Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 6 - Raid! The Crooked Shirakawaya - full transcript

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Shinsengumi will carry out their duty
in Shirakawaya tomorrow night.

Stay alert. Get ready to head out!

Yes, sir.



You are grounded.

You are not allowed to participate
in tomorrow night's mission.

An impatient mind
is not worthy of yielding Kotetsu.

That's not a reason to kick me out!


You should know it very well.

We can't work together well
without the commander.

I think Ichibanboshi should go with us.

Yes, it kind of kills the fun.

His ideas are interesting.

He is able to adapt quickly to problems.

Ichibanboshi contributed
when we were at Yoshidaya.

We should decide on this rationally.

Shirakawaya is the hideout
of the Demons of Zomen.

We don't need people who get in the way
for this important mission.

Sakuya is right.

Ichibanboshi is losing his composure
because of his younger brother.

Do you think you can trust him with your back?

That's all I have to say.




Give me your hand.

My hand?

Why, Ichibanboshi?

Here you go.

It looks yummy, doesn't it?

What about yours?

It's already in my tummy.

Well then...

Here you go.

I said it's yours.

It tastes better when you share it.


I know.

Tsukihito is a kind person.

He is kinder than anyone I know!

Sir, you drank too much.

I won't leave him alone!


We had been together since we were born.
He is my family!

I will do anything for...

That's right.

Family is the most important.

They are family
who shares the same blood with us.

That's how we found peace, love

and courage to keep going.

You're a wise man.

My name is Uchiyama Hikojiro.

I'm Ichibanboshi. Nice to meet you.

All right!

I am just like you.

I will do anything for my younger sister.


You must have it hard, too.

But I don't have to anymore.

Okayo is getting married.

That's great news!

Let's go to the next tavern!

It's dawn and all the shops
have closed for business.

I also have other matters to attend to.

I see.

Let's have a drink again next time.

It was great talking to you.

Let's protect our family, Ichibanboshi.

Sure, Hikojiro.


You would like to cut ties with us?

I don't have to do this anymore.

I hope this is the last time.

Of course, I will keep the past a secret.

It's no use to try to keep someone
who wants to leave.

I will look for other assistance.

I shall take my leave then.



I'll take care of it.

I'm back.

Hikojiro, you are back.

You went out for the whole night.

I'm not on duty today.
Just let me have my drink.

I met an interesting man at a tavern.

You are in a good mood. That's rare.

Right, Okayo.

The Gion Festival is coming up...

Yes, I look forward to it.

You should leave Kyoto for now.

But I promised my friends.

I'm telling you to leave.


Get ready to strike!


Lord Nagakura, where is Commander Kondo?

Well, he...

He is feeling under the weather
so he couldn't join.

Under the weather...

I see.

If he had said it earlier,

I could have prescribed him some medicine.

That would be poison.

Poison and medicine are two sides of the coin.

It's boring without that guy around.


Go somewhere else
if you want to play friendship.

Hey, you've been acting like a stuck-up
since just now.

Do you wish to die before the mission?

I'm fine with that.

Go ahead and give it a try.

You can't outplay a ranged weapon
no matter how good you are with swords.

Stop fighting already.

This mission determines the fate of Shinsengumi.

Stay alert.

I got it.

I have reports
from Okita Souji and the intelligence agency

that Shirakawaya is profiteering
from manipulating the price of lamp oil.

This is where the Demon of Zomen
gets their fund from.

Why didn't they get arrested for that?

The commissioner, Uchiyama Hikojiro
is behind all of this.

No wonder they acted lawlessly.

Exposing the deeds of Uchiyama
will be our mission objective.

Therefore, we must not kill Uchiyama.

Catch him alive
and make him confess to his crime.

Do you all understand?

Yes, sir!



The rest may leave now.

Yes, sir!

The captains will search the main house.

We are here for public duty!

Search the rooms.

Nobody is inside.

Me, too.

Why did they run away?

Did they catch wind of our mission?

How is that possible?


Everyone else, too.


Is that metal?

It looks like a door.

The barrel is blocking it.

We need you, Bo.

An underground chamber?

There's an echo.

It sounds like a big space.

It could be items
that they couldn't bring with them.

But the lock...


This is a piece of cake.

Gyataro, you're not a convict anymore.

All right. Stop being so rigid.

It's deep.

How far down does it lead to?

Straight to hell.

I don't recommend using fire
in a store selling lamp oil.

But we can't see anything without it.


What is that?

It's creeping me out.

It's terrifying.

Suzuran, that's...

It looks like the Sanskrit language.

It kind of looks like the syllabus, "ah".

Does it mean anything?

It means Amoghasiddhi.

It represents the north
in the Womb Realm Mandala.

You guys don't understand at all, do you?

But it looks like a scribble.

Keep moving forward.

Was that noise coming from this?

What an interesting-looking device.

Do you know what is that for, Sogen?

No, I have no idea at all.

That's why I'm more interested to find out.

You want to know what is this for?

All of you fools.

I can't believe all of you barged in here.

Wait. Why isn't Kondo here?

Did he chicken out?

Ichibanboshi won't do that!

So, he has his admirers.


This is what the device is for.

What did you do, you brat?

You will know
when you become a spirit after you die.

That's why I'm going to kill all of you.


Watch out!

Darn you!

Do not open fire. You will light up the oil.

Darn it. All right.

You could see me?

I can smell the blood from you.

Very well, Hijikata.

You're strong.

Don't join the Shinsengumi.
Be one of us.

I don't want to join
that hideous organization of yours.

Everyone, we need to stay close to each other!

They are trying to keep us apart.

Using convicts as replacement?
It's pointless if they are weak!


Tsukihito, where are you?


I told you abandoned that name long ago.

Why would you join them?

Were you being threatened?

A kind person like you wouldn't do this!

This is the real me.

No, that's not right!

I killed our father and mother with this sword.

Not only that,

it doesn't bother me when I kill.
Rather than that, I can feel this is my calling.

Your friends are in there.

You'd better save them,

or they will die in the fire.


Darn it. The door is locked.

Let's find another route to go back up.

If there really is another route.

But the fire is reaching us.


It's Ichibanboshi.

What? He should be grounded.

He's here?

Ichibanboshi, open the door!

Your friends are calling you.

Here. Show me what you got with your sword.

I can't hurt you.

You're not going to save them?
How cruel.

They were just complimenting you.

Why are you doing this?

I want to save them,

but I don't want to hurt you.

I want to save you, too.

You're pathetic indeed.

You can't have it all in this world.

Fine. I knew it would come down to this.

Come out.


Why are you here?

Why on earth are you here?

I was going to ask you the same thing.

This is Kondo Isami of the Shinsengumi.

But Kondo Isami is dead
and he is the replacement.


This is the commissioner, Uchiyama Hikojiro.
He received Shirakawaya's bribery

and has been working with them.

It was you? No way.

I told you.

I'm willing to do anything for Okayo.


Kill him. Do not give him the keys.

We will let you quit if you can do that.

I will kill your sister if you ran away.

Kondo Isami's replacement.

Kill Uchiyama and take the keys.

Don't you want to save your friends?

Stop, Hikojiro!

Don't do this.

I don't want to fight my friends.

Stop it with those spineless words.

He's just a friend.
You should be able to kill him.

I killed our mother!


Kid, come here.

Come here.


If you kill your mother with this sword,

I will let you live.

If you want to live,

kill your mother.

I killed our mother...


Kondo Isami, kill Uchiyama.

This is to save your friends.

Just looking at you makes me boil with anger.

I will kill you!

This is for Okayo!

Hikojiro, stop.

I'm asking you to stop! No!


Is that really Ichibanboshi?

I told him not to come.

Forget about him.

We should try to escape from this place.

I have an idea.

It's suffocating.

The fire is using up the oxygen.

Soon, we will suffocate
for running out of oxygen.

We have to hurry.

One thing to take note of
before you light a fire,

the air will surge into the underground
when the door is burst open.

What will happen then?

The fire will get stronger.

Even bigger than this?

It's either being blasted or burned to death?

We have to charge across the explosion.

We have to charge forward.

I'm lighting it up.

Let's go!

Move across it!



He is here!

This is against the rules.

You will be punished.


I really want to see you in a wedding gown.

Uchiyama Hikojiro.

Ichibanboshi, why did you do that?

We drank and had a laugh.

I thought we really clicked.

I thought we became good friends.

We didn't find anything.

The evidence in Shirakawaya
is destroyed in the fire, too.

Uchiyama is dead.

Will we be able to fix this?


will disband.


You drew really well.


That's me.





Hey... Who is that?

Can I keep this?