Bordertown (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Raivotar Osa 1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-You like to use pen and paper?
-When I need to think.

I've found five languages in there.


This clip is spreading across the net.

I couldn't trace the original uploader,
but the tech unit is working on it.

I've watched this five times, but I can't
find anything that places this in Finland.

Let alone eastern Finland.

I think Taina likes this Europol case
because of the dog fights.

It's her autopsy fetish again.

I've had it with dogs.

I'm going home.

I'm going out.


We're going to the movies with Janina.


I'll be home late.


Alright, let's keep going.
Take another step. Good.


And another one.

Daddy can't stay now,
Daddy has to go.

And then.

Let's get him in the chair.

So, so.

Take care, darling.
See you in a few days. Bye.

-Would you like a cup of coffee?
-Thanks, but I have to go.

Let's wave.

Is that for the council meeting tomorrow?


I want to make sure
everything is in order.

I hope you understand I haven't done
anything like this in a while, so... I might be a little...

You look so beautiful.

Nana. There's something coming
out of your mouth.


What are you...?

I'm sorry.

What for?

It was really nice.

No, I'm sorry about what is coming next.

Like what?

My phone will start ringing soon.

Dad will want to find out where I've been.

And he will find it out.

And he's going to find out
everything about you.


What if he doesn't ring?

I wish he wouldn't.

It's the police.

Good morning, Dad!

You didn't come home.

-It was late, so I stayed the night.

Are you sure you don't have Alzheimer's?
I'm worried about you.

-I went to see a movie with Katia.
-What movie?

A stupid sci-fi movie,

"Under the Skin". About
an alien that eats men.

-That's not playing in Lappeenranta.
-I know.

You lied?

I used to never lie to you since
you find everything out anyway.

Now I think lying to you is amusing
for the exact same reason.


I spent the night with my boyfriend
and we fucked all night.

Janina. Not now.

I was at Katia's place.
We stayed up late. Ask Lena.

There's another call coming in.
Call your mom, this is a big day for her.

I will.

-I have to take that call now.
-Go on, answer it!

-It's Hannu-Pekka.

Sorry to bother you, but I need your help.

What's happened?

Hi, Janina.

No, I'm not busy.


Excuse me.

Could you hand me some tissue?


You've got everything covered here,
so I'll get out of your way.

I'll go home and make Katia breakfast.

The woman was out of control.

We had to restrain her.

But there wasn't any alcohol
or drugs in her blood.

Anything to indicate mental problems?

Her ID says Natasha Kurylenko.

No indication of mental problems.
Her seizure seems quite physical.

Fever, nausea, cramps.

Nana is an ex athlete from Russia.

She lives here nowadays.

And you're together?

This was our second date.


What am I doing here? The one
who did that to you is lying there.

What did that to her will be
solved later by the doctors.

Nana had bruises.

When I saw her two months ago,
she had bruises.

Doctors aren't going to solve this.

You care about her that much?

I do.

-Five more minutes.
-You promised to take me.

-Five minutes.
-I can take a taxi.

Five minutes.

What was that look? That glance.

What glance?

When I asked about you two dating.
You're not, are you?

Natasha is a GFE escort.

I have Teemu. And the
pathologist's job, and...

It can be quite hard, you know.


She asked preliminary questions first,
about what I like.

About my wishes.

And now she's my pretend girlfriend.

Does what girlfriends do.

Like in a relationship.

A good relationship.

My relationship with Pauliina hasn't
evolved as far as yours, luckily.

Will you help me?

Send me all information you have
on Natasha. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks, Kari.

The patient has regained consciousness.

I'm coming. I won't miss the meeting.

-Where are you? There's an echo.
-At the hospital.

Kari is helping a colleague.

Anything we should know about?

I'll come straight to the meeting.

Okay, bye.

-Can I ask her a few questions?
-This is probably not a good time.

Just some basic facts.
They might help you, too.

-The patient is in no condition for that.
-This might be the last chance.

When I tell you to stop, you must stop.

Can you hear me, Nana?

Do you have an illness?

Nod if you can.

Have you been beaten up?

Excuse me?

Have you been in an accident?

I think we're done here.


Pauliina, wait!

I'm sorry, the patient woke up.
It took a while longer.

It's not that.

Let me take you.

This doesn't mean I forgot you,
or that I belittle your work.

I know. Can we go?

-Where were you last night?
-I told you. At the movies.

-With Janina?
-Only if Kari asks. Otherwise, no.


-Where are my trainers?
-Somewhere there.

Have you been wearing them?

I borrowed them a little.

Don't do that again.

Janina told me I shouldn't be nervous.

-What else did she say?
-That you'd told her to call me.

She was with that boy. Elias Ström.

-You don't want to know more.

Promise me not to check
the boy's background.

What for?

-For Janina's sake. She deserves it.
-I promise.

What I saw back at the hospital,
it brought everything back.

The day I lost the ability to speak
or move. Before the operation.

It was the worst thing that's
ever happened to me.

I need to succeed in my job.

I really hope the council
votes for the proposal.

What are they voting on?

Good morning.

Today in this extra meeting
we will make an urgent decision

on extra financing
for the city's casino project,

which includes building and repair work
at Holiday Club Saimaa

and the airport.

Niko, will you join a video meeting
with Europol?

You know best what's going on.

Well, I checked the border traffic
and called all the kennels. Nothing.

-Why wasn't this brought to us earlier?

Risto Karlsson, pensioner.

Reported that "some god-awful fucking
noise kept him awake three nights ago".

God-awful fucking noise?

That stuff belongs to the patrol units.

"The god-awful fucking noise continued
until two sixteen AM." Lena?

He was talking about dogs.

Kari and Lena, visit the old man.
We'll take care of the meeting.

-Send Lena and Niko. I'm going to Joensuu.
-What for?

-HP needs help.
-You're not going!

I won't be of any use here.

Why Joensuu?

Good afternoon.

You're the police?

Clever deduction.
Was it our car that gave us away?

DS Uusitalo, and Jaakkola.
You called about some noise?

The night before last. I thought you
couldn't fucking care less.

You live there?

Clever deduction.
No wonder you're policemen.

-What did you hear?
-Not just heard.

Cars coming and going all night.
Like some goddam festival.

-A patrol unit came by later.
-It was quiet by then.

-But it was hell all night.
-What kind of hell?


Is that always open?

Always. Locked. Locked always.

-We'll take a look.

Wait by the car, please.

Why is this empty?

-Degerman Concern.

-They own these buildings, too, it seems.
-Is there a connection with the mayor?

The Degerman family
owns the local timber business.

The whole town, really.

We don't have a search warrant.

But this is always open, always.

Lots of people have been here
to watch something.

That something has taken place here.


Do you have an extra pair of gloves?
I forgot mine.

This is blood.

Someone has tried to wipe them off.

Someone has tried
to clean the place, in a hurry.

I think Europol is right.
The latest dog fight took place in here.

One more. A bit bigger smile, please.

You're so beautiful in these.

I can't believe you haven't done
this before.

Try to look a little more seductive.

-This is a weird situation.
-I know, but...

Forget the camera.

Close your eyes and listen to the music.

If you don't like the pictures,
I'll throw them away.

But now, just do
what this music would make you do

if there was nobody watching,
expecting anything.

Just do what you feel like doing.

You're super beautiful.

To a well prepared proposal
and a saved project.

Future challenges will be waiting
for us tomorrow.

But now I want to raise a toast
to our secretary, Pauliina...

I was about to say Rajala, but...
To Pauliina Sorjonen!

-Cheers! Or what do you say here?
-Bottoms up!

Before we continue,
I'd like to have a word with Mikkis.

So, if you'll excuse us.

I didn't want Prelego, it was your dad.

Now he wants them to invest
in the casino project.

Involving Degerman Concern
is an option, too.

I won't do that. I don't want to get my
family name mixed up in this.

Do you want me
to take care of this or not?

-We'll take care of it.

Go back in there and ask Pauliina here.


You won us a big victory for us today.

I didn't do it alone.

But thanks to you, we were able
to justify the project to the council.

Mikkis' job is to take care of investors
and to see the project through, but...

But to be honest,
I don't really trust him.

You don't?

Ask him to lunch. Tell him he has
to report to you from now on.

I want you to monitor the project
and see that we reach our goal.

But it's not in my job description, is it?

Paul Degerman's habit
of shirking responsibility

seems to be in the genes.

And you do exactly
what Robert tells you to do, right?

I just do my job.

This is not part of your job.

What if I refuse?

Then I'll go back to the city hall,

and call every investor. I'll tell them
the project is alive because of me.

And to direct any questions
about the project to me.

Or you can do as you're asked,
continue your work and report to me.

And get the credit when the project
is completed.

Knowing Robert, it will be.
Whether you or me obey him or not.

You can mark this lunch down
as a project expense, then.

To avoid confusion about
whose project this is.

I already paid, with lunch vouchers.
This is not a project expense.

Hello? Irina?

Irina, are you here?

We'll be there in 90 minutes.

The local police handed Irina over
to us for an autopsy.

I need information on Irina
and Natasha's families.

Irina was some kind of a boxer.
Natasha was an athlete, too.

Find out what sports they have been
involved with. Niko!

I didn't ask you to ask
for Taina's permission.

Just do what I tell you
and hope Taina won't ask questions.

Thanks, bye.

The lab has analyzed the warehouse
samples. It's canine blood.

A dog fight. Here. We have proof.

Have some coffee.
Extra energy for the evening.

I want to see the warehouse owner. Niko?

I need to do office work.

You need evidence
to pay the Degermans a visit.

Not to accuse them.

To tell them empty warehouses interest
Europol, to let us deal with it.


I have a lot of paperwork.

Something wrong with your ears?

Go with her. Now.

I'll be tied up for an hour.
Taina sent us to the Degermans' place.

I'll continue as soon as I get back
to my computer.

Alright. Bye.

Paul asked me to show you
into the office.

He's in another meeting right now,
but I can help you.

-We've met briefly.

I'm the security manager
at Degerman Concern these days.

-Niko and me have a history together.
-We'd like a word with Paul.

I believe you would.

Come in. You can talk to me first.

Take a seat.

In brief, police officer Susi
informed us that our warehouse

had been broken into three days ago.

The locks had been broken.
We informed the police.

We're looking for new uses
for the closed down warehouses.

So, they're not guarded daily.

We don't know
who has broken into them or why.

-What do you want to know?
-How often do you guard them?

Any break-ins earlier? Who has access?

And who knows they're empty? For starters.

I've been on your side in these situations
so many times,

it's quite interesting to see it
from this perspective.

Niko, if we had any information
that could help,

I'd tell you. But we don't.

I'll find answers to your questions,
no need to bother Paul.

We have a little different question
for Paul.

-Like what?
-Ones we won't be asking you.


DS Lena Jaakkola, SECRI.

DS Niko Uusitalo.

I know your father. A good man.

I made a small donation
to his election campaign...

...back when it was still simple to do.

How can I help you?

Europol has been trying to catch dog
fight organizers for two years.

Your warehouse wasn't randomly chosen.

People with power, know-how
and money are involved.

Are you

or anybody inside the
concern interested in dog fights?

We presume someone inside
the concern is involved.

I don't have time to answer
your questions right now.

Mikael and Johanna
will surely be able to help you.

If there is anything more...

...arrange another appointment.

I'm sorry.

Kurylenko and Kihlberg's father used
to worked for DM concern.

He's retired, but still living
in a company apartment.

-Send me the address.
-You're meeting him first thing.

No! Send Lena there right away.

Okay. Talk to you later.

-What are you doing here?
-I got a phone call.

What you did this morning is not okay.

You used your authority to transfer a body
without informing me!

Would you explain yourself to me?

The link between the one sick girl

and the dogs was so weak that...

I didn't want to bring it up
before finding out a little more.

You can't make these decisions
on your own.

I found Natasha Kurylenko's sister.

She had bite marks.

There is a connection
between the girls and the dog fights.

You've used up all the slack I've cut you.

From now on, you're going
to tell me everything.

Or you won't be able to work
for us any longer.

The police!

What's the cage for?

A bull terrier doesn't always know
how to behave around guests.

-Where is it now?
-No longer with us.

When did you last see your daughters,
Irina and Natasha?

They haven't called me in years.

Come here and sit down, would you?

Irina is dead. We found her today.

She was...

...just a girl.

She was.

No, I mean, when I last saw her.

Did you take your dog to fights?

My girls were fighters. Like you.

-Was your dog used in fights?
-Somebody took it, a month ago.

Took away the only thing I had left.

We're making history.

If the tests are positive,

we might have our first rabies victim
since the 50s on the table.


I studied the skin.

My guess is that a dog bit her leg
and side about three, four weeks ago.

Isn't this a rabies free country?

If the tests come out positive,
we were one.

Can you date it?

It's hard since I don't have
anything to compare it with.

The incubation period...

...may vary from a few days
up to a month. I checked.

What worries me the most is whether
I was able to vaccinate myself in time.

The disease is transmitted through
saliva, other body fluids, blood.

So, I'm in a high-risk group.

But so are you.

Considering the sisters' occupation,

so are probably a few others, too.

We have to wait for the official results.

-Are you afraid it's something else?
-I'm afraid it isn't.

We'll react first thing in the morning,
unless we get a positive result tonight.

-We're waiting until the morning?
-We don't want a panic.

So keep your mouth shut
until we know for certain.




The disease is transmitted through
saliva, other body fluids, blood.

Good evening, Sorjonen.

I just wanted to know how you're doing.

I'm fine.

You visited Natasha Kurylenko's
apartment today?

I did.

Were you bare-handed, have skin
contact with any of the traces there?

How come?

I can't tell you yet. Was anybody
else in contact with the traces there?

-What is this about?
-Did someone touch anything or not?

Have you borrowed my trainers?

I borrowed Katia's shoes.

Where's Katia?

There. She's supposed
to be there with Janina.

She isn't here. You have to find her.

-If I call you, answer immediately!
-Tell me what this is about first.


You can't tell anybody.


Keep your phone close by.


-Have you seen Katia today?

This is important.

What you've been doing,
what's true and what's not isn't.

Katia is in danger. You too, if you've
spent any time with her today.

-So, have you seen Katia today?

She said she'd been with you.

Because I told her to say so.


Aren't you going to tell me off?


When have I ever done that?

Nothing so far. What about over there?

Try to remember what Katia said.

Where she said she'd go with Janina.

-She mentioned dancing.
-Anything about this evening?

I don't remember. I'll try to remember.

Call me if you see anything.


Have you seen a red-haired girl?

Short, petite... No?

-The movie was good.
-Yeah, I liked it. It was funny.

-I'll see you tomorrow at school?
-Yes, see you! Bye!

-Your phone was switched off.
-I was watching a movie.

Show me your shoe.

Show me your shoe.


Because I want to see it. Now.

And we should learn to communicate.

-You lie to me, do what you want.
-You never tell me anything.

-You think that's communication?
-You know I hate lying.

Your whole life is based on lying.

I try hard to tell you everything.

-No you don't!
-Yes I do!

Why did you want to see my shoes, then?

What's that about?

I'm not allowed to tell you.

What did I just say?

I'll have a single malt now,
if you don't mind. Would you like one?

Natasha, or Nana, really made an
impression on you, didn't she?

Is it that obvious?

Can I ask you something?

Why do you do it?


After Teemu's mother went out to get
some milk and never came back...

...after that I started thinking...

...what kind of a person
would understand my situation.

Since I'm paying for company now,

the situation is just
what I want it to be.

Sounds depraved whichever way
you put it, doesn't it?

Ends and means.

It's so hard to bring anybody
into my life.

It gets lonely, though, doesn't it?

You're afraid of people's reaction
to Teemu, so you lead a lonely life?

No, I'm afraid of Teemu's reaction.

His mother is important to him,
even though she's not around anymore.

I couldn't do it to Teemu.
It wouldn't be right.

What are you thinking?

I have a method. A certain
way of finding things out.

About others and myself.
Might sound a bit depraved, too.


...great detectives
have their own systems, don't they?

I have to be one step ahead of others.

There's one important reason for it.

I want to protect my family.
Keep crime away from my home.

It's an admirable reason.

The system is failing, worse than ever.

If a daughter is hiding something,
her parents should intervene, right?

-Has Katia said something?

But I can see it.
What is he like, is he nice?


The one who got you out of
the pool in that party?

I don't want to announce it. I don't
even know what I want from him yet.

He's into photography?


I had a boyfriend who took pictures,
too, when I was a teenager.

Saucy pictures,
they ended up in the wrong hands.

-Have you seen my pictures?
-It was a disaster. It ruined my life.

I didn't start modeling abroad
because I wanted to, I had to escape.

-You've been spying on my computer!
-Don't be so trusting.

Get rid of the pictures
before Kari finds them!

If your method is causing you problems,
come up with a new one.

It's part of who I am.



Okay. Wait a moment.

Nana is conscious.

They forced us to...

...fight with dogs.

They made the dogs crazy and... of them bit Ira.

I buried the dogs.

They made me bury the dogs...

...after we had killed them.

They're buried in my dad's field.

Are you professional fighters?

The third one...

...was a professional.

Third one?

They cover all their tracks.

They kill...