Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Big Booty Problems - full transcript

Dr. Dubrow lifts a woman's spirit and her breasts while a viral sensation is desperate for help with her "big booty problems."

My butt went viral.

Thank you for seeing me.

You basically
amputate the entire--

Amputate the whole booty?

The whole booty.

My boobs look
like cow udders.

Id pop the implants
and suck the fluid out.

Its unconventional and weird.

Its so me.

I remember waking up in
the middle of the surgery

and him doing this at me.

He was actually sewing me up.

Oh, oh my, God.


I thought I was coming
here to do nose surgery,

not to be on an episode
of Dr. Pimple Popper.

My name is Courtney.

I am known as Ms. Miami
and I have big booty problems.

I went through six rounds
of illegal butt injections

leaving me with
60 inches of booty.

And my butt does sag
and has some discoloration

and I dont like that.

I am definitely someone
social media loves to hate.

Someone recorded me while
I was out having a good time

and my butt went viral.

I really think people love me,

but they dont
know how to say it.

When I was in college,
I got a job dancing at a club.

The first night
that I was a dancer,

after really not making
no money on the stage,

there was a dancer
that walked up to me

and she told me that
I needed some more booty

if I wanted to make some money.

Thats when I found out
about the injections

that gave me my
big booty problems.

So, I made the appointment,
she showed up at my hotel room.

She told me she worked
for a cosmetic surgeon

and thats how she was
able to get her hands
on what she needed.

I asked the injector
why was she doing it

outside of the office
and thats when she told me

that the procedure is illegal.

And its foolish,
definitely, it is foolish,

but all I wanted
was a big booty.

So, after a year or so,

and my third round of shots,
you know,

I did see an
improvement in my butt,

but I wanted more.

And my fourth round

is when all the
problems started.

This time I showed
up at her house

to receive my injections.

And after leaving her house,
my butt injections

began to leak out of my butt.
We got pulled over.

The police officer saw
the butt injections,
like, leaking

and he was asking me, like,

"What is that leaking
from your butt?"

I was like so embarrassed.

But after the
injections leaked out

my butt just like had
so many dimples

and I called the lady who
injected me immediately.

So she told me that
probably could be fixed

with a few more shots.

That is how round
number five got started.

That round of injections,
it seemed like it only

made my butt bigger.

She did not fill in the holes.

Then, number six happened.

It made it a bit worse.

It was nothing I could
do to fix my butt.

After six rounds
of butt injections,

I believe I spent about seven
or eight thousand dollars

to get me right here with
these big booty problems.

I had to accept the fact
that I had to walk around

with this jumbo booty

and I have to just
make it look good

at the same time.

That is when I decided

to take social media
serious for myself.

I was able to write my book
to share my experiences.

The world wants to
know about this booty.

Its like my life
is your entertainment.

But with big booty problems,
the struggle is real.

And Im hoping that
Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow

could help me get rid
of the excess baggage

and agree to remove
these butt injections

so I could live with
a more normal booty.

I did not want these problems.

I just wanted a big, nice booty.


My names Michelle and my
boobs look like cow udders.

My boobs hang to
my belly button.

My right boob is saggy
and my left boob is droopy.

And my boobs are dragging
me down, literally,

like, they pull at me.

Im from a very small town.

I grew up in Oregon.

My 21st birthday,
I moved to California

and start a new life.

Thats when I met my husband.

When I got pregnant with
Corrine, I went from

120 pounds to 220 pounds.

And then I found
out I was pregnant

with my second child, Kara.

After I gave birth to Kara,
my boobs were just so saggy.

I wasnt used to my
body looking like that

and so I wanted to look
into breast implants.

I had seen three doctor
and one of the doctors,

he was like, "Yeah, sure,
Ill put some implants in you."

A large C, small D
would probably be okay

on my body structure,
is what I was thinking.

And I thought we
were on the same page

but I woke up and I have
these ginormous boobs.

Those are some big tatas.

I didnt ask for this, so...

It was just like
I got really depressed.

I just started gaining
weight, so I just decided

that I would get gastric bypass.
And my surgery day, 2015,

go in and get it
done and went home.

And then I wasnt
feeling so good

and so we ran to the hospital.

I come to find out
I was leaking fluid

inside my intestines from
that gastric bypass surgery.

They rushed me into
emergency surgery.

I was in the hospital
for four months.

I almost died.

That was really
hard on our family.

With having my gastric
bypass, I lost 100 pounds.

And now my breasts,
theres nothing to them

but the loose skin.

Isnt that cute?
Very cute.

My boobies would
not fit in that.

I dont think they
would fit in them.

Its been 10 years Michelles
had to deal with this.

I hate to see her unhappy
because of these things

that the doctor did before,
you know, its terrible.

Now, you see how good they look?

But I know as soon as
I take the strap off,

its just-- its temporary.

Brian and I,
we are not intimate

without me wearing a bra.

I want to be able to put
on a lingerie outfit

and be able to have sex with
him without wearing a bra.

Youre my ride or die.

Youre my ride or die.
Thats why I love you so much.

I love you, too.

Come here
and take a look. Ready?

Why do you
have your shirt off
when youre doing this?

Because I just finished
working out at the house.


I mean, are you kidding me?

Wow, did you let yourself go.

This is called girlfriend body.

Oh, my God. You went from single
guy to this in about two months.

Skill level three,
style level two,

but the boobs are a 10.

Let me show you something.

This patients name is Michelle.

And she has extraordinarily
large breast implants.

Very thin breast tissue.
Look at that.

The thing that always
bothers me about this,

theres almost always a mistake
the plastic surgeon made.

Even me, who doesnt
do breast surgery,

could probably do a
better job than that.

Do me a favor, call Michelle.

Lots of questions
I wanna ask her.

Can you please send in Michelle?


How are you?
Hi, Dr. Nassif.

Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Hi, Michelle, Terry Dubrow.

Nice to meet you.
Pleasure to meet you.

Im nervous meeting Dr.
Dubrow and Dr. Nassif

because I know that all
my surgeries in the past

have all gone wrong.

But Im just so ready to be
done with this boob problem.

I wanna get right to it.

You only had one surgical
procedure on your chest, yes?

Exactly. Only one.
Okay, so tell us about that.

Um, it was 2008 I decided
I wanted to do
the mommy makeover.

And what did the plastic
surgeon recommend?

Um, to put implants in
and do a major lift
is what he said.

So, what did you tell him
about size you wanted?

Cause I noticed you have
pretty large breasts implants.

Yeah, I didnt
want them that big.

I wanted a small D, large C.

What size implants
do you have in?
750, I think.

Yeah, I mean,
thats almost the max.

They put in much larger
implants than you expected.

Yes, and I was
completely unhappy.

Started gaining weight
and got really depressed.

How much weight did you gain?
120 pounds.

Howd you lose the weight?
I had gastric sleeve done
and thats another surgery

I had done that went bad.

I went septic.

I almost died.
I thought I was going to
lose her as well.

So you had a leak into
your abdominal cavity

of intestinal contents.

That makes you very sick.

But Im all healed now.

Has this had an impact on
your intimate activities?

Weve reconnected, actually,
a lot on the past few years

and I dont know if youve
heard of the

"sex for 365 days,"

and actually we did that--

365 days sex challenge?
Yes, every day.

Yes, and we did that
and it actually...

It was the most amazing thing.

The most beautiful
thing weve ever done.

Wait, whoa. You guys had sex
for 365 days straight?

Since last year.

I would do 365 days
straight of sex with my wife

if I never had to
have sex again.

Dont tell my wife about that.

What are your goals?

A large C, small D.

Lift-- The lift is really
important to me.

The risk of this is really
related to tissue thickness.


The thinner the tissue,
the more dangerous this is.

Theres a possible third option.

Its very unconventional
and a little weird.

Me and my booty,
were two different people.
I hope people know that.

I was like damn!

Thats a big ass.

I dont think they know that.

Okay, so lets see

how much tissue thickness
there is.

Lets-- whats
called transluming.

Would you mind
turning the light off?


Okay. So, yeah, if you look,

youre very clearly
on top of the muscle

and look at these little
venules, these veins.

Michelles skin
on her breasts

are some of the thinnest
skin that Ive ever seen.

Literally, she only
has a few millimeters

supplying blood to her breasts.

There are two key
variables that determine

the risk of losing the nipple.

One is the distance from
the collarbone to the nipple

versus the distance
from the collarbone

to where we wanna
put the nipple.

Currently, you are

at 30.

On you...

youd like the nipple
to be about right there.

The average distance between
the collarbone and the nipple

is around 21 centimeters,
in most non-droopy breasts.

For you, 22-ish.

So its a seven or eight
centimeter elevation.

Thats very long.

So that elevates the risk.

Anything sort of over 24, 25

means you have to
really raise it up high

and thats a long way for
those blood vessels to go

to keep the nipple alive when
youve cut away the skin.

The other key piece of
information is tissue thickness
in the upper portion.

What we like to see is two
centimeters of thickness.

This one has like
eight millimeters.

Your tissue is extremely thin.

With such a limited
blood supply,

theres a very high
chance that I could lose

all circulation to
the nipple and even worse,

may lose all of the blood supply
to her entire breast itself.

That will result in
the entire breast dying.

The options are, number one,
we take the implants out

and we let them breathe.

And then sometime later,
we put a new pair in

and we do a lift.

Two, we take them out,
close off the pocket,

put them under the muscle
and do a lift, in one stage.

Higher risk,
but only one anesthesia.

And if it works,
youre done in one stage.

But, theres a
possible third option

thats very unconventional,
and a little weird.

If we puncture your implants
and suck the fluid out,

leaving the bag in the
foreign body in there,

its essentially allowing
the tissue to chill

and to thicken up.

Wait a bit of time
and then in one stage,

go in, take the implants out,

close the pocket off,
do whatever we need to do,

put them under the muscle,
lift them up.

It may serve our purposes
in terms of safety

and may allow us to do
the operation in one stage.

So you have choices.

In your mind,
what are you thinking?
Like I--

So Id pop the implants...
...and let it sit.

Ill tell you why.

If it thickens up
by adding scar tissue

and adding blood supply,
and it shrinks down the pocket

by itself, by closing it up,

that saves a lot
of surgical trauma,

that may do a lot
of good things.

And Ive had a lot of good
success with popping them.

Rupturing Michelles
implants and leaving them

in the pocket is a unique
and original way

of treating her
particular problem,

in which Ive done
on several occasions.

So, although its
unconventional and weird,

its so me.

If youre saying
thats something

you feel more
comfortable and you think

its gonna work the best,
I would totally trust you and--

You wanna pop those balloons.
Lets pop em.

Option number three,
kinda weird, kinda scary.

Its not gonna be a quick fix,

but ultimately, it really
sounds like the safest.

Sounds good.
Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Youre welcome.
It it was a pleasure.

Look at her nose,
its amazing.

Really? Are you talking about
noses when were right here?

I just cant help it.

You see?
Theres like pretty nose.

She has a pretty nose.
Yes, but still-- like,
you know...

She has a pretty nose.
Gotta get over that.

Im Erika and my nose
looks like a pigs nose.

My nose looks bulky,
nice and wide.

And you can see my nostrils
and I have a huge scar

on my left side.

I just wanna feel,
you know, pretty.

Youre my beautiful wife I have.

Thank you, I love you.
You know this.

I work at
my familys restaurant.

And the customers,
they actually go up to me

and they tell me,
"Why do you have that scar?"

Or, "It looks ugly."

I wanna have pork in my menu,
in my restaurant,

not on my face.

So we have Erika,
our next patient.

Erika has had
four rhinoplasties.

Very pretty lady, gorgeous eyes.

So somethings going
on with that scar.

I think the best thing to do,
lets just get her in.

Can you please
send in Erika?

Erika, how are you?

Good, how are you?

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Beautiful eyes by the way.
Thank you.

When I was a little girl,
I never noticed my nose.

The first conversation
I had on my nose

was when one of my
cousins actually said,

"Why do you have a pigs nose?"

I remember just turning to
him and be like, "What?"

Where we like to
start off is kind of,

how this all started.

Before my sweet 15,
my dad, he told me,

"What do you want?"

I was like, "I want a nose job."

My dad thought I was crazy.

Hes like, "Uh-uh,
no, estás loca."

I would actually tell him,
"Papi te amo mucho.

Papi, I love you,"

and finally he said yes.

My dad actually researched
a surgeon in Austin, Texas.

So we went to the first
surgeon and he was like,

"Yeah, were gonna do it."

I was only 14.

14 is a little bit
too young for a girl

to have a rhinoplasty.

The minimal age that
I will do it is 15,

as long as the girl has
finished her growth spurt.

Like, two weeks passed
and I saw a dent on this side.

So I waited for summer
and I did the second surgery.

You still have the dent there.

No, this side was perfect,
now I had a dent on this side.

I decided to get
another surgeon,

which my dad
actually found again.

But this time, he found
it in Guadalajara, Mexico.

And after like two
or three weeks,

I kinda noticed that
something was popping out.

Something was wrong there.

Like a little scar
was appearing.

So we actually called the
surgeon and he tried to fix it.

But I remember waking up in
the middle of the surgery.

And him doing this at me.

He was actually sewing me up.

Anesthesia awareness,
where youre awake

and experiencing the surgery,
but youre paralyzed

is one of the most
devastating complications

in all of anesthesia.

And it must be
avoided at all costs.

Did you ever go back
to Guadalajara and say,

"Hey, it didnt work" or...

No, I was actually too scared.

I was like, no.
My dad was, "Uh-uh."

You know if you had
a little magic marker...
Uh-hmm. do things to your nose,
what would you do?

Okay, so I have a crooked nose.

I would actually make it
straighter, a little bit narrow.

You mean you think the
tip is still too full?

So I think the best
thing to do now

would be to go in the exam room.

And then were gonna
give you our thoughts.

So why dont we go do that?

Show us
what you would do.

A little bit more narrow.

One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.

That doesnt sound that great,
and plus watch, try to breathe.

Bend over just a little bit.

I just wanna see
one thing back here.

Whoa, I have never felt
anything like this before.

Can I have
one more Q-tip?

Im gonna hold that for you.

Take both of these.


So, if you can do your nose...

especially with your
nostrils right now.

Take that and show
us what you would do.

Probably a little
bit more narrow.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.


Erika, what you want
isnt gonna work.

If we pinch her nose like this.

Hello, one, two, three, four.

That doesnt sound that great,
and plus watch, try to breathe.

What do you got there?

Okay, I actually wanted to
show you the perfect nose,

which is my moms nose.

Thats my mom.

When you look at
your moms nose,

what do you see?

What do you like about her nose?

Its actually pointier.
Its like...

Its longer,
thats whats making it--


Okay, so thats your goal.

I see what you want.

However, theres not a lot
of elasticity

and stretch with your skin.

When I lengthen a nose
and the skins not great,

we can compromise the
blood supply to the nose.

Theres a risk that the
skin over your nose can die.

Im in good hands so...

So if youre willing
to take the risk,

Im willing to take the risk.

Im ready.

I really wanna take it.

Great pleasure meeting you.
Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.
Pleasure meeting you.

For those of you who
are just tuning in,

you are tuned into Big
Booty Problems podcast.


And we are talking about how

I am the trending
topic this week.

Well this booty is the
trending topic this week.

Me and my booty,
were two different people.
I hope people know that.

I dont think they know that.

I dont think they know that.

The podcast was the
only way that I could think of

where I could get
my voice out there.

And I influence almost
a million people

where I talk about
my big booty problems.

Other people come on
and talk about theirs

and practice what
I feel is self-love.

Although I get picked on
for how I look...

...a lot of people
who really know me

know that Im honest about
having butt injections.

Thats how attain
the curves that I have.

How do you feel
about seeing a doctor

about removing it?

What do you wanna look like?

I would like to see me
back with a natural butt,

just to see how my natural body
would have ended up looking.

So I wanna go back.
The first time I saw
Ms. Miamis big butt,

I was like, "Damn,

thats a big ass."

I feel like shes gonna
miss it when she removes it.

So before we sign off
and wrap this up,

do you feel like,
if you remove your butt,

the fame and the
fans will go away?

I actually think that
a lot of my followers

and supporters, I think
they want to see me go

through the journey
of removing my butt.

So thank you all for tuning in

to Big Booty Problems podcast.

This is Ms. Miami...

And Dre Baby Neve.

And make sure you all
follow all this episodes

on all digital outlets
and follow us on social media.

- Bye, you guys.
- See you next time.

Today is your day.
Its gonna be good.

Last time Ive seen
Dr. Dubrow was four months ago.

You know, he deflated
my breast implants.

It was-- It was weird.
All right,
so here we go, ready?

Were gonna start aspirating.
Okay. Okay.

Okay, thats good.
That was super successful.

I didnt miss the
heaviness on my shoulders.

But I dont wanna live
with limp boobies.

My breasts right now look
like flat flapjacks.

So Im excited to
get my new boobs

so I can start up
the 365 with my husband again

cause we kind of put
that in the back burner
and Im missing it.

This is gonna be
pretty interesting.


Because this is not a thing
that we do very often.

I know.
Okay, so when we first met,

the amount of droopiness
you had was about 30 centimeters

from your clavicle
here to your areola.

Lets see how well it worked.

All right, so on the right,
now you are 25.

Oh, wow.

Oh, the left,
now you are 25 and a half.

So that is amazing.

Five centimeters.
That shrunk a lot a lot.

So it did what it was
supposed to do then.

And not only that,
you initially had

paper thin skin.

And now youre, you know,
three and a half centimeters.

What we did is not a very
straightforward thing,

its kind of a
controversial thing.

But clearly,
it was the right thing.

Youve now gone from an
extraordinarily high-risk

to just a high-risk procedure.

Which makes me feel
a little bit better.

Interesting thing about the
case with Michelle today is

I ruptured her
implants on purpose,

that caused a
contraction process,

which thickened up
the breast tissue.

Did a lot of the lift for me.

The question is, can I still
put a very full implant in

and do an effective
lift around it,

or will it be too tight?

For Michelles surgery today,

Im going to go into
her breast pocket

and first take out
the saline implants

that we intentionally ruptured.

Then Im going to create
a submuscular pocket

and put a new pair
of silicon implants

in that newly formed pocket.

Lastly, well finish
off with a breast lift.

Were in the pocket.

Theres the ruptured implant.

Lets see what it looks like.

Wow this was only
a 650 cc implant.

Filled to 750.
Filled to 750, yeah.

It was way overfilled.

They really pushed the
envelope here, literally.

Okay, all right,
so lets lift up the muscle now.

This is a very tricky operation,
because normally

breast tissue is
sitting directly on top

of the breast muscle.

Now its been disconnected
by placing the implant

on top of the muscle.

So youve gotta
remarry the muscle

to the breast tissue again.

Sometimes thats really hard.

Its sort of like getting
together with your ex-wife.

Whats more painful?

Lifting up breast muscle off
the rib cage

or listening to my
jokes all day long--
That one.

So down from 750 to 580.

Huh, this may work.

Lets go over to the other side
and see what we can do there.

Michelles breasts are still
big, but along with the lift,

theyre in a much
better position

and they look more natural,

which is exactly
what Michelle wanted.

Bring it, bring it,
bring it, bring it.

Okay, these are symmetrical,
theyre full,

and the nipples are alive.

Well Im just gonna say it,
I was awesome today.

My booty can talk.

You wanna hear what
my booty can say?

Yeah, I wanna see
it, I wanna see it.

Thank you for seeing me.

What is in there?

Okay. Oh. Oh, my God.


All right.
Dr. Nassif is ready for you.

Okay. Okay.
For your peace.

Okay. Te amo mucho.

I love you, good luck.
Okay. Yeah.

I cant wait to go back to
the restaurant

and be the face
of the restaurant.

Theyre actually
gonna see me now

as the person I am.

And its gonna be amazing.

Good morning.
Look at that big smile

and those beautiful eyes.
Good morning.


How ya doing?

How are you?
Boy, you sound excited.

This young ladys
gonna mark your rib.

And then were gonna get you
in the operating room.

Thank you so much.

For Erikas surgery, I am
going to lengthen her nose

by using one of her ribs
to make spreader grafts,

a septal extension graft,
rim grafts and dome grafts

to put in her nose
and give it more volume,

as well as stability.

Lastly, I will do some

to try and remove most of
the scar on her left side.

Okay, lets open
the nose carefully.

I dont wanna tear
into anything.

Suction over here.

I gotta see where
my incision is.

I found a whitehead.

We gotta pop it.


Oh, my God.


Jesus, I thought
I was coming here

to do nose surgery,
not to be on an episode

of Dr. Pimple Popper.

Come on, dont let me
pop through the skin.

By lifting up the skin
like that though,

its kind of superficial.

We can get some compromise
of the blood supply.

Erika has a lot of scar tissue,

so its difficult to make
room between her thin skin,

scar tissue
and the grafts we wanna use.

That means, its gonna be
harder for the blood vessels

to bring oxygen to the skin,

which puts her at
a heightened risk

for the tip getting
purple and possibly dying.

So, weve opened up the nose,
which was really difficult,

found the septum,
did a formal septoplasty.

The difficult part of
this nose,

is making the tip look normal.

Well use the grafts weve
built from the harvested rib,

so I can lengthen her nose.
Its gonna help

lower her nostrils,
which is what we wanna do.

But its also gonna
help open her nostrils

so she can breathe better.

Extra added-on
benefit for Erika.

So this is a
hydrafacial machine,

which does all kinds of things,
especially exfoliation.

But theres a dermabrasion
handpiece that Im using now,

really gently because we
dont want to go too deep

because we just did
an open rhinoplasty on her.

The micro dermabrasion portion
of the hydrafacial machine,

what it does is we rub it
against the outer parts

of the skin, and basically
its like sanding.

So youre taking the upper
part of the scar down,

hopefully to make it more level.

I mean, this is a
fantastic result.

Thank you, thank you all.

- Youve been traveling a lot recently.
- Yup.

So whats the number
one risk of flying?

Blood clot in the leg...
A clot in my leg.

...breaks off and kills you.

Thank you, thats like the
worst thing I wanna hear.

This is a brand new device.

It gives you do eight to ten
hours of squeezers.

Well, here,
you wanna put it on me?

My goal
in giving Paul these squeezers

is that we can minimize
the chance that hell
get a blood clot in his legs.

Wow. Darn.
This is high-grade
professional squeezers.

In addition, I wouldnt mind
if youd put one on his leg

and one on his mouth,
so that when it went on,

he would shut the up.

Okay, our next patient has
a very significant problem.

Is that crazy?

Those are balloons.
Those are, like, fake.
No. Look.

No one has a butt that big.
Oh, yeah and its bigger than--

That cant be.
Oh, look at this.

This is real.
You think thats all granulomas?

I have no idea.

Lets bring Courtney
in and figure this out.

Can you please send in Courtney?

Hey, hey.

How are you, Dr. Nassif.

Im doing well,
nice to meet you.

Hi Courtney, Terry
Dubrow, how are you?

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, great.

Great to finally be here.

Whats your name?

Nivea, Dr. Nassif.

- Please have a seat.
- Thank you.

Whats it like to live
with a buttock this big?

I mean, just on
a practical level.

Things like sitting in
a chair, an airplane seat,

going to the bathroom,
having relations

with other people.

Can you use a public restroom?

Can you use a public toilet?

Yeah, she just gotta
spread the cheeks.
No problem?

A lot of my followers,
or people who follow me,

they ask me those same
questions every day.

How do I take a bath?

How do I wipe?
How is love making?

Maybe they think I have helpers
to help me with everything.

Come help me make love.

Come help me bathe.

Do you have trouble walking?
Its been very uncomfortable.

Girl, you wanna see?

Okay, so its pretty
mobile, isnt it?

Yeah, and my booty can talk.

You wanna hear it.
Yeah, I wanna see it,

Thank you for seeing me.

A combination of thoughts
are running through my mind--

shock, intrigue, even fear,

of what really is in there.

How did you get to this place?

What did you have injected
into your buttock?

The lady who injected me told me

that it was hydrogel.

I dont know if that was
popular when it came to-

Yeah, yeah.

Hydrogel is a synthetic polymer

called polyacrylamide,
which is a gel,

that when injected
into the body,

attracts water and gets
incorporated into the tissue.

The problem is, that
incorporation can have

a very significant
immunological reaction

and can lead to potential
serious disasters.

Do you have pain?

No, I dont have any pain yet.

But my butt, if
you press into it,

you feel--

you feel stuff.

So are there hard areas?

There are hard areas.

I saw those granulomas.

Yeah, okay.
And I have discoloration.

And discoloration.

The post-inflammatory

thats what we call,
P.I.H. is what we call it.

What are your goals?

I want to try to remove them
and have a smaller butt.

Why dont we go in the
exam room and take a look

and see if we can
figure out what--

Doc, you might need a
drink before we go in.

I might need a drink.

All right.

People are intrigued
by this butt.

They need to know
whats going on.

I need to know whats
going on with this butt.

You basically
amputate the entire--

Amputate the whole booty?

The whole booty.

Look at that.

That is completely dramatic.

Now let me see one thing.
I just want to feel--

why dont you go ahead
and feel this one, Paul?

- Its really tender.
- Oh.

I mean, this is rock hard.

Rock hard and at the surface.

Very close, very superficial.
Does that hurt

when Im pushing in like that?

Thats all granulomas.

butt is lumpy, bumpy,

granulomatous, firm, tender.

Courtney is very
lucky and blessed

that she hasnt had
any complications.

Bend over just a little bit.

I just wanna see
one thing back here.

Theyre all the way down here.

Its hard to find a separation
between the lumpy masses

and any kind of normal
appearing tissue.

Whoa, I have never felt
anything like this before.

Okay, so theres
two layers to the skin.

Theres the epidermis
and the dermis,

and they have blood vessels
that go just underneath that

that supply them
with blood and oxygen

that keeps it alive.

Because the masses are
so superficially located,

that you absolutely
cant remove all of them

unless you basically amputate

the entire--
Amputate the whole booty?

The whole booty.

Im not doing that.
No, Im not doing that.

Im not amputating butts.

The good news is that person
didnt seem to inject

much of it into the muscle,

and thats how people die.

You get it into
the blood vessel,

or the buttock muscle,
it goes right into

the main blood vessel that
goes back to your heart
and your lungs.

Thats how theyre
killing people.

So its very good that you
dont have that problem.

Its very good that you
dont have necessarily

a functional problem with this.

Believe me, I feel really
terrible about this.

Im actually gonna
lose sleep over this.

I can tell you
one thing, Courtney.

A patient came into
us a few years ago

who had had these big
injections in her face.

Its a war zone
inside of your face.


We turned her down, but then
we became obsessed with it.

And then after about
seven, eight, nine months

of thinking about it,

at 4:00 in the morning, bang,

an idea popped into my mind.


And we crafted
a plan, high-risk,

we took her to
the operating room,

and she looks pretty great.

Thank you.

Thanks so much.

Wow, thats great.

So what I would tell you
is, dont give up hope.

Normally we have
to turn patients away

because theyve
gone to an extreme

and now they wanna go further.

In Courtneys case,
shes learned her lesson,

and all she wants is
her normal body back.

Hopefully, we can find
a way in the future

to figure out an option
that will help her

that wont be too dangerous.

Thank you.
Youre in my brain now...

Find a solution.
Yes, were gonna fight it.
...for number one.

Figure something out. Okay?

I do have faith
that Dr. Dubrow

will find a solution for
me, but dont take too long

cause I want a regular
butt, like a natural booty,

like an everyday booty,
like one of them

nice little booties.
You know I want one of those.

Great meeting you.
Thank you.

Really great meeting you.

I am so happy.

Im happy too.
I am so happy.

How are you, beautiful eyes?

Great, how are you?
Im doing all right.

Ive been wanting this nose
since I was eight years old.

So its actually really
exciting after 21 years

to finally see the results.

Sorry, sorry.

Youre good, youre good.
Im looking at your skin color.


now, let me...

I just wanna get
few little q-tips.


Did you clean it this morning?

Yes, a lot.

So the tip is a little
red, which is fine.

Its not purple.

Im sorry to do this to you.

Its okay.

But the color of
the tip is good.

Erikas skin shows no signs
of compromised blood flow,

because thats
what I wanna see--

nice, pink, healthy
looking skin.

And with this, shell be
well on her road to recovery.

I was so happy when I was
done, I was excited for you.

Its gonna be more
like your moms.

Not quite like your moms,
but more like your moms.

Any other questions?

Not really.
What do you think?

Looks good.

I mean, you can already tell
a little bit without that on
a little bit.

Yes, but it looks good.

Its good.
I feel good.

You taking care of her?

You being a good hubby?

Yeah, he made soup
last night.

Well you look--
youre laughing,

youre doing all of that,

No more piggy-ish nose.

Now well be able to
actually look at her,

and were not gonna
stare at her nose anymore
when we see her.

Were gonna stare
at those beautiful eyes.

Im very happy for you.
Thank you.

Okay? Im very happy.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Ill see you guys later.

Yes, perfect.
Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Bye, thank you.

Hello, how are you?

Hi, Dr. Dubrow.
Hey, how are ya?

So big operation,
how do you feel?

I feel better today.

Last night I wanted to just--

Kill me.

That sounds like
how most of his--

most of this
family and friends

feel most of the time.

It made a joke.
A joke.

The stars have lined up.
They have.

Thank you.

All right, lets look
and see how we did.

Look at that.

Oh, theyre so pretty.

Look at that.

That is completely dramatic.

This method is
considered experimental,

even possibly controversial.

You have to have the
perfect patient for it.

Terry did an incredible
job, and Im blown away

by the results.

Isnt that cool?

Thats great.
Theyre beautiful.

Dr. Dubrow should put
this in a medical magazine

because he did awesome.

If I have to be a
poster woman for that,

Ill be on that poster
with these beautiful boobs,

and then everybodys
gonna want them.

- Do you know what he said?
- What?

He said, "Were
back to our 365, baby."

Remember that?
Thats right.

Youre not doing the 365
for at least six weeks.

I know, I gotta put it off.

But you know hey,
once those six weeks up,

here we go.

Love it.

I gotta give it
to Michelles body

that she healed this
complicated surgery so well.

And basically, she
gets two gold stars.

And maybe,
nine gold stars for me.

Congratulations, so far so good.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Very much.


365, coming your way.

Yeah right, it is.

Bye, you guys.
Thank you so much.

It feels so good
to have this weight lifted.

I dont have anything
holding me back anymore.

How about we get this
vacation started?

Ready to pet the animal,


Ive been having
problems with my nose

since I was eight years old.

I had four surgeries and
I still had a pigs nose.

So after all these years,
I finally have the nose I

You know, I feel like
Im empowered, and I
feel just gorgeous.

From today on, its
gonna be a new Erika.

I remember when we
were in high school

that that really
put a toll on her

just with what people
would say and how she felt.

It was definitely hard for her.

Ive known Erika
for almost 15 years now,

and Ive been there for
her through all the changes,

and Im really
really excited to see

what she looks like and how
she feels, more importantly.

Just wait
until you see her.

Hi guys!

Oh my God, Erika.

Give Mommy a kiss.

You look great.
Come here, Papi.

Say hi.

Hi, Papi.
Looks really good.

You look great.
Thank you. Hi.

Oh my God, Erika,
you look great.

Thank you, I feel great.

Erika looks amazing.

I can definitely see
a different side of her.

Shes glowing,
shes really happy.

She looks great.

Oh my gosh, Erika, thats
the nose you shouldve had

when we were in high school.

I know. How do you like it?

I love it and I mean, just
your face, youre just glowing.

I feel amazing
and Im so happy.

Before my surgery,
I had a pigs nose.

My nose was bulky, you could
see through my nostrils,

and I had a huge scar.

I would put up with
customers making me feel bad

about my nose.

But now, thanks to
Dr. Nassif, my nose is longer,

its more narrow and
you cant see into it.

Now I feel confident
in my restaurant,

telling my customers that
the porks on the menu,

not on my face.

Did you borrow my nose?

No, you can keep it.

I dont want it back, okay?
You can keep it.

Whens the last time you
saw mom in a bathing suit?

Its been awhile.

Yeah, I know, I dont
think Ive seen her in one

for a couple years,
cause her boobs,

she just felt so self-conscious.

I have wanted to
feel this way my entire life.

Every single surgery that
Ive ever been through

seems like nothing has ever
turned out right for me.

I couldnt have this outfit
on that I have on today.

Coming from saggy
boobs to a gorgeous set

of beautiful boobs.

It feels so good to
have this weight lifted.

I dont have anything
holding me back anymore.

How bout we get this
vacation started?

Mom, oh my gosh.
Oh, my God.

- You look so good.
- You look great.

You look amazing.

Youre radiant,
you look so good.

Are you sure youre
not wearing a bra?

Im not faking it, no bra.

They look so good.
They look so good.

I feel like the
worlds been lifted

off of my shoulders
because before,

they were just so hanging,
just hanging down on me

and its just so uncomfortable.

You know, Id always
have to wear a bra,

and I couldnt wear
a swimsuit like this.

I feel like Im rocking it.

I feel like I look pretty good.
Oh, you do.
Yeah, you look very good.

For her to be able to be out
and about in a bathing suit

in front of people
and not have to worry

and be self conscious,

weve never really
seen that side of her.

She seems a lot happier,
so Im happy for her.

You look great, babe.
They look natural.

So natural.

And Im not falling out?

Im not falling out?

Its not down to
my belly button?

You have a belly button.
You look great.

So 365
2.0, right?


Were leaving.

Lets go this way.

Before my surgery my
breasts look like cow udders.

They were large and
heavy and they hung down
to my belly button.

I couldnt even take off
my bra while being intimate
with my husband.

Now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow,
my boobs are lifted

and off of my stomach,
and they look amazing.

I can now wear
any bra I want.

Even better, I can take
off a bra whenever I want.

My butt is making me flip out.


Delivering a baby.

Oh my God, that is
worse than I thought.

I thought Id be
a trophy wife by now.

So obviously, boobs
are not where its at.

Its clearly in the booty.

I had no idea that the
key to finding a husband

was to get a bigger butt.

Things that make you go hmm.

My neck started
becoming distorted.

To me,
it looks like dog doo-doo.

This isnt easy.