrett? Highly unlikely.

Miss Garrett is a
lovely, refined lady,

and if they were together,
it was just a coincidence.


Don't let that girl foul us up.

If you can't handle
it, let me know.

Uh, before you go,

I'd be having a
personal word with you.

You're no better than I am.

And don't be forgettin'
I know the truth of you.

You're all words
and fancy dress.

Now that you've mismanaged that
breeding ranch of yours into bankruptcy,

there's nothing left
inside to sustain you.

Man to man, you
never were me equal.

We got a long
way to go together.

We'd better make the best of it.

The exercise girl, Sabrina...

If you have to, kill her.

[Charlie On Speakerphone] All
right. We agree that Perdition's trainer,

Thad Roper, is
probably not involved.

So where does that leave us?

Ordinarily, I'd go
directly to the officials,

but in this case we
have nothing to offer...

except Perdition
and a dead witness.

We still don't know
who killed Les Ferrar,

or how many are involved
in the whole scheme.

The officials could only
disqualify Perdition's twin...

and launch an investigation.

Well, I'm afraid that could drive the guilty
underground, and they'd never be found.

I agree, Charlie. As a matter of
fact, I think we would do the racetrack,

the racing commission and
the public a great service...

if the real Perdition
ran in that race.

Yeah, that way the
race would be legal,

and maybe we'll get a chance
to find out who's calling the shots.

Right. We just watch out for anyone
who starts putting big money on Perdition.

Well, partner, looks like we
do some fancy horse-trading.

Or is it horse-switching?

[Bell Ringing]

[Man Announcing
On P.A., Indistinct]

Coming in second by
a length and one-half.

Now Ginger Place comes
into third by a neck...

[Continues, Indistinct]

Ginger Place, Misty Babe, Ice
Cream Social and Ladies Only.

As they head into
the back stretch,

Pablo's Pride by a neck...

Continues, Indistinct]

Whew! We did it.

No, we undid it.

Come on. Let's get to the track.

Continues, Indistinct]

[Ryan] Sabrina!

As soon as you get
Perdition to the paddock,

you can have the rest
of the day off. Okay.

He's really looking
good today, isn't he?

Indeed he is. Yeah.

Too bad he can't...
run like he looks.

Well... [Laughs]

see you later, huh?

[Announcer] Here comes
Ruthie's Cooking on the outside.

It's Pablo's Pride by a neck, Ruthie's
Cooking by a length, and Misty Babe.

And it's Ruthie's Cooking
across the finish line.


[Kelly] I can't believe I won.

Seems you're a good
handicapper. Not really.

No? No. The only reason
I bet Ruthie's Cooking...

is because I once had a
friend named Ruth Cook.

Well, whatever works.

Oh, look at those odds.

Ten-to-one. How
much will I collect?

Here. Let me see.

One hundred and
10 dollars. Oh, boy!

Well, where are you gonna
take us tonight, big winner?

[Laughs] You name
it. You staked me.


[Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, betting for the fifth race,

the event for three-year-olds at a
distance of a mile and five-eighths,

will begin in one minute.

Ladies and gentlemen, again
let me direct your attention...

to our newly installed,
computer-operated TV monitors.

[Ryan] Five hundred
on number six.

[Man] Five hundred
to win on number six.


Any old friends in the
fifth you'd like to bet?

This is the race Thad
Roper's colt Perdition is in...

Number six.

Cecil R. has possibilities.
Cecil R., huh?

Well, if he's an old
boyfriend, I'm warning you,

I've got very jealous
bones in my body.

[Announcer] The fifth race
is an exacta wagering event,

Probable exacta purses...

are seen in our TV monitors.

Ladies and gentlemen, bet early.

Don't be shut out.

Ladies and gentlemen, post time
for the fifth race is five minutes.

Would you think about
us until I come back?

Charlie got us a backup. Do
you see the two guys at the bar?

They're detectives.
So if you see anybody...

putting any heavy money down
on Perdition, just let 'em know.

Kris and I are gonna go
down to the pay windows.

Maybe we'll get an
indication down there.



[Announcer] Post time for
the fifth race is four minutes.

Now, why do you suppose
Mr. Gillis is waiting around?

Well, it looks
like he's waiting...

till just before the
windows close...

to make a bet.

- So?
- So? Don't you see?

I mean, if you're smart,

and you wanna make
a big bet on a long shot,

you wait till the last minute,

so that you won't lower
the odds noticeably...

and tip the crowd.
Carter Gillis.

Ladies and gentlemen, the horses are
approaching the gate... We'll soon know.

For the start of the fifth race.

There is still time to place
wagers on the fifth race.

Final odds are visible
on our new TV monitors.

You still have time to bet.

The horses are at the
gate for the fifth race.

Did you see that,
Bosley? He bet a fortune.

All on number six... Perdition.

Sorry I've been so long.
Here's your $110. Oh.

Since I'm not betting this race,

I'll root for your horse.

His name wasn't
Cecil R., I hope.

[Announcer] Jasper Quilt
has broken through the gate.

There will be a slight delay.

For a man who
knows all about horses,

aren't you taking a chance
on a long shot like Perdition?

A strong hunch...
Inspired by you.

When I saw you standing
by the rail that first morning,

a line from Othello
came into my head.

"Excellent wretch!

"Perdition catch my soul,

but I do love thee."

[Announcer] The flag is
up. They're off and running.

Cocoa Dream takes the lead
with Jasper Quilt second...

on the inside by a length and a
half. I'm gonna check with Sabrina.

Maybe she's seen some
heavy bettors on Perdition. Okay.

Okay. See you later.
Cecil R. by half a length,

followed by Nunother,
Lightenbrite, Tuesday Morning,

who's quickly passed Perdition,
who fades back... [Indistinct]

It's still Cocoa Dream first by a
length as they go into the far turn.

[Indistinct] A distance
of a mile and five-eighths.

Jasper Quilt is second
by two and a half lengths.

Nunother third by a length.
In fourth place, Lightenbrite,

with Twice Johnny
moving up and Cecil R.,

Perdition and Tuesday Morning as
they enter the stretch for the first time.

It's Cocoa Dream
first by a length.

Jasper Quilt second by
two and a half lengths.

Nunother third by a length and a
half. Lightenbrite, Twice Johnny,

Tuesday Morning, Cecil
R. and Perdition. [Indistinct]

It's Cocoa Dream by
a length and a quarter.

Jasper Quilt second
by two lengths.

Nunother third by a length
followed by Twice Johnny.

Lightenbrite, Tuesday Morning,
Cecil R. and far back is Perdition.

Tuesday Morning is making a
move as they approach the turn.

It's Cocoa Dream
first by a length.

Jasper Quilt second by
two and a half lengths.

Tuesday Morning moves
into third place by a nose.

Nunother, Twice Johnny,
Cecil R. and Perdition...

Jasper Quilt makes a
move on Cocoa Dream.

As they come out of the
turn they're stringing out.

Jasper Quilt then Cocoa
Dream fighting for the lead.

Tuesday Morning, Twice Johnny,
Nunother, Lightenbrite, Cecil R...

and far back, Perdition.

Into the stretch it's Cocoa
Dream and Jasper Quilt.

Jasper Quilt...
[Continues, Indistinct]

- Uh-uh.
- Well, now.

What might you be
doing with a gun, Sabrina?

Well, the game's over, Kevin,
and it looks like you lose.

And how do you know
I was even playing?

I know you have a pocketful
of tickets on Perdition,

and the horse that's up there running's
losing, 'cause it really is Perdition.

[Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, please hold your tickets...

till the results are
declared official.

Well, it seems...

like you've got it all
figured out, Sabrina.

[Sabrina Grunting]


And what's the game
now, Sabrina, me love?

Hold it!

Me hunch was right
about you all along,

but those pretty brown
eyes got in the way.

We better go.

[Patrons Chattering]

That was the real Perdition.

There are two detectives
over there at the bar.

Please. You have to
understand why I did it.

It takes a great deal of money to
live the way I have always lived...

The only way I know how to live.

Oh, Kelly, how
did they find out?

A little white spot
that nobody saw...

except Les Ferrar...

That dreary character that
hung around racetracks.

He left a note.

It was your $10.

Mr. Gillis.

Keep the change.

[Charlie] Congratulations, Angels. You've
chalked up another one in fine style.

Now, before you're briefed on
the new assignment by Bosley,

I'd... No. Oh, I'm ready.

Uh, what's the question?

I was saying, I'd like to
offer a word of caution.

Playing the ponies, as they say,

is an intoxicating
pastime, right?

[Stammering] Oh, yes.
Oh, yes. Uh, most definitely.

One to which we could
easily become addicted.

No argument there, I'm sure.

Oh, no doubt about it. No
doubt about it. Absolutely.

So I suggest a rule: No
horses during office hours.

Earphone! Earphone! Oh!

Leading to a...
radio! Aha! Radio!

Bosley, shame on you.

[Man Announcing] Now in the
stretch, they're neck and neck.

And at the wire it's
Corollary by a nose,

Ostracize by a neck
and Somnambulator.

Bosley, who did you
have? Did you win?

[Announcer] Fourth,
Barefoot Dancer.

That's it. The bartender told me he
got it right from the horse's mouth.