Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Operation: Criminal Transport - full transcript

Yeon-Seok turns himself in and requests that K's detectives should be the one to transport him to prison. Although this confuses the detectives, they accept his request in exchange for ...

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I'm turning myself in.

Why would Yoo Yeon-seok turn himself in?

-I don't understand.
-Neither do I.

-Why would he?

After running away like that,


-Why do they want us to transport him?
-I don't know.


-This is the police.

Yoo Yeon-seok admitted the charge
of murdering M.

-He is insisting on

being transported by you.

He wants to be transported by us?

Please come to Pyeongtaek
by 9 a.m. tomorrow.

Pyeongtaek by 9 a.m. tomorrow?

I have no idea what is going on.

-Why did he turn himself in?

It's a good thing anyway.

You haven't seen him, right?

-I will finally get to see him.
-Why do you look so excited?

You know he is a criminal.

I'm just happy

-about the jerk being arrested.
-Are you sure?

You don't usually wear pink.

-You're dressed up today.

You're not the one to say that.

-What do you mean?
-You know.

What is wrong with her?

-Se-jeong is being ridiculous.
-What is up with her?

We're about to meet a criminal.

Why would she be so excited?

By the way,

I brought the diary we found

at the school.

-Yoon-ha's diary.
-Yoon-ha's diary.

-What's this?
-What is it?

"Daily Log of Project D."


Her... At the school...


We were looking at...

-Oh, I haven't seen this before.

"I passed by Dad's laboratory.

It reminded me of him."

It must have been written

-by the girl's dad,

-the researcher.
-That's right.

-What's that?
-"The purpose of Project D was

to create the best detective
who will root out all evil."

I thought we were the first test subjects.


However, an unexpected error occurred
with those microchips.

Due to the side effects,
all of you started

to lose your memory gradually,

so I decided to scrap
the project altogether.

"Certain words"?

-Would that be Yeon-seok?

"We can't seem to find him anywhere."

-There's another page.

-What is it?
-"I miss many people these days.

My kindergarten friends,
middle school teacher, and Seok."

-Yoo Yeon-seok?

-Yoo Yeon-seok?

Yoo Yeon-seok?

-It could be him too.
-That's right.

The two feel so different.


Your names are almost the same.


How can you be so different?

Gosh, what did you just say?

You two are so different.

-That's right.

How can you be so different?

-Yoo Yeon-seok must be in that car.

Is he here?

Here he comes.

Is that Yeon-seok?


-That jerk.
-Here he comes.

Look at that.

-Oh, my.
-It's been a long time.

I was going to hit him
as soon as I saw him.

-Calm down.
-I almost

-greeted him.

-I almost greeted him.
-The other day,

-I was so angry.
-We were...

How have you been?

Cut it out.

Do you expect us

to exchange greetings with you?

Were you surprised?

What? He's smiling.

There is a vehicle

-ready for you.

Using the vehicle,

please transport this man

to Seoul Central Station by 1 p.m.

-We have to?
-We have to?

Isn't that the police's job?

It's an order from above.

-All right. Can we get in now?

the process has to be kept secret.

Please keep that in mind.

-Please do a good job.
-It has to be kept secret?

It can't be that hard.

Hold on.

-You wanted to be transported by us?

-Is there a reason you chose us?
-Can we really do this?

You seem to have a lot of questions.

I wanted to meet you guys.

That's why I asked for you to transport me


if you successfully transport me

to the destination,

I'll answer all your questions there.

All right.

-Let's get in the car.

We will have to transport him.

We should hold his arms.

You must know well about Project D.


I guess I know

more than

you guys.


Why did you kill M and C?

You have so many questions.

Like I said, please transport me

-to the destination first.
-Shouldn't he

feel sorry?

-You seem so brazen.

You're very brazen.

-Is there a problem?

I mean--

I have a problem with your face.

-Aren't you going to say anything?

-I agree.
-Why are you nodding?

Jae-suk, see if he has the sign

on the back of his neck.

-It's the same mark we have.
-He does.

-He does?
-He does?

That means he's one of us.

Why didn't you tell us you were one of us?

You knew it.

What will you do if I tell you?


What are you talking about?

-This is weird.
-Are you joking around?

It has become awkward.

-What are you doing?
-What are you thinking?

What is this?

You're very honest.


-Gosh, Se-jeong.

Has the adversaries ever tried

to approach you?

He is aware of the adversaries.

What is he doing?

Look! On the right!

-Gosh, it startled me.
-What happened?

-Did we hit something?

-What's happening?

What's going on?

The car has stopped.

-Smoke is coming out.

-Is there a problem with the car?


-We hit something.
-While turning.

-Where are you going?
-Just a second.

The car has broken down.

Please wait inside.


-Something seems to be wrong with the car.
-What's going on?

-My eyes hurt.
-What's going on?

-This is unexpected.
-I thought

-it hit something while making a turn.
-It did.

-There is a problem with this car.

-We can no longer use it.

What should we do with the criminal?

-I've made a report,

and they said he has to arrive on time.

You will have to take a train

at a nearby station.

-Is there a station?
-Is it really...

I see railroad tracks over there.

-Can a criminal go on a train?
-Let me go check

the train schedule.

-I'll be right back.

We have to get there by 1 p.m.
What time is it?

It's a little past 11 a.m.

I guess we have enough time.

-We are taking a train?
-We'll have to take a train.

Are you up to something?

There does seem to be a problem.

I was so startled.

Keep an eye on Yeon-seok.

Of course.

Will you get out of the car?


Who? All of us?

Please get out of the car.

-Watch Yeon-seok.
-Please get out of the car.

What happened?

-Is the car okay?
-Keep an eye on Yeon-seok.

There is a train at 11:32 a.m.

You will have to take that one.


We have to arrive on time.

I get it.

We will arrive at 12:30 p.m.

-Let's hurry.
-Let's go.

-We shouldn't miss this train.
-Let's go.

-I'm sorry.
-No problem.

-Hold him.
-Yes, like that.

-Hold him tightly.
-He shouldn't move.

Surround him.

-He'll run away.
-Let the ladies hold me.

Stay on alert.
There are a lot of people here.

Hold Yeon-seok.

Hey, 11:32 a.m.


Okay. Let's go. Let's get it.

Come on...

We just have to transport him safely.

-Don't try anything stupid.

With my elbow...

We've changed.

Let's go.

-It's 11:29 a.m. now.
-I'm hungry.

-Is there a store around here?
-Over there.

-Is there?

-I'm not talking to you.
-Be quiet.

-It's just for us.
-Just be quiet.

You're treating me so poorly.

-Eat in prison.

-Give me some water.
-He should eat too.

He shouldn't try to butt in.

In any situation,

-you should eat first.

You and I seem to have
a lot in common. Right?


-I agree.
-I can't believe her.

Train number 1206 that is bound for Seoul
which will be departing at 11:31

will arrive at the train station at 11:53.

It's this one.

It's so cold outside.

It's warm in here. It's nice.

The heater is on.

I'm so relieved.

I was worried something would happen.

I've been on alert the whole time.


I don't think...

How do you open it?

How do you open it?

-What's wrong?
-What's wrong?

I was trying to open the door
the wrong way.

I haven't been on a Mugunghwa train
for a long time.

You will answer our questions
when we arrive?

Just tell us now.


I've been watching
your investigation process.

The treasure hunt in Jeju Island...

-How do you know that?
-You were accused of murder too.

-You know that?
-You know that?

I know a lot of things, but...

I'll tell you the rest when we arrive.

Then what's the point of knowing a lot?

-How do you know all that?
-Let's give up.

I'm not asking him anymore.

-Where are you going?

-I have to use the bathroom.
-You can't.

Stop being absurd.

-Can't I even go to the bathroom?

-Someone should accompany you.

-To the bathroom?

-I almost hit you.

-But I didn't.
-I could have kicked you.

We reacted right away. We have changed.

Why are you looking at me so suspiciously?

By the way,

you two do look alike.

They look alike.

-To be honest,
-They look like brothers.

the three of us look alike.

-I mean,

-a little. I was hesitant to say it.
-I'm out of here.

-Stop provoking the criminal.

-I'm leaving.
-I didn't.

-I'm out of here.
-Such nonsense

might lead to another crime.

You're wrong.

Wait and see.

You look like Jae-suk.


In my opinion, I think
those who look alike are sitting together.



I might take my hands off this case.

Come on.

-If you keep doing...
-We are approaching Suwon Station.

We're in Suwon now.

The train is supposed to stop here, right?


Of course
the train is supposed to stop here.

Stay on alert.

-In movies,

cars turn over

-and enemies come in.
-Come on.

Yeon-seok doesn't have
that much power yet.

-Hold on.
-Many people

-have been murdered.
-Hold on.

-Someone called.

Are you on the train?

-Put it on speaker.

Who is it?

Yes, we're on the train. Who are you?

Bring Yeon-seok to me.

What are you talking about?

We're supposed to take him to Seoul.

-Who are you?
-What is it?

Do as he says?

Who are you?

Who are you?

-If we don't bring him...

-"A bomb will explode"?
-"A bomb"?

He is not aware of it.

"Bus number 671"?


Who is this man?

-Who is he?
-I don't know.

-The voice sounded unfamiliar.
-The caller ID is unknown.

I don't know who he is.

I just turned myself in to meet you guys.

I don't know anything about this.

How can we trust you?

Like I said,

I just want you to take me
to the destination on time.

But then the bomb will explode.

Are you going to hand me over to that man?

We don't want to,

but if we don't hand you over,

the bomb will explode.

Then I can't tell you anything.

Also, we don't know
what will happen to me.

-Do you have to talk that way?
-So, wait...

Are you really going to hand me over?

That's not what we mean!

-We just--
-Where did he get off?

-We're sorry.

Ask her.

Did you see a man
carrying a bag get off the train in Suwon?

-What's the matter?
-In Suwon.

-Inside the bag, there is...

-We shouldn't say that.

Anyway, did you see a man carrying a bag?

Only one person

-got off at Suwon Station.

I remember him
because he gave me some food,

saying it was a local specialty.

He was sitting over there.

-He was talking to other passengers.
-Those people?

It was a man, right?

-Yes. He was kind of tall.
-He's tall.

-He was well-built and good-looking.
-And well-built.

-He's good-looking?

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-Thank you.

-Let's talk to those passengers

and find out where he's been.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

-Where are you going?

-Stay here.
-We should find

-the bomb.
-Stay here.

-We should find the bomb.
-Detective Ahn.

-Sit him here.
-Please ask them questions.

Sehun, you stay here.

-We will watch him.
-This is frustrating.

Let's talk to them.

Excuse me.

We have a few questions for you.


It's about a man
who got off at Suwon Station.

He's tall and well-built.

-A good-looking man.
-A handsome man.

-Oh, that man.

-I remember him.
-We remember him.

What did he talk about?

He was sitting next to us.

He said he has been visiting
famous restaurants.

He was looking at that map.

He said he always leaves traces behind

at every restaurant he visits.

Look at this.

There are marks.

There are.

-Where is Suwon?

-Find Suwon.


Look at that.

"From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

It closes at 1 a.m.
I should visit during lunchtime."

-Does he mean today?
-I guess.

-Did he mention which restaurant...

-In Suwon...
-No, he didn't.

-Did he say what he's going to eat?

Please come here.


What's that?

-The man is visiting restaurants.
-He marks the restaurants he's visiting.

He must be there.

-We should go there.

We actually need to get to Suwon,
but there's no map for it.

There isn't?

-It ends here.
-That's Seoul.

Suwon is not here.

-He was carrying a bag, right?

Oh, the bag.

While he was away from his seat,
someone did something to his bag.

-I thought he was a friend.
-So did I.

Someone must have switched the bags.

He seemed to love eating.

-Was he good-looking?

He doesn't look like that guy, does he?

-No, not like that.
-"Not like that"?

-"Not like that"?
-"Not like that"?

-How can you be so rude?
-He must look normal.

-What's wrong with my face?
-They seem to be telling the truth.

I don't think they are lying.

It's so cold.

Walnut cookies...

He was tall and good-looking.

-Was he good-looking?

Cheonan Walnut cookies are awesome.

This is nice.

Cheonan Walnut cookies are the best.

-Oh, excuse me.

-Have some walnut cookies.

-I bought these in Cheonan.
-I see.

It's the local specialty food. It's great.

Thank you.

-Have a nice day.
-Thank you.

Excuse me.

Have some walnut cookies.

-There are too many to eat alone.

-Thank you.
-I'm actually

on a food tour.

I travel around the whole country

to visit famous restaurants,

and I try all sorts of food.

My goal

is to visit
all the famous restaurants in Korea.

So I marked all those restaurants

on this map like this.

You went to all these places?

Of course. I also leave traces

of my visit at each place I go to.


You can't go anywhere.

It's this one.

It's so cold outside. It's warm in here.

It's nice.

The heater is on.

All right.

We are approaching

Suwon Station

I'm so excited.

I smell something delicious.

-From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

-is lamb skewers.
-Lamb skewers.

The time and the direction...

-"From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m."
-Schedules like "something at 11."

-So 13 means 1 p.m.

He eats lamb skewers at 1 p.m.?

-It's good.
-Aren't they snacks for drinking?

"Pork soup from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m."

That sounds suitable.

"Hot dogs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m."

We're almost at Seoul Station.

"Chicken from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m."

It has nothing to do
with the day. December...

-It's November.
-Hey, you know...

These are the places
he visited since last month.

-He wrote down all the places.
-You guys...

You haven't gotten any better at this.

You said you've improved, but--

Shut up, Yeon-seok.

What? You're treating a criminal
like he's your friend.

Did I do that?

-Hey, Min-young.

-He's a murderer.
-I'm hurt.

You nagged us so much when we--

What else would she call me, then?




Hey, food...

And 12 items. The Chinese Zodiac.

Pigs, lambs.

Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit,

dragon, snake, horse, sheep,
monkey, rooster, dog, pig.

-Twelve animals.

There's chicken here.

And lamb.

-You're right.
-And a pig.

-What about the hot dog?
-It's the dog.

Oh, right! It's the dog.

-It's the 12 zodiac animals.

Let's look it up. Here it is.

-One to three is the ox.

-Here it is.
-The ox.

Look for food like that on the map.

-Over here.
-This one.

Look for it on the map.

I looked at everything,
but there's only one, beef ribs.

-Magic Beef Ribs?

-That's the address?
-This could have been a disaster.

It's in Gangnam.

-We should hurry.
-Detective Ahn.

Keep an eye on Yeon-seok.

The ribs are not the point.

We have to find the bomb.

I'm hungry.

-The criminal...
-Where do we have to go?

We need to take the 671 bus.

We need to buy some time

-to find the bomb.
-We can't let it go off.

We'll say that we'll hand him over

-so don't detonate the bomb.
-Hand me over?

Look. Just think about it.

We have to stop the bomb,

-and we need to protect Yeon-seok.
-Protect Yeon-seok.

We need to buy time for that.

-We need to keep him with us.
-Then tell us

-when you get the bomb.
-All right.

-We need to get off.
-Okay, let's go.

-You guys, be careful. We should hurry.

-Let's go.
-Who am I going with? He's going with me?

Yes, since he's wearing
cowhide leather jacket.

We have no choice.

-Gosh, he's...
-Let's go.

-You should trust me.
-Se-jeong, let's go.

He only cares about Se-jeong.

We will contact you when we find him.

-Where's Yeon-seok?

You're coming with us.

Where are you going?

-What's up with you?
-He goes off whenever he can.

-We're really

-going to tranquilize you.

We will call you.

All right.

Let's go.

Wait a minute.

Oh, no.

I must have left them on the train.

My restaurant map

and my eating schedule.

My precious things...

What do I do?

It's okay. It's fine.

I can make the schedule again.

And the restaurant map is already

saved inside my head.


I'm going to eat meat right away.


I made a reservation a while ago.

-Right. Come this way.
-Okay. Thank you.

I'm so hungry.

-There it is, 671.
-There it is.

-It's that bus.

-Isn't that the place?

It is.

It's where Kwang-soo and I caught

-the part-timer.
-The part-timer.

-Where we caught the catering guy.
-Oh, that bridge.

-Over there!
-Why is he so fast?

I got you! Hold on.

-Why did you hit me?
-Pull yourself together.

-He really punched me.
-I'm sorry.

-Of course. He should punch you.

We shouldn't be happy to see the bus.

-It's this one, right? 671.

You're really going to hand me over?

-We're not handing you over.

-Just for the time being.
-This is too harsh.

Just get on. Come on.

We have no choice.

When you arrive at Seoul Station,
you will find bus number 671.

Get on the bus with Yeon-seok,

or a bomb will explode.

We got on the bus anyhow.

There's no one else here.

Excuse me.


Where is this bus headed?

It's going to Yeouido.


This circles around Yeouido.

But this is Seoul Station.

What? "Hyunsook Securities"?

"Yeongha Daily."

-The bus route...

-Who is this guy?
-Excuse me.

Someone told us to ride this bus.

Do you know who he is?

I don't know.

Are you sure it's okay to ride this?

We have no other choice.

He's going to set off the bomb
if we don't.

If the bomb is taken care of,

we will do something about this,
so just wait.

The others will be doing fine, right?

-Of course.

But who are these adversaries?

Right. Just tell us now.

Who in the world are they?

Then at least tell us about the researcher
and Yoon-ha.

Just tell us that.

-How do you know her?

-About Yoon-ha's diary--
-I don't know who she is, but I do know...

Yoona from SNSD.

Dear god...

She's pretty.

Gosh, this guy...

Can we just knock him out right now?


I don't know where this bus is headed,
but we will drop him off at...

I got a call?

-Who is it?
-Caller unknown.

-The guy from earlier?

Yes, we got on the bus.

-This bus...
-It's a bus circulating Yeouido.

I prepared it just for you guys.

Don't you want to know
where the bus is headed?

So just tell us.

Where are we going?

One hour.

What did he say?

He said that we have to figure out

where this bus is heading.

So it's one of those stops.

-Why is he doing this?
-It's a circulating bus.

-This is driving me crazy.
-We're almost at Yeouido.

Don't you think the number 671
has something to do with it?

Why is the bus number 671?

I made a good point,
but nobody's responding.

No one is commenting on my idea.


Sehun, didn't you hear what I said?


Let's go for drinks after this case.


Wouldn't it be Meeting Square, then?


Because we have to meet there.

Then do you have to do the samba
at Samba Square?

This stop is Hyunsook Securities.

Hyunsook Securities.

Hyunsook Securities.

This stop is Hyunsook Securities.

-Hyunsook Securities.
-We only have one chance.

-If we press the bell, it's over.
-Pass this.


Just pass Hyunsook Securities.

-It goes around in circles,

so it's okay, but there's no time.

Is there any other hint?

Look around for any clues.

-What's this?
-That's not it.

This stop is Miraero Securities.

Miraero Securities.


There must be something about circulating.


I can't believe I trusted you guys
to transport me.

Gosh, that jerk.

He's so talkative.

This stop is LMF Mall.

LMF Mall.


What could it be?


There's no information on this?

There's nothing for 671.

This stop is Sujeong Apartment.

Sujeong Apartment.

There it is.

-We're here?
-Thank you.

-Pay the driver.
-Let's go.

It's this building.

Thank you.

If a bomb really goes off here...

-It's going to be a disaster.
-It is.

If the bomb goes off,

you will see something very interesting.

This bomb has a firepower

stronger than you can ever imagine.

-Let's go inside. Hello.

-Come upstairs this way.
-Let's go.

-He already ate and left?
-He left?

All right. Let's go
to the next restaurant.

I'm eating too little these days.

Gosh, this person
laid out all the rib bones.

-He must have eaten and left.
-What's this?

The bones...

What's this?

-Did he write something?
-They're numbers.

-What's this?
-What's this?

Did a customer eat all this?

Yes, a customer ate a ton of ribs.


I leave traces of my visit
at each place I go to.


He laid out these bones.

-He sat here alone?
-He ate this alone?

-Enjoy your meal.
-Thank you.

Wow, this place is good.

This is delicious.

I'm done.

Well, I should leave a trace here as well.

How many did I eat?

All right. Let's go
to the next restaurant.

I'm eating too little these days.

It looks like a code.

-Aren't you here to eat?
-Is it math?

Yes, we are.

You can order now. I'm just cleaning up.

We will have ribs for three people, then.

-Three servings.

-Three servings...
-Just leave this here.

-Have a seat.
-All right.

-What is this?
-What is this?

Do we have to move these?

He's on a tour, so he will go
to another restaurant.


So this could mean the time,

or the next location.

-Just a few--

-It does look like "Momo" in Korean.
-So, 9:15 p.m.,

-and "momo"?

So it's 9:15 p.m.?

But isn't 21:15 too obvious?

-It's a bit obvious.

"Momo" at 9:15 p.m.?

-Here's your food.
-Oh, right.

Thank you.

-Can we eat this now?
-Yes. Enjoy your meal.

I have no clue.

Looks good.

-Is it cooked through?

Aren't you going to solve this?

-Oh, right.
-We will do it while eating this.

We have to hurry. A bomb might go off.

-This is good.
-It's delicious.

-It's so delicious.
-A bomb could go off soon.


Try this.

It's really good.

What's this?

This is good.

-This is really good.

It's so good.

But we have to find out what this means.

-We do.
-It must mean something.

But you know,

the owner just took away two bones.


I think he took two.

Gosh, this person laid out
all the rib bones.

-Aren't you here to eat?
-Is it math?

-Yes, we are.

Then this could be complete

if there are two more bones.

Then we should eat this
and make two bones.

Okay, eat one piece.


Detective Ahn, eat a big one.

Eat them, and we can add two more.

Okay, let's say we have two more bones.

This could be letters

or it could be numbers.

It could be an address or a name.

Is it "Myomyo" spelled in Korean?

Can this be connected?
Should I connect this?

Is it a plus sign?

What's this?

Is it "2H5"?

I'm really bad at this stuff.

This is symmetrical

-if you divide it in half.

-A decalcomania.

The location of
the two bones is important.

But before that...

-I got it!
-You got it?

If there are letters on each side,

it should make sense with two bones added.

Isn't it "ramyeon"?




Great! He must have gone to eat ramyeon.

-A ramyeon place...
-Se-jeong did it.

"Budae jjigae, macaron..."

-Here, "Noodles on Fire"!
-"Noodles on Fire."

-Here it is.

Let's go eat ramyeon.

This is driving me crazy.

We're going to be riding this all day.

If I knew his phone number
I would ask for a hint.


I think we will just use up
an hour on this bus.

You have no idea, do you?

I don't have any ideas.

I need to go to the bathroom.

-I need to--

If you press the bell for that, it's over.

Oh, gosh.


Someone pressed the bell.

-No, this isn't...

-This isn't...

-Are you crazy?

-It's a mistake.

-I accidentally pressed it with my back.

-Gosh. You...
-I pressed it with my back.

This was a mistake.

But this could be it.

-Sir, this isn't the stop.

Your back.

-This back...

Careful with your back!

-My back?

Your back...


You sound a bit rude.

No, I just meant be careful.

I can't go to prison today
even if I want to.

Let's just get off here.


-The bomb will go off

because of your need to pee.

Is it better for the bomb
to explode or your bladder?

-My what?

-One of the two will explode.
-Well, there...

There's a bathroom here.

Oh, no.

Hey, wait.

What do we do?

-We're at Yeongha Daily.
-We circled once already.

Why are there announcements
on only some stops?

-You're right.
-Some have no announcements.

This might have something

to do with announcements.

I don't get why some
don't have announcements.

-Let's check the stops with announcements.
-I said this twice.

-Wait, there's no announcement here.

The Light Bridge Intersection, Samba
Square, Brother Tower, Maru building.

Nothing at Yeongha Daily.


It comes on twice

at Hyunsook Securities.

This stop is Hyunsook Securities.

Hyunsook Securities.

This stop is Hyunsook Securities.

Hyunsook Securities.

-Then Miraero Securities...

-We should listen to the next one.
-Miraero Securities.

This stop

is Miraero Securities.

Miraero Securities.

It came on once.


This stop

is LMF Mall.

LMF Mall.


Only Hyunsook Securities was said twice.

This one

is Meeting Square.


-No announcement.
-It didn't come on.

There's no announcement here.


-once, once.

Then none.

What about Sujeong Apartment?

Twice, once, once.

-There was one at Sujeong Apartment.
-This stop

is Sujeong Apartment.

Sujeong Apartment.


Two, one, one, zero, one.

Two, one, one, zero, one?

This seems like...

some kind of sequence.

-What's a sequence?

The Fibonacci Sequence.

-The paintings!

-The number of people...
-Does the number keep increasing?

-Eight, thirteen.

-Five, eight, thirteen.

It's the Fibonacci Sequence.

-The Fibonacci Sequence.
-The Fibonacci Sequence?

You get the third number when you add
the previous two numbers together.

Wait. So, one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

This is the first stop, and it rang twice.

-Give me a pen.

-It rang...
-Two plus one is three.

Right, then you have to add two and three.

-Right. So two plus three is five.

And three plus five is eight,
so the eighth one.


-Six, seven, eight. Brother Tower!
-Brother Tower!

-Is it?
-It's Brother Tower, right?

-It's Brother Tower. I'm sure it is.

-It is.
-I still don't get it, though.

But what do we do after we get off?

Maybe the guy will be there.

Let's get off.

-This is it, right?
-Of course.

Where's Brother Tower? Oh, it's here.

"You found the right stop.
Check the back."

What's this?

-"Check the back."
-The back.

-The back.
-"You found the right stop."

"Bring the microchip to me.

The Pororo that drinks coffee knows."


-The Pororo knows?
-It must be some kind of clue.

"Bring the microchip to me.

The Pororo that drinks coffee knows."

Hey, where are you going?

The bathroom, probably.

Oh, there's a coffee shop.


What's this microchip he's talking about?

Yeon-seok, do you have
some kind of microchip?


-Don't stray far from us.
-You must have one.

I don't have anything.

"The Pororo that drinks coffee knows."

There are Pororos here. It's a claw crane.

There are Pororos here.

-Pororo drinks coffee?
-He's watching something.

-It's Pororo.

-It's Pororo.
-It's Pororo.



-There are Pororos there.
-There are Pororos.

"The Pororo that drinks coffee..."

Is there one drinking coffee?

No, there isn't.

What's this?

There must be something here.

-Let's get a Pororo first.
-Get one.

Min-young, try it.

-I've never done this before.

-Try it.

Do that one, I'll work on this one.

There aren't that many Pororos.

Do you move it vertically
or horizontally first?

-You can move it any way you want.

-I see.

There's a time limit.

That's it.

Did you get one?

Okay. Good.

It looks good.

All right!

What's wrong?

-I nearly got it.

I thought something went wrong.

-Claw crane?
-What are you trying to get?

I'm just trying to get a Pororo. Try it.

Well, this is a coffee shop, so I guess

we can get a Pororo here.

-I got it.

This is too hard.

The doll must be heavy.

-You only get four tries?
-You got it.

-The money...
-It's going to work.

-I got it!
-You got it!

-I got it!
-You got it!

-You got it!

You got it.

We got it.

Sehun got it?

Anything in there?

There's a note here.

"Ul deung ui C"?

Oh, we have to get all of them.

We have to get all four.

We have to get all four.

-It's down there?

She said he's tall and fit and

-And handsome.
-handsome, so he'll stand out.

There it is. Noodles on Fire.



I'm going to eat it all up.

I don't think it's him.

-She said he was handsome.

-He was kind of tall.
-Oh, really?

-And good-looking.
-He's good-looking?


It's not easy to be tall and handsome.

-Look at Kwang-soo. It's difficult.
-Yes, he's lacking something.

Lacking something?

Maybe it's not this place.

He's not here either?

Hey, what are you doing?

Why are you doing this to me?

-I'll pay it back.

-I'll pay it back.
-What do you mean?

I'm doing all this to earn money.

We're not who you think we are.

Aren't you debt collectors?

Weren't you at the rib restaurant?

Did you come from there?

And you got off the train
at Suwon Station.

How do you know that?

-It's him.
-Right. Let's find the bag first.

-Didn't you bring a bag?

You didn't bring a bag?

You don't have your bag with you?

-Why are you looking for my bag?
-Well, it's just...

That bag could cause a disaster.

There's something dangerous

-in the bag.
-What are you talking about?

There are walnut cookies in there.

No, there's something else
in there right now.

Really? I'll go check.

-Where is it? Let's go with him.
-Go with him.

Since you're trying to help,
I'll bring my bag.

The clues are all in these.

-They are all wearing hats.
-Oh, Pororos in a coffee shop.

-We should have turned that.
-I got it.

-You got it!
-You got it!

-You got it!
-You got it!

-Where's the other one?

-There's something here.
-There is?

-There is.
-There is.

-Oh, no.
-"Gu gong 47."

Is it a phone number?


Can I have 10,000 won?

Sehun, if you used that much money,
you should get it by now.

Just 10,000 won more.

How much are you spending?

-Sehun, that's my money.


I'm going to get it.


-I'm going to get it this time.
-At least he got something.

Hey! You're wasting all the money.

You're spending all my money.

Why don't we just give money

-to the owner here, and...
-I think he got it!

He got it!

Hey, you're going it too fast.

You got it.


-Sehun, you're...

-Get some rest.

You're getting angry.

You seem really angry.

You're a bit...

-You're getting too competitive.
-Calm down.

-Calm down. Drink some water.
-He's really angry.

Hey, calm down.

-I'm going to get it.
-You're too...

He's really upset.


His face is really red.

-I'm going to get it out.
-He should take a break.

I'll try again.

I want to see this through.

Sehun, wait.

-I'm angry now.
-You've only shown competitiveness

when we went up against the geniuses

-and now with the doll.

I have it secured.

-I got it.

-Let me try.

It's my turn now.



-How many times are you practicing?
-You're being selfish.

Sehun, come on.

You've tried eight times in a row.

He won't even give us a chance.

He did it!

-He did it!
-He got it.

"Si, Po, Do."

Got it.

-We got what we're looking for.


-It's an address.

-"Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.
-"Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

-Yeouido Park."

That's what it says.


-No, don't call me.

Why are you calling my name?

Do you have 10,000 won?

Thank you.

Are you sure you're thankful?

I know what your ability is.

You're good at hogging.

-This is your last chance.
-Come on...

I gave up 10,000 won. Hey!

-Why would you pick that?

Why that one?

-That's not what you should be aiming for.

let the expert spend your money.

I'm good at this.

I already spent 100,000 won,

but I only got to play twice.

I haven't played a single game.

-Do you know how much this is?
-Hold on.

-Sehun's the one to blame.
-What are you talking about?

-Let me try.
-I got it!

I want to give it a go.

What is he doing back here?


-Can you believe this?
-Are you doing this on purpose?

He did it!


Finally. Now I'm relieved.

Hurry up and bring me the note.

-Sehun doesn't even care about the clue.

-He's nonchalantly drinking coffee.
-Give me the note.

Give me the note.

I can't believe it.



-How many attempts was that?

-"Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul."
-"Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul."

-"Yeouido Park."
-"Yeouido Park."


It's "C-47, Yeouido Park."

Where's that?

"C-47 Airplane, Yeouido Park."

Is this the place?


We're here!

Why is the C-47 airplane here?

-It's securely locked up.
-There's nothing here.

-Can we get up there?
-Keep an eye on Yeon-seok.


What can be here?

I see a briefcase!

Over there. Can you give me a boost?

-But I...
-I can get it.

-Put me down.

My ear!


Hold on.

Let's see.

Could it be a bomb?

We don't have much time, so let's open it.

-What if it goes off?
-It won't.

Guys, move out. It's dangerous.

-Let him open it.
-We have to minimize the damage.

-Jae-suk, go ahead.

-Kwang-soo's right. You should open it.
-Open it.

-It's all right. Nothing will happen.
-Get back.


-Should we play rock-paper-scissors?
-You were going to open it anyway.

Why isn't it working?


Won't it open?

It won't.

It won't open.

-Could there be magnets too?

-Are there magnets?
-Hold on.

There must be another way to open it.
Look at this. Maybe we need a special key.

There's something here.

-I don't know.
-Something must go in here.

Staying here won't do us any good.

-So let's go back to the coffee shop.

-Should we meet the others there?

All right.


It's not like I'm going anywhere.

-Is this necessary?
-There he is.

-Have a seat.
-Come on.

-Are you kidding me?

It's not like I'm going anywhere

-Let's be careful.
-Have you opened the bag

since you got off the train?

I haven't.

Let's check.

-You're all too suspicious.
-Hold on.

He locked his bag.

Why do you need a lock for walnut cookies?

The cookies are in the front pocket.

-What's important goes inside.


Are you going to say
you don't know the combination?

Is this not mine?

-The bag was swapped.

What is it?

-Is it not yours?
-It's not mine.

What did I tell you?

So the bag has been swapped.

I guess I lost mine because this isn't it.

-It looks the same though.
-Hold on.

-What's the train number?
-Number two.

Is that right?

-That's all I can remember.

-I don't know...


It's train 1206.

-One, two, zero, six.
-This isn't my bag.

When you arrive at Seoul Station,
you will find bus number 671.

Oh, 671!

-Okay, 671. Add the numbers.
-With 1206.

What's 1206 plus 671?

-So, 1206--

-This isn't my bag.
-It's 187...

It's 1877!

I care more about eating
than I care about this bag.

Try 1877.

Is that right?

-It's open.
-I got it.

-It was 1877.

I remembered the train number.

-How did you remember that?

I still have my ticket.


Why didn't you take this out sooner?

You could've checked your ticket.

I just remembered it.

All right.

This is supposed to be dangerous.

This bomb has a firepower
stronger than you can ever imagine.


I'm the one who remembered the number.

Go ahead.


-It's a real bomb!

-Oh, no!
-What's that?

What's that?

No way. Only 39 seconds left!

-Are you kidding me?

If the bomb goes off,

you will see something very interesting.

Is this for real?

Tell me when the time is up.

Guys, get back.

Watch out.

-Is that an alarm?

Hold on a second.

-Take a look at it.
-What's going on?

There's a note inside.

"Wasn't that fun? Yes, the bomb was fake.

However, the next one won't be.

Contact your team, find the object,
and bring Yoo Yeon-seok here.

The address is Munbal-dong, Paju."

-Is this a fake?

Is it a fake bomb?

Call the others.


-Yes, it's me.

We found the bag here.

Did you?

Yes, but the bomb inside is a fake.

-There's a note inside

telling us to bring Yeon-seok
to this address.

-Are you near Yeouido?

We will meet up with you there
and head to Paju together.

-Could you come here then?

-Text us your location.

I received the text.

-Yeouido Park?

We will meet up with them there
and head to the address.

-They are here.
-Hi, guys.

We solved the mission.

-Did you?

We found a note.

It was in the bag.

We need to go to Munbal-dong, Paju.

-That's the place.
-With the object

and Yeon-seok.

I think this is the said object.

-How long do we have to follow his orders?
-I know.

Are you going to take me there?

-For now.


-did you find anything that can fit here?
-Is there anything?

We found a briefcase, but it won't open.

-Won't it?
-We don't have the key.

A normal key won't fit.

Take this with you.


it will open something important.

-We don't know what to do.
-Hold on.

-The prisoner should stay put.
-Let go of it. We don't need your help.

Why won't you listen to us?

-You don't need my help?
-We don't.

-Don't help us.

-Won't you regret it?
-Does he have something?

You never know
what will happen down the road.

-Darn it.


-What's this?
-With this briefcase--

-We got a string of clues.

What's that?

Don't touch me.

-What's that?
-Is it a key?

Should I, or shouldn't I?

-Do it.
-Here you go.

-Is that the key?

-Shouldn't I?
-No, please do.

-Where did you get it?
-Hold on.

It was on his shirt.

It was the button.


Why didn't you tell us earlier?


Calm down, Jae-suk.

Are you kidding me?

Jae-suk, we need him to open it.

-Come on.

Why are you yelling
at someone who's helping us?



-Se-jeong, you--
-Fine, I'm sorry.

All right then.

-It fits.
-Is it open?

Open it.

What's inside?

-What's this?
-What is it?

-What is that?
-It's some sort of case.

-What's this?
-Hold on.

It's a microchip.

-Isn't this our logo?
-It's like ours.

What is this?


long before you came into the picture,

I was chosen

as the first test subject of Project D.

He was the first?

To be honest, K

had good intentions

which was to create
an elite team of detectives

when he began Project D.

Project D

aims to eradicate social evils.


despite K's good intentions,

adversaries tried to abuse

the power I had.

I felt like I was in danger,

so with the help of a researcher,

I was able to escape the lab.

This is the cufflink

he gave to me.



Just be quiet.



-Shut up, will you?

-Did I do something wrong?
-Be quiet.


So that's why

when M gathered you all,

I had to suspect you.

-You thought we were out to get you.
-Of course.

So you're saying

that you killed M and C

because they were the adversaries.

I feel like I can trust you.


Since M put your team together,

I had no other choice

but to think

-that you were adversaries.

But then

I saw you in action at crime scenes.

-He went out that way.

I gradually

came to trust you.

-The culprit is you!

That's when I decided

to team up with you

to solve this mystery.

I tried to come up

with a safe way

to meet up with you.

That's why I confessed.

Our adversaries are dangerous people.

Who exactly are they?

There are people who are trying

to abuse Project D

-to create a crime syndicate.
-There's never an end to this.

-My trust for you is suddenly gone.
-We go round and round in circles.

We won't know until we get there though.

-He could be lying.

-You never know.

I've been waiting for
the right time to say this.

That's absurd since we've been
working our asses off.

-Was there an error?
-I spent 100,000 won.

Are you still doubting me?

-We are.
-What's the address?

This better not be another lie.

I'm not the one

you should be

keeping an eye on.

It should be our adversaries.

We need to keep an eye out for them.

I'm certain

that you are also their targets.

Yeon-seok, do you know

the leader of this said adversaries?

I don't know

who their leader is.

Where the hell are we?

No one's here.

It's eerie.

We should stick together.

If they come at us,

-I'll fight them.
-No one's around.

Let's go this way.

It's so eerie.

-What's wrong?
-I see a knife.

-A knife.

-A knife?
-It's a toy.

-You startled me.

So where is this mystery man?

I'm starting to get serious.

Why is it so eerie?

It must be an abandoned mall.

You're right.
They are all out of business.

-The lights are on though.
-Why are the lights on?

-Let's head to the second floor.

It's been out of business for a while.

What is it?

I see you made it.

Good job, everyone.

Are you the one who called me?

Yes. I'm sure you're curious
about my identity.

What is it like to meet me in person?

Enough about that.

Why did you order us around today?

-You planted a fake bomb.

You did a good job finding it,
but there was never a bomb.

I set it all up so that you will bring me

the microchip and Yeon-seok.

Now hand me Yeon-seok and the microchip.

Why would we hand it over?

You will know soon.

-Yoo Yeon-seok.

Bring me the microchip.

Do you know him?

-Who is that guy?
-I don't.

-I've never seen him before.
-Hold on.

Do you know Yeon-seok?

He doesn't know me,

but I know him well.


That's right.

Anyway, I hate repeating myself,

so come up the stairs...

with the microchip.



Why is he yelling at us?

Does he think we'll give it to him
because he yelled at us?

-What's that?

Lock them all up in the cage!

Hold on a second.

Hang on!

Wait. Hold on a second!

Oh, no!

Hold on. Wait!

What's going on?


The microchip!

Yeon-seok, the microchip!

Oh, no!




Who are these people?

Hold on. Wait a second.

Min-young's been caught.

We need the microchip.

-What now?
-Do we hand it over?

-Do we?
-Yes, for now.


No, don't give it to him!

Don't hand it over!

Don't give it to him!

Don't give it to him! Sehun!

I'll go.

Go where?

-It won't take long.

Yeon-seok, you can't hand it over.

It might put us in danger.

-I'll keep it safe.

Just hang tight.

-Hold on.

You'd better do as I say.



Just hang tight.


Where are we going?

Yeon-seok took it with him.

-I know.
-He is not to be trusted.

-You're right.

-Se-jeong, are you all right?
-I'm fine.

Where are we going? Who are you people?

-Where are you taking us?

-Min-young, are you all right?
-Hold on.

-Are you all right?
-Where did Yeon-seok go?

-What now?
-Where are they taking us?

What do you need us to do? We will help.

Look at the back of their necks.

They have the same mark as we do.

Their necks!

Wait, what now?

What's going on?


-What is this place?
-Where are we?

-What the...

I'll do as you say.

I see bones. There are bones and fingers!

We'll listen to you.

-What's going on?
-Let us go.

-What's happening?
-What's going on?

-Who are you?
-They locked the doors.

-What is going on?
-Who are you?

Let us go!


You brought the microchip, right?

Don't look at me that like.

I had no choice.

All right.

Now, give me the microchip.

I don't know.

I don't think I can give it
to you so easily.

The last file that will fix
the error of Project D

is in that microchip.

I need it to be free.

Give it to me.



I knew you wouldn't give it
to me so easily.

Are you expecting

those silly detectives
to come to your rescue?

Who in the world are you?


You probably figured out

only one of us can walk out of this alive

at this point.


I suggest that we play a fun game.

It's called "The Drink of Death."

Here are

four columns of three glasses.

One of these glasses contains poison.

Here are 49 cells.

Place the set of glasses
on the cells of your choice.

We take turns to pick a number.

If a glass is on the corresponding cell,
drink the content.

If you drink poison,

you die on the spot.

Doesn't it sound fun?

-If I win, will the team be safe?

Place the drinks wherever you want.

If I get heads,

you go first.

If I get tails, I go first.


You go first.


Shall we begin?


D four.

There is no glass
on the corresponding cell.


It's my turn.

F four.

There is no glass.

I thought you would have a glass there.

-How unfortunate.

B five.


I thought

you were a pretty well-made test subject.

There is no glass.




The number is two.


-It's your turn.
-Hold on.

What did you do with the detectives?

They are failures.
You don't need to worry about them.


only one of us will remain.

Only the successful one will remain.

Is it my turn?

-Who are you?
-They locked the doors.

Who are you?

What is going on?

Who are you?

They are zombies.

-Are they zombies?
-I don't think so.

They have the same mark as we have
behind their necks.

Did the experiment

go wrong for them?

-What is going on?
-Are they failures?

I think they are suffering
from side effects.

-"Side effects"?
-I agree. They are failures.

I think so too.

We weren't exactly successful either,

-The error...

-We were pretty successful.
-I know.

-Look at him.
-They are total failures.

Total failures.

Can we escape?

How will we escape?

Won't the door open?

Jae-suk, is there anything in your cell?

-There is a gong in my cell.

-Play the gong.
-Play it.

He is bringing something.

-Be careful.

-Is it a key?

-What is it?
-That startled me.

Play it again.

What is going on?

-They are giving me something.


Maybe there is a key on the floor.

-That's right.
-Keep playing it.

-Jae-suk, bro.



-Why does he say that?
-Why does he say that?

There must be items in the cells.

The document we found yesterday

contained records

-about failed subjects.
-That's right.

-That's right.

"The failed subjects show
lack of cognitive functions

and the tendency to repeat
a particular action.

They are losing focus
and reacting to certain words."

The document stated that

the failed subjects repeat
a particular action.

-That's right.
-They repeat an action.

-"Hey" is one example.
-So is clapping.


Gosh, he is scary.

What is it?


-It's a stimulus.



-It's a stimulus.

They must react to different words.

Say anything.

You are ugly!

-What was that?

You are ugly.

-My goodness.
-She is angry.

-Stop it.
-You are ugly.

-Stop it.
-My goodness.

You are cool.


I think those are keys on the wall.

-On the wall?

There are keys.

-Kwang-soo, listen.

Wait until they reach out

in front of the wall.

They grab what's in front of them
when they hear the gong.

Hit the gong when he says hey.

When he reaches out?

That's right.

We must figure out when he says hey.

The moment he says it...

We don't know when he will say it.

Try hitting the gong.

-Hurry up and hit it.
-They keep bringing me items.

The man with red sleeves...

He is going towards
the left side of the wall.

-He's the one who says, "Hey."
-Yes, he is the one.

-Hit the gong.
-Did it work?

-Why not?

-What is going on?


We need to find the associated word.

-Jae-suk, bro.


He said it.


-Jae-suk, bro.

-It's "Bro."
-We did it.

It's "Bro."


He needs to hit the wall.

-Make him drop the keys.

-They must pick them up.

hit the gong.

-Wait for him to get near.
-He is going now.

When he is near the wall...

-Shout out "Bro."


-Get ready.
-Get ready.

-One, two, three!

Jae-suk, bro!



Hit the gong.

-It worked.
-There is a subject

who kicks items.

Hit the gong now!

Hit the gong now!

Hit it!

-It worked.
-It worked.

-It worked.
-She picked it up.

-She picked it up.
-We have one.

-She is coming.
-She is coming.

She will give you a key.

-It worked.

Is it the right key?

The person who gets out first

-should go over--
-It opened!

-It opened!


-Be careful.
-It opened!

Hold on.

You should have acted like
the door was locked.

-There must be something else.


The man we saw upstairs

waved an orange or red flag

and these people started to come out.

That startled me.

Lock them all up in the cage!

Let's wave something orange.

-We don't have anything orange.

Someone has to have an orange flag.

Find it and wave it.

Where is an orange flag?

I don't know. Look for it.

-For goodness' sake.
-Something must stop them.

Don't speak so irresponsibly.

What do you want me to do?

Open our doors.

Jae-suk, find something orange

-and distract them.
-I got it.


They brought you keys.

They brought me keys.

-They brought you keys.
-Open the door.

Distract them or give us the keys.

-Find an orange flag.
-Where is an orange object?

-Gosh, that startled me.
-Where is it?

My goodness.

When I run out,

say "bro" and "where."


-You are ugly.
-For goodness' sake.

They are really strong.

Hold on.

These failed subjects

have something in their pockets.

-There could be an orange item.

-Their pockets are full.

Let's check them when they come close.

Let's make them come close. Let me out!

-She is coming!
-Open the door.

Open the door.

Open the door.

Let me out.

Keep hiding.

Keep hiding.

There is nothing.
There is nothing in their pockets.


-I went through the trouble for nothing.

There is nothing.

-I couldn't do anything.
-My goodness.

What should we do?

-We can't get out.
-We can't get out.

Where is it?

There's something orange

inside the yellow glove!

-Where is it?
-Inside that yellow glove

-is something orange.
-We need it.

Hold on.

-I will distract them.

Jae-suk, I will run in that direction.


-Jong-min, get out.

-The yellow glove?

All right.

Take the orange ball.

-Throw it.
-Take it.

-Take it.

-Jae-suk, hurry up.
-Here it is.

-They're following him!

Hold on.

This is ridiculous.

Sehun took the ball.

-Be careful.
-How did it work?

-Se-jeong, let's go.
-Let's go.

-Let's use this opportunity to escape.

Hurry up.

Where is Sehun going?

When can I stop?

We have to go to the second floor.

Let's go.

Gosh, that was hard.

-My goodness.

What are you doing here?

I managed to lose them.


-Were you going to leave me?
-Of course not.

-We were going to return.
-We were thinking of a way.

-Which way is it?

-the second floor...
-It was over there.

-He went that way.
-He took the microchip.

Let's go there.

Maybe they joined forces.

I told you we shouldn't trust Yeon-seok.

-Let's trust him for now.
-I don't think

-Yeon-seok is a bad guy.
-I know. Let's trust him.

We almost died because of him.

I am impressed.

You got past the failed subjects.

I guess K's experiment wasn't
a total failure.

This isn't the time
to play a drinking game.

I will give you an explanation.

What do you know
about the first test subject of Project D?

-Yeon-seok said it's him.
-That's right.

Everyone thinks Yeon-seok is the first
test subject. But the truth is...

-I'm the first subject.

A researcher experimented
on Yeon-seok and me

at the same time.

For helping Yeon-seok escape,

the researcher

got killed.

Yoon-ha's father.

The researcher

gave Yeon-seok
the only key that opens the microchip.

I simply need

that microchip.

Please wait.
We will continue on with the game.

Is it my turn?

I know what to pick next.

F six.

-Hold on.
-My goodness.

Why did you drink that?

-What's wrong?

What's wrong?

-What's wrong?

This man...

This man...

Why did you do that?

Why did he kill himself
if he needs the microchip?

In order to obtain this microchip,

he suggested playing a game of death.

He ended up drinking

a glass with poison.

Unlike me, he was used by the adversaries.

He was used.

The adversaries must have ordered him
to bring the microchip.

He must have wanted
to hand over the microchip

and win freedom.

I need it to be free.

Give it to me.

This microchip contains the last file

that will fix the error of Project D.

Please keep this microchip safe from them.

Let me see it.

-Let me see.
-Are you leaving?

-Hold on.
-Where are you going?

We will meet again.

-Shouldn't we go after him?
-Hold on.

-He is running away!

-My goodness.

We should catch him.




-For goodness' sake.

Hang in there.

We will meet again


-For goodness' sake.
-I don't understand what happened.

I don't know

if Yeon-seok was
behind everything or what.

Maybe he gave us a message

so that we can dig deeper into this.

To be honest, he risked his life
to play the game.

That's right.

-What's going on?


Do you remember my voice?

Who is it?

Thank you for buying me time.

Everything is going according to my plan.

Because you bought me time,

I was able to kidnap K at his office.

-Did he kidnap K?

Now, I will accomplish what I want.

Translated by Ju-young Park