Central Russia's Vampires (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode 6 - full transcript

A secret in the wrong hands is a ticking time bomb. The killer is apprehended, and Ivan should leave the city. But he intends to interrogate the criminal. The Guardians should have apologized: the vampires weren't involved in the murders.

Who are you?

Tell me I'm not crazy.

You're not crazy.

That's good.

What was that?

I'm asking you, what was that?

Calm down.

You're not in any danger.

Anya, my heart's about to explode.
Say something.

You saw it yourself.

I'm a vampire.

Holy shit!


Do you have anything to do
with these murders?

It must be hard to believe, but no.

You have no idea how many questions I have.

I know.

But there are things not worth knowing.

You can go to sleep now...

And think of it as a nightmare
when you wake up.

You think I can go to sleep now?

If I tell you everything,
you sure won't be able to sleep.

Go ahead.

Yes, I'm a vampire.

I didn't wish for it.

It just happened.

Do you want to know how?

Imagine you're in a car accident.

And you wake up in a hospital.

You're alive.

But you have no legs.

You're the same person.

But disabled.

And to lead a normal life,
you need a wheelchair and ramps.

I'm disabled too.

But I need to drink blood to live.

All my family drinks blood.

But we don't need people's lives for it.

We don't kill.

Other than that, we're ordinary people.

A student, a senior citizen, a teacher,
a doctor, a police officer.

The full set.

Is it hard to hide that we're vampires?

Not really.

There are certain problems.

But that's when the Keepers
come to our help.

They are the only people who know
who we are.

We have a treaty.

We don't hurt anyone.

Ad they help us hide our nature
from everyone else.


There's almost nothing unusual.

What I just saw was really unusual.

I'm sorry.

It was...

I can't control it.

I didn't want to scare you.

And how long have you been a vampire?

74 years.

Holy shit!

Have you never slept with a granny before?

Okay, ask me one last question.

Did you enjoy it?

Good night!


What's all this shit?


The delivery came.

Did you actually buy all this?


The Chinese are genius. Look!

Okay, I'm off to work.

Although maybe I have the wrong job.

And do you know what's the most
stupid thing among all this crap?

Grandpa Slava, enough with the insults.

I'll resell it and make money.

Look how's going to be a businessman!

All this junk costs three kopecks
on a market day.

You need to sell what's in demand.

Grandpa Slava, do you watch business vlogs?

I'm watching you, fool.

Grandpa Slava, by the way, made a fortune
by selling garlic back in the days.

— Selling what?
— Garlic.

Have you heard that vampires
are "afraid of garlic?"


I had all my crops
wiped by a hailstorm once.

Only garlic ripened.

And I started to tell everyone
that garlic is that best vampire repellent.

I sold it all in one day.

Grandpa Slava, so you're a startuper.

Watch that fly trap of yours.

That's funny, right?


Get this shit out of here!


What are you doing?

It's for my Mom.

For her birthday. I'll put my photos
in there, and she'll look at them.

She loves things like that.

That's good.

It's good that it's for your Mom.

Good to see you, Ivan Alekseyevich!

Congratulations! Nicely done!

Good afternoon, sir!

To be honest, not really nicely.

I couldn’t have done it
without your officers.

Frankly speaking, I didn't appreciate
your methods at first.

But since they worked, then...

It was nice working with you.


You were right. I couldn't fall asleep.


If all you said is true...

Then Shumilin's grandfather isn't crazy.

He really knew something about you.

And your keepers locked him up.

It seems so.

But now you know about us.

So it would be better if you leave.

And forget my yesterday's bedtime story.


So Nikita isn't your, so to say, colleague?


Anya, do you understand what's going on?

A vampire catches a human who kills people
pretending to be a vampire.

What kind of nonsense is that?

Yes, that doesn't sound logical.

— Good afternoon!
— Hi!

I explained the rights and investigation
procedure to the detainee.


How are you doing, sucker?

Missed me?

Not so brave today?


I'm just giving you a chance
to enjoy the moment of triumph.

I'll enjoy it when you get a life sentence.

Do you even understand
what you're accused of?

I do.

But people kill animals for food.

And vampires kill people
because you're our food.

Anna Petrovna.

Do you have any questions?

About that last statement maybe?

So you're a vampire?


Or did you listen to your grandfather's
stories and get carried away?

Oh, I see.

You're a good cop, right?

Yes, Grandpa told me about vampires.

That's why I never wanted
to become a cop or an astronaut.

When I was twelve, I started to drink
the blood of animals.

Then, at the med school,
I first tasted human blood.

When did you first feel
that you're ready to kill for blood?

Will I be on TV?

Sure. On the first channel.

In the evening news.

Go on.

Where should I start?

Start with Yaroslavl.


Bad cop, you surprise me.

You know about Yaroslavl.

I know a lot of things.

It was a good trip.

Hey, antboy!

What are you carrying?

Nothing. Costumes.

Really? What costumes?

Historical. Nothing interesting.

Come on. Don't fret. Let me see.


What do you think,
will your sister like it?

Give it back.

— I think she will.
— Give it back!

Lie down!

Or are they yours?

Do you wear them when you jerk off?

And why did you kill in Mytischi?

In Mytischi...

I wanted to experience
that feeling of superiority again.

And why did you take their blood?

First, I realized that I won't be able
to kill every time I want blood.

So I took it with me.

And second?

And second, it's my signature thing.

Cool, isn't it, bad coop?

Excuse me, Anna Petrovna,
you have a visitor.

I'm busy.

It's from the mayor's office.
They say it's urgent.

Go on.

Good afternoon, Irina Vitalyevna.

Why are you here?

I have many questions to ask.

But first I want to see
the guy you arrested.

And don't you want to apologize
to my family?

If you really caught the killer...

I'll apologize.

I can even give you
a certificate of merit if you want.

Go ahead, show me.

Move it!

I decided to go hunting again.

Are you talking about Veshki?


Veshki was the destination point.

I followed them from Smolensk.


But you were in the car with them.


It was another vampire.

Between you and me...

I'm not the only vampire in Smolensk.

So there were two of you in Veshki?


I killed one of them.

He killed another.

And the third escaped.



Tell me about the other vampire.

I don't know him.

I met him accidentally.

And decided to follow him.

When I came to Veshki,
he had already killed one of them.

Describe him.

I have his picture in my phone.

Zakhar, do you have the pictures?


But it was late, and I didn't have time
to look through them.

Look now.


Anna Petrovna, where are you?

I'm here. I'm listening.

Tell him to continue.

Go on. I'll be right back.

What picture are you talking about?

This one.

So I don't have to apologize?

The interrogation isn't over.

I heard enough.

His guilt is established.

There'll be an execution.


Okay, I heard you, girl.


I'll deal with it.



Still tinkering with your knickknacks?

I want to put a GPS tracker
into the package to track its movements.

With our mail, there's
a 50% chance it'll get lost.

So you're fighting the system?

Go to Jean, will you?

For blood.

Why? He'll bring it in the evening.

I said go!

Just go!

The Keeper will be here soon.

I don't want her to see you.

Can't I just hide?

Can't you just go?


— Two.
— Okay, I'm off.

To Mom: With love, your Zhenya!

How did it happen
that the third guy escaped?

He was unconscious.

While I was busy with the others...

He woke up and ran away.

Did you follow him?

I tried.

But my rattler is no match for a BMW.

Don't lie to us! You tracked him down.

Now you're the bad cop?

The next morning I learned that someone
crashed into the hospital fence in a BMW.

I had to finish up what was bitten.

Tell me about that garage.

It was just a garage.

Behind the music school.

And you didn't even notice
it was a different guy?

It was dark.

I was excited.

And there was no one else there.

And what did you do with the body?

What was I supposed to do with it?

I took the blood and left it there.


So you claim that you left
the body in the garage?

So, as we established,
it wasn't Baranovsky.

You came for Baranovsky to the night club.


It worked out nicely.

When your friends made a fuss,
he ran into my knight.

Full house.


Nothing. I'm sorry.

Okay, let's take a break.

— No, let's continue!
— We'll take a break.

Don't go anywhere.

We'll be right back.

I love police humor.



Are you out of your mind?

Someone could have seen you.

Just one bite.

No one saw me.

You could have just come to me.


But I didn't want to see you.

Come to us tonight. I'll feed you.




You fell asleep.

Let's go.

Here. Get to work.

Irina Vitalyevna!

We have phones now.

Why do you keep coming here?

Spare your legs.

I'm not here to talk.

Where's your youngest?

What do you need him for?

Stop it. Anya must have told you already.

She did. But it's still not clear.

Be honest, Svyatoslav Vernidubovich.

What's not clear?


Svyatoslav Vernidubovich!

We've been living so nicely
for the last 25 years.

In peace and quiet.

Until this little brat showed up.

And everything went haywire.

Isn't that right?

It is.

I even respect your touching devotion
to your family.

I would protect my child
till my last breath too.

Only he's not your child.

He's no one to you.

So is it really worth the fight?

You're right.

God knows how I believed him.

I protected him, bonehead.

Where's he?


You can search the house.

I promise you...

As soon as he gets home,
I'll bring him to you.

Don't disappoint me,
Svyatoslav Vernidubovich.

Because of all this...

I'm not going to the movies
with my granddaughter tonight.

What do you think about
your brother's involvement?

I don't believe it.

Nikita is clearly setting him up.

But I don't understand why.

He brought his picture to you.

Remember? You came to us with that folder.

I remember.

But how does Shumilin know that
your brother is a vampire?

Ivan, don't get me wrong,
I'm not protecting Zhenyok.

If he committed a crime, he'll pay for it.

There's one more thing I don't understand.

Shumilin says he left the body
in the garage.

But it was found on the road.

And the dash cam video shows two people
throwing the body from the bridge.

Theoretically it could be
Shumilin and Zhenyok.

No! Zhenyok didn't do it.

And Shumilin either.

You say it so confidently.

Do you know something?

I do.

Let's go grab something to eat.

Only if you're not going to eat me.

Listen, are you afraid of crosses?

Or anything else?




That's a myth.

And what's the truth?

What did you want to tell me?

The truth is...

That it was me who took
the body from the garage.

I had no choice.

Now we know who killed those guys.

And at that time
all suspicion fell on my family.

And another bloodless body
would've made it worse.

So I had to do it.

Why do I have a strange feeling
that I saw the body in the garage too?

Because it was you who found it.

Holy shit!

Did you drink my blood?

Quiet! I just took a bite.

You just took a bite?

You're a monster.

Is that supposed to calm me down?

She just took a bite!

A glass of vodka please.

Sorry, we don't serve alcohol.

What are we doing here?

Peppermint tea.

It'll calm you down.


Damn it!

Is there anything else
you're hiding from me?

Do I need a rabies shot now?

Blood delivery!

Don't yell, whacko.

— Did you get it?
— Yes.


How did it go?


We talked, and they left.

And what did they want?

To praise you for good behavior.

How's the weather?


Sort of.

Sort of.

Nice weather...

For a walk.

Will you come with me?

— But I just...
— Let's go.

Come on, let's go.

Let's take a walk.

Have a chat.

Discuss what we are going to do.

Okay, folks.

Allow me on behalf of all personnel...

To thank our Moscow colleague.

It was a good experience for each of us...

To work with such a skilled officer
as Ivan Alekseyevich.

And from me personally....

Here's a small present that was given
to me by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

We gave it to him for the Police Day.

Thank you.

But I think it'll be fair to share
this success with all of you.

You all acted professionally.

If you say so.

To you!

Moscow can drink!

How could this happen?

You shared a house with this Dyatlov
and didn't notice his inclinations.

The killer's confession
doesn't prove his guilt.

And I work so much I can say
I share a house with you.


Anya, there's a conflict of interests now.

I'm taking you off the case for now.

Sayenko will take it from here.


That's a good decision, Colonel.

I think that Anna Petrovna clearly needs
to take simpler cases.

Without all these crazy vampires.


Guys, take me to the best club in the city.

Moscow's paying.

Anna Petrovna.

Anna Petrovna.

Anna Petrovna.

I received an arrest warrant for Dyatlov.

So what?

You need a ride?


I just wanted to...

Let you know.


It's human.

It's a nasty situation.

It's all right, Zakhar. Thank you.

Listen, Anya, come with us.

— No, thank you.
— Come on.

Let's get a drink.

A Bloody Mary.

Okay, let's go.

Let's go!

Have you really...

Got so attached to that student?

— He loves me.
— That's not an answer.

You know, he's so...

He's a man.


But already a man.

And I laugh with him.

Do you remember how great it is to laugh?

Just laugh.

For no reason.

About sweet nothings.

Like crazy.

And I really care about him.

I even thought about...


Don't make the same mistake again.

Without that mistake...

I wouldn't have met him.

Spare me this romantic nonsense.

But he doesn't know who you are, right?

Where's Zhenyok?


I have no idea.

Why do you need him?

They put out a warrant for his arrest.


But you found the killer.

He said that Zhenyok was involved.

— But that's not true.
— Just take him to the Keepers.

He's been giving you nothing but trouble.


— Can Ivan help us?
— No.

And he knows that I'm a vampire by the way.

That we're vampires.

That's who really lost her mind from love.

I'm sorry for my language, but...

What the fuck are you doing?

Grandpa Slava, what is this place?

Just go. We're almost there.

What the hell?

He's yours.

Svyatoslav Vernidubovich,
I'm glad you kept your word.

And now finish the business.

Come on, Irina Vitalyevna.


I can't.

No one made you say what you said.

You promised to do it with your own hands.

So please.

Get ready!

Grandpa Slava!

We are family.

Why did you do it?


A vampire bit me!

A vampire bit me!

A vampire bit me!

A vampire bit me!

Anna Petrovna!

We're having a send-off party
for Captain Zhalinsky.

Everyone has already left.

And I want to leave too.

Maybe you can help?

He just refuses to leave.

I'm not his babysitter.
I don't care about your Captain.


He's drinking in the bar.

No wonder. He's stressed.

That's stupid.

"I'm drinking because I'm stressed."

"I'm drinking because I'm happy."

"I'm drinking because
nothing is happening in my life."

We can talk about it.

But you sure understand
that he's like a bomb now.

And he can explode at any moment.

I'm not going anywhere.

He thinks I'm a monster.

You are a monster!

We are all monsters here.

Let me call you that.


I hope he's the only person in that bar
who knows our little family secret yet.

Where's he?

Where's he?

Where's he?

At Torwald.

At Torwald.

Don't stand still. Take me there.

If the Countess would be so kind as to...

Do you want to go to Moscow with me?

We'll make you new boobs.

First make them, then touch.

Okay. So we're going to my place...

And in the morning, to Moscow.

Good evening!



I know all about you.

Katya, leave us please.


Do you know her?

A little.

You're here for a reason, aren't you?

Shall we talk?


Impressive for a guy...

How old are you?



Listen to the voice of reason.

You need to leave.


It's not safe to know what you know.


Anya is suffering
because of this relationship.

And why didn't she come here?

Do you hear me?
This situation is bad for her.

Doctor, I...

I want to see her.

It's strange and scary,
but I want to see her.

As a man, I understand you.


How can I explain?

She's not human.

We are a different species.

She told me she's human.

Only a little...


Impressive for a guy who...

How much did you drink?

I thought that girls like her
exist only in movies.

Have you seen The Bridge?

Swedish, not Russian.

Think of it as if you fell in love
with a girl you saw in a movie.

Say, Marilyn Monroe.

— Margot Robbie.
— Whatever.


I'll leave.

And it's really important that
no one knows about us.

I'm calling a taxi.

Camille will arrive in three minutes.

Did she have many boyfriends?

No, that's even harder for her
than anything else.


It's hard to grow close to a person
if you can read their thoughts.

She can read thoughts?

She has this power when she touches you.

She's kidding me!


It's my first time, you know.

I found an 18th-century verdict
in the archives.

I copied it by hand.

I'll retype and seal it later.

I hate you!

I hate you, old bastard!

I hate you!

Stop yelling already!

I want you all dead!

Enough! Stop electrocuting him!

Read out the verdict, Irina Vitalyevna.

It should be done properly.

I, first deputy of the mayor of Smolensk,
Vredikhina Irina Vitalyevna.

Acting as the keeper of peace between
the people of Smolensk and vampires.

In the presence of the primogen vampire
Krivich Svyatoslav Vernidubovich.

Pronounce the guilt
of the newborn vampire...

Dyatlov Evgeny...


Evgeny Nikolayevich.

Charged with the murder of a human.

I didn't kill anyone!

I lived by your laws!

In short...

As stated in the Treaty...

"An eye for an eye."

Carry out the sentence.

No, Grandpa Slava!

Don't do this.

Grandpa Slava, please!

I'm sorry, son.

Bring him back! Now!

And what are you looking at?

Go help find your little bastard!

Have you no conscience at all?

I brought him to you!

I wielded the axe!

It's not my fault that your people
didn't prepare the equipment properly.

If he comes home, you know what to do.

I know.

But you heard him.

I am his enemy now.

Worse than you.

So? How did it go?

With mixed success.

Here I am, your man.

What's he doing here?

You lied to me.


There's something else I don't know, right?

You're drunk. I don't want to talk to you.

Then read my thoughts.

Read! Or do I need to shut up?

Okay, then listen to me.

I hate that you're a vampire.

I hate you for biting me.

I hate you for reading my thoughts.

And I really hate
that you keep lying to me.

But what I hate the most
is that I keep thinking of you.

I don't know what species you are.

How much of a human is left in you.

But let's at least try.

He's been rehearsing it
all the way here, by the way.

It's so hot here.

I'm sorry.

I'll take you to the hotel.

The air here is just amazing.


Okay, you're a vampire.

At least not a raccoon.

I've been thinking...

I just won't make you come.

To avoid all this...

You didn't.

So it wasn't an orgasm?

Even more so. I won't.

And if we have kids,
will they be like you or like me?

Ivan, we won't have kids.


We'll get a dog.

But when I grow old,
I'll have a young wife.

Whoa, careful!

I'm not immortal.


I like you.

And your dreams about
having a family are very...


But none of this can happen.

See that old man over there?


What do you think, is it easy
to watch your loved ones fade away?

And then die.

Die forever.

And you continue to live forever.

Only without them.

Without people you loved
and were friends with.

With whom you were sitting in the car
and talking about family.

It's very hard.

Really hard.

That's why I don't want
to go through all this again.

Was that really your boyfriend?


Have a good trip, Captain.

— Thank you, Zakhar. Keep me posted.
— Okay.

I'll see you soon.

I doubt it. You'll never get out.

I'm not going to jail.

I'm going to find you.

I'll strangle you right here, asshole.

Got it?

Captain, don't strangle him for real.

Tell me, when you wielded that axe,
didn't it cross you mind...

At least for a second...

That you can turn around
and use that axe...

To change the law?

Tell me, has anyone ever figured out
what's going on in this woman's head?

And what seems to be the problem?

You found the killer.

Whether Zhenyok is guilty or not is
for the Keepers and the police to decide.

Is anyone accusing us of anything?

Then have a good nasty winter day!

What's going on with you?

Can we start closing the door already?

We're not open to public.

Hello, Ivan!

Good afternoon!

Hello! And we were just about
to have some tea.

Anya, do we have sweets?

Thank you. I'll stick to water.

Grandpa, you don't have to bother.

He knows.

About what?

I need five minutes of your time.

This is Nikita Shumilin, our killer.

Take a good look at him.

Has any of you ever bitten him?



No, I have never ever...

Who told you?

Let's deal with this first.


He's not my type.

Olga Anvarovna, he's the guy
who went to Yaroslavl with you.

Who wanted to kill Baranovsky.

I know who he is.


Shumilin is a human.

Who just pretends to be a vampire.

I don't know whether it's an obsession
or a mental disorder.


He has the same bite marks.

If you told me the truth,
then he was bitten by someone else.

Some other vampire.

Who doesn't live by your rules.

And Shumilin is either
covering up for him...

Or he really killed them
to get blood for that vampire.


Either way you're in trouble.


Does your species have a large population?

I thought we were endemic.



Well... Thank you for your help, son.

Thank you.

And now, if you want to live,
get out of here.

Because, as they say, this is not your war.

Don't try to scare me.

We have a new development in the case,
so I'm still on it.

And one more thing...

Give me some water please.

I'm so thirsty I'm gonna die.

I'll let go of you...

And you won't run anywhere. Okay?