Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Bums, Boobs and Baklava - full transcript

A British bum ambassador is packing on the pounds to get a Kim K inspired butt while Dr. Dubrow helps a mother of nine battle one of the worst cases of capsular contracture he's ever seen ...

I live and breathe
plastic surgery.

Ive had Botox.
Ive had boobs.
Ive had BBL.

I suppose you can call me
the plastic surgery ambassador.

And my fats coming back
in different places.

My nun, Ive never had
a fat nun ever.


Your vaginas gaining weight?

- Im getting a fat nun, yeah.
- Right.

After three surgeries,
then you have a car accident.


My nose was a disaster.

Im trying to inject
in between the skin.

No way.

The needle is bending.

I cant even get
the needle in the skin.


My right breast
is slowly migrating upward

onto my chest.

Its displaced inward,

which leaves your mound
smashed in here.

What is that?

Slime everywhere.
What the hell?

Im Aimi, and Im from
East Sussex in the U.K.

I live and breathe
plastic surgery.

Ive had Botox.
Ive had boobs.
Ive had BBL.

I suppose you can call me
the plastic surgery ambassador.

And I want the perfect
hourglass figure,

tiny waste, and a big butt,

just like Kim Kardashian.

Shes amazing.
I wanna be her.

I know I dont look like her,

but I have her body.

And with a wig and glasses,

I can pull it off.

Look at that thong.

Oh, my God, Kim, dont go!

As a child growing up,
I was crazy

about Barbie dolls,
I had the Barbie doll house.

I think thats why I am
the way I want the plastic,

cause I was brought up
everybody looked
like a Barbie doll.

So I think I blame my parents
for how I turned out.

They shouldve given me
a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Do you know what I mean?

But I always wanted bigger
and better,

and thats what made me develop
my thing for surgery.

I needed boobs,

so went--
I think I was about 26.

Operation went well.
It was a walk in the park.

I loved it.
It was like checking
into a holiday.

They looked fantastic.

But then the Brazilian Butt
Lifts were now in fashion.

I was like, "You know what?
Ive gotta have this."

And yeah, I did it, and it was
the most painful thing

Id ever done in my life,

but I love my big ass.

All the fat had gone.

I had this booty.
It was amazing.

My whole world
is plastic surgery now.

Its expensive
to look like this.

And I have had
a few sugar daddies

over the years.

I dont want diamonds.
I want surgery.

My husband doesnt care.

It stops him from having
to pay for it. Doesnt it?

So yeah,
he gets some benefits.

Win-win situation, eh?

But I just go to the extreme
of everything.

You know, and Im thinking,

maybe I can go again.
You know?

So its been about
a year since my second BBL.

It was a lot flatter.

And I werent liking it
at all.

I want a quick fix now.

So Im coming out
to the doctors

because it is my third BBL,

and I want the best,
and Im looking for the best.

Im hoping that they
would tell me,

"Lets do this!
We can do this.

Aimis butt is the biggest butt
in the state so far."

Im Jessie, and these boobs
belong in a body shop.

My breasts look
extremely uneven.

My right breast is slowly
migrating upward onto my chest.

My left breast is droopy,

and they feel
completely deformed.

Crazy, huh?
Yeah, I know, right?

Ive never had
a convertible before.

When I was a little girl,

I would love going
to car shows with my dad

and seeing the cars,

and I just remember thinking
to myself

that one of these days
Im gonna have that.

Theres a little blemish there,

but we have a guy that can
probably paint this.

This classic car
is a lot like my boobs.

Its shiny on the outside,

but once you pop that hood,

its a mess.

In my late teens,

I started managing dancers.

The boob envy was real.

I want boobs to dance.

So I went ahead
and got them done.

Im not really digging
these old rims on there.

No. Well put some wires
on it maybe.

So I went in my consultation

wanting a full C.

What I was talked into
was 625 CCs,

basically porn star boobs.

After surgery,
I remember thinking
it wasnt right.

A couple weeks go by,

and already one felt
a little bit firmer,

the other one
a little bit softer.

As time went on,

the situation got worse.

The right breast
was just migrating upward.

And it was hardening more.

I was coming close to five years
since my first surgery,

and I had heard
that there was a new doctor
that had moved to town.

He diagnosed me with having

and he said that he could
perform surgery,

and I jumped at the chance.

After surgery,
I felt relieved.

Everything looked great,

but at my two-week checkup,

I had already started
to encapsulate again.

And all he said was,
"Im sorry. I tried."

Its been four years
since my last surgery.

Now Im stuck with one boob

thats higher than the other.

I hate what I see
in the mirror.

Im left deformed.

I cant wait to go see
Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow.

Hopefully they can help me

because I cant do this anymore.

Its progressively been getting
worse and worse.
I know.

I tried to find different bras,

but they would always fall out.

So one night Im at the club,

and I saw a bottle of boob glue

that the girls used
for their pasties.

And I thought, huh,

I wonder if I glue
these suckers in place,

if that would work,
and it did.

So it was at that time

that it started my long-term
relationship with boob glue.

Its every single day

Im trying to make myself feel
like I look normal.

I hide behind makeup and...

Lots of boob glue.

Lots of boob glue.

I am 100% ready

to end my relationship
with the boob glue.

Hopefully Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif

can help me do that.

Have you ever heard
of slapping therapy?

Im not kidding you.

What, slapping
to get the skin--

Face slapping--
Face slapping

is a way to make--
To get that flush?

Yeah-- no, to increase
the microcirculation

at the level of the epidermis,

to get skin care products
to work better.

What are the--
So why dont you go ahead...

And slap you?


Hows it--
Do it on this side.


That was a good one

after what you did to me,

waxing me,

ripping off my skin...

On three.


Oh, ow.

How does my skin look?

Actually does look better.

Aah! I cant--

Youre, like, punching me.

Youre pun--
Man, that--

Now youre looking
really good now.

That wasnt a slap.

Terry, I think youre taking

the term slap happy

to a whole new level.

Bring it down a notch,
my friend.

So this Jessica.

Jessica has had two
breast augmentations.

Those are some of
the most asymmetric breasts
that weve ever seen.

I know.
Ooh, and look at the distortion
of this breast.

Will you send in Jessica?


Nice to meet you. Hi.
Dr. Nassif.
You, too.

Hi, how are you?
Im Terry Dubrow.

Nice to meet you.

Husband and wife?

Im feeling a little nervous

to meet Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow.

Im hoping I get
answers today

and that this is the end

of the road for these
bad boobs.

How have you been married?

Three years,
together four years.


You gonna have kids?

We have two kids.

And I mightve had
a couple prior to that,

How many is a couple?

Nine in total.

Do you really?

You have nine kids
between you?
You have nine kids?

You wasted no time, huh?

How many kids are at home?


Seven kids at home.

Thats a busy house.

No way.

I think Id go crazy.

God bless you, Jessie.
How do you handle that?

I know that you had
your first breast augmentation

like eight years ago.

Um, I think its closer
to nine.

It was 2010.
Nine. Okay.

And within three or four weeks

I had noticed my right one
was kind of migrating up.

It was a little bit firmer.

My left one was
a little bit softer.

And I didnt really know
what an encapsulation was yet.

Capsular contracture,

which is scar tissue
forming around the implant,

can be caused
by an infection,

blood left in the pocket,

or its just an unknown
immunologic reaction

to the breast implant itself,

and theres no rhyme
or reason to it.

I did notice a lot of bruising

on the right breast,

and there was none
on the left.

So hematoma?
Thats what caused it?

Yeah, thats why.
You bled into the right
breast pocket,

and what you needed

was a surgery
to take the blood out.
Okay. Okay.

Did you look
for another doctor, though,

I did. And he did
the capsulectomy,

but put the implant
right back in.

Same implant.

Theres a theory called
the biofilm theory

that states that if you have
an encapsulation,

you should remove
the old implant

because it may have a fine film
of tissue around it

that has little bits
of bacteria in it,

that if you just simply

put that same implant
back in,

that bacterial film

will just induce
another encapsulation

and lead to the same problem.

What are your thoughts
about all this?

Its got to the point where

she doesnt wanna be naked
around me.

Carlos has never really
even touched my boobs.

I cant even imagine
what it will be like

to not be embarrassed

when I take my shirt off
in front of my husband.

I just hope that the doctors
can help me.

Why dont we go
into the exam room...

...and figure out...

...what the different
options are.

Sounds good.

Okay, great.

And eating as much as I can
physically stuff in this mouth.

Bigger the belly,
bigger the butt.

My face smashed into the wall,

and I was horrified.

I looked deformed.

So lets open this up
a little bit.

Okay, so your right breast,
rock hard,

very superiorly displaced,

but whats kind of
a little bit different

is it not only
is displaced upward.

Its displaced inward,

which leaves your mound

smashed in here

and your native breast tissue

just kind of hanging off there.

The left one is droopy
and deflated,

so a lot more kind of healthy,
vascularized breast tissue
on the left

and about half as much...

...on the right.

You have options.

Theyre both interesting,

which is a euphemism
in plastic surgery
for difficult.

Its not necessarily
a good thing.

I didnt think so.

The main concern with Jessie
and the fact that she had

two very early
rapid encapsulations
of the right breast

is that fundamentally

her immune system probably
just doesnt like silicon
breast implants.

You could... choice A,

take them out
and do a lift on both.

You dont have to worry about

more breast
implant surgery

and were all very happy.

Now, you may not have the
projection and overall volume.

Option B

is to take both
the breast implants out...

...put a new pair back in,

and do a lift.

The problem with that
is now weve got
breast implants,

and now weve got
the great possibility

that youre gonna go on to
a rapid encapsulation again

and be back to square one
within, I dont know,

two weeks, two years,
10 years? I dont know.

What if you get in there,

and you see something

that is better
than you thought

or worse than you thought.

Would you feel comfortable
making the decision for me?

I would.

Okay. I really am okay
with leaving it up to you,

and I am okay
with either outcome.

I mean, hes good at this.

Hell make a darn good decision.

Who doesnt wanna have big,
beautiful boobs,

but Im hoping

that this is definitely the end

of these problems Ive had
with my breasts.

Great pleasure meeting
you guys.

Thank you.
Youre welcome.

Thank you.
Youre welcome.

My names Sammy,
Im a Lebanese pop star,

and my nose looks like it
doesnt belong in my face.

It looks like a little baklava.

Its a short nose.

I dont have a bride.

The nostrils are very small.

Its not aesthetically

I grew up in Lebanon.
I always wanted to go
to the states.

I actually came to visit L.A.

I was screaming in the car,

"Los Angeles, Im here!

Im here!
Im gonna be a star!"

I started getting into music,

and at that point
my singing career started,

and I did a song

which was accepted

in a huge music festival

in Chile.

I became famous overnight.

I had the time of my life.

Hey, hey.

Hey, hey, my God.

I cant believe youre here.

I was 25 when I went to visit
Lebanon during the summer,

and I had an accident.

And my face, like,
smashed into the wall.

Oh, my God, its like a rock.

Its hard. Yeah.

I went to saw
a plastic surgeon.

He said that he had to break
my nose to straighten it

and suggested that,

to build the bridge outwards,

to put foreign material
called Gore-Tex,

so I went under,

and a week later,
when he removed the plaster,

I had a beautiful,
gorgeous nose.

Then I came to L.A.,

and remember Sam,
she told me,

"You know,
youve got hair sticking out.

Why dont you get
your nose waxed?"

I went to the beautician.

She actually, like,
pulls the wax out.

It was beyond painful.

Days later

I started seeing

something protruding

out of my nose.

It was Gore-Tex.

And it got infected,

and that material

started coming out.

So thats when I had
my second surgery,

and I was horrified.

I looked deformed.

How many surgeries
did you have?

Ive had four surgeries.

My nose was getting worse
and worse and worse.

In 2008,
I decided to see a doctor

to have my fifth rhinoplasty,

and he couldnt do anything.

And that was it.
And I had to accept it.

Im so grateful that
youre coming with me
to see the doctor.

Of course, of course.
Of course.
Really, seriously.

Im hoping Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow

can give me my nose back.

I would love
to breathe better

and for my nose
to look better.


We shouldve had champagne
instead sparkling water.

Yeah, exactly.
Champagne in the morning.


I am starving.

Youre always starving.
Oh, shut up. Not always.

Youre going to be
as big as a bus.
I like to eat.

And I like to eat
every hour on the hour.

This looks cool.
I like the vibe.

Its training season.

Let me eat.
Let me fill up this booty.

Bigger the belly,
bigger the butt.

Hope your foods are nice
and fattening.


Were building my butt.

The more I can eat,
the more I can put in my bum.

Burgers, chocolate,

cream cakes, chips,

and eating as much as I can
physically stuff in this mouth.

Believe you me,
its big mouth.


Do you think this is enough
to build my butt?

Obviously its enough.
Weve definitely got
enough food,

but I still dont think
you should get one.

Youve had one.

Ive had two.
Youll be having another--

When is it gonna stop?

Do you know
how its gonna stop?

When this soda
can balance on my booty.

Oh, my God.

So I have a table.

That is when its gonna stop.

So carry on eating.

I definitely dont think

Aimi needs another BBL,

but there is no saying no
to her.

I cant convince her.

All Im thinking of
is myself

in a bikini in the summer

with a huge bum.

You do.


Look at this.

If there was ever a biofilm.

Ever seen this before?

Have a cup of tea, wanker.

Terry is a wanker.

A wanker is, you know,
a penis.

I think.
Isnt it?

Whatta you got?

Patient named Sammy.

Multiple nasal surgeries,

and his nose is destroyed.

The question is,
can I help him?

Depending on what he has left
for me to use.

So lets see.
Tough case.

Can you please send in Sammy?

Hello. Hi.
Hi, Dr. Nassif.

How are you?
Hi, Dr. Dubrow.
Hi. Terry Dubrow.

How are you doing?
Nice to meet you.

Terry Dubrow.
How are you?

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Well, come on in.

So I got you
some Lebanese sweets.

Oh-- Oh, you got the--
Oh... got the sweets.

Knowing that Dr. Nassif
is Lebanese man,

hopefully the way
to Dr. Nassifs O.R.

is a box of baklava.

The Greeks say "baklava."
We say "baklawa."

Baklawa, exactly.
Oh, wow.

Because he loves desserts
so much

that those sweets
wont go to waste.

But I guarantee you
they will go to waste.

Yeah, they will go to waste.

Im American-Lebanese
living in Lebanon,

so I had to get you
a few things from--

Oh, youre Lebanese, too?
...from your homeland.

You live in Lebanon?

I live in Lebanon now.

I used to live in L.A.,

Why did you move back?


I decided to do an
Arabic-Spanish album.

Youre a Lebanese celebrity.

I had a few hit songs, yeah.

And in South America

was pretty huge.

Lets start from the beginning
about your nose.

We always like to have
a complete history.

When did you start?

One night I actually tripped
down a flight of stairs,

ended up, like,
hitting the wall,

Broke your nose.

I went to see
a plastic surgeon.

He suggested putting
a material called Gore-Tex.


Gore-Tex is a trade name
for PTFE,


And thats a material

that you actually put
in ski jackets and pants.

A year later my nose
became infected.

I started seeing
the Gore-Tex--

...sticking out--

Sticking out of your nose.
Sticking out of my nose.

Back towards the beginning
of my practice

when I used to have to
build up dorsum.

I used to use Gore-Tex
nasal implants all the time.

Now what I prefer is just to use
the patients own tissue.

And were able to harvest rib
and tissue from the scalp,

and thats what I do now.

So I went and saw
this plastic surgeon,

and he said,
"Well, we have to take it out."

- My nose was pretty much a disaster.
- Destroyed.

I waited till 1998 and--

For number three.

For number three.

It looked pretty good.

I came back to Lebanon

and had the car accident.

After three surgeries,
then you have a car accident.

Exactly. You know, the fourth
one was after the accident.

Everything from this side was,
like, smashed.

So you had facial trauma.

In 2008, I decided to see
the last plastic surgeon
for my nose,

and he couldnt do anything.

You know what we call that?

A peek-and-shriek.

You open it up, you go, "Aah!"

And then you just put it
back down.

You say-- and you do nothing.

Right. Exactly.

New one...
Thats a new one for me.

Your goals.

What are your cosmetic goals?

Well, I would love to have
a bigger nose, obviously,

just something
that fits my face.

I mean, Ive got a big face.

The best thing for us to do
is go to the exam room.

Lets go do that.

Right now Sammys nose
looks destroyed.

Im worried about the skin.

Im worried about finding out
the normal anatomy.

Can I actually build it up?
Can I do anything?

Im just not so sure.

Oh, my God.


What is that stuff called?

- Baklawa.
- There was one-- That was--

Should be called

or "big-butt-lay-wah."

Its good, huh?

Im a sucker for baklawa.

Not baklava.


Lets try breathing.


A lot.

I love how your eyes--
like youre-- like youre

in heaven when you do that.

You kinda go...


The last time I actually
breathed from my nose


was 21 years ago.

Okay, the middle vault
is very narrow here.

And this is like a rock.

I mean, this feels like
all bone.

Maybe some cartilage,
but its, like, stuck.

It appears that his skin

is stuck down
to whatevers in there.

This now has become
an extremely difficult

and scary case.

What I would like to do

is take a big chisel

and remove everything.

I can take pieces of rib

and put them in here

to open up your nostrils.


And try to add some cartilage

r tissue to make it look
a little better.

Okay, lets do it.

Can you do me a favor?

Stand up for me.

When youre singing,

are you doing
a little bit of the...

Oh, yeah.

Youre good.

You know what I say
when I see him do that?

Dont do that.

What do you have for me?

Our next patient Aimi--

Im not gonna tell you
where shes from,

but I want you to guess
when she comes in.

Im sure.
But let me show you
whats going on with Aimi.

Shes obviously had
some abdominal work.

And has actually well-defined
abdominal muscles.

Look at that, huh?

But she has some concerns
about her buttock area.

So why dont you call Aimi in

and lets see
how we can help her.


Can you please send in Aimi?

- Hello. Hi, guys.
- How are you?

Im really good.
How are you?

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Dr. Nassif.

Hi, Aimi. Terry Dubrow.
Hi. Nice to meet you.

Im Merissa. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Hi, Merissa.
Terry Dubrow.
Hi. Hello.


Yeah, U.K.

What gives it away?

Its the tea.

The tea?

We dont like tea.
We like wine.
No, dont like tea.

We like wine.
You dont like tea?

No, its all about the wine.

Well, that doesnt make you
British. Thats for sure.

It makes you, you know...

An alcoholic.

Right. By the way,

huge wanker.
I just gotta say.

Have a cut of tea, wanker.

Have a cup of tea.

The accent--
the English accent.

Terry is a wanker.
Wanker is, you know, a penis.

I think. Isnt it?

Okay, so Aimi,

we have seen your photos.

And youve had
some things done.

And some things
concerning you.

Can you tell us a little bit
about how this all started

and what brought you
to this point?

Okay, shall I start
from the top?


Eyes, upper and lower.

Ive had a nose job.

Ive had lip fillers.

Teeth done,

cheek fillers,

jaw line, two breasts,

two BBLs, and liposuction.

So let me ask you a question.

Looking at your photos,
of your abdomen,

you have very well defined
abdominal muscles.

Now, is that from liposuction,
or is that from--

Thats not from
hard work. Yeah.
Did you have vaser?

I definitely dont work out.
I have got a gym membership.

Ive been about three times
in three years.

Who needs it when
youve surgeons?

So how much fat did you have put
in your buttock the first time?

8.50 each, I think,
then five the next time.

Do you have to gain weight
to get enough fat to do that?

Amazing. I loved it.

What areas did they get
the fat from?

Uh, here mostly because

they say this is better fat.
The abdomen.

Its more harvestable
or something.

And the back.

Second time round Ive noticed,

and this time my fats coming
back in different places

I never had fat before.

My nun. Thats--
Ive never had a fat nun ever.


Your vaginas gaining weight?

Im getting a fat nun, yeah.


We say "nun".
You say "vagina."

Thats a horrible word.

I hate the word "vagina."

What are your overall goals?

Im really thinking now get
that all sucked out

and put back in my bum as well.

How much bigger do you want
your buttock?

He put more on the hips
this side.

I want it more
at the back and up.

Who do you think I impersonate?

Youre an impersonator?

Yeah, Im a look alikey.


Obviously an actress.

Figure wise.
Figure wise.

Keeping up with them.


- Yeah, I do Kim.
- Oh...

Do I think Aimi looks
like Kim Kardashian?


Lets go in the exam room
and take a look

and figure out
the risk benefit ratio

of more Brazilian Butt Lifts.
Im not gonna like this.

Okay? Sound good?

Okay, lets do this.
Okay, lets do it. Okay.

I know surgerys dangerous,

but come on, guys.

Ive come a long way

for you to suck this out

and put it in my butt.

If I cant elevate the skin,

I cant do a rhinoplasty.

And if thats the case,

I cant help him.

Now Im just nervous.


Elevated cholesterol

can block the arteries

that supply your heart

with blood

and give you a heart attack.

It goes right to the dangerous
fat stores

around your body organs.

Okay, so lets take
a look at the...

My "do not look,"
the back.
All right.

Im good.
Ive just had tattoos--

So you have no hard spots, huh?

Nothing. Its very soft.
No? No?

Is that good?

Very, very good.

And its actually quite full.

Okay, so thats one concern,

whether the skin would
actually give enough

to allow you to have
an increase in the volume.


Theres a couple
of other concerns

that are very significant
in your case.

Okay, so youve had
two Brazilian Butt Lifts.

The first one took it
from your abdomen

and back here.


So you were able to then

gain more weight

for a second one,

but this time

you not only gained a bit here,

you gained it in other areas.

Everywhere, yeah.

Thats called redistribution.

This is how it works.
Have a seat.
I wanna tell you something.

And this is really important.

And "really" is true.

So there are basically
two types of fat.

Theres the body fat,

and then theres visceral fat.

Visceral fat is the fat

thats around your organs

and your heart.

The problem is
your visceral fat compartment

is now your primary fat area.

Meaning if you gain weight...
Oh, no. Its gonna go
right back. goes right to
the dangerous fat stores

around your body organs.

How do I get rid of that fat
now, though?


The bottom line for Aimi

is that in order to do
another butt lift,

she needs to gain more fat,

but because of
the redistribution of fat,

shes putting her health
at risk.

She should focus
on losing weight

and not gaining weight.

And, by the way,
with the visceral fat,

besides what he told you,

what it does,

it shoots up your cholesterol

and makes you close
to getting diabetes.

Type 2.

Elevated cholesterol

can block the arteries
that supply your heart

with blood and give you
a heart attack.

You dont want your body
to write a check

that your heart cant handle.

Thats true. Yeah.
What is that expression?

You know? So...

Makes sense. Someone whos
smarter makes sense.

Oh, shut up.



Such a wanker, you are.

This is a big shock to me.
Its a wakeup call.

Whats the point
of looking beautiful
if youre dead?

No one wants to look at me
in a coffin.

Youve actually made sense,
and no one has done that yet.

So youre not gonna get it done?

No, Im not gonna get it
done. Feel bloody good.

By the way--
Ive been trying for ages

to talk her out of this.


All right, I am so happy.

...about that.
You actually talked me around.

Great pleasure meeting you.

Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Really a pleasure. Thank you.

Have fun working out.
Thank you so much.

Thank you, guys.
Pleasure. Thank you.

- Jessica, how are you?
- Hello.

Im nervous but good.
Youre nervous?

I dont know why.
Ive had how many surgeries?

And all of a sudden...

I kind of realize

that this is the last day

Im gonna have these huge
encapsulated implants.

Well have to see
what I end up doing

with the extra $20 a month

that I wont be spending
on boob glue.

Weve talked about the idea

of whether youre going to have
breast implants

put back in or not.

What to do.
What to do.

For Jessicas surgery today,

I will make incisions
below her areolas

and remove her old implants.

I will then assess the pockets
and determine whether or not

Ill be giving Jessica
new breast implants.

I will then perform
a capsulotomy

by releasing scar tissue

in the upper portion
of the right breast.

Finally, Ill perform
a breast lift on both sides,

hopefully achieving
a symmetrical result.

The first thing we have to do

is open up this right breast.

What the hell?

What is that?

Look at this.

If there was ever a biofilm...

A biofilm
is supposed to be

something you can only see

but this is a very thick film
of slimy material.

Ever seen this before?

Its got this thick slime

Jessie has what I would call

a macroscopic bacterial biofilm

or slime.

Most biofilms are microscopic.

You actually cant see them
with the naked eye.

Hers is so significant

that its created
a large enough volume

that you can actually see it,

touch it, feel it,

and remove it,

and its real disgusting.

- Ewch.
- Ew.

- Ew.
- Jesus.

Lets look at the inside
of the pocket

and see whats going on.

Oh, my God, look at that.


Very, very inflamed...


...irritated looking capsule.

Now that weve determined
shes really not a candidate
for an implant,

lets figure out
how good a candidate she is
for just a lift alone.

Lets staple her up
and see what
its gonna look like.

The extraordinary challenge
today with Jessies breast

is the fact
that her right breast

is high and tight.

The left breast,

is low and loose.

I have to find a way

to make them even,

and really the only way
to do that

is to try to raise
the left breast crease

and move the breast tissue
from the sides

and displace it
into the upper pole

to match the upper pole
fullness on the right...

if I can.

Oh, that so works.
Look at that.
That looks so good.

The size is pretty similar.

She does not need implants.
I totally agree.

These are small D, full C.

I like it, I like it,
I like it, I like it,
I like it.

So his tip is starting to get
a little purple.

I just hope that skin
doesnt die.

I need to remove
all her dressings,

make sure all the tissue
is alive

and hope that the symmetry

that I saw on the table
still is intact.

They look black.

- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?

Doing good.
How are you?

Good, good.
Im checking in.

Please have a seat,

and well be right
with you shortly.

If Dr. Nassif was able
to fix my nose,

Ill probably have it insured

like celebrities have their
behinds insured or something

cause this nose

has cost a lot of money.

This point in time

Im just gonna walk with
a bodyguard or something.

Hi, Dr. Nassif.
How are you?

How are you, my friend?
Im good.

Are you ready for this?
Im ready.

The goal today

is to try to improve
Sammys breathing

and hopefully give him
a normal looking nose.

If theres a chance
that we can get a buttonhole,

which is a cut or hole
in the skin,

or two, a risk of necrosis,

where the skin
can actually die,

so thats what Im
a little bit anxious about.

Today for Sammys surgery,

my team and I will harvest
rib from the chest,

fascia from the scalp,

and composite grafts
from the ears.

Ill then open up the nose

and chisel away the bone
from the skull

that is making Sammys nose
so hard.

Next well use the grafts
we built

from the harvested rib

to insert alar batten grafts

and articulated rim grafts

to open his airway.

Fashion cartilage

to make a diced
cartilage fascia graft

to build up his bridge

and a septal extension graft

to augment his columellar.

Okay, got a gown?

Yeah, thats a nice sized piece
of tissue there.

So fascia harvested.

Gonna start on
the composite grafts

while you work on the rib.

All right? Okay, good.

It looks like we have
some cartilage there.

So thats good news.

We have the rib coming out.

Yeah, Im trying to inject

in between the skin

and whatever--
Im trying to create a plane.

No way.

The needle is bending.

Ive never seen anything
like this.

I cant even get the needle
in the skin.

Its like hitting a rock.


If I cant elevate the skin,

I cant do a rhinoplasty.

And if thats the case,

I cant help him.

Oh, no.
Im a little bit worried

that Im not gonna be able
to lift up his skin.

Actually not a little worried.
Im a lot worried.

Going into this,
I thought I had a great plan.

Now I know that this is
a real nightmare.

So try this.


There you go.

Im trying to elevate
Sammys skin

from whatever it is,

whether its an implant,

cartilage, bone,

I dont know yet.

What moron would put something

inside the nose like this?

Mother of God what is in there?

Mother of pearl.

Come on.


All right, part one--

elevation of the skin

off this block
or whatever the hell it is,

is complete.

Now part twos gonna try to be

removing some of this foreign
whatever the hell it is.

I finally lift up the skin,

and Sammys previous surgeon

with ear cartilage,

calcified rib,

and also a lot
of cranial bone graft.

Is that common?

Go, go, go.

Go, go.


I feel like I have
a jackhammer in my hand,

trying to break down cement.

It took some work,

but we were finally
able to remove

everything from Sammys nose.

Now its time
for reconstruction.

Okay, the diced
cartilage fascia is going in.

Lets see if its big enough.

This feels good.

So were chopping up
some of this cartilage

that we took
from Sammys nose previously

to try to augment
his columellar,

get his columellar
to stick out a little bit.

Give me the right now.

Okay, that should be good.

So his tip, you know,

its starting to get
a little purple.

I just hope that skin
doesnt die. Thats all.

Right now Im cautiously

but its definitely something

that we need to keep
our eye on.

I cant believe I lifted off
that skin off that bone.

- Hello.
- Hi, guys.

How are you?

Im excited

to hear what happened.

I wanna know everything.

It was very clear instantly

that you were not
a candidate for implants.

So that kind of made
the decision

for us a lot easier.
Okay, for us.

Now that were 24 hours out from
Jessies surgery,

I need to remove
all her dressings,

make sure all the tissue
is alive,

particularly the nipple
and areola area

and hope that the symmetry
that I saw on the table

still is intact.

Im really optimistic.

Oh, that was scary.
Wasnt it?

What did you think,
it was a nipple?

No cause this--
you had a little blood clot
over this.

And it looked black.

Okay, the nipples
nice and alive.

Am I better? Huh? Huh?
You know, without implants,

thats remarkable.

I have a sense of relief

now that I dont have implants.

But Im actually
pretty content now

to have beautiful,
smaller boobs.

and never have to worry
about the maintenance

or any other issues again

that come with implants.

Implants are out.

The chance
that you can encapsulate
is zero.

Im relieved.

I really am.

All right.
Thank you so much.

Congratulate-- Youre welcome.

Thank you.

How are you, Dr. Nassif?

I think really the question
is how are you doing?


I was very fearful
that your whole tip would die.

Luckily it didnt.

The only thing was where--

These guys.
Oh, yeah.

They had
a all-you-can-eat buffet.

You had four?


I was a bit freaked out
at first,

and then they started eating
the blood for circulation,

and apparently they secrete
some kind of enzyme,

so it was quite freaky.

Im gonna take them out.
Is that okay?


You got a big nose.

Head back.

Okay. And theres one area
that Im worried about.

Around the incision

theres about a 3mm area
that is dark,

and that 3mm area of darkness

is most likely a partial
breakdown of the tissue.

I want you to keep ointment.

Any antibiotic ointment,

just keep that moist.

Im worried about
Sammys columellar.

Theres a lot of blood
thats stuck to the columellar,

so I cant tell whats going on
underneath the skin.

That columellar skin can die.

But lets see how he heals.

Of what I see,
I see my old nose really.

Im eternally grateful.

Thank you from the bottom
of my heart, really.

Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Ill see you.

Thank you. Great.

See you guys later.
Thank you.

Today I feel rejuvenated.

I feel free
of the prison I was in.


Looking back on this
whole entire journey,

its been a whirlwind.

I have gone through boob envy,

thinking that my boobs were
gonna be amazing and perfect

and didnt even think
about having issues,

but in the end,

I ended up with nothing
but problems.

Hows Jessie been since
the surgerys been done?

Shes been good.
Been good?

Shes been good,
been able to do more things
with the kids.

Yeah, thats good.
Itd be good to see her.

I havent really cruised

the classics at a car show
in a few years.

You know?
I was kind of in a rut,

but today I feel rejuvenated.

I feel free

of the prison I was in

for the last nine years.

Im not self-conscious
about my breasts anymore,

and its just a relief.

I am comfortable
in front of my husband,

and Im just comfortable
in general.

And its a great feeling.

Im real excited
for you guys to see her.

Its like a new-and-improved


Hey, hey.

Thats her.

Yes. Its about time.

Look whos here, Carlos.

You look so beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

I think that Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif

are good at doing surgery,

so they should keep doing
that for their career.



Youre glowing.
Hi, Cruz.

Watching Jessie come out
of that beautiful green car

reminds me of why I fell
in love with her.

To be able to see that again

really put a smile on my face.

I can see the self confidence
boost in her,

and she looked
absolutely amazing.

I can actually wear something

without a bra,
off the shoulder.

Oh, my gosh.

Before my surgery,

my breasts looked like they
needed to be in a body shop.

My left breast
was droopy and deflated

while my right breast was hard
and sat high on my chest,

and I wouldnt let my husband
even touch my breasts.

But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

my breasts are
symmetrical, perky,

and I am now happy
to have the intimacy

that Ive never had
with my husband.

I hope I never have to see
a bottle of boob glue again.

Whats your favorite, Carlos?

I like this one.

Oh, Mommys car,
of course. Huh.

Its been a journey
of accidents.

Its been a journey of pain.

Ive been through
so much physically.

Now its like
a new life for me.

I look better,
I feel better.

Its like a new beginning.

I cant wait to see Sammy.

I know.
I cant.

Just gotta pinch his cheeks.

Hes a Lebanese Ricky Martin.

He is. He is--
Oh, my God.

Ive known Sammy since 1993.

Ive been there for every nose,

and it has been a very
difficult journey for him.

I hope this one will be
the last one.

So has it changed
his personality any?

He must be so excited.

Ready to get back on the stage.

Hes getting cockier
than ever.

Oh, so--

so his confidence is back.


Cheers. Im so happy.

After my accident,

I pretty much isolated myself

because I wasnt comfortable

with the way I look.

So Im super excited
to see friends

that I havent seen
for a while,

so lets get
the party started.

All right, bitches!

Oh, my God.

To see him so excited.

It just made all of us
so happy.

Its sheer confidence.

And he can breathe now.

I can hear his voice
sound clearer.

Thank you for being
part of it all.
No. I mean, of course.

Youre amazing.
I love you.

Youre my brother.
Youre my brother.

I know.

For my surgery,

my nose had no structure

and had no bridge.

I was very self-conscious,

and I found it very difficult

to breathe.

But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,

my nose is straight,

its bigger.

It fits my face.

I can breathe better.

And watch out, world,

the old Sammys back,

and its just the beginning.

Im ready to... party!

My butt went viral.

Thank you for seeing me.

The world wants to know
about this booty.

My nose looks
like a pigs nose.

I would actually make it

a little bit narrow.

Hello, one, two, three, four.

That doesnt sound that great.

Plus watch.
Try to breathe.

My boobs are dragging me
down literally.

Can I still put
a very full implant in,

or will it be too tight?

Way overfilled. They really
pushed the envelope here.