Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 5 - Show Them! The Pride of a Monk and a Doctor - full transcript

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You are Kondo Isami?

That name is too honorable for you.

Tsukihito... You are still alive?

I abandoned that name long ago.

I am the Demon of Zomen.





Tsukihito, why?

Why would you join the Demon of Zomen?

What happened after that day?

What about our mother?

Do you hear that?

The voice of our parents
when they were killed by this sword.

Our parents...

I killed our mother
by piercing the sword through her chest.

You too shall die for the country!

What do you think you're doing, Idiot-boshi?

Oh, my. Here comes the poor guy
who fell into the river.

I won't miss again.

The 851st person.

Not bad, Vice Commander.

Unlike him, you are strong.

Don't compare that idiot with me.

Even if you're his family,

I won't go easy on you, Tsukihito.

Call me Rashomaru.

I abandoned that name
after I killed my mother.

So, you're proud of your little tragic story?

How funny.

You killed your father.
I thought you would understand.

Who was that?

Taisho Rashomaru from the Demon of Zomen.

He is also Ichibanboshi's younger brother,



How did it go? Did you find anything?


Please have a look at these.

What are these?

I added fragments of the demonic sword
into different solutions

to find out the degree of corrosion.

But I found that these are just ordinary swords.

I don't detect any element that causes the sword
to emit light or produce strange power.

What about here?

I've dissected the body.

I didn't find anything in particular.

Nor traces of him consuming a certain drug.

Which means...

I've come to a dead end.

I see. We'll have to try other ways.

By the way, you do everything in this room.

From modifying weapons, dissecting bodies
to conducting experiments.

You're an odd one, Sogen.

They are all the same thing.

What do you mean?

Ever since I was little,

I've been interested in
the origin of compositions.

The New Book of Anatomy.

Anatomische Tabellen.

That's your favourite book?

Anatomy means dissection

while Atom shares the same word root.

"A" means negation
while "tom" carries the meaning of split.

That is to say,
looking into these inseparable origins

-is our ultimate mission as humans.
-He's a weird one indeed.

Over here, volunteers
who wish to join the Shinsengumi!

Stop messing around!

Get in line, recruits!

Please tell me your name and background.

Geez, why do we have to do these things?

It will be bad if there's an attack again.

I know! This is annoying!

Where did that Ichibanboshi go?

Do you hear that?

The voice of our parents
when they were killed by this sword.

I killed our mother
by piercing the sword through her chest.


Even if you want to take a walk, I...

This is...

Lord Mokichi's place.

Didn't you previously save a man who was hurt?

I visit him sometimes.

His daughter, Oito has been taking care of him.

I suppose that's your true motive.

She would be a young lady
after a few more years.

Are you home, Oito?

Venerable Sir!

Hey, this is progressing too fast!

Let's start with being friends!

My father, he...

He fell sick all of a sudden.

What should I do?

The wound from earlier should heal by now.

It doesn't look like
he is suffering from other illness.

Yet, he became very sick.

I've never seen symptoms like these.


Father, I am here!

I'm beyond help.

You're not!

You know our relatives
who live in Yamashiro, don't you?


I've sent them a letter.

You may live with them.


Thank you for taking care of me all this while.



I apologize.

Lord Mokichi died because of my negligence.

That's not true.

Both of you have tried your best.

Father left in peace in the end.

Something doesn't feel right.

To find out the truth behind his death,

let's ask for her permission
to dissect her father's body.

Forget it.

Even if it satisfied your curiosity,

Oito wouldn't be able to take it.

You're mourning as a Buddhist.

However, you're not praying to this

but the other one. Am I right?

How did you know that?

I'll say the prayer before someone else is here.

Then, you may set up the cross.
We can't let people know.

Thank you, Father.

Lord Kondo and Lord Hijikata.

I will build a proper tomb
for all of you one day.

Until then, please give your blessing
to the Shinsengumi.

Why would you turn into a convict, Suzuran?

You saw what I did just now.

I held a secret funeral
for a group of Christians

but the government found out.

It was tragic.

What about you? What did you do?


I was arrested
when I was dissecting an abandoned body

to make the drug for euthanasia.

It was embarrassing.

You didn't change at all.


what do you think happens after death?

There's nothing after death. Only the void.

I believe in souls.

Souls were mentioned
in picture scrolls and literature.

Would you believe in souls
if you actually see one?

I would study it
if I can observe it with my eyes.

Can you see them, Suzuran?

Well, I don't know.

The world is unfair.

The rich and the poor.

The fortunate and the unfortunate.

The healthy and the sick.

There's only so much
that you can decide for yourself.

I hope everyone can at least
live equally in the afterlife.

That's what I am hoping for.

What's going on?

Are your hands trembling
because you drank too much?

It's not.

Did you do some strange modification again?

I did not.

Speaking of which,

Ichibanboshi and Gyataro's swords
made the same sound, too.

That means Saito Hajime's soul
in the sword

is trying to tell me something?

It stopped.

What was that?

Lord Saito, I don't get it.

I see.

Thank you.

What were you saying?


I know where is the sword pointing now.

It was pointing to this building.

What's inside Shirakawaya?


You were saying that Lord Saito's sword

was reacting in front of Shirakawaya?


I saw it, too.

What do we do?

Sit down. We are still in a meeting.

I'm going to fight them.

That's where the Demon of Zomen are hiding
if the sword reacted to it.

That's right.
Let's teach them a lesson!

Let's go...

You fools!

That hurts.

We can't just barge into Shirakawaya
without any evidence.

We just have to see for ourselves.

You just want to see your brother.

I have to talk to Tsukihito.

If Shirakawaya is their hideout,

do you know how many people are there?
Are there any civilians?

Is your brother really in there?

Forget about talking to him,
you will just get killed for nothing.

Shut up!

Be patient, Ichibanboshi.

I am sorry that
you reunited with your brother in that way.

But now...

That's right.

We are not sure if Shirakawaya is involved.

The name, Isami means bravery.

It will do you no good if you get impatient.

Is the joke that bad? No way!

Shirakawaya is one of the best establishments
in Kyoto.

If anything happens,

it will bring trouble to Matsudaira Katamori
who leads the Shinsengumi.

We will need evidence.

Do you understand?


We'll have to go to them
when it comes to gathering information.

To the kids!

I will look for evidence as well.

You guys...

I will walk around Kyoto
to see if my sword has any reaction.

Stop getting in my way.

Do you plan to go to Shirakawaya alone?

Acting on your own
will only cause trouble for us.

Ichibanboshi can't remain calm
when it comes to his brother.

Stay put.

Do not step out of this place. This is an order.

Darn it.

Samurai, care to join me?

No, I...

Is this your first time seeing a woman
that does this for a living?

I'm waiting for someone, so...

Sorry to make you wait, Okita Souji.


Hey, wait!

What are you doing?

Aren't you the one
who wanted to meet in secret?

That's why I did this.

I didn't want to meet you.

You have to distinguish...

It's only fun when things are ambiguous.

So, what do you want to ask me?

Yes, actually...


I don't know what is their motive,

but I think they are dealing
with the Demon of Zomen.

Shirakawaya has a reputation.

Apparently, they drive up the price of lamp oil

and profit from it.

Lamp oil...

Hey, what are you doing?


Getting on it during the day already?

Come on. Stop looking.

I'm sorry. Please bear with this.


Ichibanboshi, Tsukihito.

Did you get into a fight again, Ichibanboshi?

You are a mess.

It's because of Tsukihito.

I... It was because...

Ichibanboshi, you lost mentally.

Tsukihito is the strong one.

Why? I should be the first!

Tsukihito doesn't fight back

even if he was being hit or insulted.

It's pointless no matter how hard you train.

Just stop.

Your brother killed your mother
and joined the enemy.

Why did you hesitate to kill him?

Make up your mind.

He must have his reason.

Tsukihito wouldn't do something like that.

Do you wish to talk to him?

Stop being naive.
You should pay back for what he did.

I am different from you!

You killed your father.
I'm different from the likes of you!

That man didn't deserve to live.

He was just like this shitty world
that you described.

Just like Rashomaru now.

Tsukihito is different.

He is not a loser.

He is a gentle person.

I know because I fought him.

His sword...

has killed countless people.
He's using the sword skills of a demon.

He has lost his humanity.

If you can't do it, I will do so.

This is what I came to tell you.

If he can't contribute to the next mission,

I will kill that idiot.

Someone who doesn't obey orders
has to be taken care of.

Instead of asking whether souls exist,

do you know that

dead bodies become lighter?

I didn't know that. Is that common knowledge?

For people who want to be a doctor, yes.

So, you actually did the measurement?

Yes, about a hundred of them.

There may be some discrepancies.
But it is almost the same.

Dead bodies become lighter...

Could it be the weight of their soul?

I think so, too.

Souls may not be visible,
but they might carry some weight.

This is interesting.

That sword...

Saito Hajime's beloved sword,
Kishinmaru Kunishige.

You modified it for me.

It can release strong electric shock.

Yes, the electric shock is not visible.

But it can drive an object to move.

It's just like souls.

Yes, souls are the same thing.

I think it's some sort of kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy?


If a soul is capable of
driving a living body to move,

it is incomparable to electricity.

Is that their motive?

To use souls as driving energy.

But how do they collect and maintain the souls?

The answer lies within Shirakawaya.

I was right.

This is surprising.

If the Demon of Zomen is confronting us,
that means...

Shirakawaya is their hideout.

You shall not pass.

It's that strange sword
that killed Lord Mokichi.

Remember this.

A doctor hates it when his patient dies!

The same goes for monks, too.

I hate it when people exploit souls
that aren't in peace.

Sacrifice for the country!

Kondo Isami's substitute is your brother?


Rashomaru, you must hate me.

That's not true.

You gave me a new name and a noble mission.

I have no reason to hate you.

What will you do with Kondo Isami's substitute?

I will kill those

who get in our way.

We are back.

What happened?

We were attacked by the Demon of Zomen.

When we were investigating Shirakawaya.

That's clear enough.

Shinsengumi will carry out their duty
in Shirakawaya tomorrow night.

Stay alert. Get ready to depart!

Yes, sir.



You are grounded.

You are not allowed to participate
in tomorrow night's mission.

An impatient mind
is not worthy of yielding Kotetsu.


Sogen, my staff...

Please wait a little longer.

So, that's how you charge it!