Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Vanished Magician - full transcript

The detectives attend a magic show rehearsal to support Sehun, who would be opening the show with a dance performance. During the rehearsal, the magician mysteriously disappears while ...

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Well, then...

-Oh, what's this?

-What's going on?

What is this?

I brought some zucchini pound cake.
I baked them.

-You baked it yourself?

-You really baked it yourself?

-You didn't buy it?

-Where did you bake it?
-At home.

How did you...

I've already told you

-that I would be making gimbap.
-Oh, yeah. Gimbap.

What's inside this?

Did you really make it yourself?

It is well-prepared.

This is really good.

Min-young, I'm not kidding.

This is so good.

It's so good.

I'm touched.

This makes our detective work worthwhile.


It's K.

Once again, you all did well in this case.

You beat the talented detectives

in finding the real painting.

All of you showed great teamwork.

It made me feel so proud.

The day that you will become

the unmatched detectives in this world

is coming soon.

Of course.

Now that I think of it, we need to
introduce a performance-based pay system.

-The clue in the notes. Who solved it?

-Three hyphen one.
-Three hyphen one.

-Three hyphen one.
-My goodness.

Hurry up and compliment me.

We solved most of it.
Of course, Min-young did the crucial part.

Stop eating gimbap and say something.

The truth is,
we should have given Min-young a gift.

Min-young contributed the most.

-What about me?
-And Kwang-soo...

-Why does he...
-Why did you say it like that?

-That was mean.

I can't put it into words,
but you're just mean.

If he was younger,
I would've thrown this gimbap at him.

If I was older.

If you threw the gimbap at me,

it would have been gimbap heaven here.

-Jae-suk. Calm down.
-Let me go.

I have nothing to do today...

Hey! What was

that? Come on!

By the way, where is Sehun?

Yeah, where did he go?

As you all know, he is a choreographer.

He has been invited to a magic show.

That's why he couldn't be here.

-We can go there later and join him.
-That sounds fun.

I'm a dancing detective.

What would a detective do
with good dance moves?

As you can see,

it is a unique skill set for a detective.

It will pay off one day.

Cut! Okay.

Sehun, you did great.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

All of you did a great job.

Recheck the magic props.

We'll rehearse in an hour.

Move fast.

Let's run it.


why are they so late?

Did something happen?

I had no idea

at that time.

The fight between them,

marked the beginning of the misfortune.

Where did Charming go?

-Hold on. Is this the...
-Is it here?



He must be the one
who will be performing the magic show.

I see.

Is Sehun...

-Is it here?
-Is he teaching choreography here?

-This place is huge!

Why did you all come so late?

-Why were you all so late?
-What are you doing by yourself?

I was rehearsing.

-You were?

-You rehearsed?

Gosh. This is where you'll perform.

This is originally a magic show,

but the opening act
will be my dance performance.

-Are you really dancing? I see.

-They do that in magic shows.
-I see.

The show is at eight o'clock this evening.

-I just wanted you all

-to enjoy the rehearsal.
-Okay! Sounds great.

-We don't have any cases right now.
-That's good.

We can just relax and enjoy.

-Have some gimbap.
-Here, gimbap.



-Mr. Charming!
-Hello, Mr. Charming.

Mr. Charming, nice to meet you.

Yes. Hello.

Nice to meet you.


Sehun, you're here. Hello.

We came by to watch Sehun.

-Oh, I see.
-That's right.

-You all must be friends, right?

-We're colleagues.

I see.

Since it's magic,
you can just sit back and enjoy.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you for this honor.

-No problem.
-I really like magic.

Very good.

-This is my first time.
-I love this.

Since it's a rehearsal,
we have to do some preparation.

We'll give it a try, after we check.

There are a lot of staffs.

Are we ready?

Do you smell something weird?

What smell?

-A smell.
-I don't smell anything.

-I smell something.
-You smell something?

I don't smell anything.

-Got it.
-Let's start. Okay.

-Is it this?
-Is it the smell of gimbap?

Let's start the rehearsal
with some special guests.


Right. The music.

This is an interesting magic trick
that was prepared to be done with you.

Usually, your favorite magic trick is
penetration magic.

Now, with you,

-I'm going to perform the magic trick.
-Stabbing someone in the box.

So now,

I would like to invite someone
to the stage.

The person with the hat.

Gentleman, would you please stand up?

-Please stand up.
-Usually they ask for help.

He's going to stab you.

Please come up.
Give him a round of applause.

It's about time he got stabbed.

Yes. We brought out a box.

The man in the hat is going to check

if the box is faulty or not.

The man in the hat, please go inside.

Go in, Jae-suk.

-Do I just go in?
-Yes, go inside.

Very good.

Now, this gentleman will go in.

-I really don't know anything.

-Sit right there.
-Just go in?

Please sit. Good.

-Have a seat.
-Do I sit like this?

Look forward.

Look forward and say "Hello."

-I really don't know.
-Don't be nervous.


you're going to die.

No way.

You know what's going to happen, right?

Now, I am going to just

stab him.

Like so.

I'll stab him like this.

-He really did it.
-It went through.

Let me ask the person in the hat.

You can't avoid or move
once you're in here, right?

-You won't really stab me, will you?

There isn't any space to get out, right?

No, there isn't any space to get out.

You don't need it.

But still,

-you could get hurt...
-It's a real sword.

Please get up, move over here,
and give him a big hand.

-Thanks for checking.
-Get out?

Yes, you can.

-You're not going to stab me?
-No I'm not.

-You're not going to stab him?
-I can't kill the audience.

He acts like he did something.

-I'm here just to--
-You can go down now. Good.

But whenever I perform
the penetration magic trick

people always become suspicious.

Did they agree to do it beforehand?

Or was it planned?

You can now participate
to see it for yourself.

Now, so that you can participate,
we'll call in the beautiful Magic Girl.

Please give her a round of applause.

-Magic Girl.
-Our Magic Girl will...

She will go in here for you. Please go in.

The exact way
that the gentleman sat earlier.

Our Magic Girl will sit that way.

It was really cramped.

-Just like that...
-They're closing it.

We'll lock her in there. Bye.



Yes. Good. Steady.

Like this.

Let's cover it as it is.

Now, everyone, please stand up.

Stand up, and stand in a single file
in front of the stairs.

Stand in a single file.

Stand in a single file to form a line.

-What's going on?
-Now, you can

stab the board yourselves. Like so.

Go in a straight line,

and feel the sword
penetrate the person yourselves.

-We will?
-Here we go.

Okay, Sehun, why don't you go first?

Come on.

-Please come up.
-It's real.

-I don't think we should be doing this.

Try it like this.

Feel it.

Not there!

-Her legs are there.
-She sat like this?

She can still avoid that.

That's by her knees.


Go all the way to the end!

It has to go through completely.
Yes, good.

The next person can start. Go right ahead.

-Yes, go ahead.

-Here should be okay.
-Do it.

Go in a straight line. Steady.

Until you can feel the back.

-I think it's caught on something.
-In a straight line.

-It's caught...
-It's her legs.

-I can't. It's caught on something.

-I think I stabbed her.

-It went in. Good.

Now, go ahead and stab!

You can choose whichever place you want.

-Really. Go ahead.

It's okay. Steady. In a straight line.

Steady. In a straight line. Feel it.

-Isn't it too close to her body?
-Feel it. Go!

I think it got stuck.

Now, you can go back. Next person!

-You can do it wherever you want.
-I don't think I can go last.


-No. I can't go last.
-It's going towards the body.

-It's going towards...

Oh, she's close to the head.

-Min-young, what are you doing?
-Okay. She's going towards the head.

Her head was over there.
It was on this side. Like this.

-It was like this.

Steady. You're doing a good job.

-Oh my gosh.
-Steady. Very good.

Next person, come on up.

My god...

He is piercing towards the thighs.

Good job.

Yes. Good! Keep going.

Feel it. Good.

Now, the tall gentleman can
stab wherever he wants as well.

Do it. Let's go.

-Go ahead.
-Is it okay?

It's okay.

Good. You can go down now.

-That's towards her head.
-It's towards her head.

It doesn't matter where you choose.
Just do it.

-No way.

Lastly, to be sure,
I am going to stab it one more time.

Let me show you in 360 degrees
that the swords went completely through.

The swords have gone through completely.

-There's nowhere to hide.
-All of you took part in this.

Now, let's see if she survived it.

Look carefully.

-Here we go.
-There's nowhere to hide.

What? Oh!

We have pierced this with many swords.


did she survive it? Let's see.
Give us a big hand.

One, two, three, go!


-Give our Magic Girl a big hand.
-How is that possible?

There was nowhere to hide.

Thank you.

Yes, that's right.

Since it's a rehearsal,

let us prepare for the next part
of the magic show.

That was awesome.

This magic trick is the highlight
of today's show.

I have been working really hard on it,
so I hope you enjoy it.

I brought a board out here.

I'll let you check the front and back.

All of you can check to see
if there is anything wrong with it.

Now, we'll show you the second board.

Once again, we'll let you check
to see if there is anything wrong with it.

You have all checked it for yourselves.

Now, look at what happens to me

very carefully.

-What's this?

What just happened?

-What was that?
-No way!

What happened?

That startled me.

Oh my gosh!

-That startled me.
-What was that?

What's wrong?

What the...

What's going on?



Where did Charming go?



-From here.
-Was he supposed to come out from here?

He was supposed to appear from there.

From here?

-Hold on.
-What is it?

I'm sorry.

It's a mannequin.

He was supposed to come out of here.

He didn't come out?

It's a mannequin.

-It's broken.
-What happened?

Where is Charming?

He was supposed to come out from here.

What are you talking about?

Did he really disappear
during his magic trick or what?

-Hey, call him. Keep calling him.

-Check the waiting room and the bathroom.

-He was supposed to appear from here?

By the way, who are you guys?

-We're detectives.

Was Charming supposed to disappear
and then appear from here?

Visitors shouldn't...

-Damn... We're in trouble.
-But, why didn't he appear?

We don't have time.

-What happened?
-Some VIPs were

-supposed to come today.
-Should he appear here?

-Excuse me.
-We really can't cancel today.

-Isn't Charming there?
-Where did he go?

How did this happen?

He was definitely supposed to come out
from here. That's what we planned.

Why didn't he? Did he disappear?

-Are you really detectives?
-Yes, we are.

Then, since we don't have time.

Can you find Charming

before the show starts?



Don't worry. We'll find him.

-We have a former agent with us too.

Don't worry.

-Take it easy.
-I'll trust you

-and continue to prepare for the show.

-All of a sudden.
-The show is at eight,

so please bring him back before then.

-Don't worry.
-Please find him.

-He's stressed.
-Go and find him!

Are you okay?

-Are you okay?
-I'm okay.

We were so surprised.

-I was surprised too.
-You weren't stabbed?

-Come here.
-What are you doing?

I'm worried about her.

-Please find the magician.

-That was pretty amazing.
-How did you get out?

-Thank you.

-Are you okay?

-You must have been surprised.
-This magic trick...

-This magic trick...
-He was standing here.

Where could he have gone?

-Try moving the boards.
-Kwang-soo, push it.

-Push it?
-Let's see.



-Sehun steps down.
-You go up.


It's not easy.

-Like this.
-Did it work?

-He must have gone this way.
-This way.

-Or that way.
-That's right.

Either this way or that way.


There must be a passage under the stage.

That leads there.

-Under the stage?
-He must have taken an outside passage.

He should not be seen.

There's an entrance.

-That's right.
-Yes, there is.

There's a door.

-We found a door.
-We found it.

-This must be the entrance.
-Kwang-soo, go in.

-There must be a passage.
-Go in there.

Go all the way in. See where it leads.

-Tell us.
-I think I know.

Keep going.

We should find out where it leads.

Look around.

There's a door.

I found a switch.

-A switch?

Press it.




-Kwang-soo, press it.
-What happened?

-What's that?
-There's a switch.

There is an opening here.

-I pressed the switch.
-I see.

She must have come out of here.

Magic Girl must have come through here.

Good. Are you ready?

Are you ready? Okay.

I have been working really hard on it,
so I hope you enjoy it.

Let me start.

I brought a board out here.

All of you can check to see
if there is anything wrong with it.

Now, we'll show you the second board.

Once again, we'll let you check
to see if there is anything wrong with it.

-He used this entrance?
-Hold on.


I thought you went into that door.

-You found the door.

The next thing I know,
I'm crawling through the passage.

Jong-min found the door?

Why didn't you go in?

I'm afraid of the dark.

Who isn't afraid of the dark?

-Anything peculiar?

It's blocked.

-It was here.
-That means

there is another passage that leads there.

I guess.

If this entrance is here...

-The door is here.
-The entrance to the other passage...

must be over there
because they are supposed to cross.

If this one is here...

-Let's check the back.
-This is the center of the stage.

-Kwang-soo! There's another one. Go in!

-There is?
-There's another entrance.

Why are you telling me to go in?

-There's another entrance.
-There's another one.

-There is another entrance.

What is this?

-Wait a minute.
-Go in.

-It looks the same.
-There is another entrance.

-Where are you?

-There's something.
-A switch.

Press it!

It won't open.

-It's this one.
-Try again.


-Try again.

Kwang-soo, are you alright?

-Are you okay?
-Who did that?

It just opened.

-Detective Ahn!
-Geez, it just opened.

-We're down here.
-We're down here.

-We're right here.
-Be careful.

You didn't go in?


-Not this time either?

We were down there. Detective Ahn.

That's why I opened it.

-What is going on?
-The magician must have used

-this secret passage

-to deceive the audience.
-What's that?

-There was a sign.
-What's that sign?

-When it's dark in here...
-I saw the sign

-there, too.
-Detective Yoo.

Please get out of my way
so I can investigate as well.


Your role ended when you opened that door.

-From now on,

-I will--
-Am I a gatekeeper?

Hold on.

Go back through the passage.

I can come out through here.

What could this be?

This is just a sign

-for when it's dark in here.
-A sign?

It shows the magician
where the entrance is.

-It's a sign for an exit.
-It glows in the dark.

-It does?

-I'm not sure if this is relevant.
-What is?

During the rehearsal,

the magician argued with a foreigner.

-They argued?
-The magician said...

With a foreigner?

They were fighting.

-They were?

Did something happen?

Did he argue with someone?

With a foreigner.

-A man or a woman?
-A man.

What were they arguing about?

-They were arguing in English.
-Was it a serious conversation?

-I wish Min-young had been there.
-I know.

-He cursed about three times.

They were talking in English

-Stay in there. This is serious.
-so I couldn't understand.

You don't have to come out.
Min-young will solve it anyway.

Don't you remember
what happened last week?

Let us ask some questions.

We'll have to find the man then.

We'll have to find the foreigner.

I've seen no foreigners today.

-By the way...
-Let's find the foreigner.

You two...

-What does he look like?
-Someone went missing. How can you laugh?

This isn't important right now.

Sehun is the only one who knows
what the man looks like.

You two look so cute together.

What are you doing in there?

-What are you doing?
-It's too hot.

It is.

Hold on.

You work here, right?

-The magician, Charming,

had a conversation with a foreigner
earlier today. Do you know who he is?

-Is there a foreigner among your staffs?
-None of our staff is a foreigner,

but the hypnotist is.

-A hypnotist?
-A hypnotist?

-A hypnotist?
-This is getting...

Did Charming have a fight with him today?

I heard they have been on
bad terms for a while.

Charming has talked about

-the hypnotist's secrets on TV.
-I see.

-That would be upsetting.
-You mean Charming revealed

-the hypnotist's methods on TV?

-Where is his room?
-His room...

-It's outside this hall.
-I see.

He might have gone home.

-All of a sudden?

-Right before the show?
-Is his place close from here?

-It's not that far away.
-Where is it?

I heard that the magician lives
in Dongpae-dong.


The hypnotist lives

-near Jeongbalsan Station.
-Let's do it like this.

Let's divide into two groups

-and visit their places.
-Let's split up.

I'll text you their addresses.

Yes, please. Please hurry.

Where did he go?

The show is supposed

-to start at 8 p.m.
-That's right.

I'm not sure if it was an accident
or if he ran away.

The mannequin was weird too.

-Why did it fall?

-What was that?
-What's that mannequin?

According to the staff,

Charming revealed

-the hypnotist's secret methods.
-The hypnotist's...

That's why they were on bad terms.

You should never mess
with someone else's livelihood.

That's right.

Someone else's livelihood?

-Se-jeong's right.

You should never mess
with someone else's livelihood.

-Is it here?

-Not this one?
-No. It's the next.

You can take that lane too.

How did you run errands?

-Se-jeong. We all have our own ways.

I guess he's not home.

Are we supposed to look
for evidence there?

Isn't that obvious?

We're not going there to see how he lives.

Let me tell you what offends me the most.

Those who are in the other car
seem to look down on us.

But you guys also look down on me.

It's driving me crazy.


When you look down on me,

I can't stand it.

I want to show you.

I'll show you.

-Show me.
-I'll show you

-with actions, not just words.
-Show me today.

We're here.

This neighborhood is nice.

-It's this one.
-Yes. Let's go in.

-It's a nice place.
-The gate is open.

-It's open.
-Ring the doorbell.

It's broken.

-It's open.

-It's open.
-Oh, I see.

Stay away from Kwang-soo, Sehun.

It's not my fault.
Sehun has always been like this.

No one is home.

-Try calling him.
-Mr. Charming!

-He's not home?

There's a window here.

Can you see anything?

Excuse me.

-Holy crap!

Goodness! Shit!


Why would he do that to his house?

Why would he put something like this?

I can't believe him.

Excuse me. Is anyone home?

Should we go in?

-I think we should.
-No one is home.

Detective Ahn,
since you untied your shoelaces,

please go in and open the door for us.

What I mean is the window is small

and you've untied your shoelaces.

We don't all have to go in
through the window.

-We don't.
-Let me take your shoes.

Will it be all right?

Let me make sure no one is home.

-Please open the door for us.
-Be careful.

Is it locked?


It was the wrong way.

You can't even open a door?

-What's happening?

-What should we do?
-What's going on?

You've come all the way here

to steal the secret to my magic tricks.

Security guards will be here

in ten minutes.

Why don't you run away before that?

Alright. Here we go.


-Open the door.
-I'll open the door.

Where is the door?

They'll be here in ten minutes.

We have to find something
within ten minutes.


Hold on. This is strange.

There are magic props all over the place.


What's with that man? Gosh.

There are cards too.

What an interesting man.


There are pictures.

-Is that the foreigner?


What are those hearts on his calendar?

-It's on the 2nd, 7th, 19th,
-Do they mean something?

and 27th. It's 2, 7...

What's that?

Security guards will be here
in ten minutes.

Let's go downstairs.

Kwang-soo, you stay on the first floor.

I'll find something.

-I'll do it.

There are exercise machines.

-He has many nice things.
-This is...

He has many things.

The things that have a connection...



I've seen this in movies.

Aren't they like laser beams?

They are sticky tapes.

There's something is covered
in black cloth.

Guys, check it out.

-You try.
-All right.

Are you sure you can do this?

I'll show you my ability today.

-Is the floor sticky too?


I can do this. I'm flexible.

We're telling him to do this,
and he's really doing it.

-I've got this. Sehun, look.
-He's so flexible.

You're touching all the lines.

I just have to get there.

Is he even trying to avoid the lines?

Or is he trying to go through the lines?

What is he doing?

They're just sticky.

Why would he do this to his house?

-Why did he do this?

Gosh, just open it.

-Just open it. What are you doing?

You could have just walked straight in.

-We don't have much time.
-What should I do?

Security guards are on their way.

I'll look bad.

I'll look bad.

Gosh, my hair. Hold on.

-I can't believe him.


Your arm is covered in tape. Hurry.

Oh? What's that?

It's a treasure chest.

You don't know what's in it.

-It looks like a treasure chest.
-It's just a chest.

Open it.

-What's in it?
-Do you need a passcode?

It's locked with a passcode.

-Should we take it out?

-Should we leave it here?
-We can't take it out.


Let's look somewhere else.

Don't go.

It's driving me crazy.

-Just come out.
-This is crazy.

Are your feet stuck together?

I didn't expect this.

You should...

Come here.

Let me...

What should I do?

Why did he do this to his house?


Why did he do this?

This is very sticky.

He has a nice house.

Excuse me.

Who is it?


Hello. What's the matter?

We're here to meet the hypnotist
working with Charming.

We only allow people
who want to get hypnotized to come in.

-This man wants to be hypnotized.

-He wants to be hypnotized?

That's right.

-I have a question.

Can we look around the place first?

When the session begins,
the rest of us will leave.

-Can we do that?

Please come this way.

Joshua Seth...

-Is that him?

-"Mind reader." It's him.

He's a mind leader?

No, a mind reader.

It's foggy down here.

Joshua, do you know Charming?

We heard you two had a fight today.

Did something happen today?

Do we need to get hypnotized?

You two, please sit here.

-Are we...
-What if we don't wake up?

If you hear any sound...

If something happens to us,
you know what to do, right?


-I think that guy is...
-I think he is lying.

He doesn't want to talk about anything,
saying it's a private matter.

So, there was an argument.

Are there any pictures?

We need to find out

what is going on between him and Charming.

-There's nothing much here.

-Should we go upstairs?
-Let's do that.

I'm sorry to ask this,

did you pick us
because we looked the stupidest?

Did you think we'd be hypnotized easily?

Doesn't this guy look like
he's under hypnosis already?

-Inside his belly?

Right now?

A daughter.



-The baby is coming out.
-What are you...

How can I sleep?

I can't sleep.

Why I am pregnant all of a sudden?

Look at these posters.

They must be his posters.

There are newspaper scraps.


"Dear Charming."

Hold on.

"Charming Choi won the competition
against Joshua in a sweeping victory."

Is that all?

Will Jae-suk and Jong-min be okay?


Didn't you eat it?

Jae-suk. I'm having stomach cramps.

Wait until we go outside.

For investigation...

We should go now.

-We didn't learn anything from him.
-Where are we going?

We learned what we could.

-What did you learn?


I woke up halfway
through the hypnosis session.

I did what I did to buy time
for investigation.

I didn't think that the onion was ramyeon.

-Did you know?
-Of course I did.

We have an important matter

-to talk about.
-Did you find something?

There was a laptop,

-so we went through his e-mails.

-Wow, that's amazing.
-We found the e-mails

-that the two of them exchanged.
-Go on.

We also found a newspaper scrap

on which he wrote down, "I will kill you."

First, we thought the two of them
really wanted to kill each other.

-And then?
-Then we read the e-mails.

The next line says,

"I will kill you."

They didn't show a serious intent to kill.

It was more like saying,

"I will kill you, LMFAO."

-That's why he wrote LOL.
-Close friends do that.

-"I will kill you!"
-That's what they were doing.

What's important is that
there has been a threatening e-mail.

In an e-mail Charming sent to Joshua,

he wrote that he received an e-mail

which states, "You will die on the stage."

He wrote that the only person
who would write something like that

is his student.

He wanted Joshua
to find out what he was thinking.

-By hypnosis?

Charming gave away
his student's cell phone number.

This is his cell phone number.


Is that all?

Charming suspects

the threatening e-mail was sent

by his student.

-Charming's student?
-His student?

He wrote that only his student would write

such an e-mail.

I think we will find a lead
if we call him.

Shall we call him?

-I will call him now.

All right.

-By any chance,

are you Charming's acquaintance?

I am his student. Who are you?

I don't know where you are,
but may we visit you?

No, you may not.

-We want to meet you.
-I am a busy man.

We have something important to talk about
regarding the performance.

Fine. You can come.

We will be there right away
if you text us the address.

No, I will give it to you right now.

-Right now?
-I am in Bukgajwa-dong.

It will be easier to text us the location.

I don't like texting, so just listen.

The address is 385-350, Bukgajwa-dong.

I am at the rooftop.

-We will be there soon.


-Isn't he quite haughty?
-He is cocky.

-He is cocky.
-What does that mean?

-He is very arrogant.
-I see.

Shouldn't you know that word?

-Not too long ago,

I was the one to solve cases.

Teaming up with him

-knocked me off-kilter.

We are on the same level.

-They lead this team.
-They what?

-They do?

-My goodness. Let's go.
-Let's go.

-He is very fussy.
-Who could he be? He is very fussy.

I will drive.


Come on. I can't let you drive
long distances.

Why would you build a house this way?

-The passcode is...
-There are four numbers.

-Four numbers?

Let's find the passcode.

What is this painting?

Is it a Magic Eye?

We know that there is the box.

Do you know how to look at a Magic Eye?

-I don't.
-Sehun, take a look.

Look at the middle.

Is this how you do it?

-There is something, right?
-Gosh, that startled me.

For goodness' sake.

Sehun, this is it.

Look at the picture with these.

Put the blue one against it.


I found it!


That is amazing.

It's 36.

What about the rest?

-Hold on.
-What about the rest?

We need the rest of the numbers.

This doesn't help.

-Sehun, what did you think?
-It was incredible.

-I know. Seriously.
-It was incredible.

-It was incredible.
-Good job.

What is this?

What's the sum of 80 and 51?

What's the answer?

It's 131.

There is something about this.

There is something about this paper.

-I checked it earlier.
-It looks red.

It's the magnifying glass.

The magnifying glass is red.

What is wrong with you?

My head is about to hurt.

My head hurts.

What could it be?

Hey, look.

It's shown backwards.

Eight plus twelve.

-Eight plus twelve is twenty.

So, 36 and 20.

-That's it.
-It's 3620.

-Try 3620 or 2036.
-It must be 3620 or 2036.

It's 3620 or 2036.

We don't have time.

-It's true, right?
-It's 2036!

-It's 2036. Okay.
-Sehun, I think I'm smart.

I solved it.

Come on. What's in there?

Kwang-soo, you did it.

Hurry, let's see what it is.

-That was amazing.
-A woman.

There were hearts
on the schedule, remember?

Blue Dragon? Film awards?

It's White Dragon.

There's a drama shooting at
the soccer field in Mangwon Hangang Park.

-Are there hearts drawn here, too?
-Hey, look.

-I'm solving everything today.
-Hey, let's go.

-I'm solving--
-Kwang-soo, come on.

The marks on the schedules
weren't his schedules.

-The woman must be his girlfriend.
-They are commercial shootings.

We should go to the filming location
for today.

So, should we go meet his girlfriend?

The heart marks we saw...

on the 2nd...


-The 7th.
-The 7th.

-The 7th.
-Commercial shooting.

-The 19th.
-The 19th, commercial shooting.

The 27th.


And today.

A drama shooting.


Let's go, hurry.

The security guards will come.

Right, the guards. This is sticky.


We should go to Mangwon Hangang Park.

The woman who might be his girlfriend
is doing the drama shooting, right?

The schedules in the box

didn't seem to be schedules of a magician.

They seem to be
his girlfriend's schedules.

Isn't this a famous TV show?
Running Woman?

Running Woman...

-Running Woman...
-Only women run around in the show.

They run around and tear off name tags.

Who could be the student?

So, Charming and his student
had some disagreement, right?

We're not actually sure about that.

I'm pretty sure they did.

But they probably did

because he thought
the student was the most suspicious.

And from the way he talks,
he probably argues a lot with others.


-This must be it.

-This is the place.

Who would be showing off this much?

Shall we take him down?

Shall we?

-Excuse me.

Excuse me.


Wait, hey.

-You're the magician.
-We found him!

-Mr. Charming.
-Mr. Charming.

Mr. Charming.

Wait a minute.

I'm really not joking,

but you're Mr. Charming, right?

Mr. Charming is my teacher.

And I'm his student.

But you look so alike.

-You really look similar.
-Not similar, you look exactly the same.

You're not twins or anything?


He has pink hair and stuff.
He's a strange person.

-Oh, right.
-There were pink highlights.

Right, that was weird.

Yes, he has strange taste.

So, what did you want with me?

We heard that he's your teacher,

and you know, his performance is today.

-We went to the performance hall,

and he just disappeared
during the rehearsal.

Yes, I heard.

And I was told I might
have to do the performance instead.

Aren't you even shocked
that your teacher went missing?

Well, he's such a strange person.

Things like that could happen,

and it's fine
if I do the performance instead.

Then did you know that your teacher

received a strange letter recently?

No, I didn't.

Is there anyone who had
a personal grudge against him?

-I don't know.
-Nobody knows.

Are you his only student?

No, there are many,
but I'm the most handsome.


-Well, that's possible.

Everyone else could be really ugly.

He's very confident about himself.

-Very confident.
-He startled me.

What's this?

I love card tricks.

Can you show us some tricks?

All right, then.

Show us a simple trick.

-Shall I begin?

-That's a strange way of preparing.
-What's he doing?

Well, first...

-Mr. Detective?

-"Mr. Detective."
-We're all detectives.

-Oh, really?

Pick two things.


Okay, I'll simply go

-with this one, and this one.
-All right.


Mr. Leather jacket?

-"Leather jacket."
-Hey, don't call me that.

-Don't call him that.
-Then what should I call him?

His name is Kim Jong-min.

-Okay, Jong-min.

Choose one out of the two.

-There are people...

-There are people like that.
-All right.

It's not fun if I only use cards.

-How old are you?
-I'm 22.


Okay, Ms. Twenty-two.
I'll put down the cards one by one,

so tell me to stop when you want me to.


Now, check the card.

Out of all these cards,
she stopped at one of them randomly.

I'll turn my back
and you can check what card it is.

-Just among us?

-This is the card?

-Are you done?

Okay, now give it back to me.
But one thing is,

it doesn't really matter if I see this.

-The important thing is...

You're supposed to guess it
without looking.

Magic isn't such a simple thing.

It seems like
you haven't learned properly.

Now, Ms. Mustard here...

Her name's Park Min-young.

I didn't know her name.
How else would I address her?

-Is it okay if I call you Mr. Round, then?
-"Mr. Round"?

-"Mr. Round."
-She's very upset.

-"Mr. Round."
-Fine, "Mr. Round."

-Because he's round?
-Okay. "Mr. Round."

Min-young, you can just
press down on this.

-Press it.
-Her coat's the same color.

-Keep pressing down on it.

-You remember what card you chose?

Look carefully.

And think about that card you chose.

Are you ready?


-The card changed into this teabag.
-What happened?

-What happened?
-The card you chose changed into this.

Here's the important thing.

-Then where did that card go?
-Where did it go?

No way!

-You're being totally ridiculous.
-No way.

-No way.

-Hold on.
-Did you see that?


-That's strange.
-There's another important thing.

The other three...

-Open the other three
-Gosh, I just--

that weren't chosen.

Open the other three.

-Open these?

-No way.

-No way.
-Hey, this...

-This is impossible.
-You must be working with him.

You planned this, right?

-Right, it's suspicious from the start.

I just...

-There's nothing.
-No way.

-It's just tea.
-It's tea.

-Just tea.
-Let me see.

The other ones, too...

I can't believe it.

-It's tea?
-It's cocoa.

Here's the point.

Out of 52 cards here,

-you picked one card yourself, right?

And the teabag that you chose
was the lemon tea,


Now, open it.

-There's no way.
-No way.

-That's impossible.
-There's no way.

This is...


-There's no way.
-It's tea.

-How could it be in here?
-That's impossible.

It's yellow tea.

That's impossible.

No, there's no way.

Why did you pick those two?

-No way!
-Why did you pick those?

Why did you pick that?

What was the card that you chose?

Five of hearts.

-Why did you choose those two?

-Why did you choose those?
-No, it wasn't me.


This is for you.

-It's for you.
-What are you up to?

Why are you acting like that?

Hey, does this make any sense?

I swear on my life,

I just picked this at random.

Why did you choose those two?

Wait. You're the one
who chose that out of the two.

-You were in on this, weren't you?


you're the ones who chose that.

Gosh, is this even possible?

Well, don't you think

I'm more skilled than my teacher?

-Well, you are good...
-You're good.

-Can we see one more?

-I'm going to look really carefully.
-All right.


What's that?

Stop teasing us and show us a trick.

What's your name?

-Kim Se-jeong.

Se-jeong, please sign this.

-Her signature?

-Like the back of your credit card.
-Credit card?

-Is that it?

Your signature is very elaborate.

Who includes a star in their signature?

It looks like a K-pop singer's autograph.

Here are some nails.

Go ahead and check them.

These are real for sure.

You sure are ugly.

This looks just like you.

What did you just say?

-We checked them.
-Okay, good.

-They are just ordinary nails.
-Now go ahead

and choose one.

Choose the one Se-jeong has.


-No, wait. This one.
-Let's choose another one.

You shouldn't choose.

-Let's choose this.

-That one?

-No! At the last minute...

I can't trust you either. This one.

-This one?

Okay, hold onto it then.

I bet he's confused too.

I'll give this one to Se-jeong.

-Let's make this interesting though.

What's that?

-Are you sterilizing it?
-Yes, I am. Here you go.

He has good manners.

-He could get metal poisoning.

Could you please stop talking?

-What's with the metal poisoning?
-What was it called.. Ten...

-Yes. You could get tetanus.

Will you nail it in?

Maybe he's making a ring.


In your nose?

No, don't!

-Please don't.
-Don't do it!

-Even though it's for a magic trick...

Why are you doing this?

He must be nuts.

Is it going in?

Is it going in?

What is he doing?

-What's happening?

What's wrong with you?

-He hammered the nail into his nose!
-You call this a magic trick?


Is that our gift?

-I don't want it.
-You drove a nail in your nose.

-It's disgusting.

Get it out!

-I can't do this.

Just hold onto it.


He's such a weirdo.

He really is. Goodness.

Goodness. He's hammering it in again.

It's for you.

I don't want it though.

It's a gift.

Gosh, what is this?

Hold on a second.

-Is this the magic trick?

-I feel refreshed.
-All right.

Thank you for the good show.

So are you saying that you
and your teacher were on good terms?

-We were very good friends.

-I looked up to him.
-Could we look around then?

-Please let us.

This is a house of magic.

I get that, but your teacher is missing.

We were asked to look into it.

Him missing has nothing
to do with this place.

-There seems...
-We'll only look around.

Can't we even do that?

Your name is Choi Hyun-woo, right?

-Let's go and talk.

Please stand.

It's cold and I only have a few questions.

-We should talk.

Just so you know...

Okay, what's this?

-Is this for a magic trick?
-What's that?

-It's just for...

-birds or--
-Can you escape a locked cage?

-What are you doing?

-Can you free yourself?

-You can since you're a magician.
-Just wait inside.

-All right.
-He's a magician, right?

We'll quickly search the premise

and unlock the cage once we're done.

-Hey, Mr. Detective!

Stay there for a second.

Open this door!

I think it's over there.

I see wires.

It must be one heck of a show.

Isn't that Jung Hye-sung?

-Over there.

How cute.

It's Jung Hye-sung.

It's really her!

-Assistant Director!
-Yes, sir?

The harness isn't ready.

It needs to be ready.

Who will be suspended in the harness?

We need to start filming.

This needs to be gone
now that the crane is here.

-Is the director giving him an earful?
-Is he...

-Hurry up!
-When do we start filming?

Find someone fast!

-What's going on?
-Excuse me.

Could I ask you a favor?

We need someone to be
suspended in a harness.

Could one of you help out?

-Please help us out.

Why do we need to do that?

I'm a detective.

My intuition acquired through experience

is better than any other detective's.

I guess the stunt man was a no-show today.

Bring over anyone!

Please help us out.

-Yes, him.

The one in the leather jacket will do.

He called you out.

Help us out just this once.

Over here.

Let's get ready.

-Back to your stations!
-Is this for real?

It's not difficult, but please listen up.

-It might be hard since...
-I'm sorry!

So you two are married, okay?
Are you listening?

-He's cute.
-Are you listening?

-Post it.
-I will, on my account.

You two are married,

but you cheated on your wife.

The other woman is your wife's student.

-Look at this.
-Why would I cheat on someone so pretty?

Look at Hye-sung.
She's already in character.

This is what real acting looks like.

The wife, while outraged,

-will throw the objects here.

You will gently catch them.

-Am I supposed to catch them in midair?

-How easy.
-You can do it.

-Isn't this a drama series?

Who is he? Who are you?

-I'll leave you to it.

Standby, everyone.






Just a week after our wedding,
you cheat on me?

With my student?

Did he cheat on her?


-What the...

-He was sent flying.

-Looking great.
-No way.

They weren't kidding.

-No way.
-I want them high up.

-I'm sorry.
-Hye-sung, please be careful.

Also, you came on to her first!

-You've got it wrong.

What did I get wrong?

This is all a misunderstanding!

What do you like so much about her?

-Catch them!

Answer me.

-Are you laughing?
-Where do I keep these?


Throw them harder!

-Are you still laughing?
-I caught a persimmon.

Stop laughing!

I don't want to see those teeth of yours.

Keep going.

-Hide those teeth.

-Don't look me in the eye.


-Honey, please.
-I'll destroy you!

Okay, cut.

-What is this?
-Pull them down.

-Bring them down.
-Okay, cut.

That's what I'm talking about.

Good job, everyone.

All right.

-That was incredible.

My wife and I are trying
to have another baby!

The acting was great.

-It was amazing.
-Thank you.

You were incredible.

-Hye-sung, I have a question.
-You stay there.

-It was great, but we'll go again.

We'll go once more.

Assistant Director,
let's shoot the scene with him.

-That handsome young man.
-I see.

-Could you help us out?

-Get him ready.
-Thank you.

-Get the wires...
-I never realized how much hard work

actors put into shows.

Hye-sung, do you know Charming?


Oh, it's so cold.

I have a few more questions.

Assistant Director,
why aren't you securing the perimeter?

-I will.
-Are you two ready?




Just a week after our wedding,
you cheat on me?

With my student?


Sehun, that was great!

Make sure you catch them.

Higher. Okay, that's good.

Here we go.


-I didn't--
-Do you like her?

-That's good.
-I didn't seduce her.

Do you like her?

-That's good.
-You came on to her first!

-You are showing your emotions nicely.
-You seduced her!

-Don't laugh.
-You are doing great.

Do you think this is funny?

-This is proper acting.
-Was it fun

to cheat on me?

-That's it.
-Was it fun?

-They are giving us their all.
-Sehun, be careful!

Answer me.

What did you like about her?

-I liked her body.
-Her body?

-Keep going.
-Her body?

Her body, my foot!

I don't want to see those teeth of yours.

-Cut! Okay! Cut!
-Don't show your teeth.

-Don't laugh.

-Please put them down.


-My goodness.
-All right.

Your performance was the best.

What exactly is the genre of this drama?

Genre? It's melodrama.

It was good. Let's go with that cut.

-Let's try it one more time.

-One more time?
-Do you see this man?

-Yes. Let's use him.

Different body types
yield different emotions.

What kind of nonsense is that?

-Please help us.
-Of course, they do.

-Please help us.

-Please help us.
-I mean--

Okay. Please get the wires ready.

Hey, Mr. Detective!

Hold on.

-What's wrong?
-Mr. Detective!

-Hold on.
-Open the cage!

-What is this?

This is...

There is a letter.

-What is this?

What does it say?


Please wait.

-It's a letter.
-We will be there

-after we take a look.
-Let me out!

-My goodness.
-What is going on?

-It looks like...
-For goodness' sake.

He is a novice.

You should have opened the cage.

-Hold on.
-It's not like that.

-What is going on?

-How did he get out?
-For goodness' sake.

-I mean...
-Hold on.

Is this a joke? Hold on.

I locked the cage for sure.

-Hold on.
-Lock the cage.

I will lock the cage.

Is it unlocked? It's locked.

-This doesn't even use a passcode.
-Stay inside.

Stay inside.

-What is going on?
-We will be back shortly.

Jong-min, come here.

Come here.

What is this?

-My goodness.

I told you not to touch anything!

I told you not to touch anything!

Open this one too.

-For goodness' sake.
-Hold on.

You made me eat an onion earlier!

-It's your turn.
-Let's do it together.

-We never know.
-For goodness' sake.

Put your face close.

You're breaking my stuff!

What is this? I can't see.

-I can't see.
-Hold on.

-I can't see.
-Come here.

Jae-suk, I can't see.

-Don't worry.
-My goodness.

It's sweet.

For goodness' sake. Hold on.
He is out again.

Why did you set up these traps?

I told you not to touch anything!


-For goodness' sake.
-Come here.

What is wrong with you?

We need to investigate.

Wait. How did you open it?

How does he keep opening it?

For goodness' sake.

You're locking me up again?
Why do you keep locking me up?

-Lock it.
-I locked it the first time, too.

-Does he have a key?
-How does he keep opening it?

-Jong-min, wash your face.


Ready. Action.

Just a week after our wedding,
you cheat on me?

With my student?


That's good. Bring him up.

That's good. You are showing
your emotions nicely.

It's too high!

Look me in the eye.

-You came on to her.
-That's it.

It hit...

-That's good.
-My goodness.

I didn't bring spare underwear!

How could you do that to me?

She is aiming at one spot.

-That's good.

Tell me. What do you like
so much about her?

That's it.

-Look down.
-That's it.

-Look down.
-The lines are nice.

How could you...

-My goodness.
-How could you do that to me?

-It's perfect.

Hide those teeth

-before I pull them all out.
-You're doing great.

-All right.

I told you to hide those teeth.

I told you to hide those teeth.

I told you not to throw anything back!

Are you ignoring me?

Don't ignore me!

That's it.

-That's it.
-Assistant Director,

-that stuntman is weird.
-Don't ignore me!

Don't throw anything back.

-You only get hit.
-I'll kill you!

Show me fury. That's it.

-I'll destroy you.
-You are angry.

-Hide those teeth.
-One more time!

-How many times do I have to tell you?

-Are you ignoring me?
-Okay, cut!

Okay. Cut. Please bring them down.

Your performance was perfect.

My goodness.

-Hye-sung, you are a good actress.
-Are you okay?

-Are you okay?
-Good work, everyone.

Let's take a 30-minute break.

Please help me out of the harness.

Are you okay? Didn't you get hurt?


-We're the ones who got hurt.
-It's cold.

Warm yourself by the heater.

We would like to ask you a question
now that you are alone.

You know a magician
called Charming, right?

-We know you do.

Please tell us honestly.

We know that the two of you are lovers.

We even have a picture.

You took a lovely picture with him.


There is a problem.

What kind of a problem?

-He is missing.
-During a rehearsal,

Mr. Charming disappeared like magic.

Are you saying he is missing?

Yes, we even went to Mr. Charming's house.

He is nowhere to be seen.

-To be honest, I...

Hold on. What is this?

Jae-suk. Over here.

-What is this door?

Open it.

There is something inside.


For goodness' sake.


I didn't know what would pop out.

What is it?

-What is it?
-What did you find?

She found a letter.

-Did she find it?

To be honest,
I was in love with two people.


Who is your other boyfriend?

I was in love with Charming

and Charming's best student, Hyun-woo.

-Did she find it?

-There is a burnt mark.
-It's here.

-It's burnt.
-This is the letter

we found earlier.

The words are disappearing! Look!

It's magic!

-Excuse me.
-Gosh, you startled me.


are you treating me this way
because Mr. Charming received this letter?

We saw this letter in an e-mail.

While the two of them are alike,

but they have different charms.

I fell for their charms.

That's why she is good at acting.

We were supposed to meet
after the performance today.

Recently, he came to my house
and left this.

It's a stage design.

What is this?

For a magician to perform his magic trick,

he needs to follow the marks on the floor

to disappear from one spot

and move to the other.

Perhaps someone stopped Charming

from appearing once again.

-That's right.
-That person must know this design.

Someone who knows about
how this magic trick works.

There is a high possibility that person is
Mr. Charming's best student.

I don't know.

"You will die on the stage."

You sent this letter, didn't you?

The person who knows the secret
behind this magic trick.

It's not like that. Listen to me.

The props team

would call me and ask me
to make stuff like this.

And I just make them.

-You didn't send this?
-The props team asked you to make this?

-They asked you for this?
-Yes, they needed it for the performance.

Then there must be some kind of problem

in the secret tunnel

he was about to use
during the performance.

Then we should go back there

-to check the floor plan.

Then, we should go meet the props team.

Why did they need...


Anyhow, how did you get out from there?

It's so cool.

What's in your pocket?

-He had a key.
-No wonder.

Gosh, that's ridiculous.

You didn't really ask
if I had a key or not.

For goodness' sake.

Don't put stuff like this in your home.
I don't understand.

It's great and it's warm, too.

-Anyway, you're saying it's not you?

-Stay there.
-Stay there.

If it is you, we're going to come back
with evidence and arrest you.

Okay, fine.

-Well, we're just going to report you.

-We should go to the performance hall.

We don't have much time left.

Right, there isn't much time left.

-They are getting ready for the show.
-Yes, I guess so.

Sehun, can you find out anything
from that?

I'm just looking at it.

Besides Xs, there aren't any other marks
on this floor plan.

Wait a minute.

Why are the tiles over there
and here marked?

Those are the tiles
that will let them drop down.

But that mark is different

than the mark over here.

-You're right.
-We should figure something out

from these marks,
but I have no clue what they are.

Could there be something inside here?

-Where do we go?
-Wait, where is the props room?

I guess we should go to the studio first.

I can't believe that I came... Hey.

-Detective Ahn.
-You're here.

You were already here.

What's that?

What are you doing in there?

What is he doing?

It is so obvious who that is.

-You hit yourself again?
-What are you doing there?

-It's the place that's marked with an X.
-It is.

What's this?

-We found this.
-We found a floor plan.


What are you doing?

Be careful.

-What are you doing?

Should we open this one, too?

-Isn't this the place that opened?
-It is.

I see, so they go through here.

There's no one up there, right?

Is it okay to open this?

-Are you okay?
-Be careful.

Be careful.

-Yes, it's that one.
-It's that one.

-Does this have any meaning?
-It's an arrow.

But the arrow is not stuck on the tile.

What? Why is it moving?

They are usually taped to the floor,

-but that one isn't.
-The other one is.

They are pointing in different directions.

Maybe they are pointing
to the direction heading out.

Then could someone

have changed the direction

to make him go somewhere else?

What is that?

We have to go to the props room, though.

There's nothing written here?

-"Shin Hye-jeong."
-Hey, it's Shin Hye... Wait.

-It's Hye-jeong.

She's in the props team.

I saw her name just now.

-There was a room.
-A waiting room.

Her name was on the door.


It's here.

-Magic Girl?

-Magic Girl...
-Magic Girl? That's the pretty woman.

Give our Magic Girl a big hand.

Where did Charming go?


-Then Magic Girl...

She must still be here.

-Why are you so excited?
-No, it's...

-You seem really excited.

Excuse me. She's here.

Excuse me. There she is.

Did you find Charming?


Why did they need...


Is she there?

You're getting too excited.


-You never reacted like that to us.
-They never do.

Well, we are family.

You still haven't found him?

Well, we're looking for him,


-Are you Shin Hye-jeong?
-Yes, I am.

-I gave you green grapes earlier.

-Yes, I enjoyed them.
-I asked if you were okay.

-Well, we wanted to ask...

Do you take care of the props as well?

Yes, we take turns
doing the props as well.


Do you happen to know

Charming's student, Choi Hyun-woo?

-Yes, I do.
-Of course, she should know.

Did you ask him to make a letter
for the performance?

The props team

would call me and ask me
to make stuff like this.

And I just make them.

The props team asked you to make this?

-They asked you for this?
-Yes, they needed it for the performance.

No, I didn't ask for a letter...

He said the props team asked him.

Aren't you even shocked
that your teacher went missing?

Things like that could happen,

and it's fine
if I do the performance instead.

I'm sorry, but...

I have the letter.

And I mean the smell here...

I was surprised when I came in here.

Excuse me. There she is.

The smell here, the perfume you have on...

It's the same smell as this letter.

It smells really good.

-Did you put on perfume?

Well, don't many people put on perfume?

-That's a common perfume.
-Hey, this...

You can buy at any store.


Let's not accuse Hye-jeong like this.


Is that so?

-Gosh, that scared me.
-Who is it?


You need to rehearse with Hyun-woo.

-There isn't much time left.
-I'm sorry.

-Well, I better go.

-Wait a minute.
-The show is going to begin soon.

When I came in here,

-It's strange.
-I was shocked by the smell.

-You're right.
-It smelled really good.

-It smells good.
-She asked us to look for

Charming and she's in

-It suits her.
-a hurry to rehearse with Hyun-woo.

Anyway, let's take a look around.


It might be her, but there's no proof.
It's the exact smell as this letter.

She's in charge of the props,
so there could be something important...

-She's also...

Doesn't this look similar
to the box we saw at his house?

You did it.

Well, but magicians often have...

Wait, what's this?

-What is it?

Is there something inside?


I thought these were just for support,
but they move around.

It must be a magnet.

-They can be removed. Ouch!
-Are you okay?

What's this? It's the lid.

There's something here.

It's a floor plan.

It's a different floor plan.

There were two marks before!

-The one we found before...
-There's another one.

-Let's go to that one.
-Let's go.

-Be careful.
-Can we check this?

-Be careful.
-It's that one.

-It's this one.
-This one.

-How does it work?

-Can someone get through it?
-Does it open from underneath?

Do we need to take it out?

-It can be accessed from here.

-The one next to it?
-That doesn't make sense.

-It's blocked.
-Yes, it's blocked.

Do you see one?


-Are you sure?

-You need to click the switch.

-Click the switch.

Like this--

Gosh, I'm sorry.

-Are you okay?
-Get out of her way.

I'm really sorry. Please keep talking.

-No wonder we keep scolding you.
-I'm sorry.

I'm good.

-Hold on.
-Is it not there?

There's no entrance at the sides.

-If we look according to the plan,
-If we close this...

this has to be it.

-What's this?

-What is it?
-Ours is from the 16th

while this is from the 23rd.

-It was added later on.
-Yes, it was added

on the floor plan of the 23rd.

Another floor plan was drawn

-right before the show.
-That's right.

Floor plans change often

when putting together a show.


Could it be forced open?

-You better not be lying.
-Hold on.

I believe you but still...

I think it'll open.

Hold on.

It opens.

What is this?


She looked at something just now.

What were you looking at just now?
She looked at something.

What did you look at?

The rehearsal should start soon.

-There's not much time left.

She just looked at something.

During the show,

how many traps are supposed to be open?

She looked at something.

That entrance should be open.

-This one?

-Wait a second.

-Hold on.
-Is a big magnet

-holding it in place?
-Hold on.

What is it?

She was near the platform earlier, right?

What just happened?

-What was that?
-No way!

Can it be pressed? It can be!

-I can press it.
-Is it a button?

Just press it.

-There's someone here!

It opened.

-Who is it?
-It's Charming.

-Yes, him!


He has pink hair and stuff.

Don't let her leave.

-Where is she?
-Get her.

-Hold on a second.

-Hold on.
-There is...

-What was that?
-Are you kidding me?

-Did you see that?
-What the hell are those?

Don't let her leave.

-Hye-jeong, wait.
-Hold on.

-What happened?
-He bled out.


I just got goosebumps.

Hold on. What's with the arrows?

That's what he was stabbed with.

That's why the marking stickers

were moved.

-That's right.
-I see.

-In addition to the original trap door,

another one was made.

-When this opened--
-He drop down...

...and then he was stabbed.

-The only two people

who could've moved this
were you and Charming.

Where did Charming go?

-That's it.
-Hye-jeong, say something.

Why did you kill Charming?

Yes, I killed him.


-I killed him.

We were in love.

My goodness.

He cheated on me with an actress though.

-I was in love

with two people.

I was seeing Charming
but also another man.

I told Charming

that she was cheating on him.

But he dumped me saying that
he doesn't like jealous girls.


Are you saying

that you killed the man you love
because you were jealous?

After the show,

I was going to dispose of the body.

So, that was your plan.

I didn't expect this at all.

-So, Hyun-woo's innocent.

But you're so beautiful.

-What does have to do with anything?

It doesn't mean a thing.

-What the heck are you talking about?
-She wouldn't do such a thing.

Just so you know,
I'm deeply disappointed in you all.


The gimbap only lasted about five hours.

-You adored me this morning.
-That's not true.

-Then Magic Girl...

She must still be here.

-Why are you so excited?
-No, it's...

You, in particular,
are all over the place.

What are you talking about?

You haven't found him, right?

Actually, Kwang-soo was worse.

Look at your hair.
That's how crazy you were today.

What's wrong with my hair?

It's such a mess.

What does this have to do
with my mental state?

Sehun's oddly quiet if you ask me.

You should've seen him
when we met Hye-sung.


Please listen up.

-It might be hard since...
-I'm sorry!

So you two are...

Post it.

He kept taking pictures with me

-when I wanted one with her alone.
-I was backing Kwang-soo up.

Don't pretend like you didn't enjoy it.

Good job, team.

Magic tricks and crimes.

It must not have been easy.

It's been a while now

since you've all assembled.

Thanks to your hard work,

you've made my time
researching Project D worthwhile.

When my research is complete,

you'll be able to eradicate all evil
from this world.

I'm waiting for that day to come.

Keep working hard until then.

Translated by Illy Kim

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