Busted! (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Kwang-soo, a Murderer - full transcript

While on a vacation in Jeju Island, Kwang-Soo wakes up with a hangover and finds a dead woman in his room. Fearing that the police will brand him as a suspect, he flees the scene and ...

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Since you are here in Jeju Island,

take a day off and get some rest.

But even while you enjoy your vacation,

you should stay alert.

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I drank too much.

What's this?


Excuse me.



I didn't kill her. I didn't...

What happened?

Gosh. What's going on? My head aches.

This is nice.

-Look at the color of the sea.
-I know.

Although it has been a bit short,
this trip has made me

like Jeju Island even more.

I have fallen in love with Jeju.

You said it correctly.

-He wants your confirmation.
-Why did you look at me?

Min-young has confirmed.

It's the correct expression.
I have fallen in love.

-What did you say?
-I have fallen in love.

-I see.
-By the way,

-where is Kwang-soo?

Right. He's not here yet.

-Where is he?

Could something have happened
to him last night?

I doubt that. Wait.

A video message from K?

-What is it?

I heard some very shocking news.

Someone has been murdered
at a guest house in Jeju Island.



the prime suspect is

Detective Lee Kwang-soo.


The murder took place

in the room he was staying in.

According to my secretary,

the police are on their way.

As they can't reach Kwang-soo,

they are assuming that he is on the run.

Before the police get there,

I want you to go to the crime scene first

and investigate it.


Kwang-soo turns out to be the murderer...

That's impossible.

You must arrest him.

-What's going on?
-It's impossible.

There was a murder

-at a guest house.

And the prime suspect is Kwang-soo.

We're supposed to arrest him
if he turns out to be the culprit.

Someone sent us an address.

"Hallim-eup, Myeongwol-ri."

-We have to get there before the police

and examine the scene.
Try calling Kwang-soo.

-Should I call him?

-Call him.
-I didn't know he would do this.

-We have to solve this.

It's still ringing.

Why are you talking to yourself?


Where is my phone?

Did I leave it at the house?

Where is my phone?

This is driving me crazy.

What is going on?

Should I report to the police?

Without any evidence,
they might accuse me.

Who killed that woman?

Try to remember.

Sit down.

I couldn't have killed her.

Gosh, where should I go?

-We are here.
-We are here.

-Do you all bring gloves?

We shouldn't leave any traces.

Let's hurry.

We shouldn't make the police suspect us.

We shouldn't touch anything
with our bare hands.

Let's be careful.

We don't have much time. Let's hurry.

Cover your shoes with plastic bags.

Let's not leave any footprints.

I'll take off my shoes.


What's this?

"Lee Kwang-soo"?

Is that Kwang-soo's handwriting?

I don't think so.

-What's this?

-What's that?
-What's that?

Who is she?

-What's this?
-Is she dead?

She's dead.

Did Kwang-soo sleep here?

-He must have stayed here.

He signed up for breakfast.

Kwang-soo must have stayed here yesterday.

Gosh, you startled me.

There's a knife.

Take pictures.

It will come in handy.

Let's look around the place
before the police come.

Try not to touch anything.

There are two soju glasses.

There are many different kinds of alcohol.

-There is evidence of washing blood off.

There are blood stains on the sink.

So he washed his hands
after committing the murder.

-Something is written.
-Hold on.


"L, K, S."

It must mean Lee Kwang-soo.

It must be a dying message.

Who is this woman?

-I don't know.
-She's beautiful.

-She's beautiful.

She's dead.

It seems like this woman...

Hold on. Detective Ahn.

-Hold on.
-You're not wearing any shoes.

Your footprints are everywhere.

My goodness.

Stop picking on me.

We shouldn't make the police suspect us.

We shouldn't touch anything
with our bare hands.

Come here.

Jae-suk, check her face.

See if she is one
of Kwang-soo's acquaintances.

-Hold on.
-What's the matter?

Be careful.

Do you recognize her?

Do you know her?

I've seen her before.


-You've seen her before?

If I remember correctly,

she was wearing a blouse
and a yellow dress.

Yes, she was wearing a yellow dress.

-Are you sure?
-I am.

Did you talk to her?

I didn't.

She was talking on the phone.

Why can't I get a hold of him?

She said, "Why can't I get a hold of him?"

-I wonder if she meant Kwang-soo.

Let me see. Who was she talking to then?

It's Kwang-soo's bag.

-It seems more and more likely

that Kwang-soo is the culprit.


-Let's take a look.
-Let's check if it's his.

He signed up for breakfast.

-He must have stayed here.

You think so?

I found a receipt.

"Observatory Sashimi Restaurant."

-From yesterday.

He paid at 10:07 p.m.

-It says, 494,000 won.
-That's a lot.

-He couldn't have been alone.
-It says, 494,000 won?

There's an address.

-Shouldn't we check the place out?
-We should.

I can hear sirens.

The police are here.

Come on. Let's go.

-She's beautiful.

Such a beautiful woman died.

Let's hurry.

Breaking news.

There was a murder at a guest house

in Hallim-eup last night.

The victim is an unidentified woman
in her 20s.

The police are estimating that the crime
was committed between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m.

They are currently searching
for the prime suspect, Lee.

Coming up...

I need to find a payphone.

Did I leave my phone at the house?


Where's the payphone?

Excuse me.
Is there a payphone around here?

To the left?

Over there?

Thank you.

Where is my phone?

If someone found my phone,
they'll answer it.

Is it at the restaurant?
Are they still sleeping?


What took you so long?

-I've been waiting for you to call.

I'm sorry. I drank a lot last night.

I don't remember where I left my phone.

You don't remember?

You don't remember where you were
and who you were with?

-Where are you?
-Where do you think?

I'm at the guest house
where we met yesterday.

-Which guest house? I need to...

-Find the guest house on your own.

I'm so disappointed.

All men are the same.

What? Hello?

Who is she?

My goodness. What guest house?

Guest house...

What's this?

What is it?

Did I write these yesterday?

What did I write?

There are maps too.

"BJ, alcohol..."

"Lee Yeong-jae, restaurant..."


What is this?

Why did I write these?


"Couple GH"? Couple Guest House?

Find the guest house on your own.

There's a place called Couple Guest House.

I better hurry there.
I have to prove my innocence.

I'll report the murder when I find
evidence that proves my innocence.

The woman on the phone is
at Couple Guest House.

I'll get my phone

and contact my team.

We will prove that I'm innocent.

And I'll never drink again.

Where could he be?

I hope the owner remembers him.

-We are here.
-We are here.

Sashimi Restaurant.

-The owner...
-Come on up.

Come upstairs.

-Are you the owner?

-Okay. Hold on.
-How many of you are there?

Come on up.

-We have really fresh

small-scale blackfish today. Lucky you.

We would like to ask you something.

What is it?

Do you remember a man,

a little taller than 190cm,
coming here last night?

He has the same hairstyle as MacGyver.


He has a weird-looking bag.

-He looks like a Dol Harubang.
-What's wrong?


Are you friends with him?

-Not exactly.
-We are not very close.

-He is the closest to him among us.

Do you know him or not?

Why are you so angry?

We all know him.

-But we're not that close.
-We're not close.

-You know him?
-What's wrong?

-I'm glad you're here.
-What are you doing?

-What are you doing?
-That jerk...

That jerk caused my part-timers
so much trouble last night.


I don't care whether you're friends
with him or not.

If you know him,

take responsibility
for what he did last night, okay?

I'm not letting you go.

Okay. Hold on.

Something must have happened last night.

Please calm down.

Actually, we're looking for him right now.

-Those tall jerks
-That's him.

drank so much.


They babbled on
about deduction and detective work.

They locked the bathroom door
and then got rid of the keys.

My customers couldn't use the bathroom.

-How many were they?
-Was there more than one person?

-They were two people.
-Two guys?

Why is that so important?
I'm not done yet.

They killed all our fish in the tanks.

-They killed the fish?

-He would never do such a thing.
-I know.

Fill our tanks with fish again.

Find the keys to the bathroom. I won't let
you leave until you do all those things.

The sign said you specialize in wild fish.

We have to catch them?

You are a big group. Go catch them.

The sea is right there.

-We have to go in again?

Kwang-soo has terrible drinking habits.

Anyway, since it's one of our own

-that caused so much damage.
-So much.

Do you want to go fishing then?

-Go fishing.

He just told us to go
and catch fish in the wild.

He really uses one hundred percent

-wild fish?
-That's what he said.

I know the Jeju Market very well.

It is as well established as
the Noryangjin Market.

-How many were even in that fish tank?


Shall we go?

-Let's go.
-Are you looking for a good location?

-Hope you catch a lot!

-We will take care of it.
-I'll be back soon.

Then why don't the two of you ask around?

Thank you.

Well, I'm just thankful.

What are you thanking me for?

I'm just thankful. I've always been.

I just told you to ask around.

-What are you doing?
-Oh, nothing.

-Be careful.
-Let's go, Jong-min.

There is a gazebo there.
Shall we head over there?

Let's go and get some information.

And then why don't we go to a café

and talk over a cup of coffee?

That's a good idea,

-but we have to find something first.
-You're right.

Okay. Then we will try to look for it.

-Where is the bathroom?
-Over here.

I couldn't get any work done
because of this.

-I couldn't receive customers.
-Is it locked?

What did Kwang-soo eat?

It's this.

Why did he eat something like that?

"Langoustine, shrimp,
skewers, maeuntang..."

Two people ate all of this?

Two people ordered and ate them.


"The way to open
the bathroom is in this bill."

"The way to open
the bathroom is in this bill"?

Now what is this?

Come on. Really?

"The way to open the bathroom..." Geez.

Lee Kwang-soo did something to it.

Lately, he has been really
into playing detective.



This is giving me a headache.


Lee Kwang-soo is seriously annoying me.

The key...

Why did he hide it and then leave us this?

We need to hurry and find...

This is nice.


We would like to take a boat
to go fishing.


But there aren't any fishing tools
or equipment here.

With the bamboo fishing rod,

you can catch anything. All the fish here.


This is a very traditional method.

You are dressed perfectly for fishing.

The leather will do great with salt water.

Let's head out.
Let's hurry up and catch them.

-So first...

-If you look here,
-What's this?

this is the bait.


-Very good. They are healthy.
-Did you say "good"?

They have to be healthy to catch the fish.

The scent that they give off,
draws the fish.

They shouldn't be dead for that to happen.

-They are alive.
-We have to use high quality worms.

Did you see that?

I'm the kind of person who can hold worms.

The only thing I can't hold is a snake.

Go away!

Stay away. Seriously.

Stay away. Seriously.

Feel the hook,

go in from the tip, and through

the body.

Try it with this one.


Let's fill the fish tank.



When you fish...

-you don't check with your eyes.
-I understand.

You check with your ears.

It's like a swordsman

who doesn't look at the opponent's eyes,
when wielding a sword.

With the sound of the wind...

But I can't hear anything
because the waves are too loud.

There it is!

You got it!

I caught it. Okay.

-Sehun, the owner didn't mention

the size earlier, right?

No, he didn't. He just said 12 fish.

Did you see that, Sehun? It's simple.

Now I know the feeling.
You want to know too, right?

I want to catch one.

It's big!

It nibbled.

You caught one! That's it!

Grab the line.

Oh, good.

You're a fast learner. I knew it.

It's a big one!

Don't you think
the one I caught is bigger?

But it is

different from what we expect to see

in a fish tank.

Do we deep fry these?

We got it! We figured it out!

-It's huge!
-Are you kidding me?

At a small place like this...

-I'd rather go fishing than do this.
-What is this?

I think it was here somewhere.

Here it is.

There is the Couple Guest House.

Is it the second floor?

Where is it?


Excuse me.

-Who are you?

Excuse me,

-but did you find a cell phone yesterday?
-What phone?

-Who is it?
-Are you...

Aren't you a celebrity?

-You are a celebrity.

It's a celebrity!

I'm not a celebrity.

Can we please take a picture with you

-in front of the guest house?
-In front?

-Right now?
-I'm your biggest fan.

Why take a picture with me?

Because we're really your fans.

-My phone...
-I've never seen a celebrity...

Isn't this Couple Guest House?

-Isn't this Couple Guest House?
-I want to take one too!

You all came out!

Look over here.

Look over here too.

-You are really handsome.
-You're not bad at all.

What do you mean by "not bad at all"?

-I've never seen a celebrity before.
-I'm not a celebrity.

-You look like him.
-Who are you...

I'm really your fan.

Isn't that Myung-hoon?

Hello. I'm Lee Myung-hoon.

Who is that?

Is this person a fake?

How dare you try and con us?

Hello. Nice to meet you.

-Hello, everyone.
-Who is that?

-I'm Lee Myung-hoon, the Prince of Asia.

Who are you? Let me see your face.

You seem to look like me.

Give me my hat.


Hello. I enjoy watching your show.

-I'm a fan.
-I see.

-You're really handsome in person.
-I'm the Prince of Asia, Lee Myung-hoon.

-I heard that

you're impersonating me in Seoul.

I didn't impersonate you. I just...

I'm the Prince of Asia, Lee Myung-hoon.

I heard that you attended a Vietnamese
pho festival as me. Is that true?

-Sorry, but I don't understand.
-Hang on. That's it.

There is a rumor
that you're copying my dance.

-My dance.
-Your dance?

The dance that I developed.
The Creak Dance.

-What is the Creak Dance?
-Do it.

Do as he says!

What is wrong with that lady?

The Creak Dance is mine. Stop copying it.

-Watch me.
-What is Creak...

He's so awesome!

Doesn't it go like this?

Isn't it this?

What was that?

It's this.


Stop copying me. You hear?

This is the first time I've done it.

Bad rumors are going around in Seoul,
that you were impersonating me.

I'm the Prince of Asia,
Lee Myung-hoon, okay?

Sorry. I don't understand what's going on.

Don't be fooled by him.

What did I even say?

I kept on telling you that it wasn't me.

Everyone, who is better looking?


Who is the real Prince of Asia?

-Lee Myung-hoon!
-Lee Myung-hoon!

Why do I feel disappointed?

If you're going to impersonate someone,
get their permission first. Okay?

You get permission!

-Hang on.

-You do look like me.

-Who is the real Prince of Asia?
-Lee Myung-hoon!

You! Lee Myung-hoon!

-Thank you.
-Lee Myung-hoon!

-See you next time.

Call my agency.
I'll give you an autograph.

-I'm better at dancing.

Thank you everyone.

What brings you here?

I'm sorry, but I lost my cell phone

after getting drunk yesterday,
and I don't know where it is.

Really? This is a women-only guest house.

-It's women only?
-Yes, it's a women-only guest house.

-Where are you?
-Where do you think?

I'm at the guest house
where we met yesterday.

There is a similar guest house over there.


-It's called Bubble Guest House.

-Bubble Guest House?

It wasn't Couple, but Bubble?

I wrote it when I was drunk yesterday.
So it was Bubble Guest House.

-It's Bubble Guest House. Thank you!
-No problem!

You're going to Lee Myung-hoon?

Yes, of course!

Lee Myung-hoon!


We don't look alike at all.

-Where could he be?
-He might be...

Kwang-soo is seriously annoying me.

What could it be?

If we combine these letters, we can make

Kwang-soo's initial, right?
The first letter of langoustine is "L."

The second letter of skewers is, "K."

The first letter of shrimp is, "S."

The first letter of maeuntang is "M."

The first letter of
Norway lobster is, "N."

The third letter of
imitation crab is, "I."

The first letter of anchovies is "A."
And the third letter of mullet is "L."

The third letter of abalone is "A."



It is!

L, K, S, A, N, I, M, A, L

The animal that Kwang-soo looks like?

-Or the animal that Kwang-soo likes!
-That's right!

The animal that Kwang-soo...

I overestimated him.

-That he likes...

This is why we couldn't solve it,

We overestimated him.

-Come on.
-Kwang-soo isn't that smart.

-It's the animal that Kwang-soo likes.
-Do you know what he likes?


I was wondering why this was here.

This! Man...

Se-jeong, look under it.

Careful. You're going to break its neck.

-It's not there?
-I don't think it's a giraffe.

Then where it's looking?

Hey, where are you looking?

Isn't he looking at something
beyond the window?

-Beyond it?

Around here.

There's a hand and a bird.



Su jo?

Fish tank!

The Chinese characters for hand and bird!

-Oh, man.

-What is this now?
-Fish tank?


Where in the fish tank is it?

-I found it!

There's a big fish here.

Here it is.



Watch this.

It works just right.

Do your business.

-Where did you find it?

Where did you find it?

Isn't it Kwang-soo's notebook?

It looks like Kwang-soo's notebook.


I think it's her.

It's her.


All the evidence points to Kwang-soo.

L, K, S



-That village?
-Yes, at the village over there.


Way over there, in that village.

A tile-roofed house.

Yes, there is one tile-roofed house.

The tile-roofed house with a Dol Harubang.

The tile-roofed house with a Dol Harubang?

Oh, a Dol Harubang.

A Dol Harubang.

It must be this house.

-The tile-roofed house.
-Oh my.

-That's a tile-roofed house, right?

He's tall.



-Could we ask you something?

Do you happen to know someone
called Kwang-soo?

Yes, we met yesterday.

-His height...
-He's so tall.

That's why he said two tall men.

-What did you want to ask?
-Have a seat. You're too tall.

Did you have dinner
with Kwang-soo last night

at the sashimi restaurant over there?


We had a drink there as well, last night.

-You had a drink too?

How do you know Kwang-soo?

We actually just met yesterday by chance.

-By chance?
-Yes, it was the first time we met.

You had a drink with him
even though you just met?


What brings you here?

This is my grandfather's house.

You don't live in Jeju Island?

No, I'm just here to get some rest.

If you don't mind me asking,
what do you do for a living?

I cook.

-You cook?
-You're a chef.

-What's your name?
-It's Lee Ki-woo.

How can I help you?

An incident happened last night,

and Kwang-soo seems to be deeply involved.

We're backtracking his movements.

When you drank with him last night,

did a woman join you?

No. There was no woman.
It was just us and my friend Chang-min.

-The three of you?

Everyone else only mentioned
the two of you.

-It was just us at the restaurant.

Did you go for another round then?

Yes, we first drank at the restaurant.

Then I bought a round of beer
at a nearby café.

He joined us there.

-Is Lee Chang-min your friend?

What does he look like?

-He's about as tall as you.
-I see.

He's very tall.


He has a big mouth and is a great singer.

His mouth is big.
Last night, at the café...

at around midnight...

-About 11 p.m.?
-It was before midnight.

They both said they had somewhere to be.

-"Somewhere to be"?
-Chang-min left too.

I stayed a while longer before leaving.

-Were you alone?

Did you go home
right after having drinks at the café?


Have you been home ever since?

Yes, I guess.
I'm now on volume seven of this series.

Previously I had only
read up to volume five.

-You read two in one day?

That's not possible.
You can't read two books a day.

-Can you take us to the café you went to?
-The café?

-Sure thing. It's not far.
-But we can locate it ourselves.

Why do we need him to come along?

He knows the exact location.

-Let's go then.

-Isn't it close by?
-It is.


-Jong-min, it's me.

-Did you find anything?
-We found the key.


we found the man
Kwang-soo drank with last night.



There's a café right across the street
from the sashimi restaurant.

-I see.
-Meet us there.

-We ordered ramyeon.

Forget it. We will be right there.

They must be over there.

-They found the tall man?
-There they are.

Did they really find him?

How did Kwang-soo seem last night?

Did he drink a lot?

He was wasted.

Another bottle of soju, please.

Where are you off to?

He said he wanted to kill someone.


I think it was Jae-suk.

What? He wrote that down?

There he is.

We found the tall and handsome friend.

You are as tall as Kwang-soo.

That's why we hit it off last night.

You met Kwang-soo yesterday?

-Yes, for the first time.
-That's right.

Was Kwang-soo wasted last night?

Yes, he was.

He mentioned killing you.


Why that...

Hold on. Are you ratting him out?

-We're supposed to work on the case.
-I'm sorry.

Anyway, let's head inside.

-Anything here?
-Did you find something? Hello.

Well, he won a prize

-of some sort.


You won!

Yes, I did.


Did you hang this up on the wall

-because he won the prize last night?
-That's right.


11 P.M TO 12 A.M.


Okay, then.

We will come back
if we have any more questions.

Are they bringing the fish or not?

Why are they all empty-handed?

Hey, there. Where is it?

-Where's what?
-The fish.

-The fish?
-Another team went fishing.

There they come.

-We got them.
-Did you catch a lot?

You wanted 12, right?

-Yes, 12.
-We caught 13.

Did you?

-What did you catch?
-Prepare to be amazed.

-What is this?
-What fish is this?

-Did you catch these in the stream?
-What can a restaurant do with these?

-Is this the tank?
-We will fill it up for you.

You can serve a few customers
with that for now.

We're sorry, sir.

After we eat,
we will pay for all the damages.

You should get ready to open for the day.

All right. Head upstairs then.

What an exhausting day.

We probably would have arrived
in Seoul by now.

Even the dog's sleeping.

It was Bubble.
There's a Bubble Guest House.

I can find my cell phone there.

So what happened with that woman?

Here it is. Bubble Guest House.

That woman must be here.

Bubble Guest House.

Where's my phone?

Come on in.

-Come on in.


-Come on in.
-I'm here for my phone.

We have been waiting for you.

My cell phone...

-Should I lend you mine?
-I'm looking for mine.

-Was I on the phone with you?
-I see you were drunk.

That's how you act when you're drunk.

-Don't you remember?

Let us help you remember then.

-We will help you remember.
-Hold on.

-Do you remember now?

You're locked in, so you can't leave.

-Somebody, help!
-Do you remember now?

Call the police! I'm so sorry.

-Hold on a second.
-Do you remember now?

-Let's talk this out.
-Let us help you remember.

You have to remember before you leave.


What are you doing?

Didn't you come to see me?

Why were you in the next room?

What are you doing?

-Come on in. You're here to see me, right?
-Excuse me.

You're mistaken.
No matter how drunk I was...

Don't you remember?

We talked on the phone.

Do you have my phone?

It's in here.

Can I have it back?

Come inside first.

Were you thinking
about coming through the window?

I'm pissed off, so hurry inside.

What did I do last night?

-Come on in.
-Please give me back my phone.

Your phone?
Is that what's really important?

Don't you remember what we did last night?

Why are men always like this?


Don't you remember
the good memories we made?

It's quite upsetting.

If you want your phone back,
remember what you said to me.

What did I say?

I thought we had a good thing going.

We did.

Did I say you were adorable?

You did, but that's not all.

-I'm sorry, but I really don't remember.
-Well, try harder.

What's that?

-Try harder.
-Where did you get that?

-I'm going to smack you.
-I'm sorry. What's that?

I like how you said I was cute.

-Now try harder.
-Is that a club or what?

You're almost there.

-Do they make sausages that big?
-It's something like this.


I know.

I said you're sexy.

You're right. That's exactly it.

I knew you remembered.
Why would you pretend like you don't?

-Did I say you are sexy?
-You remember!

-I'm sorry.
-You said it multiple times.

I must have been completely wasted.

Actually... Well...

-I normally don't play with food.
-I just don't remember.

-I don't remember.

I was in a great mood,

but you made a big mistake.

I can't even talk about it.

What did I say?

-I really...

Did I...

You stole it.

-You stole it from me.
-No way.

I can't believe you took it from me.

Please don't tell me I stole a kiss.

-What did I take?
-You stole it from me.

Was it ramyeon? Did I steal yours?

Try guessing what you did.

-I spilled your ramyeon.
-Where exactly?

-On your face?
-What? Are you kidding me?

Where did you spill it?

-The broth!
-What about it?

I thought you were finished,

so I poured it down the drain.

That's correct.

Now, show me your palms.

I was going to eat that broth

with some rice.

How could you pour it down the drain?
I am so upset.

Didn't you hit me really lightly?
Why does it hurt so much?

-Did I really?
-Do you remember now?

I won't ever get drunk again.

It's not because of this incident.

It's because I can't remember.

-We made great memories.
-I know.

I know, but I still can't remember.

What a ruckus.

-I love this brand.
-Check if it's yours.

It's mine. Thank you.

-This is delicious.
-I'll leave after checking it.


What is this?

-Don't you recognize them?
-I don't.

You said you drank with them
before coming here last night.

You said the three of you
formed the Brotherhood of Lee.

Brotherhood of Lee?

We became brothers?

Yes, that's what I heard.


Drink up.

You came here
after having drinks with them.

You stayed for a while

and went to go
for a second round with them.

My roommate joined you.

She left with you,
and I haven't seen her since.

-I don't remember a thing.
-Don't you remember her?

She's my roommate.

Don't you remember coming here
to give her a ring?

Who did?

-I did?


-A ring?

It's for men though.

-I gave her a ring?

You gave her one. But you said...

I think you said that it was
from one of the Brotherhood of Lee.

What on earth happened last night?
Hold on. Give me a second.

Found him.

From Lee Chang-min?

"You said you were going to Seoul tonight.

Let's meet up before you do.

I'm performing live at Hallim Park,

so I'll call you afterwards."

What does he mean,
he's performing live at Hallim Park?

-I got it. Thank you so much.
-No problem.

You have my number, so call me.

I will.

-I won't see you out.
-Thank you!

Oh no.

I should call them.


-Detective Ahn?
-Where on earth are you?

-The police are after you.

They are trying to track you down.

Yes, I know. Anyway, I'm not the murderer.

Show us the evidence
that proves your innocence then!

Are you saying you don't believe me?

We've been stuck
on this island because of you.

We know you've been
talking behind his back.

You've been badmouthing me.

-I did no such thing.

look at the doodles on your arm.

I have many written down.

Do you want to kill Jae-suk?

-What did you just say?

Min-young, what was that?

You wanted to kill Jae-suk.

There's a note in my pocket
with his name written on it.

It's from this pad.
The other half says "Kill."

-You're right.
-Is it me who he wants to kill?

What is this?

"Yoo Jae-suk"?

Why is this in my pocket?

I guess I wrote that down.

I've only been thinking about it.

Anyway, I was here to pass on a ring.

I gave the victim a ring.

What was the ring for?

I don't know. I can't remember.

I gave her the ring,

and she followed me out.

I have a really important question.
Were you with Lee Chang-min?

I really don't remember anything,
but I took a photo with him.

Anyway, he's performing live today
in Hallim Park.

-Hallim Park?

We're supposed to meet up afterwards,

but I don't remember agreeing to that.

I should head there to meet up with him.

He could be the murderer.


-We'll head over to Hallim Park too.

I didn't do it so don't call the police.

Is it okay to trust them?

They won't really suspect me, will they?

Whoever it is, I'm coming for you.

It's one or the other.

It's got to be one of them.

It's not me though,
so I swear to god I'll catch who it is.

It will all be over when I catch him.

-It's Kwang-soo.
-He's calling.


-I got a notice from my app.

The live show begins at 2:30 p.m.

-You need to watch the show

-to figure out his location.
-Right now...

I'll send my ID and link...
Oh, you don't know how to do it.

-Text me the link.

I know how to do it.

You're not on social media.

You're on speaker at the moment.

I'll text you the link.

-Add the user as your friend.

-My friend?
-That's right.

Do you mean Lee Chang-min?

We should watch the show

to figure out where it's being filmed at.

-I'll text you the link.
-Sure thing.

Tell me his username.

His username?

Where on earth is it taking place?

Where's Chang-min?

I bet there are police officers here.
I bet there are police officers near here.

Act natural.

Anyone could be a cop.

Is he over there?

I have to act naturally.

Anyone could be a police officer.

The prime suspect is at Hallim Park.

The prime suspect is at Hallim Park.

The police are here as well.

We are here.

-We are here.
-He is live-streaming the show here.

-He is live-streaming it.

I see it.

Hello everyone!
Chang-min's All He Does Is Eat

is live-streaming from a special location.

Can you see it?

You can probably tell where I am
right away from what's behind me.

Where is he?

He must be nearby.

What is it?

To tell you the truth,

I am at Jeju Island!

Oh, my god.

Where is this?

There are needle-leaf trees behind him.
Where are those trees?

It's this way.

I am in the middle of a beautiful park.

He is in the middle of the park.

-The middle.
-The middle.

-What is that?
-There is a Dol Harubang.

I want to give a heart to Kim Jin-sil.

"He is cute."

Ahn Jae-wook wrote, "Honey."

What? Ahn Jae-wook wrote, "Honey."

Jae-wook is a man's name.

-Did you write, "Honey"?

-That's funny.
-Did you write, "Honey"?

-I found a Dol Harubang.
-There is a Dol Harubang.

There is a Dol Harubang.

A Dol Harubang...

I found it, but this one is...

It's this one.

You have no idea what it wants to say
just by looking at his face, right?

Ta-da! It's making a heart.

It wants you to send me hearts.

A Dol Harubang that's making a heart!

-Where is that Dol Harubang?
-You can

make me happy with just one heart.

A Dol Harubang that has a heart.

Jae-am Folk Village is that way.

It's on the opposite side.

Then we should go this way.

-That's the cave.
-That's the cave.

-It's this way.
-I think it's this way.

-It's this way.
-It's past the cave.

It's the popular
seaweed soup with sea urchins...

and bibimbap.

Excuse me, but where is the Dol Harubang
that is making a heart?

This way?

Thank you.

I know where it is.


I am used to seaweed soup with clam,
but not sea urchin.


You remember me, right?

I am live-streaming a show.

The aroma of sea urchin is so rich that

-it might as well be sea urchin soup.
-That's not important.

I hope you would taste seaweed soup
with sea urchin someday.

What happened to your leg?

I have a lot to eat today.

Let's move to the second location.

Where are you going? Is the show over?

-Is the show over?
-When we go there...

Give me a second.

When we go there...

Don't go.

I will introduce

an acquaintance of mine
that I met yesterday.

-Don't talk about me.
-I think he is a bit embarrassed.

It's okay.

It's okay. As you can see...
What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

-He wasn't like this yesterday.
-I can't...

All right.

-My goodness.
-Help me.

All right. I understand.

Just give me ten minutes.

This is insane.

He should be here somewhere.

Where are you?

-Come quickly.

-Is it Kwang-soo?
-Where are you?

I am at Osol-gil Two.

-Osol-gil Two.

-Osol-gil Two?
-I found Chang-min. He is here.

Chang-min is here.

He says Chang-min is there.
Let's hurry up.

-Let's hurry up.
-We'd like to ask you some questions.

-Have you seen Lee Kwang-soo?

Well, no, I haven't.

Do you know which way he went?

-Lee Kwang-soo.

-We know who he is.
-Have you seen him?

-We haven't seen him.

-My goodness.

-Did you get caught by the police?

There are police officers.

That startled me.

They were passing by.

They were just passing by.

Let's take a right.

Detectives should be better at this.

For goodness' sake.

Where are they?

Police officers are coming my way.


Police officers are heading
toward Kwang-soo.

They haven't spotted you, have they?

I am lying down on the grass.

Remain hidden.

Will we see you if we head to the bridge?


Look over here.

-What is that?
-It's for an eating show.

-It's untouched.
-It's untouched.

-There is someone.
-Is this for another show?

Was he preparing for another eating show?

It hasn't melted yet.

-Stay here.
-Jae-wook, come here.

-He might come back for the show.

-Guard the food.

What should I say when I see him?



He is here.


We found Lee Chang-min.

Where are you?

What do they give you first
at a restaurant? They give you soup.

-Where are you?
-Where are you?

I am in front of Chang-min. Jae-suk.

Did you get here?

Hey, over here.


What happened to you?

-What happened?

-Should we go to him?
-What happened?

-Should we go to him?
-Who is he?

He could be the murderer.

He was one of the guys
I had a drink with yesterday.

He is live-streaming a show.

He won't stop eating!

-Buckwheat noodles!
-Hold on.

It's okay for you to be on the show.

That's right.

-It's okay for you to be on the show.
-That's right.

-Ask him.
-They aren't passing by quietly.

They keep staring at me.


-Aren't you Chang-min?
-How do you know me?

-I watch your shows.
-I was watching it just now.


Look guys, what is going on?

I became popular
after a year of running this show.

I am live-streaming.

-You were watching it.

I am live-streaming.

You should have taken this with you.

Just stay down.

-Why didn't you live-stream yesterday?

I live-stream once a week.
Yesterday was my day off.


-We hoped to see you last night.
-We waited.

I live-stream once a week.

I make preparations for the show
the day before.

-I see.
-You can see them, right?

Please sit down.

-Hold on.
-Sit in the middle.

Don't block the camera. You must be
unfamiliar with filming a show.


-I need to talk to you.
-That's right. Come and join us.

-Come and join us.
-He shouldn't be on the show.

Why not? Did he break the law?

He is acting strangely.

-Come on.

Please go there.

-I just like to watch.

Did the two of you become friends?

I met him yesterday.

Where were you yesterday?

I was at a bar.

-A bar?
-Hold on.

-Did you drink yesterday?

Until when did you drink?

Yesterday, I drank...

until 12 a.m. I think.

-Oh, 12 a.m.
-Yes. 12 a.m. or 1 a.m.

Did you only drink at one bar?

Did you go to other places afterwards?

What is this? Are you interrogating me?

-Of course not.
-We are only asking.

-You always go to good restaurants.
-I know.

We were at this location for too long.

Let's move to the next location

and eat more delicious food. Let's go.

-Where are you going?
-Let's go.

I will clean it up later.
We can go right away.

Let's walk slowly.

I want to know what happened last night.

I drank with my friends last night.

Then they left.

I drank some more.

Did Ki-woo and Kwang-soo leave first?

Do you know Ki-woo too?

-You know Ki-woo too.

-I know him.
-You told us

-he is your friend.
-Who are you? Weren't you passing by?

You told us he is your friend.

Isn't this the location?

That's right.

While we were talking,

we arrived at our location.

The last thing I prepared is a dessert.
I will open the container.

My goodness.

Ki-woo said
Chang-min and Kwang-soo left first.

Their words don't add up.

-At a café...
-Is Lee Chang-min

your friend?

Yes, he is my friend. He came to see me.

The two of them left first.

I stayed a while longer.

I drank with my friends last night.

Then they left.

I drank some more.

The camera...

One of them is lying.

You guys don't have to worry.

Anyone in a situation like this
might act the same way.

-So, please be...
-Of course.

Just relax and be generous.

I will open the container.
In one, two, three.

They look delicious!

I want that one.

-I want grape ice cream.
-I want Dippin' Dots.

-I want grape.
-Dippin' Dots.

-What would you like?
-He is generous.

-Dippin' Dots.
-Me too.

-Dippin' Dots.

-Dippin' Dots for women.


-Does anyone else want Dippin' Dots?
-I do.

You should come and take it.

-He doesn't want to be on the show.


-I don't have more spoons.
-It's okay. I can use this instead.

Dear viewers,

I hope you enjoyed watching
All He Does Is Eat.

You never know.

Your friends could be watching this.
Say bye.

-Say bye. Wave.

-Thank you. My friend will say bye.

He's refusing to show his face until
the end. In any case, see you next week.

Please continue to watch
All He Does Is Eat.

Thank you. Bye.


-The show ended.

Today's show was really long.


-It's Lee Kwang-soo!
-Where is he going?

-Lee Kwang-soo!
-Stop right there! Lee Kwang-soo!

Lee Kwang-soo!

My goodness.

-Kwang-soo! Detective!

Catch him!

There he is!


-Where is he going?

Where is he going?

-Come here.

Let's go on a date.

I would love that.

-Sit down.
-I would love that.

I'd love to go on a date.
Where is everyone going?

The thing is

-I want to ask...
-Hold on. Let me read the comments.

Okay. Please go on.

I am okay

because I am your fan.


-I mean,

you told us that you drank beer
with Ki-woo.

I drank beer with him.

-After drinking,

you entered for an event at a café.



I did that.

-An event.

Did you enter for it with Ki-woo?

Ki-woo asked me to enter for him.

Ki-woo asked me to enter for him.

He had given me his business card.

What a hassle!

I entered for the event for him.

So, you entered for the event?

-You did that for him.

I bet you regret it a little bit.

I can't believe Kwang-soo!

How much did he drink?

You know...


Where are you?

We are waiting at the path
you ran away from.

You ran so fast.

I am near the entrance.

The front gate?

Yes, the front gate.

If you go straight down the path,
you will find me by the front gate.

-Let's go.

Remain hidden. We will go to you.


Since you keep asking...


To be honest, Ki-woo...

I want to put an end to this.

Kwang-soo, please give this
to my girlfriend.

Ki-woo asked him to deliver something
to his girlfriend?

-I know I am asking you a lot.

He asked Kwang-soo

to deliver a ring to his girlfriend.

Where can we find Lee Ki-woo?

Ki-woo must be where he is staying.

Where is he staying?

A guest house.

-Is Lee Ki-woo staying at a guest house?

-What brings you here?
-This is my grandfather's house.

He is staying at the same guest house
as Kwang-soo.

That's why he asked for a favor.

-Why did you drink so much?
-I am sorry.

-I can't believe you.

Min-young and Se-jeong, hurry up.

We have a lot to share.

We need to hurry.

Where should we go?

-Where should we go?
-Listen to us.

Talking to Chang-min

made us certain that
Lee Ki-woo is the prime suspect.

-Lee Ki-woo?

-Really? Why?

We talked to Lee Ki-woo, right?

Everything he said was a lie.

-Everything was a lie?

Oh, my gosh.

-If we go back to the guest house...

If we look around again,
we might find something new.

This is giving me goosebumps.

-He acted so natural.
-It's giving me goosebumps.

-Doesn't it give you goosebumps?
-It does.

-It seems like they took the body.
-The body...

-They must have done stuff here.
-That looks like...

-It looks like "Woo."
-It's not an S.

It looks like "Woo."

Why would she have written "Woo" first?

What's this?

I think we should look for things
that are different from before.

There's a lot of blood...

The blood...

Check if anything is different.

-What is it?
-What is it?

The covers...

-I just got goosebumps.

-It's "Ki-woo."

Oh, my gosh. I'm getting goosebumps.

-"Lee Ki-woo."
-It's "Ki-woo."

Stop it.

-I don't want to.
-Just stop!

Stop it!

-Lee Ki-woo is the killer.
-Let's get him!

-Get him!
-But where did he go?

Gosh, why did she have to
write his name like that?

We have to think about
where he could have gone.

We have to get him first.

-They said that he just left.
-He might have gone to the airport.

-Lee Ki-woo packed and left just now...
-He left?

He looked scared and he just left.

Shall we look at other rooms too?

Lee Ki-woo's room.

Let's go to the room where he was.

-This was my room. Let's go to his.
-Let's go to his.

-Is there a second floor?

There's a second floor here.

Here's another room.

Do you see anything?

What's that?

He wrote something here.
There are marks left.

He wrote something.

-He ripped out the paper.
-He ripped it.


It says, "7:30."

-The second pier?
-"The fifth pier."

"Jeju Port."

Let's go.

-At 7:30?
-Yes, at the port.

We don't have much time.

It's good we didn't go to the airport.

-We're already in the car.
-I'll drive.

-All right.
-I'll be the guide.

Come on, hurry.

I'll drive fast.

-We are here.
-We are here.

This place is too big though.

We have to go to the fifth pier.

This place is too big.

-He must be around here somewhere.

We only have 30 minutes left to catch him.

We have less than 30 minutes left.

-We have to find him quickly.
-We should split up and look for him.

I think we should split up.

All right, let's split up.

We will shout if we find him.

I've never been to such a place like this.

Lee Ki-woo?

It's all over. Show yourself!

-It's 7:13 p.m. We don't have time.
-Lee Ki-woo!

You have nowhere to go. Show yourself!

Where is he?

Where is he?


-What's going on?
-What happened?

Why did you yell?

I was scared.
I yelled for you to come out.

Oh, it was you, Jong-min.

I saw you from over there.

Where in the world did he go?

Where could he be?


Do you think he would
just be wandering around here?

That tower...

He could be watching from up there.

I guess he could be.

Should we go up there and look?

Let's get him.

Let's go up and get him.

Aren't you afraid of heights?

This is too...

I don't think I can do this.

Are you okay?

-I can't do this.
-I'll go up then.

-Is that okay with you?
-I'll go up there and look around.

We used to do stakeouts

at the top of buildings like that.

I don't think I've ever climbed that high

on my own before.

I can't even stand close to that tower.

There are only 15 minutes left.

I don't think he will be hiding up there.

You don't have to go to the top
to look around.

All right.

Be careful.

You can see from there, right?

Oh no. We don't have much time.

What's that sound?


You can't see him?

I can see everything below,
but I don't see him.

Isn't it scary so high up?

I can't find him from here.

Where could he be hiding?

Ten minutes left.

Just ten minutes...

We looked everywhere,

-but we can't find him.
-He's not here.

We looked around so many times.

He can't be inside the containers.

Even if he's inside one,

he can't get to a boat
without getting caught.

We looked everywhere around here.

We can just stay here
and wait for him to show up.

Get him when he gets on the boat.

But one of us should be...

-The boat...
-Lee Ki-woo!

-Is it that?
-Lee Ki-woo!

-Lee Ki-woo!

Is it this one?

Lee Ki-woo.

There he is!

-There he is!
-He's over there!

-We found him!
-Over there!

-Over there!
-He's over there!

He's over there!

I found him!

Lee Ki-woo!

We have to get him!

-We have to catch him!

We have to get him!

-We have to catch him!
-Lee Ki-woo!

Lee Ki-woo!

Lee Ki-woo! Stop right there!

Lee Ki-woo!

-Lee Ki-woo!
-Get him!

-My shoes are coming off.
-Don't miss him!

We're just...

We're detectives.


This is an international boat?


It's going to Canada.

-This is terrible.
-Bad boy.


Over there.


-Come down here!
-You jerk!


Stop drinking so much.


Why did you kill that woman?

Why did you kill her?

Because of the stalking.

Who was the stalker?

My girlfriend.

My goodness...

One more glass.


You came all the way to my room...

It's tough these days...


Don't fall asleep.

Ki-woo, I'm here.

Don't do this. Just go.

You still love me, right?

Says who?

I'm going to love you
for the rest of my life.

I'll keep following you around.

I gave you back the ring we got together.

That's why I brought it back for you.

I'll keep following you around.
I'll follow you around forever.

Stop irritating me.

-Just stop this!

You're the one who should stop!

I told you to stop this.

I told you to stop this.

Put my card in the event box
between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m.

-He's going inside.
-Wait a minute!

-Where are you going?


All right. Bye.

We lost him.

-He totally fooled us.
-Damn it.

The boat is leaving.

We almost caught him.

Translated by Ju-young Park