Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Disapperance of K - full transcript

The detectives receive a scheduled message from K that was written three months ago, during the planning of the murder game party. He tells them that a final test for them is waiting at a ...

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-What is going on?
-What's happening?

-Hold on.

-Hold on.
-There's a bomb inside!

What is that digital clock?

-She really got stabbed.

Is the person dead?

Gosh, is this even possible?

-How many times...
-Are you suspicious of me?

Through Project D...

...inserted the chip in you guys.

It's not opening?

-I'm turning myself in.
-Lock them up!

Open up!

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I don't understand what happened.

I don't know if Yeon-seok was
behind everything or what.

Maybe he gave us a message

-What kind of message?
-so that

we can dig deeper into this.

To be honest, he risked his life

-to play the game.
-That's true.

What was that thing?

Oh, this? The USB flash drive?

-The USB.
-Yes, that thing.

-It looks weird.
-I know.

A regular USB port may not work.

-How do we open it?
-We don't know.

Wouldn't K know how to use it?

Where's K now? He should be helping us.

By the way,

those who are against K
are gaining more power, you know.

Doesn't that mean
we could also be in danger?

That's right.

-We got a message.
-It's from K.

"Detectives, I'm excited
to meet you all in person."

-Who's M?

I'm M.

-He was shot.
-He died.

He got shot by Yeon-seok and died.

This message was scheduled in advance.

-It was written on September 27.
-"From K, September 27."

:The address is "1576 Oryu-dong,

-Seo-gu, Incheon."
-Oh, M was still alive back then.

This was written on September 27.

-But why now--
-So, the party

-was held.
-That's right.

Guys, this says,

-"From K, September 27, 2017."

Is it really possible to schedule

a text message
to be sent out on a later date?

-How do you do it?
-Can it be done?

-Yes, he must have scheduled it.
-Yes, it can be done.

-Oh, really?

-People do it these days.
-Is that right?

I must say, K is pretty impressive.

-This is actually possible.
-It's fascinating.

Shouldn't we go to this address first?

Yes, we should.

-What's going on?


Do you remember my voice?

-Who is he?
-Who is he?

It's C.

You are, no doubt, K's Detectives.

-But that man is dead.
-He's dead.

-Did he kidnap K?

Now, I will accomplish what I want.

-What is happening now?
-What is going on?

We got the scheduled text
out of the blue and now this.

-We should go to that address first.
-Yes, we should.

Let's go, guys.

-You see, about K...

Why did he send us that text message
out of the blue?

I guess he thought

that we would be real detectives by now.

-Oh, I see the mark.
-This must be the place.

-What is this place?
-I've never seen this building.

This place looks cool.

Se-jeong, you shouldn't be
that excited right now.

K has been kidnapped.

Oh, right.

-This is the entrance, right?
-Yes, but...

I see the numbers three and four

What do they mean?

-Three and four?
-The number of people?

Let's split up into a team of three

-and a team of four.
-All right.

I'll be in the team of four.

Then I'll pick that team too.

Then I'll pick the other team.

Wherever you go...

Detective Ahn,

enter through entrance three
with Min-young and Jong-min.

The rest of us will enter
through entrance four.

Oh, it's opening.

-It's opening.
-We will go in first.

-My gosh!

The fact that they are letting us in
so easily makes me more nervous.

What is he researching?
Why would he need such a big place?

Jae-wook, there is

-a doormat here.
-What is that?

-Isn't it a deer? Is it a mountain goat?
-Is it a goat?

-Open it. The door doesn't open?
-Is this a doormat?

Will it open if we step on this?

Can't we just open it?

Does it not open? It opens.

-What's this?
-You're so paranoid.

-What's this?

My gosh, isn't this that thing?

-Oh, I see darts.
-What's that?

Isn't that a pump?

My, this is...

That man, K, is really...

Is this hot water?

Why are these darts here?

It looks like we have to hit that key
at the center of the dartboard.

-From here.

Will a bridge show up

if we hit the key with a dart?

-Oh, that must be it.
-There's a door on the other side.

Maybe this is the HQ?

-I know, right? This must be the HQ.
-What's this now?

My, what is this?

What's this place?

What's that picture?

-What's this?
-What is it?

-Holy shit.

What should we do now?

Guys, this is...

-What is this?

These books must have
some sort of secrets.

-But we have to go there to get the books.

I think we can go up to here.

I think we have to exit through that door.

I don't think we can just exit this room.

I guess we have to solve something.

We need to figure out a passcode.

First, let's stand in each direction.

-Going up to here is fine.
-Let's look at this.

It will be too dangerous
if this thing goes down.

Let's find out what this...


What the...

Kwang-soo, go up on it.

-Go up on it.
-Stay there, Jae-suk.

Stay right there, Jae-suk!

-Don't move!

I'll save you.

Hey! You should've been careful!

Okay. I got it.

I'll move back. I have to move back
when you come forward.

You know what I'm saying, right?
We have to maintain the balance.

All four of us should be on this thing.

-Hold on! My gosh!
-Be careful.

It's good now, right?

Be careful, Se-jeong.

Move back...

-Are you okay?
-Oh, it's going down.

-Oh, no!
-What's happening?

What's going on now?

What is happening? Hang on.

We can't go back now.

-We can't even go back.
-We can figure this out.

-We can't go back now.
-Let's look at the books.

You and I must coordinate our moves.
When you move backward, I'll...

That's it. Take a look.
What's the book about?

-Why don't you look at the cover?
-Oh, sorry.

"About a Monster."



-Oh, I see it there too.


The letter in red.
What do you see on that book?

-I see E.


-What is this?
-A, P, E.

What about that one?

-Take a look. Se-jeong...
-This one... It's G.

-We can't go back.

-Don't move.
-Mine is A.

-This one is E.

-A and P.

G, E.

-A, P...

-P, G, E.
-The word "page"?

-A, P, G, E.
-Oh, it is "page."


The secret must be hidden
in one of the pages. I'll take a look.

It must be...

-The passcode or something like that.

There are no page numbers in this book.

-Does yours have it?

-No page numbers?


We have to tilt this.

I'm sorry, Kwang-soo.

I'm so sorry!

Sorry, Kwang-soo. Hey, I was just--

-What the heck is wrong with you?
-I was...

-I'm really sorry.
-What's your problem?

I was trying to help her.

I am so sorry.

-Move back.

-Hang on, I'm going to walk up.
-No, don't!

That wasn't my intention!

-I'm trying to find my balance.
-Move forward!

-I'll keep going!
-I'm sorry, Jae-suk.

-My gosh.
-Come back up.

-But how?
-Come back up.

-I don't know how.
-Come up, Kwang-soo.

-How can I go up?
-Let's make it

-go down.

Come up.

-Hold my hand, Kwang-soo.
-I'm sorry, Jae-suk.

Hey, hold my foot instead.

For god's sake! We both!

Gosh, it's so cold!

Jeez! Kwang-soo, that idiot...

Freezing cold!

The water is so cold!

It's so cold!

It's so cold.

I can't do this.

Why do you keep causing trouble?

-That moron...
-My gosh.

So, do we have to hit that key
with a dart?

-Shall we give it a shot?
-Try throwing a dart.

You try first.

Oh, they are missing the tip.

-You're right.

It didn't work
because you threw a tipless dart.

-Oh, look at that.
-What is that thing?

Isn't it a pump?

It's a pump.

Doesn't this remind you guys of the time
when we solved our first case?

Hey, will it pull up water if you do that?

-It's coming up.
-Yes, it's coming up.

-It's coming up.

There are capsules that contain dart tips.

-Oh, there are capsules inside.

Even if we have the tips
we'll have to throw them well.

A little more.

-It must be hard.
-It is. Detective Ahn.

You only did it a few times. Keep going.

-A little more. Keep going.

Just a little more.

Keep going. Just a bit more.

Come up already!

Come up, please!

-Okay, good.
-They are coming up. Keep going.

-Great. That worked.
-Okay, good.

Be careful, Min-young.

Be careful. Don't let it spill!

-Okay, I'm--
-Get the water!

Block it!

The water is coming out!

-Be careful!
-Watch your hands!

Don't let it spill all over!

Hey, get them. Don't let the water spill.

Hold on, Jong-min.

-Did they come out?
-Not yet.

-They will.
-Why isn't it working?

It's going down.

The water is going down again.

I see one coming up.

It's coming out!

-Get it!
-It's coming out. I got it.

-Be careful. Get the capsule.

-There are more.

Come up, please!

-So many are coming up.
-Here they are!

-One's coming...

-It's coming out.

There's another one.

-They came out after I pushed it down.
-I know. Pull it up once more.

Oh, this one is empty.

It's empty? Then throw it out.

-Hang on, guys. I'll try throwing one.

If I hit the center, it will be game over.

Guys, I just tried throwing one.

The dart hit the board and fell,
but I see water coming out.


-The water is green.
-Water is inside.

Jae-wook, we should hurry.

The dartboard is shrinking.

-Look, it's shrinking.
-Okay, get back to work.

-Get back--
-It's shrinking.

-Keep pumping.
-Get back to this.

This is exhausting.

-I'm exhausted.
-Hey, I'll do it.

Let's switch.

Jae-wook, go a little faster.

Detective Ahn.

Detective Ahn.

-Try to...
-Jong-min managed

to get out of this, and I'm doing it now.

Detective Ahn!

That thing is shrinking.

Nice, that worked. We got them!

They are coming out.

-We got a lot, right?

Jeez, this is...

This is the first hurdle and...

it's so challenging already.

I really hope we can hit the target.

-Let's give it a shot.

I think you did it.

-Oh, it hit the line.

-Aren't I pretty good?

-Hurry up.
-I can do it.

Do it.

Darn it. What happened?

Do it again. Let's do it again.

It has shrunk so much.

I guess we threw too many darts.

-It has shrunk a lot.

-Okay, keep going.
-The water...

Okay. Jong-min, bring the bowl.

-The bowl.
-Here it is.

The bowl.

Okay, it's coming out.

It's shrinking so fast.

What's happening over there?

Hold on. Why aren't the pages numbered?

What do you think that means?

Do the books mean something?

I think they do.

Hey, what's that diagram?

-Is it nothing important?

Are the four of us supposed to pull
the books down at the same time?


But what does the word "page"
have to do with it?

Are we supposed to count
the total number of pages?

-That could be it.

I think that's the answer.

Because they aren't numbered...
One, two, three, four, five, six.

We have to count them.

-Oh, these pages.
-If we add up the numbers,

we might get something.


-Can you reach?
-The number of pages...

Can you pull it down for me? Thank you.

Let's count the pages, then.

One, two, three, four,

five, six,

seven, eight, nine, ten,


Gosh. Twelve.

-Hold on.

-I got confused because of you.
-The book is right here.

There, try now.

-Kwang-soo needs to reach it.


Four, five, six.

Gosh, seven...

Oh, no!

Gosh, seven...

That moron.

-Kwang-soo, that idiot.
-Jae-suk, you can let that go now.


Jeez, he's a total idiot.

-What is wrong with you?
-Are you okay?

-What's with you?
-I'm dying here.

Get back up.

Come up more.


First, we should...

Count your pages, Se-jeong.
Let's all count.

We need to figure out
how many pages there are.

I'm going to jump.

No, not yet. It's not necessary now.

You can count yours after.

Mine has 34 pages.

Mine has 61 pages.

That means our books
have 95 pages in total.

-Sehun is almost done too.
-Mine has 53 pages.

-It has 53 pages?
-Then the total is 148 so far.

Is it 148?

Good. Keep it balanced.

Man, come on!

-Come on!
-I'm really done.

-Get over here!
-I'm done!

I can't do it!

Get over here!

Get over here!

You little... Hey!

You jerk!

What do you think you're doing?

-What is this? Poop?
-Get over here now!

Let's do this, so we can get out!

Did someone fall?
Why is it so loud over there?

-Hang on. Something is coming out again.
-Good. Awesome.

-It's overflowing.

I took out all the tips from the capsules.

Oh, man. It keeps on shrinking.

If we keep hitting elsewhere,

the water will leak
and the dart board will become flat.

We can't get out of here.

-We will be stuck.
-If you focus on the bullseye...

Did it work?

It didn't?

-It didn't work?
-It's not opening?

We have to throw it exactly at the key.

Then, let's try it again.


We are running out of time.

Oh, my abs.

That thing that's floating
on the poison...

If it got just a little bit closer...

The one that's completely full...

-Gosh, Min-young.

What's that?

-What's that?

What is that?

I don't know.


If you pull that out...

-We can put it back after we're done.

You're really smart.

It's coming!

They are all coming here.

-Good. We got a lot.

We got three.

-Go ahead and do it.
-Let's take one each.


You would get better results
if you focused on the target.

Here I go.

Here I go. I'm going to do it.

You can do it, Jong-min!

-I did it!
-You did it!

I hit the target!

-I did it!
-It's open!

It's open!

There's a bridge!

-Let's go.


-Wasn't it right on the target?
-What an awesome shot.

-Come on, let's go.

Let's go!

Oh, it's opening.

What is this?

These are constellations.

-Aren't they?

This... Was it a goat earlier?

-It must be Capricorn since it was a goat.
-Shouldn't we look for that one?

Let's do this!

Wait, should I go back?

I'm going to jump.

It's okay. I'll balance it from here.

I'll use both of my hands.

-Got it!
-You got it.


Hold it.

This isn't working.

-It isn't working.
-Hold on.

-It's not working!

It's not working!

Kwang-soo, count it from over there.

Count it from there.

Count it from there.

Count it from there.

My god...

It's so cold!

It's too wet to count!

All the pages are stuck together. Oh, no.

-Just count it!
-We can't get out!

Do what you can to count it!

-There's dirt on it.
-It became mushy.


-Let's count together.
-That stupid...

Man, I almost fell in.

But I held on like my life depended on it.


when I held on to you, you did this.

You shook me off.

Sehun, go up there.

You go up there.

Hey, are we going to die here?

-Seriously. How do we do this?

-let's divide it and count separately.

That was so funny.

Man, that Lee Kwang-soo...

That's right.

Is this one or two pages?

This is insane.

If you can't tell, read the content
to see if it connects.




Five. Fifteen. I have 15 pages.

-How do you do it?
-Five, six.


Eighteen. I have 19.

-Se-jeong, you had 15 pages?



It's 206. Zero, two, zero, six.

Zero, two, zero, six.

Zero, two, zero, six.

-Zero, two, zero, six.
-Zero, two.

That wasn't it?


Let's try going up and down one number.

-Zero, two, zero, seven.

-Zero, two, zero...
-Zero, two, zero, seven.


-It worked!

-It worked! We did it!
-We're getting out.

We're finally getting out.

We're finally getting out.



Let's go.

What is this?

What? You scared me!

You're here.

That's not the point.

Why are you so late?

We finished so quickly.

-You're soaking wet.
-Completely soaked.

It was no joke.

-What is this anyway?

when we entered the first room,

-there was a doormat and a goat
-A goat.

-was on it.
-We saw--

-There was a woman on our doormat.


Oh, that was a constellation.

We had this on our wall.

-A bow and arrow.

-We had a scale.

-That's right. Ours was Libra.

What is this, then?

Gosh, what was that?

-What's that?
-What's that?

The room is shrinking!

The ceiling is coming down.

It's coming down.

Hurry up!


Oh, yes.

It keeps coming down.

It's coming down?

-We have to hurry up!

-We have to hurry and find it.

-Why is there a bicycle?

The constellation...

-Why the bicycle?

Why is the bicycle here?

Try spinning it.
Maybe something will happen.

Does it generate power?

-It's not working.
-No. Something about this.

-What is this, now?
-We have to fill it. Keep going.

Good job! You're fast!

-It has to reach the top.

-It has to go to the top.
-Oh, I see.

-Is that so?
-You can do it.

What's this?

-Oh, it's on!

It's on right now.

-What is it?
-Do we look for "ON"?

Min-young... What's that?

Min-young, how about this?
Make "ON" with this?

Do we have to make "ON"?

-We did something like this before.
-Yes, we did.


Rena! Here.

-It worked!
-It worked!

This one too.
You remove it like this and insert it.

-Jae-wook, it comes out!
-Oh, really?

It comes out.

Are we supposed to make constellations?

-Remove this one.
-What is "ON"?

Min-young, a little bit more.
It comes over like this.

Was there some kind of reaction
when it became on?

No, that's not it.

You spin that to give power to this,
don't you think?

-It's not on, right?

-Why would there be six?

-These things that we're doing.
-Right? We have to do something with it.

The thing is, there are many similar ones.

Over here and over there.
Those look like twins.

They are on each wall.

These constellations are
some kind of hint.

I know. If there were some outside
and some over there,

-there must be one here too.

Oh my.

We are in big trouble.

Isn't this Cancer?

Yes. It is Cancer.

This one is Gemini.

-This is Gemini?
-Yes, it's the same as this one.

-The legs are different.
-Twins are different too.

They aren't exactly alike.

A little alike.

Does anyone know constellations well?

-I don't even remember my own Zodiac sign.
-Is that so?

Virgo is August.

-Is Virgo August?

-It was Virgo where we were earlier?

-So we had Virgo and Libra.

What did you have where you came from?

-A goat.

-We had Capricorn and an arrow.
-An arrow.

There was a bow.

-Sagittarius. The bow.

Then, what about here?

Can't we find what's between them?

Look for what's between?

-Virgo is August.
-The "ON"...

Or is there a constellation
that the "ON" could go into?

One that has "ON" in it?

Like Orion.




What is that anyway?

-Is there a constellation called Orion?
-Yes, there is.

What does Orion look like?

Yes, what does it look like?

It probably looks like the cookie logo.

Do you remember the logo?

It looked like a W, like a crown.
That's right.

-So Virgo...
-The "ON"...

Then, for now,

should we pick a letter and make a word?


-Something like Orion.


-Three syllables, O-RI-ON, like that?
-O, R, I, O, N...

-"Orion" in Korean?

-Probably not in Korean.
-There are five letters.

Isn't it O-R-I-O-N?

Are there any other words with "ON"?

The Big Dipper.



-Not again.

Oh, no.

We're in trouble.

Am I a Scorpio?

-Oh, yes. There's also Scorpio.
-It's at the end of October.

Anything else with "ON" in it?



How do you spell scorpion?

-If we get this, this will be over.

-It has eight letters.
-Eight letters.

Then, eight letters.

The English spelling
has to be six letters.

Man, scorpion too...

I really don't know.

-Or since the bicycle already has "ON"...

It's on right now.

-"ON" is here!
-Oh, since "ON" is there.

-Oh, hold on.
-From Scorpion,

-take the "ON" out.
-This is "ON."

S, C, O, R...

-Jae-suk, keep going.
-S, C, O.

-P, I.
-That's right.

How? What goes here?

-It's P.
-How do you make a P?

-It keeps coming down.
-It's coming down more.

The ceiling keeps coming down.


C lit up!

-Why not?
-We got it.

O is lit up too!

-Make the capital I.

R is on too!


-This is it.

-N, here.
-It worked!

Do capital letters.

-Jae-suk, a little bit faster!

Just a bit more.

Jae-suk, faster!

Why? It's already on.

-It's on!
-It's on.

Oh, scorpion.

-We got it.
-Oh, scorpion.

-Didn't we?
-What's this?

Some numbers appeared.

What is this?

"One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine."

Remove the cloth.

-What's July?

What's July again?

What's July?

-What did you say July was?
-But July is here.

-Why isn't it lit up?
-What's July?

July is Cancer.

-But this doesn't have

until 12, so I don't think
they are months.

You're right.

What's this, then?

-It's coming down!
-It's touching my head!

-What is seven?
-Seven isn't on.

What is that?

It means crab.

-It's not dragon?

-It's not wind?

Sword? No, that's not it. What is it?

What is this? Why...

A magic square!

What is that?


-This character is "Ma."

This is the character "Ma."
A magic square.

-What's that?
-What's that?

You have to add the numbers of
each row and column

-and the result has to be the same. Three.
-For every row?

-These three.
-It touched my bag!

Hang on.

You add all three numbers in a row
and column and get the same number.

-Then, we have to leave the seven.
-That's right.

Let's leave it and try to solve it.

-There is a seven here, right?

-The first is seven.

-Since there is up to nine.
-Oh, like this.

-It moves.
-You can move it.

You can't move seven.

Add the biggest number
with the smallest one.

Then, number one has to come over here,
since seven is a big number.

Move two to the center.

This goes there.

Move number five here.

Like this.

-Move number one down.
-Move number one down.

Seventeen. It's 17 right now.

If the geniuses were here,
they would get it so quickly.

I should have gotten their phone numbers.

-Let's try rotating these once.

It's coming down too fast!

-Move six to the side.
-Move it to the side.

I think I should move this up.

Someone should calculate the numbers.

-What do we need to get?
-My head hurts.

Tell us when you're done.

-Since we can't move the seven,
-This is...

it's correct to put five in the center
because it's the middle number.

Put five in the center.

Then, we won't have a lot of options left.


-Oh, my gosh!
-Add them!

Put that in the bottom.

-That's it! We got it!
-We got it!

Six, seven, two, one, five,
nine, eight, three, four.

-Six, seven, two...
-What did you want us to do?

-Six, seven, two.
-Eight, three, four.

Where does the six go?

-Here's three.
-Put them apart.

What's on the top?

Six, seven, two?

It's coming down.

And this goes in the center.

Six, seven, two...

-Here's one.
-It's working.

-We got it.
-It's working.

It worked!

Go down!

-We have to go down?
-There's something below?

-Kim Jong-min, you were way over there.

Where does it go?

Hurry up! Go down!

-Min-young, hurry up and go.
-There's a path!

-There's a path!

-It's so dangerous for me!

-Kwang-soo, go down!
-Let me go first.

-Go, Se-jeong.
-I'm small,

-so it's okay.
-Kwang-soo, go.

-Which way do we go?
-What is this?

It's so cramped.

-Man, this is no joke.


It's down all the way.

There is a way out.

What is this place?

-Where are we?
-It's familiar.

-It must be K's office.
-This is the place...

He always filmed videos here.

Project D

aims to eradicate social evils.

He must have been kidnapped from here.

-What are these outfits?
-These outfits...

-Is it cold?

-That means...
-It's very cold.

It has been long

since he got kidnapped.

What are these outfits?

There are seven of them.

-Are they for us?
-They are.

-They are ours.
-That's right.

Two outfits for women.

It's our mark.

Did he plan to give them to us

-when we become agents?
-Did he?

It's like a graduation gown.

Does that mean we are done?

There is a daily log.

-What's that about?
-What is that?

"Daily Log of Project D."

"The purpose of Project D was
to create the best detective

who will root out all evil.

Many researchers joined the project
to fight evil.

The results are no good."

The subjects with the microchips

are showing critical errors.

All subjects

are acting outside of their will.

-Is he talking about us?
-I think he is.

"They aren't showing incredible skills
like the very first test subject did."

He was too hasty with his judgment.

-He must have seen them first.
-I know.

I finally made the perfect microchip

that will fix all errors.

If this microchip falls into
the wrong hands,

the results will be disastrous.

We have the microchip.

This microchip is very important.

-Put it in my bag.
-Shall I do that?

"As I have worried,

some people are beginning
to have different ideas."

-Kang Sung-jin!
-"Kang Sung-jin fell into their hands.

Now that they have him,

they will use him to abuse the project.

According to the reports,
the very first subject, Kang Sung-jin,

regularly meets with someone
at a certain place.

The location is

somewhere in Mapo-gu.

It's a good opportunity
to apprehend the opposing force."


He wrote it's a good opportunity.

-What are these circles?

-These circles.

Is there something?

There is a writing.

-Yes, there is a writing.

-Are there more?
-Are there more?

Are these all?

This doesn't tell us much.

Hold on.

-Like this.
-You overlap them.

-The big ones first.
-That's right.

-A smaller one.
-A smaller one.

A smaller one.

A smaller one.

All of us know that.

That's exactly what we are doing.

-For goodness' sake.
-Come on.

-Here we go.

-Did we solve it?
-I think we did.

-We are the best.
-We are good.

-Do we have an address?
-"Rena Bar, Mapo-gu."

-"Rena Bar."
-"Rena Bar"?

We met Rena.

-Who was Rena?
-We met her.

Who are you?

Rena Bar.

-Maybe we got it wrong.

K left us this evidence

as he was getting kidnapped.

Let's go to Rena Bar in Mapo-gu.

We need to hurry.

It's real leather.

-We really do look like detectives now.

We will go to Rena Bar.

Who kidnapped K?

Could it be C?

C is dead.

Is C...

Is C dead or alive? It's frustrating.

It's here.

-There is a bar here.

There is a bar.

-In front of us.

It must be Rena Bar.

Rena bar.

It's here.

I see the sign.

-It must be a famous bar.
-I know.

Rena Bar is here.

-Let's get off.
-Rena Bar.

He isn't the one

-we met before.
-Rena isn't here.

My goodness.

My goodness.


You must be customers.

-Are you the owner?

Hello. What would you like?

Are you here to play pool?

Did a man named K come here

by any chance?

Why are you looking for
a man at my business?

He isn't here.

-We won't.

You are dressed
like you're attending a funeral. Leave.

You are acting strangely.

How did I get so unlucky
in the beginning of the day?

We are sorry to ask,

but it seems like
Rena Bar isn't run by the person

we know.

Isn't Rena here?

Did you come to meet Rena?

-Yes, that's right.

She used to be the owner.

Now, I am the owner.

Did she quit?

Yes. I was an employee.

Then I purchased the bar.

-You succeeded.

Will you play pool or what?

If we do,

will you give us information?

It looks like

I have information you will find useful.


-He must know something.
-Then we will play.

What shall we play?

-Will you play?

-I made this game to get more customers.
-I see.

-There are two boxes.

Right? This box contains

the answer balls with numbers.

This box contains

the four arithmetic operations.

-What are those?
-What are those?

-Addition, subtraction...
-I see.

Pick an answer ball first

and use the numbers on the balls

and an arithmetic operation

to get the answer.

Then you win. It's a simple game.

-You win if you get the balls in first.

It's a matter of who reaches
the answer first.

That's what's important.

-Can we pick a ball now?

Hold on. Since I am alone,

I will play with an employee.

-An employee?
-It's okay.

-Do you have an employee?
-She cleans the place.

Go ahead.

-Would it be okay?

Come on out. We have customers.

-She cleans the place.
-Come on.

She looks familiar.

-An employee?
-She isn't a cleaning lady.

-She used to work as a hairdresser.
-Come on.

-She doesn't know how to play pool.
-Come on.

-How are we...
-What is wrong with him?

You look a lot like someone I know.

What's your name?

Seo Bo-ram.

"Seo Bo-ram"?

-It sounds like you made it up.

-Her name is Bo-ram.

Let's go.

We need to get ready first.

Get ready, Bo-ram.

Fine. All right.

We just need to win.

-A cue stick?
-I found it on the street.

I see. She found it on the street.

How does a cleaning lady

have her own cue stick?

-She found it on the street?
-On the street?

It would be a waste not to use it.

Someone had thrown it away.

Let's see how it goes.


-Let's go.
-Let's go.

-I will do my best.
-Let's go.

-By the way,
-Let's do this.

You start over from zero
if a white ball goes in.


-Shall we go first?

-We will let you decide.

Let's pick the answer first.

-I will pick.
-The answer?

-I will pick.
-Go ahead.

Got it.

-What is it?
-It's 128.

-It's 128.
-Why did you pick 128?

-Multiply sixty and two and add eight.


How is my form?

It's very good.

-You can judge a form.
-That's right.

I think he is good.

-My goodness.
-Go in.

-Those balls are cluttered.
-You should have done better.

-It's our turn.

-All right.
-Pick an answer first.

The part-timer will go.

She aims for the bottom.

-She is good.

She's more powerful than you.

She is a part-timer.

Will you be okay?

This is...

You should use a bridge.

My goodness.

Look at her eyes.

Look at her eyes.

Look at her eyes.

You did a good job.

We would have used a bridge.

-We have one.
-Did you get one?

The number was one.

-It's a multiplication sign.

-She is the best.
-Then they have the same number.

Let's go.


That's it.

-It's a multiplication sign.

-Another multiplication sign?


Where do we need to call
to order Jajangmyeon?

Look at her eyes.

Her eyes suddenly changed.

It's going in.

My goodness.

-I am lucky today.
-You are lucky.

Did you see her eyes?

Her eyes...

-Plus sign.
-Plus sign.

My goodness.

How should I make this shot?

Hit the right side gently.

-How does the part-timer know that?
-She is giving him pointers.

Good job!

-"Good job!"
-What was that?

"Good job"?

-A part-timer said that to her boss.
-"Good job."

-"Good job"?
-"Good job"?


All right.

An arithmetic operation...

-Minus sign.
-It's a minus sign!

-A minus sign.

A minus sign.

-Shall I go?
-Go ahead.

Please do a good job.

-Get four.
-Four or six.

-We need an even number.

-Aim for the left.
-Is that what it's called?

-My goodness.
-Come on.

I should have applied chalk.

For goodness' sake.

-You are terrible at pool.
-Hold on. I am too nervous.

While I am really bad at pool,
I can tell you are bad.

What are you saying, Se-jeong?

Sehun should go.

Sehun, give it a go.

Hit the ball hard

so that we get any numbers.

There you go.

-That was cool.
-That's good.

Se-jeong, how was that different
from what I did?

Who's next? Min-young?



-Get ten.

-Get ten.
-You need to get this.

-You can do it.
-It's a pretty easy shot.

-If you get a white ball,

-we start over from zero.
-Ten is a good one.

The next one should be eight.

-You did it!


-This is what makes pool fun.

We now need to pick
an arithmetic operation.

How nice!

A plus sign.

-A plus sign.

-A multiplication sign.

-It's okay.
-Plus two will be nice.

-Plus two.
-Plus eight.

-It's good.
-Get this one.

We can win.

-I will break up the cluster.

-Break it up.
-If you get a white ball, we start over.


-What's the number?

I got two.


It's Se-jeong's turn.

You don't need to hit it hard.

Do what you want to do.

She got it!

That was amazing.

-Multiplication sign.

-A multiplication sign.

It's good.

-What do we need?
-A big number.

Which ball should I sink?

Which ball can you sink?

-Which number do we need the most?
-Get the biggest number you can get.

The team doesn't expect much from you.

Pick a number.

A big number such as 12 or 14
would be nice.

Do you want me to get this one?

-Get 12 or 14.
-Get it.

-This one? Okay.
-Get it.

-This one is nice.
-I will hit this one

-in that direction.

What was that?



-What was that?

How did you get it in?

-It's 12, right?

-You are so cool.
-You got it.

-You are so cool.
-A plus sign.

-A plus sign.

You are so cool.

-This is great.
-You did it. You are so cool.

We just need to add 24.

-Okay. That's good.
-My goodness.

Isn't she playing differently now?

-My goodness.
-She is really good.

-Pick an arithmetic operation.
-A division sign?

-A plus sign.
-A plus sign.

A plus sign isn't bad.

Her eyes

change when she plays.

-Twelve isn't in your line of sight.

Can you get it?

I will.

-You can't even see it.
-She will hit it.

You can't even see it.

You can't even see it.

My goodness.

-The part-timer is scary.

When her boss ran to her, she did this.

Her boss stopped in his track.

Can you shoot wind out your hand?

-She stopped her boss.
-Can you shoot wind out your hand?

We will pick an arithmetic operation.

-This is...
-A plus sign!

-I am sorry.
-A plus sign!

All right.

-It's up to us.
-We need to do well.

It will be safe to get eight.

-You can get eight.
-Get eight.

-I got it!

-I will pick.
-Pick another plus sign.



-There you go.

-What is wrong with you?
-You should have dropped it.


We can't keep on
playing this game forever.

Why don't you let us choose
another arithmetic operation?

-You want to take out the division sign.

-You are asking us a favor.

If you crawl under my legs,

I will do that.

It's done.

-My goodness.
-Take out the division sign.

-I will take it out.
-It's done.

-We will take it out.
-It's done.

-To us,
-Let's go.

-it's nothing.
-It was a piece of cake.

It's nothing.

So they have to add and subtract.

-Shall I get eight?

Put eight in this hole.

-That hole?
-Go slowly.

Can he do that?

She orders him as if it's an easy task.

"Put eight in this hole."

-It's zero now!
-Oh, no!

-We won.
-You're really bad at playing pool.

-You're bad at this.

-It's zero.

-No, wait.
-What should we do?


The part-timer is a bit upset.

-It's making me nervous.
-As I see--

I'll do it.

Which one is she aiming?

She must be really angry.

-Did you see her hit the balls?
-It's like she was slapping someone.

The sound is ringing in my ears.

Just hit it lightly.

-It was number three.
-Pick the ball now.

I got multiplication.


Oh, my.

Hit it lightly.

Don't hit too hard.

That's unexpected.

What? "Unexpected"?

The part-timer is making fun of the owner.

She said it was unexpected.

Pick one of these.



-All right, Detective Ahn.


-Good, Detective Ahn.
-That was very sexy.

Good job, Detective Ahn.


-This is great.

Yes, that one's good.

Do that one

and then...

-That one.
-Don't go behind it.


If you get addition...

-Come on, pick a ball.
-Hold on.

I was doing a ceremony!

Hurry up. We don't have time.

-We just need addition.
-If we get addition, we win.

It's addition!

Now if we get seven, it's over.

-Add seven.

-Add seven, and it's over.

-We need seven.

Sehun, it's your turn.

-We are going to win!
-Sehun, let's do it!

-All right, seven.


-It'll be the last shot.
-Sehun, let's finish this.

If you get that, it's over.

-That won't be easy.
-It won't be.

Sehun, if you put that in, it's over.

Just don't put the white ball in.

-Sehun, focus.
-The angle is important.

-That was amazing.
-No way.

-Good game.
-They weren't good at calculating.

We put in about twice
as many balls, though.

She looks pretty upset.

So as you promised us,

you should answer our questions.

All right, if you have a question,

I will answer it.

Do you know Mr. Kim Jeong-tae?

Yes, I know him.

How do you know him?

Did he come here?

He actually came here this morning.

-He's alive?

He's really bleeding!

What's going on?

-Mr. Kim Jeong-tae

brought someone here.

-Did he say where he was going?
-Who's the one he brought with him?

-Could it have been K?
-How old was he?

Was the person middle-aged?

I was playing pool,
so I didn't look closely.

He brought someone with him

and then he kept calling someone.

I don't know if it was because

the person didn't pick up,
but he got really angry and just left.

Did he happen to talk about
some kind of chip?

Oh, right!

-He talked about a chip.
-He mentioned a chip?

He kept telling the person

to bring the chip and stuff like that.

Do you know someone named Kang Sung-jin?

I think Mr. Kim Jeong-tae

kept calling Mr. Kang Sung-jin.

-With Mr. Kang?

-And I think he was waiting for him
-Isn't he dead, though?

-here this morning.

Mr. Kang Sung-jin.

-I think he was waiting for him

-and then left.
-But he's dead.

So, where did he take the guy?

Over there somewhere.

He just pushed him there...

-Who was he?
-What's that?

-He was pushed here.


He pushed him over here.

What's this?

-What's this?
-Isn't something written here?

-Yes, there.

He must have written it with this.

What's "KCK"?

But if you look closely, it's not KCK.

-It's a Chinese character.

-The character for "big."
-You're right.

-It really is.

Isn't that used for universities?

It could be KC University.

KC University?

Is there a university with that name?

-KC University.
-There is one?

Yes, it's in Gangseo-gu.

I think we should go here, then.

-This is...

I think K left us a message

about the location
when he was pushed here.

Let's go to KC University.

Right, KC University.

But I'm sure

C died that night.

-Is he alive?


Are K and C related to each other somehow?

We're here.



Do you still think

that the detective team can save you?

Things will never

go according to your plans.

-"Truth Hall."

-Any students here?

We followed K's traces

-and ended up here.

We need to get him.

Detective team!

Detective team!

Detective team!

It's me, K!

He wrote KC University, right?

He's been giving us clues.

We need to find K.

-Anything that can be a clue...
-He's somewhere in this building.

It's locked.

Hey! Look.

Anything there?

No, nothing.

-There's nothing here.
-There's nothing.

-Maybe he's not in this building.
-Maybe this is not it.

All the doors are locked.

Let's go to another building.

-It must be another building.
-Is there any suspicious...

-There's really nothing here.

-Did you look around the 3rd floor?
-"Truth Hall."

Should we go here?

Up there.

-Over there.

Let's go over here.

-Over here?
-Yes, this way.

The main building.

What is it?

What's that light?

What's this?

-Isn't it this? Where is it coming from?
-What is this?

This door is open.

Wait, this light on the wall...


-It's coming from there.

Wait, where is it coming from?

Maybe from the roof?

-Should we go up there?
-Yes, there's something in this building.

-It's scary.
-I hate this.

-It's scary.

-Wait, there's something here.

-What's there?

-Something's here.

-What's there?

-What's that?

-It's K.




It's K!

Hey, it's K!

-Hey, it's K!

Is it K?

I'm the leader of Project D

and your boss, K.

Thank you for...

Good job on this case.

...you'll be able to eradicate all evil.
I'm waiting for that day to come.

-It's K!

-It's K!

-He's really here.

You're here.

I knew you would come.
It's great to see you here.

You did a good job.

-What happened?

I started a research called Project D
to make detectives

who would rid of the world of social evil.


you must have experienced many things
along the way.

There are adversaries

who are trying to abuse this project
despite my intentions.

And in the core was my top researcher, C.

-C is dead, though.
-But C died.

He faked his death.

What's going on?

-What the hell?


-Get him!

-So he's not actually dead.
-We thought he was dead.

While you were transporting Yoo Yeon-seok,

there was a fake bomb incident.

That was also

part of C's plan.

C was distracting you
so he could kidnap me.

By doing so,

he was able to buy more time.

-But anyhow...

-Shouldn't we help him?

-Is that a bomb?
-We came to save you.

Isn't that a bomb?


likes rules.


C touched the light bulbs

once on the left...

once on the front...

and twice on the right.

Get in.

There was something like this.

-A sequence.

-Math. Rules.

-Once on the left.
-Once on the left.

Twice on the right.

Once on the front.

Once and twice... Once on the left.

-Once on the left.

-Twice on the right.

-Once on the front.

-So it opens if we turn them four times?

We have to make it the state
before he touched it.

-This is...
-So this would light up if you turn it.


Did you turn that?

Let's make some rules.

-What's happening?

It must be getting tighter.
We shouldn't turn them.

-We have to do this carefully.

-Hey, wait.
-I'm sorry.

Kwang-soo did it.

Calm down and think carefully
before you touch anything.

Especially you, Kwang-soo.

-Think carefully.
-I'm sorry.

I got it.

Every time you turn the wrong one,

this device electrifies me.

-He's getting electrified.

If we do it wrong,
that device electrifies him.

So we shouldn't touch anything
until we know the answer.

Yes, we should only touch
the ones we're sure of.

So he went here once,

so only one must have been touched.

-One, three, three, six, one, six.
-Kwang-soo touched it.

Two, three, three.


-It's a die.
-It must be a die.

One, two, three, four...

Five, six.

-Five, six, three, five, six.

-Five, six, three, five, six.

-Five, six, three...
-Press two and make them the same.

This can't be the Fibonacci Sequence
again, is it?

What is Ahn Jae-wook doing?

-He is working.
-He's making a die.

He's making a die.

A die...

-The other side...

Wait a minute.

Is he really working on something?

We should look at the whole picture.

This as a whole?

Maybe we have to turn one off.

-I think the left--
-Wait, two times three is six.

Two times three is six.

Two times three is six.

This... Wait, we can light up one
on the left.

If we light this one, it's six.

-Let's check.

I was thinking that too.

Isn't this...

-Isn't it multiplying?
-Two times three is six.

Two times three, six.

Think carefully before you do something.

Do it after you think about it carefully.

Or maybe we have to make the number

of light bulbs match on each side.

The whole thing.

The hint is dice.

This has to be six,
and this has to be six as well.

Six and six.

There are two fives,
so they should be six.

We should make this two here, right?

Then this might not be about multiplying.

Why don't we try turning them all on?

Then let's try turning that one on.

Which one?

This one.

Do it.

Hey, K.

K, are you okay?

-I'm okay.
-It must be right!

-It must be right.
-It must be right.

-Twice on this side.

We got one on the right.

-Why is it that one?
-This one was empty.

You just filled an empty one?


-It's the same over there.
-I know.

-That one.
-Yes, turn it on.

-This one?
-Hold on a second.

-No way.

-Try it.
-K, brace yourself.

Watch out.

It worked.

I'm fine.

-It worked!
-That was it.

-We solved this side.
-Hang on a second.

We just lit up the ones
that were not lit up.

Don't look.

-Check this out.
-He's okay now.

-We've completed this side.
-Six, six, six, six, and three.

What's that?

-Are they supposed to be symmetrical?
-Six, six.

-This is three.

Hold on a second.

-Then this side...
-Isn't it this one then?

It'll be symmetrical.

How was that?

-I'm good.

-I'm good!
-Then symmetry is the key.

-Make it look symmetrical.
-Did you turn two on?

They won't be symmetrical
if we turn only one off.

So you were going to make
these two symmetrical.

Like this.

I think it's the one up there.

Leave that one as is.

This one?

That one on top.

Yes, that one.

-That one!
-K, are you all right?

K, are you all right?

I'm good.

-If he's been fine so far--
-The door unlocked.


-I think so.
-I still don't know how though.

-We made it look symmetrical.
-Yes, symmetry.

Get this off me now.

Are you all right?

Do we just set him free?

No, slowly. Slowly.

K, are you all right?

-What a relief.

Good job.

You guys are amazing.

The past three months didn't go to waste.

You've now become a team
of real detectives.

C is at the base in Magok-dong.

-C has a secret base.
-You should head there

and stop C from doing any more evil deeds.

Should we head to Magok-dong then?

-Go to C's base.
-All right.

Are you coming with us?

I'm too exhausted.

I see.

Things haven't been easy for me.

Of course.

I have something to do anyway,

-so you should go without me.

Please be careful though.

-Be careful.
-Don't get kidnapped again.

Hold on.

-Come closer.

Hand me your hat.

My hat?

This is for your eyes only.

Just yours.

Now, head to Magok-dong!

Guys, check this out.

Now that you've solved this puzzle,

-I see a rule here.

-What do you mean?

Look at the top line.




-No way.


-You're absolutely right!

-She's right.

Jong-min, how did you solve this?

I just lit up the ones
that were not lit up.


You just made it look neat, didn't you?

For a while now,

we've been solving the questions

-without knowing how we solved them.
-I know.

-The order is completely off.
-You're right.

-I was thinking about aesthetics.
-How did you guess?

You were just intuitive.

-The microchip was activated.
-What's up with you today?

-Is it the microchip?

The microchip activated on its own.

-It must have.
-You gave me goosebumps.

You are awesome.

I'm sure it'll all turn out well.

We need to capture C as soon as possible.

How is C still alive?

That's what I want to ask him the most.

How can he be alive?

I thought he died that time.

I have a bad feeling about this.

It's all over
if he gets a hold of the microchip.

-Isn't it in the bag?
-Yes, it is.

This must be it.

What is this place for?

-I have a bad feeling about this.
-Hold on.

What is this place?

-Is C here?
-I think so.

-This must be it.
-I think this is the place.

-It's a storage container.

Someone must've been here.

-No way.
-He's alive.

-He's still alive.


You died that day.

I'm surprised

to see you here.

You came even though you were well aware

that you will die.



Get them!

-What's going on?
-Go ahead.

-What's going on?
-Search them!

What's happening?

-Who are you people?

-What's going on?

-What are you doing?
-Search them.

-Why are you doing this?
-What's going on?

They are trying to take my bag.

-My bag--
-Don't let them take it.

What do I do?

No, you can't take my bag. Hold on.

They took it.

-They took it?

How could you let them take it?

Jae-suk, they're part of the project, too.

I know.

They are all failed test subjects.

-I know.

Look at their faces.

-It hurts.

What do we do now?

What's that?

It's a bomb!

What have I done?

Come on!

-It's a bomb!
-Oh, no.

-What are you talking about?
-I can't see.

C, please.

-Why are you doing this to us?
-Excuse me.

How do you like being tied up?

-We hate it, of course.
-I hate it.

I can't hear you.

I love you!

But I don't love you back.

I'm sorry, we were wrong.

Let us go. Untie us.

-Stop it. There's a bomb.
-Untie us.

-Listen to C.
-Let's be reasonable.

Will you drop this crap
about being detectives

and join me?


Will you join me?

-Hold on a second.

-How could you let him have it?
-He took it.

Does he have the microchip?

Once I plug this microchip
into a computer,

the files will be sent to whoever wishes

to obtain this knowledge.

In return,

I'll be paid for my services.

When this project first began,

I shared the same belief as K.

Project D

aims to eradicate social evils.


once the microchip was made,

K started to fear the power it possessed.

That's when I had a thought.

If we could mold the perfect detective,

we could also commit

the perfect crime.

But K turned down

my proposal.

I gathered opposing forces
and began researching.

I decided to hand over the information

to whoever wanted it.

What a waste you are.

I can't believe you made
the same choice as K.

You better not have

any regrets for doing so.

-What do we do?

-See you!

This must be how we die.

-The bomb.

What do we do?

Gosh, it's freezing.

Hold on.

What do we do?

Guys, let's untie each other.

-My arm--
-I'm stuck.

-Let me--
-Hold on.


I think I got it.

My ropes are loose. I'm free.

Hold on. Let me help.

-I can't do it.

-Hold on a second.
-I got it.

-Come on.


-Watch the bomb!
-All right.

-It will go off any second!
-Get the legs too.

Start with the hands.

I'm untying my legs.

Hurry up!

I'm done.

-It's about to blow!
-I'm free.

Guys, let's go!

Come on, let's go.


-Hurry up!

-Make a run for it.
-Let's go!

The bomb is about to blow!

It's about to blow.

Let me put on my shoes.

Come on, let's go.

-And go!
-Come on.

Right foot.

-Right foot.
-Wait for me.

-Right foot.
-Let's hurry.

-No, don't.
-It's going to blow!

Put out the wick.

We can do that.

-Min-young, hurry.

Step on it!

-Step on it!
-Come on.

Just cut the wick.

We can cut it.


We're good. It won't discharge.

-Capture C!
-Yes, of course.

Let's go.

Get him!


Get him.

Look at the timer.

There's a bomb in here too.

-Where's the microchip? Get him.
-There's a bomb!

-Do you have it?
-Min-young has the microchip.

Did you get it?

The clock on the bomb is ticking.

-The clock is ticking.
-Check the microchip.

-The microchip!
-Here you go.

-Let me take a look.

What now?

This is important,

so don't tell the other detectives.

"Examine the microchip closely."


Hold on.

There's something K asked me.

The clock on the bomb is ticking!

What was that?


Hey! The door won't open!
Try opening it from the outside!

-Hold on.
-It's too dangerous!

-Come back here!

What should I do?

The storage facility
is loaded with explosives.

Trust no one.

Examine the microchip closely.

This is a fake.

Remember that there's always an exit.

-What's going on?
-He needs to find the real microchip.

-Wasn't that it?

What is that digital clock?

Hold on... Wait...
I need to find the microchip.

-What now?
-Why is he laughing?

What's going on?

-Jae-suk, stay calm.
-Is there another microchip?

-Let go of me!
-What's going on?

One minute and forty-seven seconds.

I'll be blown up.

-Did K--
-The real microchip?

What does he mean by that?

Here it is.

The place is rigged!

Now what?

-Damn it.


-Remember that there's always an exit.

Only E, X, I, T are capitalized.

-E, X, I, T.


-Where's Jae-suk?
-What the...

What's going on?


Where's Jae-suk?

Jae-suk was still inside.

What the hell did you do to him?

-Tell us!
-Why are you laughing?

What the heck is going on?

It's me, K.

Are we ready to go?


It's now time...

to round up the detectives again.

Translated by Illy Kim

Ripped by
gabbyu @ Subscene