Bordertown (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Raivotar Osa 2 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

We found the dogs. Bag them
and send them to the coroner.

Has everybody involved in

the operation been vaccinated?

If not, report to Uusitalo at SECRI
and get it sorted.

Good morning everybody.
I'm glad you're all here.

We'll vaccinate everybody who is here
today and deal with others later.

There is no reason to panic. We were
able to react to the situation in time.

You'll be called into the lab and our
nurses will take care of you.

In my case though

there is some reason to worry,
isn't there?


You were exposed to the disease
longer than the others.

You shouldn't waste time
worrying about it.

Easier said than done.

What about the girls' other victims?

It's out of our hands.

The ministry of interior is getting ready.

They're sending someone over here,
securing vaccine supplies.

Let's just hope for the best.


She's been punching more
than just a bag.

I suppose.

She's got nice tits and ass, too.

She's tough and she knows how to
throw punches. Give her some respect.

Fucking homo!

You want to spar?

-In the ring?
-It won't be your first time, will it?

-Right now?
-Right now.

Are you giving up?

Where have you learned to fight?

When you leave the Bratva, you have
to know how to take care of yourself.

-Lena never showed up?

Now what?

For the time being,
Lena stays undercover.

-Lena knows what she's doing.
-So does Taina.

She's ready to risk Lena to justify
a big operation to catch the gang.

Taina has many motives, but we're
continuing the undercover operation.

-Haxen. Nice to meet you.

Uusitalo. Nice to meet you.

-It's not going to work, you know.

Kurylenko won't slip now when he knows
the police are after him.

-Why is that?
-Because of this guy.

Iskariot Ranta.

Born in Finland, moved to
Sweden as a child.

Spent years in Southeast Asia.
Appeared in Copenhagen five years ago.

Since then, he's been under the
surveillance of the Danish police.

That's right.

No tax records, no social
contributions, no crime records.

Lives as outside from the system
as anyone can.

And I have it on very good authority
that Iskariot Ranta is here.

-In Lappeenranta?

It's a good place to be, considering
the closeness to St. Petersburg.

If you know the right people over there
in the gambling business

you can make some good money
over here as well.

You need someone on the inside.
That's the only way to catch Ranta.

A joint Scandinavian project.
Why didn't you tell me?

You didn't need to know.

-If you had, I might be more flexible.
-How dare you doubt my motives?

SECRI's EU financing has been a
balancing act since the get-go.

If this operation fails

it'll be hard as hell to convince
people to let us continue.

-How long have you lived here?
-A few months.

-What do you do for a living?
-I'm not telling you.

Why not?

-There's nothing to tell.
-No work?

-But you could use some money?
-I could.

You know...

You can always make money. It's just a
question of what you're willing to do.

You'd be surprised.

See you, Anna Kivi.

-See you tomorrow.
-See you tomorrow.

Name: Anna Kaarina Kivi
Date of birth:

Iskariot Ranta followed Lena home.

-Is he suspecting something?
-Or he's looking for new fighters.

-Nana and Ira are gone.
-He wants Lena to fight.

-Tell Lena to act accordingly.
-Give her time.

-We have to move slowly.
-Lena is taking a huge risk.

A visitor, Sorjonen.

Sorry to disturb you, but I wanted to
bring you these personally.

This is a list of properties
owned by Degerman Concern.

We want to root out all building misuses
and clear the company's reputation.

Sounds to me you need to
clear the company's reputation.

We only need to get rid of
false accusations.

-Did Robert Degerman put you up to this?
-We all run errands for the main man.

It should all be in there.
Enjoy your day at the office, Kari.

Hello, thanks for coming.

-You want anything to drink?
-I'm a bit busy.

Of course.


What I'm about to tell you is...


I'm not at liberty to disclose any
of this to the Finnish police,

but since I feel a little frustrated,

stuck here in the middle of nowhere,
I really don't give a damn.

Who is this?

A police officer.

A rare one. Never touched a drop
of alcohol in her life.


She worked undercover.

Got close to Iskariot Ranta.

What happened?

She was found dead in a
Copenhagen canal. Drowned.

I'm telling you, going undercover is the
only way to catch the bastard.

The only way.

She was something more to you
than just a colleague?

I'm here to catch the bastard.

I'll take a sample from you
in a minute, Taina.

-Any new rabies cases?
-Not yet, luckily.

The girls focused on fighting lately,
instead of paid sex.

If the perpetrators are still here,
they're going to continue.

If they used rabies on the dogs once,
they'll do it again.


I convinced Niko that Lena's
undercover operation was a good thing.

But then I heard about Haxen's lady

I want to pull the plug.

I know.

I want her out, right now.

All other avenues are blocked.

Use your abilities.

Lena will continue until you
have a better solution.

And Kari. That's an order.

How about a corpse beer?

Life is pretty fragile.

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

My Teemu, for example.

I've often wondered

whether he would be better off dead.

The boy passed his
life expectancy years ago

but he just keeps going on.
Out of sheer joy.

Is that a horrible thing to say?

Sometimes I don't know what you can
say out loud anymore.

I suppose sometimes
it might come as a relief

just to leave this place.

How about we go home.

Nothing but everyday worries for
a moment. It might do us both good.

Have I always had nightmares?

You've always been a bit restless sleeper.

You toss and turn.

How come?

-Do you think I can sense things?

And that's why I have nightmares
about bad things happening to you.

I have to take a shower.

Aren't you going to answer me?

You know I can't talk about it.
How damned stupid can you be?

Iskariot has someone staking out
my apartment 24/7.

And Niko has someone watching
the one who is watching you 24/7.

The lady who beat me up is the
third woman. She is a professional.

Distinguishing features?

She's fit, lots of scars,
dragon tattoo on her arm.

I'll look into it. You try to find
who she is and where she's from.

Back in St. Petersburg, being a
single mother was my cover.

-We can call this off at any point.
-What for?

I believe Natasha and Irina didn't
catch rabies by mistake.

I believe Iskariot silenced them.

And we can put an end to that.
But I won't use Katia as bait.

Let her stay at your place
while I'm doing this.

Take her away from me.


I told her to pack. She's at
the station, waiting for you.

-Can't you tell me what this is about?

Not a single thing goes the way
we've agreed.

We're never together, you never see Janina
and your job keeps entering the house.

We've been afraid of this disease,
afraid of losing you.

Now we're afraid for your partner
because her daughter comes here.

Nothing has changed.

I just saw Janina.

You don't know what she's been doing.

You used to keep tabs on her boyfriends
and everything, but now you don't care.

What should I do?

Admit you're not going to keep your
promise. That you live for your work.

You're no different.

Planning a career at the town hall,
although you're just an intern.

It's out of my hands!
There's nothing I can do.

But I do know that your Degerman

has too many shady connections.

You can sleep on the sofa.
I won't sleep beside you.

-I'm sorry. This wasn't my idea.
-It's fine.

Was that your home address?

You should go to sleep, girls.

Good night.

Good night.

-It's alright.
-I'm sorry.

There's no need to apologize.

Elias Ström Buys Cafe with
inherited Money

What the hell are you doing here?
How did you get in?

-You tell me nothing so I came here.
-I'm at work. This might ruin everything.

-Like in St. Petersburg?
-Get out of here.

-What are you doing here?
-You're playing a dangerous game.

I won't obey you anymore.

We agreed we'd talk!

Do as I say.

Walk out of here but don't go home,
and keep quiet about this.

That way you might survive.


You need to go also.
Trust me, this isn't the place for you.

-Did I ask for your advice?
-But you need it.

You don't want to be here.

You mentioned butterflies.

That turned into bruises.

Shall we continue from there?

My mum used to disappear
every now and again.

In St. Petersburg.

Then she'd come back, all beaten up.

What do you think that was about?

I didn't know.

Work, I suppose, even back then.

What was it like?

How did it make you feel?

You think that made me do what I did?

Steal stuff from shops and go
to clubs to get high?

Maybe you wanted your mother's attention.

Wanted her to see you?

Maybe I wanted similar experiences
with her.

And that's why I went to that
fighting place just now.

Or to seek attention?

She hit me!

And she broke your trust.

It felt good.

For some reason, it made me feel good.

Are we having a fight?

I won't break. The tumor didn't
change me.

Your hair is shorter.

I have more hair than you,
and I'm in a better shape.

You might have warm memories of your
teenage fling, Robert...

-Come on.
-But be careful with him.

I won't break that easy.

I'm afraid for you.
I'm thinking of you.

-Have you found something out?
-And I'm afraid for Janina.

How come?

Elias Ström.

His father is
Paul Degerman, Robert's dad.

He was born outside marriage.

I can see I'm not the only one
who's worried now.

Let them in.

Come on guys, step in.
How was the trip?

-It wasn't too bad.

That other one arrived here yesterday.

This one is an old acquaintance.
Lots of fights behind him.

-Hey, Anna.

-There's this thing next weekend.

An event. These dogs will be there.
And two female fighters.

No ring, no gloves, no rules.

Who are the fighters?

The winner gets a big paycheck.

Who's the other one?
The tattooed lady?

Don't think for too long. You'll get
paid even if you take a beating.

-We have to stop meeting like this.
-I didn't ask you here for fun.

I'll blow my cover if I have to
come here every night.

The woman with the dragon tattoo.
Vibeka Parsson

a Danish police officer.

Haxen helped her infiltrate Iskariot's
gang seven years ago.

-I want you out.

If she hasn't caught the guy yet,
how would you?

-Why didn't Haxen tell me?
-They found a woman's body in a river.

-They thought it was Vibeka.
-Maybe she changed sides.

Iskariot is making the fight happen.
And they need me for it.

We can catch them during it.

You'll need this.

Activate it when you arrive at the venue.

Anything else?

-Is Iskariot suspecting anything?
-How come?

Niko says he might have watched you
from a too short distance today.

Niko followed me to the farm?

How is Katia?

She's missing you.

-You don't have a clue, do you?
-I'm always at the station.

Pauliina is running our home.

You're lucky to have that kind
of a woman.

-Lena, hey...
-Let's just get this over with.

There isn't a building on Mikkis' list
where you could arrange a secret fight.

Is it any surprise?


Did you go through the subsidiaries'

The list here is endless.

The result was to be expected, since
the guy brought the folder here himself.

So I checked the other folders.

What did you find?

It's time for lunch.

Let's go. Come on.

Two warehouses weren't
on that list you gave us.

-They are...
-Owned by companies that you own.

I didn't know you'd be interested
in those, too.

We're going to search the places and
put them under surveillance.

No need. I can send security
guards there myself.

I just came here to notify you.
You can keep the paper.


-What was that about?
-No idea.

But if that hit the spot,
phones will start ringing.

You were just bullying him?

I was bullied at school, it's my turn now.

-The deal is off.
-What for?

My boss doesn't want to be
connected to anything illegal.

-You knew all along what was going on.
-You must have heard.

The police know about the fight.
They came asking questions.

-How did they know about it?
-How should I know? Ask your people.

Get some concrete information about what
the police knows and doesn't know.

I can't cancel the fight.

I'm here to return the money
and cancel the deal.

What a fucking mess.

Do you know that woman?

You better not approach Lena,
I can tell you that much.

Oh, shit.

What the hell are you doing here?

-This is my home.
-You weren't supposed to be here.

I'm going to therapy tomorrow.

I have this memory of you sticking a
needle in your arm.

You had a tattoo.

I remember playing with a piece of
rubber hose. It was orange.

I've never shot up.

How would I know that?

I'm telling you.

-You don't have that tattoo, either?
-I don't have time for this.

When will you?

When this case is over.

I don't believe you. We've never
talked, there's always something.

-You don't need to know everything.
-I never get to know anything!

Okay, I promise you.


I don't believe you.

I never had you down as a rock'n'roller.

Taste in music is one of the
things you can't pretend.

When your body hairs stand up, that's it.

When you followed Lena yesterday,
did something happen?

Like what?

Something that might put Lena in danger.
You saw something, didn't you?

Something that could cover her back
is more like it.

Something that should be left out
of the report.

You're not squeaky clean either when it
comes to women. Johanna Metso.

Niko, are you leaving soon?
Could you give me a lift downtown?

-No problem.
-You've been drinking.

I only had one glass. Let's go.


Thanks a lot.

Do you know if everything is okay
between Lena and Katia?

Everybody is interested in Katia. You
could try: "How are you doing?" instead.

-How are you doing?
-What's that to you?

It's part of my job description to
know about things.

You have to ask me later. Now I
have a favor to ask my boyfriend.

-Good night!
-Good night.

Do you have money for a taxi?

Quit acting like a second dad,
you'll spoil the mood. Bye!


-Who drove you here?
-Niko drove me.

He's a cop, as you can probably see.

I have something to tell you.
About Cerberus.

-He can listen.
-I can go.

No, stay.


I may have made a mistake.


Mikkis Ahola.

I made a wrong move. I got
Degerman Concern involved in this.

Wait a minute. I thought
that line of inquiry had been dropped.

What if Mikkis has warned

Iskariot of a possible raid?

They'll fix the fight somewhere else.

In that case, Lena is screwed.

Last minute nerves.

Let's not mess this up now.

Let's calm down and forget about
useless speculations. Heikkinen?

She has a tracking device.
We'll find the place.

I'm calling this thing off.
I want Lena out.

You're not calling anything off.

You're going to start
monitoring the operation.

Give me your phone.

Give me your phone!

Lappeenranta Police sent my mum to
a medical check-up.

It says that...

that she'd had a hysterectomy after
being shot in the line of duty.

So what?

You can't have children
without a womb.

This doesn't say when she was shot.

Katia, hey...

Stay put, I'll be right there.

Take your clothes off.
You'll wear what I tell you to wear.

I'm a bit busy right now, honey.

I'm on my way to Katia's place,
she's a mess.

She went on about a medical checkup
they did on her mum.

Isn't she with you?


Hello? Janina?

Whatever happens, don't go
into Katia and Lena's apartment!


Hello, can you hear me?



Where are we going?

Let go of me!

Get off me!


I'm going in.

The place is empty but the tracking
device has been activated.

We're looking for an empty or
abandoned place.

Remote, so the audience can come
there without drawing attention.

Just do your magic and tell us where
they've taken Lena!

I'm trying!

There's a body in here!

Oh, no.

No, no, no.

Oh hell! Oh shit!

The question is: who is Lena fighting
against if her opponent is there?

You're not going anywhere.

You broke my heart.

You were the second one already.

But tonight I'm going to settle the score.

Once and for all.

Make her pretty. I'm going
to take a look at the bait.

Tonight we have a little
present for you all!

We have a cat against dogs!

This is the cat's daughter.

The girl's going to be locked up there.

The dogs over there.

And her mum is going to fight for
her little girl here!

Magnus! Hamid! Bring out the
fighter and let's start the show!

Where can you find white sand
around here?

A remote, isolated place.


It's limestone dust! Get on the move!

The antidote we give you
after the fight.

If you survive.



There's no need for that anymore.

It's over.

-Where's Katia?
-She's right there.

Get me some pliers!

I was working in Russia back then.

I was employed by this...

influential man.

We were told to throw some junkies
out of a building that he owned.

Your mother was one of the junkies.

I found you...

inside a cardboard box.

You were wrapped inside some
dirty old shirts.

You were...

a little over a year old.

I asked a colleague in St. Petersburg
what was going to happen to you.

He told me you had two options: death
in the street or a Russian orphanage.

What happened to that woman?

Do you think she's still alive?

-I don't think so.
-But you don't know it for a fact?

I don't think she's alive anymore.