Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 2, Episode 6 - Angel in Love - full transcript

Hildy Slater runs Utopia West, a human potential enterprise/resort. When her nephew Frank, a Vietnam vet, is murdered on site, she calls the Townsend Agency to solve the crime. Sabrina falls in love with a potential suspect.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three little girls
who went to the police academy,

two in Los Angeles...

the other in San Francisco,

and they were each assigned
very hazardous duties...

but I took them
away from all that,

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.



What do you say, buddy?

Hey, come on. Why the heat?

Hey, listen, will you?

I never would've left you,
not if I'd known you were alive.

The way you were hanging
there, I thought you were dead.

Easy with the cannon.

The money, it's all
here... practically.

Once in a while, I'd dip
in for 50 or a hundred...

Extra bread, that kind of thing.

Here, look... Fresh
out of the oven.

It's all here, pal,
nearly every dime.

Let me show you. It's
underneath the cot here.



Frank, is that you?


Hildy... What happened?

It's Frank.

A man ran out. He...
He must have shot him.

I'll get help.


CHARLIE: Well, that's
the situation, Angels.

We've been hired by Hildy Slater

to find her nephew's killer.

No motive?

There's always a motive.

It's up to you beautiful
creatures to find it.

What are the local authorities

doing about it, Charlie?

Very little.

Hildy advises that the
sheriff is understaffed

and overburdened...

and I needn't tell
you that the murder

is affecting Hildy's
business in an adverse way.

What is her business, Charlie?

Ever hear of Utopia West?

Yeah, it's that growth
center up north.

Growth center?

Well, you know, Bos.

That's where people go to
learn how to touch and feel.

Oh, yes, I've heard of it.
It's like adult spin-the-bottle.

Hildy prefers to call it a
"human potential enterprise."

Sounds great.

Not so great for
you, Kelly, my dear.

You're going to replace
the late Frank Slater

at Utopia.

Doing what?

Bus driver and general factotum.

Three cheers for Women's Lib.

How's your Tai Chi Chuan, Kris?

Ting hao, Charlie.


Good, because
you'll be replacing

the Phys Ed instructor.

Oh. What happened
to the previous one?

She and seven very
frightened guests

checked out immediately

following Frank Slater's murder.

What's my cover, Charlie?

You'll be checking
in as a paying guest,

and, Sabrina, my dear,

you're going in as a
freelance magazine writer

who's been attracted by
murder and the unique ambience.

Now, hold it, Charlie.

You promised me a vacation.

What better place to
spend it than Utopia?

Well, Acapulco sounds
a touch more romantic.

Right you are, love.

I'll spring for your plane
ticket to Acapulco...

after this case is wrapped up.

Accepted, and I
have three witnesses.

Ah, very good.

There's good news
for you too, Bosley.

Oh? Acapulco?

Your diet.

I'm not on a diet.

You're going to be.
As a favor to me,

Hildy agreed to put you
on her special herb diet.

Those pounds will
melt right off you.

Dr. Miller says that
my weight is perfect.

Perfect for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Good luck at Utopia,
Angels, and be careful.

There's a killer on the loose.

HILDY: We call this
"creative aggression."

You can't hurt each other,
so come on, go ahead.

Let's get it out of
your system. That's it.

Harder. Harder! Harder!
You said you were angry?

Strike out. Hit.

That's it, wonderful. Get
rid of those aggressions.

Give it. Give it. Go! Go!
Wonderful, wonderful!

Now, where were we?

Oh, we have general
P.E. before breakfast.

We have Tai Chi Chuan
classes twice daily,

after breakfast and after lunch.

That's right, and
then after dinner,

it's sort of que sera, sera...

Volleyball, a hike,

whatever you can get going.

Oh, I'd guess she can get
going whatever she wants to.


Oh, cute. Very cute, Lon.

Now, put your eyes

back in their sockets, dear.

Kris, this is Lon Molton.

He operates the stable
and keeps things running.



HILDY: Including
several female guests.

Oh, Lorraine?


Lorraine is my good right hand.

Lorraine Fielding,
this is Kris Munroe.

Hi. Hello.

HILDY: She will be
handling Phys Ed.


Do you know yoga?

Oh, sure... Hatha,
Mantra, and Kundalini.

I studied in Kashmir.

I guess she's qualified.

I could have told you that.

Let me get this for you.

Oh, thank you.

I think I broke it.

That's all right.

I'm sorry about that.

It's okay.



Welcome to Utopia West.

I'm Lorraine Fielding,

and this is Hildy Slater.

She's the owner and
operating manager.

You'll find some
brochures in your cabins

that'll tell you about
classes and meals and so on.

When you get through here,

I'll help you sign in.

And like the sign says,
deposit your inhibitions.

Around here, we
just let it all hang out.

Now, I'm not going to
say too much about rules,

because we only have
one... Be nice to each other.

And whether you
go to classes or not

is really up to you.

We don't have a truant officer.

What about clothing?
What do we wear?

You're the
journalist, aren't you?

Yes. Oh.

Well, here at Utopia, you
wear whatever turns you on.

Now, if it happens
to be the altogether,

that's okay too.

Watch out for the splinters

and try not to
frighten the horses.

All right.

If you'll follow me.

Sure. Come along.

Oh, I wonder, could
you... Thank you.

Hildy says you're taking
over for Frank Slater.

That's right.

Are you lost?

No. Worried.

Oh, is that your
job around here?

Head worrier?

Lon Molton.

I, uh, kind of run things
around here for Hildy.

Then what's to worry?

You staying here alone,

in the murder cabin.

This is where it happened?

Right here.

You know...

What you need is
protection, a roommate.

That's precisely
what Hildy thought.


Would you be a love
and help me set this up?

Set it up yourself, honey.

Oh, gee, I hate a bad loser.

A bad lecherous loser.


Let me give you
a hand with that.

You already have.

Criminals get a second chance.

My name is Doug O'Neal.

Sabrina Duncan.

"Sabryna fair...

Goddess of the silver lake."

Milton. Comus.

Poetry freak, huh?

No, I knew a girl named Sabrina

in high school.

I memorized that to impress her.

Was she impressed?

She hated being
called "Sa-bry-na."

My kind of girl.

May I? Please?

Thank you, Mr. O'Neal.

Call me Doug.
Your place or mine?

I'll call you Mr. O'Neal.



Well, what do you
think of Utopia?

Are you kidding?
I'm so disappointed.

I thought that sex would
be running rampant.

Oh, it's running.

You just haven't
caught up to it yet.

You know, I really like Hildy.

She's very nice.

I do too.

She's strictly out-front.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm all
right. How are you?

Fine. Did you get
a look at his face?

No, didn't even get
his license number.

About six feet
tall, medium build.

He wore a stocking mask.

Aside from that,

he was strictly your average,
everyday closet creeper.

CHARLIE: Any idea
what he was doing

in your cabin?

Either looking for
something or checking us out.

What could he be looking for?

Beats me. Kris and I
searched the room. Nothing.

If your cover's been blown,
you and Kris should pull back.

I don't want my Angels
getting their wings clipped.

Don't worry. We'll be careful.

Oh, Charlie,

that list of guests
and employees

is on its way over to you now

by special messenger.

Good, I'll run them
through the computer.

Anything else?

I guess that's
about it, Charlie.

I hope I didn't disturb you.

Oh, that's all right.

I'm just checking out
some investments.

I have a new stockbroker.

Well, I hope
everything's looking great.

Oh, yes.

I would say things
are definitely bullish.

Bye, Angel.

Bye, Charlie.

KRIS: The technique
of Tai Chi Chuan

is based on a way of movement.

Now, from the
beginning position,

we will first
Grasp Bird's Tail...

And then Ward
Off with Left Hand...

Okay, as follows...

Putting most of your weight

on your left foot.

That's right.

Bending those left knees.

Good... Good.

Now, we are going to turn
our right foot to the east.

To the east, Mr. Bosley.

For those of you who don't know

where east is, it's the right.

Good. Now, as
we do turn our foot,

we also rotate our hips,
shoulders, and head

as far to the east as possible.

Bending those
knees... Uh, Mr. Bosley?

To the east?

To the right.

Oh-ho, very good.

Now... We will
Grasp Bird's Tail,

leaning forward,
keeping knees low...

HILDY: I want
you to pair off now.

Turn around, everyone,
and find a partner.

Yeah, there you go.

Okay, now, I want you to
sit down facing each other.

Come on, now. Quickly.

Cross your legs, and
move in very close.

Now, you don't have
to sit Lotus position,

if you don't fold that way,

or if you feel it'll make you
walk funny later on, right?

All right, now, what
we're going to do today

is take turns
touching each other.

That's right, touching.
Primal communication.

It predates speech,
you know, and that's why

it's so much more
eloquent than words.

All right, palms
down on your thighs.

Now, I want one of
you to sit absolutely still.

The other will reach across

and touch the
hand of your partner.

Come on, now. Let's try it.


That's right.

Now, I want you
to feel each finger.

Feel the lifeblood
pulsing through it.



All right, partner.
Now it's your turn.

And this time, it's the face.

Reach across and
touch the cheek.

Caress it very lightly.

Now, with one finger,

gently, gently, and
very, very slowly,

trace the outline of
your partner's lips...

The shape of the mouth.

Gently and slowly.



Now, you see?
That didn't hurt at all.

And you know what we've learned?

It's all right to
touch after all.

Isn't it?


WOMAN: Hello.

Oh... Uh, good... good evening.

I was just looking for
something that I left...

I seemed to have misplaced

a roast beef sandwich.

You didn't happen
to find one, did you?

No. Sorry.

Oh, well, that's all right.

I'm sorry to have disturbed...

whatever that is.

Good night.

I have some crackers,
if you'd like some.

Oh, you do?

Yeah. Here.

I had it left over from lunch.

Oh... You're very kind.

What is it?


Have you been here long?

No, no... Three or four meals...

I mean, days.

Have you found your Vital Power?

My what?

Vital Power.

We all have it.

Stored up somewhere inside us.

Inside, we're all
churning with Vital Power.

We are?

I found mine,

through a water
diet and exercise,

but then I lost it.

Oh, I'm so sad.

And I began to display
negative energy.

N.E. destroys V.P.

Negative energy destroys...

Vital Power. Right.

My name's Audrey. What's yours?

Oh, uh... Bosley.

John Bosley.

Oh. I hope you find
it, John, your V.P.

Oh, oh, yeah. Oh, so do I.

Uh, listen, thanks very
much for the cracker,

but I think I'll turn in

and just store up some
of that old V.P., right?

Good night.

Good... Good night.

So you were a downhill racer?

Raised near Aspen.

Learned how to ski
before I could walk.

Well, were you any good?

Very good.


You asked, I answered.

Might've even had a
chance on the circuit,

but Vietnam came along,

and there was not a whole lot

of really good
skiing in Vietnam.

The best I ever placed
was 27th internationally.



That's very good.

Numero Uno...

that would have
been a whole lot better.

So you never went back to it?

Oh, I went back.

Gstaad, Grenoble...

had a good time,
spent a lot of money,

and then one day it hit
me... none of it was mine.

So I packed my bags
and I came home.

Well, that sounds
pretty healthy to me.

I don't know.

The story isn't over yet.

Is it going to have
a happy ending?

It might.

It just might.

What happened to
Sabrina after dinner?

She disappeared.

Sabrina who?

I haven't seen her all day.

That's strange.
It isn't like her.


Sorry, folks.

We didn't realize
this was lover's lane.

You have a way of showing up

where you don't belong.

Well, that's why I'm with Kris.

She's giving me
belonging lessons.


KELLY: Good night.

Good night.

That man needs a distemper shot.

Your birthday?


No card.

Why don't you open it?

Maybe it's from
a secret admirer.


Know something?


That wasn't from an admirer.

Ooh, this really feels good.

I got to tell you something.

I hate fake bombs almost
as much as I hate real ones.

That midnight cowboy

who jumped us two nights ago

could have been the
one who put it there.

Maybe the killer

stumbled onto
your real identities.

What about Lon Molton?

What about him?

For one thing, he's the same
size as our cabin crawler.

Maybe he and Lorraine
are a partnership.

What's that supposed to mean?

We caught Lon outside
our cabin last night

getting it on with Lorraine.

Well, he's already
made a pass at me.

Me too.

Me three.

Well, listen, maybe one of us

ought to live real dangerously
and get close to him...

No, not me.

And see what we can
find out. What do you think?

Shouldn't be
too difficult to do.

Um, I am puckered like a
prune, and besides that, I'm late.

I'll see you later.

What do you mean, you're late?

What's happening?

Nothing special.
Just a breakfast date.

Oh... Business or pleasure?

Well, he's nice.

Who's nice?

A guy named Doug O'Neal.

He's a guest here.

Don't worry. I'll be cool.

Sure, just like you are now. A
hundred degrees in the shade.


KRIS: Bye.

Doug O'Neal.

You know, he's in
one of my classes.

He could be our
midnight marauder.

He's a six-footer.

Not to Sabrina.

From the look on her face,

he's 10 feet tall.

Anyway, I was too busy

being a first-class
ski bum to get involved

in one of those
meaningful relationships,

you know what I mean?

Marriage was for the other guys.

That's part of the
reason I came here...

to get my act together.

Decided that it was time
to put down some roots...


What about you?

I figure that you
had some roots,

but you pulled them up.

Am I right?

Hundred percent.

Is that what keeps
your defenses up?

Well, you did a pretty good job

of breaking through them.

I can't take any
credit for that.

Hildy made that
breakthrough possible

for both of us.

You have been hurt, haven't you?

Just enough so I will
never let it happen again.

Well, I'll never
hurt you, Sabrina.

Do you believe that?

I'm not sure.

You can count on it.

I'll walk away from you first.

Well, that might
hurt most of all.

LORRAINE: Note the expression

of deep trust and
supreme contentment

on the face of our subject.

Trust, we can see,
is not instinctive.

After the trauma of birth,

it's something that
must be learned.

In this exercise,

our test subject allows
himself to be passed,

with varying degrees
of confidence,

into the hands of his
fellow human beings.

Charlie sends his best regards.

Oh, when did you talk to him?

On my morning run into town.

He still hopes

we'll come up with
a possible motive

for Frank's murder.

Well, I don't know
what it could be.

Frank was just a
harmless drifter.

He came and he went.

He never said hello,
he never said goodbye.

I always gave him
a job and a cabin,

but I never knew
any of his friends.

What about his personal effects?

Well, Frank always
traveled light.

Nothing more than
an old Air Force bag.

That's it?

Some snapshots from Vietnam.

Oh, could I see those?

Oh, of course.

There're not many
of them, though.

Like I said, Frank
was in the Air Force.

He was a ground mechanic
on one of those cargo planes.

Picture... Ah, there it is.


That's Doug O'Neal
beside your nephew.

Are you sure?

Well, I'm positive.

Kelly, I think you're right.

Could I borrow this photo?

Of course. Be my guest.

Thank you.

Please don't mention
this to anyone, okay?

My lips are sealed.
Cross my heart.

Thank you.

Whether you accept it or not

is beside the point.

The fact is Doug O'Neal is
now our number one lead.

You gotta face it, Bree.

Doug knew the murder victim,

and he never
mentioned it to anybody.

Look, just because
he knew Slater

doesn't mean he killed him.


But Doug or anyone else

could have slipped in here,

killed Slater, split,

then returned as a guest.

Okay, all right.
Look, take it easy.

I'll find out what
I can. It's my job.

Bree... Play it cool, huh?

Come on. Don't worry.


You gotta let me
win the next time.

Hey... Doug... Is
something wrong?

Uh... Well, yeah.

You know, I told
you I was a writer.

And you're not?

No, no, I am.
I'm... I'm a writer.

But I'm working on
a story about the...

the murder that happened here.

I just wanted you to know that.


Well, I guess I have

a little confession
to make myself.

Something that you
should probably know.

I knew Frank Slater,
the man who was killed.

You did?

We served together in Vietnam.

How well did you know him?

About as close as
two guys can get

that shared the same love.

A girl?


Bonnie Jean.

Frank was crew chief,
I was flight engineer.

She was his on the
ground, mine in the air.

Why'd you come here?

I read about Frank's
death in the newspaper.

I don't know, crazy I guess.

I thought, here was
something useful

that I could do.

Maybe I'll find Frank's
killer. I don't know.

I guess we've both been
keeping secrets, huh?

I guess so.

Have you learned anything?

Any idea who shot Frank?

Well, he wasn't shot.
He was strangled.

Strangled? The
newspaper said he was shot.

Well, he was shot,

but it was only a flesh wound.

The coroner ruled it was
death by strangulation.


Well, I tell you what,
Duncan. I got a terrific idea.


Let's talk about
something more pleasant.

Sabrina is going to
kill us if she finds out

that we were
searching Doug's cabin.

I hope she never has to know.


Did you find something?

His wallet.

"Still No Clue in
$2 Million Skyjack.

B.J. Smith Disappears
Over Idaho With Money."

Hey, I remember that.

It was a couple of years ago.

This guy extorted
money from an airline,

then he escaped by parachute.

They never did find
him... Or the money.

Kelly, what do you think?

I think Doug has

a lot more explaining to do.

I'm falling in love with you,

Sabrina Duncan.

Hey, that's not fair.

What? Saying that I love you?

That came right
out of left field,

and I wasn't ready for it.

Well... you don't, uh...

you don't get ready
to fall in love, lady.

I mean, it happens,
it doesn't happen...

Yeah, well... Maybe
it's happening...

But I need more time.

Okay... That's fair.

You can have all
the time you want.

I'll give you
till... 6:00 tonight,

6:30, if you'll have
dinner with me.


Well, don't just say
something. Sit there.

Bree, I...

Listen. I talked to Doug. He
told me that he knew Slater.

He told me before I
had a chance to ask him.

You better talk to him again.

It came from the
lining of O'Neal's wallet.

If you'll notice the description

of the mysterious B.J. Smith,

you'll see that it fits Doug.

Yeah, well, it also fits a
couple million other guys.

But a couple of
million other guys

aren't such big
fans of B.J. Smith

that they carry around
his press notices...

Nor did a couple
of million other guys

just happen to know
the murder victim.

Did it ever occur to you two

that Doug could
be telling the truth?

Yeah, it occurred to us.

But not for long.

Okay, look,

then what is he doing
hanging around here, huh?

Why isn't he in South
America or Europe

or wherever it is
skyjack millionaires go?

Okay, okay, let's forget

the newspaper
clipping for a moment.

How did he explain his
connection with Slater?

They knew each other in Vietnam.

He came here to
see if he could find out

who killed his friend.

But Bree, why didn't
he tell anybody?

We are undercover, aren't we?

I tell you what.
I've got an idea.

Why don't we just come
out from under cover

and ask him head-on, huh?

Why don't we do that?

You lied to me!

I didn't lie to you.

The money was there. I saw it.

Then why didn't I find it?

I don't know, but it was there.

You don't think I'd hang
out with a creep like Slater

unless he had the money?

Listen, the money
was there, Lon.

There was a big stack of it.

Frank swore it was
from the hijacking.

He bragged how he'd
double-crossed his partner.

Then where did he stash it?

It has to be in the cabin.

Either somebody beat you to it,

or the money is still there.

Well, it better be, lady.

For your sake, it better be.




He's not here.

Let's check the lodge.

End of the rainbow.

Hey, isn't that Lon Molton?

What's he doing in our cabin?

Hey, hold it!

Come on!

Here, Doug, come on.

Sabrina... I don't
understand. What...

The money. Where's the money?

What money?

Two million dollars money.

I didn't see any money.

I only saw Lon
running out of here.


Molton... Doug?


Tell me.

Tell me that you're
not B.J. Smith.

Molton, I have
to go after Molton.

Answer me.

Don't you understand?
He's got my money!

I'm sorry.

I am Smith.

And you are you...
And we are in love.

And that money is our future,

and that's why I have
to go after Molton.

I have to go after him.

He's not going anywhere...

And neither are you.

Come on. Let's head
him off at the pass.

Hold it. Hold it!


Well, if the whole
operation was so simple,

where'd it go wrong?

A slight miscalculation.

I was, um...

I was a flight engineer,
not paratrooper.

Oh, I bailed out of the plane
with the ransom safely enough,

but I landed in a tree.

When I woke up, I thought
my back was broken.

Evidently, so did Slater.

He was still my ground crew,

waiting for me down there

with transportation.

So you followed him
here and you killed him?


You said he was
strangled. I didn't do that.


Lon Molton.

Hildy said after
Slater was shot,

when she ran to get help...

she left Molton alone with him.

So you see? That
puts me in the clear.

That clears you of murder.

What about the skyjack?

You're the only one who
knows anything about that.

And that's the problem.

I do know.

Bree, that's ancient history.

What, just pretend
like it didn't happen?

Is that it?


I love you, Bree.


CHARLIE: So Slater was shot

in a wrestling match with O'Neal

while trying to take
his gun away from him,

is that it?

That's right.

Then when Molton
found Slater wounded,

he strangled him,
hoping to find his money.

And all this time,

it was built right
into the wall.

I presume it was O'Neal

who left the mock
bomb in your cabin?

That's right, Charlie.

The bomb was supposed to
scare us into leaving Utopia.

Or at least into

moving out of that
$2 million cabin.

Sabrina, how are you doing?

Oh... Well, I'll
survive, Charlie.

You know, that Acapulco vacation

is still available, on me.

No, thanks. I think
I'd rather keep busy.

All right.

I'll do my best
to keep you busy.

And Bosley, you of the
lean and hungry look.

Tell me, how'd you make
out on Hildy's herb diet?

Oh, terrific,
Charlie, just terrific.

I gained five pounds.