Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Battle of the Detectives - full transcript

Two rival curators of an art museum enlist the help of K's detectives and the Genius Detective Team in an attempt to outshine each other. The competition between the two teams becomes ...

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Excuse me. Is this the detectives' office?

I'm a detective.

I'm more capable than
any other detectives.

Every day, I get calls from clients
asking me to solve their cases.

I always have more than enough
cases to work on.

These days, even those who are incompetent
call themselves detectives

and walk around
looking all full of themselves.

I don't care though.

People like them are no match for me.

Jang-won, are you chilling here because
you're done with the abduction case?

The brilliant mind of our team,
Lee Jang-won.

-This KAIST graduate is a genius.
-Just give me a new case.

The moment you assign me a case,
just consider it done.

Jae-pyung, did you say you're
currently doing research on MERS-CoV?

Shin Jae-pyung. He was accepted to KAIST

when he was an 11th grader
at a science high school.

Hey, John. You're from the States, right?

-John Park.
-I came to Korea over seven years ago.

He got admitted to Northwestern University
on a scholarship.

I just noticed that Wendy is here.
Hi, Wendy.

The sunshine of our team, Wendy.

She won fifth place
at the Minnesota State math competition.

Has everything been taken care of?

I'm sorry. I can't speak English.

I can speak French though.

Jeez, I'm a busy person.
Why do these people keep calling me?

He's the last member
of our detective team, Lee Juck.

-What's up?
-He's smarter than he looks.

-I was very surprised by it.
-I'm here to see Wendy.

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-Come in.
-Come in.

Excuse me.


-This is unexpected.
-I know.

I was told that I would find
a team of detectives here.

-Yes, it's us.
-Yes, we're detectives.

Yes. Please comes in.


I'm Curator Min Ji-young.


I'm Choi Yeong-wan and I'm a curator.


At our exhibit, there's a painting
that needs to be sent to an auction.

But the artist passed away suddenly

before sending me the painting.

Oh, no.

I would like to get some help from you
to find that painting.

We haven't worked on
a case like this before,

but we're a team of top detectives,
so I'm sure we can do it.

Oh, I see.

I would like to get some help from you.

What do you say? Do you think that
you can find the painting for me?

This is a bit too sudden.

Is there any hint you can give us?

You may be able to find
some clues that can help you,

so how about you come with me
to the exhibit and have a look around?

Most importantly,

there is a reason I must find the painting
before anyone else does.

What's the reason?

There is a co-worker of mine
at the exhibit

and she's been outdoing me
in every project.

This is a great opportunity for me
to outshine her.

It's a very important painting,

-so I must find it today.
-Then let's go.

I will pay as much as you want.

-As much as we want?
-That's right.

-Let's go, then.
-Let's get going.

We're ready to risk our lives
for this case.

We should get there quickly
so that we can collect

evidence or clues left at the scene.

All right. Shall we get going?

This exhibit is huge.

-Oh, my.
-This is...

It's really big.

It looks luxurious.

It must be a very important painting.

I've never been
to a place like this before.

You haven't been to an exhibit before?

-There's nothing here.
-It's empty.

-Wait, who are they?
-Hold on.

Someone's coming.

Is it the exhibit director?

-Is that the director?
-No, it's not.

-Who are those people?
-Hang on. Who are they?

Who are these people?

-Did you--
-You wasted your time.

Did you hire these people
to find the painting?

-What the heck is her problem?
-Are they trustworthy?

Don't you worry, Ji-young. They are
the best detectives in the country.

-This is crazy.
-That can't be true.

We're the best.

Do we have to compete against
another team of detectives?

-No, don't get the wrong idea.
-We don't--

-All right.
-Please just find the painting.

I'm a little upset because
they are way below our league.

They should at least know
what they are doing, but it doesn't...

-look like the case.

What do you think of us?

They look like a group
of clueless, disorganized folks.

Clueless and disorganized?

Are you wearing that hat
to look less dumb?

-What are you talking about?
-How rude!

What's their problem?

-I'm speechless.
-Was that a joke or what?

-I bet he has no friends.
-He doesn't even know how to make jokes.

-Is he an A-frame carrier?

"A-frame carrier"?

Say something.

-How rude.
-Detective Ahn.

-Who is that guy?
-How dare he.

What's the matter, Min-young?

Do you think that's funny?

Did you think
I look like an A-frame carrier?

I'm so pissed off right now.

Put that bag down somewhere.

I'm embarrassed.

-He must be the director.
-Yes, he is.


There are many handsome detectives here.

I'm Kim Beom-su,
the director of this exhibit.

He's the director.

These two curators
do think of each other as rivals,

but I think they were
just doing their best for the auction.

Thank you both for all of your hard work.

-No problem.
-My pleasure.

The auction will take place
on Sydney Sailboat.

The auction will begin
at 9:00 p.m. tonight,

so you must find the painting

and bring it here before that.

-Please find it for us.

-We don't have much time left.
-We will see you at 9:00 p.m.

-All right. Please don't worry.
-Please believe in us.

-Please find it for us.
-Please get ready for the auction.

We will be sure to find it.

-Don't worry about a thing.
-Thank you!


Cesar Elle Kim was

like a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci.

On top of being a painter...

she was also a mathematician
and an architect.

-She was a genius in many areas.
-Is that so?


being knowledgeable in art
won't be enough.

I'm sure every one of you
is amazingly competent as a detective,

but I would like to test
your artistic sense first.

Please bring in the paintings.

-This is too sudden.


There are paintings on both sides.

Please take a look
at the paintings behind you.

-What is this?
-They are nice.

There are...

-secrets hidden in the paintings.
-What is this?

You will have to find the secrets.

Do you see the empty easel?

Then put the correct painting

-on the empty easel.

This is a test, right?

-What's this about?
-He said it's a test.

They must share connections.

Is he going somewhere?

Water. I see a body of water.
Is it flowing?

Is it something like that?

When you're looking at the paintings,
carefully observe the colors

and the compositions.

It will help you.

Wait, aren't they the seven colors
of the rainbow?

I checked, and they do have
all of the seven colors.

Gosh, I can't figure it out.

-The number of people...
-Does the number keep increasing?

I see three faces in this painting.

-Three people.
-It looks like there are seven here,

but two of them are cats,

-so there are five people.
-Five people.

-This one has... eight people.
-Eight people.

And this one has... One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight...

Thirteen in total.

-One is hidden.
-Pablo Picasso.

Does that count as a face?

-Picasso painted all faces blue.
-Right, okay.

Eight, thirteen.

-Eight, thirteen.

-Five, eight, thirteen.

It's the Fibonacci sequence.

-Yes, the Fibonacci sequence.
-It's the Fibonacci numbers.

What's Fibonacci?

You get the third number when you add
the previous two numbers together.

-Three plus five equals eight.
-Yes, eight.

And 5 plus 8 equals 13.

When you add 8 and 13, you get 21.

It must be a painting
that depicts 21 people.

That's right. We have to find
the one with 21 faces.

Then let's go.

Guys, let's go.
We will split up into two teams.

-I'll go over there.
-I'll go find out.

Go where?

We don't even know anything.

Let's go, guys. Hurry up!

There's this one too.

I don't think this is the one. No.

The colors aren't right.

-I know, right?
-This isn't it.

Guys, we shouldn't use our brains.

We must follow our feelings, our senses.

We must trust our senses.

-This isn't the one.
-One of them looked like this.

I'm better suited for homicide cases.

Gosh, this is...

This one... This isn't it, right?

-It could be the one.
-What about this?

This is actually a painting by Matisse.

It's a part of his painting.

It could be a hint.

-Isn't this the vibe we're after?
-No, it's not.

I don't think it's the right vibe.

-Are they on the main floor?
-These follow the sequence.

Two people on yellow background.
No, three.

One, two, three, four, five... No.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. No.

One, two, three, four, five. No.

Hey, what if we add these up?
Is it over 21?

-Are you saying we should take two?
-What about the ones upstairs?

If we take all 13 of them...

Do you have an idea?

Well, the colors are...

Hey, which painting is the right one?

Go in.

This must be it.
It's time to do some math. 21.

-Are there 21?
-I'll count.

-Count that one.
-Isn't this...

One, two...

There are 11 people.

-There are 21 people here.

It does depict 21 people.


Look at this. How many people
are depicted in it?

-One, two, three...

Four, five.



Now, the dogs. One, two, three.

Four, five, six.

-One dog?
-Is it a painting with a dog?

Is it a painting with one dog?

-A painting with a dog?
-One dog.

-One dog?
-I'll go bring one. Yes, one dog.

-Try to find a painting like that.

Se-jeong, look for one dog.

One dog?

Hey, a painting with one dog...

I think it sounds plausible.


-It shouldn't be that complicated.
-Yes, let's think simple.

-Look for one dog.
-Okay, one dog.

First, let's try to find a painting
that fits Min-young's description.

-The water--
-I know what you're trying to say.

-It should flow this way.
-And it comes together.

That one fits the description.

The one on the left.

-It should flow this way.
-And it comes together.

We found one.

Jae-wook, come on.

What happened? Did you find anything?


-Is that right?

Didn't we find it so quickly?

This painting is...

Why did you pick this painting?

-Because of the composition.
-Oh, the composition.

-The direction of the water.
-They all depict water.

-The direction of water.
-It cuts through this one horizontally.

Here, you see two pools of water.

They look like puddles.

-That's diagonal.
-It goes diagonally this way.

It's diagonal.

-And this one flows this way,
-That stream

-so this should flow vertically.
-flows downward.

That's why we picked this one.

-This painting...
-Did we pick the right one?

The direction of water.

You guys made a good guess,

-but you didn't pick the right one.
-I see.

You got it wrong.

Shall we take a look at the second one?

Sure. Here it is.

Why did you choose this painting?

Because the other team wanted to take it.

Something that looks like this.

-The location seems right.

I'll be back.

No idea. You're taking that one?

He wanted to make sure we don't win.

-This isn't the right one.

All right. Then...

-Se-jeong, look for one dog.
-Okay, one dog.

I'm exhausted.

One dog.

Did the other team find it already?

All right. Then please tell me

why you chose this painting.

We thought that the common theme
of these paintings is people.

-I see.
-When you see it that way...

-You will see that...
-Three, five.

-Then 8 and 13.
-Right, 13.

The numbers are 3, 5, 8, and 13.


What's this sequence called?


No, not sequins.

-I said sequence.
-Jae-pyung, go ahead.

It's called the Fibonacci sequence.

Three plus five equals eight.

-"The Fibonacci sequence"?
-When you add two numbers...

When you add the two numbers,
you get the next one.

When you add 8 and 13,

you get 21.
That's why we looked for a painting

with 21 people.

But we didn't stop there.

We found another common denominator.
Can you explain the rest?

We're not sure whether or not the person
who came up

-with this test had thought of this.
-Okay, tell me.

-Everyone in that painting is on a boat.

They are in bungalows. Bicycles.
And those people are playing basketball.

Everything starts with B.

-Oh, he's right.

In that one, you see the drum.
And everyone on the stage

is holding a microphone.

They look like a boy band.

We thought band would work.

So we looked for 21 people and B.

-The number 21 and the letter B.
-It must be the answer.

Bravo starts with B too.

-The director seems flustered.
-I got goosebumps.

-The best.
-I'll be so impressed if it's the answer.

I got goosebumps.


-You add that up...
-Fantastic. Bravo.

That was a piece of cake.

Did they get it right?

We got it.

Is that really the right answer?

-Is that the answer?

We got it in one try.

-Thank you.
-They solved it!

Thank you for your hard work, everyone.

Hey, one dog...

I can't find any painting with one dog.

There's none?

Is my guess wrong?

There's nothing with one dog.

You guys solved it
much faster than I expected.

Oh, no. Poor you.


We just had to find the right painting.

-That's right.

-That was our mission.

That's not the right painting, mister!

-Did you just call me "mister"?
-I can't stand him.

He's pissing me off so much.

What's that on your hat?
Is that a propeller?

He will fly away.

Fly off like a drone
and look for the right painting, then.

-He's such a genius.
-Try flying away.

You guys will be so surprised
to hear this.

The five of us knew the answer.

Did you actually think
we didn't know the answer?

We wanted to let you win.

-Oh, my god.

Everyone knows Fibonacci.

Why do you think I looked
for a painting with one dog?

I'm not that thoughtless.

I see.

Anyway, since you passed the test,
I'll give you Cesar Elle Kim's work notes.

-Thank you.
-I hope this helps.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

These work notes

contain many important clues
that can help you find

her last self-portrait.

Please find her last painting,

her self-portrait.

-Let's go.
-All right.

-We will see who wins.
-Yes, exactly.

-Take it easy, guys.
-We'll show you.

I must say, they really are geniuses.

Damn, I'm...

I'm so pissed off. Damn it.

They solved it as soon as they saw
the paintings.

-I'm sorry, Se-jeong.

I'm really sorry.

We saw that a dog was missing.

That's why we looked for a dog.

That was your old job.
Please forget about it already.

All right, let's check out the clues.

"The Itaewon that Ha-young

introduced me to was, indeed, See-through.

I decided to drink a cup of painting.

After I drank
the painting filled with stars,

it felt like the color
was completely conveyed in my eyes."

I think this is a clue about the color
of her eyes in the self-portrait.

Oh, her eyes.

-This is so cool.
-This is about the color of the eyes.

-But where is this place?
-Let's look up See-through in Itaewon.

-I feel like it's a cafe.

-It's a cafe.
-We found it.

-It exists.
-See? I knew it.

In Gyeongnidan-gil?
We're one step closer now.

Do you want the address?

-Give it to me.
-I'll take a screenshot.

"She has an unconventional appearance,

and the drawing on her fingernails
reminded me of my childhood days.



-What does that mean?

Geez, this is too...

-What could this mean?

The English letters...

G, R, E, E,

-N. "Green."

-Is it the letter before that?
-That's right.

-G, R, A...
-A. "Gra..."

-P, E. "Grape."
-"Green grape."

"Green grape."

-Did you crack that?

Yes, this method was commonly used
during the Second World War.

It's been around
since the Second World War?

-So, it's "green grape."
-Yes, "green grape."

-Green grape.
-Green grape should be on her fingernails.

But the thing is...

At this rate, we will solve everything
before we get there.

Then we won't have much to do
when we're there.

-Shall we leave?
-The location...

Let's split into two teams.

-Send us the photo.
-Okay, I will.

We have to go to Insa-dong
and Itaewon now, right?

Sehun, what should we do? Go?

-Let's go.

One more person. Who wants to go?

-I'll go.
-Yes, Kwang-soo, you go.

No. Someone who really trusts me.

-Kwang-soo will go with you.

-What do you mean by "Shit"?
-Come on.

-Let's go!
-That is so offensive!

What's wrong with him?

-I'm so offended.
-Come on. Let's go.

Who does he think he is?

Don't you have any self-respect?

-You're still going with him?

Man, come on.

-We should figure out where we have to go.
-Yes, Se-jeong, let's go.

Just you and me.

Min-young and Se-jeong.
It's not just the two of you.

We have to go together.

Oh, yes, that's right.

Hang on.

Hey, Jong-min.

-We have to go together.
-Come on.

Jong-min! Geez.

What's wrong with her?

-She always falls over like this.
-You're hysterical.

Hey! I know you're doing this
because you're embarrassed.

Why are you covering her up?

You should help her get up.

-Did you trip on your own coat?

-That was so funny.

Hold on.

-Where are we going?

When Detective Ahn left,
he said, "Sehun, let's go."

And then, she says, "Se-jeong, let's go."

That means that you, me, and Kwang-soo...

We outnumber them,
but why should we feel this way?


-Come on, guys.

Let's go.

-I feel so offended today.
-Come on. We're running out of time.

Insadong 14-gil

Twenty-four dash one.


-Dash one.

That is our destination, Apple Tree.

-Got it.

We're not going to Itaewon.

We have to go to Insa-dong, first.

"As soon as I stepped inside,
I saw an astonishing history.

Eve, Cézanne, and Isaac

changed history with this small thing."

"With this small thing..."

Are the three of them related somehow?

At Insa-dong somewhere--


Adam and Eve's apple.

-What is that?

-Isaac Newton's apple.

Paul Cézanne's apple!

It's apple!


Search apple in Insa-dong.

-In Insa-dong.
-There is Apple Tree.

-"Apple Tree"?
-A Korean restaurant called Apple Tree.


Wendy, you're the best!

What did you think about
the dumb detectives?

They seemed nice.

It felt like they just recruited anybody
who was available.

"Eve, Cézanne, and Isaac."

It says that there were three groups
before them.

So this must be a small place.

Only 3 groups.
But they had to wait 36 minutes.

-Let me look it up online.
-That's it.


Yes. Famous restaurants. Three tables.


-There is one, isn't there?
-There are three tables.

It's there! What is the address?

-The address.
-The address.

This works very well.


It's in Gyeongsangnam-do.

Did you look up

Insa-dong in Gyeongsangnam-do?

There is approximately 324km left
to your destination.


-Shall we head to Insa-dong?
-Let's go to Insa-dong.

Man, we're running out of time.

Somewhere that has three tables.

Why did you try to leave
without me earlier?

I don't even know where to begin.

Okay, I'm really going to do it today.

-I really am.
-Find the Trojan horse.


"I found some of my old works
in the workroom

where I first started to learn art.

I made it thinking of the Trojan Horse..."

"The Trojan horse."

First of all, since the schedule memos
are all mixed up...

-We should...
-Sort them by time.

Yes, maybe the artworks have dates
written on them.

So we need to combine all these things,

like eyes and animals,

and finally, we have to find the one
that corresponds to those.

-I see.

At the corner of the alley. That's it.


There are art pieces up there.

There is a painting up there.

-Let's check the top and go down.

-What is it?

Is this the schedule?

What is that? Hold on.

Oh, this is the schedule.

They are all numbered. From one to five.

-Doesn't it mean the order is wrong?

They are all mixed up.

"Tennis appointment
with A-yeong at 10 a.m.

Send the artwork that was sold."

There's a horse up there, Jae-wook.

-The Trojan horse?

A horse is here.

This is the workspace. It's here.

A dog and a cat.

-A cat.
-An owl.

Is that an owl?

"I found some of my old works
in the workroom.

I made it thinking of the Trojan Horse."

That must be it.

"My pet is always here with me.

I'll make sure to paint my pet
in the painting"

I think it's one of these four,
but which one?

We found the Trojan horse,
but now what do we do?

Keep looking.

I think there is something
with organizing that schedule.

-What is it?


-A passcode.
-Is it locked?

There is something like a locker
that has a lock.

One, two, three, four. It's five digits.

Five digits? There are five memos too.

If we put those in the right order,
that becomes the passcode.

With that.

"I visited my workroom in a long time.

My secretary mixed up
the schedule memo I wrote.

I'm not sure
I'll have time to sort it out."

All the stories make sense.

Is it one, two, three, four, five?

Try one, two, three, four, five?

What if that's right?

Something like,
five, three, two, one, four.

-Or three, two, one, five, four.
-There are five.

If we put these memos in order...

What is mixed up about this schedule?

What's up with the Trojan horse?

We found the Trojan horse.
Two dogs and two cats.

This one is a cat,
and this one is a cat too.

-A dog.

How do we find it?

-It must be over there.
-It's right next door.

From the exhibition...

The painting that was sold
at the exhibition was sent.

Hang on. Then,

this one has to go after the exhibition.

The exhibition is tomorrow,

so this one should be yesterday.

For the exhibition tomorrow,

she met the curator.
The exhibition tomorrow.

She went to a birthday party at 7 p.m.

"Buy Hye-won's birthday gift"?

-Like this?

So, 32451?

They are coming.

Someone is up there right now.

Is it this building?

Detective Ahn!

-They are down there.
-They are almost here.


When they get here,
they will definitely do this first.

I hear their voices.

They are coming up.

What do we do?

We're done for, when they get here.

Two, three, four, five, one.

-Oh, hello.
-What is it?

You came here so soon?

How did you do it?

This guy brought his A-frame carrier.

We just got here.
It's not an A-frame carrier.

Are you here to carry something?

It isn't an A-frame carrier.

Hold on. I think that's
a very important memo.

We received it too.

-You received it?
-Didn't you just pluck it off from here?

Didn't you just pluck it off from here?

No, we received--

Look at you. You're startled. Hold on.

-Let's be fair.
-It's not that.

-How could you take that?

We will be fair, but...

-It was right here...

-This is it, the schedule.
-That's right.

I should change this cat...

to something else.

I'll change the animals a little.

Okay. Let's have a look.

These numbers aren't in order.

I guess not?

-So put them in order.
-How did you figure that out so soon?

The invitation to the exhibition
is before this.

She bought the birthday gift.

She probably bought the cake first.

The exhibition is this day.

After her glasses broke,
she probably went to get new ones.

Number two is after four.

It's like this.

There was the exhibition

that day at 8 p.m.

And there was a painting that was sold
at the exhibition.

The final time.

Shouldn't that be before the exhibition?

Okay, this is it.

Three, two, five, one, four.

Excuse me.

If you have tried,
why don't you step aside?

What's the point in wrestling
with something you can't open?

What can you do with that?

What did you just say?

Can we give it a try?

They were glasses.

They opened it.

I just transformed them.

Isn't it cute?

What's this? An elephant?

Let's make the trunk longer. What's this?

I don't know. It's an alien.

This feels exhilarating.

Hold on.

-There is something inside.

There is a cup.


What is this?

What is it?

-It's a lizard.
-It's a lizard cup.

What do we do? Let's just hide it.

There is a pet here.


What is that?

Is this a chicken?

-What would you call this?

Did they tamper with this
before they left?

The problem is...

How do we solve this?

-Three, two, five...
-It's already solved.

There's nothing.

They took it.

Excuse me,

but was there something in here?

We couldn't open it.

-Did you open it?
-It's unlocked.

You unlocked it earlier. You solved it.

-We didn't solve it.
-Come on, guys.

Be honest.
You tampered with these, didn't you?

-Didn't you tamper with these?
-You guys

aren't that clean-cut.
Your group of detectives...

I was in the process

of locking it back up for your sake,
when you guys came in.

He's a former agent.

-He would never lie.


I can find it all out
with my animal instinct.

Aren't you left-handed?

Then, while you aren't looking,

-we will restore the article.
-We can solve it ourselves.

-We will lock it up again.

-What will you give us in return?

we will tell you what it was

-in the beginning.
-What it was?

Yes, you should tell us
what it was in the beginning.

-I'll tell you exactly.

-We will tell you that.

Put it back and lock it.

Did you lock it?

But that's the number...

-We solved it.
-Show me the photo we took.

Let me tell you the original state.

When we first got here,

there were

two cats

and two dogs made with clay.

So that you won't recognize their shape,

we tampered

-with two of them.
-Oh, these are the remains.

We damaged them.

Okay. Let's move on to the next location.



-What's wrong?

This is what you damaged, right?

Inside what you damaged,

there is paper wrapped in it.

-What that means is

there was something else in here,

and after it was wrapped in paper,

the animal was made.

Yes, that's possible.

Like the Trojan horse.

But you broke this,

and after taking what was inside,

you acted like you revealed
everything to us.

-We didn't take it.
-Let me tell you.

-We're not taking anything with us.
-Let's just go.


you guys have to share the information

-that you found to make it a fair deal.
-That's right.

Since we're running out of time,

we will be on our way.

Also, it's definitely up there.

It was in here, right?

We had no choice but to break it.
We can't tell you anymore.

We had to do it.

Break it.

It won't break.

They really didn't take it?

The paper must have fallen somewhere.

I think it's this.

Oh, they put it in there.

-You're putting your hand in that?

Wait. We should destroy these.

It was that?

-What is it?
-A lizard.

A lizard?

Or iguana.

The answer is iguana.

-It's an iguana.
-Okay, let's go.


My hunch found it.

-It's written right here.

Apple Tree!

-Hold on.
-It's pretty.

This is an apple tree.

-These little things you see.

These are apple trees.

-Read the text.

"3 groups were already here
so I had to wait 36 minutes

to get inside the famous restaurant
in Insa-dong. As soon as I stepped inside,

-I saw an astonishing history."
-The apple tree.


"Eve, Cézanne, and Isaac
changed history with this."


"I can't just pass by
when I found their history here.

I will leave something
I was going to put in my painting."

So she left something

-in these trees.
-The root.

That means that it must be down here.
If we look under the apples...

-I don't think so.
-You don't think so?

The tree... The apple is the main thing.

The apple...

We should think like artists.

What's this?

I think this is something.

-I'll hold it.
-It's shaky.

I got it.

Take a picture of it first.

Let's send this first clue to the others.

-A scarf?
-It's a pink scarf.

With polka dots.

I think this is a shared hint.

-Then, the other team has to see it too?

-Let's get rid of it.

Why are you guys so mean?

How about this? We can hide it down here.

Like this.

We can start laughing out loud

if someone says,"Isn't this the hint?"

So we're already here.

"Is there even a hint?" Like that.


This is the famous See-through.

We have to do it quickly.

-The stars--
-Take a seat first

-and I'll--
-We don't have time to sit.

-Let me see your nails.
-Hello. Can I shake your hand?

Earlier, the fingernails...

The English letters... G, R, E, E,

-G, R, A...
-A. "Gra..."

-P, E. "Grape."
-"Green grape."

-"Green grape."
-"Green grape."

-On her nails...
-There should be green grapes.

Here it is.

We have to see their fingernails

and also order.
What we have to order is...

A cup of painting, please.

I would like a cup of painting, please.

-A cup of painting?

Then, let me give you our menu.


Cream art takes a long time,
so you can only order one cup per table.

The painting filled with stars is...

We have to order something at the cafe.

On the coffee, a painting--

The barista will make
a drawing full of stars.

I think this is a clue about the color

of her eyes in the self-portrait.

One Van Gogh, please.

All right, I'll get that ready
for you soon.

Yes, Jae-suk.

-Detective Ahn.

Where are you headed right now?

We're going to the second location.

-Oh, See-through?
-We're almost there.

It was right next to the workroom.

So it was nearby.

-What did you find at the first location?

-A scarf.
-We found a scarf.

-It's this place.
-Isn't this the tree?

But Jong-min,

I don't think this one but that one.

The first door.

You can see it right in front of you

as soon as you go through the door.

-It's the tree here.

-Not that one.
-did you eat any shrimp?

-So the one here...
-And she left something here.

She left something?

What's this?

-Let's go.
-Where are you going?

This scarf, Jae-suk.

Is this it? The scarf?

I think it could be.

-Well, good luck.
-This must be it.

They are suddenly
standing up really awkwardly.

-It must be it.

-Gosh, it must be right.
-You're being ridiculous.

Well, let's see who wins at 9 p.m. later.

You don't need to worry.

You're a genius,
but you aren't good at acting.

-The other team beat us here again.
-They're here.

They came here first.

Why are they here?

-Have a seat.

Our waiters will serve you.

You guys were here.

-We were with our team...
-A cup of coffee...

-We were discussing things.
-Order some coffee.

Can we drink the coffee standing up?

I like to just drink the whole thing
in one go while standing up.

-Don't drink that.
-You surprised me.

There's a drawing on it.

He drank it.

-Did you drink it all?

-Let's go.
-We're leaving.

-We already saw it.

-You already figured it out?

You drank it too quickly.

I drank it all in one go.

-Please wash this so they can't see it.

Let's go.

We should go to Avant-garde now.

-Wow, seeing that...
-So the eyes are blue, right?

I think so.



We should have come with her.

She told me the answer.

She said the answer was "green grape."


She explained why it was "green grape"

and we have to write the alphabet
right before the letters.

So, it's A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,
and so on.

So G is right before H.

So you write the alphabet

-right before those letters.
-Yes, the ones before them.



-The alphabet...
-Green grapes.

Excuse me.

Green grapes. This person...

The painter liked her.

We have to order a cup of coffee
and to choose which one to order.

-Give us some coffee, please.
-No, wait.

A cup of painting please.

Is there anything called "HSFF"?

Excuse me, but what's your name?

Wait a minute.

Please give us a Leonardo da Vinci.

It takes a while to make one,

so we only offer one cup per group.

-I'll start making that right away.
-Hang on.

Sorry, wait a second.

The director mentioned Leonardo da Vinci.

When the director was
talking about the painter,

Vincent van Gogh wasn't mentioned.
Then isn't it unrelated to the painting?

Didn't you hear anything
the director said?

I did.

I heard it, but...

Cesar Elle Kim was

like a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci.

The director talked about
Leonardo da Vinci.

What did he say again?
He was her favorite painter?

-Why didn't any of you write that down?
-You startled me.

We can't always investigate
by just using our guts.

-Please give us a Leonardo da Vinci.
-All right.

And Vincent van Gogh probably
isn't on the menu anyway.

It's right here.

It's the Mona Lisa.

This isn't the one
the ugly detective was drinking.

Don't drink that.

There's a drawing on it.

There has to be a lot of stars.

There has to be a lot of stars.

The one with a lot of stars is Gogh's.

There's one with a lot of stars.

Sorry, but we didn't order this.

-You made a mistake.
-We make them after you order.

You can't get a refund.

-It's a mistake.
-We were just discussing it.

You thought we were ordering. Sorry.

We thought it too simply.

We should have thought of a painter
who drew something with stars.

We didn't order this.

You must have thought we were ordering.

-No, this is...
-No, I'm sorry.

We weren't ordering this. Wait a minute.

"A painting on a cup of fragrant coffee."

We should have found out the painter
matching this description.

-The Starry Night.
-Right. That's it.

-We didn't order yet.

-Please give us one Gogh.
-One cup of Gogh, please.

I'm sorry, sir.
I can only draw one cup per day.

Let's just drink it, then.
We can't get a refund.

We found out that it was The Starry Night.

But if we can't get it, what do we do?

It's over.

Let's go to the third floor first
and look around.

-Hi, this is the Five Senses Playground.

-This place?

This is the highlight
of the Five Senses Playground.

That's it.

There are things for your sense of touch.

I will show you just one

that you choose
and let you check if you're right.

I can see a really great album
over there in the sound section.

-The fourth album of the Peppertones.

This was a really great album.

It won four music awards.

-Songs Made of Wood.
-I really like this singer.

The one next to that is really good.

I've never seen that before.

Don't be ridiculous.

But this part is weird.
There's something firm

and then something rough.
She liked the one in the middle.

But there's no meaning
behind just liking it.

No, there is a meaning.

If she liked it,

it means she knows what it is.

-So it's one of these.

"At first, I liked the one between
something firm and rough."

So the first one she touched

-is the firm one.
-The one on the left.

-On the left.
-She touched it.

For example.

"The cold one next to the mushy one
shook my heart.

-Diagonally across the cold one,

there was a sticky one
and a slippery one."

-I have a question, though.
-It doesn’t matter.

Can't we just touch them?

We might touch something strange.

You put your hand in the can of paint,

but you can't do that?

-Touch all of them?

Okay, I'll just try it.

What is it like?

-Something dangerous?
-A sausage.

How would you describe a sausage?

-What's it like?
-It's firm.

We should make a map for this.

Right, like a bingo board.


This is...

The thing you use to stir
when making a batter.

It does feel a bit firm.

I don't think you would call that firm.

I'll keep touching these.

Hey, look who's here.

-What are you doing here?

-What are you talking about?
-Well, I guess we all have our talents.

You found your way here.

-You did what?

-We found everything.
-Go do those in order.

You're supposed to start with sight

and do all the five senses.


-At least ten minutes.

Hurry up with that.

We should do it quietly.

This one...

You guys are cowards.

-A dead pigeon.
-Are you sure?


-No way.
-It's a doll.



I thought about the clue too simply
and ordered the wrong thing.

But they say we can order only one drink.

So the owner's not showing us
the right coffee.

Oh, no.

Can you talk to him and solve this?

She's our female detective.
Talk to him for me.



Yes, hello.

Could we get another cup of coffee?

How about this then?

-I'll get you that other cup

if you stop by.

-If I stop by in person?

-All right.

Here you go.

Min-young, I'll hang up for now.

Sir, it's Min-young.

-It's Detective Min-young.
-She's here.

Come on in.

Come on in and have some coffee.

-Come on in.
-He said he would give you coffee

if you came by.

Order anything you want.

-Detective Park Min-young.

Why didn't you say you were almost here?

-I just thought I would bring her in.
-Good thinking.

What would you like?



She wants a cup of Gogh.

-All right.
-Thank you.

Min-young, it's nice to see you.

Why didn't you say you were nearby?

Excuse me. I'm sorry,

but are you busy?

Could you spare me two minutes?

I would like you to order Gogh for us.

-Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Thank you!

-Thank you, sir.
-Please enjoy.

Min-young, here's your coffee.

-Is it iced?
-The painting is of

-the one we all know.
-I know.

Min-young, can you hurry up and drink it?

I'm sorry about that.

Detective Min-young.

Could you please gulp it down?

Min-young, I'm sorry.

Drink it though.

In goes the coffee, in it goes

-Stop leaving me hanging
-Stop leaving me hanging

Look at me bounce

-Min-young, bottoms up
-Bottoms up

Kwang-soo, help her out.

The eye was mentioned, right?

It's entirety...

I can't see anything.

Is that what happens when you drink it?

What's going on?


Are you sure you gave us the right cup?

I did.

"It felt like the color
was completely conveyed in my eyes."

The colors.

Yes, it's the colors.

-That must be it.

Wasn't it blue?

"It felt like the color
was completely conveyed in my eyes."

Min-young, good job.

Let's go then.

Something cold next to something mushy.

-Something cold next to something mushy.

Ice cream.

They are both mushy.

Which one do you prefer?

Here's something cold.

Diagonally above,
there's something sticky.

-We're left with two options.
-I wrote it down.

-So two fit the description.

We will know when we see it.

Hold on.

-What are you looking for?
-Something bouncy.

-Are you searching for one?

-With this--

you're unbelievable.

I read this earlier.

"Between something firm and rough."

Find the one between
something firm and something rough.

-I hate doing this though.

Stick your hand in.

-There's something inside.

Hold on a second.

-You go first.

It's just that I hate not knowing.

-What is it?
-I don't know.

-Which one was it?
-This one.

Look at her.

Isn't this weird for you too?

Oh, it's a pineapple.

-A pineapple.

-Yes. What's next?

They must all be fruits.

We're finally cracking this.

Maybe that's it.

What's this?

This feels disgusting.

It's a tomato.


Aren't you going to try?

I've been eavesdropping on the other team.

Go ahead.

Figure out what it is.

You didn't even touch it.

Are you kidding me?

-What's with the fake acting?

-Will you keep this up?

-You didn't touch it.
-I did.

-Be honest with me.
-It's slippery.

What's this?

-It's a scrubber.
-A scrubber.

What the hell is this?

-What can this be?
-What's wrong?

What is this?

Oh, no!

-What is it?
-It's a stuffed animal.

Really? Good gosh.

Aren't you scared at all?

I couldn't tell.

What the hell is this?

Touch this one right here.

What's wrong?

-What's wrong?
-Feel that one.

Min-young, aren't you scared at all?


You're making us look bad.

That's so cool of her.

She's so brave.

It moves.

How can she say that so calmly?

Mudfish that goes in chueotang.


And you touched it?

Oh my god!

Are you kidding me?

You barely participated in this mission.

Of course I did.

What about this?

This is the hawk
that was mentioned earlier.

"The painting I found
restored my childhood memories..."

"...and gave me a fun inspiration."

We should look for it.

She was inspired by the paintings.

-This man...

Glasses and cigarette.

Hold on! I thought you were Jae-pyung.

Jong-min, aren't you going to help?

I found something out.

-It has to do with the paintings.

-It could be a masterpiece.
-Count the hawks.

They are all hawks.

Maybe it's the rod of love.

In Korean, "rod" has the
same pronunciation as "hawk."

Not again!

-Keep him on your side.
-Could you explain it again?

There are seven hawks, right?

-Isn't it nine?
-I think it's ten.

Really? You counted more.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven,

-And nine over there.

There are ten.

-Go home if you're going to keep this up.

Which means "berries," right?

It’s homonyms in Korean.

What the hell is this?

Let's go.

It was said

that one was in plain sight.

Dumb detectives, get over here.

Come over here, and I'll sing a song.

"Dumb detectives"?

-A song?
-Yes, I'll sing.

-All right.
-He must think he's a singer.

-I love songs.
-Let's hear how good he is.

-You know--
-I met you

-Not him but--
-And I could

-Touch your hair
-Damn it.

-We need to know the position.

-Let's check to be sure.
-I can't tell you.

Did you see it?

I got it.

We're off then.

We will get going first.

We now know everything.

The beret.

The wine colored beret.

A pink polka dot scarf.

A berry shaped brooch.

-Blue eyes.
-Right, blue eyes.


-Yes, glasses.

Green grapes.

A pet iguana.

Yes, an iguana.

We have all the clues now.

-We just need to find the painting now.
-Let's go.

Isn't this weird though?

How do you read it?

-"Minus one."
-"Minus one"?


Isn't that weird?

"Bucket List of Minus One."

What's this?

I know what it is.

-An octopus.
-It's a sea cucumber.


-Isn't it a spoon worm?

-We need to hurry.
-If it weren't for you,

we would've failed.

-It would've taken us hours.

Wait, this one's a sea cucumber.

What you touched earlier isn't.

This is a sea squirt.

-A sea squirt?

It's between something slippery
and something sticky.


Something firm and something rough
are on a vertical line.

"I touched something firm first.

Then I touched something mushy
to the left.

Diagonally from something cold

-is something sticky."
-Something sticky.


"I was thinking
of adding the slippery one..."

"In my painting but went with
what was in between the sticky one

-and the slippery one instead."
-A beret!

A beret!

-A beret.
-Let's check the answer.


It's right.

-It's right.
-A red beret.

Is there more? "The painting I found

restored my childhood memories.
It gave me a fun inspiration."

These are the paintings.

There are paintings of eagles and hawks.

When the others were guessing,

they looked at the paintings.

Working as a private detective suits you.

You are good at eavesdropping.

-I am, right?

You are good at conducting surveillance.

There are ten hawks.

What does that mean?

Ten birds.

Ten birds.

Anyone can tell it's ten birds.

It's the answer.

There are a lot of hawks.

They counted the paintings.

-Did they count them?

-One, two, three, four, five,
-There are ten birds.

-six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
-There are exactly ten birds.

-You are right.



The answer is berries.

It's not ten birds.

The scriptwriter wouldn't do that.

-Let's go. It's berries.
-You were so close.


The other team will be here soon. Hurry.

This is what Cesar Elle Kim wanted to eat.

-Instant ramyeon.

There is a clue.

-"Yo, inhale that ramyeon."
-It's a big event.

"Let's set a record by eating ramyeon."

Cesar entered the event.

She ate ramyeon.

Then she won "an unexpected prize."

Let's eat ramyeon and find out
what the gift is.

Let's ask.




-Who are you?
-Gosh, hey.



There is a sign outside
for the ramyeon eating event.

Oh, that one. The ramyeon eating event.

-Is there a gift?
-Is there a prize?

There is a prize.

What do we need to do to win a prize?

A record of 4 minutes and 5.59 seconds
was set a week ago.

Do we need to drink the soup, too?

Of course.


It's 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

-Will you try?

Okay. Pick your ramyeon.

-I have an idea.
-What is it?

-Eat the noodles first.
-I can eat very fast.

Add a small amount of water
that is just enough to cook the noodles.

-The machine gives a set amount of water.
-I see.


You can't change the amount of water.

There is a machine outside.

-Put these on it.

It's this way.

Ready, set...


-My goodness.
-Eat it in four minutes and five seconds.

-My goodness.
-I am sorry.

You are doing this for us.

I will cool down the soup.

My goodness.

It must be hot.

You can't drink water.

-You can't drink water.

Why did we buy water?

Drink it afterwards.


It looks like he will finish the noodles
in one minute.

Let's go.

Gosh, it must be hot.

I can only imagine.

-My goodness.
-Are you okay?

A minute and 30 seconds have passed.

He will now drink the soup.

Drink the soup. A minute
and 40 seconds have passed.

-He will fail.

-Let him drink water.
-You can do this.

-It's fun to watch.
-It's okay.

Where are you going?

He danced once. Yes, let's go.

I think he will succeed.

-My goodness.
-You got this.

I am afraid he will succeed.

-Don't spill the soup.
-It's hot!

-It's hot!
-It's okay.

-It's hot.
-I think he will succeed.

-How much time passed?
-Three minutes and fifteen seconds.

You can do this.

You look the sexiest right now.

I think he will succeed.

-Three minutes and thirty seconds passed.
-Come on!

My goodness.

-Three minutes and thirty seconds passed.

-You did it.
-Three minutes and thirty-four seconds!

You did it.

I could tell that you ate pho in Paris.

I thought you were lying.

-That was incredible.
-My god.

-I succeeded, right? I did it.
-Three minutes and thirty-four seconds.

Thank you.

-Give us the prize.
-Give us the prize.

The prize. Okay.

-This is the prize.
-It's Ring Pop!

Can we take one each?

-A lollipop.
-Take the entire box.

-Are you leaving now?

-Yes. Thank you.
-Thank you.

-Thank you.

-It's nothing.

-My goodness.

He looks familiar.

-Welcome. Hello.

-I have a question.
-If we eat ramyeon,

-do we get a prize?
-A prize.

The long-haired man took
3 minutes and 34 seconds.

-Should I do it?
-You must set a new record.

-Give it to me.


-Ramyeon? Pick one.

-Pick a spicy one.
-Let's take an egg.

-An egg?
-Let's go with a mild one.

-Did you solve everything?

Everyone is here.

-We saw that man earlier.
-My goodness.

Hold on.

-Let's go somewhere else.
-Let's go.

Let's compare what we have.

We must figure out where we need to go.

-We have five clues.
-He looks so cool.

What does it say?

-"Minus one."
-"Minus one"?

Isn't it weird?


-There is a number.

We read it from the start.




-Hanam-si, Mi...


-No, Misa-dong.

"Hanam-si, Misa-dong."


-Hyphen one.
-It's an address.

You are incredible.

I thought he was useless,

-but he is quite smart.
-He is the smartest one.

Thank you.


Good work, everyone. See you at Hanam.


Enjoy your ramyeon.

We don't know where to go.
We don't know where the painting is.

What is that?

We got this as a prize
after eating ramyeon.

-His hands are shaking.
-Are you crying?

Ten seconds remain.

Why is his body shaking?

-Three minutes and thirty seconds.

Didn't he give you a location?

-No, he didn't.
-By the way,

where did the others go?

They left after whispering
among themselves.

-They must know where to go.
-They whispered.

I think they were only pretending
to be confident.

Sehun cares about the case,

but he cares more about beating
the other team.

The other team is so annoying.

Sehun doesn't like that team.

This is my first time to see Sehun

-so driven.
-It's close to 9 p.m.

We have no time to lose.

We need to go and pick up the painting.

I know. We need to go to the auction house
with the painting.

All the hints are in here.

-Han River...

"Minus one"?

What is "Bucket List of Minus One"?

-There are numbers.

There must be a rule.

The first letters are numbers.

-Combine the first letters.
-Combine the first letters.


-Si. Mi.
-Si. Mi.



-Three hyphen one.

Three hyphen one.

-Three hyphen one.
-My goodness.

Hurry up and compliment me.

-Come on.
-You are cool.

-3-1, Misa-dong, Hanam-si.
-Come on.


-That's the address.

-That's the address.
-I got it.

-Compliment me.
-Let's hurry up and go.

-Compliment me.
-Let's hurry up and go.

-Does the other team know this?

Are they competing against us?
Why did they leave us?

We figured out the address.

We should go together.

It's upsetting.

-Don't be upset.
-You aren't a team of four.

-I know that.
-Don't leave us behind.

The four of us became close.

-That's right.
-Let's meet there.

-You are cool.
-Follow us.

-Hurry up and follow us.
-Se-jeong, compliment me.

-You are cool.
-My goodness.

Cool, my foot!

It feels like
the three of us are a separate team.

It's like there's another team
within our team.

You figured it out
but you're still not accepted.

I told them to praise me,
but they just left.

Call them and complain.

It's Kwang-soo.

-Gosh, Kwang-soo.


We're on our way there,

but I called you
because I felt a bit upset.

How could you just leave like that?

We really tried to understand, but...

No, we didn't just leave.

You guys are so sensitive.

That was really mean.

No, Sehun. It's not like that.

I know we're not really smart,

but we should be working as a team.

-Why are you saying that?
-Don't be like that.

Sehun, don't talk like that.

Gosh, even Sehun is
saying things like that.

You know, I wanted to have drinks
together after solving this case,

but whether we win or lose,
I think we need to talk.

My god...

You really know how to tire people out.

Hey, what is this place?

Let's go get the portrait.

-Let's go.
-We came here first, right?

What's this? Are they paintings?

-Are these doors?

Red and blue?

-Eyes, hat, painter.
-It's the first hint.

-The first hint.
-The first one was

the eye color.

-She had blue eyes.

I got gooesebumps.

-But how do we know if it's right?
-We don't.

-This is blue.
-It could be the color of the hat.

-What are you doing?
-It took so long.

-Why are you opening that?
-There was a door there.

That could actually be the way in.

-It could be.
-It's really easy.

Hey, that's...

-I think it is.
-This is too simple.

-What is this?
-We got tricked.

-This is...
-We almost went through there.

-Well, this...

-There are numbers here.
-Oh my god.

-Two digits.
-Green grape.

Let's look over there.

There's another room?

Let's look at all the options.

-All right.
-Let's do that.

-We have to find the right one.
-Among these.

When will we find it?

Is this it?

-What's that?
-There are instructions

here. "The tiles must be flipped over
in this order.

First, flip over the even numbers.

Then, flip over the multiples of three.

Lastly, flip over the multiples of five.

How many yellow tiles
are there in the end?"

So we flip over the tiles?

-Let's do it.
-Even numbers.

-Even numbers.
-Flip over the even ones.

-Shall we go?
-Shall we go?

-All right.

We arrived together anyway.

You really hurt me.

Hey, Sehun.


Let's get together after this.

What are you talking about?

-We're a team.
-What's that?

-What's that?
-What's that?

There's a way in over there.

What's this?

I think it's blocked.

What is all this?

What are these?


What in the world...

To move to the next room,
we need to enter a passcode.

-Over here.
-Something's here.

"First, flip over the even numbers."

-Flip them over.
-Even numbers.

-Let's do this.
-Keep reading.

Even numbers.

-Flip over the even numbers.
-Flip them over.

-Let's do this.
-Keep reading.

-Even numbers.
-Se-jeong, here.

Flip the cards to yellow, right?

-The cards are yellow on the other side.

Right, they should be yellow.

Flip over all the even ones first.

-Flip them over.

"Then, flip over the multiples of three."

-Multiples of three.

-Three times five is fifteen.

-Flip them.
-One wrong, and it's over.

-Multiples of three.
-Why are you flipping 27?

We flip over the even numbers.

This is an odd number.

-Don't get confused.

Wait, we can't get confused.

-Let's split these.
-Split them.

-Only flip the ones in front of you.

-we might flip over the wrong ones.
-No, we should...

-Just flip over the multiples of three.

-Wait. Hang on.
-What if I flip it over again...

I already did that.

I already flipped that over.

We might flip the same one twice.

-You can just flip over all the multiples.
-It's better to divide them.

-Just flip them over.

You can just flip over
the multiples of three.

But someone could flip over
something again.

Right, we could get confused.

-For example, if you flipped over 75--

Hey, just start all over
from the red sides.


-Let's divide the numbers.
-What's up with you?

-All right.

-You look like a crab...
-"A crab"?

-"A crab"?
-A crab.


You crab.

Do you want to get covered in cream again?

Oh my god!

Gosh, he's really making me angry.

-He's really...
-Can you just go outside for a minute?

-Hang on. Hey, Detective Ahn.
-Go outside.

-You crab.

-I flipped the red ones and...
-I already explained it.


Should we start over?

-Well, one team flips the tiles,

and another team can try a simulation.

Odd numbers and multiples of 3.

So you mean we will flip the tiles over.


-We did up to 15.
-Then 20.

-Then 25.
-And then 25.

-Here's 25.
-Even and odd.

-This one and this one...
-So confusing.

-Not this...



The reason why I think it's 51 is...

If you do number one first,

there are 50 each of red and yellow tiles.

Then after doing the second step,

seventeen of odd numbers and
the multiples of three turn yellow.

And sixteen of even numbers
and multiples of three turn red.

So after doing both,

there are 51 yellow cards

and 49 red ones.

And then you flip the multiples of five.

But the number of
even and odd numbers are the same.

-So it remains the same.
-So it's 51?

-Try it.
-I'll press 51, then.

We're going with 51.

And multiples of 15 are 6,

and the same each.

-Three and three.
-So if you flip them,

-the number is the same.
-Let's go!


It opened.

It opened.

If one person just flips them over,

-it won't be confusing.
-All right.

Someone can call the number,

-and someone can find it.

Three times one is three,
three times two is six.

Okay, let's do it like that.





-Do the ones in front of you.


-There's 18.


Okay, 18, 21.

-Then twenty-four.









-Odd. It's red.


-Isn't 93 supposed to be red?

-Someone flipped it.
-It's yellow...

It should be yellow, then.

-It should be yellow.

Multiples of three are yellow.


-Here, the yellow one.

Why is that yellow, too?

Who flipped that over?

Maybe someone thought it was 66.

-Is it over then?

thought it was 66 and flipped it.

Sixty-six isn't flipped.

Then it should be yellow.

-Flip this over.

"Lastly, flip over the multiples of five."

-Multiples of five.

-Ten is here.

Fifteen is here. Where's five?

-It ends in five or zero.

-Five or zero.

-Flip 20.
-Say the number first.

Okay, five.

-You're just mean to Jong-min.

-Do it like we just did.
-He flipped the next one.

-If he flips it before...
-Like last time

Multiples of five should be yellow.

But there are even numbers

-and multiples of three.
-Just do it.

-Let's do this.

Do it like before. We did up to ten.

-Next is 20.
-Flip 20.

We're going up?

I have a bad feeling.

Wait, what is this?

-What's this?
-There's a needle here.

It's like a scale.

We need to get it to the center.

There's something written here.

"There are barbells on one side
with alphabets written on them.

Move the barbells to the other side

You must complete three English words.

You have 15 minutes.
However, a minute will be deducted

every time the scale loses balance.

Your time begins the moment

when the other side of the scale
lifts off the ground."

-It's a five-letter word.

-Scarf, apple, grape--

Let's start with the clues we discovered.

This side?

Does apple count?

Oh, my god!


We need to start with it balanced.


-From the beginning?
-We just tipped the scale.

We need to focus now.

Come over to this side.


Four, five, six.

Should we gather the yellow numbers?

-Let's do that.
-We shouldn't try to think.

I have 13.

I have 38.

-That's 51.
-Yes, 51.

-It's 51.
-Press 5 and 1.


We did it!

Fifty-one was the code.

-What's this?
-What's going on?

-What's this?
-What's going on?


Wait, we need to balance it first.

-You're right.
-A few should go to that side.

-How do we do it though?
-Come over here.

I want to win.

-I want to win.

I really want to win.

He said that about 100 times.

-We must win.


-We need to balance it.

-We need to move slowly.
-No, not yet.

-Wait a second.
-Not yet!

Let's move back slowly.

-A bit more.
-Hang on.

-No, wait!
-Oh, no!

It's tipping!

-What was that?
-What's going on?

-This side is higher.
-We should move to the center.

-Hold on a second.

Some should move back
while some move forward.

-We will go one by one.

-Hold on a second.
-One step at a time.

-Small steps.

-We need to balance her out.

-Take a step.
-Balance me out.

Step back.

-Move back, Se-jeong.
-That's it.

-Se-jeong, this way.
-Balance me out.

-Where are you going?
-I need to pick that up.

-Are you volunteering?

-Get going then.
-Jae-suk, go.

-Step back.
-We're stepping back!

-Do well yourself.
-Hang on!

-Don't touch me.
-You can take a step forward!

-The scale isn't balanced yet.

-We're good over here.
-Are you?

-Stay there.

-Stay right there!
-Pass it over.

-All right.

We need to know our options.

We need to know the letters

in order to make the words.

Oh, no!

-No, wait.

Don't run like that.

-Don't run.
-All right.

I'll stay in the middle.

The scale needs to be off the floor.

-Jae-suk, shift over.
-Everyone, stay still.

Stay back.

-Kwang-soo, stay there.

-Stay here.
-Don't move.

-And now...

So here's the V.

-Step forward.
-Hand it over.

-That's right.
-Then the scale will tip.

-He needs to run over.

-Don't take it just yet.
-All right.

But first, we need to know

-We'll form the word here.
-what word we're going to make.

-Keep it in the center.

Z for zoo?

Yes, that's it.

-Good job.
-That's great.

No, wait!

-Step back!

-Stay back.
-Oh, no!

Just stay there.

-All right, we're good.
-Everyone, stay where you are.

Don't move!

Hold still!

Min-young, form the word first.

I think there's every letter
of the alphabet here.


-I count 26.
-Keep them in the center.

Be careful.

-Oh, no.
-Don't move!

That's it.

-No sudden movements!
-Stay where you are.

Stay right there.

That's it. Oh, no!

Se-jeong, you're doing good.


Oh, no!

Stop moving!

Are you kidding me?



Since you're the heaviest here,

-lie down vertically.
-Like this?

Roll to the side
that needs the extra weight.

-We need to minimize our movements.
-That's why you're treating me this way?

-Of course not.

Lie down in the center.

Okay, wait.

I told you to stay still while we look.

I'm trying to.

Let's start with "study" and "grape."

-Right. S, T, U... Pass me the U.
-S, T, U, D, Y.

There is every letter of the alphabet.

Can I place this?

-Go ahead.

I'll shift over to this side.

Why do we have a seven?

-It's cold!
-I'm sorry.

-Look at this!

It hit me in the butt.

-Gosh, it's ice cold.
-Are you all right?

-Oh, no.
-Don't come over here.

-Hold on.
-My butt!

Let's forget about "study" for now
and make another word.

-Try "grape."

Here I go.

Move over to that side.

Go ahead.


Okay, good.

Not again!

-Damn it.
-Give me D.

We're not forming any words.

We're onto the last word.

-How about "money"?
-"Scarf" sounds good.

Can you tell us the letters we have left?

Why don't we make "black"
with what we have

and think of another word?

-Okay, good.
-"Black" sounds great.

C and K.

-We need K.

-Yes, K.
-Swap these two.

So we have "black" and "money."

-That's "black."
-What do we have left?

-I don't know.
-Did we use T?

-No, we haven't.

That's it!

Here's I.

-That's another minute gone.
-We're running out of time.

-I'll step over here.
-Keep it slow.

-Here I go.
-Not too fast.

-No one move.
-Stay still.

-I don't see it.

-It's there.

We're almost done.

Gosh, my back.

They are the same weight anyway.

Hurry up!

-I need T.

-It's heavy.
-All right.

-Slow movements.

Wait for the shift.

-Keep it slow.
-Take your time.

Okay, good.

Good job.


Isn't this good?

-We're good.
-We did it.

It's done.

-I heard something drop.
-Something dropped.

I can't believe it.

First of all, what was
the color of her beret?

-Keep quite.
-Guys, come on in.

-I get it.

-Let's not rush it.
-It's the beret.

-That's the color.

It was wine colored.

-Wine colored...
-It looked like this.


-She's wearing glasses.

-The iguana.
-It's a different color though.

What about the frame of the glasses?

I remember this one.

-Does anyone remember it?
-This isn't it.

-The berries.

What's that one from before?

No, I don't think that this is it.

Let's not rush this. Jae-suk.

-You will hang the weights.

Kwang-soo and Jong-min
don't know where the letters go.

How could you say that?

Are you kidding me?

-We know simple English.
-We graduated college!

Jae-wook, this is N, isn't it?

We graduated college.

-Guys, I got it.
-Hand me one.

The words are "lucky, grape, and shift."

Now combine the letters.

Okay, good.

-Keep the balance. Stay still.

-Se-jeong, you combine them.


-Where should I go?

-L is the first letter.
-Here's G.

-Is this G? Is it for grape?

-G, R, A, P, E.
-Next one is "shift."

-Here's H.
-And A.

Here's P.

-Take H.
-I'll keep the balance.

-Last one.

-Second from the last.

It's I.

All we need is one F.

-Here you go.
-We're almost done.

Hold on. Where does it go?

-There is one spot left.

-All right.
-"Shift, grape,

-and lucky."
-We did it.

-We did it.
-What's that?

-Get off.
-We need to get off.

Go slowly.

-Stand up.
-Let's get off.

-Get off.
-Good job.

-Min-young, you did a good job.
-Thank you.

How did you do that?

How do you know so many English words?

My goodness.

My goodness.

-Our team is too suspicious.
-What is this?

What is this?

Did you play the game?

-Didn't you just break the door?
-I think you did.

-What are you talking about?
-Are you saying

-you made five-letter words?
-Of course we did.

We have two people who studied abroad.

We need to find the right painting first
and go to the auction house.

-They are still looking.
-We need to find it first

and go to the auction house to win.

Hold on.

Genius Detective Team, come here.

Genius Detective Team.

The iguana...

This one is...

-This one isn't it.

-Is this it?
-It's wrong.


-This is...

wasn't the iguana green?


-Wasn't it pink?
-Wasn't it pink?

-Is that watermelon?

We need green grape.
This isn't the right one.

Green grape?

Who are you? Gosh, you startled me.



-The glasses are silver-framed.

Let's see.

-It's this one.
-It's this one.


-Isn't it the right one?

No, it's the right color.

Let's go. I think it's this one.

It's this one.

You are intimidating us.

-Don't be ridiculous.
-Let's go.

Let's go.



Is that the right painting?

Let's not give up.

That's right.

They might have chosen the wrong painting.

The auction of Cesar Elle Kim's paintings
will start at 9 p.m.

-My goodness.

You came!


Is this painting

the one...

-Please set it here.

-Thank you for your hard work.
-Don't mention it.

We did work hard today.

-It's authentic, right?
-Yes, it is.

-Thank you.
-My goodness.

-Where is the painting?
-We have it.


They brought a painting as well.

-Please enter.

He has it behind his back.

Jae-pyung has it.

They really brought a painting.

-Let me see it.
-What is this?

-Hold on.
-You brought it.

Look at the beret and the glasses.

-How did this happen?
-The brooch.

The color of the iguana.

Isn't the iguana green?

-Who has the camera?
-It's in the car.

Isn't the iguana green?

Who has the picture?

The paintings the two curators brought

are very similar.

I will check their authenticity.

You did a good job.

I'm sure it's green.

They are making me nervous.

All right.

-The one between the two.
-A beret.

Cesar Elle Kim's painting is...

that one.


Hold on,

-there has been a misunderstanding.
-We object.

-The result is obvious.
-We object.

How dare you bring a forgery?

I think they are a team of swindlers.

Stop spouting nonsense!

It's about time you step down.

What do you think you are doing
in front of these artworks?

It's Art and War.

Your effort was for nothing.

-This is obviously a forgery.
-You embarrass me.

Be quiet.

-You can go home.
-This makes no sense.

This has never happened
in my ten years of working as a curator.

-Hold on.
-This part has been pasted.

-It has been ripped.
-Hold on.

It looks like...

-Keep your hands off of it! How dare you!

There you go!

This is obviously the authentic painting.

-There you go!
-It has been ripped.

Show us the painting.

You are a bunch of imbeciles!

Don't lay a finger on this painting.
Do you know how expensive it is?

Doesn't it cost 300 won?

You pasted two paintings together.

What do you think you are doing?

We have no choice.

It's better than losing.

It looks like a real one.

No one will figure it out.

They are Genius Swindler Team.


-You will pay for this. Understood?
-Please leave.

You won't receive a penny!

I will sue you! Get ready for it!

You made a fool out of me.

She has too much anger inside her.

-Don't mind her.
-She made a sound as she went out.

Anyway, you guys...

-This isn't over.
-Let's go.

-Stop it.
-They are pathetic.

John Park.

-Why isn't he leaving?

They are so weird.

-They are starting to scare me.
-Maybe they are too intelligent.

We'll see if your team
continues to succeed.

We will start the auction.

Translated by Hyun-joo Choi