Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 10 - Defend! The Black American Ships - full transcript

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Why am I seeing them here?

All of you died at my hands.

What are you people trying to do?

To condemn me?

I took your purposeless lives
and offered them to our country.

Be grateful instead.

Father, Mother...


Lord Shozan is trying to tell us

that the Demon of Zomen's next plan

is to blow up the western vessels.

I now order the Shinsengumi

to head out to the Sakai Port in Osaka.

The black ship looks so cool!

This is amazing, right?


I'm so excited!

Shut up, Idiot-boshi.
We are here to find out about the ship.

That's what I am doing now.

Location of the ship, the terrain of the port
and the number of guards.

We have a lot to remember.


Sakuya, don't worry.

We will do what Ichibanboshi can't do.

We can assign tasks to others.

Don't just let him do whatever he wants.

Hey, look!

What a fancy flag!

Stars and stripes.

It's an American flag.

Why does the Demon of Zomen
want to destroy it?

To start a war with America.

That is probably their goal.

Even if they don't,
it's enough to provoke them.

I want to travel on that ship.

I want a black ship.

Is the Demon of Zomen
trying to take over the ship?

Ship thieves!

You guys went too far with that.


With the passing of that traitor, Sakuma Shozan,

who supported opening up our country,

this is the time to get rid of the foreigners.

Please tell us your decision, my lord!

We agree.

Please tell us your decision.

I can feel your determination.

The Choshu Domain is united.

In that case...

Pardon me.

Lord Katsura, you are back.

We might not win

if we start a war with other countries now.

What are you saying?

Are you scared now, Katsura?

Have you forgotten the Shimonoseki campaign?

We lost terribly because of
the old weapons we used.

Learning technologies adopted by other nations

and strengthening our nation
is only the right thing to do.

It will only hinder our goal
if we act recklessly.

That's not making any sense!

B... But...

Kogoro, we will do as you say.

It's foolish to start a war
without military force.

That's decided.

Kagura is a coward!

He convinced Lord Takachika
with those fancy words.

Just let him be.

When Lord Maki Izumi succeeded,

it will be time
to get rid of the foreigners.

Even Kagura won't be able to stop us by then.

The wine and women in Osaka
are the best!

There's so much good food!

And it's on Aizu Domain.
This is wonderful!

It's the best!

What's wrong?

It might the Demon of Zomen.

Let's have a look.

Did you get it?

Have you got any questions?

Thank you for answering my question.

I appreciate it.

That's so cool.

You speak really good English, Sogen.

What did the sailor say?

They were informed that someone is planning
to blow up the black ship.

That's what we heard.

As expected of Lord Shozan.

But that kind of threat
meant nothing to them.

They are used to these attacks.

That's why they appear nonchalant.

That means it's not the Demon of Zomen.

I see.


Do you know Sakamoto Ryoma?

Ryoma is a masterless samurai
who left Tosa Domain.

Why did you ask?

Lord Shozan said he and I are similar.

I would like you to meet someone.

His name is Sakamoto Ryoma.

Ryoma? What a strange name.

Both of you will surely get along.

Lord Shozan is dead.

But I really want to meet Ryoma.

I wonder what is he doing now.

I heard he is working with Katsu Kaishu
to lead the Kobe Naval Training Center

and does business with foreigners.

So, he must have ridden that black ship.

That's amazing! I want to meet him now.

Ryoma and Shinsengumi are enemies.


One of you will have to
take one another's life if you met him.

That's a bummer.

What is that?

A turtle?

No idea.

I thought it was a big fish,
but it doesn't take the bait.

It's been there since morning.

What's wrong?


What? I thought it was the Demon of Zomen.

Shall we try to electrocute it?

That's sudden.

But I did hear about this fishing method.

Look. It's starting to move.

Is it heading to the dragon palace?

It's heading towards the black ship.

It's the Demon of Zomen!

I knew it.

Long-range rifle made by Sogen.

I got him first!

Take that...

Take that! Die!


You are a demon.

Your soul cannot be used as our weapons.

The black ship...

They took over it.

Stop right there!

We'll catch up with them!

It's impossible with that boat.

We can if we persevere!

There's no way.

It's impossible!


We won't be able to catch up.

No way!

What do we do then?

The black ship will blow up to pieces!


America is attacking us!


The west is invading!

This is bad. The people are clueless

and thought America is attacking.

I thought the Demon of Zomen
is trying to destroy the ship!

Attacking the port is their true motive?

We have to catch up to the ship.

Forget it.

We don't have ships
that can catch up to it.

No, we actually do.

Stop the attack.

We just have to wait for now.

Cruise along the shore on our right.

Yes, my lord.

A few years ago,

the boat propeller experiment
was conducted here at Osaka Bay.

Lord Sakuma Shozan
was the one who invented it.

He was incredible!

Sakuma Shozan has learnt
the way of the east and west.

The accomplishment of the true genius...

lies here.

How do we start it?

They couldn't find the rare metal, zinc
to propel the boat,

so the experiment had to stop.

That means we can't use it!

That's not true.

You have another genius here
who is comparable with Shozan.

I can't believe you are
complimenting yourself like that.

Suzuran, lend me your staff.


It's going so fast!


Sogen, you might really be a genius.

It's the victory of science.

We didn't win yet.

Suzuran, could you steer the boat?

All right!

What is that?

What's wrong?

It's the Shinsengumi.

They can't catch up with that thing.

It's Tsukihito!

He's on the black ship. Hurry!

How we do go up the ship
after we caught up with them?

Well, I have no idea.



The boat will crush if it hits against the ship!


How did they catch up?

Speed up!

Turn left!

Prepare the cannons!

I will sink that boat of yours.


Stop, stop!

It's going to clash!

What do I do?

Keep going!


Who should I listen to?

Dodge it!

All right!

Fire at them.

What do I do?

We can do it. Just keep going!

Wait, Ichibanboshi!

This is the end.

Here we go!

That hurts...

Here come the troublemakers!

Feed them to the sharks.



He's gone.

Let's go.

I adjusted the gunpowder amount,
so you won't die.

I won't let you mess around again!

Right, Bo?


He's let loose already.

I can't lose out, too.


Answer me! Did you kill Lord Shozan?

That old man?

That's right. I killed him with this sword.

You hurt Todo and killed Lord Shozan.

I won't forgive you, Rashomaru.

That's all you got?

Kondo Isami, you're so weak.


You can't kill me!

They are...

What's wrong?

Why are they running away?

They are running away?


Choshu Domain.

Target is the black ship. Fire!

This is bad.

Oh, no!

They ran away.

Is everyone okay?

That Armstrong cannons

are quite impressive
in terms of their power and range.

Now is not the time for that!

What is that?

What exactly is that?

Spirit weapon.

It's the power nurtured by His Lordship.

It's the power of Japan.

The black ship will sink as planned.

I know.

Don't you run away!

Stop getting in my way.

Lord Rashomaru, hurry and get on board!

The ship...

The cannons stand no chance against it.

No, look.

It works.

It's stronger than I thought.

As long as we have the spirit weapon,

Azuma and Tokugawa
won't stand a chance against us.

No, we can even fight the westerners.

I get it now.

Their true motive

is to let the people witness
the weapon that can destroy the black ship.

Not only that,

they made it seems like they were defending
the shore from the attack of the black ship

to stir up hostility among the people.

There's no better way
for the people who wants a war.

Stop talking! We need to make a run!



Humans need strength and power!

The weak will only get trampled.

Did you forget our parents?

They were exactly the weak ones
who got trampled all over!

What are you talking about?

Our parents were strong.
They sacrificed for us.

That is true strength, you fool!

Kid, come here.

Come here.

If you kill your mother with this sword,

I will let you live.


Our parents died because they were too weak.

They didn't have to die if they were strong.

I wouldn't have to kill her!

You are lying.


Since you were a kid,

you do this when you lie.

I know.

You didn't kill our mother.


I know Tsukihito is still in there.

Stop it. Stop talking.

Come to Shinsengumi, Tsukihito.

I will teach you the right way!

My name, Rashomaru...

is given by His Lordship!


Are you okay?

Why... did you save me?

I saved Tsukihito.

Rashomaru is dead when he fell into the sea.


What happened to your aura?

I won't kill you.

How could I let you die so easily?

Atone for your sins.

For the rest of your life.

Why won't you leave me alone?

Tsukihito, no matter what happened,

you will be the one I care about the most.

You always drop your guard at the last moment.



Is everything okay?

What? Kusaka is on the march?

Maki Izumi has sunken the ship
with the new cannons.

Lord Kusaka is planning to ride on the momentum.

What about Lord Takachika?

Lord Takachika acknowledged the weapon
and agreed to it.

Darn the Zomen.

They are like a disease corrupting Japan.

I will go after Kusaka.

If Kyoto turns into a battlefield,

there will be more deaths
than in the fire last time.

I handed the spirit weapons to Choshu army.

Our country which was trampled will transform.

The world will kneel upon the spirit weapon.

It's the sea!


Hey, why aren't you swimming?

I dislike the sun.

The sun is the enemy of our skin.