Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 2 - Shine On! Keepsake Katana - full transcript

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Big brother.

Thank you so much.

You'll have to protect your parents one day.

Be the strongest man.



Ichibanboshi, the sword...

It started emitting light all of a sudden.

Then, I felt this surge of power.

No way. How is that possible?

Todo, what's wrong?

I'm thinking if it was the actual Kondo Isami
who lent him his power.

It was during the coup d'├ętat on August 18th...

Open the gate!

Chase the traitors out of the imperial palace!

What is that?

It's him.

I've waited for a long time.

I have a favor to ask.


What a shame.

A misjudgment
for blindly adhering to your principle.

I guess this is your fate.

Offer your life to our land.

We have long given our life
to the country!

Does this carry Hijikata Toshizo's soul?

I don't know.

This could also just be my wishful thinking
as the sole survivor.

The man who killed
the actual Kondo Isami is my enemy.

Yes, he must be the leader
of the Ghost of Many Faces.

Shinsengumi will put an end to them.

Mibu Roshigumi will now bear a new name,

I sincerely pray for the blessing of the deity.

Please spare us peace and stability.

Please spare us peace and stability.

Please listen to our prayers.

Lord Tsuchimikado.

Thank you for your help
with the naming ceremony.

Live up to the name, Shinsengumi.

Yes, we will.

-"Shinsengumi". How ironic.
-Look, this is amazing!

Don't ruin it, Idiot-boshi.

That's them?


As you know, they are the substitutes.

Kondo Isami doesn't seem to be a strategist.

-He's a foolish man.
-You must be illiterate.

-He's a pain in the neck.
-I know how to read these three words.

But he is a cheerful one.

He should be someone
who can bring people together.

That's similar to Kondo Isami.

What? You must be joking.

I'm not.

As earnest as he is,
I worry about people like him.

What do I do?

How about we hang it at the facility?

You should give it back.

-Hijikata Toshizo's substitute...
-This is easy. I can write that.

-He seems to have sensed my eyes.
-Return it and ask someone else to write it.

How dare he look at you like that?

I will make sure to give him a lecture.

It's fine.

He's sharp.

Stupid woman!

Why did you let that man do that to you?

Sakuya, don't call him that.

He's your father.


Sakuya, wake everyone up.

We have an escort mission for Sakuma Shozan.


It's our first task as the Shinsengumi.

The smartest man in our country

is no one but Sakuma Shozan.

The smartest man?

Do not do anything rash.

Yes, sir.

He's here.

We were just waiting for you.




These people will be my guards?

They sure look intimidating.

Please bear with them
as they are still new.

I remember Lord Shozan
is also an expert in leading battles.

No, I'm the man who knows the most about it.

They will be in your care.

Katamori, I want guards equivalent
to the standard of the Naval Training Institute.

Not disciples.

Did we meet somewhere before?

I think you got the wrong person.

Don't underestimate my memory!

I won't be mistaken.

I am the vice commander of Shinsengumi,
Hijikata Toshizo.

You must have a lot of acquaintances.

I am the treasure of Matsushiro.
Everyone wants to meet me.

Forget it. Let's go.


That thing is so cool!



These are called sunglasses.

It protects your eyes from the sun.

You can even look at the sun directly.

It's wonderful!

I invented this.

You invent things, too?

That's impressive!

-Impressive? Very well...
-He's an interesting person.

-Keep the compliments coming!
-Using colored glass as sunglasses

-Keep the compliments coming!
-is really creative.

Hey, tattoo guy.


Here you go.

Can I really have it?

I want it, too! Give it to me!

I'm the one who got it.

That's cunning! I got my eyes on it first!

I'll have half of the glasses!

How are you supposed to break it in half?


We are on an escort mission now!

Yes, sir.

Todo, stop the horse.

What's wrong?

Why are we stopping?

Someone is here.

You traitor!

Be prepared to die!

Do you know this is the legendary Sakuma Shozan?

This is audacious!

He's a traitor
who advocates opening up our border!

It's absurd to move the emperor to Hikone!

Execute him!


Very well.

Shine light, Kotetsu!


Bring it on!

I will pierce through your brain
and suck it dry!

Look where you're going!

I'm sorry.

The 819th person.

The 820th person.

You're not fighting like a warrior.


You idiot.

What are you doing
with that sword from the deceased?

Execute him!

I'm kind of occupied now.


Sogen, how's the gunpowder amount?

It's a bit too much.

This one should be fine...

My eyes!

One down.

The 822nd person.

I spent too much time.


Don't get in my way, Idiot-boshi.

You're the one who stood in my way.


I don't think this is about
teaching them how to fight.

Well, well...

All of you are strong.

But you have no teamwork at all.

I have no excuse.

What? We just saved his life.



Set up a signboard!

All of you, go!

But what does that mean?

You have no clue?

We have no time to get rid of their bodies.

If you don't state your reason for killing them,

the Shinsengumi would just be
an organization that kills for no reason.


There's finally some use to this brush.

Here I go!


It's done.


It reminds me of Ono no Michikaze.

You're good!

What was written on it?

Shinsengumi got rid of the outlaws

when they ambushed Sakuma Shozen
in the mountain of Takatsuki.

What's wrong, Lord Shozan?

Do you feel like pooping?

I got it!

That scared me.

Kid, you were an assassin, weren't you?

You were sent to kill me!


An organization that assassinates.
It's kind of like a ninja.



I knew it.

Lord Shozan, this is a long story.

I was supposed to be executed,
but I was recruited into Shinsengumi instead.

If you wish for me to commit disembowelment...

Lord Shozan.

He's a terrible guy.

I guess so.

He's annoying and I can't read his mind at all.

He's the worst person I've ever met.

What are you talking about, idiot?

But he is an important comrade.

Not just him,

we are not exactly good people.
We have all done something bad.

I know I'm stepping over the line,

but could you let go of the past

for me?

Please, I beg you.

You idiot.

Do you think I'm that petty?



I win!

I told you. Don't underestimate my memory!


I feel much better now.

All right. Let's continue our journey.

Yes, sir.

Those are the steamships made by the Americans.

It's impressive.

It's huge and dark!

It looks like a floating castle.

Japanese technology is still far behind.

I really want to ride it.

It's about to start.

Wh... What is that?

How cool.

Everyone is talking about isolation...
It's annoying.

It's not doing us any good
to start a war with the West.

Japan will end if we don't fight.

They don't intend to put an end to Japan at all.

What is their aim then?

It's money.

Unequal trade and compensation.

To exploit as much as possible.

They are really smart here.

How do you think Japan
should deal with other countries?

There's only one way.

We have to make allies with
the opposite feudal domains.

The shogunate and the imperial court
have to unite.

I don't get something so complicated.

No, it's simple.

Japan just has to unite.

A united Japan...

Akira, your expression is looking grim.

Even if I focus on improving my swordsmanship,

I can still feel the change of time
from that cannon.

The era of the sword has ended.

Use a gun instead of a sword then.

It could be the era of the pen, too.

I'll think about it.

Cannons are definitely stronger than swords.

But instead of being strong,

it's more important to know
how to make use of your strength.

You are right.

That stoic-looking kid, what would you do?

Will you give up your sword?

I know only how to kill.

Therefore, I will not give up my sword.

I just need a reason to kill. That's it.

Born to kill. You have no other goals.

You are like a samurai sword.

The kid with the prickly hair,
what would you do?

Will you give up the sword?

I hate swords,

but I won't give up on it.

I want to become stronger.

What will you do after that?

I want to avenge my family.

What happens after that?

After that? After I had my revenge...

I want to change the world.

I want to change this horrible world
created by some people.

That's an interesting answer.

Why are you laughing? I'm being serious.

You're a special one.


People usually live and go with the flow.

But you're saying you want to break the rules.

I don't know
if you will be part of the revolution

or just a troublemaker.

He's enough trouble all right.

What did you say?

I would like you to meet someone.

His name is Sakamoto Ryoma.

Ryoma? What a strange name.

Ryoma is the guy
who wants to do something about this world.

Both of you will get along.

I'm tired.

I'm so tired.

If you stay a night here...

I've been riding a horse for the whole day!

It's normal to be tired...

No, even so...

Todo, you will carry the other side.

All right.

I ruined the Kishinmaru Kunishige.


Could you let me have the sword?

I don't think you can heal a sword
even if you're a physician?

I'm not trying to heal it.

But I think it can be remade into
another kind of weapon.

It's broken anyway. You can have it.

It's good...

-Lady, pour me some wine.
-It's so good...

Man, she's cold.

It's delicious.

It's getting harder to bind it with bandages.


You're training hard.

You found me.

You're training so hard at this place.

It's fine.

You are training after seeing that big cannon?

Of course.

Don't you hate swords?

I think of my past self when I see a sword.

My past self who failed
to save my parents and Tsukito,

whose legs trembled so much at that time.

Don't blame yourself. You were still a kid.

I want to become stronger.

To be the strongest one in the Shinsengumi.

I'll be counting on you.

That hurts.


Sakuya, why didn't you kill Sakuma Shozan?

Why disobey the order of the assassins?

I was betrayed by a comrade
who failed to assassinate Shozan.

He betrayed me and accused me as a criminal.

Sakuya, come back to us
and follow the rules of the assassins.

I have died once
and was reborn as Hijikata Toshizo.

I have to follow the rules
of the Shinsengumi now.

We never forgive traitors.

I won't let you kill Sakuma Shozan.

The 1728th person...

The 824th person.

Kawakami Gensai, you have killed
more than a thousand.

Did the world change somehow?

You don't have to know.

Because you will die
before the sandglass goes empty.

You are still as strong, Sakuya.

Don't hesitate. That's what you taught me.

Is that so?

That kind of sword again?


You're a monster.

I just have to cut your arm off with the sword.



Who is that guy?

Idiot-boshi, don't come here.

It's not like I want to be here.

It's Kotetsu.

Is he your comrade?

He's just a troublemaker.

Sakuya, you can never run.

You can run from your identity as an assassin.

Neither can you run from the fact that
you killed your father.

He killed... his father?

What is that sandglass for?

We have to kill the person
before the sandglass empties.

That's the rule of the assassins.

What are you hiding behind your back?