Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 9 - Ponder! A Person's Thoughts and a Demon's Thoughts - full transcript

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What a heartbreaking sight.



Tsukihito, join the Shinsengumi.

Come with us and atone for your sins.

Don't give up on yourself!

Here, we can turn over a new leaf.

We have friends here. You won't be alone!

It's okay, Mother.

You will reunite with him soon.

Over here!

Don't panic!

Don't worry.
We will watch over Kyoto!

You're awake.

I escaped death again.

You always feel regretful about the fact

that you're the sole survivor.

Suzuran said that.


It's quiet.

Everyone has gone out

on the order of Commander Ichibanboshi.

He said that watching over Kyoto
is our duty as the Shinsengumi.

I see.

Bring it on!

He's amazing!

He must be a sumo wrestler!

Thank you.
We can rebuild our home right away.

No, we are just troublemakers.

Only carpenters like you guys
can rebuild this place.

Sir, we'll leave it to you.

We will give it our best!

Count on us!

Gyataro, we are here to help, too.


Clear things up a little.
If you find anything valuable...

I will return it to the victims.

Stealing from a post-fire scene
is outrageous.

Yes... You are right.

My thought exactly.

All right. Let's go.


Tomekichi has become their leader now.

They were the ones
who set the fire, right?

Why do we have to build their graves?

We need to help the unguided souls
if they are in need.

That is my principle.

This drawing and wording again.

There's still a lot of food.
It's fine if you're not the first in line.

Thank you.


We have medicine if you are injured.
Feel free to tell us.


-Lord Hijikata is so good-looking.
-I would like to have some.

How did it turn out like this?

No idea.


Lady Okayo.

Didn't you run to Osaka?


I couldn't do that.

Please let me help, too.

Sure. That would be great.

I can't believe this has happened.

Darn it.

You are good with swords.
But your knifework is terrible.

When did you come?


My nose was nearly cut off.

Give way.

Wait. Don't get in my way!

You are doing a good job.

I was sent to many families for adoption.

I learnt every house chore
like cooking, laundry and cleaning.

This will do it.

Say, would you like to take a walk?

I'm here to tell you something serious.

I doubt it
when you said it like that.

I want to marry you.

I knew it.

Ma... Marry me?


Do you have to be so shocked?

Didn't we promise each other with that kiss?

Th... That's...

Don't be stupid.
Did you hear yourself?


You're a woman but why are you

pretending as Okita Souji from Shinsengumi?

That's because...

You don't have to say it.

I don't mind
who you were in the past

or what you had been through.

I like the person you are now.

That's enough.

Can you tell me one thing?

What is your true name?


"Akira", as in the color white.

My name is Akira.


It suits you very well.
It's a beautiful name.

I feel so happy.


It's my first time receiving so many compliments

since I was born.

I see.

I'm glad that I joined Shinsengumi.

I'm glad to do this as their replacement.

Me, too.

Shinsengumi's replacement.

Come to think of it, it's crazy.

I accepted because
I didn't want to be executed.

Darn it.

I want to thank Todo!


I can't believe I fell asleep.

Are you cold?

No, I'm fine.
I'm sorry for waking you up.

You haven't slept last night, have you?
You were busy treating me.

Get some rest.

I'm sure someone is talking behind my back.

It's hard to be the bad boy in the group.


Stop what you are doing!

I was right.

Akira sounds boyish, doesn't it?

It's a name suitable for both genders.

My parents wanted a son to inherit the dojo,

so they thought of this name.


After knowing that,

I thought they wanted a child
who is exceptional with sword fighting.

So, I trained really hard.

I worked very hard to please my parents.

Eventually during that process,
no one could defeat me.

I became a master.

It was then I realized

my parents didn't want a strong daughter.

They want a son to inherit the dojo.

You have always been alone
in kendo, haven't you?

I could only live like a useless person.

It must be hard for someone like you.

You probably even disregard your pain

and continue to train every day.


You don't have to be alone anymore.

You just have to marry me.

There you go again!

You joke around to mess with me.

I'm not joking around
when I said I want to marry you.

But you don't have to give me an answer yet.

Let's just take it slow.

We are just beginning to know each other.

I'm exhausted.


Eat up.

Thank you.

You haven't eaten anything
since morning either, right?

No, I don't need it.

Don't be shy.

My home...

was at a remote countryside.
We were very poor.

What are you saying?

When was it again?

There was a festival
in a neighboring village.

I got some money and bought a bun.

I gave it to Tsukihito.


Here you go.

Didn't I tell you that's yours?

It tastes better when you share.

Well then...

He's a considerate kid.

But he's acting all tough now.

His right eyebrow sticks up
when he is lying.

I can see right through him.

Tsukihito is Rashomaru now.

Yes, but there's still part of him left.

I can feel it.

Are you saying that
if you change this hellhole of a world,

Tsukihito will come back to you?

That's right.

We might not have to kill him.

That will depend.

I killed my father.

I was born into a samurai family.

We were a rich family.

But my father was a terrible man.

He takes pride in his social status

and abuse the people below him
like a tyrant.

My mother only tolerated his violence.

The wife is to follow the husband.

It is her duty as a samurai's wife.

One night, my father went berserk.

If I don't kill him,
he will end up killing my mother.

So, I did it.

So, you did that to protect your mother...

My mother took her own life
the night I killed my father.

I killed my father
who was as terrible as the world.

But my mother who could only
lived in this world...

who could only live in the samurai family
also took her own life.

I left my home

and became an assassin.

Apparently, when an assassin

had killed the 1,000th man,
they will see the world differently.

That's why you have been counting.

Did you see the world differently now?

You killed the 1,000th man yesterday.

Well then.

Stop counting how many people you have killed.

Count how many people you have saved instead.

I will take that into consideration.

It's my first time seeing you smile!

Shut up. I did not.

-That's rare. Smile more.
-I did not...

-Come on. Smile at me.
-I did not smile.

Thank you for your hard work.

Isn't that Lord Kondo?

We will make things back to normal soon.

They are the famous Shinsengumi.

I heard they helped to put out the fire.

Lord Hijikata is such a good man.

I prefer Lord Okita.

She's as beautiful as a lady.

But she is incredibly strong
when she's with a sword.

After the incident in Ikedaya,

Shinsengumi seems to be
well-received by the people.

A group of convicts.

I originally didn't expect much from them.

Looks like Todo Heisuke
and Matsudaira Katamori have good eyes.

Some of them got careless
and failed to set the fire.

The souls needed for the ceremony

have not been filled up yet.

No, we should be glad
that it was a good chance to test out the plan.

The day our dream comes true is near.


I pass on my ideal to you
who have become a demon by killing your mother.


You have seen how ugly this world could be.

Be the foundation
that saves this country.


Kill your brother.

This is your last task.

But before that,
there's also someone else.

Kill the man who can read astronomy.

Demons have shown up
along with the moon.

I am the general of the Demon of Zomen,
Taisho Rashomaru.

Sakuma Shozan, I'm here to take your life.

You're not the first one to say that to me.

The night is long.
Why don't we have a talk?

Is that the rumored demonic sword?

What sorcery is that?

Can I have a look?

You may experience it yourself.

What is your master's goal?

Why give the swords to the shogunate supporters
and anti-shogunate groups?

Are you a weapon dealer
who did this for the money?

Or it is his goal to create a civil war?

Don't you underestimate him!

I know nothing.
That's why I could only look down on them.

Unless you tell me
what is your master's goal,

that would be a different story.

This is for you in hell.

Something that protects our country.

The patriotic souls.

We should take down the barbarians
with the swords turned from souls.

A spell from ancient times.

The guardian from hell
will defeat the barbarians

and bring us prosperity.


Your sins will be removed, too.

Let's save the country together.

That's hilarious!

You protecting the country
with a secret spell?

The timid Tokugawa,
Satsuma Domain that sucks up to the westerners

are all our pawns.

Japan will defeat all countries.

The whole world
will submit to His Lordship's authority.

That's why I think you guys are going to fail.

Have you been living under a rock?

This country will change soon.

The shogunate and samurai will disappear.

If you want to create a new world,

this is the most important.

We don't need men
who only follow their masters.

What do you think about it?
What do you want to do?

You have to be able to think.

You fool!

You should be Rashomaru.
What do you want to do?

It's to realize his...

Think for yourself!

It's too late.

It's already too late.

I have become...

a demon.

These pictures

are what the Demon of Zomen has been planning?

No, we are not there yet.

These drawings we found in Shirakawaya

and Shimamuraya

should be an indication of the fire location.

We also found the Demon of Zomen
in the Seimei Shrine.

But it's a strange map.

What does this pattern mean?

Yes, there are so many things
we don't understand.

We need more information to decide.

That's why I would like to talk to you guys.

If we show this to Ichibanboshi,

I bet he would want to stir things up.

Yes, that's his bad habit.

But there's some good in him, too.

Anyway, I will leave this to Suzuran for now.

I'll be counting on you.

Look into it for more details.

There might be other maps.

Yes, I will look into possible locations.

Lord Shozan...

He died in an attack last night.

No way.

Who is the culprit?

I don't know, he has many enemies.

It's hard to pinpoint anyone.

I still have so many questions for him.

I did not summon the Shinsengumi

just to tell you this.





Lord Shozan is trying to convey

that the next goal for
the Demon of Zomen

is to blast the western ships
with explosives.

I hereby order the Shinsengumi

to head to the port in Osaka right now

and stop them from destroying the boats.


All right!

It looks fun.

Are you practising for busker session?

We are making dinner.