Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 8 - Blitz! The Ikedaya Incident - full transcript

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They may be gathering tonight.

They will be at Shimamuraya.

It's Ikedaya.

The men gathering at Ikedaya tonight
are planning to set fire to Kyoto.

We have to stop them.

How bold of you to come back.

I have to stop them from burning Kyoto to ashes!

I have to stop Hikojiro and Tsukihito.

You can punish me however you want
after this.

That includes seppuku!

Ichibanboshi, I could see your determination.

Get ready to fight.

Here come the troublemakers!



Shimamuraya and...


Which is the correct place to go?

Let the deity decides for us!


Buddhism, Shindo and Christianity.

Which one do you prefer?

Ichibanboshi and Sakuya.

The probability of either of them
holding the right information

are the same.

That means

it's important to come up with a strategy
that could handle various possibilities.

Shinsengumi will separate into two teams.

Check out all the inns in Gion
from house to house.

Hijikata team led by Sakuya

will investigate Omiya, Shimamuraya,
Etsubo, Ogawatei, Izutsu.

Yes, sir.

Hijikata team is the core of this operation.

You will be assisted by the soldiers,
Suzuran and Bo.

Yes, sir!

Sogen, you will join Hijikata team
after treating Furutaka Shuntaro.

Yes, sir.

Kondo team led by Ichibanboshi

will investigate Shikokuya and Ikedaya
along Kiyamachi Street.

Yes, sir.

Akira, Gyataro and I will join your team.

Yes, sir!

All right.
Which team will take the win?

It's gonna be us.

What nonsense are you saying?

Bringing the emperor to Hagi?

Choshu couldn't even enter the palace
since the coup d'etat on 18 August.

We had no choice
but to take the emperor with us!

We won't let Aizu and Satsuma
do whatever they want!

We have to bring down the corrupted shogunate
and stop the barbarians from invading Japan!

-Yes, I agree!
-We have to stop them!

This is ridiculous.

Even so, it's unnecessary to set Kyoto on fire.

That was their request.

The Demon of Zomen agrees to lend us weapons

on the condition of setting Kyoto on fire.

Those guys don't only work with
anti-western groups like us,

they also work with men who support the union of
the imperial court and the shogunate.

They are bats who are neither birds nor beasts.

They are not to be trusted.

Therefore, we will use them.

You people are the ones being used.
Why can't you understand that yet?

What? We are not sending out our soldiers?

Akizuki, what are you saying?

If we do so, a battle will be inevitable
between Aizu and Choshu.

Now is not the time yet.

You're just gonna sit back and watch
while the imperial palace is under attack?

That's fine.

That way, you will be dismissed from your duty
to protect Kyoto.

We'll be able to return to our land.

Don't be a fool. Send out our soldiers now.

Yes, my lord.

But preparation for the battle
takes a long time.

Aizu Domain will be there
when Shinsengumi has settled things.


This is for your best interest, my lord.

The injury is serious but not fatal.

You are likely to survive this.

The Gion Festival is tomorrow,
it will surely be lively.

The Demon of Zomen...

insists on burning the town
on that particular day.

Because it is the day when the souls gather.

The day when the souls gather...


We still need more for it to be full.

I will collect those patriotic souls

from the festival tonight.




We are here for public duty!


We are here for public duty!

To the next one!

The next inn will be...


We will set fire to the streets of Kyoto

and take the emperor amidst the chaos.

We have no objection!

I can't take this anymore.

Do you agree to this proposal, Lord Katsura?

Do you mind if I answer after this drink?


We are here for public duty.

Here come the troublemakers.

I will search the second floor.

We will go to the first floor.

The 999th man.

Is everything okay?

We heard screaming...

It's Zomen.

Firestarter and fire arrows.

They are planning to start the fire here?

This is...

What's wrong?


It's similar to the scribbling in Shirakawaya.

It's a map!

Let me have it.

It matched perfectly.

It's Seimei Shrine.


We are here for public duty.

Here come the troublemakers!

Is the owner here?

Yes, please wait for a moment.

The Shinsengumi is here.


It's too early to head out now.

Put out the light.

The owner is not here yet?

I'm sorry. He should be here soon.

I was right.


You're playing with sand here?

It's gunpowder.

Find out the source of the gunpowder.

On it.

You can't stop it from happening
even if you killed me.

I won't kill you.
I still need you for information.

It's too late.

This is bad!

It's done.


They are coming.

Commander of the Shinsengumi, Kondo Isami!

The captain of the eighth division,
Todo Heisuke!

The captain of the second division,
Nagakura Shinpachi!

The captain of the first division, Okita Souji!

Take this!

We will execute those who try to resist!

Let's kick up a storm!

Hurry and get out of here!

Are you here to save me? I'm glad.

Quick! You can jump from here.

You are a great swordsman.

I know you are going easy on me.

I don't mind getting killed by a woman like you.

The men from Aizu Domain will be here soon.

It will be too late if you don't go now.

Strong, smart and beautiful.

What are you doing?

You are suited to be my wife.

You must not die here.


I won't die here.


Just how many are they?

Hijikata team will be here soon.

Hang in there.

Yes, sir.

Take that...

Bring it on!

Fire! How is this happening?

Call for the firemen!

Fire... Help!

Why are you guys doing this?

This is an honorable sacrifice
to realize his ideal.

The same goes for me, too.

The 1,000th man.

The fire...

The soldiers will help put out the fire!

Yes, sir!

Come on.


the festival is only about to start.

Come here, all of you.

Things are getting out of hand.

Is someone in there?

Lord Kogoro, I will open the gate now!

No, do not open the gate!

Our comrades at Ikedaya have been ambushed.

What? I will send help immediately!


If Choshu acts on this,
it will escalate into a war with Aizu.

B... But...

Choshu has nothing to do with this.

There's nothing we can do for them.

This is for the future of Choshu.


Please do as I say.

The fire is spreading from
the northeast to the town.

Send our men to put out the fire.

Yes, my lord.

I'll leave it to you!

Darn it. I'm running out of bullets.

Die, Shinsengumi.

The sword is thirsty for blood tonight.

Thank you for these pretentious words.

You will be next!

Right back at you!

Kondo Isami's imposter.


I've told you many times.

Stop calling me that!

Get out of my way, Shinsengumi!

Is this really what you want?

This is to satisfy my lord.

I don't care who you are talking about!

What did you say?

Tsukihito, join the Shinsengumi.

Come with us and atone for your sins.

Don't give up on yourself!

Here, we can turn over a new leaf.

We have friends here. You won't be alone!

I knew you are a fool.

But I didn't know you are this stupid.

It's too late!

Do you the things I have done
and how many people have I killed?

I can't start over anymore!


I won't let you do that.


Do you think an ordinary sword
can beat the demonic sword?

I won't let you do it again.

I won't let you kill our commander,
Kondo Isami again!

He's just a convict and an imposter!

He's not an imposter!

Rather than that, they have taught me one thing.

When there's a will to pass on the legacy,

the Shinsengumi will continue to live on.

What a touching display of loyalty,
Todo Heisuke.

As expected of a samurai!

Why don't you die for this country, too?

Hijikata Toshizo's imposter.

We are sorry!

We came late.

Ikedaya has been taken care of.

You have gone too far!

So, the convicts are all here.

Kondo Isami's imposter.

These are the comrades you mean?

I won't forgive the people who hurt them.

If you don't stop,

I'll have to kill you.

Kondo Isami's imposter,
I won't kill you yet.

I'll let you have a taste

of the pain and loneliness
that I had been through!


Hang in there.

I won't be able to fight for now.

You will lead the Shinsengumi.


Yes, as the commander.

Wait. There's no way I can do that.

You will find it hard at first.

But if you keep pretending you can,

you will be able to do it one day.

Because that's what I did.

The day when the coup d'etat happened,
the commander and the rest were killed.

I became the leader of Shinsengumi.

I was always following
the commander and Lord Hijikata.

I wasn't capable enough
to carry this responsibility.


As the sole survivor,
it was something I have to do.

Ichibanboshi, you will be able to do it too.

No, you can definitely do it.

You have to lead the Shinsengumi.

I don't know how to advise the king
or assist the shogunate.

You have to teach me.

That doesn't matter.

Just listen to the voice in your heart.

The voice...

I'll leave it to you.

Hey, Todo!

He just lost consciousness.

Get the panels here.

We have to carry him back to our lodging.

I will do my best to treat him!

We'll be counting on you!

The streets...

The fire is spreading too quickly.

Let's break into different teams.

I will help out the victims.

Thank you for the assistance.

You people are late!



If you have to be late,
at least help to put out the fire.


Don't mingle us samurai with the firemen.

If the wind direction changes,

the fire will spread to the imperial palace too.

Are you guys really fine with that?

Get more water from the river!

Are you guys okay?


What a horrific sight.


All right!

Hey, where are you going?

Do you even have to ask?

Fix things back to normal.


This place is a wreck now.

It doesn't matter how this place has turned out.

It may take a long time,

but things will go back to normal
with some help.

Gosh, I can't stand him.

Let's begin too.

We'll have to start over.

I'll get some food.

Commander, give out your instructions.


If you hide in the school's washroom...

Come and start training!