Bordertown (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Nainen Järvessä Osa 1 - full transcript

The Lady in the Lake (Part 1) A woman found alive in a fish trap at the bottom of the lake presents an unsettling new challenge for the team. A politician asked Taina for a favor.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
An unidentified woman in her twenties.
She was found in the water.

Condition critical.

When you are under water,
hypothermia sets in pretty quickly.

Normally it's not possible
to breath through a tube like that, and...

her skin looked terrible.

-Is the patient conscious?

-Any idea who she might be?
-I've never seen anything like this.

Do you think it's possible
to ask the patient any questions?

You should ask the person who found her.

This is Petteri Telkkä.
He found the fish trap.

I saw air bubbles in the water

and I was curious as to
what might be causing them.

Then I noticed the tube.
I yanked it and air started coming out.

There's a camera
on the underside of your boat.

That's how I saw what was down there.

-You have no idea how this happened?
-No. None whatsoever.

Are you alright yourself?

Have a checkup, just in case.

Give her a sedative.

Libel lawsuit. Plaintiff: Pauliina Rajala.
Defendant: Robert Degerman.

You surprised me a little.

Not in a good way, obviously.

I'm the one who has reason to be touchy.

My wife's first boyfriend is also her boss
and everyone has seen her naked pictures.

Come off it.

I'm telling you,
you have no reason to be worried.

I can't tell my mind not to wander.

It's a good job.

I've finally found
something meaningful to do.

Do you want me to quit?

The mayor's family owns half the city.
Don't you think it's suspicious?

Set the table for two, Janina isn't home.

-She spent the night with him?
-With Elias.

She's seventeen already.


A dynasty is stealing my women.

At least one of us is getting some action.

-A woman was found in Lake Saimaa.

Submerged for at least
twenty-four hours, but alive.

Your cell phone is off.

She has regained consciousness.


Are you here for my husband?

Who switched my phone off?

I did. I didn't want us to be interrupted.

Is that a fact?


-Good morning.

-Is something wrong?
-No. No...

Just so you know, I told your father that
you stayed at Elias's. In case he asks.

No, you didn't.

I'm afraid I did.

A lie, and I don't even want to be there.

We can sugar coat news
that might upset your father.

He can harass Elias as much as he likes
for all I care.

-Oh really?
-He's a Degerman.

He's not. And don't let
your father see the pictures.

-I was trying to protect you.
-This will only spark his curiosity.

Sorry, my mistake.

I just wanted to let you know. Bye.

Funny how people who care about each other
tend to create such trivial problems.

-That's what caring will do.
-Not telling someone everything is lying.

I should know.

Doing stuff without even asking
someone first is worse than lying.

He's not even sorry.

You haven't given him
a chance to be sorry.

I don't want to have anything
to do with him anymore.

-I can tell him to get rid of the photos.
-No, you can't.

Do you remember
how you ended up under water?

Do you remember your name
or where you live?

I can't remember...anything.

We took X-rays

and ran multiple routine tests in our lab.

Neither dental records nor test results
gave us any hints as to her identity.

She's a young woman, in her late twenties.

Two-three days under water.

A little longer and she would have died.

She has what appears to be punch marks
on her face.

Marks from handcuffs?

Any other signs of trauma?

Because of the condition her body is in,
it's hard to tell.

These pictures have significance,
but I just can't put my finger on it.

What's this dark area here?

It used to be a child.
A fetus, 10 to 14 weeks old.

Holy shit.

The oxygen tube... They kept her alive.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Our victim has memory loss
and she's been pregnant.

Other than that,
we know nothing about her.

There were no drag marks on the beach.

-Who found her?
-Telkkä. Petteri Telkkä.

He lives nearby. It's a typical
middle-income neighborhood.

Kari Sorjonen,
Lappeenranta criminal police.

It's so awful what happened to that girl.
Petteri told me.

You're from Estonia.

I'm a Finn. But I was born in Estonia.

I'm a Finnish citizen by marriage.

-Where do you work?
-I'm a physician.

Specialized in women's disease.

-What does your husband do?
-Petteri is a researcher at Kareltech.

He studies satellite navigation.
You saw the radar equipment on his boat.

No children?


Please sit down. You're making me nervous.

Thank you.

-Are you planning on trying again?
-Try what?

To have children.

That's not why you're here, is it?

I didn't expect to see you here again.

Do you know any 20-25-year-old
women with a Russian background?

I already told that Uusitalo character
everything down by the water.

Niko described you
as very calm and collected.

And you still strike me
as remarkably unfazed, considering.

Perhaps the reaction comes later.


Sorry to barge in like this.
They told me it would be okay.

Well, how are you?

I came straight to you,
just like you once said I could.

If I file a report,
it'll be in the newspaper the next day.


Our car was stolen yesterday.
I think I left the keys in the ignition.

Just file a regular vehicle theft report.
The guys upstairs will take care of that.

I'm sure they would, it's just that...

I don't want to see this in the press.

-But you have done nothing wrong.
-You know how these things go.

-Make and model?
-Audi Quattro.

Hi, Taina.


Hold on.

Wasn't the fish trap found out there,
beyond that point of land?

Your phone is still off.

-That's your phone?
-Yes. It's Taina, take the call.

Kari Sorjonen.

I don't deal with vehicle theft.

It's being shipped to Russia.
Audi Quattro.

This car theft ring must be stopped.
It's a SECRI case.

No, it's not.
We have more important things to do.

We can run several investigations at once.

Keep in mind that Vesterinen
is our representative in parliament.

Friends with the interior minister.

If we solve this case quickly,
it will benefit the entire department.

-I'm not a PR worker.
-We all are.

-That car is out of the country by now.
-All you have to do is to work discreetly.

-What do you mean?
-Keep it out of the press.

Use your...methods.

Pauliina! - One moment.

-Is everything okay?
-I'm fine.

Satu-Maria told me that certain episodes
from the past were discussed in your home.

Are you okay?

It's nothing that will affect my work.

I'm good at what I do,
but it ends when your sister returns.

-Don't tell me you're about to leave us.
-No, but my work here is temporary.

-Why would that change anything?

You can go, I'll be right with you.

I want to show you something.

Come on.

There are five million people out there.
In St. Petersburg.

The economy is a fascinating thing.
Yes, we have a crisis now.

But that means prices are low right now.

That will change in ten, twenty years.

You invest your nickels and dimes now
and make a profit in the future.

This is an area

with a greater population
than the rest of Finland put together.

As a result we have 60 new building
projects despite the financial crisis.

Someone always profits from a crisis.
I want it to be us.

Lappeenranta's future is out there.

If I didn't know you I'd be convinced.
For a moment.

These things will happen.
And PR plays an important role.

The secretary position is temporary,
but you could be the city's PR officer.

-It lies with the duties of the secretary.
-Not necessarily.

-That job could be yours.
-Would that be your decision?

The red tape can be taken care of.

I have a few conditions.


I want access to every project involving
the Degerman family and the city,

as well as Mikkis's own projects.

For me to join ranks with you against
my husband's wishes, I need to be trusted.

Very well. If that's what it takes.

Has she said anything?

-The patient is asleep most of the time.

-She has spoken, right?
-We'll keep you posted of any changes.

How's it going?

-So this is where you live?

You don't need to tidy up.
I don't even want to be here.

Or have anything to do with you.

Thank you for visiting
and for your kind words.

Janina told me not to come here.

So you are as forthcoming towards us all.


-Is that Janina's ass?
-Would it matter?

-What is it that you want?
-Tea would be nice.

-I mean, what are you doing here?
-Offer me tea and I'll tell you.

You shouldn't let go of Janina,
even if she tells you to.

It's out of my hands.

Her parents changed her mind for her.
She left without a moment's hesitation.

That's Janina, she has a mole there.

She told me to delete the pictures.
That was the deal breaker, apparently.

So get rid of them!


-Why not?
-Because I say so!

Such a strong expression.

There's sadness...

hatred and rage.

-Do you want to see?
-Delete the pictures.

Take a look first.

I meant Janina's.

You don't need them
and you wouldn't want to lose her.

You're leaving, then?


Lappeenranta police department.
We have a few more questions regarding...

Is he making a run for it?

-He's going out the back.
-What the hell?

There he is.


I need help over here! Niko!

I believe that...

there has to be a reason for Petteri
to be anxious around the police.


And I'm guessing it's tied to activities
that could obstruct the adoption process.

Petteri would never commit a crime.

I'm convinced that you are convinced,
but I'm not sure that you're right.

I know him.

That doesn't change anything.

Why is Petteri growing this?

He's not suffering from panic attacks.
They don't cause nosebleeds.

It's Lyme disease.

Conventional drugs are useless...

and medical cannabis is way too expensive.

And the social services would dismiss
your adoption application if they knew?

When you try and fail to have children,
it's tough, I know.

Have you considered other methods?

Perhaps surrogacy?

We haven't discussed that.

Stash it somewhere.
You don't want the police to find it.

-Petteri Telkkä doesn't know anything.
-He tells the truth?

He has secrets of his own.

The victim is Elina Koivula,
theology student from St. Petersburg.

She checked into a hotel three days ago,

then took a taxi to the hospital.

She had a checkup,
according to the taxi driver.

The hotel couldn't get in touch with her
and they called the police.

It's her.


-How about lunch?
-Why didn't you call me?

Your phone is off.

I haven't switched it on yet.

-I just felt like being spontaneous.
-You did this once before.

You can be spontaneous twice.

When does it stop to be spontaneous?

He's immersed in the case.
I'll tell him to call you later.

Thanks, but it's not your job
to make excuses for him.


One more interview, 15 minutes.
If you still want my company.


-Wait for me in the breakroom.

I asked my wife to wait for me outside.

I'm going to be in here for a while.

Are you okay?

I don't know what this is about, but...

If I've been acting inappropriate
or done something wrong...

I apologize.

You mowed your lawn recently, am I right?

Yes, I carried bin bags filled with leaves
from the yard all night.

We have a compost by the water.

How did you know Elina?

My wife has sworn
the doctor's oath, but...

She had that picture.

I don't know anything else. I'm sorry.

That's why you were so upset?

I didn't recognize her at first.

She looked so horrible and...

Her face...
I only realized it was her later on.


Thank you.

I'll tell them to let you go.

I'll send someone around later
to have a word with your wife.

-That job doesn't even exist.
-If Robert says it exists, it will exist.

PR officer?

For some reason I find it hard
to share your enthusiasm.

Because you're jealous?

Jealous? No, I'm not.

In some sense it's almost repulsive...


They won't give me my old job back, so...

what if I have an ulterior motive
for accepting this offer?

-That motive will be my gift to you.
-The mystery is a gift?

Mystery or no mystery,
solve it if you can.

You're certain that the woman
is Elina Koivula?

We're waiting for a confirmation,
but I think we can be pretty certain.

-Did Koivula see you about her pregnancy?
-I'm not at liberty to tell you that.

-But you're a gynecologist.
-A crime has been committed.

I have no information
that will help you solve that crime.

The patient is still alive, so I can't
tell you anything. Even if I wanted to.

I'll make dinner when we get home.

Go inside, I'll be right behind you.

You have no business here.

Your property is off limits nowadays?

Get in your car. I'll put a video on
for the kids, I'll be right with you.

I'm not your cheap cleaner.

Complaining over money,
after what I've done for you?


The kids can watch cartoons.

Did you notify the police?

About the car?

-They said it's probably in Russia by now.
-I told you so.

-How are you doing?
-How does it look like I'm doing?


I need a fresh start.

I need to settle my debts,
pay that garage.

How much?

-Thirty thousand.
-How am I supposed to come up with that?

Campaign financing is a public record.
I know you're good for it.

I made your sentence go away
and this is what I get?

I'm your brother.

Am I indebted for the rest of my life now?

So how much can you get me?

I can get you fifteen thousand.



She doesn't want to talk.

Apparently not.

-Degerman drama?

Elias is one.

It's working again.

-Apparently so.
-Aren't you going to answer it?

-Go ahead, just do it.
-Do what?

Check your message, so you can relax.

Go ahead. Go.


-Janina, come to dinner!
-In a minute.

Come to dinner and stop sulking!

Who is Hannele?

I think that...she's my mom.

Do you remember her?

Elina told me they used to
talk for hours on the phone.

Hannele Koivula?

I remember the rocks...

Trains and rocks.

Poor Heta-Leena's rocks.

Who is Heta-Leena?

I think it's a place.

What is?

I remember all sorts of irrelevant stuff.
It's in Hyvinkää.

Come on.

Your reactions are still too slow
and you're letting your guard down.

Yeah, yeah.


It's a homicide, right?
Or when does a fetus become a person?

-Who cares?
-The court does.

Can I ask you...

Consider if someone had hurt Katia
when you were expecting her?

Had that happened...

I would have killed the guy
and slaughtered his friends.

Then I'd ask the FSB to clean up the mess.

Kari Sorjonen, SECRI.

Can I come in?

Elina told me she had a long conversation
with you on the phone.

No, not with me.

With me.

-What did you talk about?
-About her moving back here.

I could never quite figure out

why she would move to St. Petersburg
and study theology.

Elina isn't a very...clerical person.

-Nor is she interested in Russia.
-So why did Elina go there?

Can I have a look at Elina's room?

A butterfly? Why?

When I looked at the printouts,
I saw that image as a reflection.

I can get rid of Janina's pictures
if you let me keep these.

You're kind.

You think? I just blackmailed you.

I'd forgotten that people
can actually be nice.

I couldn't remember how that felt anymore.

My real mother had a butterfly tattoo.

She did?

At least I think so.

Elina wasn't particularly religious.

I found nothing in her room.
How about the CCTV footage?

On its way.

What about the stolen car? Any progress?


-Haven't you briefed the team?
-It's a waste of time.

A member of parliament had her car stolen.
We investigate, no matter what.

-Can't Susi and Jänis do it?
-Can it!

Lena and I are going to St. Petersburg.

Based on Elina's diaries,
she was no ordinary student.

-Your informant is here.
-Nina Telkkä.

Interview her.
And start looking for that stolen car.

Get a fucking grip.
Even if it is Saturday.

-What's the deal?
-What do you mean?

You're shutting us out,
so what's the deal?

-You want to be involved?
-Was that a question?

Bring Nina Telkkä in
for questioning, then.

There was a tin roof
over my apartment on the top floor.

When the weather was hot...

Minttu Vesterinen, hi!

-How are you?
-I'm good.

You look good. New hairstyle?

It's been a while.

This is Pauliina Sorjonen.

Pauliina is our new PR strategist.

She just moved here from the capital.
Perhaps you've met?

Not that I can recall.
But I meet so many people.

Nice to meet you.

Mrs. Vesterinen is a Centre Party MP.

Where is your husband, by the way?

Ville is ill, in bed.

The kids keep nursing him
with juice and aspirin.

Despite our political differences,

we have a common dream.

A better future for Lappeenranta.

I'll make sure the government
holds up its end of the bargain.

Just get the Casino
building permit in place.

Is this how decisions
are made around here?

Mostly outside the council chamber, yes.

It's easier that way.
Friends help each other solve problems.

Pauliina is married to Kari Sorjonen,
the boss of SECRI.

Well, do you have any influence
over the police?

My car was stolen
and they're not taking it seriously.

I can't help you.
We don't talk about work in our house.

A lesson about small towns.

Open your mouth at home and you'll
immediately have a new friend.

We'd like to talk to Elina first-hand...

but someone sank her
into a lake for a few days.

The damages to her tissue
weren't even the worst thing.

And her memory loss
is probably a blessing...

but you and me both know

what Elina lost because of this crime.

What we need to know is why
Elina Koivula paid you a visit.

I don't think it has anything
to do with this case.

Maybe not.

But do you have any idea
who the father might be?

The baby doesn't have a father.

It was conceived artificially.

-Who is the donor?
-I can't tell you that.

I'm sure you can tell me things...

by merely hinting at it...

without breaking your oath.

If you don't say anything now

I will assume that Elina didn't visit you
because she had a venereal disease.

If I wanted to get more information,

where should I...

do you have any idea
where I should look for it?

If you see her coursemates...

you could ask them
how she financed her lifestyle.

That's what I thought, too,

but my colleagues disagreed with me.

Thank you.

Now what?

St. Petersburg.

Do you miss Helsinki?

Not very often.

What about you? Do you miss this place?

I was just thinking about it.

I can't really say.

No computer.

Does this answer the question about
how Elina was financing her studies?


Elina went to Lappeenranta
once a week. She stayed at a hotel.

-Who did she meet there?
-She mentioned the name Jakku.

-I wasn't supposed to tell anyone.
-Jakku is a person?


Can she tell us why Elina
had all those sex toys?

That was her hobby.
We talked about it a lot.

-About what?
-She had a blog. Elina O was her alias.

-About her sexual experiences?

Was it popular?

It was explicit,
she only left her partners' names out.

Did she charge something for it?

Is everything okay with Elina?


Jakku is Jaakko Anttila,
teacher and local politician.

Bring him in for questioning.

"Finally we got into a good position.

My breasts bounced against the bars.

My hands were tied,

so all I could do was to let him fuck me.

The butterfly did the trick
and the first orgasm sent shivers..."



Hello. Niko Uusitalo, Lappeenranta PD.

-Can I come in?

I'm looking for Jaakko Anttila.

Jaakko left for work yesterday morning.

He had a meeting in Imatra later.
He probably stayed the night.

We have an apartment there.
I haven't heard from him since.

Should I be worried?

Is this typical for him?

Not that unusual.

Jaakko takes off every now and then
and eventually he comes home again.

Can I have a look around?

And if you don't mind
I need Jaakko's comb or toothbrush.

Thank you.

What is this about?

Elina seems to be a bit more unpredictable
than your average theology student.

They always are.
That is true for all of us.

Back to work.


Okay, thanks.

The DNA of the fetus
matches Jaakko Anttila's.

I'm not surprised.

Thanks for the vodka.


Niko. Be on the look-out
for Jaakko Anttila.

I read a young woman's bold declaration
of independence today,

and you know what?

Sometimes it's good to be a little older.

Are we okay again?

I'm sorry.

-Your phone is working again.
-It sure sounds like it.

Go on, answer it.