Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Last Vampire - full transcript

An ex-criminal, whom Jae-Wook had arrested during his days as an agent, tells him that a woman was murdered in his hometown, a small island near Incheon. When the detectives go to the ...

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I'm a detective.

To be precise,

I'm a private detective
who used to be a former agent.

My intuition acquired through experience

is better than any other detective's.

Gosh, it's hot.


My goodness.

-Agent Ahn.
-Holy crap!


How have you been?

The traffic was very bad.
I'm sorry I'm late.

I'm not an agent anymore.
Don't call me that.

I'm a detective now.

-By the way,

why did you want to see me?

Well... You know my hometown, right?
The island?

I want you to investigate that island.

-Your hometown?

I'm not sure if you will believe this.

The villagers have been
under the control of vampires for decades.


Even bodies of victims have been found.

What are you talking about? Vampires?

Did you watch a horror movie last night?

It's true.

I left my hometown a long time ago,

so I had forgotten about it.

But according to my hometown friend,

things are quite serious over there.

The villagers are trying to cover it up.

What is this all about? Vampires?

Where is that island?

Do you see that?

The island over there.

Way over there.

-That one.

Over there?

I mean... Vampires?

The villagers...

Where did he go?

My wallet.

Damn it.

You said you don't steal anymore!

Gosh, he's even faster now.



Are you alone?

Some more will come.

Detective Ahn.

-Come here.


-How are you?

You're not drunk, are you?

I quit drinking.

-Good morning.

-You're here.

-Is everyone on board?

Detective Ahn.

We just got back from Jeju Island,

and we're going to another island?


Look at that island.

Isn't that a deserted island?

It sure looks like it.
It seems like we will have to go there.

What's the matter?

Se-jeong, Min-young,
you've heard of vampires, right?

Do you believe in them?

-What are you talking about?

Who believes in vampires these days?

-You don't, do you?
-Are you drunk?

Neither did I.

Even if they did exist,

they would be in Europe, not here.

When I was an agent,

I arrested this guy.

And his hometown is that island.

Strange things are happening there.

There are some scary rumors going around.

When I asked the captain

to take us to that island...

The people living here
hardly ever go there.

Why would you try to go to that island?

The people on the island hate outsiders.

There is something

even more shocking.

This is K.

There was a mysterious murder
in an island near Incheon.

-A murder?

There is something extraordinary about it.

I'll send you the location of the island.

Hold on.

Interestingly, the murder took place

in the island he...

Is it that island?

Yes, it is.

After hearing the story,

-the island looks spooky.
-There's something spooky about it.

I think we will find something there.

Vampires hate crosses.

-Garlic too.
-That's right.

And onions. Shouldn't we bring them?


-Something like that.
-Are you making ramyeon?

Is everyone on board?


-I'll start the boat.
-Let's go.

-What is going on?
-Are there really vampires?

The waves are high.

Could the rumors be false?

It looks creepy.

Is it that one?

Are we here?

From here, it looks even creepier.


It has suddenly become dark.

Something feels weird.

After hearing the story,

it feels

-creepier for some reason.
-It does?

I'm not sure.

"The Great General Under Heaven."

"The Female General Under Ground."

Hold on.

They have very sharp teeth.

Do they usually have

-such sharp teeth?
-Do they all look like that?

Do all totem poles look like that?

They don't usually look this scary.

It's spooky here.

I want to get out of here.

Let's go.

What exactly happened here?

After hearing the story...


This village seems

-so quiet.
-I see some people.

I see a man and a woman.

-Ms. Kim died.


She was found dead on top of the mountain.

-The nurse at the clinic?
-Let's go up there.

-Excuse me.

-Excuse me.
-Hold on.

-Did someone...
-Someone died?

-Should we go?
-A nurse?

-Ms. Kim...
-Let's follow them.

Ms. Kim was found dead.

-What is going on?

-As soon as we arrived...
-We just arrived.

Ms. Kim, the nurse, was found dead

in the mountain.

A nurse died?

What is this all about?

-My goodness.
-How could this happen?

-What's going on?
-What should we do?

Oh, dear...

How could this happen in our village?

I'm so scared.

I know.

-Oh my god.
-This is bad.

My goodness.

What happened here?

Can't you see?

Look at her neck.

She must have been bitten by a vampire.

-A vampire?
-It must have been a vampire.

Excuse me.

-What happened?
-What's going on?

Who are you?

-We heard about vampires...
-Who are you?

We are...

What are you doing over there?

-Here he comes.

What are you all doing here?

-Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir.

-He's the head of the village.
-Didn't I tell you to watch your mouths?

-Don't you remember?
-We didn't say anything.

What if...


You don't look familiar.

-Who are they?

-Detective Ahn.
-Who are you?

Excuse me. Are you--

Who brought them here?

-We didn't.
-We didn't.


-Is it you?

Didn't I tell you not to bring
any outsiders in here?

What if the rumors spread?

What are you going to do?

Why don't you just have
a press conference or something?

Did you bring them here?

No, I didn't.

-We know nothing about them.

-We haven't seen them before.

-I'll find out who brought them here.
-We didn't.

They didn't tell us anything.

I know a guy from this island--

Just cut to the chase.

Explain who you are.

You could say

we're detectives.

Are you with the police?

-No, sir.
-He was...


I don't know what you heard
about our village,

but listen.

Don't try to learn about

the legend

about this island, or you could get hurt.

Keep that in mind.

Many people have died
while trying to learn about the legend.

I'm telling you this for your own sake.

Do you understand why I sound so upset?


you must be from Seoul.

I trust you not to do anything stupid.

-I'll tell you as much as I know.

Listen up. I'll tell you just once.

Legend has it that

a vampire has been living

in our village...

for hundreds of years.

It's true.

-A vampire...
-A real vampire?

Didn't you just see that?

-A blood-sucking vampire?

It is said that

the vampire gave a warning

-to our ancestors.
-A warning?

If anyone tries

to look into the incidents,

the vampire will kill

all the young women in our village.

-I see.
-That's why we can't do anything.

-It's true.
-Young women...

Anyone who tries
to look into the incidents

will get seriously hurt or die.

That's what the legend says.

We have lost so many lives

just like this. It's true.

-You guys.

I've warned you.

-If you investigate this incident,
-My goodness.

you might lose your lives.

Don't forget that.

By the way,
what is taking the doctor so long?

-There he comes.

-Where is he?
-Over there.

Oh, there he comes. Move.

-He must be the doctor.
-Is he a doctor?

Here he comes.

Please come this way.

The doctor looks...

Oh doctor...


-Let me carry your briefcase.
-It's okay.

I could help you.

Please come this way.

These things keep happening around here.

It must be troublesome for you. I'm sorry.

Could you take a look?

It looks similar to the last case.

-The wounds on the neck...

I'm sure it's a vampire.

Shouldn't we report to the police?

We don't need them.

The doctor can take care of it.

-But still--
-He knows these things well.

Without him,

our village wouldn't function.

-He can take care of it.
-Of course.

Based on

the temperature, color,
and stiffness of the body,

it seems like she's been dead for a day.

-The immediate cause of death

must be excessive bleeding.

-Excessive bleeding?

she lost all her blood?

-Excessive bleeding?
-It's the vampire.

I'm sure it's the vampire.
What should we do?

She looks so pale.

This hasn't happened in a while.
What's worse,

Nurse Kim used to work with you.

You must be so sad and in shock.
Are you okay?


I guess.

-You must have been surprised.
-Yes, Dr. Park.

Have there been many similar cases

-so far?
-Dr. Park...

Something similar happened last year.

-My girlfriend...
-What happens here...


I lost my girlfriend

-in a similar way.

Your girlfriend?

Don't ask him those things.

You're reminding him of bad memories.

It's getting cold.
Who hasn't got a flu shot yet?

-Have you?
-I need to get it.

I told you to get it the other day.

If it's too hard for you to come
to the clinic, I could visit you.

-You don't have to.
-Thank you.

Dr. Park is so kind.

Well, I'll bring

those who haven't got a shot yet.

-Go inside. It's cold.

-I'll get going.

I'll finish up here.

-Go inside.
-Hold on.

-Go on.
-You're giving them flu shots?

I mean,

a nurse he used to work with died,
and he's leaving like that?

Aren't you going to report to the police?

We've had no problems so far.

-What's this?
-What do you think?

Look at the teeth.

Is that a vampire?

It's supposed to

protect us

from bad things.

It's none of your business.

You're not even the police.

Don't touch anything, okay?

I've warned you. Don't touch anything.

-Don't say anything to them.
-Of course.

-This is nuts.
-I'll get going.

-See you.

-Leave everything there.

Are they leaving the body here?

-Does she
-I mean...

-have no family?
-Where are you going?


Both the doctor
and the head of the village

were acting strangely.
The whole village is weird.

-It's like a religion.
-They are like a cult.

-What does that doctor do?

They said this lady used to work with him.

-And he left like that?

-They were told not to touch her.
-I know.

Both wounds are

right where the major blood vessels are.

-That's right.
-Yes. The major blood vessels.

-Is there really a vampire?
-What is this?

Something smells fishy.

Something doesn't feel right.

Let's split up and visit the doctor

and the head of the village.

Let's interrogate them.

-Let's do that.

Let's meet back here

-after we interrogate them.
-Let's meet here.

Is it just us

-or is it actually spooky here?
-This place is weird.

Let's meet the doctor first.

He was the weirdest one.

Excuse me.

Where does the head of the village live?

He lives in the red-roofed house
on top of the hill.

On top of the hill?

There's a mask hanging on your gate.

-Why are you asking about that?
-That mask...

Just be on your way.

Gosh, you're bothering me.

All right. Let's go.

-There's something about that house.
-I know.

Look at that.

There's another mask.

-There are so many.

Every house has one.

Ask that young man.

He doesn't seem to be happy.

Do you know anything
about the recent murders?

-Are you with the police?
-No, we're--

We're private detectives.

I don't know anything. Go over there

and ask someone else.

Old people might not want to talk to us,

but a young man like you
should have the courage.


I said, I don't know!

-We're sorry.
-We're sorry.

Gosh, I'm trying to work.

The villagers...

-They are afraid.
-They all seem

to be overreacting.


As if they are feeling guilty.

-They seem to be hiding something.


I've never received

this many dirty looks in my life.

Right. They are so hostile.

They seem to hate us.

You think you know something...

-There he is.

Oh, there he is.

He's eating.

Isn't that wine?

He has a really nice house.

The nurse that he was working with just...

Just like Kwang-soo said,

the nurse he was working with just died.
He's drinking at midday with his meal.

Excuse me.


Have you eaten?

Oh, yes, we already ate.

You're eating raw meat like this?

Yes, I've always liked my steak rare.

This is almost raw.

So, sir, could we ask you some things?

-Of course. Have a seat.
-Shall we?

I mean...

We mentioned this before,
but this is almost raw.

-Would you like a bite?

-No, thank you.

-We usually eat it well-done.
-I see.

Is there a vampire in this village?

I don't know.

Why did you ask so directly?

How else would I ask him?

Are you a vampire?

He couldn't be, could he?

He couldn't be.

These questions...
Are you suspicious of me?

Perhaps that I am a vampire...

A little.

We talked about it on our way here.

-Yes, we did.
-You're brave.

That was between us.

We should have been tactful about it,

but since Sehun mentioned it--

Then will you believe me if I ate garlic?


Since vampires are afraid of garlic.

I can't just eat it.

Why don't we do this? Just a moment.

If he eats it, it confirms
that he's not the vampire.

True. So he is offering
to eat garlic himself?

Garlic and vampires are definitely...

The cups...

What are these?

Here are garlic juice, water, and wine
that I prepared.

Each person will play against me

and pick a cup.

If I drink garlic juice,

you will get the answer

-you're looking for.

That's right.

If we don't pick the garlic juice,
and he drinks it,

-that will give us the answer.

Then, shall we give it a try?

Pick one.

-Go ahead and pick one.

-Don't choose the garlic juice.
-Of course. There are so many cups here.

How could I pick garlic juice?
I pick this one.

-I'll go with this one.

The color seems dark.

It can't be garlic juice.

It's water.

What is it?

What is it?

Garlic juice?

What is it?

What is this?

What is it?

It's wine.

You didn't tell us
that there was salt water.

-Salt water is water too.

Come on.

At least, you didn't get the garlic juice.

-Yes, it's still among these.
-This is bad too.

He has to drink garlic juice

for us to get the answers.

Who's next?

-Should I go?
-Yes, Sehun. Give it a try.

-I got a hunch.
-Just avoid garlic juice.

That was so salty.

-It's water.



-What's yours?
-What was it?

Salt water?

I've never seen you like this.

-What's wrong?

You can look ugly too.

What's wrong?

-What was it?
-It's salty.

-Oh, it's salt water.

What about you?

-It's wine.
-Wine again?

Are you a hoodwinker?

-Are you?
-How did you get wine each time?

Why don't we shuffle them up a little?

As you wish.

Like this.

You can't shuffle it in front of him!

Oh, you were looking.

You shuffled it in front of him.

Why are you shuffling this one?

It's a different shape.

You're the one who suggested it.

-You wanted to shuffle them.
-Hang on.

Pick one.

I'll go with the one in the middle.

-I could have picked the wine.

I'll go with this cup.


That could be garlic juice.

-Two, three.

Oh, man.

You can't really say anything,
because you chose it.

Drink up.

What did you get?


What's wrong? What are you doing?

What is it?

I'm sorry.

That smells so bad.

Dear god...

Sorry about that.

Now that I think about it,

you brought these,
so you must know what's in them.

I didn't choose them though.

Oh, yes. That's right.

I don't think you should be
doing this here.

It's the full moon today.
You may not be able to catch a boat.

-So you should ask beforehand.
-That's why we are in a rush too.

Don't talk. Jeez.

I have to

prepare medication for the villagers,

-so I should head back to the clinic.


-Hold on.

-He should have drunk this.

He should have...

He should have drunk the garlic juice,
why did you drink it?

Come on.

He said that he is going to
give vaccinations

to the villagers in a little while,

so let's investigate

the clinic then.

Look that way when you talk.

Why are you treating me like this?

-I was trying to solve the case.


Stop staring.

-He's leaving.
-He left?

-That briefcase...
-He isn't really a vampire, is he?

-He even walks strangely.

-I wonder what is in that briefcase.
-Raw meat and wine...

He's taking that briefcase again.

We have to find out
what's in that briefcase.

There's a mask here too.

-Jae-suk! His research log!
-Have a look.


"A syringe and a thermometer..."

He must have injected something
with the syringe

to the animals.

He injected something.

"Approaching the target amount.

Expecting to end research
after two, three experiments."

Even to the cow... The pig.

"The relationship between
Dioxin and Uroporphyria."

-This doctor is really odd.

Something's in it.

I guess he injected this.

-What happened?

-Oh, no.

Am I going to die?

It says here

that the cow and all of them died.

It can be contagious.

-The cow and me...

What do I... Man.

-Call that doctor and tell him to come.
-We don't have time!

Call the ambulance.
My cell phone isn't working.

Oh, man.

Will you turn into a vampire?

What if I die?

It says that the cow and all of them died!

It really pricked me.

There is a disinfectant.

-Use that.


Sehun, you're very calm
in a situation like this.

-Kwang-soo just makes a fuss about it.
-Come on.

There is something in the syringe.

What is this white thing on the tip?

Yes, it's on this one too.

-It seems like it was injected somewhere.
-Yes, you're right.

What's this white thing?

He must have injected it deeply
into something.

What if I really die?

-Give me another alcohol swab.

One isn't enough.


You won't turn into a vampire, will you?

If so, you should just--

If I become a vampire,
I'll bite you first.

Why me?

I'm going to bite you first.

-It's smaller in here than I expected.
-You're right.

It's big on the outside.
Why is it so small?

-This mask doesn't have teeth.
-No teeth.

-This mask doesn't have any teeth.

What is this now?

-This mask doesn't have any teeth.

There is something here.

-I didn't do anything.
-What's in there?

What is it?

There is a secret space here.


It is him.

Gums and fangs.

-Oh, my gosh.
-What was that?

Oh, man. It's locked.

Why won't this work? How...

Come on.


We need the code.

-We're in trouble.
-Oh, no.

-We always get locked in.
-I know.

Excuse me. Anybody home?

-Anybody home? Sir?
-Anybody home?

-Oh, he's here.

-Oh, yes.

From earlier...

Oh yes...

We met you at the crime scene.

-You are the detectives.

-We would like to talk...
-We would like to ask you a few questions.

You can ask all you want, but...

-Can we come a little closer?

You can't cross that.

Anyone who is not pure can't come inside.

So if you want to talk with me,

do you see that jar filled
with freshly drawn water?

The four of you should drink
all the water. Purify yourselves

so there is no salt left in your systems.

One cup per person?

-One cup?
-No, you have to finish it.

-Drink all of it?

It's not easy to purify yourselves.

-It's full.
-It's a full jar.

-You have to drink it up.
-Let's see.

-If you don't want to, just leave.

I drank alcohol

in a jar before, but never water.

This is really good water, isn't it?

Of course, it's freshly drawn water.

It's not easy to purify yourselves.

-Is this a friendship test?
-Let's hurry.


-We're running out of time!

It has to be done before the sun sets.


-You're doing well.

-Oh, man.
-Don't spill any when you drink.

-One more.
-I think I'm going to die.

Okay. I'll drink it.

Hurry up and drink!

Don't just act like your drinking!

-I'm too full.

-I'll step inside briefly.

-Let me know when you're finished.
-Hold on. I feel dizzy.

Something smells fishy.


-I keep on hearing something strange.

I'm so full.

So, what is it that you want to know?

We wanted to ask you

about Nurse Kim.

We heard that she worked

with the doctor at the clinic.

It's been a few years.

She really admired Dr. Park.

-Were they romantically involved?

-It wasn't that?
-No, it wasn't.

So they weren't lovers.

Exactly. She just admired him.

-She admired him.
-A doctor that she admired.

The doctor's girlfriend was also murdered

last year as well, wasn't she?

I don't even want to mention

-that woman.
-Why not?

She really had a bad attitude.

How can I say...

She just exudes bad energy
to the people around her.

-She's just a bad influence on...
-I apologize.

He must not be feeling well.

-I keep on burping.
-They keep coming.

You're being purified, that's why.

To be honest,

I feel bad that she died,

but I think it was for the best.

-The girlfriend?

She had such a bad attitude,

and was not a good match for our Dr. Park.

-Not a good match.
-They didn't get along?

I don't know, but we could tell
just by looking at them.

For example,
if the two of you are trying to date...

-Us two?
-Will it work? It's obvious that it won't.

-Why not? Maybe it would.
-It just won't.

-It definitely won't work.
-Of course not. It's a crime.

Like that, the two of them
were not a good match.

But, sir, as the head of the village,

when bad things happen like this,

shouldn't you try to solve it
as soon as possible?

The more I try to solve it,

the more villagers die.

We can't get away from here.

The moment we try to find out
what's going on,

the women start dying.

We just keep silent about that case

in our village.

We just hope the vampire

will calm down
and things will settle down.

So as long as Dr. Park is here,

the men in this village are safe.

-The men are safe?

Thank you so much.

-Dr. Park, let me just...
-No, it's okay.

Let me give you my jacket at least.

-So this village--
-Dr. Park knows how to do everything.

This village can't function
without Dr. Park.

I told you.

Why do the villagers
trust Dr. Park so much?

If he didn't have such dedication
for this village,

he couldn't have decided to do it.

They have been like our guardian angels

for three generations.

-That's what I think.

-Why were they so attached to this island?
-How should I know?

Then, from the time of his grandfather,

these murders have been going on?

It has been going on
for a few hundred years.


since you came from afar,

come on in

and have something to eat.
You must be hungry.

-I'm too hungry that I can't talk.

-Go over there.
-Thank you.

That way. Yes.

We, villagers, are generous that way.

He seems nice.

-Oh, boy.
-Oh, my.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

-No, it's okay. I got it.
-You've prepared so much.

In my life, I've heard

that I'm pretty good at cooking.

Let me taste it to see how it is.

-I smell crab.
-Blue crab.

That's right.

That's Se-jeong's favorite.

-I really love blue crabs.
-Eat up!

How is it?

-Yes, thank you.

-Is it good?
-I'm well-known in this neighborhood

as a good cook.

What's wrong?

You made it yourself?

Of course. Even the village women
come to learn from me!

Why does it taste so bland?

Is it because you don't like salt?

-Is it bland?
-It's too bland.

So bland! It tastes like nothing.

We always eat like this,
so this is tasty for us.

I guess outsiders feel that way.

You don't season your food at all?

We can't use salt.

-Not in our village.

Even when we came inside,

you told us to get rid of the saltiness.

Is there something bad related to salt?

-It has no flavor.
-In our village,

some hundreds of years ago,
about half of the villagers perished,

because they drank salt water. They died.

Because of salt?

Since then, we don't eat anything

that's seasoned with salt in our village.

-No one?
-No one eats it.

-It's almost bitter.
-In our village,

-there are only two that use salt.

The doctor.

He says that he needs salt
to treat his patients.

-Dr. Park Hae-jin and the shaman.

-The shaman?
-There is a shaman here?

You know, for ancestral rites

and ridding spirits.

She uses salt for that.

-Thank you for the meal.
-Thank you.

Don't try to dig too deep
into the vampire thing.

-My goodness.
-Thank you.

I don't want someone
from the mainland to die.

Thank you.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

For goodness' sake.

It's a full moon.
I don't know if they'll be able to leave.

-This is bad.
-What do we do?


We always get locked in.

I know.

Isn't this K?

-It's K.
-It's K.

Who is this man?

His father and the doctor.

The three generations.

I see.

What's Porphyria?

"Porphyria is a disorder

in which a deficiency of enzymes..."

-I can't read.
-I am sorry.

You are as sensitive as the villagers.

"A deficiency...

Severe hemolytic anemia
and malformation of red blood cells..."

Severe hemolytic anemia...

You lack blood

-when you have anemia, right?
-That's right.

That's why...

vampires drink blood.

-They lack blood.
-That's right.

Is this what they mean by vampires?


Is the village doctor...

a vampire?

Are you suspicious of me?

Perhaps that I am a vampire...

He might come back. We must open the door.

We must open the door.

-Holy crap!

For goodness' sake.

That startled me.

What is up with this man?

I can't move my legs.

There is

something inside.


Why is there a screw?

Maybe the screw goes in somewhere.

Is no one worried about me?

-Are you okay?
-I am in pain.

Don't talk.

You are so mean.

Don't laugh.

I sacrificed myself for the case.

Why is there a skeleton?

What is this screw?

-Why was it inside the mouth?
-What is this?

-It's a screw.
-There is an opening here.

What is this?

It fits.

-Why does it go in there?
-Why does it go in here?

Is this a handle?

Is it for closing the coffin?

It's a handle.

I don't think it is.

It slides to the side.


That startled me.

Where did it go? Is this magic?

-"My secret..."
-"My secret..."

What is this?

"My secret reveals itself in the dark."

What does that mean?

-What's that?

In the dark?

Go inside.

I ate garlic, Sehun.

I am 33 years old.

-I will go inside.

Go inside.

-Please close the lid.
-I got pricked by a needle.

-I ate garlic, Sehun.
-Go inside.

-We are counting on you.

-Are you okay?
-I will read it.

-What is there?

-What is there?

-That startled me.
-Hold on.

-Open the coffin lid.

That startled me.

There were no other writings.

-The skeleton popped out.
-There is a writing.

There is a writing.

"I am suffering from porphyria,

-a rare hereditary disease."
-"A rare hereditary disease."

"Because of the foolish villagers

who believe my symptoms
protect the village,

I am locked in this island.

-The villagers pretend to care for me,
-"To care for me..."

but in actuality,

they watch me so that I won't set foot
outside the island,

and torment me.

I despise them
for taking Mi-jeong away from me."

The villagers took
the doctor's girlfriend away from him.

They are tormenting the doctor.

She must be his girlfriend.

Is Mi-jeong his girlfriend?

-I think so.
-I think so.

What does that mean?

It says the villagers

took Mi-jeong away from him.

What does that mean?

I don't know.

You and I read it together.

You must think of me as your rival.

-A rival, my foot!
-I was making a deduction.

I have seen you for weeks,

but I never found your words important.

Don't be ridiculous.

We need to get out of here.

We saw the villagers revere the doctor

as if he is a deity.

-I know.
-What does it mean

the villagers are tormenting him?

This village can't function
without Dr. Park.

Dr. Park is so kind.

What does it mean
they won't let him leave?

I want my fortune read.

Let's check our compatibility
before we leave.

Compatibility between whom?

It can be anyone.

You never know.

We might be compatible.

I think it's this house.

It's this house.

When we go in,

we might face hostility
since we are outsiders.

Like you said,
we should pretend to be customers.

A compatibility reading.

Let's see if she is good.

Am I in this?

When were you born?

-Tell the shaman to guess.

Let's ask for a compatibility reading.

This place is scary.

It's very scary.

My goodness, do you hear those bells?

There is a mask.

Is anyone home?

Excuse me.

You are outsiders.



-You are outsiders.
-Yes, we are.

-May we enter?


-There is salt.
-There is salt.

Let me see.

You know everything.

-Why did you come here?

You keep lying down.

-As for you,

you are either a genius or a fool.


How did you know?

By the way...

-Don't touch it. You will taint it.
-I won't.

Why won't you...

-But the salt--

Why is salt only used here?

Salt is sacred in this village.

It stops the vampire's wrath.

We know that garlic and crosses--

That's not it.

Does salt act as those items?

Firstly, I can only let the one

with a compatible soul hear God's voice.


You must hear God's voice
for a detailed story.


Have you heard of a fortune-telling
that uses rice?

-I will throw grains of rice

and make them stick to my forehead.

If two or more people
manages to stick more

-grains of rice on their foreheads,

then you pass. Understood?

How can we...

-How many do I have?
-You have a lot.

-About 20.
-I will count.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen...



The one who gets more grains of rice--

-There are marks.

-My forehead hurts a bit, but it's okay.

Hearing God's voice is more important.

-The marks are clear.

-Se-jeong will go.
-I have a wide forehead.


-This is hilarious.
-You need more than 14.

-Roll your forehead around.

My goodness.

You are trying too hard.

-I heard a crunch.
-All right.

-You did it.

One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven...

-She did it.

-Okay. One person passed.
-She passed.

-One person passed.

Everyone has a wide forehead.

I need more than 14.

-Yes, you need more than 14.


Who knew she would do this?

-She's still pretty.
-Our prettiest detective.

Let me see. Two, four, six, eight, ten...

-That's 12.

You failed.

It's because I have dry skin.

-Oh, no.
-You failed.

If only I had oily skin.

I'll give you one more chance.

-Only two have to pass her test.
-I don't feel confident.

Damn it...

How dare you use that foul language?
This is a place of respect!

Jae-wook, calm down.

-Press down firmly.
-Put your head down.

This way.

Let me see.

There's about 40.

I count about 40.

-What are you, a rice cooker?
-Did I pass?

You did. You passed.

You passed.

There are even some in your hair.

Okay, let's do this.

Ask what you want then.

-You're probably curious about Nurse Kim.

What was she like?


Nurse Kim

came by a lot since last year.


She seemed quite scared.


Mi-jeong who died last year...

-The girlfriend?

Nurse Kim was good friends with her.

They were friends?


after Mi-jeong died last year,

Nurse Kim became a walking corpse.

-A walking corpse?
-That's right.

It's when the curse of a vampire hit her.

-Since then?

Nurse Kim?

That's right.

Also, you should know this.

Salt is good, but it can be dangerous.

-Do you get it?

If you feed the offerings salt,

they'll give up their lives.

-What does that mean?

a monster lives in this village.

-A monster?

It could get extremely dangerous
if that monster reaches the mainland.


-What's a mainline?


You really are either a fool or a genius.

I don't know what you mean.

It means it'll get extremely dangerous
if it leaves this island.

-The monster?
-That's all I have.

Now leave so that I can pray.

-Can you give us some salt then?
-I can't.

-We can't get it ourselves.

This salt is sacred.

Now leave so that I can pray.

What's the deal with the monster?

-The monster.
-Once it reaches the mainland...

We have to stop it
from leaving the island.

We should meet up with the others for now.

They might have found out something.

Sehun, we need to hurry out of here.

Where's the clue?
It should be around here somewhere.

What's this though?

-I think we need this.
-Someone has scoliosis.

Hold on. What's that?

Something's embedded.

What is that?

Is it a bobby pin?

Wait a second.

Hold on. Could we stack these?


Maybe we are supposed
to stack these together.

The bobby pin--

If we stack the X-rays together...

-They connect with one another.

It forms a letter.

-Isn't it this?

It's an S.

Is that an S?

Doesn't it look like one?

-Hold on.
-What is it?

The code starts with zero
and ends with a star.

We need to find what fills the blank.

-What's with the S then?
-Hang on.

-It's five.
-Instead of S, it's five.

-If we make it fit to make sense.

This is giving me a headache.

The numbers must be hidden individually.

-If so,

did we just crack one?

We need to find two more. Wait...

-We didn't find anything here.
-We just cracked

one number to the code.

What's wrong with everyone?

They are all

so secretive.

So ridiculous.

I want to kill that doctor.

Wait, I feel movement.
The heart is beating.


The heart is on the left.

Do you think I don't know that?

-I was just making sure.
-My gosh.

Feel your heart. It's on the left.

-I know that, but...

-Hold on a second.

Listen to it.

The heart

is about here.


-Shouldn't it go on the nipple?

Feel your own heartbeat.

It's slightly above the nipple.

What's that?

Try that again.


Let's repeat the sound.

Dash dot dash is ieung.

What's the dot for?

It's ah.

What's dot dot dot dash?


Dash dash dash. That's pieup.

That spells alpha.

Dot dash dash means bieup.

Dash dot dash dash is eh.

Dash dash dot is siot.

Dot and four dashes is the number one.

I hear five dots. Five.

"Alphabet one five."

"Alphabet one five"?

Is it A and E?

It's this.

Why won't it open?

-What could be wrong?

This has become a pattern of yours.

You were sure of the code too many times.


Could it be "alphabet 15"?

-One, two, three, four,
-One and five, 15?

five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Then 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

That's O.

-No, zero. Could it be zero?

We only found one,
so we still need another.

-One and zero?
-What did you say?


So that was only worth one number?

-Damn it!
-Hold on.

Wait a second.

Don't we have them all now?

-I can't take it anymore.

That was only worth one number.

-What are the numbers we have? Zero and

-That's right.

We need the last number.

We also know zero.

-Yes, we still need the last number.


-Oh, no.

-You guessed wrong too many times.
-What's going on?

Oh, no.

Damn it.

-What now?
-Haven't we found

all the numbers?

-This is pissing me off.
-We have to find...

-Hold on.
-Are you kidding me?

-All this for one number.
-What's with all the numbers in my head?

This is absurd.

-Holy crap!
-What is it?

What the hell?

Isn't this weird?

The letters aren't in order.

Plus, it's difficult to read.

The spacing is off.

I see an S!

-It's an S.

This must be a five.


-Is it a cry for help.
-My gosh.

Without him,
our village wouldn't function.

I got goosebumps for real.

I can't believe it.

This isn't just any number.

This is an S.

-I got goosebumps.
-It's SOS.

Yes, SOS.

-It's a cry for help.

-Zero and SOS.
-Let's get out of here first.

-Let's go.
-I'll type it in.

Let's put everything back though.

-It worked.
-Was it 0505?

It's open.

-We are finally out.

-Should we check on the body?

They are here.

Come here, quickly.

Did you find out anything?

We were locked in a room,

-and it took us a while to get out.
-You got locked in?

We noticed that there are masks

with teeth in every house.

We looked around the clinic,

but the mask there had no teeth.

Why didn't that one have any teeth?


one important clue we have is that

no one in this village can use salt.


We can't use salt.

In our village, there are only two
that use salt.

The doctor and the shaman.

-Were there syringes?
-Hang on.

-Let's look at the body for a minute.
-There weren't any syringes.

Wait, this is...

-Hang on.

-White powder!
-Something's here.

What's that white powder?

Wait. Can I taste that?

-Just try tasting it.

It could be salt.

-Isn't it salt?
-It's salt!

-It's salt?

Then it's likely that the culprit
is someone who uses salt.

-It's salt?

Then the stuff in the syringe
must have been salt.

The white stuff.

What is this white thing?

-Yes, it's on this one too.
-The syringe.

There's another important thing.

-What is it?

-got pricked by that syringe.

-So he's...
-It's not like that...

-We are being cautious.
-We are watching him.

But this...

-It's really salt.

-It's salt.
-The stuff there was salt too.

-Then isn't it the doctor's doing?

-I think so too.
-The circumstantial evidence...

The syringe that we saw

-and the salt in it.
-The salt.

There were salt on the victims clothes.

-And they lived in the same area.

So it's obvious that the culprit
is the doctor.

But something that doesn't match up is

that the letter said

that the people here
seem to be kind and respectful toward him,

but they were stopping him from leaving.


we found out the passcode
to get out of that room,

-and it was SOS.

-The doctor wrote that?

We can't tell if the doctor is the culprit

-or a victim.
-But why would he write SOS?

What's going on here?

From what we found out,

things aren't really matching up.

We have to solve this quickly though.

We heard that a monster
will reach the mainland

-on the night of the full moon.

If it reaches the mainland,

-it could get dangerous.

-It's today?
-Today is the day of the full moon.

We don't have much time.

-Let's go together.

What is going on in this town?

There are a lot of strange things.

So strange...

Everything's so strange.

-He's over there.

He's over there.

-Hey, he's going somewhere.
-His briefcase.

Wait a minute, doctor.

We came at the right time.

Can I help you?

We found salt on the clothes

of the woman who died.

And there seemed to be salt in a syringe

we found at the clinic.

Well, salt is used

by the shaman as well.

-Well, that's true.

We heard that salt is used
for ancestral rites there.

He's taking that briefcase again.

I wonder what is in that briefcase.

We have to find out
what's in that briefcase.

-What's in that briefcase?
-Could we have a look at it?

You seemed to be very determined

not to let anyone touch that briefcase.

-Let me carry your briefcase.
-It's okay.

The briefcase...

I think there will be a clue inside.

No. There are valuable
medical supplies in here.

-Well then...

Hang on, doctor. Just one second.

-Your briefcase.
-We just want--

-Just for one second.
-What are you doing?

Just for a tiny second.

-We know it's valuable stuff.
-Just a second.

-We will just take a look.
-Just for a second.

-Just one second.
-Just once.

-Just one second.

-One sec.
-We need to see

-You people...

-Just one moment.

-Just one second.
-One second.

-Hang on.
-Just in case you drop it.

-One person at a time, please.

-Hold on. Yes?
-We just need to check something.

I know we might seem rude, but--

-Please let us look.

we don't want to do this,
but you're outnumbered, so...

Are you threatening me?

-No, we're not.

-We are just...
-Kwang-soo is...

-We were just...
-We were wondering

what's in the briefcase

since you were acting a bit defensive.

Yes, so we just want to check.

If you have nothing to hide,
you should show us.

-It could be dangerous, so...
-We're just looking.

-We will open it.
-All right.

There are syringes here.

And pills.

-Wait a minute.

Hey, this is it.

-It's salt.

-It's salt.
-This is salt.

What do you use this for?

No, this isn't salt water.

-This is triamcinolone.

It's used to treat infections.

-Can I taste it?

-It really isn't salt.
-What if it isn't?

It isn't?

It's an anti-inflammatory drug, a mixture

of triamcinolone and lidocaine.

We saw all of that at the clinic.

What are you people doing?

-Well, we...
-Sorry, we have to check.

Stop this right now.

Are you done here?

We were wrong then?

-There's no salt here.
-Gosh, this is frustrating.

Then what was the salt
we found on the syringe

at the clinic?

What are they?

Why are they sticking?

Aren't they pill bottles?

-There's a magnet.
-They are not pill bottles?

-Elderly patients lose the lids often.

-So you used magnets?

-Wait a minute.
-Wait a minute.

It only sticks here.

Yes, it only sticks here.

There's metal here.

-There's something here.

-It's there!


What is this?

Tell us what this is.

Tell us the truth now.

I killed her.

I wanted to kill everyone in the village.

Because my grandfather, my father,

and I...

We've all been trapped in this village.

What does that have to do with the murder?

-And they even took Mi-jeong...

...away from me.

Be quiet.

-That's what I mean.
-Be quiet!

It's you, isn't it?


There's no point in lying.

You're trying to let the doctor

leave this island, aren't you?

Don't you know what happens if he leaves?
What are you waiting for?

-That bitch!
-Die, you bitch.

Move aside.

Help me! Help!

Leave our doctor alone.

So, did the villagers killed
that nurse you were with

like they did Mi-jeong?

It was her.

She was the one who told the others

that Mi-jeong and I were trying to leave.

Then the stuff in the syringe
must have been salt.

Salt is good, but it can be dangerous.

Why did you do it?

Why did you tell the other people?

Mi-jeong died because of you.

Do you know the real reason
why you came here?

-We received a request.

I led you here...

to leave this island.

Detective Ahn, you received the request.

-You received a request to investigate.

-Nam Chang-hee. I sent him.
-Nam Chang-hee.

Is that so?

You know my hometown, right? The island?

But according to my hometown friend,

things are quite serious over there.

I thought

you would be able to get me out.

What is going on?

I injected poison into his body.


Unless he gets the antidote in an hour,

he will die.

What do you think you are doing?

What will you do?

Why did you inject poison?

Why did you choose me
out of all these people?


Jae-suk was already pricked with a needle!

-You are ridiculous.

-We need to hurry.
-Will you find the antidote or not?

-We'll find it!
-We must find it.

We will do anything.

It's not like we were injected
with the poison.

What are you saying?

-Kwang-soo will die otherwise.
-I will stab you with this.

Help me get out of this island.

I can't believe you!

You could have simply asked
to take you with us.

To leave this island,

you must find three flares

and fire them at once
at the launcher on the beach.

-You mean the flares we launch at night?
-A flash?

-We need three flares.
-Where are they?

They are hidden
inside the villagers' houses.

They are in the houses.

However, you must figure out

whose houses they are hidden in.

The villagers are having
an ancestral rite at this hour.

In an hour,

you must find all the flares.

We have no time to talk.

We must find them
before we run out of time.

We must find them, otherwise--

You and I have something to do.

-Something to do?
-My goodness.

What did I do wrong?

Let's go and look for the flares.

Hang in there.

We should go to the shaman's house.

What do I need to do?
Why did you make me stay?

You and I have something to do.

I will tell you on the way.

What did I do to deserve this?

I even drank garlic juice.

I don't know where we are going,
but can we go faster?

We are going

to the shaman's house.

I hid the new medicine I discovered
at the shaman's house.

-Will it cure me?

It will cure me.

You have my antidote, right?

Of course.

I will give it to you

after I find my medicine.

Don't worry.

I am asking because I am curious.

Why did the villagers

kill your girlfriend
to keep you from leaving?

My grandfather

passed down an incurable disease.

CASE 26-9

The villagers believe
a patient with that disease

will keep them safe from the vampire.

That's why the villagers are
keeping me locked up.

To keep me from leaving the island,

they murdered my girlfriend.


I want to leave

the island.

I thought the village seemed a bit off.

We need to find three flares.

My goodness.

Shall we go to every house?
Shall we go to the houses with a mask?

Houses with a mask.

Let's look for houses with a mask.

It's ahead of us.

It's right here. Wait, it disappeared.

How strange!

Earlier, it seemed like
every house had a mask.

The masks disappeared.

The talisman is lying sideways.

-Am I wrong?
-Every house

has the same talisman.


Did you check the houses for masks?

-They are gone.
-They are gone.

There are talismans.



A yellow talisman that was pasted sideways

is in every house.

-Maybe the...
-What is that?

-It's the ancestral rite.
-The ancestral rite.

It's the ancestral rite.

Let's go that way.

-Now's the only time the houses are empty.
-I know.

Dear Vampire God, we beg you

Dear Vampire God, we beg you

It's a shamanistic ritual. How scary!

Dear Vampire God, we beg you

This village is so scary.

My goodness.

The house is empty. Where is it?

They are searching for the flares.


What is it?

Come here.

-What is it?

-What is it?
-There is a calendar.

There is an X over a location.



-This is...

Here is an X.

Where is this?


Isn't this the top?

-I think it's the top.

I think it's towards the top.

-We will search other houses.

Tell us if you find something like this.

Now that I think about it,

I feel like I have seen
that drawing somewhere.

The head of the village's house
is also missing a mask.

There was

-a brown mask.
-Could it be for the ancestral rite?

It's what they found.

It's here.


A map of the village.

It's toward the top of the mountain.

What is this?

What do you think it means?


The masks have been replaced

-with talismans.


What is that?

We found a calendar.


What does it say?

-What does it say?
-Every house had it.

-Hold on.
-Place them together.

-It fits perfectly.
-Place them together.

-What does it mean?
-The size is the same.

What does it say?

What is this?

-There are marks.
-There are marks, right?

It's the same size as the talisman.

-You are right.

There are marks on the talisman.

There are marks.

What is this? Is this a house?

There they are.

-Did you find anything?
-Did you find a calendar?

-How many did you find?

-Then we are good.
-Put them together.

It's this house.

-This one.
-That's right.

We located it too.

-It's this house.
-It's marked!

-This one
-Does the size fit?

-and two more.
-There's a marking here.

-These three.

-The red dots.
-It's on the map.

-You're right.
-That's the place.

There's one in the corner
and two others here

-as well as this.

-Let's head over there.

-Right, then let's hurry.

We will go to the first house.


Oh, wait...

I hear bells.


Don't tell her I'm here.

What's your name?

It's Lee Kwang-soo.

You go in and distract her.
I'll look for the cure.

If she sees me,

you will also die.

What's with all of these death threats?

Let's go.

All right.

She's right here by the gate.

-Are we good?

Let's hurry.

-I'm sure it's in a crock.

Go and distract her.

I'll look for the cure.

Excuse me.




-Come on in.

-Come on in.

Let me look at you.

You're full of bad luck.

Misfortune awaits you.

You're full of bad luck.

You need a talisman.

Stop growing. Don't get any taller.

You're in big trouble.

-You need to get rid of it.

-Shake out the bad luck.
-Hold on.


-Hear my worries.

Jump first.

-You must get rid of the bad luck.

-Yes, jump.

-Jump up and down.


-Shake it out.

-Shake the bad luck out.

Wait a second.

-Hold on.

You're full of bad luck.

Bad luck is formed in clouds above you.

You're... Ouch.

You're full of bad luck.

What was that?

-What was that?

-What was that?

-Please hear me out.

I think I'm in love with you.

-You're lying!

Hear me out.

-Someone's out there.
-No, wait.

-Hold on.
-Let me go!

What's going on?

Who's there?

You're actually quite strong.


Who's there?

-You're like a wall.
-Please hold on.

Please just listen to me. Ma'am...

-Hold on.

-What's going on?
-Wait a second.

I hear someone.


Stop. I'm so sorry!

-Who are you trying to fool?

-Who are you?
-I'm sorry.

-Hold on a second.

-What game are you playing?

-Who do you think you are?
-I'm sorry.

-Who is that?

-What game are you playing?
-Hold on.

-Stop. Who are you?

-I'm no one.
-Who the hell are you?

-Who are you calling?

-Someone's here.
-No, wait.


-Hold on.


I'm sorry.

-It's not my fault.
-Show me one by one.

Okay, fine.


I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

All he did was confess his love to me.

I hate when that happens.

Did you find it?

-I did.
-Let's get going then.

Should we head to the launching pad?

Sure, let's go.

All right.

What is that?

There was something weird
in the shaman's crocks.


It really is weird.

Why did you wipe it on me?
What's that weird smell?

Let's go.

Is it this way?

Yes, it is.

I hope your team makes it
to the launching pad on time.

Did you find it?

-Over there.
-Did you find it?

-We're running out of time. Fire them up!
-Yes, we did.

-Fire them up!
-We haven't got them.

-We're heading...
-Didn't you just say you found them?

Over here. I think it's this white house.

-This house?

-Let's look around.
-Look for the flare.

The flare...

I'm sure it's not in the crock.

Here, I found it!

-Did you?

-Here it is.
-Good job.

-Let's go.

-Isn't it this house?
-Where are you going?

-We found it.
-To fire!

We haven't though.

-What does it look like?

-It looks like this.

-It looks like a can.
-All right.

Okay, did you see that?

It looks like a can.

Did you find it?

It's here!

Let's get going then.

I think we have about five minutes.

-Did you find it?


-We found two.

-Stick it in here.

I am...

Hold on.

-I'm having trouble seeing and breathing.

I'm dizzy and tired.

Give him the antidote.

We only need one now.

We only need one more flare.

-It's this house.

-Let's look.
-Where could it be?

Where's the mask?

It was about here.

The mask...

Is it this?

I found it.

I found it. Let's go!

We found it!

-Here they come.
-Let's go.

We only have a minute.


-Did you find the others?

Yours is the last one.

-Stick it on the left side.
-We have a minute left.

-Sehun, on the left.

Thank you, all!

Sehun, over here.

-What do we do?
-Shall we do it?

One, two, three.

-We did it.

-We did it.

We did it. All three of them.

Look! Over there!


Who fired the flares?

Who fired the flares?

We have to stop them.

-Come on, hurry.
-Give us the antidote.

-Give us the antidote.
-Come on, what are you doing?

-The ship is coming.

-The ship is coming.
-It's coming!

-It's coming.
-The ship's coming.

-It's coming.
-Hang on,

give him the injection.

He has to swallow this.

-Get them!
-Stop them!

-Catch them!
-Stop them!

-They are coming after us.

They are coming.
When is the ship getting here?

-Where is it?
-Get them!

-It's coming.

Hey! The village people are coming!

It's going over there.

Over there!

-Over there.

-Hurry up.

-Oh, my gosh.
-This is so scary.

They are running after us!

-I can't believe this!
-This is scary!

-Get them!

They are trying to stop us from leaving.

-They're trying to stop us.
-Why won't they let us go?

-There they are! Get them!

-Get them!

-Get on!
-Get them!

Get them!

We're almost there.

-Get on!
-Get them!

-Get them!
-Oh, gosh.

Get them!

-Get them!
-They are coming.

Over here.

-I'll do that.

Hurry, get on.


Hold on.


We can't miss them.

-That was so scary.
-Yes, that was scary.

-There's a police car over there.
-There is.

Did they hear about something?

-There's no phone signals here.
-They seem to be waiting for us.

How are the police here?

-Nobody called the police though.

-I didn't call the police.
-Excuse me.

-We got a report.
-A report?

-Hand over the culprit.
-Who reported...

-Nam Chang-hee.
-I saw the flares and reported it.


Well, let's get off now.

-Let's get off.

You are the culprit,

-so you should go with the police.
-You have to pay for your crimes.

Getting out of the island was my goal,

so I'll pay for my sins.

But still, you shouldn't have killed her.

I'm sorry.

-I'm sorry for what I did.


I'm curious about something though.

There was a photo

at the clinic

of a kid and K together.

Do you know K?

-There was a photo.

-Hey, give us an answer.

-I couldn't tell since it was so old.
-There was a photo of K.

So it was really K.

That was K?

-He knows K?

-K and a little kid.
-Hey, is he really K?

-He must know something.


It really is K?

-What's going on?

-What happened?

-What happened?
-What's going on?

-What's going on?

-What happened?

-What happened?

-He did this.
-He did this.

There are fang marks here.

-What's that?
-There are fang marks!

Oh, my gosh.

Remember what she said?

It could get dangerous
if that monster reaches the mainland.

-The shaman.

-The monster!
-We brought the monster to the mainland.

A monster lives in this village.

It could get extremely dangerous
if that monster reaches the mainland.


So Park Hae-jin

tricked us into going there

-so he could escape.
-To escape.

-We should have left him on the island.

We got tricked by Nam Chang-hee.

That caused all this.

-He could be an accomplice.

I'm still doubting him.

He seemed strange from the beginning.

But still, we did arrest him.

-That's not the point though.

It's K.

It's me, K.

You must have had trouble
investigating on the strange island.


It was about 20 years ago...

When I went to that island,

I had help from a doctor

on research for Project D.

-That's the photo we saw.
-I see.

We have to investigate further on how

the culprit killed the police officer,

but you've done a good job in taking him

to the police.

I'll contact you again
when there is another case.

Excuse me.

Can you

help me find a painting, by any chance?

Translated by Hye-lim Park