Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 7 - Prevent! The Dissolution of the Shinsengumi - full transcript

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I wish... I could see you in a wedding gown.

Uchiyama Hikojiro!

We drank and had a laugh together.

I thought we really clicked.

I thought we became good friends.

We didn't find anything.

The evidence in Shirakawaya
is destroyed in the fire, too.

Uchiyama who was supposed to be taken alive
is also dead.

Will we be able to fix this?


will disband.



We'll go back to being convicts
if Shinsengumi was to disband.

That means...

We will get our heads chopped off.

We could only wait until they give their order.

They won't let us off that easily.

Shirakawaya was burned down to nothing.

Forget about the demonic swords,

even the leads related to the Demon of Zomen
were destroyed.

If only there was evidence of them
profiteering from the lamp oil.

If Idiot-boshi had killed Rashomaru
instead of Uchiyama Hikojiro,

things wouldn't turn out this way.

It's his younger brother we are talking about.

Given the situation now,
it's pointless to point fingers now.

That was the mission of Shinsengumi.

Sakuya, where are you going?

I killed our father and mother with this sword.

Not only that,

it doesn't bother me at all
no matter how many people I've killed.

Rather than that, this feels like my calling.


Are you prepared?


To kill Rashomaru with your own hand.

In order to maintain the peace of Kyoto,

I'm the one who insisted
to replace the Shinsengumi with convicts

to sustain the organization.

But this has escalated too far, Todo.

I have no excuse.

Convicts will always be convicts.

Lord Katamori.

Let the patrol team look after Kyoto.

Are the samurai and their families here already?

They are still on their way.

But I can't stand to see these troublemakers
tarnish the name of Aizu Domain.

If Shinsengumi were to disband,

I couldn't find myself to face
the late Commander Kondo and the rest.

Allow me to commit seppu...

We can't let the sole survivor die.


This is not something that can be solved
with your life.

I will give severe punishment.

Save Shinsengumi's reputation.

Failing to do so, Shinsengumi shall disband.

I'll give you three days.

Do you understand?

Yes, my lord.

You want me to kill Tsukihito?

Shinsengumi is about to disband.

And you're the reason why.

You have to defeat Taisho Rashomaru
to repent your mistake.

I know Tsukihito the best.

If I talk to him, I'm sure he will...

He's not Tsukihito.

Bury your identity as a brother.

Kill your younger brother
who has lost his humanity.

If you failed to do so,

you may say whatever you want
in this prison until the day you die.


There's only...

Three days?

He wants us to fix our mistakes
in such a short period?

Lord Katamori is being harsh on us.

It's like he is saying we are meant to fail.

Anyway, we should patrol the streets.


Catch all the suspicious-looking men!

Calm down.

Being reckless will only make things worse.

It will only bring down Shinsengumi's reputation
which is already bad enough.

We don't have time to waste.

We don't even know where to begin.

I do.

Where did you go at this critical time?

I heard this from the bladesmith.

He was asked to sharpen Miyabe Teizo's sword.

I remember Miyabe is samurai from Higo Domain
who supports the emperor.

He is a radical that strives to
bring down the shogunate.

But the anti-shogunate groups
from Choshu Domain

should be in exile

after the coup d'etat on August 18th.

If they had sneakily returned to Kyoto...

They might be plotting something.

Not just Miyabe's sword,
there were also his comrades' swords.

A total of 25 men.

That's a lot.

If these radicals returned to Kyoto

and joined hands with the Demons of Zomen...

That would only mean one thing.


If I'm to kill Tsukihito, I'd rather...

We have to capture Miyabe
to redeem ourselves.


This is so that Shinsengumi
won't be disbanded.

Let's go our separate ways
to gather information.

We will capture Miyabe and the other radicals.

Do not underestimate them.

Yes, sir!

What about Ichibanboshi?

He can't go.

We need as much help as we can.

That's right. He's the commander.

Who do you think led us to this situation?

We were involved
in the fire in Shirakawaya, too.

Ichibanboshi shouldn't be the only one to blame.


If we can't get ourselves out of this crisis,

Ichibanboshi shall commit seppuku.


Bad news!

What's wrong?

Please hurry to the prison cell.

Commander Kondo...

He's gone!

He escaped from prison.

He made such a mess.

He's unexpectedly smart.

He pierced the wall with
the broken pieces of the bowl.

We have no time to go after him.

I know.

The soldiers will go after Ichibanboshi.

All of you go after Miyabe.

You're the one who handed him the bowl.

Why did you tell him the way to escape?

I don't get you.

He should clean up the mess
made by his younger brother.

Was that what you told him?

Stop getting in my way.

Not everyone is as strong as you

and could survive like you do.

Did you find him?


Darn it. Where did he go?


I've asked doctors
and scholars who do Dutch learning

but to no avail.

How about you, Suzuran?

I got nothing, too.

I've asked a few geisha that I'm close with.

The streets are getting lively.

It's the Gion Festival two days later.

Tomorrow will be the Yoiyama.


That's the day before the festival.

I see.

Kyoto has always been humid.
It's a breeding ground for infectious diseases.

That's why the festival is held.

Festivals are to bring peace to the death.

All right. We should go.

I wouldn't want to attend the festival in hell.

Masterless samurai from other domains?

Choshu, Satsuma, Higo and Tosa.

Men speaking different dialects
are gathering.

Something is definitely going on.

What is that Miyabe guy plotting?

You have to be careful too, Gyataro.

Yes, but I have to act fast.

Riding on a boat usually calms me down.

Only a beautiful lady is capable of
agitating my heart.

We wouldn't have to worry about eavesdropping

if we talk on a boat.

It's perfect for conversations off the record.

Let's cut the chase.

I have no time to dawdle.

I know Miyabe Teizo.

Not only does he deceive
my people from Choshu Domain,

he also extended his invitation to me.

He's involved with the Demon of Zomen?

If Shinsengumi wants to do this thing right,

go ahead and check it out yourself.

Masuya on the wholesale street.


I owe you one.

What do you plan to offer in exchange?

I'm sorry. I don't have any information.

I'll pay you.

I don't want that.


Do you know?

People kiss to express their gratitude
in Western countries.

You're bluffing.

It's true.

But they kiss on the cheek
instead of your mouth.

That's shameless and inappropriate!

I think it's great culture.

All right. You should thank me now.

This is to express my gratitude.

Nothing more.

What was that for? You're sneaky!

The boat was swaying. You were so slow.

All right. Hurry up.

You are Uchiyama Hikojiro's sister, aren't you?


I have something to tell you
about Hikojiro's death.



As expected of Furutaka.

He is able to gather these many men.

It's for the country.

He will be pleased
with your determination to expel the westerners.

We just can't sit back and watch
the westerners ruin our country.

Sacrifices for an honorable cause
are sometimes necessary.

You have shown real strength.

We are here for public duty!

We are here to look for trouble.

Is the owner here?

He's not around at the moment.

We received complaints from the residents.

We have to conduct a search.

Wait. You're making this difficult for me.

We just need to take a look.
Just let us through.

The Shinsengumi...

The storage at the back.

The Shinsengumi is here to conduct a search!

Impossible. How did they know this place?

They are quite capable.

But they won't be able to stop the plan
once it's started.

Over here.

Lord Miyabe and Lord Rashomaru,
I'll take care of them.

I'll leave it to you.

Bo, take care of this.

All right!

Here... I go!

Th... This is...

You mentioned my brother. Do you mean...

It's not surprising if anyone dies.

There's nothing we can do about it.

Hikojiro cared about you
until his very last moment.

How much he wanted to see you get married

and put on the wedding kimono.

Even until his last breath.

I had a feeling that this day would come.

Since he started talking to those men
with strange masks on.

It was for you, Okayo.

I asked him to stop.

It doesn't matter...

even if we are poor
or if I can't get married.



What are these?

Are they trying to start a war or something?

I have many questions for you.

Are you ready?

I know you want to kill me.


Could you wait a little longer?

You're unbelievable!

I beg you!

There's something I must do.

This is also for your brother!

Tell me.

What did your brother plan to do
with the Demon of Zomen?

Don't make your brother a worse person!


There are weapons and ammunition in Masuya?

And in large quantity at that.

They are indeed planning something.

We caught Furutaka Shuntaro
who has been working with Miyabe.

I really wanted to compliment you guys
for doing a good job.

But Lord Katamori wouldn't acknowledge that.

We have to get them to talk about the plan.

Sakuya has been taking care of that...

I know nothing. I won't tell you anything.

I'll ask your body then.

Must he interrogate him?


Does he have to?

You should know it very well.

This is not the time for this.


I know.

He wouldn't be happy if he is here.

My brother told me something strange.

What is it?

There was this morning, he got home and said...

Right, Okayo.

The Gion Festival is coming up...

Yes, I look forward to it.

You should leave Kyoto for now.

But I promised my friends.

I'm telling you to leave.

Was he trying to say it would be dangerous?

It was bugging me, so I kept asking.

He said a huge fire
will break out during the festival.

Make sure to not pass out.

It's the highlight now.

I... I don't know anything!

I mean it!

That's strange.

Letters and appeals with blood prints were found
between you and the masterless samurai.

A huge fire?

I'm guessing it's arson.

With the Demon of Zomen...

To burn down the entire Kyoto.

It's inevitable to sacrifice minorities
for a greater cause.

Hey, wait!

I can't just let that go!

A greater cause?

We plan to commit arson in Kyoto

and abduct the emperor during the chaos.

Abduct the emperor?

It is to prove that we are the real palace army.

What fools!

It would be treason if the plan failed.

You wouldn't know if you never try.

History is made by the winners.

I should have stopped my brother.

Even if it means sacrificing my life.

I'm... not a good sister.

That's not true.

You're not.

I will stop those guys
from setting fire to Kyoto.

I'm also doing this for Hikojiro.

Even if it means sacrificing my life.


I know what I have to do now.

The weapon and ammunition in Masuya

are to set fire in Kyoto and abduct the emperor?

Apparently, they are meeting up tonight.

The location is Shimamuraya.

We just took some of their weapons.

That won't stop them.

We have to arrest them immediately.


They are planning to burn down Kyoto.

They will outnumber us.

I will ask for backup from Aizu Domain.

Get ready to head to Shimamuraya.



You fool. How dare you come back
after making an escape?

Wait! Please hear me out!

It's Ikedaya.

The men gathering at Ikedaya tonight
are planning to set fire to Kyoto.

We have to stop them.



It's bold of you to come back.

I have to stop them from setting fire to Kyoto!

I have to stop Hikojiro and Tsukihito.

You can punish me however you want
after this ends.

Including seppuku!

He seems to be someone
who can bring people together.

That's similar to Kondo Isami.

Ichibanboshi, I could sense your determination.

The commander is back!


Get ready to fight.

Here comes the trouble makers!


I remember there used to be jagged pattern

on Shinsengumi's uniforms.

Based on past records, it was all-black uniforms.

That way, the blood won't look too obvious.

No, we washed the uniforms clean!