Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Mysterious Gentleman - full transcript

A man claiming to be K's old friend challenges the detectives to solve a 20-year-old case through a series of tests in order to measure their skills in criminal investigation. Each test has...

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I'm a detective who is also a student.

With my keen reasoning ability,
which I inherited from my mom

who is a detective fiction writer,

and my young blood,

I'm doing a good job
in the detective team.


You can tell

from how K sent just me
on an important errand like this.

I think this is M,

the man who K mentioned.


was someone else here before me?

Who called me?


Is anybody here?

You're here too?

A client asked me to come here.

-I'm here on a personal request.
-Did a client ask you to come here?


-You can't work on a case alone yet.
-What are you talking about?

I don't know who the client is,

but I'm capable enough
to handle the case alone.

Why did the client hire
an amateur like you?

That's rude.

Let's find out who is getting the case.

-What? I already know the answer.

-Jeez, I'm so annoyed.
-You're an idiot.

You're making my blood boil.

You idiot.

What the hell...

You piece of...
I'm starting to lose my patience.

I'm going to punch you.

K didn't call you, right?
Are you here for a personal request?

-I'm not sure who--
-What is going on?

-Why are you guys here?
-Jeez, who is the client?

Hold on, this is really...

-What is going on?

Detective Ahn is here too.

Why are you guys here?

Who the heck is this client?

-How many of us got the call?
-You guys can't handle this.

-Why not?
-What are you talking about?

That's what I was saying.

We're not exclusively employed by K.

-That's not what I meant. This place is...

-What are you guys doing here?

Sehun is here too.

What is happening?

-What's this?
-I thought it was only me.

-Did all of you get the call?

-Se-jeong is here too.

-Hey, Se-jeong. What brings you here?

You came here without even telling us?

I thought I had moved up
to a different league.

I can understand some of us
getting contacted for cases,

but Kwang-soo and you are really--

-What do you mean?
-I don't get it either.

Why are you staring at me?
I'm not that bad.

-I'm not like him.

-Min-young is here too. Oh, my.
-I'm feel so unmotivated.

-She looks stunning today.

-Do you have a date today?

-Why is everyone here?

My gosh, why are you

-so dressed up today?
-Why is everyone here?

-Hey, Min-young.


-you're making that face again.

-I saw that too.
-You haven't found him, right?

-Do I look different?

-My plan succeeded.
-What is he saying?

Does that mean all seven of us
got a call from the client?

-I guess.
-I thought it was only me.

-Me too. He said I'm the ace of the team.


Are you guys...

the detectives K hired?

-Yes, that's right.

It's nice to meet you.

I'm K's longtime friend,

Jang Gwang.

-He is K's friend.
-Mr. Jang Gwang.

You guys remember the treasure you found
in Jeju Island recently, right?

The rich man who hid the treasure there

was also a close friend of mine
for a long time.

-I see.
-I guess you're all friends.

I see.

As for me,

I was in the military for a long time,

but I'm retired now.

These days, I work on secret projects
for the government.

Then you didn't have to call these guys.

-Stop it.
-Enough already.

-I think you're delusional.
-That's just nonsense.

I've been carefully observing
all of your works and achievements.

I asked all of you to gather here today

because I would like to give you
a special mission.

The pay will be good.

Would you like to work with me?


Kwang-soo, shouldn't we ask him
what the job entails first?

I'll do it no matter what.

-I'll be loyal to you!

And I wish you a happy new year!

As you can probably tell,

-he can betray you for money.
-I won't.

-Not because of money.
-Don't trust him.

By the way,

I heard that

K hasn't been paying you guys properly.

-He said he would pay us later on, but...

I would like
to recruit you guys through this project.

-You would like to recruit us?



Boss, I'm ready.

Unlike K,

I'm capable of paying you a salary,

which you will find more than sufficient.

-It's the kind of job I wanted.
-I can't be swayed so easily.

But what the job entails
is more important than the pay.

What I'm most interested in is

-the importance of the case and--
-Do you have a different job now?

-Did money fall into your lap?
-Be quiet, will you?

Just keep your mouth shut.

-I'm behind on my rent--
-Stay out of it.

-Just be quiet, okay?

there are procedures that we must follow.

First, I have to see what you can do.

At this stage, I'm not sure
if all of us will work together,

or only a few capable ones
will get to work with me.

-I have to test your abilities first.
-Oh, no.

What? Why?


I'm ready for the test.

The test consists of three parts.

-You will be competing against each other.

The person who passes the test first

will receive

a partial payment from my secretary
in cash right away.

-Right away in cash?

-That's amazing.
-My gosh.

The detectives who pass the test
with flying colors

will receive a hefty pay
and get an opportunity

to work on a secret project with me.

-Let's give it a shot.

I don't like competing with others,

-but if the mission--

Compete... What?

-You're hilarious.
-Jeez, these guys...

-Oh, there's one more thing.
-Go ahead.

In the treasure box
you guys found in Jeju Island,

there was a file
related to Project D, right?


After that, he started to hide
treasures all over the island.

Go away!

I have to go this way.

-Please open it.

It's our mark.

But it was locked.

Is that a safe?

Yes, it was.

Those who pass the test

will get the password for it.

Well, Project D is...

It's connected to almost every case
we have worked on.

Project D must be important.

That's correct.

What do you say?

Are you guys all in?

-Of course!
-Yes, I am!

-I'll be loyal, sir!
-I'll show you who the real ace is.

-Where should we go?
-All right, great.

I asked you guys to come here

because the test will take place
in this house.

-I see.
-Inside the house?

-Should we go in now?

-Do a good job.
-Yes, sir!

-I'll ace the test.
-Wish me luck!

"Wish me luck"? What was that about?

Stay warm, master.

-He's your master now?

He's a typical example of a traitor

Man... This is...

Jeez, open the door!

From the start...

It's not like those who enter first
will pass the test first.

It's just a normal house.

-It's warm.
-What's going on?

What happened here?

-It looks like...
-Don't touch anything.

This must be part of the test, right?

What is this though?
What is this test about?

It looks like a homicide scene.

This room is so cluttered.

Oh, what's this?
This house must have been robbed.


the one who finds the answer first wins.


-I'm disappointed in you.
-too eager right now.

-What is this?
-It must be part of the test.

-Yes, it must be.

The first test has begun.

I reconstructed a crime scene

of an old case with the police's help.

Two decades ago,

a murder took place in this house.

I tried to reconstruct the scene

to the description
in the case report as closely as possible.

The victims were an unknown composer,

Kim Tae-seong,
and a rookie singer, Jang Mi-ra.

The two of them were in a relationship,

and they were found dead one day.

What's stranger is

that the murder took place
in a locked room.

The killer ran away after killing the two,

but all doors and windows
were completely locked

when the victims were found.

Since all of you are incredibly capable
as detectives,

solving this kind of case
will be a piece of cake.

I'm immobile without my wheelchair,

so I put up a camera

in every room so that I can
keep monitoring all of you.

When you figure out the trick,

press the button by the camera

and explain.

The detective
who figures out the trick first

-The trick?
-will receive a partial payment

from my secretary right away.

I hope that all of you pass the test

and get to work with me
on the secret mission.

Sounds good.

It's not easy.

Twenty years ago...

So, this murder actually took place
20 years ago.

-Yes, back in the 90s.
-Did it happen in 1997?

-Yes, 1997.
-That phone is from the 90s.

That's a cell phone?

-There is blood on it.
-Oh, you have probably never seen it.

-Back in the days, cell phones looked--
-Motorola, the old model.

-You have never seen it?

-I've never seen this before.
-Isn't this one of the first cell phones?

Looking at the victim's head,
this must have been used as a weapon.

-I agree.
-It's only possible with this old phone.

"'You're the Only One for Me'
by Jang Mi-ra.

Composed by Crazy Piano"?

Oh, that's a pager.

-I found it in her back pocket.
-I haven't seen a pager in ages.

I've never seen one before.

-You've never seen a pager before?
-Same here.

-My gosh, this is...

Min-young, you've never seen one before?

-Min-young, you must have used it.
-No, never.

-How is that possible?
-I'm sure she has used it.

You used to use the old cell phone.

How do you use a pager?

Just like how you used to use it.

There are some numbers and something
about a contract written on that paper.

"Check the contract."
Would they have any significance?

That's... I'm not sure what it is.

-What starts with "015"?
-That's a pager number.

-Oh, really?
-Come on, you knew it.

What's with you?

-Phone numbers start with 010.
-You know, 012, 015.

Narae Communications, 015.

-How am I supposed to know that?
-Come on. I'm sure you remember.

The number you've dialed
is no longer in service.

-It's a pager number?
-Of course it isn't.

If it's a pager...
Let's try paging the number.

"Check the contract."

Hold on.

-What is it?
-This is a ligature mark.

Oh, I'm sorry.

A ligature mark here.

-Someone strangled her from behind.
-It seems so.

-Like this?
-Like this.

-Like this.

Like this. Don't you think so?

-Like this.

I think

the killer strangled the woman
with this rope first.

He probably hit the man
and tied him with the rope after that.

In other words, the woman must have died
before the man got killed.

-Why are these on the floor?
-Let's not share information.

Why are they on the floor?

Did they fight here?

I have no idea. Give me a hint, please.

Wait... What?


No, he said that
they were in a relationship.

Hang on a second.

-She's reading a contract.
-Is it for an album?

Min-young, how can you and Se-jeong
read it without sharing it with us?

-What is it?
-All right, Jae-suk.

-You can read it.
-Let me see.

It says here that
a common-law relationship...

-They had a kid too.
-It was not allowed.

-It said she couldn't have kids.
-No kids.

-It's clearly stated here.
-"Without the principal's..."

It's a cassette tape.

Isn't this a record player?

I don't know how to operate this.

-How do I...
-I'll turn the volume up.

It must be that song.

-It is that song.
-What song?

It's her song.

Whose song is it?

"You're the Only One for Me."



Can we play the backside?

She probably recorded something else here.

Come up with dance moves.

Do it, Se-jeong.

I should ask Sehun who's a choreographer.

"The Police openly search
for serial diamond thief."

Gosh, this is so hard.

What's this?

Why are there VHS tapes in a suitcase?


This must be something important.

-We don't have to tell them.
-Yes. You're right, Sehun.

Guys, Mapo-gu...

-In this area,

the police were openly searching

for a diamond thief.

I actually found

a diamond certificate in the house,

-but the box--
-It's gone.

The box is empty, which means

-the diamond was stolen.

Other jewelry pieces are intact.
Only the diamond is gone.

I haven't seen VHS tapes in ages.

-There's nothing in this room.
-I know. Let's get out of here.

Shall we search the living room?

-Shall we do that?
-There's nothing here?

-The living room--
-What are you hiding?

-We're not hiding anything.

-We have nothing.
-Why try to leave?

-It's something we had.

Hey, he's acting weird.

-We actually...

-It's game over.
-Okay, got it.

-Let's go to the living room.
-There's nothing here.

-The windows are locked.
-Let's go.

No one can get in or out.


Why are you standing like that?

Well, I'm just cold.

-What is it?
-Did you find something?

-Hang on, Sehun.
-Wait, come on.

-I know it's a competition, but...
-You're hiding something.

-Hey, Sehun.
-Come on!

What is it?

-Sehun, it's... "Lip-synching Practice."
-Oh, this!

-Shall we watch this?

We're competing, you know.

That's why you hid it?



All right, let's practice.

Play the song.

-It's her.
-It's that woman.

-She must be the victim.
-Isn't she the victim?

-She was in the photo.

She was in the photo.

Hey, you're really a terrible singer.

Hey, back there. Good job.

Who's that?

Who's the person behind her?

-Who is that?
-I guess there was a faceless singer.

Is that it?

-So, she could only lip-synch.

"Hey, you're really...

-a terrible singer."
-Her singing was bad...

-It must have hurt her pride.
-She was upset.

-Let's rewind the tape.

-What did you do?
-What happened?

People like you always get caught

when they watch a VHS tape secretly
when no one else is home.

You have to press it with a pen.

-This reminds me of the old days.
-How do you fix this?

Take a pen like this

and press down right here.
Press it down and turn it.

The other way.

I used to fix VHS tapes like this.

That's the trick.

I really have no idea.

This is...

-My gosh.
-Say it.

This is too hard.

I know, right?

It's really hard.

-I'm serious.
-That cracked me up.

-We all know that, but it's really true.
-It's that song.

"Composed by Kim Tae-seong"?

Give me that.


-Keep your voice down.
-Give it to me.


Shall we share it with everyone?

-This is...
-Kim Tae-seong?

This has a different name.


This is the song that woman sang, right?


An unknown composer, Kim Tae-seong...

Hold on.


Jang Mi-ra?

-What is this?

Kwang-soo found sheet music in that room.

Show us.

What is your problem?

-Show us!
-Give it to me.

-What is it, Kwang-soo?

-Is this how you're going to play?
-Show us.

-What is it?

-I'll share it with you guys.
-You weren't going to.

-I'll explain.
-I'm disappointed.

-No, Listen to--
-The name...

The name of the person
who wrote the song and the lyrics

is written differently in her album.

So Kim Tae-seong originally
wrote this song,

but when the album came out

-it was under a different name.
-A different name.

-That would be infuriating.
-So he would have been angry.

-He would be angry.
-But he's the victim.

Why is he dead?

Then is she the Crazy Piano?

Aren't you the Crazy Piano?

-No, I'm not.

-You're not?
-This is confusing.

Maybe it's this.

He was hit on the back of his head.

He's pretty tall.


she hit him from behind.

If the culprit was taller than him,

he would have been wounded higher up.

Higher than that.

But she's shorter than him,

-so she hit him here.
-The lower part.

-So he got hit and fell.

-He went down.
-He fell.

And the diamond... Stay down there.

Hey, we're supposed to do it
after we get the whole story.

-All right.
-I'll just say everything, then.


-The woman--
-You jerk!

-What's wrong with you?
-Gosh, you're blinded by money.

-No, I'm not.
-Is our relationship this shallow?

-What is it?

-The woman--

-What's wrong with you?
-You're blinded by money.

-We're competing.
-This is our friendship?

-You jerk.

-Competition, not computation.

But the old man said

-that someone killed them and ran away.
-That's right.

The killer ran away after killing the two,

but all doors and windows
were completely locked

when the victims were found.

But anyway, the more important thing
is to solve the trick.

Right, just the trick.

-We don't need to find the culprit.

Just the method of the murder.

So the question is
how the killer left this place.

It was locked from inside?



The front door lock is really damaged

from the outside.

The keyhole is severely damaged.


-So, someone damaged it?

Judging by the state of the front door,
the culprit must've come in through there.

The culprit came in through the door,

and went out...

through the window.

After going outside...

There's some room

between the windows.

The culprit could have turned the lock

-with something like this.
-With pliers?

You can turn the lock over here.

The culprit came in, went out there,

and locked the windows.


-Through the space...


Min-young, that wasn't it.

-It's not?
-How did the culprit get out?

There are signs of entry,

-but no signs of leaving.

The culprit is in here!


-It's been 20 years.
-The culprit

is in the house.

-The culprit is still hiding somewhere.
-Inside the house!


-It's you!
-What are you doing?

-Why me?
-Or you.

The culprit left through the window.

I think

the culprit may have been a small child.

Hey, even a small child
couldn't have gone out...

I was about to drink some water,
and you startled me.


Which way did the culprit get out?

-Did you come up with anything?
-Which way?

Gosh, don't bother me.

You're so sensitive.

I was...

putting the pieces together in my head

and you broke my concentration.

-I forgot what I was thinking.
-We're nearly there.

How did the culprit get out?

-It's almost solved.
-We just need to know how they got out.

But I think it would have been
really simple.

That's what I mean.

The culprit could have left
through the door and put the key back in.

How did they get out?


Which way?

There are many cassette tapes here.

You know how these

can be pulled out like this.

The culprit brought this out.

-And then?
-I mean...

The culprit brought it out the window.

And on the way out,

the tape was put between the windows

and tied around the lock.

Then it was turned like this.

-To lock it?

-And then left, maybe.

-But to do that--
-Oh, it's not the answer.


I'm going to save my energy
and do my best on the next test.

Now you know

why I gave up being an agent.

-I think I need to try this out.
-This is so hard.

-Okay, try it out.

Okay, I'll...

Sehun's trying something.

If this was put in a bit like this...

Hey, this CD is chipped here.

-The CD is chipped.
-Yes, like that.

-Right, so it was turned with that crack.

I got the answer.

The culprit came through the door.

Damaged the lock, came in, killed them,

went out through the window,

and used the CD to turn the lock
to lock the window

like what Sehun is doing now.

It's right!

That is the answer.

-This is...
-Yes! I got it!

-That was wrong of you.
-Sehun solved this.

-It's right?
-He stole your answer.

-You shouldn't be happy about this.
-It was right?

-Hey, Lee Kwang-soo.

You stole Sehun's answer.

Where did you get that CD?

-It was on the floor.
-This is it.

It was the only chipped one.

So the CD was put back in after it

-since it's flat.
-It's flat.

So, the culprit

damaged the lock, broke in here,

-and tied down the man.
-With the cell phone...

-Right, with the cell phone...
-Hit him.

And then left
after locking the window with the CD.

-Let's go, then.
-All right.


Oh, the secretary is here.

-Oh, I'll relay it to the member.
-This suits you, Sehun.

No, wait.

I see that you're not a very good person.

What are you talking about?

What do you mean?

You're right, Se-jeong.

-I have my charms.
-I thought you were a decent guy.

Anyway, let's get the fee.

Right, here's one million won.

-One million?
-One million?

And the location of the next test.

Oh, the next location.

I'm getting that, right?

-No way!
-Thank you.

Gosh, it's real.

-It's real.
-It's a real check.

All right, thank you.

-See you next time.


Kwang-soo took the money.

-Gosh, it's unbelievable.
-Sehun solved it.

But don't you think
you should split it with Sehun?

-And Min-young?
-Who knows what will happen?

Kwang-soo, to be honest,

I pretty much did all the work

-She's right.
-Min-young is pissed off right now.

-Okay. Thank you for this.

I'll use this well.

-I'll enjoy using this money.
-You're shameless.

What's wrong?

You're so ugly.

And the guy in the way back is the worst.



You have no say in that matter.

Your face is just plain.

You're actually as ugly as Kwang-soo.

No, I'm not.

You guys, the real winner
isn't saying anything.

He really isn't saying anything.

This is...

You're really...

-Are you talking about me?

-Don't pretend like you don't understand.
-You don't talk, but...

This is a bit...

-This is hurting my pride.

You guys arguing is like a fight

between Batman and Superman.
You can't determine who will win.

But then Aquaman is sitting there.

What did you just say?

This is ridiculous.

I think we're here.

-Where are we?
-It's like a performance hall.

A theater?

Let's go in and look around.

It must be a performance hall.

-She's here.
-The secretary.

How did you...

The second test will be held here.

It's our master.

For the second test,

you will play the roles
of the police and the culprit.

This was also based on a real case.

A suspect ran from the police
and entered this building,

but managed to escape from
the police in just 30 minutes.

This was a mystery.

The culprit should escape
using the same method used in the past,

and the police should catch the culprit.

But you have to find out

exactly how the culprit escaped
on that day.

It only took 30 minutes
for the culprit to escape.

If the one playing the culprit
escapes in that time,

that person will receive two million won

-for himself.
-For himself?

And if one of the two police teams
catches the culprit,

that team will divide the fee
among themselves.

The test will begin
at the sound of a police siren.

I wish you luck.

-So this is a team competition.
-Two police teams and one culprit.

Take this.

-Detective Ahn?

All right.



The two million won?


That's huge, but this...

What about us?

"Namdong Police Team leader, Yoo Jae-suk,

Oh Sehun, Kim Se-jeong."

-We're a team.

This is good.

-What's wrong?
-What's wrong?

Why are you sinking down?

Hey, we're the best team.

Okay, "Bukdong Police Team,
Kim Jong-min, Lee Kwang..."

Min-young, what's so funny?

-The leader is Min-young.
-What's so funny?

We can be your hands and feet.

We solved the case earlier.

This is how the teams were decided.

Min-young has the brains, so she's here.

-What are we, then?
-You're the feet.

No, you're the feet?

-The hands?
-He's the mouth.

What do you mean? Hands or feet.

I really like our team.

-Then the culprit is...
-I'm the culprit.

I have to run around again.

You're the culprit.

We have to catch him.

All right, Namdong Police Team.

-Look among ourselves.

This is the starting point.

Oh, it's a map.

It shows what's in this building.

-We have to find evidence.
-Yes, find the evidence

and catch the culprit.

-He's hiding somewhere?
-We have to find him.

Find where he's hiding?


Don't do that.

Just in case, I have to get ready to run.

That's what I'm trying to say.

-Getting all the money--
-If we just work together...

What are you talking about?

I have to help Se-jeong too.

Okay, Namdong Police Team, let's go.

-Bukdong Police Team.
-Well, then.

We will catch you later.

Be careful.

The culprit should escape
using the same method used in the past.

The report says

that the culprit left
something important inside the building.

The signal to start the test
will be the sound of a police siren.

Good luck.

We have 30 minutes.

First, the leaflet.

The leaflet...

The test will begin
at the sound of a police siren.

It's not here.

I have to find it quickly.

Damn it!

Gosh, what is it?

It's time. Let's go.

They are no match for us.

You're right.

They are all just talk.


You're right.

I'm taking this really seriously.

But we look great as a team, don't we?

-Of course.
-Of course.

This place is quite huge.

It's supposed to be 1997.

-What's that?

That guy's hairstyle...

-What's with his hair?
-Oh, it's of the 90s.

This photo is some kind of clue.

What do you think this means?

It's about the location or the person.

It looks like a house.

-Hey, that navy hat.
-We should go in here.

-In there.
-It's not him, right?

The clothes are different.

We should go look for a phone.

-These leaflets are just here, right?
-It looks like it.


-Why are these here?
-I know, right?

There are so many, though.

-It must be related to food delivery.

-There's another one here.

There are leaflets for food deliveries.

-I should take this.

Should I go upstairs?

The elevator isn't coming.

I'll just take the stairs.

Oh, we can't use our phones, right?

That's why ours were taken.

When ordering in the 90s,

-we had to use wire telephones.

-That's why...

-That's why there's a phone.
-Let's go.

I'm pretty sure it has something
to do with delivery.

Telephones. Delivery.

There are so many people in here.

Where did Kwang-soo go?

Where did he go?

Min-young, is there something here?

That color!

Isn't it the same color?

-It is.

-The phone!

Let me see.

There are ripped pieces of paper here.
What's this?

What is it?

Maybe he ordered something

and disguised as a delivery guy
before leaving.

I want to order Jajangmyeon.

All right, Jajangmyeon.

-Let's look at the name.

"Shanghai Chinese Food."

Okay, we got it.

-And here...
-We solved everything.

So he called from here.

I think he called from this phone

and disguised as a delivery guy
from this place.

As a delivery guy.

-Let's try calling.



-It's right!
-It is?

-How did you think of that?

Our leader!

You're really great.

She's really good.

-He did call.

-It's Shanghai Chinese Food, right?

Did someone just order from here?

-Where are you calling from?
-The Center.

-An order came in about ten minutes ago.

-So there's a delivery on the way here?

All right.

The culprit ordered ten minutes ago.

-So he could...
-But the guy didn't come back yet.

So we have to look
for the restaurant delivery guy.

The culprit should escape
using the same method used in the past.

Excuse me, I'm trying to order some food.
Do you know any Chinese restaurants?

Hey, what's this?

Excuse me, I'm trying to order...

There it is.

I found it. Okay. Jajangmyeon.

Is there a phone here?

There aren't any phones.

Is there a phone here?

Over there?

Here it is.

-I want to order Jajangmyeon.
-Where to?

-I'm in the first floor lobby... No.

Please come to the library club
on the fourth floor.

All right.

No one will find out if I rip this.

The culprit ordered ten minutes ago.

-So he could...
-But the guy didn't come back yet.

So we have to look
for the restaurant delivery guy.

Let's look for him.

Anyone order Jajangmyeon?

Anyone order pork?

You're great.

I can see why you're the leader.

What's the difference between us?

We have to look for a Shanghai Chinese
Food delivery guy with a helmet on.

Anyone order Jajangmyeon?

If we find him, is he the culprit?


-We know who the culprit is.


-We know the culprit.
-Oh, right.

-It's Detective Ahn, right?

We know the culprit,
so we were given a handicap.

-If you can't keep up,
-If he's wearing a helmet

-we can't do this.
-and he looks suspicious,

-we have to take the helmet off.

-he's Detective Ahn?
-It could be him.

-We have to find him.

That's what I thought.

-Me too.
-If he runs, we have to catch him.

-Let's go upstairs first.
-Let's start from the top.

This looks sort of like
a piece of A4 paper.

Isn't it a phone?

Who is this person?

The culprit of the first case
or a new case?

This is a new case.

How should we find him?

-There must be...
-We should find the phone.

Right, we need to find the phone.

A phone...

Hey! Se-jeong. This hat.

Look at the photo.

It's the same hat.

-It is, right?

-We found evidence.
-We got it.

This is the hat he wore in the photo.

-We need to use this as evidence.

What's this smell?


It's Jajangmyeon.

-He must have eaten here.

He ate it here.

Detective Ahn must have eaten here.

No way.


I wanted normal noodles,

not some kind of sticky lump.

This came in five minutes,
but the noodles got all sticky.

I'm done. I just need to escape now.

I'm done.

Gosh, I feel kind of sick.

Did you see anyone eating Jajangmyeon?

No, I didn't.

Everyone is holding delivery leaflets.

I know. I'm sure this has something
to do with delivery.

Maybe the culprit disguised himself

-as a delivery guy.

So the culprit in the past

ordered food, too.


-What are you up to?
-Did you find anything?

-We didn't find anything.

We finished the investigation, and...

-We actually saw the culprit.
-We saw him.

So, what happened?

That's all we're telling you.

-Hey, Sehun!

Hey, in the last case...


What's this?

-Maybe it's nothing.
-I'll take it for now.

-I'll take it for now.
-What's that?


-Hey! Wait!

What happened?

-Who are you?

Who did this to you?

Wait. Be quiet.

-Just tell us.
-Tell us.

Come this way.

-What's going on?
-Go. I'll close the door.

What's going on?


Don't do this to me.

Sehun, it's me!

Why? Who is it?

Someone was tied up here.

-Tied up?

He must have been the delivery guy.

We should ask him what the culprit took.

What happened?

Who did this to you?

-Did you come to deliver food?
-Yes. I came to deliver


Sehun, it's us.

-I'll do it.

-Hold the door.
-So you're the delivery guy?

-I'm a delivery guy.
-He's the delivery guy.

-You came to deliver...

So you came to deliver food, and...

-He took your clothes, then?
-Yes, he took my clothes.

-So you came to deliver food...
-Don't tell anyone else.



He's here. Over here.

Come on, hurry. It's Jajangmyeon, right?

Be quiet. Go over there.

Hurry. Take that off.

Come on. Be quiet.

Don't make any noise.

Don't make any noise.

The pager...

Do not tell anyone!

There will be police at the front gate.

We didn't get the delivery guy.

I really don't want to lose to that team.

Me neither. That will hurt my pride.

Should we follow them?

-What should we do?
-What do we do, Min-young?

-We should go.

-We should go, too.
-The second floor?

-The second floor?
-We don't have much time.

-Are you from Shanghai Chinese Food?

-All right.
-It's a different place.

-Let's go down.
-Look carefully.

-Should we take the stairs?
-He will be hiding, and then...

Should we go here?

The culprit will be...


-He ordered food here.

And he took the delivery guy's clothes

and escaped wearing those clothes.

Right? Sehun, we just need to catch him.

The doors are opening.


No, don't do this.

Don't do this.

He's here.

No way.

I can't do this.

-What do you mean?

Don't do this. No way.

They must have found something.


Over here.


-Where are you?
-Over here.

There he is.

The motorcycle...

There's no point in taking me.

Sehun, just come with me.

-Got you.

The culprit is


The culprit came in here

and saw the delivery leaflets.

I want to order a bowl of Jajangmyeon.

And then

-he tied up the delivery man.
-Tied his wrists together.

And he wore the man's clothes

and escaped.


he left

-his hat behind.
-His hat.

-He left it at the scene.
-And this, too.

He called the place

he ordered from.

What? You caught him?

-Who caught him?
-That team got him.

The Namdong Police Team got him.

Where is the secretary?

-The Namdong Police Team.

-Good job.
-Let's divide...

Let's split it.

-Let's check the money.
-We will just check the fee.

Check the amount.

-Two checks.
-Two checks.

Hold onto this.

I'll put this in my bag.

-What's this?
-The composer's here, too.

-Please listen to this.
-To what?

Let me explain

the last test to you now.

My secretary must have given you each
a document.

If you open the envelope,

you will find information on the suspects
of the first case.


The police investigated four suspects

who held grudges against the victim
or had criminal records

and arrested one of them.

For the last test,

you have to find out which one was the
culprit who was arrested at the time.

Then, come to the ship

at the Han River in two hours.

The people there are fake suspects

who were hired for the test,
so don't worry.

The evidence for the real culprit

was in the room at the first test

and the building in the second test,

so remember what you saw.

I will give a fee of three million won

to the detectives
who will bring the real culprit.

Well, then.

I will wait for you on the ship.

So we need to find
the culprit for the first case.

...a murder took place in this house.

So the first, second, and third test

-are all connected.
-You're right.


-That's it.

The wound on the woman's neck.

The rope!

Where did you get it?

Oh, it's the pager string.

The culprit dropped it at the scene.

There's the singer who sang the song.

-She's the first suspect.


I guess there was a faceless singer.

She was just for show.

Who's the second suspect?

The suspect for theft.
The one in the newspaper.

-The diamond theft.
-The diamond...

The police were openly searching
for a diamond thief.

Judging by the state
of the front door, the culprit

-must have come in through there.

And Crazy Piano is the composer.


Composed by Kim Tae-seong.

-It's this person?

The name of the person
who wrote the song and the lyrics

is written differently in her album.

That would be infuriating.

Are you crazy piano?

-And Ahn Il-gwon is...
-The CEO.

-The CEO of the agency.
-Are you reading a contract?


It says here that
a common-law relationship...

They had a kid too.

-It said she couldn't have kids.
-No kids.

We have to find the one
who we think is the culprit

and take that person
to Han River in two hours.

Right. That's the test.

I think many of us will think the same.

I think it's either
Seo In-ah or Crazy Piano.

The culprit killed both people. Then...

Okay, it's Seo In-ah.

I think the culprit is someone else.

No, I'm sure we're right.

I'm sure of it.

The on who could hold a grudge against
the victims would be Seo In-ah.

I had no idea that all this
would be connected.

Could a woman have killed two people,

tied up a delivery man,

and disguised herself to escape?

It would be hard
unless it's someone very athletic.

Well, this person might not be
the culprit,

but he's a suspect.

We have to take him with us,
and since he's a manager,

we can lure him with a business offer.

-That's a good idea.

You're really good at stuff like this.

The point is to trick them
into coming with us.

We have to act like criminals.

-We're criminals, too.
-Pretend we're criminals.


Act like a criminal.

-Should we?
-We have to walk in a sleazy way.

Sleazy. Look, over there.

-The container.
-It's there.

-This is his house?



-It's cold in here.
-Who's there?

-Are you the police?

Are you Ppak-gu?

Yes, I am. Who are you?


I heard so much about you.

Who are you? What do you do?

We will get straight to the point.

-We are thinking
-Tell me.

about pulling off a big heist.

A heist? Do you even know who I am?

-It involves a diamond.

We have heard so much about your skills.

We came to ask you to partner up with us.

For goodness' sake.

What are you talking about?

We are criminals, too.

The two of you look like kids.

You may not expect it, but...
How many convictions do we have?

-I have been convicted four times.
-That's right.

What were your offenses?

It was a mechanical pencil at first.

Then I began to steal
coats and padded jackets.

-I have been convicted six times.
-Six times?

You are a handsome man.

What were your offenses?

I used my handsome face to swindle people.

Did you swindle women

-out of money?
-I didn't swindle women.

Hold on. Let me think.

-A big heist?
-Yes, it's a big heist.

I am...

For goodness' sake.

After living as a criminal for many years,

I began to have doubts.

That's why I tied myself up.

You are still young.

Leave this life.

I want to pull off a big heist

-at a young age and live the dream.
-Don't be ridiculous.

Don't be ridiculous.

I want to pull off a big heist
and save up money.

-Let's live the dream.
-I must prepare for my latter years.

It could be dangerous.
This kind of job isn't for anybody.

You aren't anybody.

Gosh, this is driving me crazy.


My goodness.

-We heard of your reputation.

-Is it really a big heist?

I have one condition.

-I am in.

There are three doors, right?

-Each door has a lock.

Open the locks and come into this cell.

You can see this, right? Untie this knot.

Then I will join you.


I will give you ten minutes.

-Ten minutes?

-Do you think you can do it?
-Yes, of course.

Shall we begin?

Okay. Let's go.

This is easy.

You will have no problem
if you were convicted six times.

I locked the doors.

There is a way to open them.

-Okay. Look.
-Hurry up.

There are big hairpins, small hairpins,

and paper clips.

These are our only clues.

I think their numbers are important.

Have you had dinner?


Have you?

I am about to eat ramyeon.

Let's see.


One, two,

three, four,

five, six.


-Thirteen, seven, and four.
-Thirteen, seven, and four.

Thirteen, seven, and four.

Is the password 1374?

Or 4137?

Let's try this first. One, three,


-We got it.
-Haven't you done this before?

Do we need to count
the magnifying glasses as well?

Do it like this.

When you press the numbers...

-I won't say more.
-I don't think we are supposed to use

the magnifying glasses to see the numbers.

They are for hairpins and paper clips.

-I got it.
-Did you open it?

-Did you exclude 1347?

Did you open it?

-Did you exclude 1347?

-Did you open it?
-We exclude those numbers.

It's so easy.

How did you open it?

There were different objects on the floor.

There were four, thirteen, and seven
of those objects respectively.

Pressing the numbers
except for those numbers opened the lock.

You are young,

but pretty talented.

All right.

These kids are impressive.


Is Seo In-ah here?

-We are her fans.
-Are you

-really her fans?

Then you can recognize her
by her voice alone.

Of course we can.

Okay. In that case,

we have a game called "I Like Your Voice."

The four divas will lip-synch.

One of them is the person
who recorded the song,

Seo In-ah.

I thought she was actually singing.

Her facial expression is serious.

She seems to be mouthing the wrong words.

She covered her mouth.

You have worked on events, right?

We have had a few events.

The upcoming one is quite big.

Are you a broker?

Yes, I am. As for him,

he came to apply for a manager position.

-We came together.
-I want to be a manager.

I have no way of knowing

if the two of you are swindlers.

There is no eating without chewing.

There is no event without paying.

Let's take care of this first.

Are you driving us away

because we are novices?

It's not like that.
I have experiences in this field.

-I can see through you.
-Did any artists succeed

because of you?

For goodness' sake.

My goodness.

I am a good fighter.

Why would you say that?

Hold on...

Are you asking for a fight?

No, I am not. You have quite the temper.

You are brazen.

I can't talk to you for long

-because it's my birthday today.

I have an appointment.

-Why don't you come back later?
-Tell everyone to come.

You should throw a big birthday party.

-Why would I do that?
-Why would he do that?

He is a bit silly.

How will he be a manager
when he is out of his mind?

-He isn't out of his mind.

-All right.

To see if you will be a good fit
for the company,

-I will give you a test.
-What is it?

Move these boxes to the reception room

over here.

It's like a warehouse.

It's an important task.

My goodness.

I have to see Crazy Piano.




Are you playing Go alone?

Is there anyone
who goes by a nickname, Crazy Piano?

These senior citizens

act like they are in a sauna.

Why are they playing Go?

What is this?

It was donated anonymously.

"Art begins with Go stones."

I haven't heard that before.

For goodness' sake.

Being alone

shines a light on my lack of skills.

He is...

He is a musician who plays piano.

Black keys and white keys.

If this is sheet music...


Do, Mi

Mi, Re, Do

Fa, Fa, Mi, Re, Do

I have a piano.

I have a piano app on my phone.

It's a trot song.

Hold on.

I did it.

I figured it out.

Someone is humming this song.

-It's a nice song.
-It is, right?

I am sorry to ask,
but why don't we have a chat

away from the patrons?

Open the doors quickly
and have ramyeon with me.

The color is...

Are there numbers on the wall?

It looks like
you won't be able to eat ramyeon.

Are there numbers?

Gosh, it's hot!

-Give us a hint.
-Look at the cracks.

Some cracks look different

Something is protruding from each numbers

Are the cracks on the lock?

-Should we look elsewhere?

Don't look elsewhere. Look at the lock.

-Good luck.
-Hold on.

-I found them.
-My goodness.

Bro, the cracks led me to the password.

-Did you find it?
-You called me, "Bro."

My goodness.

It seems like we became close.

We will leave here as a family.

At this rate,

-you won't even treat me as a senior.

-Don't say that.

-Did you open it? My goodness.
-All right.

How did you open it?

-You told me to look at the cracks.

There were silver marks.

I aligned the numbers

and turned them to the right five times.

Then the lock opened.

-It's the last one.
-It's the last one, but I think

-it will be hard for you.
-Let's see.

This one is easy.


-for that lock,
-I think I know.

I need these.

My goodness.

It's time to use my old trick.

Let me ask you once more. Who are you?

You aren't the police, are you?

No, we aren't. How would
the police know about this place?

Hold on. You smiled.

-I am excited to earn money with you.
-How excited are you?

I am so excited!


you should have opened this door already.

We are still young and learning.

If the police come,
you will get caught right away.

We have you now.

Did you really tie your hand yourself?

Yes, I did.


-We won't work together at this rate,
-I will open it.

-I will open it soon.

We can't work together.

Hold on. Let me think this over.

-Not much time passed.

Not much time passed?

Bro, not much time passed, did it?

You call me "Bro,"

but use a baby voice.

I don't think much time passed.

Hold on. Hey.

All right.
Do you want me to call you honey?

No, don't do that. That's weirder.

-I can't believe them.
-Hurry up.


Did you open it?

Did you open it?

Good job.

The two of you are young but impressive.

That's it.

Gosh, that feels great.

-What is that?

-It's nothing.

-Will you bind me?

It's an accessory
that is attached to my jacket.

-Let's go.
-That was hard.

I'm impressed
that you guys figured it out.

Look at number three.

I think

this is her specialty.

She gave me a thumbs-up.

The others look awkward.

I figured it out now.

It must be her specialty.

My eyes are fixed on one person.

She mouthed the wrong word.

I bet my entire fortune.
In-ah is not number three.

-Are you certain who Seo In-ah is?

In that case,

let's see if you can find Seo In-ah.

One, two, three.

-Number two is Seo In-ah.
-Number two is Seo In-ah.

Number two, are you Seo In-ah?

-Yes, I am.
-In-ah, we are your fans.

-I heard that you are my fans.

-My fans are here.
-We need to go out and have a talk.


-Why do we need to go out?

I fell in love with you.


Why don't we go grab a cup of tea?

-I have a performance.
-In Han River...

In-ah, we are actually

-from MY Company.
-"MY Company"?

Yes. It's a company that produces music.

He is the director,

-Lee Kwang-soo.

It's KSNMY Company.

Why is the name of the company so long?

KS comes first.

I am the CEO.

The CEO of this company.

-Please don't mind him.
-I am the CEO.

I am the one who is in charge.

Since the owner is here,

-we pretended to be your fans.

For a record company,

I can make the time.

I just need to finish in three hours.

There are a lot of boxes.

-Come here.

Why would you carry one empty box?

Take two boxes.

Come here.


Take three boxes.

You won't have a problem
if you be careful.

Hurry up.

You need to be swift.

A manager shouldn't be so slow.

You know,

interviewing the two of you made me late.

While I make a phone call,

move all the boxes.



I think this is the CEO's office.

Shall we take a look?

This is the CEO's office.


The knot...

I think it's similar to the one we saw.

Someone took these pictures of him.

My goodness.

-For goodness' sake.
-It's not...

You thief!

-It's not like that.
-I tried to stop him,

but he loves Gu9udan so much.

I love Gu9udan so much.

I am sorry.

To be honest,

I really wanted that CD.

I tried to stop him.

Take this.

Take this and work hard.

Thank you.

-Is that you?
-Do you want it?


-Take it.
-It's okay.

-Did someone take this picture?

-This isn't a selfie.

Look. Those are the mountains I climbed.

There are a lot, right?

I use these for climbing.

-This is a knot.
-Yes, it is.

This knot...

When you climb,

this kind of a knot
holds two people together.

You put this under.

-You are good at this.

-You are good at this.
-Like this.

See? Isn't it pretty?

It holds two people together.

-Come here.
-How does it hold two people?

Hold this.

Why would you
tie your hands when you climb?

Was it wrong?

What in the world are you doing?

Come on.

Like this.

How would you climb?

-If your arms are bound...

No, not like this.

You go like this and take it out here...

You get a pretty knot. See?

We have to connect ourselves with a rope

so that we can be each other's safety net.

It can be tight.

-It's tight.

You can make it tighter.

It's restraining my movements.

Whatever. Now that I've taught you this,

you should get back to work.

-Pick up the pace, will you?
-Of course.


-This is quite sudden though.
-Here it is.

Did you find something?

December 4.

Doesn't 1204 sound familiar?

Is it the day the contract was signed?

Let's see, 1204.

Yes, sir.

We were asked to hurry over.

They want us over right away.

If we go now,

will everything be ready?

it's your birthday, so you should party.

-It's actually close by.

You can drop by.

-Is that so?

-Let's head over there then.
-Sure thing.

I'm curious.

What kind of an artist is Jang Mi-ra?

She is just an ordinary singer.

She works hard.

-Do you know her well?

She was only with us briefly.

But the test...

Don't you remember?

I prepared some test

to check your skills.

The people there are fake suspects

who were hired for the test,
so don't worry.

But we... Should I tell you this?

Just forget about it.

I have a question for you.

Is it all in cash?

We're actually here on someone's request.

Hang on. This seems odd.

What's odd?

I thought that this was a test.

What test?

-Did it really happen?
-The details seem too real.

Exactly. What's going on?

Do you know Kim Tae-seong?

-Forget it.
-I erased him from my memory.

It's all right. I don't want to push you.

-There was

a female artist around the time
you wrote the song.

How was your relationship with her?

Who are you talking about?
I worked with many artists.

It's Jang Mi-ra.

She was known to lip-synch.

Jang Mi-ra?

Your voice resembles hers.

-You're right!

-I'm a fan.
-You do sound like her.

Who are you people?

-We're not--
-Do you know Jang Mi-ra?

I don't like talking about her.

-You don't?
-I see.

-It's not something I enjoy.

-He has a kid.

Yes, that's right.

Once the baby was born,
Tae-seong became a different man.

He wanted a clean conscience.

It's why he wanted
to release the song in his name.

He wanted to be a proud father.

Wouldn't that make you angry too?

All your money was going to waste.

We're on this case because of a client,

but I was told that it's a fictional one.

It's supposed to be fictional.

We're the first ones here.

Who records an album here out in the cold?

Where's the piano?

There isn't one here.

There they come.

-We told you earlier.
-He's our teammate.

We're a team.

-I thought it would just be us.
-You're here.

I thought it would just be us three.

You promised to record my album.

What the hell is going on?


Haven't you seen me before?

Where would I have seen you?

-Have you been fishing?

No, I haven't.

-Then we haven't met.
-But you look familiar.

Min-young's here with someone.

-Hello, please come on board.

You're all here.

Kwang-soo, teaming up with Min-young
did you good.

I can't believe it.

How did you

-manage to bring her here?

-You must be cold.
-It's been a while.

Do you know each other?

We've met once or twice.


Hold on. I remember her from some place.

-Isn't this supposed to be a test?
-I don't think so.

I thought it was fictional.

Our client wanted to test us

by making us solve a fictional case.

-How do they know each other then?

I'm not letting her sing in my album.

I don't want to work with you either.

-Jae-suk's coming.
-There he is.

Jae-suk and Jong-min!

-He must be the CEO of the agency.
-How did they bring him here?


You must be the composer.

-He's the CEO of the agency.


I know all three of them.

-Do you know them?

-Hang on. Do you all know each other?
-I thought this was a fictional case.

It's supposed to be fictional.

I thought that this was a test.

-Did it really happen?
-The details seem too real.

Exactly. What's going on?

-Doesn't it feel weird?

I knew something was off

when you asked me weird stuff in the car.


There he is.

-Master, you're here.
-Hello, sir.

I see you've gathered.

Detectives, you did well.

We just did our best.

We thought this was a fictional case,

but I'm thinking it's not.

That's right.

-They are real suspects.

For real?

-What's going on?

-Are you kidding me?

Don't you dare.

-Do I seem gullible to you?
-I get what this is about,

but it's already been 20 years.

-Did it really happen 20 years ago?
-Is it real?

So it was real down to every last detail.

If I asked you here,

you would've made a run for it.

That's why I put together a lie.

Anyway, you still need
to complete the test.

Now tell me why you think your suspect

is the killer.

We brought over Seo In-ah.

Twenty years ago, Seo In-ah

was the real artist who sang the song

for Jang Mi-ra.

Her identity was kept hidden.

So there is someone else behind her.

Hey, back there. Good job.

The faceless singer
seems like a viable suspect.

Even after all these years,
she still isn't over of what happened.

Of course I'm not.

I wanted to be recognized as an artist,

but I was a faceless singer instead.

That's why I told you not to mention her.

That's why you're a suspect

-in this case.
-It's why we suspect you.

So this is what we thought.

We began by thinking
that the killer is a male.

Both victims were found bound by ropes

that were knotted,

-and there was a sign of strangulation.
-Like this.

The killer also fled the scene
disguised as a delivery guy.

We assumed that the killer is a man.

Also from the damage that had been done to
the keyhole of the front door, we could

tell that various tricks were used
to stage the crime scene.

We figured it takes a criminal
to know all those things.

-That's what we thought.
-Also, the woman's ring was stolen.

-As you know,

he's a well-known jewelry thief.

He probably committed the crime

-while going after the diamond.

That's why we brought him here.

I feel bad for everyone.

The moment we were put on this case,

I knew the killer was Crazy Piano.

-The composer?

-That's right.
-I see.

Just like the faceless singer...

So, to be honest,
Tae-seong wrote a lot of songs for me.

-Kim Tae-seong?
-But he...

After the baby was born,

Kim Tae-seong wanted
to release songs under his own name.

How will that make me look?

Wouldn't that make you angry too?

All your money was going to waste.

You probably know this,

-but he's the CEO of the agency.

Composer and artist.

We don't know
if the two actually got married,

but on the contract...

-It said she couldn't have kids.
-No kids.

-They had a kid too.
-It was not allowed.

Today is December 4.

His birthday is today.

Doesn't 1204 sound familiar?

The pager number.

The number you've dialed
is no longer in service.

-It's a pager number?
-Of course it isn't.

Check the last four digits.

Isn't it 1204?

Yes, it's 1204.

-The victim's pager.
-The last four digits of it.

The last four digits are 1204.

Also, he's an avid climber.

The knots he uses when climbing were...

They were impressive.

-He knew how to tie them.
-That's right.

They were the knots
on the rope tied around the victim.

-The ropes were tied with a knot.

Hear me out though.

Him being an avid climber

-makes him an expert on knots.

He can tie knots too.

Why does he need to know this for fishing?
You should check his fishing kit.

He has as many knotted ropes

as a climber would have.

Let me explain.

Why would you bring up a case
that is past the statute of limitations?

It all happened long ago.

I said so at the beginning

that I found new evidence.

-New evidence?

-Where is it?

-What is it?
-He found evidence.

What the heck is it?


-It's a cassette player.

Play the cassette tape.

You will hear the killer's voice.

-The killer's voice?
-That's right.

Play the cassette tape.

It will reveal who the killer is.

-That's right.
-I'm curious.

What are you doing?

It was me.

-I killed them.

Still, the statute of limitations
has expired.

What can you do now?

I can't bring them back to life.

-I killed them.
-Is he the killer?

Was it you all along?


I didn't think

it would be you

considering how you cried your eyes out
at the funeral.

You must be Mi-ra's father.


So you recognize me.

Ahn Il-gwon.

Tell me.

Why did you kill my daughter?

She was just about to make her debut

when she wanted to quit altogether.

With Kim Tae-seong

and their child,

she was going to go back to her father.

That's why I threatened the composer.

He came at me though.

What do you think you're doing?

You should've listened to me.

This won't change my mind.
I don't want this anymore.

That's when I became enraged.

Do you know how much I spent on you?
You crazy bitch.

Do you know how much I spent on her?

I wanted to make her a star.


Who do you think you're going to call?

When I came back to my senses,

I had already killed them.

Both of them.

Now what?

You killed her
because she wanted to come home?

-What the--
-His legs...

I can't forgive you.

Oh, my gosh.


-What's going on?


Oh, my god.


Sir, you can't...

-What's going on?
-This isn't the way.

How could you?

You should've at least told us.
We didn't know it was an actual case.

-Is he dead?

You said the killer's voice is on tape.


-It's Mi-ra.
-His daughter?

I now realize what's important in life.

It's family.

Dad, I miss you.


I'm sorry

that you had to see
your grandpa like this.

-The daughter?

-The granddaughter.

His granddaughter!

She's the granddaughter.

She's the daughter.

-Her daughter.

I'm a military man.

I won't dishonor myself by running away.

Arrest me.

-We have no other choice.

I promised to tell you about Project D.

-I'll tell you the combination.

-We would appreciate that.

The combination is


-It's 987.

Hold on a second.

I'm suddenly curious.

When he aimed the gun,

why did you push me forward?

Sir! Please!

-Oh my god!

It's all in the past now.

-What's this?
-What is it?

"Daily Log of Project D."



-This student.
-That's right!

Seo Kang-joon!

She was murdered by Seo Kang-joon.

In her diary,

-she wrote about her dad's lab.
-That's right!

-You're right.
-What could be in this?

-Here we go.

-We need the password.

-The password...
-Why isn't it working?

-What's going on?
-I can't type anything.

-Hold on.
-What is it?

What's this?

Hello, Detectives.

-Isn't that Yoo Yeon-seok?
-That's Yoo Yeon-seok!

Do you remember me?

Why is he in the video?

Seeing that you are watching this,
it seems like you are one step closer

to the truth.

It's finally time to meet again.

I have something to tell you.

I'm certain

that what I say will intrigue you.

You're probably curious as to where I am,

but sit tight for now.

We will...

meet again soon.

Translated by Ju-young Park

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