Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 3 - Disguise Yourself! Infiltrating the Red Light District - full transcript

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Who is that guy?

Idiot-boshi, don't come here.

It's not like I want to be here.

It's Kotetsu.

Sakuya, you can't escape from your fate.

Your fate as an assassin.

Neither can you run from the fact
that you killed your father.

He killed... his father?

I'll start from that fly.

You are not worthy of that sword.

Repent in hell.

River Slash!


You belong to the dark.

Light will never shine on you.

Took me some time.

Hey, wait!

You don't have to thank me.

Was it true?

What that guy said just now.

I counted every man I killed.

My father was the first.


1, 2...

1, 2...

Engage your core.

Or your sword will get easily blocked.

-1, 2...
-You're annoying.

-1, 2...
-Watch out!

Lord Katamori, thank you for coming.

It's nothing.
I just happened to pass by.

I heard the anti-shogunate group
has been lurking around here.

Please be careful.

Do you remember the name, Katsura Kogoro?

I remember he is from Choshu Domain.

I heard a rumor that this man called Katsura
is planning something.

I will send the Shinsengumi to look into this.

They seem to be a noisy bunch.

Did you see them?

When I was walking by.

They are very interesting people.

Please bear with them.

Come on. Bring it on!

The wind flow that goes against a wooden sword
is different from a real sword.


Can you alter this into a blade gun?

It's just a simple modification.

That's impressive.


I'll be counting on you then!

Bring it on, bring it on!

Bring it on!

I just left for a second
and this is what happened?

The Shinsengumi is assigned
to go after Katsura Kogoro.

Focus on getting information about Choshu Domain
when you patrol the town center.

Sakuya and Ichibanboshi...

Wait a minute...

What is it?

I don't want to team up with him.

You're still on that?

A samurai does not disobey orders.

I refuse.

I can't trust him.

If you keep going on,

I will cut your head off.

That'd be great. Go on...

You asked for this.

Am I being needed soon?

I look forward to cutting up
Ichibanboshi's body.

But it will be troublesome after this.

Sogen is right.

The rest of the Shinsengumi members
have already known Ichibanboshi.

If you are to recruit a new substitute
for Kondo Isami,

you will have to kill them.

You mean we have to kill them.

Give us a break.

Some of them admire me.

That's right.

I will assign you another mission.

I'll be separated from Sakuya, right?


All right then.

Report to me if you found anything.

Yes, sir!


Please stop.

No, someone help...

Hey, Akira. How do I look?

Akira, no way...

What's wrong? Geisha is nothing unusual.

You look super pretty.

Why don't you dress up more?

This is a disguise to infiltrate this place.

What a shame.

If you stare at me with that look again,
I'll kill you.

I get it.

Check out the other side.


You two will be in charge of that area.

Yes, sir.

We are here to carry out our duty.

Here we come!

You have great knifework!

I always cooked for my younger brother.

Tsukihito won't eat it
if I don't slice it thin enough.







It's more tiring than training.

Did you see Katsura Kogoro?

No, is he really here?

We came here to find out.

Did you find anything?


The maid's husband hurt his arm.

So their third son is helping out
with the cement work.

Hey, wait!

You didn't gather any useful information?

Don't underestimate me.

Of course I got some useful information.

A servant's wife left him
after he got himself into a huge debt.

He went crying to the boss to ask for help.

We need information on Choshu Domain!

Hey, you're being too loud.

Please tell me if there's anything suspicious.

We will. Thank you.

Where is the rest?

They were gone.

Where did they go?

Wherever they want.

What? Why didn't you stop them?

He will tell us off if we left on our own.

You can go back there if you want.




You bastard.

It's been so long!

Yes, it's been ages!

Where did you go, Gyataro?

It's a long story.

I'm the newly elected samurai
of Shinsengumi now.

For real? A samurai?


We can't gather information effectively
even if we work as a group.

You have a point.

Suzuran, why are you following me around?


I'm just going with my feelings.

Goodness. What a fine man.

Would you like a drink with me?

Sure, I'll gladly do so.

Wh... What's wrong?

Hair loss, red spots and a nasal voice.

You are most probably infected with syphilis.

You will die if you don't treat it.

You're rude. What an ill-mannered samurai.

Make sure to see a physician.

Or you will be needing my service.

She will probably come back.


But she just left with a bitter look.

You're right.

Sogen, how did you know that?

It's simple.

What? During the day?


They are audacious!

We should be serving the emperor instead!

Who's there?

Woman, you were eavesdropping on us?

Darn it.

Are you here to spy on me?

I am...

here to...

You are late.

Remember where the rooms are.

Haven't I been reminding you?

I am sorry.

Ikuchiyo, she's with you?

Yes, Lord Katsura.

She has been my favourite
since she was an apprentice.

Her name is Ikumatsu.

She will be in your care.


Women are too weak to try anything anyway.

Ikumatsu, pour Lord Katsura some wine.



You should feel honored to do this for me.

Darn it. They don't take themselves seriously
as a samurai.

I will make them remember this.

Hey, where are you going?

Even you, too?

What's wrong with you?

Hey, what are you doing?

He was spying on us earlier.

No, I just happened to meet your eyes.

I wasn't up to anything.

I shall remove your nails.

What did you say?

Stop him, will you?

Are you sure?


Go ahead then.

What? It hurts!

What's next after the nails?

I will cut off his ears.

All right...

I'm a spy!

Who sent you?

It was Choshu Domain!

What is their goal?

I just did what I was told.
I don't know the details!

They asked me to spread rumors!


Rumors that Katsura Kogoro
is staying in Yoshidaya.

Sakuya, leave that man.

Is this the rumor that Lord Katamori mentioned?

Gosh. You are drunk.

No, this is nothing for me...

Don't push yourself.

All right.

It's about time.

We will kill everyone in Yoshidaya.

Time to hunt the spy.

Our purpose is to lure the spy
sent by the shogunate group.

That's why we have been spreading rumors
about Lord Katsura's appearance.

Prepare to die.


I am the spy.

I won't resist.

Don't harm others.

I was right.

But they might send more than one person.

The safest way is to kill everyone here.

We will start with you.

You will kill innocent people, too?

To accomplish our great vision,

a little sacrifice is inevitable.

You're not a samurai. You won't understand.

Darn the samurai! Katsura Kogoro!

Who are you?

I despise the likes of you.


Tie both of them up

and kill the rest in Yoshidaya.


What's going on?

No one was in the other rooms.

The shop is empty!


What's going on? Did you...

I evacuated the others.

Ichibanboshi urged us to leave the shop.

It must be something serious
for Ichibanboshi to say that.

He saved our lives.

I thought you were an idiot.
I was wrong.

I'll give you that.

We'll have to kill you
or it will be a disgrace to us all.

Ichibanboshi, where's the sword I gave you?

Don't worry. I hid it in the stove.

You didn't bring it here?


I take back what I said.


We are here to help!

Me, too!

How did you two know?

My nasty friend told me
there's something fishy going on in Yoshidaya.

All right. Time to turn the table.

Capture Katsura Kogoro.


These are your swords, right?

Ikuchiyo, are you with them too?


You can't kill recklessly
even if you oppose the shogunate.

Lord Katsura.

Commoners like you won't understand
our ambition!


Come with me.



You won't run away from me!

You're using the back of your knife?

I hate seeing blood.

You're naive.

I've often heard that.

Do you know from the start
that treating her will give you the information?

She looked like she had no money.

But the fact that she came back
proved that she has something else to offer.

I see.

She probably sensed that we are the Shinsengumi.

So she wanted to pay for the treatment
with the information she has.

You are amazing.

You are just like a deity.

I can't believe I'm hearing this from a monk.

It was just my observation and assumption.

You two!

This is my first time

using this copper staff.
I don't know what to expect.

But if you die,

I can still pray for you.

Don't worry.

Take this!

This weapon is amazing!

1 point for science.

Bring it on!

Darn it.



You guys are here?

We came rushing after knowing
that Katsura Kogoro is here.

Me, too.

You guys weren't slacking off.

Where's Katsura Kogoro?

The second floor.

I think it's about to end.


Is this sword...

Yes, we altered the sword

into a weapon that can release electric shock.

You altered Lord Saito Hajime's sword...

How could you do something so stupid?

You're not a usual geisha, are you?

As you can see,

I'm just an ordinary geisha.

I'll leave this to you. I should leave now.

What did you do?

For commemoration, Lady Ikumatsu.

I shouldn't have let you in.

Things wouldn't have turned this way
if I killed you from the start.

A woman like you yielding a sword?
Do you think you're a troupe actress?

Show some skin and look sexy.

I get it now.

Killing people like you

is the reason why I lived
and joined the Shinsengumi.

Let's see who will be the last one standing.

Let's find out.

I'll kill you!

This glow on Kiku-ichimonji...
It was Lord Okita...

You are something.

Wasn't Katsura Kogoro a big deal in Choshu?

You did well.

He is not Katsura Kogoro.

He's just bait to lure the spy.

He is probably...

Woman, what's your business?

It's me.

Lord Katsura, did you go undercover again?

Committing a crime with my name.

That is something I cannot tolerate.

When we got back,

all of you have to do 1,000 sword swings
except for Sakuya and Akira.

Why the punishment?

It's a heavy offense to disobey
the rules of the Shinsengumi.

I'm already going easy on you
for what you guys did today.

Wait... I followed your instruction.

You need more training
so you will do it with them.


1, 2...

-I need wine tonight.
-1, 2...

-This is tiring.
-1, 2...

Why are you joining us, Akira?

This is my usual training.

Your usual training?

Must be tough.

Sakuya must be training somewhere else too.

Is that so?

I won't lose to him!

This copper staff is great.

Of course.


Looks like I have to remodify it.