Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 20 - The High in the Low - full transcript

The remains of a young female found in a tree log are heavily consumed over four months, yet identified as Mallory Briggs, one of Dr. Richard Burke's legal medicinal marijuana shop's clerks, a former art student. The murder weapons must be extraordinarily complex, hence hard to identify. Booth's team must consider several possible motives, including a stalking-suspected security guard's unrequited love and several angles to link her with illegal drug trade. Wendell finds returning to work a relief from physically ruinous cancer therapy, but candor about his legal use of medicinal marijuana disqualifies him as federal employee.

Get to work.

What you got? Hey...!

Stick with it!

Hey! Go, go!

Caught a scent down that way!

Follow him now!


Down here! Hey!

Easy! Hey!
Easy, easy!

Get me out of here!

Take me back to jail!

I want to go back!

Here, boy, here!

Hey, hey, hey!

Look at that.


I'm gonna hang that on the fridge.

Your shooting arm usually tires
after this amount of time.

Well, you know, a lot of push-ups,
pull-ups, my daily running.

I'm gonna ace
this Bureau's competency test.

Are you been preparing for the
mental portion of the exam, too?

I know what I'm doing.

Okay? Look.

They're gonna ask me some stupid questions.

And I'll score in the 90th percentile,

like I always do, every year.

I assume you wanted to score
higher than the 90th percentile.

There are games and applications

to help hone your critical thinking skills.

I got my gut.

You're very set in your ways.

I'm not set in my ways.

I never have been, I never will be.


Whoa, look at that?

Maybe we can get you a game
for your shooting.


Yeah, okay.
Okay, great, on our way.

Listen, we got a body in,
Great Falls National Park.

Okay. I'll drive.

I always drive.

I know, but since you're not set

in your ways, it'll be a nice change.

Well... what-what
do you mean "nice change"?

I always drive the car.

All I'm saying is that you could benefit

by not being so stubborn.

I let you drive.

How is that being stubborn?

Even though you told me, the whole time,

I was driving the wrong way?

are you t-talking about?

I was helping you out, all right?

Now, that is you being stubborn.

We got here, didn't we?
You finally made it.

We did.
Just in time to open the present.

Oh, whoa!

Very cool.


Really? Seriously?

I mean, d-don't you guys ever
get revolted by this stuff?

I mean, come on!
Look at him!

He's folded in half like an omelet.

And I'm assuming he didn't
just crawl in there himself.


Camponotus pennsylvanicus...

So, most of these bugs

are residents of the log, not the remains.

The nearest road around here's
about two miles,

so this is definitely not
a drag and dump situation.

These remains are severely
degraded and riddled with holes.

The fungus on these clothes says

the victim's been here less than a year.

I mean, I'll be able to be more specific

once I get these spores back to the lab.

Well, these bones are
being eaten by termites.


Actually, yeah, termites have been known

to eat bone for the nitrogen.

The sharp nasal sill suggests Caucasian,

the presence of a Ventral arc

indicates female.
Look, guys.

There's a lot of bugs crawling in here.

Well, we uncorked the scent of death.

It's gonna attract thousands.

Bones, what do you say we just, you know,

get her back to the lab?

Come on.
I'm still working, Booth.

Aah, geez!

Something's crawling up my pants.

Oh, yeah. It's probably an alderfly.
They like it up there.

'Cause, you know, it's warm, toasty.

You hang out with the termites.

I'm going back to the car.

Forget this.

I'm out.

There are so many bugs
I can barely see the remains.

How soon can you
remove them, Dr. Hodgins?

I need the bones clean.

I gotta finish removing the clothing.

Then I'll try to pull DNA
from this hair and scalp tissue,

and start running it through CODIS.

Well, I hope you find a match,

because the bugs' little facial feast here

is gonna make a reconstruction impossible.

All right, based on the Aspergillus spores

and the Stachybotrys chartarum colonies,

the victim was dumped four months ago.

I love the smell of science in the morning.

Mr. Bray!


Mr. Bray, very
good to have you back.

This guy, rocking the naked noggin.

Sorry, let's not make this about me.

I actually think you're
kind of making the cancer thing

very sexy, Wendell.

Ewing's sarcoma has
an 80% mortality rate, Angela.

That's not sexy.

Thanks for the reminder, Dr. B.

My pleasure.

Your treatment must've been pretty intense.

Are you sure you're ready
to be back at work?

Being here is like vacation
compared to chemo.

There's a slight incidence
of erosive lesions on the

metacarpophalangeal joints.

And a lot of bugs.

That, coupled with the multiple

remodeled thoracic
vertebral body fractures.

That suggests the victim may
have suffered from lupus.

No wonder you missed me.

But lupus has been known

to cause terrible pain and organ failure.

Maybe we're dealing with a mercy killing.

I wasn't suggesting that having

a serious illness makes life not worth...

I-I don't want any tiptoeing
around my illness, okay?

I have cancer.
It's part of my life.

For now.

Yes, for now.

So, we just have to accept...

I'm sorry, but is

that distal phalanx crawling away?

Yeah, I should really probably
get rid of these bugs.

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Look, what's the big deal?

I know you help put the mental
part of the test together.

Right, but that doesn't mean I
can give you the answers, Booth.

I'm not looking for the answers, okay?

I'm just trying to see what kind

of questions are gonna be on the test.

The test is day after tomorrow.

Don't you feel ready?

Come on, I was born ready.

Are you kidding me?

Look at my past scores.

Never scored nothing lower than 90%.

Well, then I'm sure you'll be fine.

Yeah, forget I asked.

Just take a look at the pictures there.

So, what do you think?

Who hides a body in an old log?

You think Cam is right?
This was a mercy killing?

No, whoever disposed of the body

showed no respect, no care for her...

Was the victim killed at the scene

or was she dragged to the log?

Do you know?
We don't know yet.

She's been there four months.

All this bad weather has
washed the evidence away.

Now, my guess is that
it was a spontaneous act.

Otherwise a grave would've been dug, right?

Great. Cam ran the DNA, but
the victim wasn't in the system.

Now we don't know who we're dealing with.

So, you want to do better
than the 90th percentile then?

I just want to solve this case.

Let's stop talking about the test.

All right.

I always do well.

So this is what the future looks like.

Yeah, and to think, a couple of months ago,

this room was a janitor's closet.

I am so glad it's gone.

I can't imagine how many relationships

began and ended in here.

I'd like to officially introduce
you to the Jeffersonian's

new Three-Dimensional
Holographic Emulation Outlet.

Or THEO for short.

Well, I've captured the contours
of the victim's skull.

I feel like I should be
wearing silly glasses

and eating popcorn.

I'll have some next time -

I'll pop in a couple of eyeballs...

Apply the muscle...

Add the skin...

And the hair...

And we have our victim.


Money well-spent.

Now, we run the hologram
through Missing Persons.

How do you think, Wendell is doing?

He's a little thinner.

But his work is superb.

I'm impressed.

Yeah. Me, too.

And I'm angry.

Old people die, not Wendell.

Wendell's very much alive, Angela.

And that's how he wants us to see him.

Yeah, but his odds...
We have to do what he's doing.

Focus on what's possible.

I officially love THEO.

We have our victim.

28-year-old Abby Briggs.

Reported missing by her sister
four months ago.

We're very sorry for the loss

of your sister, Ms. Briggs.

Had your sister received any threats?

I mean, did she mention anyone
who'd want to do this to her?


But... we were busy, so I...

sometimes we wouldn't talk
for a few weeks at a time.

Your sister had lupus?


She was diagnosed three years ago.

It was horrible.

I mean...

she even had to drop out of art school

because it was too painful to draw.

Based on the amount of remodeled
vertebral fractures,

her case had to have been severe.

Yeah, she was in constant pain.

Which is why
she was self-medicating.

You mean she was...

Was she doing illegal drugs?

Oh, God, no, no.

She was using cannabis to treat the pain.

That could've been very effective for her.

Well, it is still illegal.

And being in contact with drug dealers

can be very dangerous.

No, this was all legal.

Her doctor recommended it.

And she had her medical marijuana card.

Did it help her?

Abby had a bad reaction to pharmaceuticals,

and the cannabis definitely helped.

I mean, she was even able to draw again.

She was so grateful, she even
got a job at the dispensary.

We're go. na need the name
of that dispensary.

Oh, sure. It's, um, it's the
Full Health Wellness Center.

Abby said the doctor there saved her life.

You're gonna use pen and paper
to remove the termites?

Pretty cool?

What are you gonna do?
Write "No Termites Allowed"?

Hey, you want clean bones, don't you?

Watch and learn.

Now, termites are guided by pheromones,

so the black ink in the pen

mimics the characteristics
of their trail-making pheromone.

So you're gonna trick them

into thinking this is a trail
leading from the bone?

It's the least barbaric method
I could think of.

And if it works on this,

it'll work on the rest of the bones.

Oh, my God!

You're the Pied Piper of termites.

Pretty cool?

I gotta tell you, Wendell,

for a guy who's just had
a bunch of cytotoxic chemicals

pumped into his body,
you appear to be doing great.

I don't really have a choice.

You do whatever you have
to to get by, right?

Well, you' a stronger man than I am.

Making you look bad is one
of the things that keeps me going.

Hey, that's not termite damage.

There's a Monteggia's fracture

to the proximal end of the ulna.

More evidence of diffused
blunt-force trauma

to the right ulna as well.

Defensive wounds?

Yeah. Our victim didn't
go down without a fight.

I can't believe we're driving
to a pot store.

Cannabis is a reasonable alternative method

of treating glaucoma, nausea, seizures.

Hey, Bones, I'm a federal agent, okay?

So, on a federal level,
marijuana's still illegal.

But you're a resident of
the District of Columbia, where it is not.

Why are we having this argument, all right?

Let's just stop, all right?
I took an oath.

So from where I sit, the law is clear.

But cannabis has been used

for thousands of years
in a medicinal capacity.

Even the ancient Egyptians used
marijuana to treat hemorrhoids.

Which, you know, they probably got

from sitting around being stoned all day.

You're so set in your ways.

What, you think a couple hits
from a, you know, a bong

might help my critical thinking skills?

Dr. Burke, these
are federal agents.

I'm Dr. Richard Burke.

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

This here's my associate,
Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Full Help Wellness is in total
compliance with DC laws.

If you shut us down, people will suffer.

Okay, just relax, okay?
It's not a raid.

I just have to ask you
a few questions about

one of your employees, Abby Briggs.

Oh, God...
Her remains were

discovered in Great Falls National Park.

I kind of figured this was coming.

What's that?

Well, Abby was very passionate

about the work that we were doing here.

She wouldn't have just
disappeared without telling us.

Your work.

Yes, our work.
I'm a doctor,

not a drug dealer, Agent Booth.

My only concern here
is helping our patients.

Well, Abby was killed four months ago.

Was there anyone who came
through here who threatened her?

No, Abby was liked by everyone.

Excuse me, Dr. Burke.
There was that kid.

Wait a second. What kid?

From Fulton University.

This is the security footage.

For the safety of employees and patients,

everything in the dispensary
from seed to sale

is captured on security cameras.

This was taken
the day before Abby disappeared.

Give me my card back.

This is fake, you know it!

It's not a fake.
I'm sick!

You can get us shut down!

For God's sakes, who's gonna know?
Get out of here!

Get out of here before I call the police!

I'm not gonna forget this.


You don't remember this?

I think you were out that day.

It's possible.
I-I do research as well as sell.

But I've heard of kids trying to get

in other dispensaries, too.

I just wanted some weed.

I'm not a killer.

What you did was illegal, Adam.
And I'm sure it wasn't

the only illegal thing you ever done.

Come on. I made a bogus medical
marijuana card.

It's the same thing as a fake
I.D. for beer, right?

That lady freaked.

That woman has a name, all right?

It's Abby Briggs and she's dead.
How about a little respect?

I'm sorry.

Look, I don't even smoke that much.

I swear, I just wanted
a couple joints to celebrate.

Celebrate what?

I just won the Fulton
Emerging Writers Award.

It's a big deal.
Big deal.

And that wasn't good enough for you?

You needed what, a little weed

to help you feel better about yourself?

Look, I'm not
some dumb-ass pothead.

I get really good grades,
I'm on a scholarship...

You're on a scholarship...

And if Abby turned you in,
you lose that scholarship

and you get tossed out of school.

Check my record...

I've never been in trouble before.

We know that Abby fought
with her killer, right?

We also know that you went
to the Student Health Services

and reported that you had two bruised ribs

the day after she disappeared.

That's because the rent-a-cop
at the dispensary

whacked me with my flashlight
when he threw me out.

What kind of a writer are you?

Fiction, non-fiction...?

Essays and things like that.

What does that have to do with anything?

I'm just trying
to figure out how good you are

at making up stories, that's all.

Look at this.

Termites did a number on these bones.

I checked out the victim.

She wrote a lot of articles.

She was pretty passionate about making sure

people had access to cannabis.

Yeah? I had that same
passion in college.

I'm serious.
People like her

made sure that people
like me could get help.

You have a card?

I never smoked before the cancer.

I was strictly a beer guy.

But during the chemo,
my doctor suggested it,

to help with the nausea
and the weight loss.

And? It helped?

Yeah. And early research from Israel
shows that cannabis may

also be effective in
fighting the growth of cancer cells.

Plus, with a 80% mortality rate,

why wouldn't you try
anything that looks promising?

Listen, man, I just want you
to know why I'm doing it,

and I would never do it when I'm working.

Hey, man, you don't have
to make excuses on my account.

If I were in your shoes, I'd be doing

the exact same thing.
It's for you.


Maybe we could keep this between us?

Of course, sure, but, buddy, no one is
gonna judge you for that.

Especially not here.

Oh, whuh-oh!

It looks like I'm taking
one of your friends.

What is he doing here?

That's Dendroctonus frontalis,
it's a southern pine beetle.

It's just that the log

and all the trees around it are white oaks.

This little guy got introduced
to the log from someplace else.

Hey, how'd it go with the college kid?

Not sure. He's pretty dumb
for a smart kid.

I'm gonna keep an eye on him.

Oh! Stupid game.

What are you doing?

Some critical thinking game
that Bones keeps talking about.

To improve your test score?

This is fine for the squints,

but for me, you know what?
I'm in the 90th percentile,

so, you know, if it ain't broke,
then you know what I mean?

Yes, I do.

Good. You know what?
Glad you agree.

I just said I know what you mean.

This is the victim's sketch book.

She was able to draw again
when she started medicating.

Wow, she was good.
Yeah, very.

In my clinical training,
we used subjects' artwork

as a sort of window
into their subconscious.

Look at, look at this one.

Wait a second.
That's the security guard.

Notice how he's staring at her.

He's ogling her in every image of him.

And there are a lot.

No matter what's going on
around him, he's always

staring at her.
He wanted her.

And notice how far away

she places herself from him
in every picture.

He's in love with Abby,

and she didn't want anything
to do with him.

Maybe he couldn't take no for an answer.

It's a logical conclusion.

I got that with no computer game?

How about that?

These are the last of the bone fragments

that Hodgins found in the log.

Very good, Mr. Bray.

Your work on this case has been excellent.

Thank you.

How are your side-effects
from chemotherapy?

They've been pretty severe.

I was given metoclopramide

and granisetron, but the expense
and the side-effects,

they-they aren't agreeing
with me.

There appears to be evidence
of blunt-force trauma

to the ascending ramus
of the right mandible.

The depressed collinear
fracture's consistent

with an impact from a curved blunt object.

Perhaps you should try cannabis.

I'll be fine.

I would never recommend
ingesting it recreationally,

because it's illegal, but medicinally,

if the pharmaceuticals are problematic,

I would definitely try it.

Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

Didn't Booth say
that the college kid accused

the security guard of hitting
him with a flashlight?


Well, the curved handle
of the heavy flashlight

could have certainly caused
this fracture to the mandible.

You think I killed her with my flashlight?!

This is crazy!

Crazy? I don't know.
What was it, Carl,

was it one of those, "If I can't
have her, no one can"?


Look, she was friendly to me
for a long time,

so I got the signals mixed up.

But then she changed.

She started acting secretive
at work whenever she saw me.

So I backed off.

What do you mean by secretive?

Like, she'd be talking with a patient,

and I'd walk in the room,
and they'd both stop talking.

Maybe you creeped her out.


You hear what they were talking about?

No. Like I said,
she would just clam up

and stare at me when I walked in.

Awfully convenient of you
to bring all this up now.

I need your flashlight
to compare to injuries on Abby.


"Oh," what?

I don't have that one anymore.

The one I had when Abby was still there.

Why does that not surprise me?

While this isn't the guard's flashlight,

it is the same make and model
we saw him carrying

on the security video.

The fracture lines are
consistent with a blow

from a flashlight this heavy.

However, the dimensions of the fracture

are too narrow to have
been created by this model.

So it wasn't the guard.

All we've determined is that
it's not his flashlight.

Booth still feels that
he's a viable suspect,

so he could have used another weapon.

Dr. Brennan,
I-I can't lie to you.

Why would you have to?

I have been using cannabis.

Why would you lie about that?

Because I didn't want you to think

that it would compromise my performance.

I-I would never use it at work.

Mr. Bray, we're scientists.

Hopefully, we're not ruled by
hysteria, fueled by ignorance.

You're fighting for your life.

Yeah, but while I'm here,

I want you to think
that I'm living it well.

I do.

As a matter of fact,

I think that you're an example to us all.

Is there anything else?


Then I noticed a fracture
to the superior aspect

of the left clavicle.

Oh, the termites had a feast with that one.

There appears to be
a V-shaped cleft.

The angle of the wound
track is too wide to have

been caused by a blade
and too narrow to have been

created by the weapon
that fractured the mandible.

So we're looking for a weapon
that's both curved and blunt,

but also has sharp corners.

Unless the killer used multiple weapons.

Or we're dealing with multiple killers.

What, did you call down here
just to impress me?

No. But now you know how
I get ready for a test.

Especially since you won't help me.

I'm sorry for having scruples.

All right, well, anyways,

I went through Abby's
credit card statements.

Three months before she was murdered...

...she was buying
camping equipment.

No. Based on what
we know about her,

she wasn't an outdoorsy type.

Why is she spending money
on tents and hotplates

when she doesn't even have
any money to begin with?

Maybe she was combating issues
of self-reliance, right?

'Cause of the lupus?
Maybe she felt

she needed to prove to herself

that she could still survive on her own.

Right. And what better
place to do that

than good old Mother Nature?

Come on, let's go. Oh.

This is a cognitive

exercise board

for abstract thinking.
Yeah, I know.

Bones, she just put
that in my bag, you know?

It's not like I'm using it
or anything like that.

Come on, just shut your mouth,
let's go to work, okay?

Come on. Let's go.

Hey, Dr. Saroyan,
do you have a minute?

Of course.

Have you found something?

Oh, yes, Dr. Brennan
and I found evidence

to suggest there may have been
more than one assailant.

I will pass that along to Booth.


I'm sorry, was there something else?

Yes, I...

had a talk with Dr. Brennan

and I thought I should tell you...

I've been using cannabis
to help with my chemo.



of course. I'm not going
into any dark alleys

or anything like that.

I understand.

Do you find that it's,
been working for you?

Chemo is still tough,

it helps, very much so.

Then I would feel
horrible asking you to stop.

You want me to stop?

No, I...

This is a federal institution,
Mr. Bray.

And federally,

there's no such thing
as legal marijuana use.

Well, yeah, I'm...
I'm not using it at work.

Well, it doesn't matter.
In the eyes of the law,

your use of a Schedule One
drug could call into question

every piece of evidence you handle.

Even if we did catch the killer,

he could walk because of you.

What are you...
what are you saying?

I'm saying...

...that as long as you're
using marijuana,

I-I can't allow you
to work here.

You're firing me?

There are rules that I
have to follow, Mr. Bray,

as much as I hate them.

I understand.

I'm really, really glad

that this treatment is working for you.

I-I... I appreciate that.

And... I'm sorry
I put you in...

in an awkward position.

I'll go gather my things.

I... Mr. Bray...

I'm sorry.

I cannot believe that Cam fired him!

Who fires somebody with cancer?

This is my fault.

I told him that no one
here was gonna judge him.

It's not your fault, honey.
It's Cam's.

She said herself that
he was doing great work.

Yeah? Well, maybe
I should tell Cam

that if Wendell's gone, I'm gone, too.

Except you know that
Wendell would not want that.

This totally sucks.

You guys wanted to see me?

I know, I know...

He needs this job, Cam.

With what he's going through,

he-he needs to be
a part of something.

He needs a family.

Thank you, Dr. Hodgins, because
I didn't feel bad enough.

Then why can't you just tell...

You know why.

I mean, you guys are looking
for a villain in all this

and you've settled on me,

and if that makes you feel better, fine.

But hate me while we work on this case.

Angie, do you mind
calling up a satellite image

of Great Falls National Park?

So the X is where the body was found.

All right, we need to find
a grove of Pinus virginiana,

or Virginia Pine.

It-it's got to be where the
southern pine beetle came from.

Well, how do I do that?

There should be one northeast
of where the dump site was.

Just look for a patch of
yellowish vegetation.

Okay. Got it.

And the pollen I found?

Cirsium vulgare.

It's-it's spear thistle.

It's got to be near a body of water.

Well, this stream is the only water source.

All right, we're looking
for a purple flower, then.

The pollen from that was the last thing

she inhaled before she died.

Yeah. Good. Bingo.

You found the murder site.

Yeah, great.

Well, it was definitely Abby's campsite.

Look at that.

We, if she was killed here,

we might be able to find some blood.

Look, you think that I should call Wendell?

Do you find that his getting fired

changes your stance on medicinal marijuana?

Come on, I don't have that luxury.

The law is the law.

- You know that, Bones.
- Well, in Virginia,

it's illegal for children to
trick-or-treat on Halloween.

Premarital sex is also illegal there.

We had sex before we were
married in Virginia.

Wait a second. That's different.
Everybody has sex.

- Well, there's blood, Booth.
- Blood?

Yeah. That's not
all we've got.


- Abby was growing marijuana?
- Hah!

Looks like about half the
plants have been taken, too.

I mean, you think the weed
is what got her killed?

Well, if this was all about the weed,

then why'd the killer just take half?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Thanks for meeting me.

Listen, sorry about what happened today.

Yeah, yeah. Me, too.
How's the case coming?

Oh, you know. One step forward,
two steps back.

Just trying to figure out
why she would grow

her own weed, you know, illegally.

You'll do it.
You always do.

All right. Coffee.

- Yeah.
- Coming up.

But that's not why we're meeting?

I do miss helping with the case.

But... no.

I was just wondering...

you would've done the
same thing, wouldn't you?

You know, Cam really didn't
really have a choice.

Neither would I.
Yeah, I get that, but...

just... it makes no sense
that I'm being punished.

I'm just fighting the cancer
any way that I can,

just like you told me to.

No, look, I understand that,

but Wendell, I, you know...
I work in the law. Okay?

I'm a law-abiding citizen,
I always have been.

I've never even touched the stuff.

Hey, I-I respect that.

I really do. I...

I didn't come here to
make you feel guilty...

I just wanted you to know
that I'm not a loser.

I would never think that you're a loser.

What you're dealing with, and...

Forget that I'm an agent
right now, all right?

I'm your friend.

And you shouldn't have
been punished for it.


Thanks, man, that...

that means a lot, coming from you.

I couldn't figure out why Abby
was growing her own pot.

I mean, she had a whole dispensary
to take advantage of.

So I analyzed the remaining
plants we found in the woods.

Well, she was very knowledgeable.

I imagine her plants were of high quality.

They were, but not in
the way you'd imagine.

So the Tetrahydrocannabinol
content in her strain

was only four percent.

That's extremely low.

It would barely have
any psychoactive effect.

And check this out.

So the strain tested through
the roof for cannabidiol.


CBDs account for the medicinal
effects of marijuana.

It's perfect for use as a...

as an anti-inflammatory,
anti-nausea medicine,

for seizures, glaucoma... It
would give relief to patients

without getting them intoxicated.

But that wouldn't have been
a big seller at the dispensary.

But Abby wasn't in it for the money.

So after searching through
five mind-numbing days

of dispensary footage, I think
I might have found something.

Did you catch it?

The handshake.

She only shook hands
with every few patients.

And Abby always initiated it.

Here are a few others.


so she's very friendly.

Maybe these are her favorite people.

Could be.

But look what she's got in her hand.

Abby was dealing her own
pot out of the dispensary?

You gave up a lot
to open up your dispensary,

didn't you, Dr. Burke?

Even closed your medical practice.

I didn't feel as if
I was giving up anything.

I'm still doing research and
I'm still helping patients.

But if somebody jeopardized your operation,

you'd lose everything.

I can imagine that would
make you very angry.

What are you getting at?

We have evidence that Abby
sold pot out of your shop.

Okay, that's ridiculous.

We have the best medicine.
Abby knew that.

There'd be no need for her to.

But you don't have the strain
that Abby was selling.

High in cannabidiol, low in THC.

I see where you're going with this.

But only licensed growers
can supply your dispensary.

And none of them grow the
strain high in cannabidiol.

Which is what I told her
when she asked about the strain.

So you warned her.



But... not that way.

You could have lost

everything you'd worked
for because of Abby.

You know what I think happened?

I think you went out to talk to her.

You followed her out to her grow, right?

You're out in the middle of nowhere,

things got out of hand...

So you killed her to save your business.

You know, I've tried to help.

The Feds always try to demonize us.

I'm not saying another word
without my lawyer.

I was looking through
the crime scene photos...

We found the victim's blood

on numerous trees, rocks, bushes...

This is a high-velocity
blood spatter.

Which means it's arterial.

Well, the amount of blood expelled

is consistent with a sliced carotid.

I can call in another intern
to help you, if you'd like.

Unless that intern
is Mr. Bray, I'm fine.

I thought you, of all people,
would understand.

I made the logical call,
Dr. Brennan.

You're asking him to choose
between his job and his health.

I did what's best for this institution

and you're not gonna convince me otherwise.

You were right.

I know.

Thank you for finally realizing.

I meant regarding the carotid.

There's a slight incision

on the right greater cornu of the hyoid.

And whatever caused this wound

would've had to first transect
the right external carotid.

The cut appears to be
very clean, very precise.

Not at all like the messy
injuries surrounding it.

It's as if the killer knew exactly

where and how to deliver a quick fatal cut.

Sounds like the work of a doctor.

The week of the murder,
the doctor was speaking

at a conference on marijuana policy reform.

So, you know, his lawyer had
travel receipts and witnesses.

I'll go through all the evidence
at the lab again.

Must be tough without Wendell.

He was a great help.

I think it was wrong, just so you know.

I mean, he put a face on it for me.

You took an oath.

I'm sorry if I implied you were stubborn.

That's okay, it's just
sometimes I can just be,

you know what, determined, that's all.

And I shouldn't have pushed you
about your test.

You're a great agent.

I never meant to imply...

It's okay, you know?

I've been doing the exercises.

I mean, even that stupid book.

Oh. Yeah, but I'm not gonna
need it after I do the test.

Maybe I'll just burn it.

You know?
Sorry to interrupt.

Hey, Wendell, have a seat.

That's okay, this'll just take a second.

Cam told me I could find you here.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, it's just when I
handed over my badge and stuff,

I forgot to give you my case notes.

I'll miss you
in the lab, Mr. Bray.

You're still coming by this
weekend for the game, right?

Yeah, of course.

I'll bring brownies.

My dispensary has a great recipe.

Just kidding.

I have a doctor's appointment.

I'll let you guys get back to it.

There's got to be something
we can do for him, right?

Oh, he found a microscopic,
cross-shaped puncture

along the curvilinear fracture
to the mandible.

I have no idea what that means,
but I hope it's good.

Because of Mr. Bray's notes,

we can add the cross-shaped
puncture wound

to the trauma on the mandible.

Which suggests it was created by
the point of a triangular tool.

Great. I'll add that
to the ever-growing list

of murder weapons which we cannot identify.

The location of the puncture suggests

one strike from one weapon.

A weapon that's circular,
triangular, blunt and

sharp enough to slice the victim's throat.

That's a tall order.

I'll feed all the images
into the search to see

if we get any hits.

Did Salvador Dali ever design a weapon?

Place the sphere on top of the pyramid.

Right, 'cause this can't get any weirder.

I believe the victim was first
struck in a downward motion

with the circular part of the weapon,

creating the fracture
to the right-side mandible.

That portion of the weapon broke off,

exposing the triangular aspect underneath.

Right, which created the
puncture mark next to the break.

And the point of the triangle
then continued downward,

transecting the carotid.

Before ultimately coming into contact

with the left-side clavicle
and creating

the V-shaped cleft.

It all lines up.

This is the only object

that makes sense, based on the injuries.

So we have an unrecognizable
weapon with a bizarre shape.

And no matches.


Looks like our murder weapon was a trophy.

"Fulton University Emerging Writers Award."

Can you enlarge this photo?

So, after using the trophy
as a murder weapon,

you wiped off the blood and you
gave it back to your parents?

They must have been very proud.

Until we seized the award
and arrested you for murder.

- Why would I kill her?
- Why? Because

you're a drug dealer on campus.
Plus, she cut off your supply

at her dispensary.

That is crazy.

I'm a good student.
I'm here to study.


Well, we talked to some of your classmates.

They said, four months ago, you sold pot

to some of your customers,
and it didn't get them high.

Because her plants were truly medicinal.

That's why you didn't go back
for the rest of her grow.

You have no proof of this.

Yes, we do.

It's blood, Booth.

You had just won the award that day,

and you had it in your backpack

when you went out to confront her.

If she'd just sold to me
at the dispensary...

That's for people who need it,
people who are sick.

I didn't mean for her to die.

I... I just wanted
to knock her out.

Oh. Hey.

Am I getting evicted now, too?

I'm not sure what your lease says.


- Come-come on in, guys.
- Let's go.

Just so you know, I was messy
before I started smoking.

Right. Well, we just spoke

to Caroline at the Justice Department.

You-you shouldn't
have done that, man.

I don't want to get anybody else
in trouble.

She said that Cam was right

to let you go as an employee
of the Jeffersonian.

And I already told her
that I understood that.

Yeah, but, when pressed,

Caroline said that Cam can rehire you

as a freelance case consultant.

Okay, now I don't think I understand.

Caroline said that as long

as you have no physical contact
with evidence and are paid

as an independent contractor,

we can continue working together.

And I don't have to stop my treatment?


You did this for me?

I'd do anything for my friend,

especially if it's gonna get you better.

Thank you.

Hey, and now, guess what?

You get a, consultant's office.


Yeah, and you get to do,
squinty things. What's that?

Review X-rays, forensic reports,

and in return, you give me
your expert analysis.

I don't know what to say.
If you say yes,

I would love you to start
by organizing these.


Yes. Yes.


♪ I don't have time
to sabotage anything else ♪

♪ I don't have time
to sabotage anything else ♪

♪ I've got to do the right thing now ♪

♪ I've got to find the right way out ♪

♪ I've got to do the right thing now ♪

♪ I've got to find the right way out ♪

♪ I don't have time
to sabotage anything else ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ I don't have time
to sabotage anything else ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

♪ I've got to do the right thing now ♪

♪ I've got to find the right way out ♪

♪ I've got to do the right thing now ♪

♪ I've got to find the right way out ♪

♪ Ooh... ooh... ooh... ♪

♪ I, I, I ♪

♪ Ooh... ooh... ooh... ♪

♪ I, I, I ♪

♪ Ooh... ooh. ♪

How did your test go?

Oh, you know, aced the shooting
range, personal best.

Push-ups, sit-ups
and sprints.

And your cognitives?
Not that I care.

I know you're excellent, no matter...

Look, I'm not supposed

to get those test results
till next week, so...

They don't matter anyway.

Actually, you know what?

They do. Look at this.

Sweets... Sweets was able
to pull some strings, and...

Well, 97th percentile?!

My personal best.

That is incredible!

Don't act so surprised.
I just... I meant...

I know, I know, all right?

Next year, I'm gonna go for 99%.

Very ambitious.

You turned me into a monster.
I'll tell you what.

Why don't we race around the park here?

In these boots?
So you concede? Great?

That's good, 'cause you know what?

I'm a little sore.
I'm gonna wake up

in the morning, I'm gonna
feel like one big cramp.

How about a glass
of champagne to celebrate?


Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.
Bubbles doubles. Watch how that pops.

I knew you would do well.

Even though it's technically
illegal for us to drink here.

Oh, come on, lighten up, will you?

We've already had sex in Virginia.

We're basically outlaws.
We are. Bonnie and Clyde.

Cheers to that one.

I'll tell you what.
97 percentile. That's pretty...

100 next time.
Did you ever get 100%?

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