Bordertown (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Nainen Järvessä Osa 2 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-Shall we have a drink first?

And I've got a new surprise
in store for you.

Hey! Don't mess up the crime scene!

Take it easy.

The air bags haven't gone off.

Who will take responsibility?

-Ask them about it, Lena.
-Why didn't the air bags go off?

It's an old car, apparently.

We should examine the car
in Lappeenranta.

Ask them if we can
take a look at the body.

Kari. You wanted to see this.

That's not Minttu Vesterinen's husband.

But we can cancel the APB
on Jaakko Anttila.



The MP, the killed baby
and the fish trap are linked.

I was wrong. This case does belong
to SECRI, but it's just one case.

Nothing? No recollection?

Can I read this to you?

The guy had an obsession
about filming himself in action.

"Once Jakku took off his jacket

and tied my hands behind my back
with it so tight it hurt."

Ring any bells?

Who wrote that?

You did.

How do I look?

How come?

I can only feel the cream they keep
spreading on my skin.

I've started to smell it.

I can see the skin on my body.

But I haven't dared
to look at myself yet.

You look like a smart young woman
who's been through hell.

Why do you keep coming here?

Good question.

I came here straight from St. Petersburg,
thought about the same thing.

Because of your memory loss, I suppose.

I don't know what I'd do
if my memory stopped working.

You're my worst fear, really.

I have some bad news.

Your husband, Jaakko,
has been found dead.

But he was in good health.
He had a checkup last week.

It wasn't a heart attack
or anything like that.

We need to search your house.

-Do you have a warrant?
-We're investigating a homicide, so yes.


-I'm sorry, but...

Please, leave.

You don't have the right
to search a politician's home.

You're part of the case Jaakko
was investigating!

What was he investigating?

Is that why he died?

We don't know yet.
So tell us what you know.

He was a frequent visitor to Russia.

Something to do
with the city's casino project.

Vesterinen was involved.

Jaakko said that...

...some police officer was, too.

Johanna Metso?

We have to go through
your husband's belongings.

All Elina's texts
and pictures remind me of you.

Or what you did when you were a teenager.

-Why what?

You promised you wouldn't bring
your work home. Why now?

Because I'm afraid
they're using you again.

I'm afraid because you're so easily hurt.

How do you know who's using who?

-You should be able to trust me by now.
-Should I?

I've found out things about my wife
I didn't have a clue about.

I have to go. Talk to you later.


I once asked you about how Pauliina
and Robert were connected.

You lied.

All the locals who claim they don't
know about it are lying.

And why she took the job now
interests everyone.

Not their business.

Small town. It's everybody's business.

What Kari Sorjonen is
going to do about it is, too.

And since this case involves so many
local heavyweights, I want to know

that you will keep your personal life
out of your work

and leave the decision makers
alone this time.

There's paint on those rocks over there.
From the same car, I suppose.

How did he drive off the road here?

The road curves to the opposite
direction and it's in good condition.

Good question.

Any idea about the speed?

He's headed straight here,
and pretty fast.

How have they managed
to get the car out of there?

They must have had professional equipment.

Have you established the cause of death?

A blow to the left temple killed Anttila.

It broke his skull and his brain caved in.

Damages to the car are consistent
with the wound.

It was an accident?

I think it was a car crash.

Anttila died in it,
but I don't think he was driving.


The report says that the
driver's side air bag was working.

It's been removed later.
A direct impact caused the head injury.

So, this guy wasn't sitting
in the driver's seat.


I think I have to start harassing
those decision makers.

Watch her reactions.

Let me know if you feel
she's being less than honest.

Am I suspected of something?

-I'm on a tight schedule.
-I understand.

But Taina says it's part of
my job to train my team.

And since politicians know how to
control their gestures and words,

I have to take advantage of
the situation, education-wise.

Were you watching her face?
Did she know them?

At least the first one. Anttila.

She knew both.

When a person glances at pictures
quickly and then looks at us,

it means they know something.

What is this?

But the situation is awkward,
so the reaction might reflect that.

-Why both?
-Something about her cheek muscles.

-I think she knows them both, too.
-You weren't even looking at me.

No, but I'm guessing you won't
admit you know Elina Koivula.

Was that a question? No, I don't know her.

Why would Jaakko Anttila steal your car?

I keep my important papers
in a box inside the trunk.

I think Jaakko knew about it.

He's wanted access to the information
for ages.

Maybe he went too far.

How can you tell that was
a rehearsed answer?

From the words.

If you try to describe
something on the spur of the moment

words come out more randomly.

Often starting with a person:
"Jaakko had been hounding me.

He saw me put
secret documents inside my car."

Speaking of pictures,

Jaakko Anttila liked to film his sex acts.

Do you think we'll see more familiar
faces when we start watching the films?

Your superior officer
will hear about this.

And you can be sure our lawyers will
look into your practices.

Isn't it easy to tell when someone
really means what they say?

Thank you. We're done.

Watching these will take
someone several days.

I hope the videos will tell us

if Anttila was the father
of Koivula's child.

It's the only missing connection.

But was Jaakko investigating Minttu
and the city's backroom deals?

Minttu referred to that when she
mentioned the papers in her car.

And Jaakko's wife said
that he was after Minttu.

It's hard to see a link between
Elina Koivula and those papers.

Dig into that box.

If you find a link there between
Vesterinen, Anttila and Koivula,

call me.

You can't make us watch these.

Come on, Kari!

A toast to Lappeenranta,

St. Petersburg's great friendship city!

I went to Paris. You said you'd
follow me there but you didn't.

To the stupid decisions of youth.

Have you ever thought what would
have happened if I had?


Not anymore.

To the past.

Good night, Roope.

Nobody calls me that anymore.

Good night.

Good night. I'll get you those
project documents.




Am I shouting to myself here?

I suppose I am.

It's a foetus, 10-14 weeks old.

-Did Elina charge anything for it?

Have you considered other options?

A surrogate mother?

We haven't discussed that.

Kari Sorjonen.

We found fingerprints in the car.
Big hands, probably male.

Get Niko to run them through
our database.

-Good night.
-Thanks. Good night.

How did he drive off the road here?

The road curves to opposite direction
and it's in good condition.

What are you doing here?

-The children are sleeping!
-The fifteen thousand is overdue.

I haven't been able to
scrape it together yet.

Isn't that painting new?

And that sofa. How did you get them, then?

Please leave.

Don't tell me what to do!

People will pay me
if I tell them what I know.

They'll put you in prison.

What the hell are you doing here?

Ask Minttu.

I'm asking you.

Get out of here.


I'll wait one more day, one day.
Bring it to me!

What did he want?

What? Tell me what!

What have you made me do?

What have you made me do?

-What does he know?

-What does he know?

Why did you ask me if I have children?

We found pregnancy test kits
in your apartment.

And your course mate said
you hadn't charged anything

for your services.

And you went to see Nina Telkkä
about a pregnancy.

Maybe we were trying for a baby?

I don't think so.

Jakku was married.

But there's one thing I don't understand.


If you practised, if your hobby was...


Yes. So you must have known
how to avoid getting pregnant.

So, what if that was your personal goal?

What for?

If somebody wanted a child
and offered you good money.

And Jakku was a suitable donor.

Maybe these will bring a little
smile on your face.

-You don't need to cheer me up.
-That guy isn't worth your tears.

-And when you find one that is.
-He won't make me cry. I know.



Sorry to intrude like this, but you're
not answering your phone, Kari.

It's inside.

Join us for dinner,
there's plenty of these.

Come on.

Okay. Thanks.

The fingerprints in the car belong
to a Julle Laakkonen.

On parole now, a sentence for tax evasion

and a car theft when he was young.

And he's Minttu Vesterinen's
half brother.

Does he have a tow truck?

He does, he owns a garage.
He has unpaid debts.

Is there an entrepreneur that hasn't?
He could be our car sinker.

I guess so.

Go catch the criminals.

-Should I go?

Hello? The police.

Is there anybody here?

Julle? Are you here?



Oh, fuck!

Was this an accident?

-I don't know.
-But it might have been?

Why not?

After 20 years in the business, Minttu's
brother gets killed by his own machine,

just when we're about to catch him
for car theft. Why not?

Sorjonen, don't.

It's about time you explained
what's going on here.

Julle Laakkonen stole Vesterinen's
car and gave Jaakko Anttila a lift.

Laakkonen survived the crash and
transported the car to St. Petersburg

to get rid of the car and Anttila
so he wouldn't end up in prison.

What am I doing here
if the crimes solve themselves?

What did I miss?

One woman in a fish trap, one
pregnancy and one female doctor.

Elina Koivula might not
be linked to this case at all.

Maybe she went into the fish trap for fun.


Tell me where we're at.

Otherwise, it's hard for me
to support the investigation.

Minttu said her car contained
papers that Anttila wanted.

Maybe he hired that body
to steal her car.

-Try to find the papers!
-A waste of time.

In the office, 30 minutes!

Sorjonen will tell us why the
investigation is a waste of time!

Looks like an airbag.

2010 model.


Where to?


We have a couple of questions.

-I have a council meeting...
-In four minutes.

Why didn't you tell us your
brother had your air bags?

What for? What does that
have to do with anything?

Was the car stolen
from your yard or the garage?

Our yard. Julle fixes it
and brings it back to the yard.

-Ask him about the air bags.
-We'll only get flat answers.

Julle Laakkonen is dead.
We suspect a homicide.


Will you agree to a medical examination?

I've been in meetings all day.

-We have to hurry.
-I'll get back to you on that.

What was that?

The air bag had been removed
before the accident.

Minttu Vesterinen wanted Anttila
out of the way.


Interested in doing
some illegal stuff again?

Like what?

I need someone to steal Elina
Koivula's medical records.

From Niina Telkkä, her gynecologist.

-Why not?

I won't mess up my life again.

You have no proof.

Elina's pregnancy tests. Diaries.

Jaakko Anttila's home videos.

The air bags Julle removed.
Elina's visit to a gynecologist.

Jaakko's DNA test.

Nothing connects anybody to the crimes.

There's still a piece missing.
We'll carry on until we find that piece.

What shall we do now?


Let's get to work. We'll go
through everything once more.

And hope everybody fulfils
their role in the team.

Don't you agree they look great,

that it would be a shame
if they ceased to exist?

And I'm not sure it would change anything
between me and Janina.

Janina hasn't answered my messages,
and I haven't even sent her any lately.

-So, can I keep those pictures?

I want you to just have
those pictures of me.

-Never mind.

My mistake.

I hope I haven't spoiled it with you, too.

What are you doing?

"He bit my nipples, squeezed my buttocks
with his fingernails. It hurt, but..."


-What is that?

Why is it here?

Did you do that in Helsinki?

There I used to have
a memory mansion in my office.

Now I don't have one, so I built it here.

In the basement?

It's my method. I walk around it,
in the middle of everything.

And then I remember everything,

see it all right in front
of my eyes again.

Can I have a look at it?

I'd rather you read those porn texts.

I've been hoping to see you again.

Me, too.

I just wasn't supposed
to say it that easily.

I'm sorry I've been so stupid.

Really stupid.

That's why I'm really...
If I could change my family, I would.

But it's pretty difficult.

Even for a bastard like me.

Can you forgive me?

That would be too easy.

Give me a chance, then.

I promised to pop by one place.

Come with me and I'll ask you
again afterwards.



-Are you resigning from the family?
-You're here for my security.

They invited me here
and I didn't dare come alone.

I'm glad you could make it
at such short notice.

Paul, Elias's father. I didn't know
he'd bring someone with him.

You have good taste. A pretty girl.

Would you like a drink? Cognac?

-No thanks.
-Why are we here?

Straight to the point. That's good.

People chit-chat too much these days.


-I hear you bought a café.
-Am I here to be criticized?

What's wrong with the café?

I asked our legal department
to look into the matter.

The café is quite successful.

More so than any other place in town.

So, some family traits
have passed on to him

whether he likes it or not.

Elias, I...

I'm not well.

My lawyers have told me to start
looking into the future.

I'd like to start discussing
your part in it,

your hopes.

And if you're choosing a life partner,

it's time you started thinking about
living arrangements and investments.

Don't you agree?

How was your day?

Did you see Janina?

Have you eaten? Do you want
me to fix you something?

Leave it alone.

Stop sulking and speak to me,
so I can help you.

I like Janina's boyfriend.

I kissed him and now
the whole thing sucks for me.

Because I like Janina, too.

I just shouldn't have done it.

You're right.

I can't help you with that.

So why don't you just let it be!


Has something happened?

I need...

I need something else.


Why didn't you reveal my killer?

She didn't understand what she had done.

She's your little sister.
It would have ruined her life.

You care about others so much.
Why aren't you with your wife?

Why are you always working?

You wanted to protect your nearest
and dearest. That's what you always said.


They're all there. Every one of them.

All the guilty ones.

Minttu Vesterinen's husband.


Find out if Ville Vesterinen has
been in contact with Elina Koivula.

Check if Nina Telkkä, Ville or Jaakko
has a cottage on the accident road.

They were driving somewhere.
I think I have a theory.


And good morning to Lena, too.

-Kari says hello.
-I heard.

-This didn't...
-Mean anything.

-And you...
-Can't tell anyone about this. I know.

You're late.

Why didn't you wake me?

I overslept myself.

-Let's go somewhere for breakfast.
-Let's not.

-Don't we have any food in the house?

I'll check. Wake up now.

Lena. Call me when you get this message.

Stop that!

You should be careful.
There are lots of vipers around here.

That's why we never bring
the children here.


Is there anybody out there?


Open up, Ville!

Come down here, let's talk.

Open the hatch, Ville!

-Open it!
-Shut up!

Elina isn't that priestly.

So, Elina wrote
about her sexual experiences?


My breasts kept banging against the
bars. My hands were tied to the ceiling,

so I had to just let him fuck me.

All the criminals you never
caught are here.

I think Elina's case will be similar.

-Do you know why?
-I've solved it.

You're going to die before that.
You've been bitten by a viper.

If you want to know
your wife's secret, come here.



Fucking solo artist.

-You can't do this.
-Where's your snake bite kit?

-You beat me up.
-The snake bite kit?

There's a metal box by the door.

You killed Julle.

Why did you do that?

He was blackmailing Minttu.

Minttu was just helping me
and he exploited the situation.

I don't want to lose Minttu.

I don't want to lose Minttu.
I don't want to lose her.

I don't want to lose Minttu.
I don't want to lose her.

Who's the father?

Who is it? Fucking tell me!

We've arrested your husband.

We're probably going to nail him
for killing Julle, but I need help.

I need to hear about Jaakko Anttila
and Elina Koivula.

-I haven't committed any crime.
-Hiding things can be seen as abetment.

Elina was pregnant.

The baby was for Nina Telkkä.
Elina was involved with your husband.

We have a video of him torturing Elina... make her confess who the father was.

He succeeded, apparently.

The father was Jaakko Anttila.

Ville sank Elina in a lake

for a few days to get to know that.


...took your car to Julle Laakkonen
and asked him to remove an air bag.

Then he crashed the car on
purpose, and Jaakko Anttila died.

Ville will be convicted, but the problem
is that you knew about all this.

That you protected your husband
is a crime in itself.

It's a great place. Huge but wonderful.

Why haven't you told me about Robert?

Robert Degerman?

What about him?

All the city's classified contracts
associated with the casino project.

If there's something wrong with the city,
it can be found in those.

This is my gift to you.

I love you.

I love you, too.