Central Russia's Vampires (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode 8 - full transcript

I'll never forgive you!


So you got out?

I did.

And your fosterling didn't.

Why did you do that to him?

He's young and inexperienced.

Or did you forget your name?


It means "merciful."

You didn't show mercy to me.

So don't try to move the wolf to pity
if you got into his mouth.

You're not a wolf.

You're a mangy puppy.

You jumped out of the fence,
bit someone, and ran away.

Calm down, Svyat. It's not time yet.

We can hurt someone if we start fighting.

And you love people so much.


I'm sorry, but this isn't only for you.

Don't be greedy. I'm leaving town.

What does it mean you're leaving?

It means that I'm not going to wait
for them to crush us like bugs.

So you flee.

I'm leaving.

Call it what you want, but you flee.

Just when we need to be together.

Be a family.

Screw your family.

I didn't get any good
from marrying into it.

Olga, you must stay in the city.


Do I owe it to him? Or to you?

Or are you together again?


I haven't seen your friend for a while.

Maybe he left too.

I must say you're in deep trouble, Captain.

Come on.

What can you pin on me?


Don't you think he looks too happy
for a person incited to suicide?

Maybe he's happy you won't hurt him again.

And maybe after taking six other lives
he ceased caring about his own anymore?

And it's just a coincidence that he decided
to kill himself after I visited him?

It's possible.

Only our very humane civil society
will make a nationwide scandal out of this.

They'll say that police officers
do what they want.

No matter how you put it...

You stepped in shit, Captain.

I walked past it.

And you dig it if you want.

This is all I have to say.

Let's get it straight.

I don't care about this piece of trash.

I would kill him myself.


Get on the nearest train
and say hello to Moscow.

— What?
— Yes.

It was an accident.

He was brushing his teeth too hard.

Go, Captain, but remember...

I'll get you if you won't hide.



I thought you would come back.

I thought so too.

But they decided to pin a suicide on me.

Shumilin killed himself.

Let's go outside.

Did it happen at 8 PM?

— How do you know?
— You told him to be ready at 8 PM.

But it's just a random time.

I didn't think he would
get ready like this.

— He was waiting for Klim.
— Klim?

You found out who he is?

Zhenyok did.

You don't sound optimistic.

I'm not.

What do you mean he was executed?


They carried out the sentence.

According to our laws.

Anya, do you even hear yourself?

What do you mean by your laws?

You live in Russia.

— Mom, I can't.
— You can.

You're the only one who can.

So my career...

My education, internship...

My job at the mayor's office...

Mom, I thought it was all my choice.

I'm sorry, son.

Our career is our karma.

Irina Vitalyevna!

Hear me out.

Hello, Kostya!

What do you want?

The killer is punished.


Zhenyok wasn't guilty.

First you wanted to cut his head off.

Then you led us to him.

And now it's done,
and you say he's not guilty.

What you say is true.

But not everything our eyes see is true.

200 years ago...

I had a friend.

His name was Klim.

We had...

What you'd call it today...

Ideological differences.

I have long forgotten about him.

And he showed up.

And he didn't forget anything.

We're in danger, Irina Vitalyevna.

When my son was little,
he had a friend too.

His name was Tolik. Remember?


And when we found something broken...

He always said, "Tolik came over."

So I tell him once...

"Son, introduce me to this hooligan."

And Kostya hides his eyes and says....

"Mommy, he only comes
when you're not home."

— Remember, son?
— Yes.

Are you saying I made Klim up?

If not, show him to me.

I wouldn't have come to you
if it was that easy.

Irina Vitalyevna, appoint someone
to look after us at least.

I don't want us to be blamed
if he kills someone.

Special investigator Captain Zhalinsky.

What's the matter?

You don't know?

I'll tell you.

You killed a man.

This is a misunderstanding. Let's go, son.

I killed?

Yes, you!

Last night you killed a kid.

Using some law you made up.

Svyatoslav Vernidubovich, is this man
aware of some specifics of our world?

No. He has a fever. He's delusional.

I know all about you, dear Keepers.

You keep disappointing me.

Why didn't you notify me about it?

I'm notifying you!

It's in the Criminal Code.

The wilful killing of a person with intent.

But if you know our specifics, you must
understand that he wasn't a person.

What makes you think that you have
the power to execute or pardon anyone?

Your little games end where the law begins.

And as the law states,
you'll spend the next 15 years in jail.

15 years? Really?

Get out of here!

— Go away!
— Okay, we're off.

Go, Ivan the Fool!

I'm sorry, son.

I'm sorry.

That I leave it all to you
in such a bad shape.

I'm sorry.

Am I intruding?

Yes, you are.

Jean, I'm leaving.

We've already said goodbyes.

I'm leaving with Sergey.
Help me discharge him.

With your powers,
you can discharge him yourself.

I can.

But he's too weak.

That's right.

And I'm not going to risk his life
because of your whims.

It's not my whims.

He proposed to me.

That's so banal.

Jean, please.

You gave him something, remember?

I need this drug.

You need.

"I need," "I need," "I need."

All I've been doing lately
is trying to make it.

— Is this it?
— It's not ready.

Yes, I noticed.
It doesn't have blood in it.

I'm not going to waste my blood
on your puppet.

Take mine.

A chicken decided to peck a fox.

Who did you help?

Tell me.

They killed a man. I reacted.

And what did your pursuit of justice

Zhenyok came back to life?

I'm sorry, I don't have such powers.

And what powers do you have?

To stick your nose where it doesn't belong,
solve nothing, and put your life at risk?

Exactly. It's my life I'm putting at risk.

Why do you care?

Because you're a good man.

That's why we care.

They can lock you up in the loony bin
like that Fyodor.

They'll stuff you with pills.

And you'll be walking around
showing your middle finger to pigeons.

Thank you for caring.

But better worry about your own life.

He's acting like a child.

He'll be sticking his fingers into a socket
until he gets a shock.

He might get such a shock
he won't be able to handle it.

Then why are you still here?

Ivan, where are you going?

Why are you asking?

Because I'm going to the station
and can give you a lift.


Can you drop me off at the hospital?

I want to see Fyodor.


To apologize?

You know that Nikita
did this to himself, right?

I know, but the story looks really bad.

You know, we all have stories
we wish to rewrite, but alas...

Hello, Klim!

You wanted to see me, Irina Vitalyevna?

I'm running out of time.

Our agreement will remain valid, of course.

Convert me, and I'll do what I promised.

Let me tell you a funny story.

A man comes home and says to his wife...

"Honey, fry me a fish."

She answers, "We don't have any."

And he says,
"You fry it, and I'll get it."


Did you hate my story that much?

My body can't handle any more pills.

I'm putting them in, and they go out.

I'm dying, Klim, do you see it?

I see.

I died twice, it feels terrible.

Hurry up if you feel that bad.

And I'll do my part.

Damn it!

Why should I believe you?

Because it's in human nature.

When you feel death coming,
faith becomes your last resort.

Some of you believe in God.
Some believe in the Devil.

And some believe in miracles.

Smells like spring.


Do you remember me?

Nikita asked me to give you this.

Get well!

Nikita sent you?

Thank you.

He never forgets about his Grandpa.

Where's he?

He's gone, Fyodor Ignatyevich.

He's busy.

Must be at the hospital.


Or went to the cat shelter.

To treat animals.

He has loved them since he was a child.

And he still goes there.

To help.

He doesn't take care of himself.

Tell him...

That he should get more rest.

Hi! Are you waiting for me?


No, I brought Ivan.

Tell me, do you believe that this
can end well?

If we think of death
as a release from misery.


Walk with me.

We can't stop this woman.

Good afternoon!

Did they release you?

Yes. We're going to Saint-Petersburg.


That's great.

You should say goodbye to Grandpa
before you leave.

I'll write him a letter.

He'll be happy.


Doctor and I need to talk
about your treatment.

Go. I'll catch up.

Thank you.

— Get well.
— Thank you.

He could have died at least three times.

He's lucky.

I doubt it.

He has bad luck with women.


Thank you.

I'll be thinking of you.

This is completely unnecessary.


Why are you still here?

I talked to Jean. I can give you a ride
if you want.


Stop making a fool of me.

The Keepers will make a fool of you
if they catch you.

Listen to me carefully.

I'm a Police Captain.

And I don't give a damn about your Keepers.

I can put them in handcuffs right now.

But it'll hurt your family.

I don't need you to look after me.



Good afternoon! Could you tell me
the way to the reception?

Go left, and you'll see the stairs...


Why do you help her?

I don't know why.

She asks me, and I do it.

Do you still love her?


It's something else.

Something completely irrational.


Sergey, I'll be right back.

You're popular, Captain.

How are you?

I'm fine.

No, you're not. Do you understand now
how serious this is?

Thank you.

Mazel tov.

Damn it!


Olga, where's my cure?

It's my cure now.


Olya, what was that?

Don't worry, honey.
They're shooting a movie.

A comedy.

Don't be scared. Everything's fine.

That's surreal.

Vampires are saving a human.

Shall we take him inside?


That's no longer necessary.

Why didn't it work?

I don't know. All the components were
identical to those of that crystal.

And then blood.

Damn it!

I counted on you.

And what do we do with him now?

The Keepers tried to kidnap Ivan.


I suppose that's not the end of the story.

I was attacked near the hospital.

Olga saw it.

Tell me how it ends.

One of the Keepers is lying dead
in the trunk of his car.

What the hell is going on?

Everyone gets an ass, and we get two.

We told you...

Go back to Moscow.

The hell out of here.

Where's the Countess?

She went to Saint-Petersburg.

Look at that noble vagabond!

I knew she would leave shit
on our porch one day.


I understand that it's a sensitive issue.

But I know many people in Moscow.

I'll try to settle it.


Don't let this Moscow settler
go anywhere.

And if he moves, hit him in the head.

And put him in the trunk too.


Wait for me.

Where are you going?


To humiliate myself.


What are you doing?

I'm praying.


I don't even know why.

Come here.

I want you to make a present
for your Grandma.

A drawing.

Draw something for me.

Go to your room.

Go, okay?

What are you doing?

I was passing by.

Saw the lights.

Thought I'd stop by.

You won't let me through the door.

Maybe that's because
I don't want to see you?

I wouldn't have disturbed you...

But here's the thing...

One of your employees tragically died.


An accident.

Did you kill one of the Keepers?

No, no way.

I'm telling you it was an accident.

You're leaving me no choice.

That's why I'm here.

I'm willing to accept any terms offered.

We can even have a conversation
about converting you again.

You change your mind quickly.

I thought you had principles.

I thought so too.

But I care about my family.

They are good.

They don't deserve it.

Don't try to move the wolf to pity
if you got into his mouth.

My proposal has expired.

And for killing the Keeper...

Grandma, I draw you an angel!

It's very nice, thank you.

But would you please draw
another angel here?

For this one not to be lonely.


Take it easy, I just stood up.

Grandpa is back.

I can hear from his footsteps
it's not good.


We don't have much time.

Promise me to do as I say.

Say it first.

Promise first.

— And you?
— If I'm one of the kids now, then yes.


The Keepers and Klim are working together.

They are after us.

We can only sprint for our lives now.

Get out of Smolensk, kids.


Run wherever your heart takes you.

Why flee if we have the truth on our side?

We've got to keep fighting.

We have the truth.

And they have the power.

We can't win this war.

And I won't fight all people
because of one rotten one.

That's not why I've been protecting them
for so many centuries.

Damn it!

Let's all leave together.

Together or apart, it doesn't matter.

Just leave. Now!

And what about you?

My soul is in Smolensk.

How can I leave it?

Then I'm not leaving either.

I'll stay here.

Go, girl, please!

I'll never forgive myself
if anything happens to you.

Zhenyok's death is already
on my conscience forever.

And why are you standing here
looking at me?

Grab Anya and take her to Moscow.

Let me make my own decisions, okay?

Go with him, girl.

Go. He's the right kind of guy.

At least he can warm you.

Jean, are you coming with us?

No, I'll go to Saint Petersburg.

I like the weather there better.

Okay. Goodbye, Jean.



Cop, come here.

I got used to you.


Let's leave our phones here
so that we can't be tracked.

I don't know if we'll ever
see each other again.

But wherever you find yourself,
remember that we're a family.

We're a family.

Now go.

Go, go, go!

Smolensk - Saint Petersburg

Jean Ivanovich, you brought
some strange blood for a test today.

Will you come down to the lab?

Yes, I'm coming.

Are you in a hurry somewhere?

Yes, my darling.

Don't think of it as fleeing.

Kutuzov abandoned Moscow too.

And he won the war.

It's just a city.

One of many.

— Open your eyes.
— I don't need eyes in this city.

— I can feel it.
— Stop it!

We turn to the left now.

Then there's a traffic light.

It'll turn green now.

There's a school after the traffic light.

Then the Start store.

And now a pedestrian crossing.

Okay, I got it. Enough.


Anya, calm down. Let's go.

I was born in this city.

I lived in this city.

I died in this city.

And I continue to live in this city.

I can't go anywhere.

The I'll take you.

You surprised me.

You're not the only one who can surprise.

How did you find me?

I didn't.

Zhenyok did.

See how it works now.

You killed him.

And he found you.


I underestimated the sucker.

Why doesn't it work?

It never did.


It was you who moved it.

Will I ever learn to do it?

You could have.

But the Keepers are already here.

The Keepers? Why?

Because Svyat called them to get me.

It's a pity that you're
a vegetarian like him.

Svyat wanted to raise another hero.

But I'm not worried.

The Keepers will fix it.

Well... Help yourself while you're here.

I'm not here to feast.

You offend the person
when you refuse the treat.

You're not a person.

I'm not afraid of offending you.

Yes, you already offended me.

Do you know how many deaths I invented
for you while I was lying under that rock?

I didn't even know that the thirst for
revenge makes one so creative.

Then go ahead.

Take your revenge.

Here I am.

Let's see how creative you are.

I could have killed you
a hundred times already.

But that's not enough.

I want you to feel something
stronger than pain.

To have the law that you invented
devour you.

Like fire devours dry leaves.


And all your servants.

You might be able to kill me.

But you won't get to my family.

You don't have a family, Svyat.

You don't have anything.

What are you telling me?

You liar.

You're angry because you know
I'm telling the truth.

The truth...

Or lies...

What does it matter now.

You woke up the devil.

Now don't be offended.

The devil here is me.

Is anyone here?


Grandpa Slava!


Alert the traffic police.

Look for a dark-blue van.

The number is E362UK. Got it?

It was seen heading along Kutuzova Street
down from the city around 15 minutes ago.

Report straight back to me.

Don't come close.

I said back off!

What are you doing here?

We got on the train.

And some jerks came in.

They shocked Olya with a stun gun,
dragged me outside, showed me their IDs.

I don't understand what's going on.

Calm down!

You're saying that
someone took Olga, right?


I came here because
she said she has a family here.

So you're telling me
it wasn't the police who took her?


Who then?

How to say it?

It's some kind of a cult.

Yes, Zakhar.

The van was located speeding down
Vitebskoye Highway.

The traffic officers stopped it.

He showed them a special ID,
and they let them go.

Okay. Can you repeat it please?


On Vitebskoye Highway near Dubrovinka.

The guys say he turned to the river.

Zakhar, I owe you.

Do you know where it is?

It's an industrial area.
They repair construction cranes there.

There's a gas station
and a cat shelter.

A cat shelter?


It's abandoned.

How long has it been abandoned?

I don't know. Around seven years.

Will you show me?

I think we'll do without
all those archaic ceremonies.

Is everything clear?

You murdered the Keeper.

And tried to escape.

So, according to the law...

Look at the crow singing a song.

What law?

You don't give the slightest damn
about the law.

Are you done?



I want to apologize.

For making you pay with your heads
for the human weakness.

Please forgive me.

I couldn't protect you.

Quiet, girl.


We lived not one life.

Not even two.

We did a lot of good things.

So these lives were worth living.


Kill me first.


Kill him last.

If it's important to you...

It is.

200 years ago...

I lost the woman I loved because of him.



And now I want him to watch
his bastards lose their heads.

Ivanka's death was your fault.

She was killing people in packs.

And you liked it.

And we are responsible
for those we have converted.

You can choke on your rhetoric.

You took from me what I held the dearest.

And now you will feel this pain too.

What do you know about pain?


I've been living among my descendants
for hundreds of years.

I saw them die in front of my eyes
from wars and diseases.

My kids.

My grandchildren.

My great grandchildren.

And I lived.


And when the plague killed you, Klim.

I couldn't let the last of my kind die.

The last of Krivichs.

And I converted you.

And now I'm paying for it.

You say that I'm of your blood?

And what should we do now, Grandpa?

Let's hug and live together as a family.

Even if you were the progenitor
of everything there is on the Earth.

I'll never forgive you for killing Ivanka.

I don't care about your forgiveness.

I'll never forgive myself
for not killing you.

That's because you're weak.

People made you like this.

You're a vampire!

A creature granted with immortality.

The ruler of all things.

And you help creatures who sell your law
for a chance to live a little bit longer.

Is that what you wanted
for a thousand years?

They locked you in the cage.

Like a circus dog.

You're a fool, Klim.

A fool.

What you call weakness, I call care.

I haven't been a human for a long time.

But I've been trying to live like one
my entire life.

I don't know anything
about human weaknesses.

How would I know what people think
when their death comes?

There's one thing I know for sure.

There are more good people than bad.

They are all alike.


I'm sorry, Svyatoslav Vernidubovich.

May your God forgive you.

I don't even know if he can.


Or are you already cured?


I feel so bad I've never felt before.

And here's what I thought...

I would rather die today
in good conscience.

Than live in this filth forever.

Take the killer.


First she deceived you.

And now me.

I told you that you can't believe people.

Don't touch her!

And how will you stop me?


Kill him!


Here's another stupid human.

Don't touch people, Klim!

What are they to you?

You wanted to kill me!

Die, beast!



Get up.

Will you die already, monster?

Everyone down!

Get him, Ivan!

Get him!

Kill him!

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Open the cage already!



Vredikhina Irina Vitalyevna...

Acting as the keeper of peace...

Peace and balance...

Pronounce the guilt...

Carry out...

The sentence...

I told him...

Never to doubt people.

Tell Nastya...

That Grandma won't come to the concert.

She will be watching her...

From heaven...


I was so worried for you.

Don't strangle our hero.

Let me hug you too.

And I'll even kiss him!


That was epic.

Thank you.

Thank your Sergey.


Where's he?

Somewhere here. Look, over there.

My hero.

And pour some for Zhenyok.

He loved that shit.


Bonjour, family.


It's good you came.

We'll have a family dinner.

There's something I need to tell you.

And where's your cop?

He got called to Moscow.

Will he come back?

I don't know.

She doesn't know.

If you didn't know,
you wouldn't smile like this.

Okay, kids.

Let's drink and hope it's over.

The new Keeper is a kind person.

Maybe we'll have some peace.


You'll live long.
We've just been talking about you.

I was Kostya for my Mom.

For you, I'm Konstantin Sergeyevich.

We're taking Olga Anvarovna.


You killed one of us.

There'll be an execution.


What are you talking about?



So many things happened yesterday.

But we must keep following the law.



Excuse me.

By executing Olga today, you'll kill two.


She's pregnant.

To kill a baby?

It's a sin.

Let her give birth,
and then we'll decide something.

Konstantin Sergeyevich.




How's this even possible?

With this woman, anything is possible.

Excuse us.

We've got to go.

I promise that we provide
the best conditions for Olga Anvarovna.

As her doctor, you'll be able to visit her.

Follow her pregnancy.

What makes you think I'm coming with you?

I wouldn't want to take special measures.

They can harm your child.



My people are waiting outside.

I don't think that an open conflict
will do anyone good.

Okay, screw you. I'll go with you.

I've long been wanting to socialize.

Thank you for your consideration.

As for the rest of you...

Just don't leave town.


We planted flowers...

And that's what we get.

It seems there won't be any peace.