Central Russia's Vampires (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode 4 - full transcript




Please don't!

What are you doing, savage?

Don't be mad. It's no use.

Svyatoslav, stop!

You've just given him this life.

I gave it to him
not for him to take others.

Let's not blame the fool straight away.

He's my brother after all.

The law is the same for everyone.

You're right. But they are my slaves.

They die every day anyway.

First of all, they are people.

I can't allow relatives to be
on the opposite sides of the law again.

Don't judge all people the same way.

I'm sure that my son
will make a good keeper.

I have no doubt about it.

Kostya is a good boy.

I've been a keeper for decades.

Have I ever given you reason to doubt me?

Am I a bad person?


You're a good person, Irina Vitalyevna.

But will you make a good vampire?

I don't know.

And we will never know.


I have a sarcoma.

It was diagnosed too late.

So to die with your help...

Is my only chance not to die.

I need to think.


Good morning!


Good morning, Captain!

I don't want my colleagues
to start spreading rumors.

Why are you leaving
when your boss has just arrived?

While my boss was sleeping,
the subordinates were up all night.

Good day!


We found Dmitry Zaitsev.


The guy Baranovsky met in the garage.

Can we talk to him?

He was found outside the city.

Got hit by a truck.

Must have been drunk.

Aren't there too many deaths
around one person?


I'll be there in an hour.



I'm Nikita Shumilin.

From yesterday, remember?

Come in.

I'm listening.

Grandpa wanted to show you a folder.

He found it.

Asked me to bring it to you.

Is this an All Stars magazine?

Don't be mad at him.

Your saw what condition he's in.

He believes he has something
important there.

Thank you for your help.


What's this?

What's wrong?

Have you completely smoked your mind?

I asked you to change the design!

The party is tomorrow!

You disappeared for a week.

What? Looks fine.

Fine? Is this fine?

They are ugly!

I'm sorry. We are artists.
We see it this way.

Son of a bitch!



Jean Ivanovich, five minutes, okay?

You know what condition he's in.

I'll be quick and gentle.

Open the door please.

Good morning!

— Who are you?
— I'm your guarding angel.


It doesn't matter.
I have a couple of questions.

I have nothing else to say.

I didn't kill anyone.

Let me give you the whole picture.

I'm not the police. I'm a doctor.

Who brought you back to life
in the hospital from which you escaped.

We have around 250 seconds.

Soon they'll ask me for a medical report.

And you don't have an ounce of clean blood.

And you used something
much heavier than weed.

Psychostimulants maybe.

Nod if you understand
what I'm talking about.


Let me remind you...

You're currently the prime suspect.

And when they start digging, you'll have
to answer even for the smallest screwup.

But if you tell me what you used
and where you got it...

I'll make your blood test
look as clean as Lake Annecy.

We have 180 seconds.

It's a crystal.

A new drug. Appeared just recently.

Go on.

I ordered it on a dark website.

On what website?

Through the dark web.

You download Tor Browser.

And there's all this shit.

And that's it?

I see.

I think I'll figure it out in a week.

Alas, I won't have time
to replace your test results.


Okay, give me your phone.

Goddamnit! What are you doing?

Nothing. And you?

What's with the dress-up?

I'm shooting a video.

What video?

I have a channel on YouTube.

You want to personally check
what your subordinates are doing?

I'm not here to see you.

What channel? Show me.

See you tomorrow at 9 PM in the Zhara club
at the party of the year!

The vampire costume party.

Tons of booze!

And awesome cosplays.

The tickets are almost sold out.

A vampire party?

And how often do you host those?

Once a year. And the ordinary ones
once a month.

I have a contract with the club.

I see.

Hold on.

Come if you want to party.


What parties, for Christ's sake?

I need to make a living.

Why didn't you call?

I thought we trusted each other.

The old man found his folder.

How was I supposed to react?

The same way you react to this and this.

I'm sorry. You have a hell of a family.

We don't choose our relatives.

I'm going to Baranovsky.

Let's go.

— But I'll do the talking this time.
— Let's go.


Did you lock the door?

Ksyusha, you moan so loud
that it doesn't matter.

I'm busy! Come back later.

Doctor, I can't wait.

Damn it!

Ksyusha, then you come back later.

Turns out I have a patient.


Jean, eventually you'll run out of them.

That's unlikely.

You know, I knew her grandmother.

And the granddaughter moans exactly...

What makes you think I'm interested?


Okay. I have a surgery soon.


I went to the Keeper.

And how's she?

She's sick.

More exactly, she's dying.

She has a sarcoma.

C'est la vie.

Jean, I've been thinking...

If we save her, maybe she'll forget
about the Veshki murder?

Grandpa, if I knew how to cure cancer...

I would win a Nobel Prize.

You have a God-given talent.

Take a look at her.

Maybe it's not that bad,
or they don't treat her properly.

I can take a look.

But I'm afraid it's that bad.

And they treat her properly.



I'm not sure it will work in her case.


If you have the slightest chance
to save her, let's try.

Grandpa, do you know
where people get drugs?

At the pharmacy.

Not really.

Sergey, you play in a band, don't you?

— Yes.
— Tell us about the concert in Mytischi.

It was an ordinary concert.

Badly organized, but we played well.

What did you do next?

Nothing special.

We had a couple of drinks
and went to the hotel.

Can someone confirm
that you spent the night at the hotel?

Yes, my guys can.


There were some girls too.

But I don't remember them.


Did you find him?

We did.

But he can't confirm anything.

Sergey, calm down please.

Try to remember who else
can confirm your alibi.

Listen, do you realize that
the odds are not in your favor?

There are too many corpses around you.


Stop it.


Calm down.

Try to remember.


That night.

Olga came to Mytischi.


The old guy is looking for a stash.

He even has a picture.

That's hilarious.


Have you lost all shame?

There are more junkies than rats here.

I see you here every day.

Are there no other places?

Children play here.

Calm down. Better I find it than children.



— What's not clear?
— What?

— Get out of here!
— Come on.

— We see you here again...
— And what?

And we won't care that you're old.

Got it?

Get out of here.

Tell me about Olga.

— I don't know her very well.
— Anya!

When Jean married her,
we didn't get along straight away.

She's secretive and arrogant
and does what she wants.

She's the head of the student theater
at the local university.

And one more thing.

On February 2, she was in Yaroslavl
with her theater.

Grandpa Slava, what happened?
Where did you get so dirty?

Keep quiet, you little snot.

And that one...

Is humping his girls.

A scientist, goddammit!

Seriously, what happened?


I was looking for drugs.

Grandpa Slava,
aren't you too old to get high?

Why are you such a useless deadbolt?

It's for Jean.

For the cure he's making.

So I was looking for drugs.

And the locals thought I was a junkie
and almost beat me up.

You should be happy, Grandpa Slava.

See how people are concerned.

That's true.

I wish there were more like them.

You can reorder.

They always have a fallback stash.

And do they have a more civilized option
for people like me?

Like in the good old days...

In a theater.

Or at a poetry reading.

I don't believe that Mikhail Bulgakov
had to search the yards to get high.

I know guys who can help.


Yes, Jean.

No. I didn't.

But I met kind and concerned people.

As I've said many times before,
art must educate.

It must educate you first.

It's unthinkable to come on stage
in dirty shoes, Selivanov.

Excuse me, we're rehearsing.

You've got to excuse us, Olga Anvarovna.

But we have to stop the rehearsal.

Guys, would you wait backstage?

Wait in the dressing room.

Tell us about your trip to Yaroslavl.

A student theater festival
takes place in Yaroslavl.

We got invited, we performed,
won the first prize, and came back.

Is that all?

And why don't you tell us that you spent
the night in Mytischi on your way back?

Our bus broke down,
and we had to stop there.

So your bus broke down on the same day
Baranovsky had a concert in Mytischi?

Okay. I asked the driver
for the bus to break down.

To spend time with Sergey.

Is passion a criminal offense?

Zakhar, check whether
everyone on the list is here.

And then we fucked all night.

Is that important?

Do you want to know everything?

Spare the intimate details.

And why are looking away?

Am I embarrassing you?

It's not my fault that I'm a beautiful
woman, and men find me attractive.

And you find me really attractive.


Stop it!

Does it annoy you when your boyfriend
is looking at another woman?

He's not my boyfriend.

Then why are you so angry?

May I go?

Yes, sure.

Goodbye, Ivan.

Are you okay?

Only the bus driver is missing.

And a couple of people from the suburbs.



Good day, sons!

Funeral services are down the hall.

I need your help.

I need...

A crystal.

Help yourself.


Do you know how to get it?

We only smoke weed.

Don't sweat, guys.

I'm not the police.

I just need it for personal use.

I just want to brighten up my dull life.

We really don't have it.

There's only one source.

And it sells out quickly.

And what do you suggest I do?

Drink cheap vodka?


I have a connection.

Give me your number,
and I'll send you the address.



I need two.

I have money.

Don't fail me, sons.

Or I'll be really upset.


What's wrong?

I really should quit.

That's all I remember.

Thank you.

Zakhar, how many are left?




Excuse me, my train is in an hour.

I can't miss it.

What's your name?


I didn't go to Yaroslavl.

My Dad got sick the day before.

I had to stay.

And why is your name on the list?

It must be the old list.

And who took your place?

I don't know.

They must've found someone
at the last minute.

I only help with the costumes.

Costumes, you say?

So you've never seen this guy before?

We first met him on the bus.


Didn't you even ask his name?

He looked like a nerd.

He was quiet.

Lived with the driver.

Didn't hang out with us.

I see.

Thank you. You may go.

— Zakhar!
— Yes!

Talk to everyone who wasn't here today,
including the driver.

And find out who went to Yaroslavl
instead of Vasilkov.


I'm busy. Is it important?



Pay attention to the guy
with the nickname DarkLord.

The truth is, a vampire drained
two guys to the bottom in Veshki.

One escaped, but he tracked him down
to a garage.

How does he know where Baranovsky went?

That's what I'm talking about.

He says the vampire tracked him down,
but Baranovsky is alive.

— How do you know?
— First-hand, baby!

This is something, right?

You think he's just being clever?

He guessed about the garage?

And you think he's the killer?

Okay, let's play.

U joking? That guy survived.

"U joking?" How old are you, sixty?

That guy survived. For real.

That's better.

Let's see how this DarkLord will react.

And if he doesn't react?

Then we'll go to lunch.

DarkLord is typing...

How do you know it, kid?

He escaped from the hospital
because the vampire was following him!

He saw him!!! That's why he went crazy
and was locked in a nut house.

He's getting discharged today at 5 PM.
My Dad works there. Eat this, sucker!!!

That last bit was too much.

No, it's okay. We need a shitstorm.

DarkLord is typing...

DarkLord is typing...

DarkLord went offline.

Do you want to set an ambush?

He clearly got interested.

He didn't even respond to sucker.


Let's go to the hospital, Anna Petrovna.

Tell Baranovsky he's being discharged.

If DarkLord replies, call us immediately.


Comes in.



One of the most exciting nights
of the year is hereby opened.

Irina Vitalyevna.

What are you doing here?

As you can see, I didn't forget
about your request.

People will have water by nightfall.

And we respect you for this.

You promised, and you did it.

We've always helped each other.

I hope you made a decision too.

You can say that.

Then say it.

Well, me and Jean thought about it.

And he can try to cure you.

I've been to all the doctors I can afford.

If I could be cured...

I wouldn't have asked you.

Irina Vitalyevna.

You know...

Jean is no ordinary doctor.

He's working on a cure.

That no other doctor can give you.

I'm afraid that in my case,
there's only one solution.

Either one vampire more...

Or two less.

Let's go.

A man in a Grey jacket is coming in.

Roger that.

Do you want coffee?


And I do.

— So, what's new?
— Nothing yet.

I know who you are.

You're a modern Amazon.

Ivan, we're on a stakeout.

And I'm pretending that
we are two lovebirds.

Not some detectives on an assignment.

A guy and a girl.

Roger that.

Attention. Food delivery.

We didn't order anything.

I'm sorry. Roger that.




Sergey, hi!

Where have you been?

When I watched
detective movies as a kid...

I imagined myself saving
the world when I grow up.

And here I am.

Saving the world.

And what did you dream of
when you were a child?

I wanted a beautiful dress.

And for the war to end.

We arrested a suspect.


We got an ID.

But I don't think it's our guy.

It's Sanya Popov.

He lives across the hall.

And what are you doing here, Sanya Popov?

I'm just...

My wife told me Sergey is back.

So I came.

For a drink.

Anya, listen...

I don't want to keep you here.

Go home, you're tired.

I'll handle it.

— I'm not tired.
— Yes, you are.

That's an order.

Hi, Grandpa!

What's with the road works?

They're replacing the pipes.

Irina Vitalyevna gave a personal order.


Is she seeking forgiveness
for her sins before death?

Bite your tongue, cynic.

She's counting on us.

It's very inconsiderate of her.

Whatever a woman puts on,
a man will take off anyway.

Mon Cher ami, I'm just saying
that you don't have to try hard.

Your Captain...

Is already captured.

Yeah, but this is all pointless.

It's just a stupid game
that won't lead anywhere.

You know...

The memories when...

When Olga was still human,
are still the brightest memories I have.

Do I need to remind you how it ended?

Everything has an end.

Or almost everything.

That's why we need to spend
all the time with each other.

Without thinking how much of it is left.

You can teach demagogy in college.

You've just never been in a relationship.

And looking at these dresses I can see why.

After the war, I had other things
to worry about.

And then...

You know.

I spent all my money on these flowers.

You can't turn me down tonight.

I'll stink of cigarettes.

My wife's gonna kill me.

Wake up your demons.

Olga is still mad at me for that kiss.


Are you still there?

Okay, I'll have a look.

Ivan left a folder in the car.
I'll be right back.

What are you doing here?


We have...

A vampire...

With butterflies in her stomach.


I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Good reaction, Captain.

My bad too.

I wanted to surprise you.

You did.

You know...

I just suddenly wanted to see.

They are not dirty. They were like this.

Will you come in?

Maybe some other time?

No suspicious activity was reported
around the apartment during the shift.

According to the surveillance footage,
28 people entered the building.

— Good morning!
— Good morning!

They are mostly residents
and their relatives.

One social worker.

And a delivery courier.

Well, a negative result is also a result.

Captain, may I?

I took the initiative...

And it turned out that no one ordered
anything to that building at that time.

The courier arrived just when
the neighbor came to Baranovsky, right?

Yes, Ma'am.

So the neighbor might
have scared the killer.


Zakhar, look at the surveillance footage.

It might have captured his face.


Request the personal details
of all registered couriers.

With pictures.

Get to work.

— Hi!
— Hi!

You look amazing.

Thanks. It's the dress.

I just haven't worn it for a while.

Yeah, a while.

If the neighbor really scared the killer...

He must try to get to Baranovsky again.

I think so.

Then we continue surveillance, right?

Or we can have a little more fun.

— Hi!
— Hi!

DarkLord didn't show up, did he?

No. He was online
but didn't leave any comments.

What do you think, will he come
to your party if he's a local?

I don't know. I pulled up the history...

He doesn't show up in chats,
didn't buy my merch.

We need him to come.

Announce that the guy who survived
will be your special guest tonight.

— Are you serious?
— Yes, do it.

Tell them everyone
will be able to talk to him.


Wait. Aren't you afraid that
this DarkLord will just kill him?

That's the whole point.

Don't be stupid, Zhenyok.
All of us will be guarding him.

Sure. And will you wear this?

Or a uniform?

It's a costume party.

We'll think of something.

Jean Ivanovich, I know you're in there.

Damn it! This is too much.

Yes, I'm here, but I'm busy.
Come back later.

We need to pick up the package
you've been waiting for so long.

Ksyusha, you'll have to come back later.

I forgot I have an urgent business. Okay?

But we were just getting started.

Finish yourself, okay?

Kissing your fingers.

Do you really need me?

I'm not doing this alone. It's embarrassing.


Where are we going?

To a party.


Don't stand still.

And don't spoil the costumes.
I left my ID as deposit.

Good evening, friends! Hello, everyone!
Have a good night!

Today, every one of my followers
gets a free Bloody Mary at the bar!

Go to the bar, tell your nickname,
and get a drink. It's simple.

I see familiar faces.

Lucy! Hi!

Hi! I want a drink!

And Body Lover must be
here somewhere too.

— I'm here!
— That's great!

Take Lucy by the hand
and get down to the bar.

Dance, people, dance!

Can I have at least one drink to relax?

It's too early to relax.

We'll relax together
when we catch this jerk.

So, the party continues.

Now I'm going to give away these T-shirts
to three of my followers picked randomly.

And the first winner is Bruxa!

Get on the stage!

Here's your T-shirt.

The second winner is Incubus.

Get on the stage.

Get on the stage.

You can put them on and fuck if you want.

And today's third winner is...



Let's shout for DarkLord together.

He might be screaming here somewhere.



Screw him! Let's party!
Have a good night!

I'll be right back.

What are you doing here?

Bonjour, mademoiselle.

Anya? You look good in a veil.

We're running a covert operation.
Leave immediately.

My girl!

Don't worry. We'll be a minute.

— Where?
— To the DJ. That way.

What do you need there?

Grandpa wants to order a song.

Don't worry, we'll be right back.

Let's go.

Listen, DarkLord either isn't here
or doesn't want to be seen.

Okay. Announce our special guest.


I need it. I'm nervous.

Don't talk much.

Just listen carefully. We're here.

Okay. I'll have another
shot of courage, okay?

Guys! I have great news for you.

Today we have a guy here
who survived the attack of a real vampire!

It's a purgatory.

Hi, Grandpa! They told me about you.

Two crystals. Here's the money.

Have fun, Grandpa.

— Thank you.
— Don't thank me.

Okay, scientist, now it's your turn.

Let's go.

Daughter, are you even Christian?

Hurry up. Let's not upset our dead bride.

So, how did you escape?

I just moved my legs very fast.

Dude! What did your vampire look like?

A faggot like you.

Were you really locked up
in the nut house because of it?


Listen, how much did they pay you
to pretend?

My friends got killed, moron.

Yes, of course. You're a fake,
we all know it.

Listen, you.

You're a fake.

You're all freaks here.

You dress up like freaks.

And jerk off to each other.

"I'm a vampire!" "No, I'm a vampire!"

What are you laughing at?

You want blood? Take this!

Come here!

Come here, I'm telling you.

Okay, guys, stop!

We're here to have fun,
not to fight, right?


Good evening!

Empty your pockets please.

What do you mean? Why?

— Arrest them, Valera.
— Who even are you?

Everybody please stay where you are.

It's the Federal Drug Control Service.

Where are you going? Wait!

What the hell?

Don't move!

Put your hands on your head.

It wasn't me. I just went after him.

He was already stabbed when I came.

Have you completely lost your mind?

And you, Ostroumova, tell me...

How could you fall for this stupid idea?

Colonel, listen to me please...

No! First I listen to you, Captain...

And then I end up shoveling shit.

You know, take your great ideas
and go back to Moscow.

They are too progressive for us.


This is called "something went wrong."

Everything went wrong.

The main thing is that Baranovsky survives.

If you care what I think...

I don't believe that
your brother stabbed him.

Thank you.

I care.

And how did it happen that
Grandpa and Jean got arrested?

That's what I need to find out.


I don't know how bad you had to be in your
past life to end up with such a family.

Don't talk like that.

They are the only family I'll ever have.


Do you ever sleep?


I've been writing a report
about the party all night.


I've got news about Zaitsev,
the guy from the garage.

— Great.
— Fire away.

A truck driver sent us dash cam footage.

Recorded near the place
where Zaitsev's body was found.