Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Messages from the Dead - full transcript

Jong-min encounters a child who gives him the diary of a teen girl. He finds out that the girl had recently died at Songdo Central Park under mysterious circumstances and receives a call ...

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Did you see the photo?

This is the prettiest spot
around the school.

I work at an errand service center.

People even hire me for petty errands.

But I bet no one knows

that I'm actually a detective.

Oh, this is Sangsang Art High School.

I heard I should be able
to find some clues here.

They said there are some clues here
at this school.

Where are they?

Where should I go to find clues?

I know that it's somewhere in this school.

-It's me, K.

You must've heard about the murder
of a female student.

She was murdered mysteriously
on the reed field at Songdo Central Park.

Gather a team of detectives
and find out the truth about her murder.

Right away?

Where should I go to find clues?

Jae-suk, hurry up!

The weather seems to tell us
that something is going to happen.

Something already happened.

What happened?


-It's Kwang-soo.
-Kwang-soo is here.

Having you guys by my side
makes me feel so protected.

-Oh, Min-young!

-Here comes the pretty detective.
-Oh, my.

-She looks so charismatic.
-Se-jeong is here too. Hey, Sehun!

Sehun looks...

Is there a fashion show
happening today or what?

You look dashing today.

One person isn't here yet.
The former agent.

Gosh, he's really late.

Shouldn't he be more punctual?
Why is he so late?

What? Sangsang Art High School?

Detective Ahn!

Hurry up already. We have a new case.

-Detective Ahn.
-It's nice to see you guys.

What's this all of a sudden?

Hurry up, please.

I told you that we have a new case.

All right.

Can you try to be
a little more interested?

-We have a case...

-Everyone is here now. What's the case?
-Now that everyone is here...

First, I'll tell you guys everything

-that happened today.
-Something must have happened.

-I work at an errand service center.

-I went out on a job.

The job was to collect interest
from someone.


I'll be sure to collect the money today.

I'm not kidding.

Here you go. All done!

-Thank you.
-Bye. I hope to see you again soon!

How sweet.

I should slice this gimbap now.

Hey, you know that your interest payment
is due today, right?

Pay it on time, okay?

Wait, you went to collect
an interest payment?

That's unusual.

Well, we do everything.

-Really? Anyway, what happened?
-I got there and...

Honey, come out and help me.

Talk to that guy. Come on, hurry up.

Could you please let it slide
just this once?

But you should...

You should pay it back.

Pay it back as soon as you can.
I mean, please pay it back.

-What's the matter with him?
-They said they didn't have any money.

Oh, the tteokbokki looks delicious.

I'd like a plate, please.

-Are you here to eat tteokbokki?

Then come in.
You should've told us from the start.

So I sat down, but right at that moment...

At that tteokbokki place,

there's that sweet...

-What are you doing?
-Are you drunk?

-By any chance...

Look at Mr. Former Agent.
He's all angry now.

He's fuming mad.

Anyway, I sat down, waited a little,

-and started eating my tteokbokki.
-Here you go.

It looks delicious.

It was a mistake.

-Did you do that on purpose?

What is wrong with him?

Is he an idiot or what?

Honey, by the way,

are you the one who ate everything
in the Sweetness Storage?

Someone has been eating
all the snacks in it.

There's this thing called
Sweetness Storage.

Apparently, someone
has been eating the goods in it.

-Are you suspecting that I ate them?
-No, honey.

You know that I've been trying hard
to stay in shape.

I know. What is happening?

Sir, what is "Sweetness Storage"?

A kindhearted student started it.

Students bring sweets and snacks
to share them

with others and encourage each other.

We call it Sweetness Storage.

But someone keeps taking the goodies
in the bottom compartment.


I promised them that I'd catch
the thief for them,

-and I did catch him,
-I see.

but it was a kid.

Hello, ma'am!
I'd like a plate of tteokbokki.

-Okay. Honey, one plate of tteokbokki.


Hold on!

That kid is the thief!

-That boy?

The goodies in the bottom compartment

of Sweetness Storage
have been going missing because his arms

can't reach the upper compartments.

-Yes! He's right!
-Sir, I'm sorry.

-Did you take anything today?
-I didn't take anything. I swear.

I kept interrogating that kid

and found out that he had this diary.

What is that?

I'm a detective.

-Are you really a detective, sir?
-Of course.

This belongs to Yoon-ha.

She hasn't been coming here lately.

If you find her,

please give this back to her.

She left it here
the last time she was here.

So, I asked the owner
of the tteokbokki place about her.

Who is Yoon-ha?
It sounds like she and this kid are close.

That kid was very fond of her,

but she actually died a few days ago.

They told me she died.

So I found out that she was found dead

on the reed field
at Songdo Central Park on the 22nd.

It seems like she died
under mysterious circumstances.

Are you saying she was murdered?

That's possible.

We don't know anything for certain
at the moment,

but I got a call out of nowhere.

-From who?
-From K.

-He called you?
-Yes, he called me.

-That's why you called us.

We should find out the truth
about her mysterious death.

-Shall we see what's in her diary?

Her name is Ji Yoon-ha. Student number 22
in Class 3 of 12th grade.

-And... Oh, here's a diary entry.
-Yes, there are diary entries.

"I did badly on the math exam.

I could've gotten a perfect score."

So, she was a studious student
who usually got good grades.

Yes, she must have been.

"I treated that kid I see often
to tteokbokki."

-Oh, that kid!
-It must be that kid.

-That little boy.

She was kind and generous too.

Yes, totally.

"I have a bad memory.
Yeong-go, Yoon-ha... What am I saying?

I have to pick a password for my computer,
and I love EXO and Gu9udan the most."

What do Yeong-go and Yoon-ha mean?

Is Yeong-go a name too?

Investigate everyone
whose name is mentioned here.

Who were you talking to?

-Who were you talking to?
-Okay, I'll write them down.

-What is it?
-There's a photo.

Is this that girl, Yoon-ha?

But who are these four guys?

Who could they be?

The last page, here.

"S2E1N1T1." What is this?

-It looks like a code.
-It does.

There's an arrow after "GTG" here.

-Get the...
-Glory to God.

Get the girl.

I looked it up. It stands for "Got to go."

-It's an acronym.
-I see, it's an acronym.

-We just need to decipher this.

What is "S2E1N1T1I1F1"?

They could be a username and a password.

Are they supposed to form a word together?

"GTG" must mean

-she's got to go somewhere.
-Yes, that's right.

It's an alternation between
a letter of the alphabet and a number.

Don't you think it means there are two S?

It becomes "Fitness" when it's reversed.

-When you reverse it...
-Yes, it is fitness.


I just got goosebumps.

Look at the direction of the arrow.
It was telling us to read it backwards.

-Oh, my. Sehun, you're amazing.
-I'm impressed.

Let's go and find out.

-You guys came because you got it too.
-Did you get it too?

Who do you think sent it?

Don't you think it's just a prank?

Who's pulling this prank on us?

Who do you think sent it?

I see a fitness center there.

-It's right there.
-We really found a fitness center.

"SS." Our guess was right.


Does it mean to go somewhere?

Oh, there are...

-Aren't they those boys?
-They are here.

-Can we help you?
-Who are you?

Aren't they those boys in the photo?

Aren't they them?

-I think they are.
-Hang on. Those boys...

-Excuse me.

Who are you guys?

-We're detectives.
-We're detectives.

-Yes, that's right.

Do you guys know a student named Yoon-ha?

Her name is Ji Yoon-ha.

Yes, we do.

Well, where's her diary?

-Can you give it to me?

-Come down already.
-He's been holding it the whole time.

-He's trying to look cool.
-Why were you there?

What was that about?

Our priority is solving the case.
What's up with that leather jacket?

I'm sorry, but this is Yoon-ha, right?

-Yes, it's her.
-Why are you asking about her?

You guys don't know that she's dead?

No, we do know.

Did you guys hang out here with her often?

-Yes, this is our hangout.

Did Yoon-ha join you guys often?

-She came here often.
-With you guys, right?

Have a look at these boys in the photo.

Aren't those you guys?

-Yes, that's us.
-Where did you get this?

We found this in Yoon-ha's diary.

We see 4 guys here,
but there are 5 of you.

-One of you is...
-I'm not in the photo.

-Why is that?
-I transferred to this school recently.

When did you transfer here?

The 25th was my first day here.

What's your relationship with her?

Yoon-ha and I were in
the same dance club for three years.

What about you, Tae-hwan?

We were classmates.
We were both in Class Three.

-Did you say your name is Kang-joon?

What's your relationship with her?

We weren't in the same class,
but we were best friends.

But we had drifted apart a little

-before the incident took place.
-Oh, really?

-You said your name is Tae-oh, right?

-He dated her.
-The text message...


I'm sorry to ask you this,
but what happened to her?

Well, I don't know either.

You don't know?

We actually

broke up,

but we didn't end things on a bad note.

But four days ago,

we started getting messages from her.

-Text messages?
-What did it say?

-She told us to come here.
-Yes, that's why

all of us are here now.

-She asked you to come here?

-Show them the messages.

-You got a text?
-All of us got the same texts.

We got the exact same text messages.


"What did you think when you saw me dead?

How long will your smile last?

I'll curse you.

I'll make you pay for what you did.

I hope you come clean and confess soon.

You'll know everything
once you're at the fitness center."

-So all of you got the exact
-All of you?

-same messages?
-All of us got them.

That's so weird.

How can you get texts from a dead person?

-We also think it's so weird.
-That's why we're here now.

Let's check all the places that have
any connection to the victim.

Everything feels so spooky today,
including the weather.

I'm certain that those boys
know something.

I bet they gathered
after getting those messages

because they have something to discuss.

I think they had something
to discuss regarding the case.

Most 12th grade classes are
on the 3rd floor.

The 1st floor is for 10th grade,
the 2nd floor is for 11th.

Usually, teachers' offices
are on the main floor.

-Let's go.

Today is Sunday,

-but some students are studying here.
-I know, right?

-Oh, there it is. "Shake It, Shake It."
-"Shake It, Shake It."

-Do you like to dance?

It's what I hate the most.

-By any chance,

-do you know Yoon-ha?
-Do you know her?

We weren't close, but I do know her.

I saw her in the music room before.

Oh, she was playing
"Chopsticks" with Kang-joon.

Yes, I saw that too.

I think they were preparing
for a competition together.

So, she used to go to the music room often
with Kang-joon?

From what we heard,

she and Tae-oh were in a relationship.

We actually

broke up,

But we had drifted apart a little

Guys, do you know Yoon-ha by any chance?

-Ji Yoon-ha.

She's very pretty.

I used to go to the Sweetness Storage
every day to see her.

-Me too.
-Where did you go?

-Sweetness Storage.
-Sweetness Storage?

It's a snack place.

All the rumors
that go around our school start there.

At Sweetness Storage?

You can find out
what you're looking for there.

I can find out what I'm looking for
at Sweetness Storage.

-Then, that too?

-About Seo Kang-joon?
-A rumor about Seo Kang-joon?

Oh, it's nothing.

What is it? What about him?

-We have to go to cram school.
-We have to go.

What about Seo Kang-joon?

-We don't know anything either.

-Hey, how old are you guys?

-We should go to cram school now.
-I'm an adult.



What is the rumor about Seo Kang-joon?

A rumor about Seo Kang-joon?

-Something smells fishy.

-Isn't it odd?
-It smells fishy.

He said that they were
really good friends,

and that was it.

They were best friends
since freshman year,

but they drifted apart lately
because they were both busy.

If even their friends know
that they used to spend

the whole day together in the music room--

And it was until recently.

Until recently, they were preparing
for the competition together.

I know.

They lied to us.

-I just found--
-Shall we go?

It's very important...

-I got some very important information.

-What is it?

I just found out
from the students passing by,

that you can find out about all the rumors

at the Sweetness Storage.

And according to the students,

they found out about Seo Kang-joon's rumor

at the Sweetness Storage.

-What rumor?
-That, I don't know.

The students said they were busy and left.
They were late for cram school.

You should have found out
what the rumor is.

How can I stop them from--

I just heard a huge rumor.

What is it?

Seo Kang-joon and Yoon-ha

spent most of their time together
in the music room at this school.

His ears did seem to turn red.

Did I say it wrong?

Almost every day,

until recently, they prepared
for the competition in the music room

-almost every day together.
-Oh, that's right.

I said it wrong.

-Stop watching those videos.
-That's not it.

I guess how I said it was the problem.

I see that we have
to go to the Sweetness Storage

and all the other places.

Don't you think?
We have to go to the music room too.

They said that that place is the source
of all rumors,

so we can find out everything there.

Then, Kwang-soo,

go to the Sweetness Storage.

By myself?

-There's three of us.

-Aren't you just kicking me out?
-That's not it. Think about it.

Who heard that rumor?

-I did.
-That's why you should go there.

Min-young and I will go to the music room.


-Why did they tell me?
-Then the Sweetness Storage...

I hear the piano.

Go to the Sweetness Storage.

-By myself?

-Go and get some information.


Shouldn't Min-young come with me?

Jae-suk, over here.


Excuse me.

What were you doing?

I was just practicing for the competition.

What is it now?

It's nothing serious,

but we asked the students here,

and they said you were preparing
for the competition with Yoon-ha.

Yoon-ha was preparing for it too,
but actually,

she didn't prepare much for it.
It was more of a hobby for her.

-She did well in class.

Then, why did you act like

you weren't close to her,
like you had drifted apart?

I couldn't see her often, because I was
preparing for the competition.

-Yoon-ha was murdered on the 22nd.

The first time you got the message
was on the 26th, right?

-Yes, it was the 26th.
-Didn't you or your friends

think it was odd
that you gathered because of that?

-It was odd.

-Yoon-ha couldn't have sent the message.

That's what I don't know. Who sent it.

Why did you gather
after seeing that message?

To talk about who sent that
after Yoon-ha was murdered.

So, you gathered because it was strange?

I came here to practice,
but you are upsetting me.

I'm leaving.

I can't even finish practicing.

We weren't trying to upset you.

Don't you easily get upset?

You keep asking me strange things.

This is too weird, isn't it?

There may be some clues.

Let's search the music room.

-Min-young, look around.

This seems like

it's just Seo Kang-joon's
personal practice notes.

His practice logs.

What is it?

Let me see.

There is nothing on the 22nd.

It means he didn't come here.

There is nothing on the 22nd.

He was busy with something else
on the 22nd.

Seo Kang-joon is the murderer.

Jae-suk, don't say it so assertively.

It isn't?

-We have only tried one person.
-I know.

But there is a high possibility.

There is nothing on the 22nd.

Nothing is sure yet, but something is...

But we had drifted apart a little

-before the incident took place.
-Oh, really?

Let's go to Class 3 of grade 12.

Here it is.

There it is.

Class 3 of grade 12.

"Friends of Class 3 of grade 12.

Just like any other day, you have to solve
my quiz to enter the classroom.

You must be tired from all the studying.

This quiz will soften your brain
that is exhausted

from studying for
the college entrance exam.

When you solve the first two quizzes,

you can unlock the lock.

I'm curious about who will enter
the classroom first."

The teacher is...


-They can only enter this way.

What does this mean?

The first question. Oh, number one.

That means that this is two digits.

Look. The answer
for the first question is two digits.

Numbers. It's a double-digit number.

The second question's number is
a single digit.

It's a triple digit password lock?

-How do you know that?
-It's right here.

Oh, it's three digits.

Oh, thanks.

Solve it quickly, please.

-So for question number one,

a common number comes out.

A "common number"?

-It's Twenty-nine.

If you subtract 36 from 65, it's 29.

If you subtract 29 from 82, it's 53.

If you subtract 29 from 41, it's 12.

Oh, that's right!

-Subtract 29 from 53.

Four. Two. It's Twenty-four.

What is?

-The square is 24.
-The square?


Let's say that it's 24 for now.


We got it. Jae-wook.

We got it.

What is it?

The answer is two.

-If you look here, it's the first.

-One goes in the first blank.

-It's one.

The second doesn't have one.


-The third has one.

The second one has the number two.

Give 242 a try.



What? It opened.

It's 243.

-But it opened?
-It did!

-I just turned it and it worked.

Hang on. Why is it three?

We don't really have
to figure it out though.

Oh, there is only one T here,

and there are two Ts here.

There is one T here,
and this one has three Ts.

Okay! Great!

-Let's go inside.
-We did it.

It's much more fun to be a detective
than a former agent.

It was just dumb luck.

Man, nobody probably thought
we could solve it.

Okay, hold on. Yoon-ha's desk was

number 22.


Let's take a look in her locker.

What is it?

Yoon-ha did well in class, right?

She had a letter of acceptance.

-She was already accepted!
-In college?

-You're right.
-She was accepted for special admission.

-Social sciences.
-On August 23rd.


Didn't the guy at the end say that
he's also in Class Three with Yoon-ha?

-The tall one?

The one that does well in class.

-We were both in Class Three.
-Oh, Class Three.

Look in his locker.

Here it is. Number 24, Tae-hwan.

Have a look.

-Can you hold this?
-Put it up there.

What is this?

What is it?

"If it wasn't for you,
my dreams would've come true."

Who is this?

-Lee Tae-hwan.
-I got goosebumps.

It's the same school. The president of
Sangsang University sent it on the 23rd.

Lee Tae-hwan got
a rejection letter that day,

and Yoon-ha got a letter of acceptance.

Did he mean that if it wasn't for Yoon-ha,
he would've been accepted?

He thinks that
because Yoon-ha was accepted

-he got rejected from the university.
-He thought that his dreams were gone.

It is very likely that he is the murderer.

It seems pretty clear.

-Who gets the best grades here?

Yoon-ha gets better grades than I do.

-Is there anything else?
-Could there be something else?

What is this?

"Dear Yoon-ha, this is Tae-oh.

Writing you this letter
reminds me of the time

we used to write code letters in secret.

Even when we were studying English,
we used to send

each other text messages in English.

I hope you can come back to me,
after hearing this song.

P.S. Text your reply to my cell phone.
From Tae-oh."

What do these numbers below mean?

There are only numbers from one to three.

A secret code.

-This must be some kind of code.
-It's a code.

It's a code, but...

-Oh, my head.
-On top of that, there are numbers below.

These guys are sending messages
in such a difficult way.

Was a secret code needed for this?

When I sent a letter with a secret code
when I was young...

What did you send?

We used the keyboard, the simplest way.

We converted it into English.

So at the end of a word...

Something like...


-It's emphasizing English here.

When they sent the messages in English,

-it wasn't because they knew it well,

but maybe they converted it into English?

From what I see... Min-young!


This is the second and third.

It's rows one, two, and three.

One, two, three on the keyboard.

Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do




Do, re, mi, fa, so, la... Y.


Wouldn't the girlfriend be annoyed,
if he sent it like this?

Maybe something like this?

That's it! I knew you'd get it!

Since you know English well...
Yes! "If you leave..."

Is it right? "Kill you."

"I'll kill you."

"I will kill you." I just got goosebumps.

I really got goosebumps.

How does he expect a reply
after what he wrote?


It's so...

He's saying that if she leaves him,
he will kill her.

We actually broke up,
but we didn't end things on a bad note.

Did you find anything?

-You're here.
-Are you finished?

Did you find something?

I got a lot of important information.

-You went to Sweetness Storage?

Yoo Il

had passed the audition with her.


They were preparing
for the third round together,

but Yoon-ha wanted to change
the routine all of a sudden.

This was our original dance routine.

It goes out, and then, back in.

There isn't much bumping into each other.

But Yoon-ha wanted us

to cross each other.

We go like this...

While we were doing this,

Yoo Il got injured.

That's how Yoo Il got injured.

He botched his audition because of it.


So Yoon-ha's the reason
he botched his audition?

Yoon-ha and I were in
the same dance club for three years.

They all seem to have a motive.

-What about Kang-joon?

Do you know Yoon-ha?

Yoon-ha? I think she was
best friends with Kang-joon.

-Right, honey?
-Were they best friends?

Of course, they were.

They were preparing
for a piano competition,

but Kang-joon didn't have a piano.

How's the preparation
for the competition going?

Good, what about you?

Sorry. I forgot that you're poor.

She mentioned that he's too poor
to buy himself a piano.

That pissed Kang-joon off.

He slammed his fist on the table and left.
I can't believe she said that to him.

He must not be that well-off.

Yoon-ha told everyone about him.


Do you recognize them?

-They are 5urprise.
-They are 5urprise.

You just referred
to this group as 5urprise.


-That's good to know.

Do you know of this girl, Yoon-ha, too?

Ji Yoon-ha? I see she's friends with them.

-She must be.
-I wasn't exactly her friend,

but we were FFs.


-Does F stand for foul?

"Foul friend"?

What is he talking about?

-We were Facebook Friends.
-I see.

Yoon-ha friended me on Facebook.

She's on it all the time.

During recess, she was always
in the computer lab.

-During recess?

So where's your computer lab?

-Where is it?
-On the second floor.

-The second floor?

The second floor.

We should head over there right away.

Computer labs are...

I see it isn't locked.

Do students have designated seats?

-They do.
-It's written right here.

Number 22. This was her seat.

Ji Yoon-ha.

It says she's logged in.


Are you kidding me?

Do you remember that?

The dates she wrote.

She wrote Gu9udan on her notepad.

"I have to pick a password for my

computer, and I love
EXO and Gu9udan the most."

She loves them?
Is that what I think it means?

-She must be their fan.

-EXO and Gu9udan.

We need to recite the times table.

Doesn't it mean we have to multiply?

We have to multiply EXO.

It's harder to interpret
what you are saying.

How the hell can we multiply EXO?


Hold on. Let's just make a few guesses.

EXO and Gu9udan.

That's not it.

-"I have a poor memory."
-Min-young should've come.

And we should've investigated
with the rest.

I'm clueless.

"I have to pick a password for my
computer, and I love

EXO and Gu9udan the most."

Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

EXO and...

Hold on a second.

-Could it be EXO99?


Gu9udan was truncated to 99!

What's this?

Hold on a second.


I transferred to this school recently.

-You musn't know Yoon-ha very well.
-Yes, I don't really know her.

He was lying when he said
he didn't know her.

Gong Myung said he didn't know her.

This evidence proves that he does.

You're right. He said he had no idea why

he got her messages
because she didn't know his phone number.

We don't know each other
that well but I got a text message.

Hang on a second.

-What's KJ?
-This just isn't right.

-It's all in English.

-We need Min-young.
-We sure do.

It's all in English.

I don't know what this is about.

Scroll down a bit.

Why are they so long?


"It's really cold in Korea."

Korea... It's cold in Korea.

Let's forget it.

Time won't solve this for us.

That's the day she died.

It's the same date.

He was asking her to pick him up.

-Gong Myung?
-Gong Myung, is that you?

Gong Myung.

-Gong Myung.

Gong Myung!

Why is he running?

Gong Myung!

Stop right there. Gong Myung!

-Hold it.

-What's wrong?
-I got the cramps.

You shouldn't have taken off like that.


-Did you catch him?

He got the cramps.

Detective Ahn, please don't.

Violence isn't the answer.
Let's talk this out.

You said you two hadn't exchanged numbers.
Still, you were friends on social media.

-Why did you lie?
-I'll tell you the truth.

Yoon-ha and I were childhood friends.

We lost touch when I went abroad to study.

We reconnected a while back
via social media.

I was excited to come back

and enjoy school with her.

She died before I transferred though.

I mourned her death
after hearing the news.

Anyway, no one

at this school knows
about our relationship.

I understand how you wanted

to keep your relationship a secret.

Still, was it really necessary

to become a member of 5urprise?

-Was it?
-He just received a text.


they let me in because I'm handsome.

Why don't we sit down and talk?

I have somewhere to be.

-I'm meeting someone.

-I'll ask one more thing.

What had you so frightened

on October 22?

You asked Yoon-ha to pick you up.

The 22nd

was the day she was found dead.

You're making me uncomfortable,
so I'm leaving.


-I'm sorry.
-Where are you going?

Of course he felt uncomfortable.

He was lying just now as well.

Of course.

Why don't we follow him?

There is another taxi.


Please follow that taxi.

We will pay double.


It's inconvenient
that we don't understand English.

-Shall I give her a call?
-Give her a call.


We met Gong Myung.

He left quickly as if he was running away.
We are following him in a taxi.

-What does "Pick up the P" mean?

It's please pick up the phone.

P stands for phone.


He must have said that

-since she didn't pick up.
-It stands for phone!

-P stands for phone.

-Did he get off?
-He is getting off now.

Where is he?

Have a nice day.


There he is.

Is he playing table tennis? He is?

-Tell everyone to come.

-I will tell everyone to come.

It's Jong-min.



You should come here.

Where are you?

All of the students we met earlier

-are here.

-We followed Gong Myung
-Go on.

and found 5urprise...
It's me. Don't order me around.

Yes, Detective Ahn.

They are at a table tennis room.

A table tennis room?

-Yes, they are at a table tennis room.

It looks like they are up to something.

We should gather up and...

-You should answer me.

My goodness.

-Why are you so sensitive?
-For goodness' sake.

You aren't sensitive when you should be.

You are sensitive when you shouldn't be.

I will send you the address.

Okay, send us the address.

-Let's go.

The table tennis room must be
where 5urprise hangs out.

What happened?

We followed Gong Myung.

He came to this place.

-What we have--
-Gong Myung is--

He hid a text.

-He hid a text he received.

-Was it?
-He just received a text.

Why don't we sit down and talk?

I have somewhere to be.

Let's use the evidence we gathered

to question the students.

Let's go inside.

-It's your turn.

We are meeting often today.

Why are they here?

We met the five of you
without any preparations earlier.

Now, we need to have a word with you.

Gong Myung must have

some sort of evidence on his phone.

May I take a look at your phone?


What I couldn't show you earlier

was another text from Yoon-ha's number.


-That's why we came here.
-That's why we came here.

-Did you receive another text?

-We came here because of this text.
-Let me see it.

"If you don't come clean,
I'll tell everyone. Meet me at our spot."

This must be the hangout spot.

The person who witnessed the murder
is sending these texts.

-That's right.
-That's right.


How do people describe your personality?

-What are you like?
-I am sentimental.

-Don't you get angry easily?
-I am sentimental.

-Don't you get angry?
-I don't.


-What do you think you are doing?
-Listen. Don't you get angry easily?

No, I don't.

We will ask you some questions.

What did you do on the 22nd?

What did you do on the 22nd?


you didn't practice piano on the 22nd.

-No, I didn't.
-Why not?

I went to the Jumping Fitness Center

to work out.

-Jumping Fitness Center.
-Jumping Fitness Center?

-I went with Tae-hwan.
-We went there

to take an advanced class.

The place is called
Jumping Fitness Center.

-Were the two of you together?

Yoo Il, what did you do?

I went to a karaoke.

-With whom?

I went alone.

-Did you go to the karaoke

-we always go to?
-Yes, I went there.

I was there.

I didn't see you.

I didn't see you either.

I attended a kayaking competition.


-A kayaking competition.

-A kayaking competition?

-Everyone has an alibi.

Would you accompany us to the karaoke?

-The karaoke is suspicious.

-You didn't see each other.

Let's see if the alibi checks out

and gather around again.

-Let's go.

-Let's go.
-Let's see if the alibi checks out.

You didn't see each other
at the karaoke that day?

-I didn't see him.

You were here that day.


-My goodness.

His alibi checks out.


I really hope there is an alibi
that doesn't check out.

You are back.

-What did you find?
-Why are you wet?

Why are you wet?

-What happened?
-Did someone throw water at you?

Was Gong Myung there?

-I think he did.
-Jae-suk, Min-young,

-and Sehun are coming this way, right?

-I will tell you then.
-You don't want to repeat yourself.

The information you have
can't be that important.

They will ask once they get here.

-You are back.

Did you find anything?

It's no joke.

-You were rained on.
-We were rained on.

I will talk you through this.

Gong Myung

had a kayaking competition that day.

On the 22nd,
I had a kayaking competition here.

I won an award.

"Is This Speed For Real"
in the first place is you.

We actually kayaked.

The two of us kayaked against Gong Myung.

This is the only way we will know.

-Shall we go?
-Let's go.

Left, right.

Don't hold it too vertically. Left, right.

His posture does look professional.

Right. Okay.

The direction changes quickly.

Our balance...

We keep...

Why can't we go straight?

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

Oh, no.

-No way.
-What do we do?

Do something!

Are you okay?

Hey, wait for us!

He's really good at this.

-He's good.
-He is a kayak athlete.

All right, let's go now.

The important thing is that Gong Myung

participated in the contest

and they checked the scoreboard.

So his alibi checks out.

Maybe you two were just bad at it.

Just tell us about the others.

-Where did you go?

-Trampolines. That sounds fun.

-They weren't the fun kind of trampolines.

One, two, three.

One, and turn.

One, two, three.

Okay. One more time.

-What's this?
-What's this?

Excuse me, does anyone know these kids?

You have to get on those. Come on.

-Hurry up.
-Over there.


One, two.

Come on up. One, two.

So, did you get anything?

Okay. One more time.

Excuse me. What did you do on the 22nd?

What did you do that day?


We found a woman

who was at the center on the 22nd.

I saw two handsome guys that day.

But I don't remember their faces clearly.

But she said there was a blackout.

-A blackout?
-A blackout.

But during that time,

one of them disappeared
and reappeared later.

One of them disappeared during it.

But it seemed like he came back
before the light came back on.

-They were here for the rest of the time.
-How long did the blackout last?

I don't know, things were chaotic.

It could have been enough time
to commit the crime and come back.

But the woman has no idea

who left and came back
during the blackout?

She said someone

jumped really high
and did five foot claps.


-But what?
-You mean she heard the sound

-You made them do that?
-during the blackout?

She said the clapping sounds
were loud and clear.

-During the blackout?
-Yes, she heard it then.

-Watch me.
-He's good.

I did it.

Oh, you did it twice!


Three times.

Three times!

It was like that with us.

During the blackout?

We went to a karaoke
with Yoo Il and Tae-oh,

-those two kids.

You know the guy who worked
at the catering company?

He was working there too.

-The blond guy?

-At the karaoke?
-My cheek still hurts where he slapped me.



-This guy...

I didn't see him.

-You didn't see me?
-I didn't see him.

-What about him?
-I saw him.

-He remembers all the customers,
-I have a very good memory.

and he remembered Tae-oh,

but he couldn't remember Yoo Il.

-Then it's not Tae-oh for sure.
-But Yoo Il said

that he really went there.

-I have proof that I came here.
-What is it?

I wrote something on the wall here.

-Here at the karaoke?

What did you write?

I think I wrote something
like "5urprise Forever."

Could we ask the customers here
and look inside?

Excuse us.

Sorry, we're trying to find...

Just some writing here...

-You were so great at singing.
-What writing?

Someone wrote something on the wall,

so we want to check...

What's there? There's nothing there.

Let's sing one song.

So we looked all over the room
and found it.

-You found it?

It was there, just as he said.

So according to our investigation,

Yoo Il should be exempt

from being a suspect.

-But Tae-oh was...

This guy was a bit strange.

-He had a lot of singing time...

There was some time left,
but he just left.

For about ten minutes?

-The karaoke was also...
-Bingo! It was close to the scene.

-It's nearby.
-Yes, it's close.

It's close to the scene too.

So we checked if you can go back and forth

within ten minutes.

We checked for ourselves.

-We ran the distance.

Run, hurry.

-Is it here?

Come on, run.

I'm running as fast as I can.

-Aren't you pushing too far?

-I think I need a breather.
-Just cross the road.

-I think it's totally possible.

So you could kill her here,

and run back.

Go back.

Go back.

-You're already back?

It took eight minutes and thirty seconds.
So there was enough time

-to do something, right?


one person is suspicious.

-The one who left and came back.

-Because he left?
-Then Tae-hwan is...

What is it?

-I got another text from Yoon-ha.

Two texts in a row.

-More texts?

What does it say?

"I still remember you

walking up to me that day.

This is what you used to kill me."

-What's that?
-A knife?

-Is that a knife or scissors?
-It's a knife.

Knife? Scissors?

-It looks like scissors.

-It seems like scissors.
-That's so scary.

-He seems to be left-handed.

-It's in his left hand.
-That's right.

From that distance,

it would've been in the dominant hand.


"If you want it back, come to the school."

The school?

I knew it.

Right from the top,

I knew it'll all end at the school.

What are you doing?

What was that?

-What's with the monologue?
-What about it?

Could you lend us

-your phone for now?

Let's not waste any more time.

-Let's go.
-We need to find it.

-The murderer might be at the school.

He will take action once he sees the text.

We should check which hand
is their dominant one.


Who on earth is the murderer?

So now we're here at the school.

Should I call Yoon-ha's phone?

Yes, go ahead.

-It keeps ringing.
-It hasn't been turned off.

I didn't expect it to ring.


No one's answering.

We need to find the scissors.

The murderer got the photo too.

-He will be here.

The murder weapon is here.

-He needs to get rid of it.

Why was it put here though?

If the killer isn't that smart,

he will come to get rid of the evidence.

If he's clever though,

he could be waiting somewhere

-as he watches us find the weapon.

What are you looking at?

I'm wondering if he's there.

-That's scary.
-Hold on. Could that be him?

Isn't that a person?

It's not just the scissors though.

I think

-that a student will be here as well.

Are the students here as well?


-The killer would be here at least.

If you think about it,

someone made us come here.

Our movements have been orchestrated

-by that person.

Where could he watch from afar
and make us take the bait?

Can you think of somewhere appropriate?

Gong Myung

and Yoon-ha came
to the computer lab often.


-Let's check the computer lab.

-It's over there.

-Weren't you there earlier?
-I was.

All I saw were computers though.

Where's the computer lab?

You said it was here.

I have no sense of direction.

I thought it was here.

That doesn't explain it.

You're just clueless.

I was in the computer lab.

-Let's head upstairs.

This all seems new to me.

Should we go back to Class 3 of grade 12?

Class 3 of grade 12?

All we need to do is find the scissors.

It's not worth looking in here.

Where could it be?

-The scissors...

Let's think of where we could find one.

Scissors used
for cutting hair are different.

-Of course.
-You're right.

They will stand out.

Fabric scissors are
just as unique as well.

Who was that?

-Someone's fleeing.
-Who is it?

I see someone running. He's fleeing!

-Who is it?
-He's running.


Did he go up or down?

What's going on?

Who's that? Jae-wook!

Jae-wook, the fourth floor!

-Who's that?


-Oh, no.
-Who's that?

He went upstairs, darn it.

He went upstairs.

-I lost him.
-Where is he?

He saw us and ran.

-I think he's here.
-In the restroom?

He could come running out.

I'm scared. Oh, shit!

-My gosh!
-What are you doing here?

-Why are you here?
-Why is he hiding?

Step outside.

Gong Myung, is that you?

I'm sorry, but can I take your backpack?

What are you doing here at this hour?

Check out the length of his pants.

-Finally, you got to hit me
-No. It's not...

in the back of my head.

-What are you doing here at this hour?

Can we look in your bag?

We should.

He isn't here to study.
There are no books.

Oh, I'm sorry.

-No hasty movements!

I almost clocked you with my elbow.

-So what are you doing here?


Hold on. I found it.

-You found it?
-What is it?

-Try making a call.
-Is that Yoon-ha's phone?

Yes, it's hers.


-Yes, it's hers.
-It is.

Why do you have her phone?

What's going on?

Just like I said,

Yoon-ha and I were childhood friends.

I came back to Korea

and was notified of her death.

I was the last person she called.

Right before she died,
we got disconnected.

That's why I went to the scene.

There, I picked up her phone.



-You just picked it up.
-That's right.

I only wanted to know
who killed my friend.

That's why I sent the text from her phone.

So you're the one

-who's been texting.

...was another text from Yoon-ha's number.


Did you receive another text?

In the text, you said

you knew who the killer was.

You wanted him to come clean.

I only did so to lure the killer out.

I was hoping he would get anxious.

I texted him to come to school
to find the murder weapon.

There's something Yoon-ha said
before we got disconnected.

What was that?

"Why do you have scissors?"


Why do you have scissors?

The killer would want to get rid

of the weapon no matter what.

-He would want to do so.
-I came to school knowing that.

Shouldn't you have told us about this?

If you wanted to catch the killer,
you should've cooperated.

I didn't know if I could trust you.

It's safe to say
that he's no longer a suspect.

-I agree.

Did you flee after spotting us just now?

Did you spot us near the dance studio?

-On the fifth floor.

There is someone else!

He must be the killer.

We will solve this case.

Gong Myung,

hurry up and go home.

Did they figure it out? I want to run out.

Let's spread out

and see if there is another suspect.

Firstly, we know

the team came across someone
who isn't Gong Myung

-in the school.

Who is the culprit?

I have no clue.

I know.

This case is so hard.

This is the music room.

-This is the music room.

Everything is exactly as we left it.

For goodness' sake.

There is nothing.

-There is nothing.
-I know.

Where are you going?

-What are you doing here at this hour?
-I received a strange text.

-What text?
-I received a picture.

"Come to the school if you want it.

This is what you used to kill me.
Come to the school if you want it back."

Then I received this picture.

-I know.
-Did you find the murder weapon?

No, I didn't.

Didn't you come to find it?

You think I came to find it?

-You actually came to the school.
-Yes, I did.

The person
who is holding it is the killer.

This is evidence that leads us to him.

-That's right.

What if...

Kwang-soo has Yoo Il's phone.

Did that phone receive this text?

It did. That's why we came here.

You saw the text earlier.
Please excuse us for a second.

-We came here upon seeing the text.

-It was a group text.
-We came here upon seeing the text.

We need to find the weapon
to find the killer.

-Is that so?

-Did you come alone?
-Yes. Are you suspecting me?

Since we are detectives,

-we need solid evidence.
-That's right.

-We have
-No evidence.

circumstantial evidence,
not physical evidence.

-I can't say anything.
-All right.

-I will get going now.

He is highly suspicious,
but we have no evidence.

Even if he is the culprit,
we can't catch him.

-We need direct evidence.
-I know.

-Was he looking for something?
-Was he?

Why did he come to the music room?


He was here earlier too.

If Kang-joon is the culprit,

he must have come here
to get rid of the murder weapon.

He could have taken it

or failed to find it.

He must have come here for a reason.

He has no business in the music room.

No one found the scissors, right?

I'm going to lose a lot of weight.
How nice!

Don't we need to go to the cafeteria?

Are we going that way? Okay.


Let's trust Kwang-soo's instinct.

The culprit will run away
if we make a sound.

The fifth floor.

He could be looking down

from the top floor.

Hold on.


What does it say?

This is the dance studio.


Let's go that way.

Hold on! I got it.

One of the things we couldn't
figure out is Dad's laboratory.


Who is that?

Hi. Come here.

Come here.

My goodness.

Stop right there!

Team, we are on the fourth floor!

Fourth floor!

We are on the fourth floor!

-Who is that?
-He is coming this way.

Who are you?

-It's Tae-hwan.

-No way.
-Detective Ahn.

It was like a scene from a movie.

What are you doing here at this hour?

To be honest, I have used

-the scissors.
-You have used them?

Do you know where the scissors are?

I came to find them.

To be honest,

I used them to cut something.

They were left-handed scissors.
I am right-handed.

What is this?

Are these left-handed scissors?

They were left-handed scissors.

I recognized them in the picture.

That's why...

Is that why you ran away?

I was scared since I have used them.

Who's left-handed?

Yoo Il is left-handed

and Kang-joon is ambidextrous.

Is he ambidextrous?

We determined Yoo Il isn't the killer.

That leaves us with Kang-joon.

It's Kang-joon.

I came here to practice,
but you are upsetting me.

I'm leaving.

I can't even finish practicing.


Kang-joon was very sensitive

about his family's financial struggles.

He slammed his fist on the table
at a tteokbokki place.

Sorry. I forgot that you're poor.

Our evidence

-points to Kang-joon.
-It's him.

It will be game over
if we find the scissors and Kang-joon.

Here is the biggest problem we have.

While we are certain that
Kang-joon is the culprit,

we need to find direct evidence,

the left-handed scissors.

If we have the scissors,
he won't be able to deny the claim.

We need the location of the scissors.

Did they find out?

Everyone else is innocent.
You have to be the culprit.

We need to find the scissors.


We keep circling this place.

Yoon-ha is making me suffer.

We need to find the scissors.
This is driving me crazy.

Where are the scissors?

Where are they?

Where are the scissors?

Shall we go to Class Three first?

Min-young, did you find something?

No, but I saw Tae-hwan.


-You saw Tae-hwan.

-There is nothing in there.

-There is nothing in there.
-Did you look inside?

Yes, I looked thoroughly.

-How about the boxes?

I looked thoroughly.

Let's go one floor up.

-Shall we do that?

-We will go this way.
-All right.

Let's split up.

Let's look thoroughly

and find any related items.

Where are the scissors?

Where are the scissors Yoon-ha gave me?

Where are the scissors?

It's strange.

What is he up to?

Your friends all say
that you're the culprit.

-Yes. They said that.

I'm not the culprit.

Why would they say that, then?

Where are they?

They split up.

It's you, Kang-joon.
Let me ask you something.

-Did anyone look through your bag?

-Let me look at your bag.

We have to look through his bag.

Hold onto him.

Get him!

-They're coming downstairs.

Hold onto him.

Get him!

We should have handcuffed him first.

Did he really go that way?

Please get him.

Sehun, get him.

Hang on.

It's you, isn't it?

Hold onto him.

-I knew it was you.
-I'll tell you who the real culprit is.

-Where are the scissors?
-What scissors? I don't have any.

If we find them, we're handcuffing you.

-Make sure he doesn't run.
-Just once.

They aren't here.

There's nowhere to hide scissors.

Damn it.

We just have to find the scissors.

We looked everywhere for them.

Gosh, where is it?

-We have him, but there's no evidence.

-This is...
-Just get the handcuffs ready.

Well, then...

-I'll get going.

What is it?

-Did you find the scissors?
-Hey, Kang-joon.

Handcuff him.

-The evidence...
-Let's look at the evidence first.

We found out why Kang-joon
came to the school.

He didn't come because of curiosity
after getting the text.

He came here to get rid of the evidence,

the weapon he used for the murder.

But unfortunately for him,

-we found it first.
-What's it?

And the weapon...

is something Yoon-ha
gave to him as a present.

-Yes, that's it!

Yes, that's the one.

I told you,

he will do something really helpful.

Yes, he did.

Where is it?


-I found it.


-Oh, my gosh.
-I got goosebumps.

What? "From Yoon-ha"?

Yoon-ha gave it to him as a present.

What's this?

Why is this here?

What? Is this for left-handed people?

Who left this here?

-Right, it's for left-handed people.
-It's for left-handed people.


All right, so...

With the scissors

that Yoon-ha gave you...

You killed her with this, right?

Yoon-ha told everyone
about my personal secrets.

All the students made fun of me.

So I decided to kill her

with the scissors she gave me.

Why do you have scissors?

The culprit who killed Yoon-ha is...

The culprit is...


I trusted Yoon-ha.

But still, you were close friends.
How could you kill her because of that?

And with the scissors she gave to you?


Let's hand him over to the police.

-We've done our part as detectives.

All right, let's go. Wait.

Hey, wait.

-Someone's calling.
-Who is it?


It's me, K.

It's a bit...

-It's a bit sad.
-I know.

He killed her with the scissors
she gave him...


-It's so tragic.
-I can't believe that was real.

I know.

He looked so gentle.

-Killing a friend...

Jae-wook, what are you thinking about?

I was thinking the same thing.

You were just thinking alone.

It's coming on.

Good job on this case.

Thank you for taking on a case

on such short notice.

I'm so glad that the microchips

implanted in you seem to be working well.

You've done a great job.

There are signs of other
unfortunate things about to happen.

Legend has it that
a vampire has been living

in our village for hundreds of years.

The people living here
hardly ever go there.

Why would you try to go to that island?

A murder case?

It really pricked me.

Are you suspecting me?

Everyone, always look carefully
around you and be careful.

Translated by Dong-joo Park