Botched (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Not OK from the UK - full transcript

I would like Kim
Kardashians figure.

When I look at your stomach,

it does look like
youve had a kids.

You have some laxity.

What is it?

That is the question.
What is it?

There never is anything
in my ass, normally.

Ill just put that
out there, like.

So they put killed, dead fat

in the buttock, and they
expected it to live somehow.

Thats disgusting.

We have two patients
who came all the way

across the pond to see us.

Im plastic fantastic,
and Im obsessed

with plastic surgery.

I want the smallest
nose possible.

Just like Jimin from BTS.

Im going to Korea this year,

so Im gonna change my face.

B-line jaw surgery.

If I cant be with Jimin,
at least I can look like him.

My name is Gisela,
and Im not gonna lie.

I just wanna get rid
of this Pinocchio nose.

The tip of my nose was hurting.

Just touching it like this?


Usually Im about 98% correct,

this time Im 100% incorrect.

Whats your area that youd
like to concentrate on?

Id like to concentrate
on my bum cheek,

my backside and my stomach area.

Im Jorden, Im 24 and
Im from London, England.

I had my BBL done in
Turkey, and I was not left

with the asset I had paid for,
and I guess you could say

I was left with a
catastrophe, get it?


My bum is just
really misshapen.

Picture, like, an L that was.

I had a course of lipo,
and my stomach is misshapen.

There is this bulge
at the bottom.

Honestly, its like I
had a child, you know?

I havent.

As a child, I was a
human Pac-Man.

I just ate and ate
and ate and ate.

Ate everything
in my way.

When I was 18, I got
obsessed with the gym.

I would be in the
gym every single day.

I lost about 80 pounds.

And it was like, whoo, Im now
getting attention from boys.

Just got all, like,
excited with my life.

I wanted the curves
and I just--

I couldnt get that
from just the gym.

Let me just go to Turkey
and get my bum done.

I had my BBL done in Turkey.

This company organized
everything for me.

The surgeon said,
"What do you want?"

And I was like, "I would like
Kim Kardashians figure."

Like her, he was like,
"Okay, no problem."

They took fat from
my stomach, my back,
and my face

and injected it
into my butt cheeks.

But my bum was definitely
not what I paid for.

I started to get cellulite
looking bum cheeks,

so I was hounding the company,
and we came to a deal

that if I paid three and a
half grand for another BBL,

everything would be fixed.

But it was horrific.

I looked in the
mirror and my stomach,

which was completely
flat before, had this bulge.

It was a bit like,
"Oh, whats that?
Now thats new."

It looked like I had children.

My bum cheek
was so misshaped.

Just the whole cheek
had dropped away

from what it should have been,
and it was just on one side.

My body was ruined.

Like, this is literally what
Im dealing with right now.

Like its loose,
like Ive had a baby.

It does look like
youve had a baby,

like a few kids.

I laugh about it
and I joke about it,

but main reason why I do
have this type of motivation

is because Ive missed
so much of my youth

by being so conscious
about what Im wearing

and you know, Im at the
age where I shouldnt

have to be worrying
about things like that.

I just need
my flat tummy back,

and I need my bum to look
normal and not so strange.

Oh, my God, Jimin,
were in Hollywood.

Look at the view. Oh, my
God, its so cool, right?


This is the best day ever.

My name is Ollie and I want

the smallest Korean
nose possible.

Just like Jimin from BTS,

the most amazing K-pop
band Ive ever seen.

Ive traveled all
around the world

to have four different
nose surgeries,

and its still not perfect.

Right now my nose is crooked,
the nostrils are uneven,

the tip is swollen.

My nose looks like someone
K-popped me in the face.

So after college,
I went to South Korea

to teach English.

Thanks to my time in Korea,
Im now plastic fantastic

and obsessed
with plastic surgery.

When I was in Korea, I used
to watch K-pop TV shows

every single day.

I just couldnt believe
how good the dancing was,

how good the singing was.

Everything was so manufactured,
and it was just perfection.

BTS debuted when I was there.

I became obsessed.

I think all of BTS
are just so perfect,

but for me, Jimin is
just my ultimate idol.

Ive got multiple
cardboard cutouts of Jimin.

I take Jimin
to the restaurant,

I sleep with Jimin
in the bed.

So I just thought, if
I cant be with Jimin,

at least I can look like him.

In my quest to be
just like Jimin,

Ive spent about $250,000.

Ive probably had
over 100 procedures,

and Ive traveled all over
the world to get surgery.

Ive had so many nose jobs,

I had my jaw shaved,
my eye surgery.

My eyes before had literally
no definition, they were small.

Ive had fat graft
in my cheeks,

Ive had gynecomastia on my
chest, removal of the fat.

I literally get my lips
done every two weeks,

and even my doctor sometimes
says no, Im too much.

Most of my friends and family

really dont understand
what Im about.

They just think Im just crazy.

My fourth rhinoplasty
was my last surgery.

Instead of getting a cute
little button nose like Jimin,

I ended up with a
crooked bulbous nose tip.

I still need my
nostrils made smaller,

need my tip made cuter, I
need the bridge made smaller.

I need everything thinner,
just to be like Jimin.

Im really hoping
Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow

will do something about it.

If the doctors said yes to me,

I would just be so happy,
it would change my life.

If I ever met Jimin, theres
one thing I wanna say to him.


I love you.

Are you wearing tennis shoes?
I am.

Let me see that.
Theyre not

the most attractive,
but look at em.

Why are you wearing
tennis shoes?
Let me tell you why.

Because I went to your buddy,
Scott Foreman, this weekend.

Orthopedic foot surgeon.

And he injected some PRP.


Right into a little bursitis.

Are you
taking your shoe off?

Yeah, I kinda am.

B.S. My feet dont smell.

Your feet dont smell?
No, they dont.

Your feet dont smell?
No, they dont.

Smell your feet,
smell your feet.

Im a little tight.
Your feet stink.

Since when has Paul been
sticking his foot in his ass?

Cause it smells like.

Our next patient
is named Jorden.

Shes from the UK.

As you can see, shes
an attractive woman

who has some
deformity and laxity...

Tummy tuck kinda thing.
...of her abdominal skin,

and look,

shes got what looks to be

buttock implants
that are malpositioned,

particularly over here.
Only on this one.

Lets figure out what
Jordens situation is

and see how we can help her.

Could you ask her to come in?

Can you please send in Jorden?

Hi, how are you?

Nice to meet you, Jorden.
Nice to meet you.

Dr. Nassif.
Hi, how are you?

Hi, Jorden. Terry Dubrow.
nice to meet you.

Lovely to meet you.
Hi, Im Jasmine.

Im really nervous for
Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow

to see the results Ive
been left with from Turkey.

So listen, you
obviously have had

some cosmetic surgery on two
specific areas that we see

in your photos, right,
your abdomen

and the buttock area, right?

So I had a BBL and vaser lipo.

Vaser lipo of the abdomen?
Yeah, and everywhere.

So you had a BBL, you didnt
have buttock implants?


Interesting, okay.

I dont know actually.

Well, youd know.

Youd know if you had
an implant in your butt.

I dont know.

I have no idea
whats in my butt.

It could be excess
fluids, excess fat,

Turkish coffee,
Ive got--
have not got a clue.

So-- okay,
so vaser liposuction.

And that fat was injected
into the buttock area.


The problem with
ultrasonic liposuction

is that it destroys the fat
and everything else in its path.

If you transfer
that destroyed fat,

the chances any of it
will live in the buttock,

once transferred, is very low.

So I was really not happy.

And then went to go
get it done again.

Where did you have this done.

In England?

Back in Turkey?
Same doctor?

Yeah, yeah.

It was horrendous
the second time.

An absolute nightmare.

I woke up from the
surgery in so much pain.

I was screaming in pain,

No one cared.

And this was immediately
after surgery?

Immediately after surgery.

So, after surgery, you were
pretty much left alone.

You couldve actually died.

Medical tourism is a
major trend in the world,

no matter where you come from.

However, just like
anything else,

if youre chasing extremes,
it can get extremely bad.

The main concern is, is if
youre going for plastic surgery

on a budget, you may
get what you pay for,

and what you pay
for in this case,

may be a box six feet under.

Maybe instead of
going to Turkey,

you shouldve gone to chicken.

Do you know what I mean?
Oh, my God.

That was-- get it?

Turkey, chicken?

- I hear what youre saying.
- But no.

I just dont find it funny.
I just--

You guys dont find
me funny at all?

Not even a little bit?

Im just confused.


Jorden is right on.

I think I love this person.

But let me ask you, Jorden,
if you could just go back

to your pre-plastic surgery

would that be a
viable option for you?

At this point, I just
want a normal looking bum.

There you go.

So why dont we go in
the examination room

and try to figure
out whats going on

and what the
solutions are, okay?


Of course I still have BBL envy,

but theres a reason
for everything.

Clearly it just
didnt work for me.

I just want my
24-year-old body back.

The problem
with a buttock lift

is a scar that goes
right across the back.

Oh, God.

So the doctor says, "I dont
know what you do have."

No one likes to hear
the phrase "I dont know"

from a doctor because it
means that you may have

a rare, untreatable condition.

I have no idea what you have.

Okay, so youve had
vaser on this twice.


So you do have
significant laxity.

There are two solutions
to this problem.

One is a tummy tuck, where
you make a very long incision

from hip to hip,
you elevate up the skin,

and then you pull it down
and tighten the skin.

The other procedure is
a full regular tummy tuck,

where you tighten
the abdominal muscles.

If you do just a skin only,
the recovery is very easy.

Its unusual in a young girl
to do muscle tightening,

and the risk is
elevated because of the

increased tightening of
the entire abdominal wall

which can squeeze off
the veins of the pelvis

leading back to the heart.

And lets talk about
the other situation,

which is quite challenging,
and thats the buttock area.

Come on over here.

What I notice on
your buttock exam

is that you know, overall,
you have a good shape

to your buttock, okay.

But the main issue is that you
have some laxity right here.

What is it?

Well, thats the, by the way,
that is the question.
What is it?

Dr. Dubrow, I need to
know what is it my bum.

There never is anything
in my ass, normally.

Im just putting that
out there, like... mm-mm.

So let me ask you, do you
want muscle tightening

with your tummy tuck?

Yes, yes.
You do?

Even with the greater risk
and the longer recovery.

Aye, yai, yai, yai.

The solution for laxity,
loose skin of the buttock,

is a potential buttock lift.

Sounds reasonable, right?

The problem with the
buttock lift is a scar

that goes right across the back,

just like the scar thats
going across the abdomen.

And heres the other thing.
You ready for this?

Oh, God, what now?

I know.

The only way to do there
properly is to two-stage them.

You do one first,
and then you do the other.

The reason Jordens surgery
has to be two-staged

is that buttock surgery
requires you to lay flat,

and abdominal surgery
requires you to lay

in a flexed position.

So if you do them
both at the same time,

ones gonna be sacrificed
over the other.

Go for it.

Whoa, whoa.
I dont care.

I just, I cant have this.

When I think about getting
that full tummy tuck,

that makes me think,
oh, my God, Im so excited.

Its gonna give me the tummy
that Ive always wanted.

Hopefully by the
time this is over,

youll not only
have a good result,

youll really appreciate
the level of my humor

and understand how ridiculously
funny I actually am.


No, Im not feeling it.

No? All right, never mind.

Look at the cakes, look at
the sprinkles on those cakes.

Yeah, that one looks
like the Cinderella.

Looks delicious.
I know.

My name is Gisela
and Im not gonna lie.

I just wanna get rid
of this Pinocchio nose.

My nose right now looks long
and bulbous and scary looking.

I mean, I dont know
how else to describe it.


By the time that I was 13,
I noticed my nose

was bigger than
the average nose.

So when I graduated
from high school,

I convinced my parents to let
me have my first nose job.

I noticed right away that
what I wanted corrected

was not corrected.

So two years later, I started
telling my now husband, Jesus,

"I really dislike
this part of my body,

and I really want
to get it fixed."

The surgery went very well.

I was happy with my results,

up until about two years ago.

I started noticing
some changes in my nose.

It just kept
growing and growing.

And thats when I
started getting worried.

Ah, watch out.

You got mommy good.

Ive gone to several doctors
and I havent been able

to get the answer that I want.

Theres no better option for me
than Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow

because theyre
the best out there.

What about you girls?

What do you think about mommy
finally getting her nose fixed?

I hope it wont hurt.
I hope so, too.

I want to have a normal,
cute nose like yours.

Like mine, too?
Like Andreas.

And like yours, too.

In seeing Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow,

my biggest hope is that
theyre gonna be able to say

this is what is wrong with you,

and this is a solution
and we got this.

I had a Caesar salad
last night.
I love Caesar salad.


At my house.
Our chef.

The only thing is, I dont
like Caesar salad with anchovy.

What was nature or
whatever deity thinking

when they made anchovies?

Clams, mussels, anchovies.

I love clams.

I like mussels, too.

Those three type of foods
are what I would call

slimy, salty, and nasty.

A lot like Paul, really,
if you think about it.

So we have Gisela, and
shes got a big nasal tip.

So lets take a peak at her.

Whoa, yeah.

Okay, so
she got a big nose.

No ones been able to fix
that? Poor girl, shes so cute.

Can you please send in Gisela?

Nice to meet you, Gisela.

Dr. Nassif.
Nice to meet you, Gisela.

Hi, Im Terry Dubrow,
how are you?

Nice to meet you.

My biggest fear
is them telling me

there is no cure
or fix for my nose.

Why dont you tell
us why youre here.

I noticed you know,
that my nose was bigger

than the average persons nose,

so I wanted to
get my nose fixed.

But after my first nose job,
I still had the huge hump.

And so I got my second nose job
done, and I was happy.

Fast forward eight years,
I start noticing

that my nose started changing.

The tip of my nose kept
looking rounder and rounder,

and thats when I thought
somethings not okay,

especially once I felt the
tip of my nose was hurting.

Just touching it like this?

It hurts and it
makes my eyes water.

So I dont really
like the sound of that.

When I hear the history of
a patient developing pain

years after surgery, Im
thinking is it an infection,

some inflammatory process,
or is it a tumor

underneath the skin?

I was given a referral
and sent to a doctor,

and he says, "I dont
know what you do have.

You might be a reportable
case, young lady."

No one likes to hear,
"I dont know,"

or "You may have a reportable
case" from a doctor,

because it really
potentially means

you may have an undiagnosable
or even untreatable condition.

You know, he gave
me a list of things

that could possibly,
you know, be.

Did he say a vascular tumor?

Did he scare you with something

horrible like that?
Yes, at that time

is when I came up here and
tried to get, you know.

So this wasnt too long, then.

Three weeks ago.

That must be kinda frightening.


I feel like I wanna be okay.

I have three daughters.

The youngest is
seven months old,

and I wanna be healthy
for them.

So obviously,
thats scary to anybody.

You know, your nose just starts
growing all of the sudden.

You know, its not the most
routine thing that we hear.

So whats gonna
be very important

is our physical examination,
so lets go do that.

The thought of having a
tumor on the tip of my nose...

I dont wanna have
to think that.

Now that Im starting
to look like Jimin,

why not be a K-pop star?

And up, snap, snap, snap...

Already Im smashing it.

Look, what is that?

Ew, look at, ew.

Okay, Im gonna feel.
Im sorry, but I really need...


I know it hurts.
Thats fine.

But I need to manipulate
it a good amount, okay?

Okay. Can you turn your head
that way?

Can I have that speculum
and a q-tip, please?

Put your head back.

Just falling forward.

Looks like they did not
fix your deviated septum.

Im gonna be honest with you.

I have no idea what you have.
What does she have?

Let me start with
what I know for sure,

because the big puzzle
part is your tip.

So I can tell you for
sure its not a tumor.

So rest assured.

Take a nice deep breath.

Just by all my
experience of looking at
thousands of noses,

I can tell by looking
at Giselas nose

with 100% confidence

that this is not
a malignant tumor.

there is something there.

I just dont know what it is.

But Im not gonna know
for sure

until we open up your nose.

If its scar tissue,
I remove it.

But the bad thing about that,

scar tissue grows back.

Would I take the
risk with your nose?

I would.
I wanna do that for you.

Lets try it, lets do
it and hope for the best.

I really like Gisela,
and Ill do whatever I can

to figure out whats
going on with her nose,

because right now, Im stumped.

Thank you.
Its a pleasure.

And I look forward
to seeing you.
Thank you.

Pleasure to meet you.

Thank you, likewise.

Now that Im starting to
look like Jimin from BTS,

I just thought why
not be a K-pop star?

Okay, K-pop choreography.

So the really important
thing is to look sexy, cute.

So Ive released
my own K-pop song,

Im starting to sing,
Im starting to dance.

Already Im smashing it.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.



One, two, three, four,
snap, snap, snap, eight.

Oh, my God.

Okay, music.




Yay. I think we got it!
Good job.

For Ollie, Jimin is like
an alter ego I think.

Hes put his body
through so much

to become like this superstar

that hes actually becoming
a superstar himself.

I think youre gonna be like
the UKs answer to Jimin.

Well, like, Im
already like Jimin.

Everyone thinks Im Jimin.

And Ive heard it down the
street when Im with you

its been crazy.
I need to fix my nose

cause right now, my
nose is so hideous.

Ollies the most good-hearted
person in the world

until it comes to his surgery,

and then hes as
stubborn as a mule.

That looks better.

So do you think I
could audition for BTS

if I can master these moves?

Who knows?

Its only a matter of
time before I become

the biggest star in Korea,
and its only a matter of time

until Jimin asks
me to do a duet.

That was so much fun.

- Oh, hello.
- Hi.

How are you?
Good, you?

Good to see you, Jorden.
Lovely to see you.

How are things?
Theyre not bad.

Bet youll find me
funny today, wont you?



Come on, lets look at it.

Im hoping two things.

One, of course,
Im hoping Im successful

giving you a buttock
lift that relieves you

of this droopiness down here
and looks good.

And two, this buttock
lift should give you

a laxity improvement.

This is the first surgery.

Im gonna have my
bum lifted first,

and then Ive gotta
heal and wait weeks

to then have my
stomach tightened.

Im really impatient.
I hate dealing.

Im a little concerned
afterwards youre gonna want

more shaping, more projection.

You were in Turkey.
Maybe shell go

to chicken next or something.

Oh, no it was silly.

It wasnt funny, it
was silly, like oh,

I just felt bad.
You laughed.

I felt bad cause no one
else was gonna laugh.

The challenge with
Jordens surgery today

is that shes got
significant laxity,

shape issues, and
projection issues,

but Im really only able
to attack those issues

through a single
horizontal incision,

and thats challenging.

Today, for Jordens
surgery, I will start

by making a single incision
in the horizontal plane

at the top of Jordens

I will then assess the
buttocks for any scar tissue

or dead fat, and remove it.

Finally, I will lift the
upper portion of her buttock,

which is going to give Jorden
the shape that she wants.

All right, lets start by
making an incision here.

Look, what is that?


She had vaser
liposuction, so they put

killed dead fat and
put it in the buttock

and expected it
to live somehow.

I mean, thats how
they got such a ridiculous
laxity of the skin.

They destroyed
everything in the area.

Im finding these
fluid filled capsules

and dead fat throughout
Jordens buttock area,

which clearly indicates
that everywhere

that ultrasonic fat was
transferred, it caused either

fat necrosis or a
fluid filled cyst.

All right, Heidi, lets
bring this together.

Thats pretty good,
that feels good.

Thats beautiful.

Now, lets do the right side
and fix this problem here.

Its interesting, there are
no oil cysts on this side.


Lets staple this.

Yeah, thats good.

Okay, Im really
happy with this.

Weve got good elevation
of the buttock,

complete removal
of that lax area

in the right lower gluteal area,

and a really good shape.

Phase one done.

Lets close her up and get
her into recovery, all right?

You want a nose that
looks like Jimin?

Do you sing, too?


Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Just as I thought it was safe
to go back inside the nose...


Miss Gisela.

Hi, good morning.

Good morning.
How are you?

How are you?

Im good, Im ready to
find out whats going on.

Well, we both are.

Our goal is to put
your tip back and up.

But, we just have to see.
Im just ready.

Thank you so much, likewise.

Well take good care of you?
Thank you, bye-bye.

Well see you in
the operating room.
Yes, thank you.

For Giselas surgery
today, I will open the nose

and fix her deviated septum
by performing a septoplasty

and turbinoplasty.

Then Ill take down
her residual hump

and close the open
roof deformity.

Lastly, I will remove
what I think is scar tissue
from her tip.

Im not quite sure
what Ill find

in Giselas nose,
but once were in there,

we can develop the best
plan for her procedure.

Did she have a cyst
in her nose?

Maybe. It just all came out
just with the injection.

Oh, my God.
Look at her tip.

Just decompressed completely.

Im puzzled. Ive never seen
anything like this.

Okay, puzzling,
puzzling, puzzling,

but interesting.

Usually when I make
a plan for the nose,

Im about 98% correct.

This time Im 100% incorrect.

This is uncharted territory.

Okay, so Im gonna go really
careful obviously on this.

Okay, lets see
her old incisions.

Stop, what is that?

Its a stitch.

Oh, here, get that.
Its gonna squirt.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Oh, theres more stitches.

So theres some, maybe
theres a reaction

but Ive never seen that.

Okay, lets start
doing the septum.

Oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.


Stop, camera, culture.

Thats pus.

Thats more of an abscess.
Culture now.

Just give me a little
gentle suction here,
just a smidge.

What we can do is put a-


Do a literature search
for a fluid filled sac,

- at the nasal tip.
- At the tip.

Just as I thought it was safe
to go back inside the nose...

All right heres
a paper, its 2012--

nasal tip abscess due to adverse
skin reaction to prolene.

Unusual and long-term

It was
a prolene stitch.

Well, first time for everything.

So there was only
five reported cases

in the literature ever
of prolene suture allergy.

So heres another
big prolene stitch.

Thats exactly what it is.

An allergy to prolene stitches.

Remember the doctor said
this was a reportable case?

This is now a reportable case.

Now that weve made sure
that nothing else is hiding

in Giselas nose,
we need to irrigate it

with an anti-microbial

and I think its safe to say
that we can finally move on

to Giselas reconstruction.

So this is her natural--
thats that over projected tip.

Okay, so the point is,
we need rim grafts.

I have rims.
Do you have an infratip graft?

I have a-- basically
a long piece morselized,

I can tape them to two.

The skin is gonna have to go.

I like the tip projection.

I think right now it
looks pretty good.

Yeah, it looks really good.

All right, so Im
gonna scrub out.

Since were very academic and
we do a lot of writing here,

this would be a great
example to tell everyone.

Prolene sutures,
especially big ones,

can cause this
reaction in the nose.

So we use absorbable sutures.

Very interesting
and bizarre case.

So, who
do you have next?

So we have Oliver.

He flew across
the pond to see us.

So we have two patients

who came all the
way across the pond?


Look at his lips,
look at his nose.

Look at his brows.

I dont know what
hes exactly here for.

I just know something
about K-pop.

K-pop, okay.

Can you please send in Oliver?

Hi, doctors.

Im Jason.

Okay, so heres Oliver.

Hi, Jason. Terry Dubrow.
How are you?

How are you? Nice to meet you.
This is my friend Jimin.

Hi, how are you doing?
Is this the K-pop guy?

This is my K-pop idol.
Hes my love.
I love him so much.

- You do?
- How beautiful is he?

Well, you just gave him
a kiss on the lips there.

No, hes perfect,
Im in love with him.

Hes got the perfect face.

I would love a cardboard
cutout of Terry,

because you know what,
the conversations would be

so much more interesting.

Less narcissistic attitude,
less joking around,

and less making fun of me.

So did you originally start
having plastic surgery

to look like that band member?

Yeah, basically in
the last five years

Ive just changed
everything about myself.

I had my blepharoplasty
and my first rhinoplasty
in Korea.

The silicon
implant went to the side,

so I had to get it
done again in China

and then again in Poland

and then again last
year in Armenia.

Do you wanna sound like him?
Do you sing too?

Yeah, I released
a song this year.

Basically, I made
the song for Jimin.
Its called "Perfection."

Can we hear just a few
little notes of the song?

Yeah, so its.

Thank God for Auto-Tune.
Thats all I say.

Whats Auto-Tune.

to make you sound good.

Thats our part
at the studio.

I dont know
what Auto-Tune is.

No, because you gotta
understand something.

You dont know
what Auto-Tune is?

No, go ahead, make fun of me.
Maybe you should try it.

I can sing pretty high,

or I can sing pretty low.

Thats the bottom line
is you wanna get a nose

that looks like Jimin?

Yeah, I mean, I wanna
do a lot of things.

Im going to Korea this year,
so Im gonna change my face,

b-line jaw surgery.

Just like Jorden, Oliver
went out of the country
to have plastic surgery.

If you look hard enough,
you could always find

a plastic surgeon
somewhere to do

extreme plastic surgery on you.

The problem with that is,
the more extreme

the plastic surgery,
the more extreme the dangers.

What we wanna do is go
take a look at your nose,

and then tell you our thoughts

and see if we can help
you and see where we are

at trying to achieve
Jamal, Jamile.

- Jimin.
- Jimin.

Come one, youve gotta
get it right. Its Jimin.

This skin could die.

My skin could die?

And then your whole
K-pop future is done.

Oh, my God.

So her entire abdominal
wall has been replaced

by scar tissue, not good.

- Hey guys.
- Hey, again.

How are you?

I would love to see you
with shoes like that.

Theyre very
Elton John, arent they?

Theyre very Elton John.

All right, before we even
talk about everything,

lets examine, all right?

Nasal bones, right hump
still more than the left.

Bones are narrowed properly.

Good support.

All the cartilage has
been removed from here.

Theres nothing.

All you have is two little
pieces of cartilage right here.

So even if I wanted to,
you cant make this smaller

because theres no
cartilage there, its gone.

Your nose already is
as close as possible.

Youre done.

Oh, my God.

In order to shape
or rebuild a nose,

there needs to be
a certain amount

of cartilage to work with.

In Olivers case,
he barely has any cartilage,

which is gonna make it
difficult to give him

the look that he wants,
but it would also make it

an incredibly
high risk surgery.

My skin could die?
Thats terrifying.

And this whole
little round thing,

this center unit,
will just turn black.

Yeah, black.

But wouldnt it fall off?


And then your whole
K-pop future is done.

Id be ruined.

Theres a few things
that a K-pop star needs.

Obviously need to be
able to sing, dance,

look good, and have a nose.

But if it fell off,
I couldnt be a K-pop star.

My life would be ruined.
I wouldnt even leave the house.

So you just gotta
leave it alone.

Are you gonna do that?

Im terrified about what
youve said actually,

like about my nose falling
off or going black.

Like, that would be
my worst nightmare,

not even having a nose.

Like Id rather have a big
nose than have no nose.

Dont do it.

- Dont do it, Ollie.
- Cause the risk is too high?

Risk is too high.

Although medical
tourism is very popular,

it can also be very dangerous.

You dont know who
the surgeon is,

anything about the clinic,
and if you have a complication,

you dont know whos gonna
be taking care of you.

So bottom line, make sure
you do extensive research

before choosing your doctor.

Im kind of in shock
right now.

Dr. Nassif obviously
is the best,

so I kind of need to
listen to his advice.

But then I kind of need to
continue following my dream

to look like Jimin.

I dont think
Im gonna be happy

until I look like Jimin.

Thats my number one goal.

Its been a few weeks
since my first surgery,

and I feel really
good about my bum.

Okay, here we go.

Oh, my God.

Does that feel good
having that off?

I can breathe.

So its good.
Kinda nailed it.

Today is my second surgery.

Its for my tummy, and I
feel really really excited.

I am really looking forward
to having it all flattened out

and exactly how Ive
wanted it to be.

for Jordens surgery,

I will start by making
a single incision

on Jordens lower stomach.

I will then lift up
the abdominal wall

and tighten the
abdominal wall muscles.

Finally, I will pull
the excess skin down

and remove it, giving Jorden
the 24 year old stomach
she deserves.

Okay, so although this is
a high-risk tummy tuck,

it still is a pretty
standardized tummy tuck.

She had lax skin of her
abdomen, and so this should be

pure yellow fat here, instead
her entire abdominal wall

has been replaced
by scar tissue.

It is no BS to say
when you elevate up

the abdominal skin on
a case like Jordens

where shes had severe
scarring and reduction

of blood supply from vaser
ultrasonic liposuction,

that she may be subject to
total abdominal wall necrosis.

This may be a problem for
wound healing postoperatively.

And now were looking at
the separation of her muscles.

For her, more
limited separation,

we sewed the abdominal
wall up in two layers.

First layer is a series
of interrupted stitches.

The second layer is an
overlying running stitch.

These are very big
permanent stitches.

And bring them together.
That will flatten her stomach.

So thatll give her a
better cosmetic result.

Muscles are tightened,
nice and flat.

Belly button is attached to
the abdominal wall fascia.
Thats very good.

All right, lets flex her,
see how much skin we remove.

Although Ive found
significant scarring

inside of Jordens abdominal
wall while elevating up

the skin, the moment
of truth is when you cut

the end of the tissue
off and determine

whether theres
enough blood supply

to heal the wound and
prevent the whole thing

from falling apart

Its bleeding well.

Yeah, no, that should be okay.


Okay, so thats
the laxity problem.

Her right side,
thats just her right side.

So, bye-bye.

Lets do the other side.

Okay, so roughly the same
piece on the other side.

Yeah, right there.


Jordens skin looks good, and
her blood supply looks good.

Lets just hope she heals
well and doesnt suffer

any wound disruption problems
that could be a real disaster.

All right, lets close.


Hello, look at you.

How are you?
Good to see you.

As good as can be.
How are you?

I am super anxious.

I have been waiting to
find out whats going on

for quite a while now.

Im hoping Dr. Nassif
has some answers for me.

This was a mystery to me.

I know.
The mystery has been solved.

How are you feeling?

As good as I can.

Your incision line
looks fantastic.

Your tip looks fantastic.

All right, lets go
through a beautiful story.

Its a love story.

My nose has never
been a love story.

Something surprising happened.

Some yellow fluid came out,
and heres what I see.

Oh, my God,
what happened to my nose?

That whole projection
thing, that was fluid.

While Im there, though,
Im finding some permanent

big blue sutures.
Theyre called prolene sutures.


While were in
the operating room,

we did a literature search.

Remember like that
other doctor told you,

you know this is notable,
were gonna write this up?


Well, this is worthy of that.

So youre the sixth
person that possibly

is allergic to prolene suture.


So youre pretty
famous for this now.

Who wouldve known, you know,

I was gonna be famous
for my nose, you know.

The thing that Ive hated
the most in my whole life

is whats making
me famous in a way.

Thats crazy to me.

Im really excited to see
how your nose turns out.

Well see you later on.
Thank you so much.

Thank you.

- Jesus.
- Thank you.

Its crazy, like you
know, I had that in there

for the longest time.

Im so glad Im done with this.

Im so happy.


In all of plastic surgery,

that operation is the
most stressful on the body.

My life has just
changed dramatically,

so todays just a celebration.

Hello, hi.



Look at her smiling.

I know.
How are you?

Good, you?

Im good.

Having a tummy tuck
feels like youve been

crushed almost by a
bus or that youve just

been running in the gym.

It just is beyond
any type of pain

that Ive genuinely felt before.

The abdominoplasty is a
giant operation, you know.

In all of plastic
surgery, that operation

is the most stressful
on the body.

Because you had vaser
ultrasonic liposuction,

there was a ton of scarring.
Oh, gosh.

I have to make sure
Jordens abdominal wound

has enough blood supply to heal

because if it doesnt,
it will turn black and die,

and that is a major
disaster we dont want.

Okay, so lets look and
see what we have here.

Look at that,
hardly any bruising.

No wound separation.

Belly buttons alive.

I wanna cry.

The last time I
had a flat stomach

was well over a year ago.

And to be honest, all the
emotional draining that I had

has just been
taken away from me.

I feel good
about something I didnt find
in there,

and that is any evidence
at all of a funny bone.

My funny bone,
Dr. Dubrow, is definitely

not gonna be in my stomach.

Everyone knows the funny
bone is on the elbow.

You just had a huge
operation on the back

of another huge operation,
literally, and so...

That actually made me laugh.

I know, right?

Finally Jorden finds
one of my jokes amusing.

No matter what, the surgery
clearly has been effective.

Thanks, guys.

Youre gonna make me cry again.

One of the major things that
came out of this surgery

is that, you know, that
there is nothing cancerous.

And it feels like a big weight
off her shoulders, you know?

Im sure.

Now that Im all
healed up from surgery, I mean,

my life has just
changed dramatically.

I am so relieved to know
that there is no more

foreign substance in my
body that had been there
for so long.

The anxiety of not
knowing is gone.

So today is just
a celebration.

Hello everyone. Hi!

Hey, you guys.

You look amazing.

Thank you,
you guys look amazing.

Hi, you look great.

Hi, baby.

Thank you, thank you.

Im so excited for you.

Thank you.
For us.

For us.

I know.

Gisela looks absolutely
beautiful today

and Im just so happy
that she can put this nose

journey behind her.

Oh, my God, its been a
crazy ride, a crazy journey,

but I am so grateful
for all of you all.

Whos ready to ride ponies?


There you go.

All right, lets go.

Before my surgery, the
tip of my nose was huge.

It would hurt
when I touched it,

and I looked like Pinocchio.

Not knowing what was
wrong with my nose

and thinking it
could be a tumor

made me anxious about
possibly not being around

to raise my kids.

But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif,
I finally have answers.

My nose made me unique
because of it being

such a rare case, and the
fact that it looks amazing

is just an added bonus.

I feel more beautiful
than ever,

and I could not be happier.

♪ Its hard to be
yourself sometimes ♪

- Hey, Jasmine.
- Hi.

Wheres your friend, Jorden?

I dont know, Im just waiting
for her. She takes forever.

Im hoping to see
that Jordens happy

and excited
about her new body.

When I look back and
see what happened to my BBL

in Turkey, it literally felt
like an absolute nightmare.

Now, I feel happy.

I feel like my social life
is back to how it was.

I can wear tight clothes
again and I just love my body.

There she is.

Oh, my God. Hi!

Oh, my God, Jord,
give us a spin.

Oh, wow.

Look at that bum.

Oh, my God, your
stomach is so flat.

Like perfect, like
completely, like smooth.

Oh, my God, the lump
is not there at all.

It just looks amazing.

Sit down, sit down, sit down.

Can you imagine if I fell over

and I had to call
Dr. Dubrow and I was just like,

"Hi, can we redo all
of my surgeries?"


I didnt honestly think
that this day would come,

to be honest.


But now obviously,
no more duck butt,

no more pouch.

Just kind of flat
stomach, nice perky bum.

Im just genuinely so happy.

Yeah, thats so good.

Before my surgery,
I had a duck butt,

and my stomach had
this weird bulge.

But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow,
my waist is nice and tiny

and I have a nice
normal looking bum.

I finally feel like
Ive got my 24-year-old

body back, and now Im ready
to show it to the world.

My bum is no longer
a cat-ass-trophe.

Its more like an

Cheers to my new body.


I live and breathe
plastic surgery.

I suppose you can call me
the plastic surgery ambassador.

My fat is coming back
in different places.

Ive never had
a fat nun ever.


After three surgeries,

then you have a car accident.

Exactly, my nose was a disaster.

No way.

The needle is bending.

I cant even get
the needle in the skin.

My right breast is
slowly migrating upward

onto my chest.

What is that?

Slime everywhere.

What the hell?