Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 3, Episode 11 - Angels Belong in Heaven - full transcript

A guy who knows Charlie calls him to tell him that someone he knows took out a contract on one of the girls but before he could say anything the men he's with finds him and kills him. So the girls have to try and find out who the target is.

Once upon a time,

there were three little girls who
went to the police academy...

Two in Los Angeles,

the other in San Francisco...

And they were each assigned
very hazardous duties.


But I took them away from all
that, and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Woman On P.A.] All passengers
for Flight 419 to Chicago,

now boarding at Gate 43.

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Woman On P.A.] Will Mr. Rowan
please call the flight desk.

[Man On P.A.] Passengers for
Flight 709 may now board at Gate 16.

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Man On P.A.] Use the left ramp
for meeting all incoming flights.

[Phone Rings]

[Charlie's Voice] Good day.
This is the Townsend Agency.

Since we do not toil on Sundays,

this machine will record any
messages you might wish to leave.

Wait till the sound of the tone and then
leave your name, time of day and any message.

Either I or one of my associates will
get back to you as soon as possible.


Charlie, this is Tom
Norton. [Panting] It's 10:45.

I'm in a hurry and I can only
say this once, so listen good.

There's an acquaintance
of mine I owed a favor to.

He asked me to find
him a guy here in town...

to muscle someone a little.

I did what he asked.

Trouble is, it turns out my
acquaintance didn't want just muscle,

he wanted a killing.

And I found out it's apparently
a girl who works for you, Charlie.

I told him I didn't want
any part of any killing,

least... leastwise if it
concerns you, Charlie.

I owe you, Charlie, and that's the
reason I don't... [Phone Booth Door Opens]

[Jet Engine Roaring] No.

No, please. No.

Oh, God! Please... [Gunshot]

I hope he wasn't too close a
friend of yours, Mr. Gorman.

I've very precise in my work.

I don't like sudden decisions, but
I had no choice. You understand.

I understand.

I'll be at the Fremont Hotel.
Call me when she's dead.

And remember: time.

[Norton's Voice] Trouble is,
it turns out my acquaintance...

didn't want just muscle,
he wanted a killing.

And I found out it's apparently
a girl who works for you, Charlie.

I told him I didn't want
any part of any killing,

least... leastwise if it
concerns you, Charlie.

I owe you, Charlie, and
that's the reason I don't...

[Jet Engine Roaring]
No. No, please. No.

Oh, God! Please... [Gunshot]

[Tape Player Stops] Oh, boy.

Well, I came in 15 minutes
ago. I heard that, and I called you.

[Sabrina] Did you
try to call Charlie?

I tried, but I can't reach
him. He's out sailing today.

Norton. Tom Norton.

Do you have any idea
who that is, Bosley?

No. I looked through the files
and the name just doesn't show up.

This is crazy. One of
us is due to be killed.

We don't know why,
when, by whom...

Where do we start?
We've got nothing to go on.

Wait a minute. Now listen.

I owe you, Charlie, and
that's the reason I don't...

[Jet Engine Roaring]
No. No, please.

No. Oh, God. Please... [Gunshot]

I have a friend who
works at the police lab.

Maybe he can tell us what
kind of background noise that is.

Well, that beats sitting
around here and waiting.

Let's go.

[Norton's Voice] Charlie,
this is Tom Norton.

It's 10:45. I'm in a hurry
and I can only say this once...

[Man] You say this
was a local call?

Well, that's what we
figure. What do you think?

Los Angeles airport.

Wait a minute. How do you
know that? Jet prop noise.

Turboprops, regular
reciprocating engines,

which would be intercity
commuter-type aircraft.

Since it's mixed in with heavy
jet noise, it's gotta be L.A.X...

Probably outside, near
the international terminals.

[Clicks Tongue] Thanks,
Eddie. I won't forget it's Sunday.

- Neither will I.
- Mm-hmm.

Thanks, Eddie.
[Sabrina] Bye-bye.

Now where? L.A.X.

To look for what? Well, the
phone booth Norton called from.

[Kelly] Even if we find
it, what will it tell us?

[Sabrina] Maybe nothin',
but we gotta start somewhere.

[Kris] Okay, where do we start?

The phone booths inside the terminal
are the new, open-compartment types.

Yeah? But on the tape,

there was the sound of a
metal door opening and closing,

which means our mysterious Mr. Norton was
probably calling from an outside-type booth.

Which would explain the
heavy noise level on the tape.

Hey, there are phone booths in those
parking lots over there. Okay. Let's go.

Yeah. Wait a
minute. Wait a minute.

Uh, why don't you let me do
this? I mean, one of you is a target.

And everything has been
happening so darned fast,

we haven't really stopped
and thought about that.

I mean, one of you could step
out of this car right now, and that's it.

So why don't you just let
me carry the ball this time?

Bos, you could do it alone, but it would
take time... maybe more time than we've got.

All I'm trying to say is that I have
grown rather attached to you three.

The feeling's mutual,
Bosley, but it's still team play.

Look, besides, I'm not one for hiding in corners
while some freak is out there with a gun.

[Sabrina] We know one thing about professional
hit men. They don't like complications.

They want one shot, neat
and clean, then a fast exit.

So from now on, we'll all walk
close together. We'll shift positions.

We'll never give
him a clear shot.

Right. Like Kris said, it
beats hiding in corners.

It sure does. Bos, why
don't you call Charlie?

See if he's home yet,
and don't worry about us.


It done? Not yet, Mr. Gorman.

Why'd you call me? It's
getting a little complicated.

What's she doin'
here? I don't know.

And who are those two?
They've been with her...

ever since I picked her up
coming out of the Townsend office.

Probably work with her.

What are they doin'? I'd say
they're looking for Norton's body.

He must have told 'em
where he was calling from.

If he told them that, he
could've mentioned your name.

It's getting messy. I think we
better call it off, Mr. Gorman.

I think we'd better not.
'Cause it could be you're right.

Maybe Norton did mention our
names, and if he did, we'd better know,

and we better do
something about it.

I don't like it. Maybe
you should do it yourself.


Jellek, if I had the
stomach for this,

I wouldn't have
hired you to kill her.

Every hour that goes by,

she's gonna come
closer to figurin' it out.

So you do it, and
you do it quick.

Well... [Chuckles] some
guys can hold their liquor...

and some can't, huh?
[Kelly] Yeah, some can't.

Right. See you later.

So long. Come on, dear.
Let's get this thing open.

Be careful. Wait a minute.

One... One, two,
three, go. Easy, easy.

He's dead. Let's see if
there's any identification.

We got a wallet.

"Norton, Thomas
A." I'll call the police.

Operator, I'd like
to report a homicide.

Would you please give me
the police? It's an emergency.

Well, it was a clean shot, close
range, right through the heart.

I found this.

Right. We're the
Townsend Agency.

Yes, we'll stay here
till the officers arrive.

Thank you.

"Flight 717, Sovereign Airlines,
10:35 from Chicago." Today.

On the tape, Norton
said it was 10:45.

He met someone on that flight.
Ten minutes later he was killed.

Well, maybe it was the guy who
asked him to find the hit man?

Or maybe it was
the hit man himself?

Or both.

[Siren Wailing, Distant]

[Siren Stops]

[Chattering On Police Radio]

Yeah, that's right. Flight 717
from Chicago. Came in at 10:35.

Okay. Certainly do
appreciate it, Lieutenant Kane.

Yeah, I'm sure Charlie
will too, if we ever find him.

Okay. We'll get back
to you. Thanks a lot.

Well, Lieutenant Kane's
gonna get a fast court order,

subpoena the passenger list and
everything related to Flight 717,

and, uh, he'll get back
to us in a couple hours.

Listen, maybe there'll be a name on that
list that we can tie into Norton somehow.

Maybe, if we can figure how
Norton ties up with Charlie.

Well, I left a message for Charlie to call
us the minute he gets back from sailing.

Listen, I've got a weekend
houseguest I left at home,

and I think for her safety, I'd
better check her into a hotel.

I don't want her accidently getting
in front of a gun pointed at me.

Well, we'll all
pick her up. Yeah.


[Car Doors Close]

[Car Phone Buzzes]

Hello? Charlie.

Uh, Charlie, there was a message on
the answering machine this morning,

a very urgent message.

Uh, yes. It was from a man
by the name of Tom Norton.

Oh, then you do know him. Well, that's
terrific. Listen, could you help us all out?

Would you please tell us who he
is, or I mean, rather, who he was?

He's dead.

You want me to go to a
hotel? Just for a day or so.

And you won't tell me why?
Well, I-I can, but I'd rather not.

You're angry with me. Are
you mad at me or something?

Of course not, Sally. Well, then
why do you want me to leave?

Kelly, look. I'm not trying
to be difficult. Really, I'm not.

It's just that I'm a little
sensitive these days.

You know, since Mom died, I've-I've been
really alone, and I've looked forward to...

[Phone Ringing] I'll get it.

Kelly, you're my best
friend. You always have been,

- and this is a very important
time for me right now.
- Hello?

And, well, I-I wanna share
it with you. Okay, Bosley.

We'll be right
out. Charlie called.

- Did he get a line
on Norton for us?
- Yeah, he did.

And I think maybe we
oughta, you know, hurry.


Look, I'm not going anywhere till
somebody tells me what's going on.

Okay, Sally. Look, we'll tell you on
the way to the hotel. Get your coat.

What'd Charlie tell
you about Norton?

Norton apparently was
a small-time hustler,

but he got mixed up with some heavyweights
on a bank heist that went sour.

He was accused
of shooting a guard.

But Charlie proved that he
wasn't involved in the killing,

and he got off on
a lesser charge.

Norton did time, but he
was very grateful to Charlie.

Which explains his
phone call to Charlie.

Would somebody please
tell me what's going on?

[Kelly] Bosley, this is Sally
Miles. [Bosley] How do you do?

[Sally] You'll tell me. [Kelly]
We'll tell you. Let's go now, Bosley.

So someone is trying to kill one
of you, but you don't know who?

That's the picture.

Charlie suggested we check
out Norton's house in the canyon.

So why don't you help her settle in,
and then we'll come back and pick you up?

Okay. Meanwhile, I'll
call Lieutenant Kane...

and see if he got the
passenger list for Flight 717 yet.

Yeah, and we'll be back in...
What? Oh, hour and a half?

- Yeah.
- All righty. See you later.

Yes, I heard right.
Miles. Sally Miles.

They're going inside now.

Well, how would I know
how much has been said?

You want to... You want to what?

Look, Gorman, I told you. I don't like
complications, sudden changes of plan.

I'm a direct man. I like to deal
with problems in a direct manner.

[Inhales] All right. All right.
We'll proceed your way.

But for your own
sake, it better work.

[Bosley] Yeah, Charlie.
We're at Norton's house now.

Sabrina and Kris
are checking it out.


That was Charlie. He's sending all the
material he has on Norton over to the office.

Did you find anything
in Norton's house?

Well, a lot of dust and this address and
phone book. Maybe it'll give us something.

Let's get back to
Kelly, huh? Yeah.

Hey. What is it?

I have a feeling I saw that car
earlier at the hotel. Take a look at that.

You know what? Come to think of
it, I think I saw him behind us before.

Mm-hmm. You
think he's tagging us?

I don't know. You
got a pencil? Yeah.

Pen, anything? Pencil.

Thank you.

694 IJZ. See if that's a "Z."

"Z"? IJZ.

[Engine Revving]

Bosley, look out! Whoa!

[Tires Squealing]

[Bumpers Crashing]

- [Gunshot]
- Oh! Stop!

[All Shouting, Indistinct]

- Oh!
- Whoa!

Everybody okay?

[Panting] Bosley,
are you okay? Yeah.

Boy, I whacked my head good.

Well, I guess the killer
made his move, huh?

Yeah, but which one
of us is he trying to kill?

We still don't know.

[Charlie On Speakerphone]
Well, we've made some progress.

Since Kelly wasn't in the car with you, it
looks like we've eliminated her as a target.

Uh, Charlie, the license number we got off
the car that tried to force us off the road...

Did you get anything on
that? It was a rental car.

The police found it
abandoned half an hour ago.

Well, I figured once he knew
we got a look at it, he'd dump it.

[Charlie] Kris, Sabrina... I
could get you police protection.

For how long, Charlie? Forever?
No good. We gotta play this one out.

But I do think Kris and I
should split up. Split up? Why?

Well, until we know which one of us
he's after, we're never gonna know why.

[Charlie] Perhaps
Sabrina's right, Kris.

If we can learn the reason
someone wants one of you dead,

then we have a fair
chance of stopping it.

Okay. How do we handle
it? Both of you go home.

The moment either of you see or
even feel something is wrong, call in.

Now, Bosley, you
stay there in the office...

to coordinate communications
between all of us. Good idea, Charlie.

Oh, by the way, I got the file
on Norton that you sent over...

His, uh, friends, accomplices...

and, uh, material relative
to his life in prison, et cetera.

Also, I got the
related material...

on Sovereign Airlines's passenger
list that Lieutenant Kane sent over,

plus the, uh, phone and address
book we took from Norton's house.

I'll see if I can tie any of those
pieces together from here.

[Charlie] All right. Now remember, we'll
all stay as close as the nearest phone.

Kris or Sabrina's life may depend
on it. [Speakerphone Disconnects]

Yeah. [Sucks Teeth]

[Coin Clatters] [Bell Dings]

[Clears Throat] [Line Ringing]

[Woman] Pacifica Hotel.
Registration desk, please.

Hello. Listen, uh, I dropped a couple of young
ladies off at your hotel about 20 minutes ago,

and one of them left
a wallet in my cab.

I tried to return the wallet, but I
may have gotten to the wrong room.

I can't be sure about that.
Her name is Miles... Sally Miles.

Room 411? Thank you.

Uh, is the room on either side of
her unoccupied, by any chance?

Room 409 is unoccupied.

Yeah, I may have gone
to that room by mistake.

Uh, thank you.
Thank you very much.

Kelly, why are you still pacing?

Kris and Sabrina told
you. You're off the hook.

I know. But one of
them is still on the hook.

You care a lot about
them, don't you? Quite a lot.

Oh, Kelly. I really picked a poor
time to drop in on you, didn't I?

Sally, I'm very
happy to see you.

And I'm glad things
are getting better for you.

I know how close you
were to your mother.

Oh, Kelly, it was terrible.

Losing her was the cruelest
thing that's ever happened to me.

And then all of a sudden, being
faced with the responsibility...

of all that money
and everything.

It's just all been too much
to handle. I know that.

But you gotta think of what's
ahead of you, the good things.

I'm trying. I know.

Kelly, I can't wait for you to
meet him. He's a stockbroker.

He's intelligent. He's
educated. He's cute.

[Laughing] [Laughing]
I'm looking forward to it.

You are like the only family I have
left, and I want you to be pleased.

Sally, I will be.

[Sighs] I guess I'm, uh, still
that insecure little ding-a-ling...

you befriended in summer
camp all those years ago.

I guess I'm still looking for
your approval. You don't need it.

You're your own person now.

I've always admired you. I
think I wanted to be just like you.

You know, I told John that I was gonna
ask you to get me a job working with you.

[Exhales] I... don't think
it's your kind of work, Sally.

[Chuckles] I know.

I was just kidding him.

Oh, Kelly, thanks. Thanks
for being such a good friend.


[Engine Revving]

[Tires Screeching]

[Tires Screeching]

Put the window down!

The window! Put the window down!

Put it down! Hey. What...

Okay, put your hands on
the wheel. On the wheel!

Put your... Why are
you following me?

[Speaking Eastern
European Language]

What? What? Don't
you speak English?

[Speaking Eastern
European Language]

Oh, okay. Okay.
What's your name?

Oh. Stashu Wyszniewsky.

Sta... Stash...
Stashu Wyszniewsky.

- "Voshnosky."
- Wyszniewsky.

Oh, the heck
with it. Okay, okay.

- What you got in the backseat? What is that?
- Ah.

[Shutter Clicks]

- Uh, "grull." Pretty... "grull."
- Grill?

"Prytee grull."

Oh. Oh, I'm... I'm really sorry.

See, someone was
trying to... Girl pretty.

Oh, you're not gonna... I... Oh.

I'm... [Whimpers]

I'm... It's just, I...

[Speaking Eastern
European Language]

[Tires Squealing]

[Engine Shuts Off]


[Tires Squealing]

[Charlie On Speakerphone] All right.
Now we know which of you is the target,

but we don't know the why of it.

Sabrina, think carefully.

Is there anything new or different
that's happened to you lately?

Some new person you've met,
some change in your lifestyle...

that might be
significant somehow.

No, Charlie. I keep
thinkin' about that tire.

Now, the bullet missed
me but it hit the tire.

So, somebody shoots at you
and accidentally hits the tire.

I think he meant to hit
the tire. You lost me.

Well, it doesn't make sense. A professional
hit man who hits a guy in a phone booth...

in a public place with no
problem misses me at close range,

but... he hits the tire of
my car so I can't follow him.

Hey. Hey, now.
This is interesting.

What? Sovereign Airlines
Flight 717 from Chicago to L.A.

Now, besides the passenger
manifest, Lieutenant Kane sent over...

a list of people who took out flight
insurance, rented cars, et cetera, et cetera.

Well, now, when you
take out flight insurance...

the passenger has to put his home
telephone number on the policy.

Now, here: John Gorman.

Home number in Chicago,
area code 312-KL5-4761.

And in the address book that we took from
Norton's house, here is the same number,

but this time it's listed under
the name Wilson Flicker.

- Wilson Flicker. Does that
ring a bell for anybody?
- Mm-mmm.

- [Charlie] Not me. Bosley?
- No. No bells, Charlie.

But get this.

Wilson Flicker or John Gorman
or whatever you want to call him...

was Tom Norton's
cell mate in prison.

- Here's his picture.
- Now, that is interesting.

[Sabrina] Well, maybe Kelly
would remember the name Flicker.

Maybe you oughta give
Kelly a call at the hotel.

Yeah. Bye-bye, Charlie.

Get the number.

[Phone Ringing]

Hello? Hi, Sally. Sabrina.

Is Kelly there? Oh,
Sabrina, she's not here.

She's not? No.

I was kind of tired so
Kelly took a cab home.

She said she'd call you as
soon as she got there though.

How long ago did she
leave? Oh, about 15 minutes.

Okay. Uh, thank you, Sally.


[Phone Ringing]

[Line Ringing] Not there.

I'll try again in a few minutes.

How much? Five dollars, ma'am.

Before you... [Sighs] kill her,

you've gotta find out
what she's learned.

Gorman... You've got to!

What's been said, who's been
discussed, who can be identified.

Millions of dollars are at stake,
and if Norton mentioned our names...

before you... killed him,
even our lives may be at stake.

- Now, these are questions
that have to be asked, Jellek.
- Then why don't you ask them?

Because you may have to get
rough with her, and I'm... I'm not...

I'm not good at
that sort of thing.


Oh, Miss Johnson. Miss Johnson?

- I beg your pardon?
- Miss Emily Johnson?

Well, I'm sorry. You must
have the wrong address.

I have the right address,
Miss Garrett. Step inside.


[Objects Clattering]

What is it you want?


[Line Ringing]

[Ringing Continues]

[Ringing Continues]

All right. What cab company would
most likely service the Pacifica Hotel?

Well, there were some Tower
cabs out front while we were there.

- Do we have the number?
- I think I've got it
right here.

Your friend, Sally Miles...

Did she give you anything
before you left the hotel?

Like what?

- A picture, a snapshot.
- Of who?

A friend or someone close.

Oh, no photos of
friends or of anyone.

Did she give you anything before
you went to the hotel? Nothing.


[Rifling Continues]

What is it you're looking for?

You stay right there! [Groans]


Thank you. Appreciate your help. Cab
dropped her off about five minutes ago.

Then why isn't she
answering? Mm-mmm.

Maybe she decided
to drive over here.

No, she told Sally she was
gonna call us when she got home.

Well, she could have changed
her mind. I don't know. I don't like it.

Car forced us off the road
but none of us were hurt,

and those bullets all
missed me at my house.

You saying those
were diversions, Bree?

I'm saying I think we oughta
get over to Kelly's, fast.

[Rifling Continues]

[Phone Ringing]

[Ringing Continues]

[Line Ringing]

[Handset Settles In Cradle]

[Phone Ringing]

Your phone rings a lot.

- I have a lot of friends.
- Maybe too many friends!

You and Sally Miles...
What did you talk about?

We're old friends. We
talked about a lot of things.

Who did you talk about mostly?

Her fiancé maybe?

Uh, her mother.

It's really too bad.

You're a very pretty girl.

I don't ordinarily notice
those things, but...

you're very pretty.

Hey, Sabrina! What?

You know that list with the names of people
from the flight who had rental cars reserved?

Yeah? Well, that car
over there was rented...

by Norton's friend Mr. John Gorman,
otherwise known as Wilson Flicker.

- [Engine Revving]
- Bosley, he's gonna run!

[Tires Squealing]

- How did they get here?
- [Hammer Clicks]

Hey, empty guns...

Okay, friend. The
next one's for real.

Go for it. It's your choice.

Let's go.

[Car Door Opens]

[Sabrina] Okay. Let's
have 'em in the air. Get out.

Come on. Just...
[Car Door Closes]


What's going on?

John, answer me!

Sally, his name isn't John.

It's Wilson Flicker.

I helped send him to prison
five years ago for embezzlement.

Kelly, what are you saying?
You wanted me to meet him?

Well, that's the last
thing he wanted.

That's what all this
has been about.

John? Tell me this is some
kind of misunderstanding.

Tell me something.

Sally, do you have any, uh,
investment deals pending...

with your... stockbroker fiancé?

Well, we, uh...

We discussed his... handling some
of the business deals I have pending.

Five years ago, he was engaged
to another young woman of means.

That engagement cost
her two million dollars.

Worthless stocks of
some sort, as I remember.

You remember too well.

I know. It almost got me killed.

[Siren Wailing, Distant]


[Tires Squealing]

You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.

Funny, huh?

Years later and it's still just
like it was in summer camp.

You're still taking care of
me. So what are friends for?

Oh, Kelly. You're so dear to me.


There's just one thing. What?

Next time you think about getting
engaged, let me check him out first?

Deal. Okay.

[Charlie On
Speakerphone] Well, Kelly,

I assume your friend's wedding
plans were quickly canceled.

Very quickly, Charlie. It
could have been much worse.

Right. She could've married him.

Ohh! Listen, Charlie. Since
we did work on Sunday,

I assume that we have a few days
off to rest and rehabilitate? Hmm!

Kris, I'd like to help you, but
I'm afraid there's another case...

that needs our
immediate attention.

[Bosley] Ah, right
you are, Charlie.

And I have the
material right here.

The case concerns the disappearance
of some rather valuable art pieces,

and the insurance company has promised us
a most generous stipend if we recover them.

The way I figure, it
should come... to...

- Bosley?
- Uh, yes, Charlie?

You've stopped
talking. What is it?

Oh, uh, well, I, uh, think
it's Sunday again, Charlie.

I don't follow you,
Bosley. Explain.