Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 4 - Search! For the Mysterious Magical Swords - full transcript

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That hurts...

Darn it. What was that?


Are you guys still drunk?

Nagakura Shinpachi and Harada Sanosuke.

You could have had a quick death

if you had just kept sleeping!

What was that noise?

It came from another building, Maekawa House.

No way. Those two are still drinking?

No, that noise... It was a sword.

Wake up.



You can't run anymore.

Mikura and Arakida! How dare you betray us?

Just accept your fate!

Hey, are you two okay?

I only used the back of my sword.

But it might hurt more than death.

She's strong.

Thank you for that! You saved us.

This is bad. It's Okita Souji.

The captain of the first unit
with exceptional sword skills.

Are you guys the spies from Choshu Domain?

Sneaking in to assassinate while we were asleep

is not what a samurai does.

No, your people are not worthy
of the samurai title.



These men who revere the king

have a weaker bond than I thought.

Okita, Saito and Sannan.
Go after the spies that escaped.

Yes, sir.

Kondo, Nagakura and Harada.
Clean up the place.

Yes, sir.

You will interrogate him.

Do whatever you have to.

Yes, sir.

Mikura, I will make you confess everything.

I'm not telling you a word.

Do you know how much pain you can tolerate?

They got away.

They were new recruits
and look what they had done.

It's too much of a coincidence.

Are you saying this was planned, Sogen?

From what had happened,
I must say it is highly possible.

I hate this.

You are no ordinary geisha, are you?

As you can see,

I'm just an ordinary geisha.

I'll leave this to you. I should go now.

What did you do?

For commemoration, Lady Ikumatsu.



What are you planning to do to him?

I need to extract information from him
to ensure the safety of Kyoto.

I can't believe you sound dignified.

This is the duty of the Shinsengumi.

You can torture me however you want.

As a proud member of the Choshu Domain,

I won't say a thing no matter how you torture...
That hurts!

Shut up! You're annoying!

You're going to kill him, aren't you?

I'm just going to torture him
until he confesses.

If we resort to such a deplorable method,

we are no different than the outlaw samurai.

How rude! We are not the outlaw samurai...

I asked you to shut up!

I won't let you torture him.

Sakuya, I don't trust you.

Because I was an assassin?


It's because you are a murderer who kills
without reason including your family!

Killing his own family...

Is that all you have to say?

W... Wait! I'll tell you.

I'll tell you everything I know.

A spy from Choshu Domain?

They seem to bear a grudge

on the recent incident in Yoshidaya.

And that sword...


It belongs to a spy.



A strange sword sharper than any famous sword.

It seems to circulate among
the masterless samurai in Kyoto.

This is getting tricky.

Where did they get this sword from?

It was given by a child.

A child?

The anti-shogunate group
obtained these swords through orphans.

So something is going on
behind these suspicious activities.

But it's no easy feat to find the culprit

among the orphans in Kyoto.

Do not worry.

Fortunately, the substitute Shinsengumi

had a leader who once
led a young delinquent group.

He has his connections.

It's riceballs!

It's Boss Gyataro!

-Gyataro is back!
-Yes, that's right.

-Don't rush. There is enough food.
-I want some, too...

Get in line...


They are all under Gyataro's wing?

I know some of them

but after I was captured,
there have been some new faces.

But why do they make a child send swords?

Because in this town,
only children without parents

would take on such dangerous tasks.

Ichibanboshi, weren't you the same?


I've done everything I could to stay alive.

Whether it was stealing or something dangerous.

Killing your parents
or using children as pawns.

I'll never forgive people who did that.

Yes, I can never forgive them, too.

We must get them.


Ikumatsu, I'm resting today.

Ikuchiyo, who exactly are you?

I don't suppose you are a freak
who likes to cross-dress.

Coming from a samurai who pretends to be a man.

Okita Souji who pretended to be Ikumatsu,
I'm the man you're looking for.

The samurai from Choshu Domain, Katsura Kogoro.

It is you after all.

Everything makes sense now.

Take it slow.

I know the Shinsengumi
is trying to take my life.

But it's reckless of you
to point your sword at me.

You are shameless!

We were ambushed by spies from Choshu
while we were sleeping.

Our bad. These fools didn't know better.

All they do is ruin our plan.

I am concerned as well.

Ikumatsu... No, Lady Okita.

Let's have a talk.

Your underling is not here yet?

He should be here soon.

All right. Stop crying.

Wipe your snot and tears.


Stop crying already, Tsukihito.

You're such a crybaby.

I got your scarf back. Here.

Thank you.

You have to get better at fighting.

You are too strong.

That's because I'll always be the best.

It's okay...

-Tsukihito, I will build you a grave.
-Come on. Let's go home.

I will build you a grave one day.

A big one.

He's here.

Hey, Tomekichi! Over here!


It's been so long!

Yes, Gyataro. Did you escape from prison again?

You can say that.

Due to some circumstances,
I am now Nagakura Shinpachi of the Shinsengumi.

I am a samurai now.

From leading a young delinquent group
to being a samurai,

you went too far with your joke.

Why brings you here today?

For that.

Tomekichi, you are sending
some dangerous stuff.

Gyataro, those are...

We are not trying to punish you kids.

We are looking for the men
who distributed these swords to you.

We will talk to those guys.

Bring us to them.

I can't say no to you, Gyataro.
Come with me.

Please stop.

I told you everything. It's true.

I share the same blood with that man...

I hold no grudge against you.

I did this for the safety of Kyoto

and the minority who were left behind.

What are you doing?

I'm interrogating him.

We got our Intel.

You don't have to continue anymore.

If it was the real Hijikata Toshizo,
he won't stop here.

He will push him further...

You know nothing.
Stop talking as if you're the real deal.

I get it. I will stop interrogating him.

Where are the rest?

I said to gather in the late afternoon.


The doctor and the monk
are modifying their weapons.

I think they are trying to remodify
the electroshock staff.

Idiot-boshi and the rest are not back
from the orphan place yet.


Well, you don't have to worry about her.

Men with strange-looking masks are joining hands
with the radicals of the Choshu Domain.

The Demon of Zomen?

I want to stop these Choshu fools.
The Shinsengumi is trying to do the same.

We share the same interest.

Aren't we?

So what if we do?

Okita Souji, join hands with me.

I would like to
exchange information with you.

Considering the safety of Kyoto
and the future of Japan,

this is the best move from all factors.

You don't have to give me an answer now.

Take your time to consider.


What a shame.

Swords don't suit you that well.

You mean...

Okita Souji, we shall meet again.

I will listen to your answer then.

That's how they distribute the sword.

No wonder we couldn't get any clue.


There they are.

There are men on the bridge.

Tomekichi gave the swords to...

It's the two of them.

I was just thinking they look familiar.

It's the men from Choshu Domain...

The sneaky bastards who ambushed us.

Very well.

It's time...

For some action.

Sorry for being late.

Aren't they the assassins from this morning?

They told us everything.

The one collecting the demonic swords
is the Demon of Zomen.

That's the same Intel I got.

Very well. Everyone get ready.

Time for our mission!

Yes, sir!

All right. Time to fight!


Everything seems quiet over there.

I can't get any bodies if they don't fight.

I hope Choshu Domain can be more aggressive.

So that you can get more bodies?

There are four bridges on this river.

It won't be easy for the Demons of Zomen to run
because of the terrain.

Why did they choose this place
to hand over the swords?

If they are using boats to receive the swords...
What do you think?

Yes, it's tricky that way.

Ichibanboshi and his gang went to the forest,
they will...

It's a timber storage.

Nobody seems to be guarding the storage.

I should take a look.

It's too dangerous.

We should go instead.

But you guys would stand out too much.

I will check out the storage.

You guys should wait for my signal.

All right. We'll leave it to you.

Tell us immediately if something happens.

I brought it over.

Is anyone here?

Kid, you're alone, aren't you?

Leave the swords and go.


I didn't do this for free.

You have to pay me.

Come here.

We need to make sure the swords are genuine.

There's no signal.

What is Tomekichi doing?

Let's just barge in there.


Tomekichi is better than that...


That hurts! This is not what you guys promised!

Boy, give up your life for the country.

This will be your wages.



We are here to fight, you pricks!

Prepare to die, bastards!

The kid was the bait?

Kill them!

Here it is.

I see nothing.

The receiver is on a boat indeed.

I'll go.

I'll be on standby here.

Vice commander of Shinsengumi, Hijikata Toshizo.

Work with me
if you wish to cross the Sanzu River.

Apparently, once an ant left its group,

it stops eating and keeps walking ahead
until it dies.

Hijikata Toshizo, do you belong nowhere
and looking to die?


Hijikata, you are strong.

You don't seem like
you're seeking death.

But your strength won't take you anywhere.

It's more pathetic to be alone in a group
than actually leaving the ant group.


Take that!

That's it, Shinsengumi!

This brat will die if you dare move an inch!


I'm sorry, guys.

Kids are useful tools.

Whether it's for transporting weapons
or being a hostage.

What nonsense is that?

You use them while you can

and abandon them once they stopped being useful.

That's disgusting!


The table has turned.

Prepare to die!

What's that?

Tomekichi, run!

All right.

Lord Rashomaru!

Stop right there!

Hey, he should be saying,
"I'll leave this place to you guys."

That's right!

I can't stand him.

Let's take care of this!

All right!

I still remember the sword and that figure!

I won't forgive you, you scarf freak!

Stop running!

Take that!

I will avenge my parents and Tsukihito!

I, Kondo Isami, will take your life!

You are Kondo Isami?

That name is too honorable for you.

Tsukihito... You are still alive?

I abandoned that name long ago.

I am the Demon of Zomen.

Taisho... Rashomaru.

Are you scared of anything?

Todo's punches.



What about Gyataro?

I'm scared of coins.

I'm scared of buns!