Central Russia's Vampires (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode 7 - full transcript

The third victim is a real lead for the investigation and a big problem for the vampires. And Slava's grandfather already has a suspect. Annushka is forced to work on two fronts. The investigation is closing in on her family.

We won't find anything here.

I can dig shit like this in Yaroslavl.

Coins come if you search.

The Nazis were here, and the French,
and the Polacks.

The rock is hiding something.

— Let's take a look.
— Okay.



Pull harder!

It's huge!

It is.

The engine almost blew up.


Let's dig?

Look, it's an axe.

Holy shit!

Do you see it?

How is he so well-preserved?

It's a swampy place.

And the soil is peaty.


I don't want to jinx it...

But it looks like we got ourselves
the tickets to a new life.

Do you really think
there are other bodies there?

This guy sure doesn't look like a Shepard.

There clearly was a battle.

We'll show him to the experts
when we get to Yaroslavl.

— Do we have water left?
— I guess.

Take Friday off anyway.

We need to search this place carefully.

A good hunt feeds a year.

Careful! There's an axe.

Good timing.

There's a Band-Aid somewhere.



And how did you end up under that rock?

I wanted to be free.

And Svyat made a treaty with the locals
that made me feel like a beast in a cage.


You mean Grandpa Slava?

Svyatoslav Vernidubovich.


A filthy coward.

We could be kings among this trash.

And he put us in the shackles of the law.

And put people as keepers above us.

He said he had a reason.

He's good at talking.

And law is like a shaft of a cart.

You've been found guilty without guilt too?


And what are you going to do now?

You better tell me...

What are you going to do?


You have only two roads to choose from.

To leave this place.

And run like a wolf from the hunters.



To establish a new order together.

You can count on me.

Excuse me... And what's your name?




Grandpa, can this be true?

Are we not alone here?

You know, girl...

The truth is what you believe in.

Until two days ago,
I didn't believe in you.

And you were right.

We don't exist.

After I signed the Treaty,
only our family lives here.

And who didn't want
to live by the law, left.

They could have come back.

You didn't part friends.

Of course.

I had the annals here somewhere.


No, thank you, son.

I'll manage.

Nothing unusual, right?

Just a flying old man?

I used to put all vampires
who lived in Smolensk into this book.


What do we have here?

Okay. Foma Kozhemyaka.

Big as a bull but stupid.

He's not smart enough to act so subtly.

Semyon Zhid.

Too smart.

He wouldn't have risked it.

Agafon Gribov.

A disgusting devil.

He loved every other woman he met.

And killed them.

And that's all.

The rest is here.

And what about these names?

Stepan Zhorin. Ivanka Karagot.

They didn't want to live by the law,
so they no longer live.

Okay. Could it be someone
who isn't in the book?

Those who left could convert others.

You know, Jean, these days
anything is possible.

How's this vampire connected to Nikita?

I think Nikita serves him.


In the hope of an eternal life.

I think we should focus on Nikita.

He's the only person so far
who can help us find this vampire.

Aren't you suspended?

Aren't you still working?

Fair enough.

Have a good day!

Good morning, Mom!

— Good morning!
— Good morning!

These numbers are so tiny.

You'll ruin your eyes.

I won't have time.


We agreed to beat these negative
thoughts away with a stick.


I have something for you.

Mom, please, just don't say
it's your last will, okay?


It's a storybook.

The one I read to you when you were a kid.


"A long time ago, when people
knew no grief and sorrow..."

"To the Smolensk lands came..."

"Monsters who drank blood."

"And committed atrocities."

I think I know it by heart.

That's good.

Because it's not fairy tales.

Mom, you are scaring me.
Let's take your blood pressure.

Study it carefully.

Whose blood is this?

His or from Nikita?

From Nikita.

And who's Nikita to you?


A dog.

I didn't know how many years
I spent underground.

But I was both happy and scared
at the same time.

I was happy because I was finally liberated
from my imprisonment.

And scared because I knew
nothing about your world.

What are you doing?
Where are you going?

What's this?

The only thing that hadn't changed
was people.

What are you looking at, bum?

I said go away.

Are you deaf? Go away!

Please don't kill me.

I know who you are.

You're a vampire.

I know about you.

Please don't kill me.

I needed a guide to learn
how to live in the new world.

Nikita lived in Smolensk.

It was a good sign.

Because I wanted to come back here.

And I made the right choice.

He turned out to be quite helpful.

He told me how things work here.

Brought me blood.

I like your world.

You have all these devices.

All these opportunities.

But it's so empty.

It's the perfect time to own it.

Why did you set me up in Veshki?

I almost got killed because of it.

When I learned that Svyat was still here,
I was surprised.

I found out about you.

I had to understand who you are.

I thought you would fight
and break the Treaty.

But you went to the execution.

As humble sheep.

I didn't!

Grandpa took me!

I didn't know where we were going.
He betrayed me.

And you're not the only one he betrayed.

I want to kill him.

To kill him with my own hands
to make him regret what he did.

Kill him?

And what can you do?


I go to college.


Well... I study car mechanics.

No, I mean what kind of powers do you have?


I guess I don't have any yet.

Grandpa says I'm too young.


He's only saying that
to make it easier to control you.

And what do you want to learn to do?

I want to move things with my mind.

Look at this cup.

And imagine that moving it...

Is the most important thing
you need to do in this world.

What are you thinking about?

I want to move this cup.

What are you thinking now?

I want to move this cup.

What are you really thinking about?

About Grandpa Slava.

Okay. Now imagine that this cup
is your Grandpa Slava.

Who took you by the hand...

And took you to the execution.

And say to yourself...

"I'm a powerful being."

"I'm the lord."

"I can do anything."

Do it.

You're strong. You can do it.

I did it!

See? Well done!

Now rest.

It takes a lot of energy.

I said rest.


Jean Ivanovich! Can we talk?

Sure, Lucy. We have a vocal apparatus.

It allows us to produce speech.

Jean Ivanovich, you're joking.

And I'm pregnant.

You're what?


It's my HCG results.

Four weeks.

Are you sure you had no other men?

Jean Ivanovich, don't insult me.

I love you.



You can't even imagine...

How amazing this is.

We won't get anything
from the case materials.

Nikita is the killer, and that's it.

We found Nikita's car around 5 PM.


At what time was he arrested?


— So you saw him around 18:30, right?
— I guess.

At 18:06, he paid in a cafe.

It's a 20-minute walk from the station.

He knew we were looking for him
and just went for a lunch?

Or he was meeting someone.

Couldn't you install the camera
a couple more inches to the left?

It would've cropped the right side.

Fast-forward to 18:06.


Are you kidding me?

And where's the waiter
who was serving them?

His shift is tomorrow.

But I can give you his number if you want.



I've got a crazy idea.

I don't know what you're talking about
but I already don't like it.

That's why I won't tell you anything.



Are you there?


Did you have a rest?


I'm young. I recover quickly.

I can kill him.

If you disobey me again...

I'll hang you from those gates over there.

And God knows who'll get to you first.

Either the police.

Or the Keepers.

Here they are.


Smelly old bag!

She's dying and wants to take me with her.

Who's dying?

Grandpa told me.

The Keeper has cancer
or something like that.

She even asked to convert her.

She really wants to live.

Go back.

And wait for me.

Am I being clear?


I told you I would see you again.

I didn't doubt it.



What's wrong?

It's blood.

Drink! Aren't you a vampire?

How does he drink it, I wonder?

Perhaps after the conversion...

The receptors start to work differently?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You do.

Don't worry. The camera is off.

Listen to me.

I took a risk coming here.

So let's spare the formalities.

I just came from him.

We met at the same place
where you met before the arrest.

He wasn't sure whether he could trust you.

But I said you did a good job.

You didn't say a word about him.

He's pleased.

Why should I believe you?

You know he drank your blood, right?

So what?

I serve him too.

So we're on the same team now, kid.

I knew he wouldn't leave me.

Relax. It'll be over soon.

Are you hurt?

Never mind.

It's nothing. Just a scratch.

Don't stop!

You're not pregnant.

How do you..?

Why did you lie to me?

I just... I love you so much.

I'm crazy about you.

And I thought it would help us be together.

Where did you get the test results?

They are Larisa's.

She told me yesterday.

Shame on you!
I thought you were better than this.

Jean Ivanovich, I just love you so much.

Is he really pleased?

I thought he was mad at me.

Why would he be mad at you?

I disobeyed him.

They found me. What do I do?

Do I hide?

You'll do only what I tell you to do.

You'll go to the police.

And you'll say that in Veshki
you killed together with that vampire.

Are you scared?

Don't be.

They won't do anything to you.

People are dust.

And I'll come for you.

To give you an eternal life.

I was going to turn myself in.

I was calm.

But then I saw you.

I remembered everything you said to me.

And I remembered Grandpa.

I just don't understand...

If we're both his servants,
why did he turn us against each other?

He hardly tells me anything.

For instance, I didn't know...

Is the guy who was in Veshki with you
a real vampire?

And if he's a real vampire,
why did you set him up?

I was just following his orders.

— Did you arrest him?
— Sure.

Did he really kill someone?

No, he took some blood
from each of them and left.

I finished them off.

That pizza gave me a heartburn.

Do you always meet at this cafe?


I just thought...

Maybe he lives in that area.

You want to know where he lives?

Yes, I want to know where he lives.

How he lives.

I want to know all about him!

Who do you think brings him blood?


Who does what you used to do?

Also me.

He said he would convert me.

And now he's feeding me promises.

I don't even know his name.

Don't be mad at him.

If he isn't telling you something,
then it's not time yet.


I just lost my temper.

ANYA: Leave!

I've got to go.


Did he tell you when he'll come for me?



Tonight? At what time? I need to prepare.

Be ready at 8 PM.

I give Grandpa Memorinol.

For his memory loss.

Bring it to him.

He won't remember.


Thank you.

Why did you tell me to leave?

It was too much. We could've lost him.

Damn it! I almost got him.

— We would've learned something.
— He wasn't ready.


We'll talk to him again tonight.

He'll be ready.

You were right.

If you had told me about you crazy idea,
I wouldn't have approved.



If I live...

"When," Sergey.

You should say, "When I get better..."


When I get better...

Will you marry me?

Do you have a fever?

I'm sorry it's like this.

— I'm sorry I don't have a ring.
— Sergey!

It'll be okay.

I promise you.

If I...

I mean...

When I get better and get out of here,
everything will be okay.


Why are you such a fool?

I was going to buy you a ring.

That's why we agreed
to take that guy to Veshki.

He seemed such an easy target.

Sergey, I'll get you water.

You didn't give me an answer.


You look especially pretty today.

— I'm always pretty.
— Today especially.

A little bird told me that you are...

Lucy looks like a bird.

You wanted it to be a surprise?

No. It's my husband's child.

Are you sure?

Yes. And let's not discuss it.

Poor Jean!

You breed and breed...

But there are no fruits.

Better go look after your vegetable.

Good day, Irina Vitalyevna!

As you can see, it's not very good.


I need your help, Irina Vitalyevna.

There's a new vampire in Smolensk.

Not one of us.

He's been doing all these evil things.

Tell your guys to find him.

You have a full squad.

This squad is busy looking for the killer.

It's not Zhenyok!

He's a little crackbrained devil.

But he's not a murderer.

I'm telling you...

This stray bloodsucker is trying
to sell us down the river.

Irina Vitalyevna!

Help us please.


I couldn't move you to pity me.

And you won't.

And do you think I don't understand...

That you're trying to divert out attention
to this imaginary vampire...

To help your suckling escape?

It's not going to work.

No way.

I might be dying.

But I'm not brain-dead.


Thank you for your time.


That's all I wanted to say.

I give you an eternal life,
and you forget about pain and suffering.

It sounds too good, Klim.

But I suppose eternal life
isn't granted for nothing, is it?

What do you want me to do?

A trifle, really.

Open up to me.

Being the Keeper is a burden.

At first you thought that you're special.

A part of something extraordinary.

But it passes with age.

And only the burden remains.

That you can't get rid of.

And it has gotten even harder lately.

One of them is killing people,
and the others are covering him up.

And it's clear that they all
have their fingers in the pie.

And it's so hard to bear.

That it makes you want to cry.

Why keep this going?

When you can destroy this tumor
on the face of the city...

With one stroke.

That's what you were getting at.

That's tough.

And it's not a jar of peas
you'll get in return.

I need to think.

I understand.

Even a bird thinks before it flies.

Go home.

I'll call you.

Wrong door.


But thanks to this mistake...

I saw your beautiful eyes.

We couldn't find out much
about our new friend.


Around 180 or 185 centimeters high.

Broad shoulders.

Nikita hasn't mentioned neither his name
nor location yet.

But from what we can gather,
that vampire promised to convert him.

And Nikita is waiting.

He promised, and that fool believed him.

The main thing is that
the kid believes in it.

We must use it.

I told him that his master
will come for him tonight.

It's past eight by the way.
It's time to upset him.

How can we shake him?

Give me some details.

Facts, nuances.

We need him to trust me completely.

Tell him that when he becomes a vampire,
he'll fuck a lot.

Olga, your comment is irrelevant.




Your boss wants to see me.

He even sent a car.

Well, I'll go to Shumilin right after that.

I'm afraid we'll be drinking.

I'm not going to talk with you all night.

Too bad.

It's not the worst thing in the world.

Excuse me!

My phone has died.

Can I use yours to call Mom?

I'm sorry.

— Here.
— Thank you. I'll be quick.


Is this the police?

I've just seen a man from the wanted list.

In a dark blue van
at 5 Dekabristov Street.


This Captain is a good guy.



He's so...


Does no one care that he's not supposed
to know about us?

Or Anya is allowed to run her mouth
in this family?

Look who's talking.
You can shred cabbage with your tongue.

Olga is right.

I really lost control.

And then...

I couldn't lie to him.

Love makes people stupid.

I agree with you, Grandpa.

He agrees.

You were stupid before you met me.

Stop squabbling already.

Ivan will help us.

And then we'll decide what to do with him.

I'm coming.

What's the emergency?


You made it.

Little bastard.

I know that no one really cares,
but still...

You're back!

Prodigal son.

— Did anyone see you?
— Not a soul.

You said the same about Veshki.

How did you escape, kid?

You've never been particularly smart.

I'm happy to see you too, Olga Anvarovna.

That son of a human talks too smoothly.

You killed one of them, he killed another.

Grandpa Slava, I've gone over
that night a million times.

I'm sure they were all alive.
Don't you believe me?

I do. But the Keepers don't.

And I'm taking you to them now.

What do you mean?

They are going to kill me.

Sure thing.

I'll take off then, and you catch me.

Be quiet.

Dumb bell.

They're watching us.

You can't take off now.

You'll set us all up.

You'll take off at the execution.


The rings that attach
the chains to the floor are old.

You're strong enough to break them.

I pumped you with blood
before going here for a purpose.

Come here.


Sit down.

You must be hungry.

Hold on.

Jean has just brought it.

Grandpa, thank you, I'm full.


Do we need to worry?

No, I didn't touch people.

But there is something to worry about.

Grandpa Slava.

Do you know Klim, a vampire?

Who's he? He wasn't in your book.

I didn't put him there.

So he isn't there.

I thought he's dead.


In short...

He's pretty much alive
and doesn't want to live by the law.

The world is full of surprises.

— Do you know where he is?
— Sure.

I can show on the map.


Let's go.

You think he's sitting there
waiting for us?

I have a plan.

So, I go back to him.

And let you know if he's at home.

Sit down!

I said sit down!

Go back?

You're not going anywhere!

— Stop it!
— Do you want to die?

Stop treating me like a halfwit!

Let me prove my worth.

Klim trusts me.

I thinks I'm the victim of the law too.

And I pretended that
I want to kill Grandpa Slava.

I should've taken up acting.

Hold on!

There you go.

You all think he's an idiot.

And I knew he's a smart lad.


And how long have you had
the gift of sight?

Long. When I first saw you, I knew at once
that you're a pain in the ass.

And I was right.


It's here now.

I'll take it with me.

And if Klim is there, I'll turn it on,
and you'll come.

Sounds like a plan.

It was all his idea!

Mom, why do I need to know about all this?

Ask our great-great....

I don't know how many greats...

Great grandfather.

He left us this gift.

He made a treaty with vampires.

Since then, we are the Keepers.

And since I don't have much time left...


I must prepare you.

Grandma! Guess what costume
I'm going to wear for the school concert.

I know. Your Dad told me.

You'll be an elephant.

No, Grandma.

I'm a girl. I'll be an elephantess.

I'm sure that you'll be
the most beautiful elephantess.

Will you come to the concert?

I'll try really hard.


Let's go.

Let's go. Grandma needs to rest.

And how are you going to get out of here?

Well... He got here somehow.

No, it won't work twice.

No, I won't fit in there.

Want a bet?

Wait. I'll try.

Okay, do it.

Just be careful.

Tough it out.
It'll heal before your wedding.

He won't fit.

Let me try.


How are you doing?

Take me outside already!

If we just take it outside,
they might follow us.


Hang in there.

We'll think of something.



Go see who's there.

— Jean Ivanovich?
— Yes. How can I help you?

Don't come near my wife again.

Do you understand me, jerk?

I can't hear you!



What a rascal!

Is this your doing?

It's my favourite eyes.


Did you get your satisfaction?

Are you satisfied?


Then you may go, my friend.

Thank you.


Wait! I have a favor to ask.

Will you help me?

Good evening, Colonel!

Did you talk to Shumilin today?


Where's the interrogation record?

It was off the record.

The situation required it.

And the camera in the cell was off too?

Technical issues are not my concern.

What's the matter?

Come with me.

Do you happen to know why he killed
himself after you spoke to him?

Write an explanation note.

What you talked about.

What was his condition.

All the details.

It's not for me.

An officer from Internal Affairs
will be here tomorrow morning.

Do you have a gun on you?

Hand it over to me.

I'm back.

I went here straight away.

The police sealed off the area.

I had to hide in a garage for a while.

I'm sorry I disobeyed you.

I just hate it that because of some
stupid law I have to hide like a rat.

This is going to change soon.

I can't wait.

Here's the deal.

I've been thinking....

We've got to call the Keepers.

Can't we handle it ourselves?

We can.

I suppose.

But it'll be better
if Irina Vitalyevna sees it.

We need her to drop the charges
against Zhenyok.

And her organization
should get involved already.

Look, the tracktor is on.


Irina Vitalyevna.

Did I wake you up?

Olga, are you coming?

Mademoiselle, s'il vous plait.

I'll wait for you here.

Kostya, get up.

What's the matter?

It's time to start your duties.

The killer is here.

He's here!

Quiet! I say quiet!

What have you done?

What we had to.

Isn't that why we're here?

I am such an old fool.

I felt it was a bad idea.

I shouldn't have let him go there.

I shouldn't have.

And did you feel anything
when you called the Keepers?

Why are you so evil?

It's okay.

It's okay. I already took poison,
what she's saying is not fatal.

How did Klim learn about Zhenyok?

I think we need to ask
a more important question.

Who's next?