Central Russia's Vampires (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode 5 - full transcript

From relatives, Annushka barely keeps the shoulder straps on her shoulders. Grandpa Slava and Jean were detained, and Zhenek was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Monsters live in all of us, and sometimes they come out.

Here, the suspect's statement.

Is he really your relative?



I, Evgeny Dyatlov...

Okay... When I got to him,
I found him with a knife in his chest.

Well, as I see it, Anna Petrovna,
it's not really a confession.

He had Baranovsky's blood
on his hands and clothes.

And, again, the knife...

But there are no prints on the knife.

Yes. But he was wearing gloves
when we arrested him.

Okay, I'll take him to the lab
for a blood test.

— Anna Petrovna.
— Yes.

I found the rest of the students
from the theater, and the bus driver.

Thank you, Zakhar.

Report to Captain Zhalinsky.


May I, Captain?

I can come back later.

It keeps me awake.

The nearest good coffee is in Moscow.

What do you want?

I talked to the rest of the students
from the theater.

Nothing new.

But the bus driver told me
about the guy who replaced Vasilkov.

It turns out he's not a student.

And what does he have to do
with the theater?

The bus driver is his neighbor.

He invited him to come with them.

To replace Vasilkov
and help with the costumes.

He says he's a nice quiet guy.
Doesn't even drink.

He wanted to help him socialize.

Doesn't even drink?

I thought it's strange too.

Shumilin Nikita Vasilyevich.

Born in 1997.

I'm Nikita. Nikita Shumilin.

I give him an IV when he needs it.

He doesn't like going to the doctor's.

Get everyone here.

In ten minutes. I have two more sets.



What a shame!

What a shame!

Grandpa, sit down. I'm getting dizzy.

Get up, junkies! It's time to pee in a jar.

We'll look for urine in your illicit drugs.

Do you need a special invitation?

We don't want to pee.

We haven't eaten or drunk anything
since last night.

Do we have to squeeze?

Okay, save it.


Don't, marquis.

There are cameras around.

Damn it!

Anya, what the hell?
We've been here all night.

They're taking Zhenyok for a blood test.

Do you realize what will happen
if his blood gets to the lab?

Then get us out of here.

And Jean will deal with it.

Grandpa, I'm about to lose my job
because of Zhenyok.

And if they learn that I released
my junkie relatives, it'll be even worse.

All our problems are
because of that suckling.

Thank you, Jean,
for this acute observation.

Grandpa Slava, Jean is right.

Why did you convert him?

What do you want from me?

Don't try to find meaning
where there isn't any.

Why are you rushing
like a headless chicken?

Everyone's in a hurry now.

You'll make it.

And if you don't,
then you don't need to.

Grandpa, don't grumble.
I've been a driver for 30 years.

Grandpa, how are you?

I'm fine.

Call an ambulance for that guy.

He's alive!

Holy hat and hatters!

Grandpa Slava, why didn't you
tell us right away?


I was ashamed.

It's so ridiculous.

And we were guessing what he saw in him.

A computer genius or a talented programmer?

Stop it!

What's done is done.

Go take care of our little brother.

And I'll deal with the matters here.

Yeah, "take care."

I came to you with this.

Well, you see...

We're busy now.

But we have a big family.

And we are very close.

Maybe someone will help you.


Yes, Ivan.

What's the emergency?

I couldn't wait to introduce you.

Zakhar, the floor is yours.

Shumilin Nikita Vasilyevich.

23 years old. An intern
in the local hospital.

Lives at Bakunina 11.

Inherited the apartment from his parents.

I made inquiries. They died early.

So he was raised by his grandfather.


Zelentsov Fyodor Ignatyevich.

Lives in the village near Veshki.

Go on.

Nikita was both in Yaroslavl and Mytischi.

And could be in Veshki.

And he has medical training.

At least he can put in an IV.

It all adds up. Let's arrest him.

His phone is off.

His neighbors last saw him on Friday.

Okay, let's split.

Derkov, go to his grandfather.

Zakhar, to his apartment.

Anna Petrovna and I
will go to the hospital.

I can go alone if you want.

And you can take care of family matters.

I'm really sorry about
what happened yesterday.

If you want to pity someone,
go to an animal shelter.

It helps.

I'm fine.

Let's go.


Svyatoslav Vernidubovich.

Let me go, son.

We're grown-up people, not junkies.


And what are the drugs for, Vernidubovich?

I wanted to throw them away.

I took them from my grandson.

I'm keeping an eye on him.

To make sure he won't get mixed up
with junkies.

They have manure for brains at that age.

Let me go, will you?

Sure I will.

But not so soon as you may fancy.

I must be dying.

I'll die here, and you'll have
tons of paperwork.

Grandpa, you won't believe
how many actors I've seen here.

Oh, my guts!

You're a monster.

What's going on?

The guy we arrested yesterday
is making a scene.

He's really sick.

He's too old to be a junkie.

In The Mule, the guy was 90.

Do you have time to go to the movies?
I say release him.

Son, I have a relative here.
Can you release him too?

Release them both.


Feeling better?

You may go.

That's the way to treat people.

And you sit here like a lice on a dog.

If Nikita is the killer, he deliberately
gave you the folder with Zhenyok's picture.

Do you think he wanted to frame him?

He actually did.

If Nikita doesn't know we're looking
for him, why did he disappear?

And if he knows, how?

I'm more interested to know
what he needs the blood for.

Or am I supposed to believe he's a monster?

Monsters are real. They live in all of us.

And sometimes they come out.

Do you like Stephen King too?

So beautiful.

Are you kidding?

Look closer.

It's modern Russian romance.

Nikita's car.

Listen, you won't find anything
in my blood.

You're just wasting your time.

I'm on a payroll. I don't care
who I waste my time on.

Pump your fist.

Dyatlov E. N.

How old are you?


Your blood looks like you're eighty.


I'm sick.

Hold it for five minutes.

Then you can go.

Excuse me, can you help me?

— I'm busy.
— Please...

A woman with such kind eyes
can't refuse to help someone in need.

Yes, of course.

The thing is that you
put the sticker in the wrong place.

Now it's okay.

Thank you.

I'm so disorganized today.

Be careful.

And one more thing.

Go get a haircut today.


Good afternoon!

Could you tell me
where I can find Nikita Shumilin?

Ask in the staffroom.

Just put on a gown please.


Our policemen got so gullible.

And what if I really am a junkie?

They are as naive as little calves.

Well, on the other hand,
I'm not a bad actor.

Stanislavsky himself told me this
back in the days.



"I b-believe you, Vernidubovich," he said.

"I b-believe you."

He stuttered.

Thank you.

You're welcome, Irina Vitalyevna.

I'm happy to help.

And you say they're gullible.

Thank you.

To what do we owe such a favor,
Irina Vitalyevna?

All these police procedures
could expose you.

And I abide by the Treaty while I'm alive.

Even though you don't keep your promises.

I almost believed you have a cure.

We've spent so many years side by side.

I thought you wouldn't lie to me
so blatantly.

And what's the result?

It turns out you just wanted to drug me.

I can explain everything.

I have no desire to listen to you
and no reason to trust you anymore.

The young bloodsucker
killed two people in Veshki.

And it turns out he tried
to kill another one yesterday.

So I think it's fair...

If three vampires get beheaded...

The day after tomorrow.

We needed the drugs to make the cure.

Why do always think you heard everything?

Irina Vitalyevna!

May I get struck by lightning
if we want to harm you.


One of my patients with this drug
in his blood suddenly got better.

After a certain procedure.

I'll do one more test.

And if I get a positive result...

I promise you that
we will cure your disease.

I'll be waiting for your call.

Let's go.

Why did you give her hope?

We don't have the drug.

We do.

When they arrested us,
I hid one of the packets.

You surprise me.

Let's go pick it up.

We don't have to go anywhere.

The human body has plenty of hiding places.

Walk slowly.

Not to tear it up.



Don't worry. He's making progress.

I think everything will be fine.

Thank you, Nikita Vasilyevich.

We've been...


This is for you for helping my Dad.

You don't have to.

Better get medicine for him.

I'll write you a prescription.

Nikita, someone's looking for you.


Over there.

Thank you.

Excuse me, where's the staffroom?

Excuse me, do all interns
have to wear badges?

Well, yeah, it's a must.


Go get him!

Damn it!

Why are you running like there's a fire?

There's a fire. On the second floor.

Damn it!


You have glass in your hand.

Attention to all units.

Shumilin has just been in the hospital.

We couldn't arrest him.

He left in a car.

Audi 100.


A blue-gray wagon.

I repeat the number: T175RK.

Got it.

Roger that.

Intercept the car and put out
a search for Shumilin.

That's all. Over.

Jean Ivanovich.

I had a night shift today,
but you didn't show up.

Lucy, you notice everything.

Are there any serious patients?

A guy with a stab wound
was admitted yesterday.

The one who escaped.


How did you get in here?

You know I can be persuasive.

That's so sweet.

I almost believed you have feelings.

Aren't you going to answer?

I have no desire to argue with you.

Why had I never heard this
when we were married?

What are you doing?

Getting your boyfriend
out of the vegetative state.

What are you giving him?

The panacea.

Sats are good.

Pulse is stabilizing.

And what if I do this?

He can't breathe without a mask yet.
Okay, we'll wait.

My mixture works.

All right, I'll leave you alone.

What the matter with you?

It's the stress.

And maybe it's the hunger?

Don't worry.

Your diet will return to normal soon.

Nikita knows we're looking for him.

I don't think he'll come back
to his apartment.

Or to his grandpa.

But the old man might know
where else he might be.

"Might know" and "will tell"
are two different things.

We're not going to interrogate him.

We'll just talk.

How's your hand?

Better now.

Thank you.

It's good to sleep
in the fresh air, isn't it?

I just closed my eyes.
It's cold and quiet here.

Don't close your eyes anymore.

Moscow scum!

Fyodor Ignatyevich, good afternoon!

We're the police.

Remember we talked?

Yes, I do.

We need your help.

Can we talk?

In this wilderness...

It's a pleasure to talk to a living person.

Your grandson Nikita...

Gave us a folder.

We want to talk about it.
It has some interesting papers.

Oh my!

And I've been looking for it all day.

— He's a sharp lad, isn't he?
— Yeah.

Did you raise him?

I had to.

His parents died early.

May they rest in peace.

And where's Nikita now?

At work.

He's a doctor.

He has loved to take care of animals
since he was a child.

He used to bring home pigeons
with broken legs and mangy cats.

And now he treats people.

He's a good guy.

Does he live alone?


His parents are dead.

I thought maybe he has a girlfriend.


He's at work all day.

And then he comes to me
all the way from the city.

He brings me food and gives injections.

He could have put me in a nursing home,
like everyone does.

But he didn't.

I'm telling him that he should
live for himself.

But he won't listen.

He loves you.


Zina! The kettle is boiling!


Where did she go again?


We're wasting our time.

Let me help you.

No, thanks.

I can handle it.

You've got to excuse me.

I have nothing to drink tea with.

There isn't even any crackers left.

Nikita invited his friend over
the other day.

They brought plenty of food.

But didn't get any sweets.

Is his friend a doctor too?

Who knows.

Just a friend.

How many sugars?

Attention all units.

Be on the lookout for Nikita Shumilin,
born in 1997.

I repeat, all units...

Why are you searching for him?

Calm down. Everything's fine.

We just need to talk to him.

Don't lie to me, girl!

I know your kind very well.

First you put me away.

And now you're after my grandson?

I won't let you!

I won't let you!

I won't! And that's it!


Grandpa, call her. It's working.

Well done, Jean! Good job!

I was right to steal you from Napoleon.


Call back later. I'm busy.

I'll be quick, Irina Vitalyevna.

Jean called.

The cure is ready.

Come to the hospital.


See you tonight.

Shall I continue?

Hurry up!

Get him to the hospital
while he's still breathing.

— Why don't we call an ambulance?
— It'll come in forty minutes at best.

— Careful.
— It wasn't the best idea to come here.

Not to switch off the radio
was the best idea, you know?

Hi, Grandpa!

This is Nikita. My battery's dead.

I'm calling from a different number
to check on you.

How are you feeling?

Hi, grandson!

— Who's this?
— Captain Zhalinsky.

Your grandpa can't talk right now.

He had a seizure.

When he learned what a monster you are.

And I don't know whether he'll live or not.

Maybe you killed your grandfather, Nikita.

Do you hear me?

No one needs you now.

No one except for us.

And when we find you...

And we will, don't doubt it.

You'll spend the rest
of your miserable life alone.

All alone!

Do you hear me, asshole?


Goodbye, Grandpa.

I'll see you later.

Thank you.

Helping people is our priority.

Ivan, what are you doing?

Provoking his emotions.

A cold and calculating killer rarely
makes mistakes when he's calm.

And what if he gets too emotional
and kills someone else?

"What if?"

If he's a serial killer,
he doesn't have a motive or reason.

Whether he's emotional or not,
he'll continue to kill.

But if he gets emotional...

He's more likely to make a mistake.

Anya, please, trust me at least at work.

Will you leave already?


Are you crazy? What are you doing?
What's the matter?

Are you happy now?

Sergey is dying, like you wanted.

What do you mean dying?

Like people die.

What did you do to him?

Let's go.


Cancel it.

Don't ask why.

Just do it.


That's easy for you to say.

I'm falling asleep.

And you're fine.

And you've been up all night.

What are you on?

Whatever I'm on, I can't quit.



Got it.

Nikita's car was spotted on Glinka Street.
Do you know where it is?

Yes. We'll be there in seven minutes.

Look, there it is.

There's someone in there.

Put your hands behind your head
and get out!

I won't do it again!


Just don't tell my Mom.

— Where's the owner?
— I don't know.

The door was open, and I...

Don't tell my Mom.

Get lost.

What's wrong with you?

Leave the stereo.


That explains where the bite marks
come from.

What did I tell you?

He's making mistakes.

He was almost awake an hour ago.

He reacted to speech.

When did he start getting worse?

I can't say exactly, Jean Ivanovich.

Right after hemodialysis.


Yes. He has pulmonary edema.


With all due respect, Jean Ivanovich...

No, I mean myself.

Look after him and keep me updated
on his condition.


Calm down, psycho.

They just cleaned his blood
and washed away my panacea.

It made him as sick as he had been before.

Put me back.

Inject him with your panacea again.

It's an experimental drug,
and I don't have more.

Help him, Jean.


You know that your tricks don't work on me.

They did when I was a human.

He had a heart attack.

Get him to the ICU.

Go home.

Your pet will be fine.

You have my word.


Send someone to the hospital
in case he comes to see his grandfather.


Did you find something in his apartment?

Yes. The prints on the knife
used to stab Baranovsky...

match those found
in Shumilin's car and apartment.

Then it's simple.

Just find him, and that's it.


How long are we going to keep Dyatlov here?

It's clear that he didn't do anything.

Anya, that's not what
you should be thinking about.

Better find me this vampire.

We need results.

Let's study the search record carefully.

This all seems too obvious.


But it's going to take some time.

I'll grab us something to eat.

A hot dog or a shawarma?

Nothing, thanks.

Come on!

A couple of extra pounds won't hurt.

What are you saying?

You learned a poem?

That's a good girl!


Grandma's got to go.

You can read the poem to me in the evening.

I love you, my little marshmallow.

I never thought I would say this,
but I'm really happy to see you.

Is everything fine?

Yes, of course.

It's just...

Jean was called for an emergency surgery.

But he'll call me when he's done.

And I thought...

I'll go to Irina Vitalyevna.

We'll chat.


How's Kostya?

Thank you for asking.


She's so beautiful I just can't...

She looks just like you
when you were a kid.

Exactly like you.


I once had a grandson too.

A long time ago, of course.

And he got sick once.

So I jumped on my horse.

And went to the healer.

And I'm riding and riding.

And that horse suddenly...

I was riding, and it bolted.

I don't know what got into its head.

But it bolted and went
straight to the cliff.

And I'm thinking....

What should I do?

If I jump, I'll break my arms and legs.

If I stay, I'll fall off the cliff.

"Screw it," I thought and jumped.

I broke my arms and legs
and everything else.

And the horse...


Stopped dead.

Right at the edge of the cliff.

It stopped.

Why are you telling me this?

I just thought maybe you shouldn't risk it.

Maybe it'll get better on its own.

Do I understand correctly that you suggest
that I roll over and die quietly?

Of course not.

Don't say that.

Then what are you saying?


Here's the thing...

Hold on.


Yes, Jean.

Okay, we'll be right there.

You're so chatty!

It's time to go.

A horse, a cliff...

A grandson, a healer...

I just can't...

Let's go.

It's good that your mixture is working.

Really good.

But if you had called me earlier,
I wouldn't have to embarrass myself.

Make up stupid stories.

About horses and grandsons.

Excusez moi.

Wait, let me help.

No, wait, son.

What's the matter with him?

He died.

Five minutes ago.

He had a heart attack.

Didn't make it.

Did you know him?

It's that guy.

Who was locked in the loony bin
because of us.

Too bad. Okay, we've got to go.

Wait, Jean.

He just died.


We can restart him, can't we?

Grandpa, I only have one dose left.

Besides, you don't even know how he died.
Maybe his time has come.

I know how he lived.

So you care about him?

And what about us?

I care about everyone.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting,
Irina Vitalyevna.

It's okay.

I hope it's worth the wait.

You promised me.

You gave me hope.

And now you're telling me there's no cure?

There was a cure.

But we used it to help another person.

Who didn't live because of you and me.

Just existed.


And what do you suggest that I do now?


Jean will try to make the cure again.

If we get the drug.

But it's not that easy.

You're lying, monster.

You always lie, you monster.

You're right. I'm a monster.

I've been a monster for a thousand years.

And sometimes I really want to be human.

I'm tired of being human.

Sick and weak.

I'm tired.

Be patient.

Being human is hard.

Ivan Moscow

Yes, Ivan.

Don't do this!

Secure the perimeter. Don't let anyone in.

What are you doing?

What do you want?

To show you who is who.

You're all just genetic scum.

And I'm the superpower.

Is he alive?

For now.

But I'll fix it.

Nikita, please, use your brains.

Put down the gun and get away from him.

Or we'll have to shoot you.
Do you hear me?

You think I'm afraid of death?

It doesn't exist for me.

Don't shoot! We have our man there.


Are you scared?

Did you shit yourself, mortals?

I'm your biggest nightmare
that will haunt you forever.


Distract him.

What do you mean distract?

Just do it!

Hey man!

I saved your Grandpa!

Took him to the hospital.

Thank you!

You're welcome!

Now you do me a favor. Let Captain go.

Look how they care about you.

And do you know why?

Because you're not alone, right?

Sure. They all need you so much.

And what's the point?

What's the point?

What are you doing?

Do you hear me?

Let him go!

Sure I will!

Don't doubt it!

And who's a useless piece of shit now?

What was that?

Why do you keep getting in trouble?


But I was falling down.

You would've fell if you were falling.

I caught you at the edge.

You do the rest.


— Anna Petrovna! How are you?
— Not bad.

— Captain, do you need help?
— Captain is fine too.

Take him away.

Come on.


Did you miss me?

Did you escape from prison?

No, they let me go.

It's over. Anya caught the real killer.

Boom, come to mama!


Come on, turn your head off.

We caught him.

You caught him.

Is this professional jealousy?


In a way.

We solved the case.

I need to go back.


Come with me.

Damn it!

I didn't feel so stupid
even when I was on that roof.

How did you even get there?

I almost got him...

And that's it?

I thought it would be some kind
of a Hollywood blockbuster story.

Believe me, it'll seem so
for my Moscow colleagues.

Do you want to come in?

Get some sleep. You had a rough day.

As if it wasn't rough for you.


I can't hear you.

I'm not saying anything.

Who are you?